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Topology (musical ensemble)
Topology is a post-modernist quintet from Australia, formed in 1997. A leading Australian new music ensemble, they perform throughout Australia and abroad and have to date released four albums, including one with rock/electronica band Full Fathom Five and one with contemporary ensemble Loops. They were formerly the resident ensemble at the University of Western Sydney

In mathematics, a topos is a type of category that behaves like the category of sheaves of sets on a topological space

Topper may refer to:Objects:* A top hat* Harley-Davidson Topper, a motor scooter manufactured between 1960 and 1965* Camper shell, a small housing mounted atop the rear bed of a pickup truck* Topper , a class of sailing dinghyPeople:

Topper (novel series)
Topper is a series of comedy fantasy novels written by Thorne Smith. The novels are about a respectable banker called Cosmo Topper and his misadventures with a couple of ghosts, Marion and George Kerby.

Topping may refer to:* Hill-topping, a mate-acquisition strategy amongst insects* Topping, slang term for capital punishment, especially hanging or beheading* Topping , the name of several people

Topping (agriculture)
Topping is a process by which a mower or similar implement is used to "top", or remove, the aerial part of a crop, in order to prevent seed formation and distribution onto the soil. Typically, a set-aside cover crop is topped in July or August, to prevent seed production and subsequent soil contamination leading to germination and regrowth.

Tops may refer to:* Jan Tops , a Dutch equestrian* Tops Markets LLC, an American supermarket chain* Tops Supermarket, a Thai supermarket chain formerly part of Tops Markets LLC* Tops , Rolling Stones song on their album Tattoo You

A topsail is a sail set above another sail; on square-rigged vessels further sails may be set above topsails.- Square rig :On a square rigged vessel, a topsail is a square sail rigged above the course sail and below the topgallant sail where carried

On an offshore oil platform, Topsides refers to the surface hardware installed. This includes the oil production plant, the accommodation block and the drilling rig

Topspin (comics)
Topspin is a fictional character, a mutant in Marvel Comics' shared universe, the Marvel Universe. His first appearance was in Thunderbolts #37.-Fictional character biography:

Topsy-Turvy is a 1999 musical drama film written and directed by Mike Leigh and stars Allan Corduner as Arthur Sullivan and Jim Broadbent as W. S. Gilbert, along with Timothy Spall and Lesley Manville. The story concerns the 15-month period in 1884 and 1885 leading up to the premiere of Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado

A toque is a type of hat with a narrow brim or no brim at all. They were popular from the 13th to the 16th century in Europe, especially France. Now, it is primarily known as the traditional headgear for professional cooks.- Etymology :

Toque may refer to:* Toque, any of a variety of hats* Tuque, the name for a knit hat* La Tuque, Quebec, a Canadian city* Flamenco guitar playing* Toque, a ceremony or polyrhythmic composition using the Batá drum* Toque, a ritual in the Candomblé religion

Toques is a municipality in the Spanish province of A Coruña. It has a population of 1580 and an area of 78 km².

TOR (disambiguation)
TOR may refer to:* TOR , or Target Of Rapamycin, a protein kinase* TOR, an FAA identifier for Torrington Municipal Airport

Tor (research station)
Tor research station is a Norwegian Antarctic research station in Queen Maud Land, in the easternmost part of Princess Martha Coast at Svarthamaren Mountain, established in 1993. It is located 1625 metres above sea level, about 200 km from the coast. It is smaller than the other Norwegian station, Troll, and a summer-only station.- External links :* * * *

Tora or TORA may refer to:In computing:* Temporally Ordered Routing Algorithm, for routing data across wireless mesh network or mobile ad hoc networks* TOra, a database administration and development tool

Tora (album)
Tora is the debut album of popular Greek singer, Chrispa. It was released in Greece in 2003 by Alpha Records.-Track listing:# "Esena Thelo"# "Den To Ennoo"# "Ohi Pandos Ego"# "Mi Figis"# "Parata Me"# "Tora Mou To Les"

Tora (Anna Vissi album)
Tora is the name of a 1988 music album by singer Anna Vissi. It was released in Greece and Cyprus by CBS Greece.-Reception:The lead single "1988 Ki Akoma S' Agapo" was well received by radio stations, rising to the top of the charts. The song is considered a classic Greek ballad and a pop standard

Torbanite, also known as boghead coal, is a variety of fine-grained black oil shale. It usually occurs as lenticular masses, often associated with deposits of Permian coals. Torbanite is classified as lacustrine type oil shale.

A torch is a fire source, usually a rod-shaped piece of wood with a rag soaked in pitch and/or some other flammable material wrapped around one end. Torches were often supported in sconces by brackets high up on walls, to throw light over corridors in stone structures such as castles or crypts

Torch (band)
-Music:The band have self-described their sound a mix between Rock and Metal. Although sources have described their sound as everything from Hardcore Punk to Metalcore, Emo and nu metal.-History:

Torch Singer
Torch Singer is a 1933 film made by Paramount Pictures, directed by Alexander Hall and George Somnes, and starring Claudette Colbert, Ricardo Cortez and David Manners and Lyda Roberti.The screenplay was written by Lenore J

Torch song
A torch song is a sentimental love song, typically one in which the singer laments an unrequited or lost love, either where one party is oblivious to the existence of the other, where one party has moved on, or where a romantic affair has affected the relationship

Torch Song
Torch Song was a British synthpop and dance band of the early 1980s consisting of William Orbit, Laurie Mayer and Grant Gilbert. In 1985, Grant left to pursue other projects and long-time friend Rico Conning officially joined the group. After the release of 'Exhibit A' in 1987, Torch Song as a group was put on the back-burner while William concentrated on solo work and remixes

Torch Song (1993 film)
Judith Krantz's Torch Song is a 1993 Made-for-TV drama film directed by Michael Miller. It stars Raquel Welch, Jack Scalia and Alicia Silverstone.- Plot :

Torch song (disambiguation)
Torch song is a sentimental love song, and may refer to:Theatre and film* Torch Song , a 1953 film starring Joan Crawford* Torch Song Trilogy, a 1982 play by Harvey Fierstein

Torche is a band from Miami, Florida, whose sound is often described as stoner metal, or sludge metal.-Biography:The group was formed in 2004 by Steve Brooks , Juan Montoya , Jonathan Nuñez and Rick Smith Torche is a band from Miami, Florida, whose sound is often described as stoner metal, or sludge metal.-Biography:The group was formed in 2004 by Steve Brooks (ex-Floor), Juan Montoya (ex-Floor, ex-Cavity, ex-Ed Matus Struggle), Jonathan Nuñez and Rick Smith Torche is a band from Miami, Florida, whose sound is often described as stoner metal, or sludge metal.-Biography:The group was formed in 2004 by Steve Brooks (ex-Floor), Juan Montoya (ex-Floor, ex-Cavity, ex-Ed Matus Struggle), Jonathan Nuñez and Rick Smith (who also played in the grindcore bands Shitstorm, Tyranny of Shaw, Adore Miridia, and the screamo band Tunes for Bears to Dance

Torched (Michael Hedges album)
Torched is the recording guitarist Michael Hedges was working on at the time of his fatal automobile accident in 1997. It was released posthumously on the Windham Hill label.-Track listing:All compositions by Michael Hedges.# "Torched" – 4:51

Tore is a Scandinavian boy's name. It is derived from the Old Norse name Tórir, which in turn is derived from Tórver, which is composed of tor which means thunder, and ver which means Giant

Toreador may refer to:* Torero or bullfighter* The Toreador, a musical comedy* The "Toreador Song" from Georges Bizet's opera Carmen* The Daily Toreador, the student newspaper of Texas Tech University

Tori (Georgia)
Tori is a historic region in central Georgia, now part of the Samtskhe-Javakheti region, together with Javakheti and Meskheti. It borders on Trialeti to the east, Imereti to the northwest and Shida Kartli to the northeast. The province chiefly lay in what is now known as the Borjomi Gorge. In medieval Georgia, Tori was in hereditary possession of the Gamrekeli family

Tori (horse)
-Characteristics:The Tori comes mainly in the colors black, bay, palomino, chestnut and liver chestnut. Today's Tori is a harness horse that has a clean and solid build

Tori (martial arts)
is a term used in Japanese martial arts to refer to the executor of a technique in partnered practice. The term "tori" comes from the verb , meaning "to take", "to pick up", or "to choose".

Tories (political faction)
The Tories were members of two political parties which existed, sequentially, in the Kingdom of England, the Kingdom of Great Britain and later the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from the 17th to the early 19th centuries.-Overview:

Torma are figures made mostly of flour and butter used in tantric rituals or as offerings in Tibetan Buddhism. They may be dyed in different colors, often with white or red for the main body of the torma. They are made in specific shapes based on their purpose, usually conical in form

Torma (disambiguation)
-Places:*Torma Parish, rural municipality in Jõgeva County, Estonia*Torma, Estonia, small borough in Torma Parish, Jõgeva County, Estonia*Tõrma, name of several places in Estonia*Törmä, village in Keminmaa, Lapland, Finland-People:

Torment may refer to:* The feeling of pain or suffering* Causing to suffer, torture* Torment , a 1944 Swedish film* Torment , a 1924 silent film crime-drama* Torment , a 1950 British thriller film

Torment (film)
Torment or Frenzy is a Swedish film from 1944, directed by Alf Sjöberg, with screenplay by Ingmar Bergman. The film, a tale of sex, passion and murder, was Bergman's actual directing debut, although the film was mainly directed by Sjöberg.- Plot :A sadistic Latin teacher, nicknamed "Caligula" by his long-suffering students, rules his classroom like his

Torment (Mechanical Moth album)
Torment is an album released by Mechanical Moth in 2005.-Track listing:# Welcome to Torment# Devotion# Blind Prophet# Fluegelschlag# Radical Behavior# Dark Dimensions# After that# Bbf# A Loveletter To# Your Flames# March of the Damned

Tormenta is a Brazilian campaign setting for role-playing games that is played with D20 System or 3D&T System. It was created by Marcelo Cassaro, Rogério Saladino, and J. M. Trevisan, and is published by Jambô Publisher since 2005. It is one of the most popular RPG games in Brazil.Tormenta is a Portuguese word that means "storm"

Tormentor is a black metal band formed in 1986 in Budapest, Hungary. Tormentor was one of the first black metal bands using synthesisers to create a more atmospheric sound. They recorded their first album, Anno Domini, in 1988, but were unable to release it until the end of communism. The album reached Norway through the tape-trading community

Tormentor (musician)
Tormentor is a black metal musician who is best known for his work as guitarist with the Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth.-Biography:Tormentor joined Infernus in Gorgoroth in 1996, and participated as guitarist and songwriter on the two Gorgoroth albums Destroyer and Incipit Satan , both albums released by Nuclear Blast

Tormentor (song)
-External links:* at Discogs *[ Tormentor] at Allmusic

-Television:*"Torn" , an episode of the 2004 television series Battlestar Galactica*Torn , a 3-part television drama series which aired on ITV in 2007-Albums:*Torn , a 2008 album by Evergrey

Torn (album)
-Track listing:#"Intro" - 0:53#"Bitterness" - 4:05#"Spinning" - 3:45#"No Ones Home" - 3:05#"Seasons of Change" - 4:18#"'81" - 4:35#"Videosmut" - 4:02#"Now" - 5:23#"Prussian Blue" - 3:16#"Backlash" - 4:11#"I'm Free" - 2:46

Torn (Battlestar Galactica)
"Torn" is the sixth episode of the third season from the science fiction television series Battlestar Galactica. This episode introduces the concept of a "hybrid", a semi-organic computer which operates the Basestar and is believed by some Cylon models to "be" the Basestar.-Galactica:After Starbuck crashes her Viper during a training exercise, Apollo strips her flight

Torn (Evergrey album)
Torn is the seventh studio album from the progressive metal band Evergrey. The album was released in September 2008 on their new label, SPV.

Torn (TV series)
Torn was a three-part original television drama series, which was broadcast on ITV from 19 September 2007 to 3 October 2007. The drama has been subject to controversy due to the fact it claims to be based on actual events. It has been criticised because of its similarities to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the UK toddler abducted whilst on a family holiday in Portugal

Tornado (1943 film)
Tornado is a 1943 film starring Chester Morris and Nancy Kelly. The movie was directed by William A. Berke.-Cast:*Chester Morris as Pete Ramsey*Nancy Kelly as Vactie Kane*William Henry as Bob Ramsey*Gwen Kenyon as Sally Vlochek

Tornado (2008 video game)
Tornado is a videogame for the Nintendo DS handheld gaming system, developed by SKONEC Entertainment and published by Ignition Entertainment. The game tasks you as Toki, a member of the Cosmic Cleaner, who must replace all of Earths items which have been stolen by a character known only as the "Prince"

Tornado (band)
Tornado is a Serbian progressive/power metal band formed in 1998. During its initial period the band's sound was described as "Byzantine metal" by the band members themselves as well as by some critics.-Studio albums:

Tornado (Betsy Byars novel)
Tornado is a children's book by Betsy Byars, illustrated by Doron Ben-Ami.-Plot:To calm the fears of his boss's sons as they wait out a tornado in a storm cellar, Pete tells some well-worn stories of his childhood dog, Tornado: how he arrived intact in his doghouse during another tornado; how he could do a card trick; how he met the cat Five-Thirty; how he was reunited with

Tornado (ride)
The tornado is an amusement ride manufactured by Wisdom Industries Ltd. Most tornados travel with a traveling midway company to many fairs with many other rides.- Ride experience :The center base spins at 10 RPM while each car can be spun by the riders

Tornado (Särkänniemi roller coaster)
Tornado is a roller coaster located at Särkänniemi in Tampere.-External links:*

Tornado (video game)
Tornado is a combat flight simulator computer game by Digital Integration modeling the Panavia Tornado and released in 1993 for DOS and Amiga.

Landphoon, also known as tornadocane, is a term applied to certain Mesoscale Convective Systems that develop a weather radar signature in the shape of a hurricane in low levels. These storms have a central eye free of precipitations with surrounding arms of strong echoes but are really associated with a supercell thunderstorm developing a squall line

The Tornante Company is a privately held investment firm founded by former The Walt Disney Company CEO Michael Eisner in 2005. Tornante invests in and creates media and entertainment.

-Places:Italy*Torno, Calabria, a river in the Province of Reggio Calabria*Torno, Lombardy, a comune in the Province of ComoPortugal*Torno, Portugal, a freguesia in the municipio of Lousada, Porto

Toro (archaeological site)
is the name of a Late Yayoi archaeological site in Suruga Ward in the city of Shizuoka, south of Tokyo, Japan.-Background:Toro is notable as the first archaeological site excavated in Japan in which remains of a 1st century AD Yayoi-era wet-rice Paddy fields were found

Toro (cartoon character)
, real name , also known as the Sony Cat, is a fictional character created by Sony Computer Entertainment.Toro's family name originated from a debugger called Toro 'Inoue'.-Character design:

Toro (DO)
Toro is a Spanish Denominación de Origen for wines in the province of Zamora, which is in the northwest of Castile and Léon . The area covered by the DO is in the southeastern corner of Zamora province and includes the lands known as Tierra del Vino, Valle del Guareña and Tierra de Toro. It borders on the lands known as Tierra del Pan and Tierra de Campos

Toro (food)
TORO is a Norwegian manufacturer and brand of sauces, soups and other similar produce. Owned by Rieber & Søn, the plant is based in Indre Arna in Bergen and sold 140 million consumption units divided between 750 products. Of the 900 employees, 350 work at the plant in Indre Arna.The TORO brand was launched in 1959 with the production of vegetable soup

Toroid may refer to*Toroid , a doughnut-like solid whose surface is a torus.*Toroidal inductors and transformers which have wire windings on circular ring shaped magnetic cores.*Vortex ring, a toroidal flow in fluid mechanics.

Toroidal describes something which resembles or relates to a torus or toroid:*Torus*Toroid, a doughnut-shaped object which resembles a torus*Toroidal inductors and transformers, a type of electrical device