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An autocue is a display device that prompts the person speaking with an electronic visual text of a speech or script. Using a teleprompter is similar to the practice of using cue cards

Telescoping (mechanics)
Telescoping in mechanics describes the movement of one part sliding out from another, lengthening an object from its rest state. In modern equipment, this is often done by hydraulics.

Telescopium is a minor southern constellation created in the 18th century by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille, a French astronomer and student of the southern skies. Its name is a Latinized form of the Greek word for telescope.

Teleseminars are used to provide information, training, or promote or sell products to group of people interested in a particular topic. They are similar to traditional seminars, in content and purpose, but they are given over a teleconference or bridgeline rather than at a specific location.It is an emerging way to communicate, provide teletraining, and conduct business without the

Televisa (Venezuela)
Televisa , officially known as the Televisión Independiente, S.A. became the first privately-owned television station to begin operations in Venezuela. It was the second television station to begin operations after the state-owned Televisora Nacional

Televise were an electronic shoegazing band formed by former Slowdive and Lowgold drummer Simon Scott in 2004.They released their debut single "Smile" in December 2004 followed by an EP, the 3-track Outside Out, in April 2005 to a warm reception from music press

Television (album)
Television is the eponymous third album by American punk rock band Television. The album was released in 1992, fourteen years after the band's second studio album and subsequent break up in 1978. A video for "Call Mr

Television set (disambiguation)
Television set can mean:* A device used to watch broadcast television.* A Television studio* Set construction, theatrical scenery

Telex may refer to:* Telex , , a communications network** Teleprinter, the device used on the above network* Telex , a Belgian pop group

The telex network is a switched network of teleprinters similar to a telephone network, for the purposes of sending text-based messages. This network provided the first common medium for international record communications using standard signalling techniques and operating criteria as specified by the International Telecommunications Union.-Development:By 1935, message routing was

A tell or tel, is a type of archaeological mound created by human occupation and abandonment of a geographical site over many centuries. A classic tell looks like a low, truncated cone with a flat top and sloping sides.-Archaeology:A tell is a hill created by different civilizations living and rebuilding in the same spot

Tell It to the Marines
Tell It to the Marines is a 1926 silent movie starring Lon Chaney, William Haines and Eleanor Boardman, and directed by George W. Hill. The film follows a Marine recruit and the sergeant who trains him

Teller may refer to:* Teller * Teller , of Penn & Teller* Bank teller** Automated teller machine* Teller * Teller, Alaska* Teller County, Colorado* Teller Amendment* Teller mine

Teller (elections)
A teller is a person who counts the votes in an election, vote or poll. Tellers are also known as scrutineers, poll-watchers, challengers or checkers.-United Kingdom:

Telltale may refer to* A tell-tale, an indicator or sign of something* Telltale Games, a video game developer* Telltale, a group of musicians who played the music for the first series of the British television programme Rainbow in the 1970s

Telltale (Rainbow)
Telltale were a group of six musicians who regularly appeared on the first series of the British TV series Rainbow in 1973.Telltale began with Tim Thomas and Hugh Portnow who were working with the Freehold Theatre Company. In 1970, Tim concentrated on forming a group of musicians and actors, and Hugh joined him a year later

Tellurian (disambiguation)
Tellurian may refer to:*anything pertaining to Earth, see chthonic*Tellurion, an astronomical device

Telluric may refer to several things related to the Earth:*Telluric planet, an Earth-like planet primarily composed of silicate rocks*Telluric current, a natural electrical current in the Earth's crust

Telluride may refer to:*Telluride, Colorado*Telluride , an ion of tellurium, and derivative compounds* A song by Tim McGraw on Set This Circus Down** A cover of the song by Josh Gracin on We Weren't Crazy

Tellurite (disambiguation)
For the similarly named Star Trek race, see Tellarite.Tellurite can may refer to;*Tellurite, a mineral form of tellurium dioxide*Tellurite , a tellurium containing anion

Tellus is a Latin word meaning "earth" and may refer to:* Terra or Terra Mater, the Roman Earth Mother goddess* Tellus , a citizen of ancient Athens who was thought to be the happiest of men

The word telly may refer to:* A colloquial term for television* Telly Monster* Telly Awards* Telly Home Entertainment Server*Telly , a range of computer systems*Telly Addicts UK game show*Indian Telly Awards

Telly (home entertainment server)
The Telly home entertainment server is range of computer systems designed to store, manage, and access all forms of digital media in the home. Based on Interact-TV's Linux Media Center software, it provides user managed libraries for music, photos, and all forms of video from recorded television programming to DVDs.Expandable hard drive configurations accommodate growing libraries of

Telo is one of the 77 woredas in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' Region of Ethiopia. This woreda has its origins in the province Chetta of the former Kingdom of Kaffa. A triangle-shaped sub-unit of the Keficho Shekicho Zone, Telo is bordered on the west by Decha, at the northwest point by Ginbo, on the north by Menjiwo, and on the east by the Semien Omo Zone

Telo (mythology)
Telo is a Celtic god, the eponymous spirit of Toulon in the Dordogne. He was the deity of the sacred spring around which the ancient settlement sprang up. A series of dedications to Telo come from Périgueux nearby: on three of these Telo is invoked with another deity, the goddess Stanna.

Telolecithal , also known as macrolecithal, refers to the uneven distribution of yolk in the cytoplasm of ovums found in birds, reptiles, and fish

Telu is a village in Bo District in the Southern Province of Sierra Leone. The predominant ethnci group in the village are the Mende, and the Mende language is the most widely spoken language in the village.

Telugu (disambiguation)
Telugu may refer to:* Telugu language, a major Central-Dravidian language and the official language of Andhra Pradesh* Telugu script, used to write the Telugu language* Telugu people, an ethnolinguistic group of India- See also :

Tremblor may refer to:* Tremblor, Batman villain* Temblor Range, mountain range in California* Temblor, another name for earthquake

Teme may refer to:In geography:* River Teme, located in Wales* Teme River, located in New ZealandIn philosophy:* Teme , a term coined by author Susan Blackmore meaning technological meme.Other:

Tempel may mean:* Comet Tempel, one of several comets* Ernst Wilhelm Leberecht Tempel, 19th-century German astronomer* Tempel , South Holland, The Netherlands* Tempel , South Holland, The Netherlands

Tempel (Berkel en Rodenrijs)
Tempel is a former municipality in the Dutch province of South Holland. It was located about 3 km southwest of the center of the current village of Berkel en Rodenrijs.

Temperare is the Latin origin of words like "temperature" and "tempering"; it and "tempo" come, in turn, from tempus

In psychology, temperament refers to those aspects of an individual's personality, such as introversion or extroversion, that are often regarded as innate rather than learned

Temperamental is a 1999 album by Everything but the Girl, their tenth studio release.- Track listing :# "Five Fathoms" – 6:24# "Low Tide of the Night" – 4:45# "Blame" – 6:18# "Hatfield 1980" – 5:12

Temperamental (Divinyls album)
Temperamental is the third album by Australian band Divinyls, released in 1988 by Chrysalis Records. Three singles were lifted from the album – "Back to the Wall"/"Fighting" , their cover of Syndicate of Sound's "Hey Little Boy"/"Para Dice" and "Punxsie"/"Victoria" .Rehearsals began in Los Angeles in October 1986,

Cristian Estremera, known as Temperamento, is a Puerto Rican born Rap artist living in Providence, Rhode Island.-Biography:Temperamento was born on February 21, 1981 in Ponce, Puerto Rico

Temperance movement
A temperance movement is a social movement urging reduced use of alcoholic beverages. Temperance movements may criticize excessive alcohol use, promote complete abstinence , or pressure the government to enact anti-alcohol legislation or complete prohibition of alcohol.-Temperance movement by country:thumb|right|275px|The Drunkard's Progress: A lithograph by [[Nathaniel

Temperature (disambiguation)
Temperature is a physical property of a system that underlies the common notions of hot and cold.Closely related are:* Thermodynamic temperature* Color temperature* Effective temperature* Normal human body temperatureThe term may also refer to:

Temperature (Zion I song)
"Temperature" is a single by Oakland Hip Hop group Zion I, released in 2005 on Live Up Records. The single features Talib Kweli. The single's B-side, "The Bay", became a hit locally in California and on college radio, and featured a music video.-A-Side:

Tempering is a heat treatment technique for metals, alloys and glass. In steels, tempering is done to "toughen" the metal by transforming brittle martensite or bainite into a combination of ferrite and cementite or sometimes Tempered martensite

TEMPEST is a codename referring to investigations and studies of compromising emission . Compromising emanations are defined as unintentional intelligence-bearing signals which, if intercepted and analyzed, may disclose the information transmitted, received, handled, or otherwise processed by any information-processing equipment

Tempest or The Tempest may refer to:Tempest, a violent storm- Fiction :* The Tempest, a 1611 play by William Shakespeare** The Tempest , a 1667 adaptation of Shakespeare's play by John Dryden and William D'Avenant

Tempest (1982 film)
Tempest is an American comedy-drama film directed by Paul Mazursky. It is a very loose adaptation of the William Shakespeare play, The Tempest.

Tempest (comics)
Tempest, in comics, may refer to:* DC Comics:** Tempest , four DC Comics characters of the same name including:*** Joshua Clay*** Garth *** Mike Tempest, a character who became involved with the Secret Six

Tempest (ship)
The Tempest was the first ship of the Anchor Line belonging to Scottish brothers Nicol and Robert Handyside and Captain Thomas Henderson. The 214-foot, 866-ton ship was built as a sail-ship by Sandeman & McLaurin of Glasgow and launched on 21st December 1854

Tempest in a teapot
Storm in a teacup , tempest in a teapot is an idiom meaning a small event that has been exaggerated out of proportion

Template may mean:*a stencil, pattern or overlay used in graphic arts and sewing to replicate letters, shapes or designs

Template (file format)
The term document template when used in the context of file format refers to a common feature of many software applications that define a unique non-executable file format intended specifically for that particular application.

Template (word processing)
The term template, when used in the context of word processing software,refers to a sample "fill-in-the-blank" document that can be completed either by handor through an automated iterative process, such as with a software assistant. Once

Template Attribute Language
The Template Attribute Language is a templating language used to generate dynamic HTML and XML pages. Its main goal is to simplify the collaboration between programmers and designers

A temple is a structure reserved for religious or spiritual activities, such as prayer and sacrifice, or analogous rites. A templum constituted a sacred precinct as defined by a priest, or augur. It has the same root as the word "template," a plan in preparation of the building that was marked out on the ground by the augur

Temple (Amtrak station)
The Temple Amtrak station is a train station in Temple, Texas, United States served by Amtrak, the national railroad passenger system. The station was originally built as a Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway depot. East of the station on another railroad line through Temple, a former Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad depot can be found.The first depot in Temple was in a boxcar

In musical terminology, tempo is the speed or pace of a given piece. Tempo is a crucial element of any musical composition, as it can affect the mood and difficulty of a piece.-Measuring tempo:

oxyl, or oxidanyl or TEMPO is a chemical compound with the formula 32NO . This heterocycle is a red-orange, sublimable solid. As a stable radical, it has applications throughout chemistry and biochemistry. TEMPO was discovered by Lebedev and Kazarnowskii in 1960

Tempo (astronomy)
Tempo is a software program used to analyze radio observations of pulsars. Once enough observations are available, Tempo can deduce the pulsar rotation rate and phase, astrometric position and rates of change, and parameters of binary systems, by fitting models to pulse times of arrival measured at one or more terrestrial observatories

Tempo (car)
Tempo, , was a German automobile manufacturer based in Hamburg. The company was founded by Oscar Vidal in 1924.

Tempo (EP)
"Tempo" is an EP from the Turkish girl group Hepsi official EP who worked with "Turkish Pop Queen" Sezen Aksu. It was released in August 2006 by Pepsi.-Music video:The music video features all the group members, however features Sezen Aksu as a Cartoon.

Tempo (motorcycle manufacturer)
Tempo was a Norwegian motorcycle and moped manufacturer. Jonas Øglænd was responsible for making the frames, and ZF Sachs AG made the engines. They first and foremost sold mopeds.-The First Tempo:

Temporal can refer to:* of or relating to time** Temporality in philosophy** Temporal database, a database recording aspects of time varying values** The Temporal power of the Popes of the Roman Catholic Church