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Upp was a British rock-jazz fusion band, active in the 1970s. The group was originally going to be called 3 UPP, and consisted of Stephen Amazing , David Bunce , Andy Clark and Jim Copley

Upp (album)
Upp was the debut self-titled album of the British rock/jazz fusion band Upp, which was released in 1975. The album was recorded at Escape Studios, Kent. The opening track, "Bad Stuff," showcases charismatic guitar playing by Jeff Beck

Upper may refer to:* Stimulant drugs* Vamp - the part of a shoe on the top of the foot* The top part of some other object or device

Upper class
In social science, the "upper class" is the group of people at the top of a social hierarchy. Members of an upper class may have great power over the allocation of resources and governmental policy in their area.- Historical meaning :

Upper esophageal sphincter
The upper esophageal sphincter refers to the superior portion of the esophagus.Unlike the lower esophageal sphincter, it consists of striated muscle and yet, is not under conscious control. Opening of the UES is triggered by the swallow reflex

Upper Volta
Upper Volta may refer to:*French Upper Volta **a territory in French West Africa **a territory of the French Union *Republic of Upper Volta

Uppercut (disambiguation)
Uppercut is a punch used in boxing. It can also refer to:*Uppercut , a tactic in card games*The Upper Cuts, a compilation album by Alan Braxe*Uppercut, a stroke used in cricket

-In music:* Uprising * Uprising , album by Concord Dawn* Uprising , album by Entombed* Uprising , album by Universal Poplab

Uprising (Universal Poplab album)
Uprising is the second album by the Swedish synthpop band Universal Poplab, released November 29, 2006 through Wonderland Records. The album was preceded by two singles, "I Could Say I'm Sorry" and "Heart Apart".-Track listing:#"Soma Generation" – 3:38

Uproar is a fictional mutant character created by Marvel Comics for their Marvel 2099 run X-Men 2099 but later migrated into the pages of X-Nation 2099

Uproot is a 2008 mix produced by DJ /rupture. A related compilation album Uproot: The Ingredients was co-released, which features the original recordings used in the mix.-Reception:

Ups and Downs
Ups and Downs may refer to:In music:* Ups and Downs , an album by Saves the Day* The Ups and Downs, an album by Sara Paxton* "Ups & Downs", a song by Snoop Dogg* "Ups & Downs", a song by 213 from The Hard Way

Ups and Downs (film)
Ups and Downs is a 1915 silent comedy film featuring Oliver Hardy.-Cast:* Bobby Burns - Jabbs* Walter Stull - Pokes* Oliver Hardy - Shifty Mike * Ethel Marie Burton - Ethel* Frank Hanson - Runt

Upsala (mansion)
Upsala is a historic mansion in Mount Airy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that was the site of the American encampment during the Battle of Germantown.

An upset occurs in a competition, frequently in electoral politics or sports, when the party popularly expected to win , is defeated by an underdog whom the majority expects to lose, defying the conventional wisdom

Upset (disambiguation)
Upset may refer to:* Upset, in a competition where a likely winner loses to an underdog.* Upset forging, a forging process where a workpiece's diameter is increased by compressing its length.* Depression , upset emotionally.

Upside can refer to:* Upside was a San Francisco-based business and technology magazine* Upside Records, a record label* Upside , a 2010 American film

Upside Down
"Upside Down" is a hit song by Diana Ross released on the Motown label. It was the first single taken from her 1980 album diana and hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 on September 6, 1980. It also hit number one on the Billboard Disco/Dance and R&B charts

Upside Down (disambiguation)
"Upside Down" is a song by Diana Ross.Upside Down may also refer to:In music:* Upside Down , a British boyband later reformed as Orange Orange* The Upsidedown, an American alt-rock band* Upside Down , an album by Thomas Leeb

Upside Down (Thomas Leeb album)
-Track listing:# "Albino"# "The Hard Can 2005 remix"# "Erzherzog Johann Jodler"# "I Shot The Sheriff"# "Upside Down"# "Spark"# "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"# "The Boys of Blue Hill"# "Sweet Child O' Mine"# "Muss I Denn / Twinkle"# "Jovka"# "Sleepless"

Upsilon is the 20th letter of the Greek alphabet.  In the system of Greek numerals it has a value of 400. It is derived from the Phoenician waw. The name of the letter is pronounced in Modern Greek, and in English , , or

UpStage is an open source server-side application that has been purpose built for Cyberformance: multiple artists collaborate in real time via the UpStage platform to create and present live theatrical performances, for audiences who can be online or in a shared space, and who can interact with the performance via a text chat tool

Upstaged was a 2008 multi-platform talent show aired on the Internet, BBC Red Button and BBC Three.Upstaged contenders were voted into two glass-fronted studios in Millennium Square, Bristol, where they had to entertain for six hours at a time, with only a few breaks allowed.During the heats, acts were chosen by Internet voters, with the winners of each day performing the

Upstart is an event-based replacement for the traditional init daemon — the method by which several Unix-like computer operating systems perform tasks when the computer is started. It was written by Scott James Remnant, a former employee of Canonical Ltd.

The term upstate often refers to the northernly portions of a handful of U.S. states. It is also sometimes used to refer to parts of states that have a higher elevation and are away from sea level

In geography, upstream literally means towards the source of a stream or river, or against the normal direction of water flow.Upstream is the opposite of downstream

Upstream (bioprocess)
The upstream part of a bioprocess refers to the first step in which biomolecules are grown, usually by bacterial or mammalian cell lines , in bioreactors. When they reach the desired density they are harvested and moved to the downstream section of the bioprocess.

Upstream (film)
Upstream is a comedy film directed by John Ford. A "backstage drama", the movie is about a Shakespearean actor and a woman from a knife-throwing act. The film was considered to be a lost film, but in 2009 it was discovered in the New Zealand Film Archive.It is considered the first Ford film to show some influence of German director F. W

Uptake may refer to:*Diffusion , the acceptance or adoption of a new product or idea.*Absorption, especially of food or nutrient by an organism. **Mineral uptake, by plants

Uptight (Original Soundtrack)
Up Tight is a soundtrack album by southern soul band Booker T. & the MG's for the film of the same title. The album's highlights include "Time Is Tight," a Top 10 hit single and signature song for the band, and "Johnny, I Love You" , which features a rare vocal by keyboardist Booker T. Jones

UpTime (disk magazine)
UPTIME was a group of disk magazines for a variety of personal computing platforms that were published in the 1980s. Bill Kelly started UPTIME in his father's basement in 1984. Versions were issued for the Apple II, Macintosh, IBM PC, Commodore 64 and Commodore Amiga systems. Among the software that was published there were some of the earliest games created by John Romero.

Upton (people)
Upton is a surname of English origin and a rarely used given name. At the time of the British Census of 1881 , the frequency of the surname Upton was highest in Sussex , followed by Oxfordshire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire, Warwickshire, Kent, Bedfordshire and Derbyshire.-Given name:*Upton Sheredine, , Maryland jurist*Upton

The term uptown often refers to a specific portion of a city in contrast with the local downtown area or in British English the main area of the city center. The term is used mainly in the United States and Canada

Upward may refer to:* Upward Bound* Upward Bound High School* Upward continuation* Upward looking sonar* Upward Spiral* Upwardly Global* Upwards

Upwards (album)
Upwards is a Mercury Music Prize nominated album by British hip hop artist Ty, released in 2003 by Big Dada.-Track listing:# "Ha Ha"# "Mpho’s Lament "# "Wait A Minute"# "I Want 2"# "Awkward Boy "# "Oh U Want More?"# "Rain"

Ur or ur may refer to:In toponymy:*Ur, an ancient city in southern Mesopotamia**Royal Game of Ur, two game boards found in Royal Tombs of Ur and dating from the First Dynasty of Ur, before 2600 BC*Hay Ur, a neighborhood of Baghdad, Iraq

-Places:*Ura, Bhutan, a populated place in Bhutan*Ura, Hungary, a village in the Northern Great Plain, Hungary*Ura, Republic of Tatarstan, a village in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia*Ura, Yaroslavl Oblast, a village in Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia

Uragan is the Slavic word for hurricane, and can refer to*BM-27 Uragan, a Russian rocket launcher*Energia II Uragan, a planned Soviet heavy-lift rocket*GLONASS satellites*MAZ-7310 Uragan, a Soviet/Russian army vehicle

Ural (computer)
Ural is a computer series built in Soviet Union.- History :The Ural was developed at the Electronic Computer Producing Manufacturer of Penza in the Soviet Union and was produced between 1959 and 1964. In total 139 were made

Uran (manga character)
Uran is Astro's cybernetic sister in the manga and anime series Astro Boy, was well as its many adaptions. She is a superhuman robot with a naive, tomboyish personality.-1980 series:

Urania was, in Greek mythology, the muse of astronomy. Some accounts list her as the mother of the musician Linus. She is usually depicted with a globe in her left hand. She is able to foretell the future by the arrangement of the stars

Urania (Berlin)
Urania is a scientific society founded in Berlin in 1888. Its aim is to communicate the most recent scientific findings to the broad public. With its 2000 members, Urania organizes more than 1000 events per year which attract about 130 000 visitors

Urania (steamboat)
The steamboat Urania was a vessel that operated on Lake Washington in the first part of the 20th Century. Built of wood, the vessel burned and sank in 1914

Uranian (comics)
The Uranians are a fictional race in the Marvel Universe. They first appeared in Marvel Boy # 1 , written by Stan Lee, as the human-like inhabitants of the planet Uranus, who became the hosts and mentors of Marvel Boy , as well as providing him with the technology which he used on Earth to become a superhero

Uranium (disambiguation)
Uranium may refer to:* Uranium, the chemical element** Uranium-232** Uranium-233** Uranium-234** Uranium-235** Uranium-238** Uranium-239** Uranium-240* Uranium City, Saskatchewan, a Canadian settlement

Uranium nitride
Uranium nitride refers to a family of several ceramic compounds: uranium mononitride , uranium sesquinitride , which exists in either an alpha or beta phase, and uranium dinitride .

*Urano means Uranus in Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Galician, and Esperanto.*Urano is an unusual Japanese family name. About 0.01% of Japanese have this family name.urano- may refer to:*uranium, chemistry*of the heavens, astronomy

Uranus (Shellac EP)
Uranus is Shellac Record #2, a two song 7" on Touch and Go Records. It was released in 1993 on vinyl format only. It is believed that it was recorded at the same time as their first release, The Rude Gesture: A Pictorial History

The uranyl ion is an oxycation of uranium in the oxidation state +6, with the chemical formula [UO2]2+. It has a linear structure with short U-O bonds, indicative of the presence of multiple bonds between uranium and oxygen. Four or more ligands are bound to the uranyl ion in an equatorial plane

Urban legend (disambiguation)
Urban legend normally refers to a modern folklore, compelling stories often thought to be factual by those who circulate them.Urban legend may also refer to:-Films and television:*Urban Legend , a 1998 film

Urban sprawl
Urban sprawl, also known as suburban sprawl, is a multifaceted concept, which includes the spreading outwards of a city and its suburbs to its outskirts to low-density and auto-dependent development on rural land, high segregation of uses Urban sprawl, also known as suburban sprawl, is a multifaceted concept, which includes the spreading outwards of a city and its suburbs to its outskirts to low-density and auto-dependent development on rural land, high segregation of uses Urban sprawl, also known as suburban sprawl, is a multifaceted concept, which includes the spreading outwards of a city and its suburbs to its outskirts to low-density and auto-dependent development on rural land, high segregation of uses (e.g

Urbane mentioned in the Bible:*Romans 16:9**Salute Urbane, our helper in Christ, and Stachys my beloved.

Urbanity refers to the characteristics, personality traits, and viewpoints associated with cities and urban areas. People who can be described as having urbanity are also referred to as citified. The word is related to the Latin urbanitas with connotations of refinement and elegance, the opposite of rusticus, associated with the countryside

Urbano is an album by Elvis Crespo.-Track listing:# "El Vino"# "Todo"# "Bandida"# "Cantalo" # "Besame En La Boca"# "Ojos Blancos"# "Que No Se Repita"# "Para El"# "Ahh Mama"# "A Marte"# "Mucho Mucho"# "Fingiras!"

Urbi Et Orbi (EP)
Urbi Et Orbi is the debut album of Tallahassee, FL melodic hardcore outfit . The album was produced by Lee Dyess, known for his work on Mayday Parade, Across Five Aprils, and From First to Last, and was self-released by the band on August 31, 2007 for a free download made available on their Myspace page

Urceolate literally means "shaped like an urn or pitcher", with a swollen middle and narrowing top. It is often used in botany to describe a feature of plant morphology. Examples of urceolate plant structures are the pitchers of many species of the pitcher plant genera Sarracenia and Nepenthes.

Urchin or urcheon is the Middle English term for "hedgehog". As such, it is applied to many things that take a similar form to a hedgehog:* Street children, homeless children who live on the street

Urchin (album)
Urchin is the first solo album by Inga Liljeström. It was independently released in 1998 under the name of “Inga.” It was re-released through Groovescooter Records in 2007.-Track listing:#"Holding Still" – 3:34#"Yellohead" – 3:47

Urchin (detonator)
A modulated neutron initiator is a neutron source capable of producing a burst of neutrons on activation. It is a crucial part of some nuclear weapons, as its role is to "kick-start" the chain reaction at the optimal moment when the configuration is prompt critical. It is also known as an internal neutron initiator

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