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Vesna (name)
Vesna is a popular South Slavic female name derived from the name of Vesna, an ancient Slavic goddess of spring. It means "spring" in some Slavic languages

Vespa (disambiguation)
Vespa may refer to:*Vespa, a line of motor scooters manufactured by Piaggio*Vespa 400, microcar manufactured by Piaggio*Vespa *Vickers Vespa, British aircraft*Hornets, of the genus Vespa-People:*Amleto Vespa, Italian mercenary and spy

Vespers is the evening prayer service in the Western Catholic, Eastern Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox, Anglican, and Lutheran liturgies of the canonical hours

Vespers (disambiguation)
Vespers may refer to:* Vespers, the Catholic and Orthodox prayer service* Evening Prayer , the Anglican liturgy* All-Night Vigil, an a cappella composition by Sergei Rachmaninoff* Vespers , a 1968 musical composition by Alvin Lucier

Vespertilio is a genus of bats in the Vespertilionidae family. Species within this genus are:*Parti-coloured bat *Asian Parti-colored Bat -References:

Vespro is a ballet by Mauro Bigonzetti to eponymous music of Bruno Moretti, commissioned by New York City Ballet. The première took place Saturday, May 8th, 2002, as part of Diamond Project V at the New York State Theater, Lincoln Center

Vessel may refer to:*Marine vessel or boat*Vessel element, a narrow water transporting tube in plants*Bowl *Bridge-spouted vessel, a particular design of pitcher that is a Mediterranean vessel form

Vessel (DVD)
Vessel is an official DVD/home-video released by Björk on January 13, 2003. It contains a live performance by Björk on the Debut tour, recorded live at the The Royalty Theatre in London in May 1994

Vessels are a post-rock band from Leeds, UK. Vessels were born from the ashes of A Day Left in September 2005. In 2006 the band self-released a five track eponymous EP, and played many gigs, including the unsigned stage at Leeds Festival as one of the six winners of the Futuresound competition.On 5 March 2007, the band released a limited 7" single through

Vessels (album)
Vessels is the first full length album from psychedelic rock group Wolf & Cub. It was recorded in Adelaide, Australia from April 2005 and completed in 2006. The album was mixed by producer Tony Doogan after lead singer Joel Byrne travelled to Scotland for 3 weeks

A vest is a garment covering the upper body. The term has different meanings around the world:Waistcoat :. This is called a waistcoat in the UK and many Commonwealth countries, or a vest in the US and Canada. It is often worn as part of formal attire, or as the third piece of a lounge suit.Undershirt :

VEST ciphers are a set of families of general-purpose hardware-dedicated ciphers that support single pass authenticated encryption and can operate as collision-resistant hash functions designed by Sean O'Neil, Benjamin Gittins and Howard Landman

Vest (disambiguation)
-Places:*Vest , Romania*Vest, Kentucky, an unincorporated community in the United States*CC Vest, a shopping centre in Oslo, Norway-People:*Alan Vest , New Zealand football player and manager

-Astronomy:* 4 Vesta, second largest asteroid in the solar system, also a proto-planet, named after the Roman deity* Vesta family, group of asteroids that includes 4 Vesta- Places :* Monte Vesta, Lombardy, Italy* Temple of Vesta, Rome, Italy

Vesta (Marvel Comics)
Vesta or Hestia is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.-Publication history:Vesta appeared in Thor #301 , and was adapted from mythology by Mark Gruenwald, Ralph Macchio, and Keith Pollard.

Vestal can refer to:* Pertaining to Vesta , a Roman goddess, the Sacred fire of Vesta, or the Temple of Vesta* Vestal Virgin* Vestal, New York* HMS Vestal, the name of eight ships of the Royal Navy* USS Vestal , ship

Vestal Virgin
In ancient Roman religion, the Vestals or Vestal Virgins , were priestesses of Vesta, goddess of the hearth. The College of the Vestals and its well-being was regarded as fundamental to the continuance and security of Rome, as embodied by their cultivation of the sacred fire that could not be allowed to go out

Vested interest
Vested interest is a communication theory that seeks to explain how influences impact behaviors. As defined by William Crano, vested interest refers to the amount that an attitude object is deemed hedonically relevant by the attitude holder

Vestibule or Vestibulum can have the following meanings, each primarily based upon a common origin, from early 17th century French, derived from Latin vestibulum, -i n. "entrance court".-Anatomy:

Vestibule (architecture)
A vestibule is a lobby, entrance hall, or passage between the entrance and the interior of a building.The same term can apply to structures in modern or ancient roman architecture. In modern architecture vestibule typically refers to a small room or hall between an entrance and the interior of the building or house

Vestments are liturgical garments and articles associated primarily with the Christian religion, especially among Latin Rite and other Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Anglicans, and Lutherans

A vestry is a room in or attached to a church or synagogue in which the vestments, vessels, records, etc., are kept , and in which the clergy and choir robe or don their vestments for divine service.

Vet may refer to:* Vet or veterinarian, a professional who treats disease, disorder and injury in animals* Veteran, a person with long experience in a particular area, most often in military service during wartime

Veta (film)
Veta is a Telugu film Starring Chiranjeevi, Jayapradha and Sumalatha enacting the lead roles. The film was made by Samyuktha Movies which had earlier given the huge blockbuster Khaidi. This movie based on Alexandre Dumas' "The Count of Monte Cristo". The successful team of director A

Vetas is a town and municipality in the Santander Department in northeastern Colombia.

A veteran is a person who has had long service or experience in a particular occupation or field; " A veteran of ..."

Veterans Day (album)
Veterans Day is the tenth studio album by American rapper MC Eiht, released September 28, 2004.- Track listing :# "Vets Day Intro"# "Streets Don't Love U"# "It's Alright"# "Pink Is 4 Honeys"# "U Know Why" # "Gangsta Smash"

A veterinary physician, colloquially called a vet, shortened from veterinarian or veterinary surgeon , is a professional who treats disease, disorder and injury in animals.

Veterinary surgeon
Veterinary surgeon is a term used to describe:*The full title of a vet, who treats disease, disorder and injury in animals, in the United Kingdom and several Commonwealth countries**See also Veterinary medicine in the United Kingdom

VETO (band)
Veto is a Danish indie rock band formed in 2004. They released their first EP, I Will Not Listen, in 2005 and their first full-length album, There's A Beat In All Machines, in 2006, both released on the Danish hip hop label, Tabu Records/Playground Music Denmark.In February 2007 Veto won the award for Best New Act, as well as Best Danish Music Video at Danish Music Awards.Their

Vetter may refer to:* Vetter Fairing Company, a manufacturer of motorcycle accessories* Vetter Pharma, a German pharmaceutical company* a variation of Vættir, a supernatural beingFamily name:* Craig Vetter, the founder of the Vetter Fairing Company

Veuves is a commune in the Loir-et-Cher department in central France.

The VEX Robotics Design System is a robotic kit intended to introduce students as well as adults to the world of robotics. The VEX Robotics Design System is centered around the VEX Protobot Kit

Vex (disambiguation)
Vex may refer to: confuse or annoyIn technology:* VEX prefix, a microprocessor opcode prefix and coding scheme for the x86 instruction set architecture* Vex Robotics Design System, a robotic construction kit

Vez is a small village in northern France. It is designated municipally as a commune within the département of Oise.-References:**

Vezet is a commune in the Haute-Saône department in the region of Franche-Comté in eastern France.-References:*

VFW may refer to:*Vereinigte Flugtechnische Werke*Veterans of Foreign Wars*Veterans of Future Wars*Video for Windows*VFW Parkway

VGA (disambiguation)
VGA can refer to:* Spike Video Game Awards, an awards show much like MTV Video Music Awards focused on video games.* Variable-gain amplifier, a type of amplifier that varies gain based on some control voltage.

vi is a screen-oriented text editor originally created for the Unix operating system. The portable subset of the behavior of vi and programs based on it, and the ex editor language supported within these programs, is described by the Single Unix Specification and POSIX.The original code for vi was written by Bill Joy in 1976, as the visual mode for a line

VI or Vi may refer to:In places:*Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada*British Virgin Islands , a British territory in the Caribbean

VI (album)
VI is the fifth album by the hardcore band Circle Jerks , which was released in 1987

VIA (Volunteers in Asia)
Tracing its roots to 1963, VIA is an independent, non-sectarian, 501 non-profit organization dedicated to increasing understanding between the U.S. and Asia. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, VIA provides two kinds of programs

Via Dolorosa (album)
Via Dolorosa is the second album by Swedish heavy metal band Ophthalamia. It was released in 1995 through Avantgarde Music.-Track listing:# "Intro; Under Opthalamian Skies/To the Benighted" – 2:28

Via Dolorosa (play)
Via Dolorosa is a play by British dramatist David Hare, in the form of a monologue. It deals with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through Hare's own 1997 journey through Israel and Palestine, and the 33 people whom he met.

Viable or viability is the ability of a thing to maintain itself or recover its potentialities.Viable or viability may also refer to:

A viaduct is a bridge composed of several small spans. The term viaduct is derived from the Latin via for road and ducere to lead something. However, the Ancient Romans did not use that term per se; it is a modern derivation from an analogy with aqueduct. Like the Roman aqueducts, many early viaducts comprised a series of arches of roughly equal length

Viaje is the debut album by Jason Webley. It was recorded in Webley's kitchen and self-released in 1998. It was re-released by Springman Records in 2003.-Track listing:#"Prelude" – 2:02#"Without" - 5:01#"Halloween" - 3:10#"La Mesilla" - 1:53

A vial is a relatively small glass vessel or bottle, especially used to store medication as liquids, powders or in other forms like capsules. They can also be sample vessels; e.g., for use in autosampler devices in analytical chromatography.The glass can be colourless or coloured, clear or amber

Vibe is a music and entertainment magazine founded by producer Quincy Jones. The publication predominantly features R&B and hip-hop music artists, actors and other entertainers

Vibe or VIBE may refer to:* Vibe , a magazine about music artists, actors and other entertainers owned by Quincy Jones. It was also the name of a syndicated late night talk show produced by Quincy Jones

Vibe (TV channel)
Vibe is an entertainment channel on New Zealand's SKY Television. It is not part of the Freeview service.The channel is aimed mostly at a female audience and includes drama, comedy and reality series, many of which will airing on SKY for the first time.

Vibe (TV series)
VIBE was a short-lived syndicated late night talk show that was spun off from the magazine of the same name. Premiering in August 1997, it was produced by Quincy Jones, hosted by Chris Spencer, and featured President Bill Clinton on its first episode. Like The Arsenio Hall Show of the early 1990s, it attracted young, urban audiences

Vibes (disambiguation)
Vibes may refer to:* Vibes or vibraphone, a musical instrument* Vibes , a 1988 comedy** Vibes , a 1988 soundtrack album from the film* Vibes Vibes may refer to:* Vibes (percussion) or vibraphone, a musical instrument* Vibes (film), a 1988 comedy** Vibes (soundtrack), a 1988 soundtrack album from the film* Vibes (DJ) Vibes may refer to:* Vibes (percussion) or vibraphone, a musical instrument* Vibes (film), a 1988 comedy** Vibes (soundtrack), a 1988 soundtrack album from the film* Vibes (DJ) (fl

Vibra (XM)
Vibra is an XM Satellite Radio DirecTv exclusive music channel. The channel was removed from satellite lineup on 2004-08-02 The channel is one of the two XM channels that does not air on Satellite or Online service, available to only DirecTV subscribers

In phonetics, a vibrant is a rhotic consonant which is either a tap or a trill. The term is sometimes used when it is not clear whether the r-sound in a language is a tap or a trill. Spanish has two vibrants, and , while English outside Scotland and Ireland has none.

Vibrate may refer to:*Vibration*"Vibrate," a song by Outkast from their 2003 album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below*Vibrate, a song by Rufus Wainwright from his album Want One*Vibrate , the 2004 album by The Manhattan Transfer

Vibrate (Manhattan Transfer album)
Vibrate is an album released by The Manhattan Transfer on September 28, 2004 on the Telarc label.The album is available in three formats: Super Audio CD, CD and MP3 Download.-Track listing:# Walkin' in N.Y

Vibration refers to mechanical oscillations about an equilibrium point. The oscillations may be periodic such as the motion of a pendulum or random such as the movement of a tire on a gravel road.Vibration is occasionally "desirable"

Vibrato is a musical effect consisting of a regular, pulsating change of pitch. It is used to add expression to vocal and instrumental music. Vibrato is typically characterised in terms of two factors: the amount of pitch variation and the speed with which the pitch is varied .-Vibrato and tremolo:The terms vibrato and tremolo are sometimes

Vibrator may refer to:* Vibrator —a device for massage or sexual pleasure.* Vibrator —a class of devices which create mechanical vibrations for uses such as signaling annunciators, doorbells, or industrial uses such as compacting gravel, transporting materials, cleaning, etc.* Vibrator —an electronic component in DC power supplies for generating high

Vibrator (mechanical)
A vibrator is a mechanical device to generate vibrations. The vibration is often generated by an electric motor with an unbalanced mass on its driveshaft.There are many different types of vibrator

Vibrator (music)
The vibrator pedal is an effects pedal present on some musical instruments, which is similar to a vibrato, chorus, or autopan, it combines a modulation sequence with a noise gate or envelope filter to create an effect not unlike a helicopter, with rapid cutting out and coming in—on and off

Vibrator (sex toy)
Vibrators are devices for the body and skin, to stimulate the nerves for a relaxing and pleasurable feeling. Some vibrators are designed to ergonomically stimulate erogenous zones for erotic stimulation.-History:

Vibro (comics)
Vibro is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.-Fictional character biography:Alton Vibreaux was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Working as a seismologist and engineer, he fell into the San Andreas Fault during the test of his experimental apparatus, giving him superhuman powers

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