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In the broadest sense, a vicar is a representative, deputy or substitute; anyone acting "in the person of" or agent for a superior . In this sense, the title is comparable to lieutenant

Vicarious may refer to:* Vicarious arousal, when someone witnessing a strong display of emotion begins to feel a similar emotion themselves.* Vicarious abuse , abuse committed on behalf of somebody else

Vice is a practice or a behavior or habit considered immoral, depraved, or degrading in the associated society. In more minor usage, vice can refer to a fault, a defect, an infirmity, or merely a bad habit. Synonyms for vice include fault, depravity, sin, iniquity, wickedness, and corruption

The software program VICE, standing for VersatIle Commodore Emulator, is an emulator for Commodore's 8-bit computers, running on Amiga, Unix, MS-DOS, Win32, Mac OS X, OS/2, Acorn RISC OS, and BeOS host machines

Vice Admiral
Vice admiral is a senior naval rank of a three-star flag officer, which is equivalent to lieutenant general in the other uniformed services. A vice admiral is typically senior to a rear admiral and junior to an admiral

Vice Admiral (Australia)
Vice admiral is the second-highest active rank of the Royal Australian Navy and was created as a direct equivalent of the British rank of vice admiral. It is a three-star rank

Vice admiral (United States)
In the United States Navy, the United States Coast Guard, the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Commissioned Corps, and the United States Maritime Service, vice admiral is a three-star flag officer, with the pay grade of O-9. Vice admiral ranks above rear admiral and below admiral

Vice president
A vice president is an officer in government or business who is below a president in rank. The name comes from the Latin vice meaning 'in place of'. In some countries, the vice president is called the deputy president

Vice Versa
Vice Versa: A Lesson to Fathers is a novel by F. Anstey, first published in 1882.The title originates from the Latin phrase, "vice versa", meaning "the other way around".-Plot summary:

Vice Versa (1948 film)
Vice Versa is a 1948 British comedy film written and directed by Peter Ustinov. It is the third screen adaptation of the 1882 novel of the same name by F. Anstey. The film was produced by Two Cities Films and distributed by General Film Distributors.

Vice Versa (1988 film)
Vice Versa is a 1988 comedy film starring Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage. It is the fourth screen adaptation of the 1882 novel of the same name by F. Anstey

Vice Versa (disambiguation)
Vice versa is a Latin phrase that means "the other way around". It may also refer to:* Vice Versa , by German duo Funkstörung* Vice Versa , a band from Sheffield, England* Vice Versa , an 1882 novel by Thomas Anstey Guthrie

Vice Versa (magazine)
Subtitled "America's Gayest Magazine", Vice Versa is the earliest known U.S. periodical published especially for lesbians, as well as the earliest extant example of the lesbian and gay press in that country.

Vicegerent is the official administrative deputy of a ruler or head of state: vice + gerere .-Related usage:*The Byzantine Emperors held as a title "God's Vicegerent on Earth".

Vicente is a Spanish and Portuguese name. Like its French variant, Vincent, it is derived from the Latin name Vincentius meaning "conquering"

Vicente (30 Days of Night)
Vicente is a character from the 30 Days of Night franchise, first appearing in the original comic. He is the husband of Lilith, and together they are referred to as the "elders". In Dark Days, Lilith claimed that they were the parents of all other vampires. However, Vicente stated that he had outlived both his "brothers and fathers"

A viceroy is a royal official who runs a country, colony, or province in the name of and as representative of the monarch. The term derives from the Latin prefix vice-, meaning "in the place of" and the French word roi, meaning king. A viceroy's province or larger territory is called a viceroyalty

Vices (album)
-Credit:*Brandon Rike -- vocals*Zach Miles -- guitar*Dusty Redmon -- guitar*John Brehm -- bass*Jesse Sprinkle -- drums*Chino Moreno -- guest vocals on "Paralytic"; co-producer of "Paralytic" and "Crashing Down"*Phil Peterson -- strings on "Vices"

Vices (Kick Axe album)
Vices is the debut album by Canadian heavy metal band, Kick Axe. The album was released in 1984 on producer Spencer Proffer's label Pasha Records and distributed by CBS

Vices (Paradime album)
Vices was the 2001 follow-up to Paradime's Detroit classic Paragraphs. The album ultimately earned Paradime the following awards and nominations at the Detroit Hip-Hop Awards:

Vichy is a commune in the department of Allier in Auvergne in central France. It belongs to the historic province of Bourbonnais.It is known as a spa and resort town and was the de facto capital of Vichy France during the World War II Nazi German occupation from 1940 to 1944.The town's inhabitants are called Vichyssois

Vicina (moth)
Vicina is a genus of moth in the family Gelechiidae.

Vicious may also refer to:In music:* Sid Vicious , punk rock icon* Johnny Vicious, American house DJ, producer and remixer* Vicious , Jamaican-American rapper and reggae artist active in the 1990s

Vicious Circle
Vicious Circle is an album released in 1994 by L.A. Guns. Most of the songs have Phil Lewis on lead vocals, but the track "Nothing Better to Do" features Kelly Nickels on lead vocals, and "Tarantula" is instrumental. MC Bones drums on several songs. Lewis and Bones also played together in the band Filthy Lucre

Vicious Circle (2008 film)
-Plot:Set on the streets of modern day Venice Beach, Vicious Circle is a tragic punk rock Latino love story; a raw, edgy, teenage Romeo and Juliet with a murder mystery twist

Vickie may refer to:* Vickie Chapman , Australian politician and lawyer* Vickie D. McDonald , Nebraska state senator* Vickie Gates , professional female bodybuilder

Vicki has multiple meanings:* pet form of Victoria , a female forename.* Vicky, a character on the Nickelodeon cartoon, The Fairly OddParents* Victor Weisz, a cartoonist.* vigneshwarababu ,a creative engineer

Vico (Chocolate Milk)
Vi-Co was a brand of chocolate milk manufactured by the company Dairy Producers. When Dairy Producers were bought out by Dairyland in 1995, the Vi-Co line was abolished. It was only available in Saskatchewan, Canada and a few parts of Manitoba.

- In fiction :* The Victim , a 1947 Saul Bellow novel* Victim , a 1961 film featuring Dirk Bogarde* The Victim , a 1980 Hong Kong film directed by and starring Sammo Hung

Victim (Eighteen Visions song)
"Victim" was the second single from Eighteen Visions self titled album. The song was featured as the theme song to WWE Vengeance, and has had much airplay on the radio stations

Victims (song)
"Victims" is a single from UK band Culture Club's album Colour by Numbers, released in 1983. As with most early Culture Club singles, the song is about Boy George's then publicly unknown relationship with drummer Jon Moss.

-Roman Catholics:Popes:*Saint Pope Victor I *Pope Victor II *Blessed Pope Victor III Antipopes:*Antipope Victor IV *Antipope Victor IV Bishops of Chur:*Victor I, Bishop of Chur, seventh century

Victor (film)
Victor is a French short film released in 1993. It was written by Nicolas Mercier and François Ozon, starring François Genty, and was directed by François Ozon.-Plot:

Victoria (3D figure)
A female articulated 3D figure developed and sold by DAZ 3D. There have been four "generations" of the figure, all bearing the same name. Victoria is claimed by DAZ to be "the most popular 3D figure on the planet."

Victoria (geographical disambiguation)
Victoria, as the name of a place or a geographical feature, may refer to:- Main disambiguation pages :* La Victoria * Mount Victoria * Port of Victoria * List of places named after Queen Victoria

Victoria (motorcycle)
Victoria was a bicycle manufacturer in Nürnberg, Germany that made motorcycles from about 1901 until 1966. It should not be confused with a lesser-known, unrelated Victoria Motorcycle Company in Glasgow, Scotland that made motorcycles between 1902 and 1928.

Victoria (N.W.T. electoral district)
Victoria was a former single member territorial electoral district that was mandated to return a member to the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories from 1894 until the district was abolished in 1905.- Members of the Legislative Assembly :

Victoria (Nova Scotia provincial electoral district)
Victoria was a provincial electoral district in Nova Scotia, Canada, that elected one member of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly. It existed from 1867 to 2003.

Victoria (Roman usurper)
Victoria, also known as Vitruvia, was a leader in the roman breakaway realm Gallic Empire in the late 3rd century. She was the mother of Victorinus, who ruled as Gallic Emperor until his assassination in 271

Victoria (song)
"Victoria" is a song written by Ray Davies of The Kinks. It is the opening track on the band's 1969 concept album Arthur .

Victoria (sternwheeler)
The Victoria sternwheeler was a passenger and freight steamer that was built for service on the Soda Creek to Quesnel route on the upper Fraser River in British Columbia.

Victoria (Telemundo Series)
Victoria is the title of a Spanish-language telenovela about a woman who falls in love with a dashing younger man, when her marriage collapses around her. It is produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo and RTI Colombia. This limited-run series debuted in the US on December 4, 2007, after La Esclava Isaura finished

Victoria (theatre company)
Victoria is a Belgian theatre company based in the Flemish city of Ghent.

Victoria (ward)
Victoria is a ward in the London Borough of Hackney and forms part of the Hackney South and Shoreditch constituency.The ward returns three councillors to Borough Council, with an election every four years

Victoria Cross (disambiguation)
The Victoria Cross is the highest award for gallantry awarded to members of the British and Commonwealth armed forces.Victoria Cross may also refer to:*Victoria Cross for Australia, instituted in 1991*Victoria Cross , instituted in 1993

Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret is an American retailer of women's wear, lingerie and beauty products. It is the largest segment of publicly-traded Limited Brands with sales of over US$5 billion and an operating income of $1 billion in 2006

Victorian may mean:*Of or relating to Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom*Victorian era , a term derived from the lengthy 19th-century reign of Queen Victoria and particularity various styles, ideas, and trends associated with that era:

Victorian (comics)
The Victorian is a 25-issue comic book series published by Penny-Farthing Press and starting in 1999. The brainchild of creator Trainor Houghton, the series included a number of notable script writers and illustrators, including Len Wein, Glen Orbik and Howard Chaykin.-Plot:The story deals with two men, both of them more than 100 years old thanks to an anti-aging serum, both of

Victorian (horse)
Victorian was an American Thoroughbred racehorse that was bred in Kentucky. He was bred and raced by Harry P. Whitney and is best known as the winner of the 1928 American Classic, the Preakness Stakes in which he was ridden by future Hall of Fame jockey Sonny Workman.When his racing career ended, Victorian was reasonably successful as a sire

Victorious (album)
Victorious is the latest album released by The Perishers on the 4th of September 2007.-Track listing:All songs were written by Ola Klüft and The Perishers.#"Midnight Skies" – 4:35#"Never Bloom Again" – 2:19#"Carefree" – 3:14#"My Own" – 2:44

Victory is successful conclusion of a fight or competition..Victory may refer to:**strategic victory**tactical victory** Pyrrhic victory, a victory at heavy cost to the victorious party**Victory columns**Victory Monuments**Victory personified

Victory is a term, originally in applied to warfare, given to success achieved in personal combat, after military operations in general or, by extension, in any competition

Victory (band)
Victory was a German Heavy Metal and hard rock band from Hanover, most successful in the 1980s. With extensive tours and radio airplay, the band also made a breakthrough in North America.-Emergence:

Victory (Do or Die album)
Victory is the third album released by rap group, Do or Die. It was released on March 14, 2000 for Rap-A-Lot Records/Virgin Records and was produced by Irv Gotti

Victory (fight song)
"Victory" is an old fight song of the Pennsylvania State University. It is most often sung by the Penn State Glee Club and performed by the Penn State Blue Band.

Victory (film)
Victory is a 2009 Indian cricket-based sports film starring Harman Baweja, Amrita Rao and Anupam Kher. It is Harman Baweja's second release after his debut film Love Story 2050, which performed very badly at the box office. The movie was filmed in Australia and India, and is said to be one of Bollywood's most expensive movies to date

Victory (Puff Daddy song)
"Victory" is a song by Puff Daddy. It features heavy use of mafioso-style lyrics, as was popular at the time. It features The Notorious B.I.G, who raps two verses, and Busta Rhymes, who sings the song's chorus

Victory (Yolanda Adams song)
"Victory" is a song by Yolanda Adams released as a single from her 2005 album Day by Day. It was also featured in the movie The Gospel. The up-tempo song with its hip-hop beat became an instant hit, being heavily requested on Urban contemporary and Gospel radio.In 2007, the song earned Adams a Grammy Award for Best Gospel Performance.

Victory at Sea (band)
Victory at Sea was an America Indie Rock band formed in 1996, from members of bands the Swirlies and Spore, in the Boston, Massachusetts region. It consisted of vocalist/guitarist Mona Elliott, bassist Mel Lederman and drummer Christina Files

Victory at Sea (game)
Victory at Sea is a set of World War II naval wargaming rules published by Mongoose Publishing. They were a development of Mongoose's Babylon 5: A Call to Arms SF starship combat rules written by Matthew Sprange, with assistance from David Manley, Richard Bax, Erik Nicely and Agis Neugebauer, having been initially released through a series of articles in

Vicugna is a genus containing two South American camelids, the vicuña and the alpaca.Previously thought to be descended from the llama, the alpaca was reclassified as part of Vicugna after a 2001 paper on alpaca DNA. The paper showed that the alpaca is descended from the vicuña, not the guanaco.-Gallery:

Vicus (Rome)
In ancient Rome, the vicus was a neighborhood. During the Republican era, the four regiones of the city of Rome were subdivided into vici. In the 1st century BC, Augustus reorganized the city for administrative purposes into 14 regions, comprising 265 vici. Each vicus had its own board of officials who oversaw local matters

VID (TV Company)
VID is a TV production company in Russia, started by Vladislav Listyev since 1990. It is best known for producing the television programmes Wait for Me, designed to help people find loved ones and Pole Chudes which is a popular Russian version of Wheel of Fortune.VID is known both for its logo, which has attracted controversy and popularity in equal measure for being

Vida (album)
Vida is the debut album of Argentine folk rock group Sui Generis, released on 1972.-Track listing:

Vida (novel)
Vida is a 1980 novel by Marge Piercy.The eponymous heroine is a 1960s Anti-war and pro-environmental activist who has in the modern day become part of an illegal underground revolutionary network which resembles the real Weatherman The story is told in the then present day and in flashback to the

Vida (Sons do Quotidiano)
Portuguese keyboard player and composer José Cid released an EP in 1977 called Vida . It's a concept album dealing with life from birth to death

Vidai is a commune in the Orne department in north-western France.

Videira is a city in the state of Santa Catarina in Brazil. The estimated population in 2006 was 47,510 inhabitants.The city is called "Capital do Vinho" in reference to the production of this alcoholic drink

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