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Triptych (Shooting At Unarmed Men album)
Triptych is the third album of Welsh–Australian band Shooting At Unarmed Men. The album consists of three CDs. It was released in Australia on 11 August 2007 and set for a worldwide release on 31 March 2008.-CD 1:

Tripwire (novel)
Tripwire is the third book in the Jack Reacher series written by Lee Child. It was published in 1999 by Putnam in America and Bantam in the United Kingdom.-Plot summary:

Triquetral bone
The triquetral bone is located in the wrist on the medial side of the proximal row of the carpus between the lunate and pisiform bones. It is on the ulnar side of the hand, but does not articulate with the ulna

Triskaidekaphobia is fear of the number ; it is a superstition and related to a specific fear of Friday the 13th, called paraskevidekatriaphobia or friggatriskaidekaphobia.The term was first used by Isador Coriat in Abnormal

A triskelion or triskele is a motif consisting of three interlocked spirals, or three bent human legs, or any similar symbol with three protrusions and a threefold rotational symmetry. Both words are from Greek or , "three-legged", from prefix "τρι-" , "three times" + "σκέλος" , "leg"

Trist may refer to:*David Trist , a New Zealand cricketer*Eric Trist , a British scientist*Nicholas Trist , an American diplomat

Tristan is one of the main characters of the Tristan and Iseult story, a Cornish hero and one of the Knights of the Round Table featuring in the Matter of Britain

Tristan is one of the main characters of the Tristan and Iseult story, a Cornish hero and one of the Knights of the Round Table featuring in the Matter of Britain

Tristan (Guinea)
Tristan is the largest island in the Tristan and Capken Islands, Guinea. Its area is 226 km².

Tristan (name)
Tristan or Tristram is a given name of Welsh origin. It originates from the Brythonic name Drust or Drustanus. It derives from a stem meaning "noise", seen in the modern Welsh noun trwst "noise" and the verb trystio "to clatter".It became popularized through the character of Tristan, one of the Knights of the Round Table in Arthurian legend

Tristan (novella)
Tristan is a 1903 novella by German writer Thomas Mann. It contains many references to the myth of Tristan and Iseult. The novella alludes in particular to the version presented in Richard Wagner's opera of the same name. As such, it can be seen as an ironic paraphrase, juxtaposing the romantic heroism of Wagner's characters with their essentially flawed counterparts in the novella

Tristan (orchestral composition)
Tristan is a six-movement orchestral work by the German composer Hans Werner Henze.Scored for piano, tape and full orchestra, it takes the form of a homage to Richard Wagner's opera Tristan und Isolde, with the piano providing preludes to a series of widely divergent material, both live and on tape, including direct quotations from Brahms's First Symphony and Chopin's Funeral

Tristan (song)
"Tristan" is the third, and final, single from English singer-songwriter Patrick Wolf's second full-length album Wind in the Wires, the singles was released on CD and limited 1000 vinyl.

Tristram may refer to:* Tristan, protagonist of a love story in the Matter of Britain* Henry Baker Tristram , English clergyman and ornithologist* Village Tristram in the books and games of the Diablo series* Tristram's Woodpecker, a bird

Trite is a genus of jumping spiders.Trite may also refer to:* Trite , a historical currency used in Ancient Lydia* "Trite", a song by Sage Francis from Sick of Waiting Tables

Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. The nucleus of tritium contains one proton and two neutrons, whereas the nucleus of protium contains one proton and no neutrons

-Science:* Triton * Triton * Triton , the nucleus of tritium, an isotope of hydrogen-Technology:* Triton X-100, a wetting agent* Triton, a line of GPS receivers manufactured by Magellan Navigation

Triton (collection)
Triton is a collection of fantasy short stories by author L. Ron Hubbard. It was first published in 1949 by Fantasy Publishing Company, Inc. in an edition of 1,200 copies. The title novella first appeared in the April 1940 issue of the magazine Unknown under the title "The Indigestible Triton" and under Hubbard's pseudonym "René Lafayette"

Triton (steamboat)
The steamboat Triton was a vessel that operated on Lake Washington in the first part of the 20th Century.-Construction :Triton was built in 1909 at the Anderson shipyard on the eastern shore of Lake Washington at Houghton. She was 78 feet long and rated at 49 tons

-Business:* Triumph , a defunct German motorcycle manufacturer* Triumph Cycle Co. Ltd., a British bicycle brand* Triumph Engineering Co Ltd, a defunct British motorcycle manufacturer* Triumph Group, an aerospace manufacturing and repair company

Triumph (1917 film)
Triumph is a 1917 silent drama film directed by Joe De Grasse and starring Lon Chaney Only three of the five reels survive.-Cast:* Dorothy Phillips - Nell Baxter* Lon Chaney - Paul Neihoff* William Stowell - Dudley Weyman

Triumph (1924 film)
Triumph is a 1924 silent drama film directed by Cecil B. DeMille.-Cast:* Leatrice Joy - Ann Land* Rod La Rocque - King Garnet* Victor Varconi - William Silver* Charles Ogle - James Martin* Theodore Kosloff - Varinoff* Robert Edeson - Smauel Overton

Triumph (TWN)
Triumph-Werke Nürnberg AG or TWN, was German bicycle and motorcycle company. In 1886, Siegfried Bettmann founded the Triumph bicycle factory in Coventry, England, and in 1896 he founded a second bicycle factory in his native Nuremberg, Germany, under the same Triumph name

Triumph (Wu-Tang Clan song)
"Triumph" is a single released by Wu-Tang Clan, from their 1997 album Wu-Tang Forever. Unusually for a single, the song does not have a chorus

Triumphal arch
A triumphal arch is a monumental structure in the shape of an archway with one or more arched passageways, often designed to span a road. In its simplest form a triumphal arch consists of two massive piers connected by an arch, crowned with a flat entablature or attic on which a statue might be mounted or which bears commemorative inscriptions

Triumphal Arch (woodcut)
The Triumphal Arch is a 16th-century monumental woodcut print, commissioned by the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I. The composite image was printed from 192 separate wood blocks

A triumvirate is a political regime dominated by three powerful individuals, each a triumvir . The arrangement can be formal or informal, and though the three are usually equal on paper, in reality this is rarely the case

Triunfo is a municipality in the state Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.It is also the richest municipality in Brazil, with a per capita income of R$122,750 .-See also:*List of municipalities in Rio Grande do Sul

Trivandrum (Lok Sabha constituency)
-Assembly segments:Trivandrum Lok Sabha constituency is composed of the following assembly segments:#Trivandrum#Kazhakuttom#Vattiyoorkavu#Nemom#Kovalam#Neyyattinkara#Parassala-Members of Parliament:Travancore-Cochin*1951: Annie Mascarene, Independent

A trivet is an object placed between a serving dish or bowl, and a dining table, usually to protect the table from heat damage.Trivet also refers to a tripod used to elevate pots from the coals of an open fire

The trivia are the three lower Artes Liberales, i.e. grammar, rhetoric and logic. These were the topics of basic education, foundational to the quadrivia of higher education, and hence the material of basic education, of interest only to undergraduates

Trivia (disambiguation)
Trivia refers to the three lower Artes Liberales.Trivia may also refer to:*Trivia , by John Gay*Trivia , the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Hecate

Trivia (genus)
Trivia is a genus of small sea snails, marine gastropod molluscs in the family Triviidae, the trivias. These are known in Britain as "cowries"

In medieval universities, the trivium comprised the three subjects that were taught first: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. The word is a Latin term meaning “the three ways” or “the three roads” forming the foundation of a medieval liberal arts education. This study was preparatory for the quadrivium. The quadrivium includes geometry, arithmetic, astronomy, music

TRO (gene)
Trophinin is a protein that in humans is encoded by the TRO gene.-Further reading:

Troche is a commune in the Corrèze department in central France.-Population:

A trochee or choree, choreus, is a metrical foot used in formal poetry consisting of a stressed syllable followed by an unstressed one

Trochu can refer to:* Trochu, Alberta* Louis Jules Trochu, French military leader and politician

A Trod in the west of England is a straight line or fairy path in the grass of a field with a different shade of green from the rest. Great danger was associated with using these paths when a supernatural procession was using them. Fairy rings have certain elements in common with this phenomenon

Troglodyte may refer to:* Homo troglodytes, an invalid taxon coined by Carl Linnaeus to refer to a legendary creature* Caveman, a stock character based upon widespread concepts of the way in which early prehistoric humans may have looked and behaved

The trogons and quetzals are birds in the order Trogoniformes which contains only one family, the Trogonidae. The family contains 39 species in eight genera. The fossil record of the trogons dates back 49 million years to the mid-Eocene. They might constitute a member of the basal radiation of the order Coraciiformes

The general meaning of the Russian and Bulgarian word troika is three of a kind, a collection of three or simply the number three. It may also mean:-Politics:* Troika of judges or political leaders

Trois is a 2000 thriller directed by Rob Hardy. This movie stars Gary Dourdan, Kenya Moore and Gretchen Palmer. The film was one of the highest grossing African-American films of 2000

Trojan may refer to:* A person from Troy in present-day Turkey* Trojan language, the language Trojans spoke at the time of the Trojan War* Trojan , a minor planet or moon that shares an orbit with a larger planet or moon

Trojan Horse (Luv' song)
"Trojan Horse" is the fifth single by Dutch girl group Luv', released in the autumn of 1978 by Philips/Phonogram Records. This million seller appears on the German version of the 1978 debut album, With Luv' and was a successful hit record in a large part of Continental Europe, South Africa and New Zealand

Trokut is a quarter in Novi Zagreb - zapad . It is surrounded by five other quarters: Kajzerica , Remetinec , Sveta Klara , Trnsko and Savski gaj

A troll is a supernatural being in Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore. In origin, the term troll was a generally negative synonym for a jötunn , a being in Norse mythology

Troll (album)
Troll is the second full-length album by the Norwegian folk metal band Lumsk. It was released on June 6, 2005 by Tabu Recordings. The songs tell different stories about trolls and spirits in Norwegian folklore.-Track listing:

Troll (comics)
Bartholemew J. Troll is a fictional character created by Rob Liefeld.Troll first appeared in the Youngblood series of comics as a member of the superheroteam.- Fictional character biography :

Troll (gay slang)
Troll and trolling are slang terms used almost exclusively amongst gay men to characterize gay, bisexual and questioning or bi-curious men who cruise or “wander about looking” for sex or potential sex partners or experiences “in a notably wanton manner and with lessened standards of what one will accept in a partner.” The term can be used positively or negatively depending on the

Troll (Swedish band)
Troll is a Swedish band most noted for the single "Jimmy Dean". First band name was Trollrock because they dressed up as Trolls on stage.

Trolley (UTA station)
Trolley is an island platformed UTA Trax light rail station in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. The station was opened on December 15, 2001, and is operated by the Utah Transit Authority. As part of the Red Line, it has direct service to downtown Salt Lake City , the University of Utah and the southwest Salt Lake Valley

A trolleybus is an electric bus that draws its electricity from overhead wires using spring-loaded trolley poles. Two wires and poles are required to complete the electrical circuit

A woman regarded as slovenly or untidy, or a woman seen as a whore or prostitute

The name Trollope is derived from the place-name Troughburn, in Northumberland. Troughburn was originally Trolhop, meaning Troll Valley, and the earliest recorded use is John Andrew Trolope who lived in Thornlaw, Co Durham.

Trombi is a roller coaster located at Särkänniemi in Tampere. The ride is named after the native Finnish word for tornado. Passengers lay down on their stomach for the duration of the ride.

The trombone is a musical instrument in the brass family. Like all brass instruments, sound is produced when the player’s vibrating lips cause the air column inside the instrument to vibrate

Trompe l'oeil
Trompe-l'œil, which can also be spelled without the hyphen in English as trompe l'oeil, is an art technique involving extremely realistic imagery in order to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects appear in three dimensions.-History in painting:Although the phrase has its origin in the Baroque period, when it refers

Trond (name)
Trond is a predominantly Norwegian name though it has appeared sporadically where Norwegians has settled elsewhere in the world.

Trondheim , historically, Nidaros and Trondhjem, is a city and municipality in Sør-Trøndelag county, Norway. With a population of 173,486, it is the third most populous municipality and city in the country, although the fourth largest metropolitan area. It is the administrative centre of Sør-Trøndelag county

A tronie is a common type, or group of types, of works of Dutch Golden Age painting and Flemish Baroque painting that shows an exaggerated facial expression or a stock character in costume

A troop is a military unit, originally a small force of cavalry, subordinate to a squadron and headed by the troop leader. In many armies a troop is the equivalent unit to the infantry section or platoon

Trooper may refer to:In military or police forces:* Trooper , a military private rank* Trooper , a rank used by some police agencies* State trooper, a peace officer in U.S

Trooper may refer to:In military or police forces:* Trooper , a military private rank* Trooper , a rank used by some police agencies* State trooper, a peace officer in U.S

Trooper (album)
Trooper is the self titled debut album by Canadian rock band Trooper, released in 1975. The album was produced by Randy Bachman of Bachman–Turner Overdrive and The Guess Who fame

Trooper (police rank)
Trooper is a rank used by several civilian police forces in the United States. In its plural form, troopers, it generally refers to members of state highway patrol or state police agencies, even though those officers may not necessarily be of the rank of trooper.For example, in the Louisiana State Police, Trooper is a rank below Trooper First Class, and above Cadet

Tropaeum is an extinct genus of ammonite cephalopod found throughout the oceans of the world during the Early Cretaceous. As with many other members of the family Ancyloceratidae, there was a trend among species within this genus to uncoil somewhat, in a very similar manner in the genus Lytoceras. The largest species, T