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V is the twenty-second letter in the basic modern Latin alphabet.-Letter:The letter V comes from the Semitic letter Waw, as do the modern letters F, U, W, and Y. See F for details.

V (Fate album)
In the winter of 2005/2006 Fate finished recording their fifth studio album, V, with producer Tommy Hansen, who did Scratch 'N' Sniff back in 1990, as well as having produced bands like Helloween, Pretty Maids, TNT and many more.

V (Saint Vitus album)
V is the fifth album by the American doom metal band Saint Vitus, which was released in 1990. Its title is a reference to the Roman numeral five, not the letter "V" from the English alphabet

V (The Original Miniseries)
V is a two-part science fiction television miniseries, written and directed by Kenneth Johnson. First shown in 1983, it initiated the science fiction franchise concerning aliens known as "The Visitors" trying to gain control of Earth.-Plot summary:A race of aliens arrive on Earth in a fleet of 50 huge, saucer-shaped motherships, which hover

V (The Second Generation)
V: The Second Generation is a novel written by American television writer/producer Kenneth Johnson. It is an alternative sequel to his 1983 science fiction television miniseries V, which depicted an alien invasion of Earth by an advanced race of carnivorous reptilians known as "The Visitors." The novel was released on February 5, 2008.-Plot summary:Set 20 years after the

V (TV series)
V is a one-hour weekly television series that aired in the United States on NBC in 1984-85. It was a continuation of the science fiction franchise about an alien invasion of Earth by a carnivorous race of reptilians known as "The Visitors" which was originally conceived by American writer, producer and director Kenneth Johnson

V sign
The V sign is a hand gesture in which the index and middle fingers are raised and parted, while the other fingers are clenched. It has various meanings, depending on the cultural context and how it is presented

V.I.P. (Hungarian band)
V.I.P. is a four-piece Hungarian boy band. They represented Hungary in the Eurovision Song Contest 1997 with the song "Miért kell, hogy elmenj?" . They tied for twelfth place with Greece with 39 points.

VA may refer to:* Validation Authority, in Public key infrastructure* Value added, economic term meaning additional value of the product created on a given stage of production, marketing or other involved process* Variable annuity

Vaali (poet)
Vaali is a Tamil poet and lyricist who writes Tamil poetry and film song lyrics. Most recently he has extended lyrics for a couple of songs in Engeyum Kaadhal for the music of Harris Jayaraj. He has also acted in several films, most notably Hey Ram, Parthale Paravasam and Poi Kaal Kudhirai

Vaas may refer to:* Chaminda Vaas , Sri Lankan cricketer* Vaas, Sarthe, a town in western France

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VAC or Vac may refer to:In arts and entertainment* Velvet Acid Christ, an industrial band* Video Appeals Committee in the United Kingdom, responsible for hearing appeals against decisions by the British Board of Film Classification

Vāk or Vāc is the Sanskrit word for "speech", "voice", "talk", or "language", from a verbal root "speak, tell, utter".

VAC or Vac may refer to:In arts and entertainment* Velvet Acid Christ, an industrial band* Video Appeals Committee in the United Kingdom, responsible for hearing appeals against decisions by the British Board of Film Classification

Vaca, derived from Latin vacca, is a word meaning “cow” in several Ibero-Romance languages. It also may refer to:In geography:*Vaca Mountains, a mountain range in Napa County, California*Vaca Díez Province, Bolivia

In crystallography, a vacancy is a type of point defect in a crystal.Crystals inherently possess imperfections, often referred to as 'crystalline defects'. A defect wherein an atom, such as silicon, is missing from one of the lattice sites is known as a 'vacancy' defect.Vacancies occur naturally in all crystalline materials

Vacancy or No Vacancy may refer to:* Vacancy , a 2007 American horror film* Vacancy , an EP by Joseph Arthur* Vacancy or job opening, a position offered by a business that wishes to hire a worker

Vacancy (Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode)
"Vacancy" is a fifth season episode of the television series Law & Order: Criminal Intent.-Plot summary:In this episode, Detectives Goren and Eames investigate the case of a bridesmaid found dead after a wedding in a cheap motel room she was sharing with a fellow bridesmaid. The detectives initially suspect two men that the women met in a bar

Vacation (novel)
Vacation is the first and most recent novel by American author Jeremy C. Shipp. Vacation’s protagonist, Bernard Johnson, finds himself trapped in a job his parents chose for him, miserable in a loveless relationship, and dependent on anti-depressants for his emotional stability

Vacation (song)
"Vacation" is a 1982 single released by the all-female rock band The Go-Go's. The song was the first single from their album Vacation.The song proved to be one of the Go-Go's highest charting singles, reaching #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the summer of 1982. The song was released on 7" vinyl format, with the surf rock song "Beatnik Beach" as the single's b-side

Vacationer usually refers to the noun derived from the term "vacation". It may also refer to the following:- Automobiles :The "Vacationer" nameplate has been applied to several special edition variants of Holden automobiles:* Holden Camira

Vacca was a sixth century grammarian who studied and commented on the works of Lucan. Little is known of Vacca other than he wrote Vita Lucani , which is not to be confused with Suetonius' Vita Lucani.

Vaccination is the administration of antigenic material to stimulate the immune system of an individual to develop adaptive immunity to a disease. Vaccines can prevent or ameliorate the effects of infection by many pathogens

A vaccine is a biological preparation that improves immunity to a particular disease. A vaccine typically contains an agent that resembles a disease-causing microorganism, and is often made from weakened or killed forms of the microbe or its toxins

Vaccine (disambiguation)
The term Vaccine may refer to:* Vaccine, a class of medication typically used in prevention of disease* Vaccination, the process of administering a vaccine

Vaccine (journal)
Vaccine is a peer-reviewed medical journal, published by Elsevier. It is targeted towards medical professionals who are interested in vaccines and vaccination. It describes itself as "an interface between academics, those in research and development, and workers in the field. Relevant topics range from basic research through to applications, safety and legislation."

Vaccine (Producer)
Vaccine is a female dubstep record producer based in California, United States. She is notable for being the first female producer signed to a label within, what was up until then, a genre whose producers were almost entirely maleVaccine's style has been recognised as being considerably more melodic and not necessarily as dancefloor-orientated

Vacuity can refer to:*Emptiness*Śūnyatā, the Buddhist term about the impermanent nature of form*Vacuity , an alternative rock band from Kitchener, Ontario

A vacuole is a membrane-bound organelle which is present in all plant and fungal cells and some protist, animal and bacterial cells. Vacuoles are essentially enclosed compartments which are filled with water containing inorganic and organic molecules including enzymes in solution, though in certain cases they may contain solids which have been engulfed

In everyday usage, vacuum is a volume of space that is essentially empty of matter, such that its gaseous pressure is much less than atmospheric pressure. The word comes from the Latin term for "empty". A perfect vacuum would be one with no particles in it at all, which is impossible to achieve in practice

Vacuum flask
A vacuum flask is an insulating storage vessel which keeps its contents hotter or cooler than its surroundings. Invented by Sir James Dewar in 1892, the vacuum flask consists of two flasks, placed one within the other and joined at the neck

Vada ; also known as wada or vade or vadai , is a savoury fritter-type snack from South India.-Description:Vada can vary in shape and size, but are usually either doughnut- or disc-shaped and are about between 5 and 8 cm across. They are made from dal, lentil, gram flour or potato.Vada is a traditional South Indian food known from antiquity

Vadi may refer to:* Vadi , musical note of special significance in Indian classical music* "Vadi" or Wadi, an Arabic term for valley or a dry riverbed* Fillipo Vado, author of De Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi, an Italian treatise on fighting

Vaduz is the capital of the principality of Liechtenstein and the seat of the national parliament. The town, located along the Rhine, has about 5,100 inhabitants , most of whom are Roman Catholic. Its cathedral is the seat of a Roman Catholic archbishop.

VAE (Validation des Acquis de l'Experience)
The VAE or Validation des Acquis de l'Expérience is a procedure that allows any French educational institution to grant degrees partly or totally on work experience. A porfolio of the applicant's achievements and work experience is presented to a committee at the educational institution

Vagabond may refer to:*Vagabond , an itinerant personIn music:*Vagabond , an alternative rock band fronted by Jørn Lande*Vagabond , a band from the UK*Vagabond , a song by Australian band Wolfmother

Vagabundo is a concept album by Robi Dräco Rosa. It was recorded in Surrey, England under the creative direction of Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera. The music video for "Madre Tierra" was directed by Angela Alvarado and won Best Rock Video in the 1997 Latin Music Awards

Vaginismus, sometimes anglicized vaginism, is the German name for a condition which affects a woman's ability to engage in any form of vaginal penetration, including sexual intercourse, insertion of tampons and/or menstrual cups, and the penetration involved in gynecological examinations

Vaginitis is an inflammation of the vagina. It can result in discharge, itching and pain, and is often associated with an irritation or infection of the vulva. It is usually due to infection. The three main kinds of vaginitis are bacterial vaginosis , vaginal candidiasis, and trichomoniasis. A woman may have any combination of vaginal infections at one time

Vago may refer to:* István Vágó, Hungarian television presenter* Pierre Vago, French architect* Joseph Vago, Hungarian architect* Laser Vago, a sailing dinghy

Vagrancy (people)
A vagrant is a person in poverty, who wanders from place to place without a home or regular employment or income.-Definition:A vagrant is "a person without a settled home or regular work who wanders from place to place and lives by begging;" vagrancy is the condition of such persons.-History:In settled, ordered communities, vagrants have been historically characterised as

Vague (Extinctioners)
Catrina Fela is a character in the Extinctioners comic books.- Statistics :* Height: 5' 8"* Weight: 127 lbs.* Age: 19 years/ 17 cycles* Sex: Female* Race: Felin* Species: Domestik

The term vagueness denotes a property of concepts . A concept is vague:* if the concept's extension is unclear;* if there are objects which one cannot say with certainty whether belong to a group of objects which are identified with this concept or which exhibit characteristics that have this predicate ;* if the Sorites paradox

Vagus nerve
The vagus nerve , also called pneumogastric nerve or cranial nerve X, is the tenth of twelve paired cranial nerves

Vahan or Vahana is a Sanskrit word meaning 'vehicle.' More specifically it means 'a vehicle of consciousness'.'Vahan' may also refer to:* Vahan, Armenia - a town* VAHAN - an Armenian manufactured assault rifle

Vahan (given name)
Vahan is a given name. People with the given name Vahan include:*Vahan - a Byzantine commander *Vahan Gevorgyan - a Polish footballer*Vahan Hovhannisyan - an Armenian politician

Vain (disambiguation)
Vain may refer to:* Vanity, excessive self-regard* Vain , a champion Australian thoroughbred racehorse* Vain , a glam metal band formed in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1986

Vains is a commune in the Manche department in Normandy in north-western France.

Le Vaisseau , situated in the Neudorf area of Strasbourg, France, is a project headed by the General Council of the Bas-Rhin and a place where science and technology can be discovered through playful ways and means

Vaja is a town in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, in the Northern Great Plain region of eastern Hungary.-Geography:It covers an area of and has a population of 3798 people .

The term vaka may refer to:* untitled #1, released as untitled #1 , a single from the Sigur Rós album *Vaka , the main hull of a multihull vessel such as a proa or trimaran

Vaka (sailing)
The vaka is the main hull of a multihull vessel.-Origin and use of the term:The term vaka is used in the Polynesian, Malay and Micronesian languages for a 'canoe', 'ship' or 'boat.' Other parts of a traditional vaka can include the aka and ama .A proa consists of a vaka, the main canoe-like hull; an ama, the outrigger; and akas, the poles connecting the ama

Vala (programming language)
Vala is a programming language created with the goal of bringing modern language features to C, with no added runtime needs and with little overhead, by targeting the GObject object system. It is being developed by Jürg Billeter and Raffaele Sandrini. The syntax borrows heavily from C#

In geography, a vale is a wide river valley, usually with a particularly wide flood plain or flat valley bottom. Vales commonly occur between the escarpment slopes of pairs of chalk downs, where the chalk dome has been eroded, exposing less resistant underlying rock, usually clay.- Places :* Vale of Kashmir, a disputed territory, claimed by both Pakistan and India-Portugal:* A civil

A valediction , or complimentary close in American English, is an expression used to say farewell, especially a word or phrase used to end a letter or message, or the act of saying parting words- whether brief, or extensive.For the greetings counterpart to valediction, see salutation.Alternatively, the word Valediction

Valedictorian is an academic title conferred upon the student who delivers the closing or farewell statement at a graduation ceremony. Usually, the valedictorian is the highest ranked student among those graduating from an educational institution

-Chemistry and physics:* Valence * Valence bond theory in chemistry* Valence shell in chemistry* Valence band in physics* Valence quarks in particle physics-In other sciences:* Valency

Valence (psychology)
Valence, as used in psychology, especially in discussing emotions, means the intrinsic attractiveness or aversiveness of an event, object, or situation. However, the term is also used to characterize and categorize specific emotions. For example, the emotions popularly referred to as "negative", such as anger and fear, have "negative valence"

Valence isomer
In organic chemistry, two molecules are valence isomers when they are constitutional isomers that can interconvert through pericyclic reactions.-Benzene:

Valencene is a sesquiterpene that is an aroma component of citrus fruit and citrus-derived odorants. It is cheaply obtained from Valencia oranges. Valencene is biosynthesized from FPP by the CVS enzyme.

-In Spain:* Valencia , Spain, capital of the Valencia Autonomous Community* Valencian Community, an autonomous community of Spain**Valencian people, an ethnic group or nationality whose homeland is the Valencian Community

Valencia (band)
Valencia is an alternative rock/punk band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are currently on hiatus.-History:Valencia met by playing local shows together around the tri-state area in separate bands. George Ciukurescu and JD Perry grew up together; attending elementary school, high school, and their first year of college

Valencia (DO)
Valencia is a Spanish Denominación de Origen for wines located in the province of Valencia and is divided into two separate zones and four sub-zones each one of which produces a different type of wine.-History:Grape growing and wine production has been present in this area for thousands of years as attested by several

Valencia (film)
Valencia, also known as The Love Song, is a 1926 romance film directed by Dimitri Buchowetzki, who came over from Paramount to direct, and starring Mae Murray and featuring Boris Karloff in an uncredited role. Rumors of a surviving print persist. The film was a box office hit and the title song, Valencia, was the top song in the U.S

Valencia (song)
Valencia is a pasodoble song composed by José Padilla for the 1924 Zarzuela La bien amada and included in the 1926 silent film Valencia, with lyrics translated by Lucien Boyer, Jacques Charles, and Clifford Grey

Valencia (Spanish Congress Electoral District)
Valencia is one of the 52 electoral districts used for the Spanish Congress of Deputies—the lower chamber of the Spanish Parliament, the Cortes Generales. It is the third largest district in Congress in terms of the numbers of deputies elected, as it elects sixteen deputies out of the total number of three hundred and fifty

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