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Threepence (Australian)
The Australian Threepence was a small silver coin used in the Commonwealth of Australia prior to decimalization. It was minted from 1910 until 1964, excluding 1913, 1929 - 1933 inclusive, 1937, 1945 and 1946

A threesome is a group of three engaged in the same activity. In relation to a sexual activity a threesome refer to the activity involving three people of any gender or sexual orientation

A threnody is a song, hymn or poem of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person. The term originates from the Greek word threnoidia, from threnos + oide ; ultimately, from the Proto-Indo-European root wed- that is also the precursor of such words as "ode", "tragedy", "comedy", "parody", "melody" and

Threonine (data page)
-References:# # #

Thresh (software)
Thresh is a free application to assist Security Engineers in tuning Snort IDS sensors. Thresh was written by Matthew Deren, co-creator of Automata Digital. It was designed in Perl-CGI and interfaces with MySQL databases.

Thresher may refer to:*Threshing machine , a device that first separates the head of a stalk of grain from the straw, and then further separates the kernel from the rest of the head

Threshing is the process of loosening the edible part of cereal grain from the scaly, inedible chaff that surrounds it. It is the step in grain preparation after harvesting and before winnowing, which separates the loosened chaff from the grain

-Film and television:* Threshold * Threshold , an adaptation of the 1958 science fiction film It! The Terror from Beyond Space* Threshold , an American science fiction drama series

Threshold (2003 film)
Threshold is a 2003 Sci Fi Pictures original film adaptation of the 1958 black and white science fiction film It! The Terror from Beyond Space . The film stars Nicholas Lea , Jamie Luner , and Steve Bacic

Threshold (Sara Douglass novel)
-Plot:Set in the Egypt-like kingdom of Ashdod and primarily narrated by the glass-working slave Tirzah, the novel takes place during the final stages of the construction of the titular Threshold, an enormous glass-clad pyramid

Thresholds is the second full-length studio album from Florida death metal band Nocturnus. It was released in 1992 by Earache Records and follows the band's debut album The Key.

A thriambus is a hymn to Dionysus, sung in processions in his honour, and at the same time an epithet of the god himself, according to Diodorus :

Thrice is an American rock band from Irvine, California, formed in 1998. The group was founded by guitarist/vocalist Dustin Kensrue and guitarist Teppei Teranishi while they were in high school.

Thrift may refer to:* A savings and loan association in the United States* Restrained or disciplined spending habits* Apache Thrift a remote procedure call framework developed at Facebook for "scalable cross-language services development".

Thrift (protocol)
Thrift is an interface definition language that is used to define and create services for numerous languages. It is used as a remote procedure call framework and was developed at Facebook for "scalable cross-language services development"

Thrifty is the name of several companies* Thrifty Foods* Thrifty Drug Stores * Thrifty Rent A Car It is also a name given to a type of phenotype* Thrifty phenotype-See also:*Affluenza

Thrillers are a genre of literature, film, and television programming that uses suspense, tension, and excitement as the main elements. A common subgenre is psychological thrillers. After the assassination of President Kennedy, the political thriller and the paranoid thriller film became very popular

Thriller (book)
Thriller is a compilation of 30 thriller short stories edited by James Patterson.-James Penney's New Identity by Lee Child:In Laney, California, a man named James Penney is fired after seventeen years on the job. Infuriated, James burns down his house and starts a new life. However, the fire had spread across the neighborhood and James is wanted for arson

Thriller (roller coaster)
Revered as one of Anton Schwarzkopf's greatest rides, and one of the most intense roller coasters in the world, Thriller toured the German Fairs from 1986 to 1996, under the ownership of showman Oscar Bruch. Having been sold to the Six Flags corporation, Thriller arrived at AstroWorld in 1998 as Taz's Texas Tornado, later Texas Tornado

Thriller (viral video)
Thriller is a viral video featuring the dancing inmates of a high-security penitentiary. In 2007, the inmates of Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center , a maximum security prison in Cebu, Cebu, the Philippines, imitated the zombie dance featured in the music video of Michael Jackson's "Thriller"

Thrive is the ninth studio album by Christian pop rock band Newsboys, released in 2002. It features the singles "It Is You," "Million Pieces ," and "Lord ." Thrive debuted at No. 38 on the Billboard 200 charts, selling 37,000 units

In vertebrate anatomy, the throat is the anterior part of the neck, in front of the vertebral column. It consists of the pharynx and larynx

Throb was an American television sitcom broadcast in syndication from 1986 to 1988. It revolved around thirty-something divorcee Sandy Beatty who gets a job at a small New Wave record label, Throb. Beatty's boss is Zach Armstrong , who looks like Michael J. Fox but dresses like Don Johnson

Thrombin is a "trypsin-like" serine protease protein that in humans is encoded by the F2 gene. Prothrombin is proteolytically cleaved to form thrombin in the first step of the coagulation cascade, which ultimately results in the stemming of blood loss

Thrombosis is the formation of a blood clot inside a blood vessel, obstructing the flow of blood through the circulatory system. When a blood vessel is injured, the body uses platelets and fibrin to form a blood clot to prevent blood loss

A thrombus , or blood clot, is the final product of the blood coagulation step in hemostasis. It is achieved via the aggregation of platelets that form a platelet plug, and the activation of the humoral coagulation system

A throne is the official chair or seat upon which a monarch is seated on state or ceremonial occasions. "Throne" in an abstract sense can also refer to the monarchy or the Crown itself, an instance of metonymy, and is also used in many expressions such as "the power behind the throne".-Antiquity:The depiction of monarchs and deities as seated on chairs is a common topos in the

Throne Room (album)
Throne Room is the sixth studio album by multiple Grammy winning gospel artist CeCe Winans. In comparison for Winans' previous projects, this one is more inspirational with more traditional songs. This was not one of Winans' most commercially successful projects as the only single spawned from the release did not even chart

A throttle is the mechanism by which the flow of a fluid is managed by constriction or obstruction. An engine's power can be increased or decreased by the restriction of inlet gases , but usually decreased. The term throttle has come to refer, informally and incorrectly, to any mechanism by which the power or speed of an engine is regulated

Throttle (film)
Throttle is a 2005 American thriller film starring Grayson McCouch. Other cast members include Adrian Paul and Amy Locane. It was filmed entirely in Denver, Colorado. It has several hidden references to a similar movie, Steven Spielberg's Duel

Through and through
Through and through describes a situation where an object, real or imaginary, passes completely through another object, also real or imaginary

Through Thick and Thin
Through Thick and Thin is the second full length album by San Diego punk band Dogwood.-Track listing:# All Hands On Deck# Preschool Days# Stairway to Sin# Patriotic Pride# Tribute# Daddy Dearest# Through Thick and Thin# In The Line of Fire# Jesus

Through Train
Through Train may refer to:* Through running line, a concept of rail transport, commuter rail, subway systems, and/or mass transit, that involves a change in the operating provider of the line, or a change in the identity of the line, at a specified boundary.

In communication networks, such as Ethernet or packet radio, throughput or network throughput is the average rate of successful message delivery over a communication channel. This data may be delivered over a physical or logical link, or pass through a certain network node

Throw Down
Throw Down is a 2004 Hong Kong film directed by Johnnie To. Director To dedicated the film, one of his most personal films to date, to the late Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa. The film stars Louis Koo, Aaron Kwok, Cherrie Ying and Tony Leung Ka-Fai

A throw-in is a method of restarting play in a game of Association football.-Procedure:The throw-in is taken from the point where the ball crossed the touch-line. The throw-in is taken by the opponents of the player who last touched the ball when it crossed the touch-line, either on the ground or in the air

The Throwback, a 1978 satirical novel written by Tom SharpeChicago Throwbacks, a member of the basketball teamThrowback may also refer to:* Evolutionary throwback, a reversion to ancestral type* Throwback, Vol

-Birds:* Thrush , any of the many birds in the Turdidae family* Antthrush, any of a group of birds within the Formicariidae family* Dohrn's Thrush-babbler , a species of bird in the Timalidae family

Thrush (horse)
Thrush is a very common bacterial infection that occurs on the hoof of a horse, specifically in the region of the frog. The bacteria occur naturally in the animal's environment—especially in wet, muddy, or unsanitary conditions, such as an unclean stall—and grow best with low oxygen

Thrust is a reaction force described quantitatively by Newton's second and third laws. When a system expels or accelerates mass in one direction the accelerated mass will cause a force of equal magnitude but opposite direction on that system.

Thrust (rapper)
Chris France , better known by his stage name Thrust, is a Canadian rapper from Toronto, Ontario. He is most known for his appearance on the Rascalz' 1998 single "Northern Touch" which also features Kardinal Offishall, Choclair, and Checkmate

A thruster is a small propulsive device used by spacecraft and watercraft for station keeping, attitude control, in the reaction control system, or long duration low thrust acceleration.-Spacecraft thrusters:

Thruway may refer to:*Amtrak Thruway Motorcoach, an intercity busing service operated by Amtrak*Harbor Tunnel Thruway, a freeway in the vicinity of Baltimore, Maryland, United States*New York State Thruway, a toll highway in New York, United States

Thu is an abbreviation for Thursday.Thu or THU can also refer to:* THU-Team ry. Motorsport club from southern Finland, Nummi-Pusula* THU, an abbreviation for Tsinghua University in Beijing, China* THU, IATA airport code for Thule Air Base

Thud may refer to:*Thud , a 2002 board game inspired by Terry Pratchett's Discworld series*Thud!, a 2005 Discworld novel by Terry Pratchett*Thud , an album by Kevin Gilbert*F-105 Thunderchief, a U.S

Thud may refer to:*Thud , a 2002 board game inspired by Terry Pratchett's Discworld series*Thud!, a 2005 Discworld novel by Terry Pratchett*Thud , an album by Kevin Gilbert*F-105 Thunderchief, a U.S

Thud (album)
-Track listing:#"When You Give Your Love to Me" - 3:20#"Goodness Gracious" - 4:08#"Joytown" - 4:53#"Waiting" - 5:05#"Tea for One" - 5:49#"Shadow Self" - 6:66#"The Tears of Audrey" - 4:47#"Shrug " - 3:54#"All Fall Down" - 5:35

- People :* Thug, a common criminal, who treats others violently and roughly, often for hire* Thug, proper noun, a member of the former Indian cult Thuggee* Thug Behram, a leader of the Thuggee cult- Miscellaneous :

Thuis is a Belgian television soap opera, which airs on één , which is in the hands of VRT, the national broadcasting channel of the Dutch-speaking region of Belgium.

Thulium is a chemical element that has the symbol Tm and atomic number 69. Thulium is the second least abundant of the lanthanides . It is an easily workable metal with a bright silvery-gray luster

Thumb (disambiguation)
The thumb is the first digit of the human hand.Thumb may also refer to:*A thumb-like metal bar hinged to a backhoe's scoop*Hop o' My Thumb, a folk tale*Rule of thumb, an informal rule*Thumbs up, a gesture-Geography:Canada

Thumbnails are reduced-size versions of pictures, used to help in recognizing and organizing them, serving the same role for images as a normal text index does for words

A drawing pin , thumbtack , or push pin is a short nail or pin with a circular, sometimes domed, head, used to fasten items such as documents to a wall or board for display. Various designs and names are used. They are inserted and removed by hand, hence the terms "thumbtack" and "push pin"

Thumby is a municipality in the district of Rendsburg-Eckernförde, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Thumper (Bambi)
Thumper is a fictional rabbit character from Disney's animated movie Bambi. He appeared again in Bambi II. He is known and named for his habit of thumping his left hind foot

Thunder (Boys Like Girls song)
"Thunder" is the third single taken from Boys Like Girls' eponymous debut album.This song was released as an acoustic version first, before it appeared on the band's first album, and over 2 years before the song's official single release. It impacted to radio on May 6, 2008 . The band first posted the radio remix of the song on their Myspace profile on March 11, 2008

Thunder (CeCe Beck)
Thunder is a fictional character, a comic book superheroine created by Jerry Ordway & Mike Manley and appearing in DC Comics. An associate of the Marvel Family of superheroes, Thunder , is a far-future recipient of the power of Shazam

Thunder (TV series)
Thunder was a television series which aired on Saturday Mornings on NBC during the 1977-1978 television season. The show centered around the adventures of Cindy Prescott and her friend, Willie Williams and featured Thunder, a black stallion who ran wild near the ranch owned by the Prescott family: The cast also featured Cindy’s parents: Bill Thunder was a television series which aired on Saturday Mornings on NBC during the 1977-1978 television season. The show centered around the adventures of Cindy Prescott (Melora Hardin) and her friend, Willie Williams (Justin Randi) and featured Thunder, a black stallion who ran wild near the ranch owned by the Prescott family: The cast also featured Cindy’s parents: Bill Thunder was a television series which aired on Saturday Mornings on NBC during the 1977-1978 television season. The show centered around the adventures of Cindy Prescott (Melora Hardin) and her friend, Willie Williams (Justin Randi) and featured Thunder, a black stallion who ran wild near the ranch owned by the Prescott family: The cast also featured Cindy’s parents: Bill (Clint

Thunder and Lightning (disambiguation)
Thunder and Lightning may refer to:*The physical phenomena thunder and lightning*Thunder and Lightning , a 1983 album by Thin Lizzy*Thunder and Lightning , a 1977 American motion picture starring David Carradine and Kate Jackson

Thunder and Lightning (professional wrestling)
Thunder and Lightning is a Puerto Rican professional wrestling tag team consisting of masked wrestlers Reynaldo Rodriguez and Alex Cruz under the ring names Thunder and Lightning respectively.- World Wrestling Council :Both members trained in various small independent Puerto Rico wrestling federations,

Thunderbolt (car)
Thunderbold is a British Land Speed Record holder of the 1930s, driven by Captain George E.T. Eyston- Records held :Between 1937 and 1939, the competition for the Land Speed Record was between two Englishmen: Captain Eyston and John Cobb. Thunderbolt's first record was set at on 19 November 1937 on the Bonneville Salt Flats

Thunderbolt (Coney Island)
The Thunderbolt was a wooden roller coaster located at Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York. It operated from 1925 until 1982 and was finally demolished in autumn 2000. It was designed by John Miller.- History :

Thunderbolt (Marvel Comics)
Thunderbolt is the name of two fictional characters in the Marvel Universe.-William Carver:William Carver was born in Harlem, New York. Returning to Harlem after military service, William was approached by several members of a local violent street gang named the Thunderbolts, eager to have William in their group for his military training