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The vaquero is a horse-mounted livestock herder of a tradition that originated on the Iberian peninsula. Today the vaquero is still a part of the doma vaquera, the Spanish tradition of working riding

Vaquero (album)
The debut album from the Mexican Avanzada Regia Rock band Vaquero.-Track listing:#All Day Dreamer#Dying to Live#Space is Fake#From Nowhere#Yesterday's Song#Building an Army#Head Down#No Sense#Sunshine#The Lost and The Chosen#Money

Vaquero (band)
Vaquero is a Mexican Avanzada Regia rock band from Monterrey. It was created by Chetes and Mauricio Terracina, after their previous band Zurdok broke up.-External links:***

Var, VAR, VAr, VaR or var can mean:VAR* Varna Airport IATA airport code* Vacuum arc remelting, a process for production of steel and special alloys

Var (poetry)
Var is a type of Punjabi poem. They were used by many poets including Amir Khusro and Bhai Gurdas.-External links:* - Journal of the American Oriental Society, Vol. 118, No. 2 , pp. 172–184

-Places:*Vara Parish, municipality in Tartu County, Estonia*Vara, Estonia, village in Vara Parish, Tartu County, Estonia*Vara Municipality, a municipality in western Sweden*Vara, Sweden, a town in Sweden*Vara , in Liguria, Italy-Other:

Varanidae is a group of lizards of the superfamily Varanoidea. The family is a group of carnivorous lizards which includes the largest living lizard, the Komodo dragon, and the crocodile monitor. Varanidae contains the living genus Varanus and a number of extinct taxa

Varas may refer to:*Varas, Afghanistan*Varas, Argentina*Varas, Brazil*Varas, Iran*Varas, Turkey*Las Varas, Chihuahua, Mexico*Vacas, Coahuila, Mexico*Varashát, Hungary*Yārasm, Iran*Vara, a seldom used Spanish and Portuguese unit of length

Vărăşti is a commune located in Giurgiu County, Romania. It is composed of two villages, Vărăşti and Dobreni.-References:

Varen may refer to:* Varen, Switzerland, a municipality in the canton of Valais, Switzerland* Varen, Tarn-et-Garonne, a commune in the Tarn-et-Garonne department, France* Bernhard Varen* Daniel Steen Varen* Varen, a Belgian watersports magazine

Varese is a town and comune in north-western Lombardy, northern Italy, 55 km north of Milan.It is the capital of the Province of Varese. The hinterland or urban part of the city is called Varesotto.- Geography :

The term variability, "the state or characteristic of being variable", describes how spread out or closely clustered a set of data is. This may be applied to many different subjects:*Climate variability

Variable may refer to:* Variable , a logical set of attributes* Variable , a symbol that represents a quantity in an algebraic expression.

Variable Antshrike
The Variable Antshrike is a species of bird in the Thamnophilidae family found widely in South America. It is, as its common name suggests, arguably the species of antbird with the most variable plumage, leading to speculations that it comprises more than one species, but presently available evidence suggests this assumption is

Variant is a free cultural magazine based in Glasgow, Scotland, and founded in 1984. Available in both print and internet editions, it is distributed mainly though arts and cultural institutions through Britain and Ireland. Although nominally an arts and cultural bulletin, the magazine also deals with broader social and political issues, often from a left-leaning perspective

Variant may refer to:*Variant Chinese character, Chinese characters that can be used interchangeably*Chess variant, a game derived from, related to or similar to chess in at least one respect

- Physics :* Magnetic variation, difference between magnetic north and true north, measured as an angle* Variation , any perturbation of the mean motion or orbit of a planet or satellite, particularly of the moon- Mathematics :* Bounded variation

Variation (game tree)
A Variation can refer to a specific sequence of successive moves in a turn-based game, often used to specify a hypothetical future state of a game that is being played. Although the term is most commonly used in the context of Chess analysis, it has been applied to other games

Variations (album)
Variations is a Classical/Rock fusion album by Andrew Lloyd WebberAndrew Lloyd Webber and younger brother Julian Lloyd Webber were always very close, but their two different careers meant that a collaboration seemed unlikely

Variations (ballet)
Variations is a ballet made by New York City Ballet co-founder and founding choreographer George Balanchine to Stravinsky's Variations: Aldous Huxley in memoriam

is a Japanese corporation that made games for the Game Boy, Famicom, the Super Famicom, and the Sega Mega Drive during the 1980s and the 1990s. Varie specializes in racing games and action games

VARIE (Visual Arts Research Institute Edinburgh)
The Visual Arts Research Institute Edinburgh is a research consortium which consists of:*University of Edinburgh*Edinburgh College of ArtWith the following associated members:*National Galleries of Scotland*National Museums Scotland

"Varietal" describes wines made primarily from a single named grape variety, and which typically displays the name of that variety on the wine label. Examples of grape varieties commonly used in varietal wines are Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Merlot

- Mathematics :* Abelian variety, a complex torus that can be embedded into projective space* Abstract variety, an intrinsically defined variety* Algebraic variety, the basic object of study in algebraic geometry** Affine variety, a subset of algebraic varieties

Variety (album)
is the third full-length album from Japanese band Tokyo Jihen, released on September 26, 2007.- Outline :Its thirteen tracks were carefully selected from a vast number of demos created by the band, with all tracks featuring music written by members other than lead vocalist Ringo Shiina

Variety (cybernetics)
In cybernetics the term variety denotes the total number of distinct states of a system.- Overview :The term Variety was introduced by W. Ross Ashby to denote the count of the total number of states of a system. The condition for dynamic stability under perturbation was described by his Law of Requisite Variety

Variety (Les Rita Mitsouko album)
Variéty is the seventh studio album by Les Rita Mitsouko. An English language version of the album was produced for the international English speaking market

Variety (radio)
The term variety as a radio format is loosely defined as a format that plays music across numerous genera.Freeform variety is associated with a wide range of programming including talk, sports, and music from a wide spectrum. This format is usually found on smaller, non-commercial Public-broadcasting stations such as college radio, community radio or high school radio stations

Vario may refer to:* Mercedes-Benz Vario, a heavy van* Paul Vario , a high-ranking member of the Lucchese crime family* João Vário , Cape Verdean writer, neurosurgeon, scientist and professor

A variorum is a work that collates all known variants of a text. It is a work of textual criticism, whereby all variations and emendations are set side by side so that a reader can track how textual decisions have been made in the preparation of a text for publication

Various, or Various Production, is an English dubstep/electronic music duo formed in 2003. The group blends samples, acoustic and electronic instrumentation, and singing from a revolving cast of vocalists. Its members, Adam and Ian, purposefully give very little information about the group or themselves, and tend to do little in the way of self-promotion

Varlet can refer to:*a valet, especially as a knight's squire, or the court appointment of valet de chambre.*an unprincipled person; a rogue.*people with the surname Varlet, such as**Dominique Marie Varlet, Bishop of Babylon, **Jean Varlet

Varna is the largest city and seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and third-largest in Bulgaria after Sofia and Plovdiv, with a population of 334,870 inhabitants according to Census 2011

Varnas is the masculine form of a Lithuanian family name. Its feminine forms are: Varnienė and Varnytė .The surname may refer to:* Adomas Varnas , Lithuanian artist

Varnish is a transparent, hard, protective finish or film primarily used in wood finishing but also for other materials. Varnish is traditionally a combination of a drying oil, a resin, and a thinner or solvent. Varnish finishes are usually glossy but may be designed to produce satin or semi-gloss sheens by the addition of "flatting" agents

Varnish (disambiguation)
Varnish is a mixture used to harden primarily wood.Varnish may also refer to:* Desert varnish* Varnish , a reverse proxy and HTTP accelerator

Varro was a Roman cognomen carried by:*Marcus Terentius Varro, sometimes known as Varro Reatinus, the scholar*Publius Terentius Varro or Varro Atacinus, the poet*Gaius Terentius Varro, the consul defeated at the battle of Cannae

In Vedic religion, Varuna is a god of the sky, of water and of the celestial ocean, as well as a god of law and of the underworld

Vas is the name of an administrative county in present Hungary, and also in the former Kingdom of Hungary. The county is a part of the Centrope Project.-Geography:

VAS is a three-letter abbreviation with multiple meanings, as described below:* Vaccine Associated Sarcoma* Value-added service, a telecommunications industry concept* Vehicle activated sign, road traffic signs triggered by traffic

Vas (former county)
Vas was the name of a historic administrative county of the Kingdom of Hungary. Its territory is presently in western Hungary, eastern Austria and eastern Slovenia . The capital of the county was Szombathely.-Geography:

The adjective Vascon may refer to:*the Vascones, ancient people of Navarre and neighboring regions*by extension, the cultural features related to the area where the Basque language was supposedly spoken at the arrival of the Romans. This area includes both sides of the Pyrenees from Calahorra to Upper Pallars.*for further extension, see also: Vasconic languages

Vascular in zoology and medicine means "related to blood vessels", which are part of the circulatory system. An organ or tissue that is vascularized is heavily endowed with blood vessels and thus richly supplied with blood.

Vascularity, in bodybuilding, is the condition of having prominent, visible veins.Vascularity is enhanced by extremely low body fat , low retained water, high blood pressure and muscle engorgement. Genetics will affect vascularity as well as ambient temperature. Some bodybuilders use topical vasodilators to increase blood flow to the surface skin as well

Vasculitis refers to a heterogeneous group of disorders that are characterized by inflammatory destruction of blood vessels. Both arteries and veins are affected. Lymphangitis is sometimes considered a type of vasculitis

The vase is an open container, often used to hold cut flowers. It can be made from a number of materials including ceramics and glass. The vase is often decorated and thus used to extend the beauty of its contents.

Vasectomy is a surgical procedure for male sterilization and/or permanent birth control. During the procedure, the vasa deferentia of a man are severed, and then tied/sealed in a manner such to prevent sperm from entering into the seminal stream

Vaseline (disambiguation)
Vaseline may refer to:* Vaseline is a trademarked brand of petroleum jelly* Vaseline glass, also known as uranium glass* The Vaselines, a Scottish rock band* Sand in the Vaseline: Popular Favorites, a compilation album by Talking Heads

Vasey may refer to:People with the surname Vasey:*George Vasey *George Alan Vasey *Jessie Mary Vasey *Percy Vasey , English cricketer and schoolmaster

Vasodilation refers to the widening of blood vessels resulting from relaxation of smooth muscle cells within the vessel walls, particularly in the large arteries, smaller arterioles and large veins. The process is essentially the opposite of vasoconstriction, or the narrowing of blood vessels. When vessels dilate, the flow of blood is increased due to a decrease in vascular resistance

-People:* Ádám Vass, Hungarian footballer currently playing for Brescia Calcio* Baillie Vass, a nickname given to Alec Douglas-Home by Private Eye magazine* Bill Vass, President and COO of Sun Microsystems Federal, Inc.* Ian Vass, rugby player

A vassal or feudatory is a person who has entered into a mutual obligation to a lord or monarch in the context of the feudal system in medieval Europe. The obligations often included military support and mutual protection, in exchange for certain privileges, usually including the grant of land held as a fiefdom

Vassal (disambiguation)
A vassal is one who enters into mutual obligations with a monarch in exchange for certain guarantees.Vassal may also refer to:* VASSAL Engine, a free boardgame engine

VAST is an American industrial rock band based in Austin, Texas. The acronym VAST stands for Visual Audio Sensory Theater and is the main creation of singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jon Crosby

Vat or VAT may refer to:* A type of container such as a barrel, storage tank, or tub, often constructed of welded sheet stainless steel, and used for holding, storing, and processing liquids such as milk, wine, and beer

Vatan (disambiguation)
Vatan may refer to one of the following.*Vatan, a Turkish daily newspaper.*Vatan , an opera by Gara Garayev*Canton of Vatan, a canton in the Arrondissement of Issoudun, in France.

Vater Percussion is an American drumstick and percussion accessory manufacturing company. It was founded by Clarence Vater, and is currently run by his two grandsons Alan and Ron Vater. Although the company began producing sticks in 1956, it did not officially become Vater Percussion until much later

Vater (Janus album)
Vater is the first full-length album of Janus. It was released in 1998, and re-released as Vater Deluxe in 2006 .-Track listing:#"Isaak"–6:02#"Schwarzer Witwer"–9:02#"Lolita / Knochenhaus"–10:32#"Exodus"–3:06

Vatra (Romanian magazine)
The Vatra literary magazine was founded in 1885 by Ion Luca Caragiale, George Coşbuc and Ioan Slavici and was published in Romanian in the city of Târgu Mureş, Transylvania, Austria-Hungary .

Vatra (Slovak magazine)
Vatra is a Slovak magazine. Published monthly after war by Slovak emigrants in Great Britain in years 1948 - 1952. Originally papers of Slovak Youth in Great Britain, Vatra brought to its readers as many news from the home country as could gather, and also some announcements of activities by various groups of our countrymen in England and elsewhere in exile

Vats is a village in the municipality of Vindafjord, in Rogaland county, Norway. Vats is located in the traditional district of Haugaland.An important industrial location, the oil platforms Statfjord, Gullfaks and Troll were built here. The Norwegian computer and software company Hatteland Group is also headquartered in Vats.The surrounding area used to constitute a municipality

Vats (disambiguation)
Vats or VATS may refer to:* Vats, a village in Norway* Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery, a chest surgery technique using a fiber-optic camera* Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System, a feature in the video game Fallout 3

Vaudeville (disambiguation)
Vaudeville may refer to:* Vaudeville, genre of theatre* Vaudeville *Vaudeville, a 2010 album by Canadian rapper D-Sisive* Vaudeville, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Lorraine, France

Vaudeville (song)
A vaudeville is a French satirical poem or song born of the 17th and 18th centuries. Its name is lent to the French theatrical entertainment comédie en vaudeville of the 19th and 20th century. From these vaudeville took its name.

Vault (architecture)
A Vault is an architectural term for an arched form used to provide a space with a ceiling or roof. The parts of a vault exert lateral thrust that require a counter resistance. When vaults are built underground, the ground gives all the resistance required

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