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Typhon (disambiguation)
Typhon may refer to:* Typhon, a character from Greek Mythology who is the final son of Gaia* 42355 Typhon, a minor planet* Typhon Combat System was a cancelled integrated weapons system developed by the United States Navy that used:

Epidemic typhus is a form of typhus so named because the disease often causes epidemics following wars and natural disasters

Typhus is any of several similar diseases caused by Rickettsiae. The name comes from the Greek typhos meaning smoky or hazy, describing the state of mind of those affected with typhus. The causative organism Rickettsia is an obligate parasite and cannot survive for long outside living cells

"Typical" is the Grammy Award nominated debut single from New Orleans rock group Mutemath. The song was written in 2003 by Paul Meany and Darren King. The digital single was released on April 10, 2007. A physical single was released in the UK only on August 27, 2007. Josh Harris club remixes of the song were also released digitally to several outlets on September 18, 2007

Typification is a process of creating standard social construction based on standard assumptions. Discrimination based on typification is called typism.-References:*

Typing is the process of inputting text into a device, such as a typewriter, cell phone, computer, or a calculator, by pressing keys on a keyboard. It can be distinguished from other means of input, such as the use of pointing devices like the computer mouse, and text input via speech recognition.The world's first typist was Lillian Sholes from Wisconsin

Typographica was the name of a journal of typography and visual arts founded and edited by Herbert Spencer from 1949 to 1967. Spencer was just 25 years old when the first Typographica was issued.

Typographical error
A typographical error is a mistake made in, originally, the manual type-setting of printed material, or more recently, the typing process. The term includes errors due to mechanical failure or slips of the hand or finger, but usually excludes errors of ignorance, such as spelling errors

Typology is the study of types. More specifically, it may refer to:*Typology , division of culture by races*Typology , classification of things according to their characteristics

Tyra (Trinec)
is a village in Frýdek-Místek District, Moravian-Silesian Region, Czech Republic. It was a separate municipality but became administratively a part of Třinec in 1980. Tyrka flows through the village. It has a population of 445 and lies in the historical region of Cieszyn Silesia.

Tyrannicide literally means the killing of a tyrant, or one who has committed the act. Typically, the term is taken to mean the killing or assassination of tyrants for the common good. The term "tyrannicide" does not apply to tyrants killed in battle or killed by an enemy in an armed conflict

Tyranny (disambiguation)
Tyranny refers to a despotically ruled state or society.Tyranny may also refer to:* Tyranny , 1998* Tyranny , 2001* Tyranny , 1986* Tyranny , album by Front 242

Tyrant (disambiguation)
A tyrant is a despotic ruler or person.Tyrant may also refer to:* Tyrant flycatchers, a family of birds* Tyrant , a comic book character for Marvel Comics* Tyrant , a comic book series by Steve Bissette

Tyrant (Japanese band)
-1994-1996:Tyrant was found in December 1994 by Keisuke. They originally played a rawer, more straightforward style of black metal. Although Keisuke loved black metal, he believed that a lot of bands, such as Dark Funeral and Satyricon played it much better than them. Afterwards, he decided on being a symphonic black metal band

Tyrant flycatcher
The tyrant flycatchers are a family of passerine birds which occur throughout North and South America. They are considered the largest family of birds on Earth, with more than 400 species. They are the most diverse avian family in every country in the Americas, except for the United States and Canada

Tyre is a city in the South Governorate of Lebanon. There were approximately 117,000 inhabitants in 2003, however, the government of Lebanon has released only rough estimates of population numbers since 1932, so an accurate statistical accounting is not possible

In Greek mythology, Tyro was the daughter of Salmoneus and married Cretheus, but loved Enipeus. She gave birth to Pelias and Neleus, the twin sons of Poseidon. With Cretheus she had Aeson, Pheres, and Amythaon.

In Greek mythology, Tyro was the daughter of Salmoneus and married Cretheus, but loved Enipeus. She gave birth to Pelias and Neleus, the twin sons of Poseidon. With Cretheus she had Aeson, Pheres, and Amythaon.

Tyrocidine is a mixture of cyclic decapeptides produced by the bacteria Bacillus brevis found in soil. It can be composed of 4 different amino acid sequences, giving tyrocidine A–D . Tyrocidine is the major constituent of tyrothricin, which also contains gramicidin

Tyrol is an historical region in Western Central Europe. The term has its origin in the former County of Tyrol, and today can be referred to different regions and entities.- Prehistory :

Tyrolean may refer to:* Anything from Tyrol* Tyrolean Aerial Tramway* Tyrolean Airways* Tyrolean hat* Tyrolean traverse, mountaineering manoeuvre* Tyrolean Hound* A type of cement render, applied by a hand-operated machine

Tyrosine or 4-hydroxyphenylalanine, is one of the 22 amino acids that are used by cells to synthesize proteins. Its codons are UAC and UAU. It is a non-essential amino acid with a polar side group

Tyrosine (data page)
-References:# # #

Tyrothricin is a cyclic polypeptide-antibiotic mixture from Bacillus brevis. It is a locally effective antibiotic effective against gram-positive bacteria. It is sometimes combined with benzocaine 5 mg to provide relief from sore throats

-Surname:*Alan Tyson , British musicologist*Barbara Tyson , Canadian actress*Bill Tyson, Irish writer and producer*Cathy Tyson , British actress*Cicely Tyson , American actress

Tyson (documentary)
Tyson is a 2008 documentary film about the life of former undisputed heavyweight world champion boxer Mike Tyson. It was directed by American filmmaker James Toback and produced by Nicholas Jarecki, Bob Yari, and Carmelo Anthony.

Tyson (dog)
Tyson is a bulldog that is famous for his ability to skateboard. He has appeared on numerous TV shows, including The Oprah Winfrey Show and Rob & Big , and has been featured on Internet video sites such as YouTube. His owner, Jim Blauvelt says that the dog was self-taught, starting in Huntington Beach, California in 2001

Tyson (MCC cricketer)
Tyson was an English amateur cricketer who made 8 known appearances in major cricket matches from 1785 to 1794.-Career:He was a member of the White Conduit Club and an early member of Marylebone Cricket Club .-External sources:*