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Violaxanthin is a natural xanthophyll pigment with an orange color found in a variety of plants including pansies. It is biosynthesized from zeaxanthin by epoxidation. As a food additive it used under the E number E161e as a food coloring; it is not approved for use in the EU or USA however is approved in Australia and New Zealand .

Violent (song)
Violent is New Zealand band Stellar*'s fourth single, and their third single from their debut album Mix. This song won the "Single of the Year" award at the 2000 New Zealand "Tui" Music Awards. The song was featured on the Nature's Best 2 compilation of what were voted the top 100 New Zealand songs from 1926 until 2001 by APRA to celebrate their 75th anniversary

-People:* Violet , a given name for girls* Violet Berlin , television presenter* Violet Blue , American writer and sex educator* Violet Bonham Carter , British politician and diarist

Violet (film)
Violet is a 1981 short film directed by Shelley Levinson. It won an Academy Award in 1982 for Best Short Subject.-Cast:* Didi Conn - Violet* Patrick Dollaghan - Monty* Rodney Saulsberry - Flick* Tom McGowan - Dr. Pleasance* Belle Richter - Mrs

Violet (name)
Violet is a given name for girls.The name comes from the Violet flower. As with other such names its popularity has varied dramatically over time. Flower names were very commonly used from about 1880 through about 1910 in the United States, with usage dropping throughout the next 80 years or so

Violetta (disambiguation)
Violetta was a sideshow performer.Violetta may also refer to:* Violetta * 557 Violetta, a main belt asteroid* the original title of La traviata, an opera by Giuseppe Verdi

Violin (disambiguation)
A violin is a bowed string instrument with four strings tuned in perfect fifths.Violin may also refer to:-Entertainment:* Violin , novel by Anne Rice* Nude with Violin, 1950s play by Noel Coward

Violinist may refer to:*A person who plays the violin**List of violinists*Violinist *The Violinist, by Chagall

VIP and V.I.P. is a three-letter acronym that may refer to:-In general:* Vacuum insulated panel* Values, Influence, and Peers, an anti-crime campaign in Ontario elementary schools* Variable Information Printing, a form of on-demand printing

VIP (hip hop crew)
VIP is a Ghanaian Hiplife group. Made up of Promzy , Prodigal , and Lazzy from a ghetto suburb in Accra, Ghana called Nima. The founder of this group is actually Friction who made this group with a friend of his who later had to leave the group for the U.S. to finish his education

-Animals:* Viper , any snake in the family Viperidae* Water viper , a venomous snake found in the eastern United States* Eastern Hognose Snake , a harmless snake found in North America* Viperfish

VIPeR is a military robot developed by the Israeli company Elbit Systems and intended for use in warfare. It was unveiled in March, 2007.- Testing :

Viper (character)
The fictional character name Viper may refer to:* Viper , the code-name given to a large majority of the soldiers in the Cobra Organization* Viper , the name of three fictional villains* Viper , one such character

Viper (Madame Hydra)
Viper, formerly known as Madame Hydra, is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe who is a foe of the Avengers and the X-Men

Viper (rebreather)
Viper is a new make of electronic-control closed circuit mixture rebreather made by Carleton Life Support which is fitted with the Juergensen Defense Corporation Mark V Electronic Control System. It is designed for use by combat frogmen, and for diving to remove naval mines which may be sensitive to sound and anything magnetic

Viper (Six Flags Great Adventure)
Viper was a TOGO mega heartline roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure. Viper was closed at the end of 2004 and was demolished in June 2005 for several reasons and was replaced with El Toro.

Vipera is a genus of venomous vipers. It has a very wide range, being found from North Africa to just within the Arctic Circle and from Great Britain to Pacific Asia. The name is possibly derived from the Latin words vivus and pario, meaning "alive" and "bear" or "bring forth"; likely a reference to the fact that most vipers bear live young

Virago is a term used to describe a woman who demonstrates exemplary and heroic qualities. The word comes from the Latin word vir, meaningvirile 'man,' to which the suffix -ago is added, a suffix that effectively re-genders the word to be female

Virago (disambiguation)
A virago is a strong, brave, or warlike woman.Virago may also refer to:-Media:* Virago Press, a British publishing company* Virago , a 1999 collection by Theatre of Tragedy

The adjective or adverb viral and the noun virality may refer to any viral phenomenon, that is, an object or pattern that is able to induce some agents to replicate it, resulting in many copies being produced and spread around.

A vircator is a microwave generator that is capable of generating brief pulses of tunable, narrow band microwaves at very high power levels.

Vireo (genus)
Vireo are a genus of small passerine birds restricted to the New World. They typically have dull greenish plumage , but some are brown or gray on the back and some have bright yellow underparts

Virgen is a municipality in the district of Lienz in Tyrol in Austria.-External links:

Publius Vergilius Maro, usually called Virgil or Vergil in English , was an ancient Roman poet of the Augustan period. He is known for three major works of Latin literature, the Eclogues , the Georgics, and the epic Aeneid

Virgilio, the Italian form of Virgil may refer to:*Virgilio, Lombardy, a commune of the Italian province of Mantua*, a website*Virgilio Fossati , an Italian international footballer

Virgin (album)
Virgin is first album released by a Polish pop rock band Virgin.- Track listing :#Dzieci Ziemi - 3:40#9 Życzeń - 2:42#To Ty - 3:44#Nie Złość Dody - 3:37#Nie Tak - Do Mnie Mówi Się! - 3:29#Nie Odpowiadaj - 3:34

Virgin (title)
The title Virgin is an honorific that the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church bestows to female saints and blesseds who were consecrated virgins, nuns or unmarried women known for a life in chastity

Virgin Islands (album)
Virgin Islands is an album by the German andean new age band Cusco. It was released originally in 1983, and is currently available from the Prudence label under the title "Virgin Island".

Virginia (given name)
Virginia is a feminine given name derived from the Ancient Roman family name Virginius, a name probably derived from the Latin word virgo, meaning "maiden" or "virgin." According to legend, Virginia was a Roman girl who was killed by her father in order to save her from seduction by a corrupt government official.The name was the 34th most common name for American women and

Virginia (song)
"Virginia" is a song written by Tennesseans Dixie and Tom T. Hall. It is currently under review to possibly become the official state song of the Commonwealth of Virginia.The arrangement that plays on the Halls' website is sung by Stacey York.

Virginia (Volumnius)
Virginia was the daughter of Aulus Verginius, a patrician. Verginia is the usual orthography found in Latin manuscripts.Virginia’s new husband in 296 BCE was Lucius Volumnius Flamma Violens. He became a novus homo the previous year

Virginian is an adjective used to describe something as being of, from, or related to the Commonwealth of Virginia in the United States.Virginian may also refer to:-Automobiles:

Virginie was a French-language Canadian television series that aired Monday through Thursday on Radio-Canada . It debuted in 1996. The show examined the public and private lives of teachers, students, and families at the fictional Sainte-Jeanne-d'Arc high school

Virginie (disambiguation)
Virginie is a French language Canadian television series which debuted in 1996 and airs weekdays on SRC.Virginie may also refer to:* Virginie , a 44-gun frigate of the French Navy

Virginie (French frigate)
The Virginie was a 44-gun frigate of the French Navy, lead ship of her class.She took part in the First Battle of Groix and in the Battle of Groix.

Virginity refers to the state of a person who has never engaged in sexual intercourse. There are cultural and religious traditions which place special value and significance on this state, especially in the case of unmarried females, associated with notions of personal purity, honor and worth

-Astronomy:* Virgo Cluster, a cluster of galaxies in the constellation Virgo* Virgo , a constellation* Virgo Stellar Stream, remains of a dwarf galaxy* Virgo Supercluster, a galactic supercluster-Surname:* Virgo

Virgo (comics)
-Publication history:The original Virgo first appeared in Avengers #72 , and was created by Roy Thomas and Sal Buscema. The character subsequently appears in Avengers #120-123 , Ghost Rider #7 , Iron Man #184 , and West Coast Avengers #26 , in which she is killed

Viridian (album)
Viridian is a 2007 studio album by the Austin, Texas bluegrass band The Greencards. Their third Dualtone Records studio album, it was released on March 6, 2007. In 2007, The Greencards were joined by Matt Wingate, a guitarist from Alabama, for their work on Viridian

Virility refers to any of a wide range of masculine characteristics viewed positively. It is not applicable to women or to negative characteristics. The Oxford English Dictionary says virile is "marked by strength or force." Virility is commonly associated with vigour, health, sturdiness, and constitution, especially in the fathering of children

Viro may refer to:An old iranian name.* Estonia * Viro , a fictional character from an anime comic book* Viro Small, an African American wrestler* Viro , a Croatian sugar company

Virology (journal)
Virology is a peer-reviewed academic journal that covers basic research into viruses affecting animals, plants, bacteria and fungi, including their molecular biology, structure, assembly, pathogenesis, immunity and interactions with the host cell

Virrat (crater)
Virrat is a Martian impact crater, approximately 54 kilometres in diameter. It is located at 31.1°S, 103°W, southwest of the crater Dinorwic and northeast of Clantas Fossae. Several Virrat crater radii to the north are the craters Koga and Nhill. It is named after a town in [Finland]], and its name was approved by the International Astronomical Union in 1991

Virtual memory
In computing, virtual memory is a memory management technique developed for multitasking kernels. This technique virtualizes a computer architecture's various forms of computer data storage , allowing a program to be designed as though there is only one kind of memory, "virtual" memory, which behaves like directly addressable

Virtual reality
Virtual reality , also known as virtuality, is a term that applies to computer-simulated environments that can simulate physical presence in places in the real world, as well as in imaginary worlds

Virtual Reality (gamebooks)
Virtual Reality was the name of a series of six gamebooks released in 1993 and 1994. Four of the books were written by Dave Morris, and two by Mark Smith.-Game system:

Virtual storage
Virtual storage can refer to:* virtual memory; IBM uses "virtual storage" rather than "virtual memory"* The storage seen by clients when storage virtualization is used

In mathematics, especially in the area of abstract algebra which studies infinite groups, the adverb virtually is used to modify a property so that it need only hold for a subgroup of finite index

Virtue is moral excellence. A virtue is a positive trait or quality subjectively deemed to be morally excellent and thus is valued as a foundation of principle and good moral being.

Virtue (disambiguation)
A virtue is a trait valued as being good.Virtue may also refer to:* Virtue , popular Gospel music group* Virtue , a 1932 film starring Carole Lombard and Pat O'Brien* The Virtues, an early rock and roll group

Virtue (film)
Virtue is a 1932 romance film starring Carole Lombard and Pat O'Brien.-Plot summary:New York City streetwalker Mae is placed on a train by a policeman and told not to come back. However, she gets off, taking the cab of Jimmy Doyle , who doesn't think much of women. She slips away without paying the fare

Virtue (musical group)
Virtue is a popular Gospel music group. The group Currently consists of sisters Ebony Holland, Karima Kibble and Heather Martin.-Biography:The group was formed 1994 by Karima Trotter , Ebony Trotter , Negelle Sumter, and Shavonne Sampson

A virtuoso is an individual who possesses outstanding technical ability in the fine arts, at singing or playing a musical instrument. The plural form is either virtuosi or the Anglicisation, virtuosos, and the feminine form sometimes used is virtuosa

Virtuoso (album)
Virtuoso is an album by jazz guitarist Joe Pass, released in 1973. Despite only having one original composition , it is widely considered to be his best album, as well as one of the best jazz guitar albums

Virtuoso (disambiguation)
A virtuoso is an individual who possesses outstanding technical ability at singing or playing a musical instrument.Virtuoso may also refer to:*Virtuoso , a fictional violinist supervillain

Viru is a 5.0% ABV pilsner-style beer brewed in Estonia. It is brewed in the country's second largest city, Tartu, by the A. Le Coq brewery. The brand is owned by Baltic Beer Company Ltd , based in London, UK, and is brewed under licence in Estonia. A

A virus is a small infectious agent that can replicate only inside the living cells of organisms. Viruses infect all types of organisms, from animals and plants to bacteria and archaea

Virus (1995 film)
Virus is a 1995 television movie starring Nicollette Sheridan, William Devane, Stephen Caffrey, Dakin Matthews, Kurt Fuller, Barry Corbin and William Atherton. It was directed by Armand Mastroianni and written by Robin Cook and Roger Young, based on Cook's novel Outbreak. The film is also known as Formula for Death .

Virus (LaFee song)
"Virus" is a song written by Bob Arnz and Gerd Zimmermann and recorded by German singer LaFee. It was released as the first single from LaFee's debut album LaFee. The single reached fourteen in both the German and Austrian Singles Charts when released in March 2006

Virus (Spirou et Fantasio)
Virus, written by Tome and drawn by Janry, is the 33rd album of the Spirou et Fantasio series, and the first to come from this creative team, carrying on the series after the work of previous authors

Virville is a commune in the Seine-Maritime department in the Haute-Normandie region in northern France.-Geography:A small farming village in the Pays de Caux, situated some northeast of Le Havre, at the junction of the D125 and D10 roads. An SNCF TER railway station serves both this and a neighbouring commune.-Population:-External links:*

- Geography :* Vis , a Croatian island in the Adriatic sea* Vis , town and municipality on the island of Vis* Vis, Bulgaria, a village in Ivaylovgrad municipality, Haskovo Province, Bulgaria* Vis , in south-central France- Initialisms :

VIS (criminal organisation)
Vasil Iliev Security, or VIS, is a security and insurance company in Bulgaria thought to be a front for a criminal organisation dealing in extortion, car theft, drug trafficking and more. Set up in the early 1990s by Vasil Iliev. The company was declared illegal in 1994 but continued operating under the new name of VIS-2. Vasil Iliev was assassinated on 25 April 1995

Vis major
Vis major is a greater or superior force; an irresistible force. It may be a loss that results immediately from a natural cause that could not have been prevented by the exercise of prudence, diligence and care. It is also termed as vis divina or superior force.It is an irresistible violence; inevitable accident or act of God

Visa or VISA may refer to:* Visa , a document issued by a country's government allowing the holder to enter or to leave that country

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