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Tandem (disambiguation)
Tandem means an arrangement one behind another as opposed to side-by-side.The term may also have the following specialized meanings:*Tandem, French song from the Vanessa Paradis' Variations sur le même t'aime*Tandem, West Yorkshire, a district of Kirklees

A tandoor is a cylindrical clay oven used in cooking and baking. The tandoor is used for cooking in Azerbaijan, India, Turkey, Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, the Balkans, the Middle East, and Central Asia, as well as Burma and Bangladesh.The heat for a tandoor was traditionally generated by a charcoal or wood fire, burning within the tandoor itself, thus

Tanec is an eminent professional large folklore musical ensemble from Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. It is considered as an ambassador of the Macedonian folklore tradition worldwide.-History:

-Chinese name:* Tang Dynasty , Chinese dynasty* Later Tang Dynasty , Turkic dynasty in ancient China* King Tang of Shang , the Shang dynasty ruler, who lived around 1660 BCE

-Entertainment:*Tanga , a Brazilian comedy*Tanga , a five-line version of haiga superimposed upon a picture-Other:*Tanga Region, in northeastern Tanzania, bordering on Kenya

The tangelo , Citrus × tangelo, is also widely known as the honeybell. Tangelo is a citrus fruit that is a hybrid of a tangerine and either a pomelo or a grapefruit. The fruits are the size of an adult fist and have a tangerine taste, but are very juicy, to the point of not providing much flesh but producing excellent and plentiful juice

In geometry, the tangent line to a plane curve at a given point is the straight line that "just touches" the curve at that point. More precisely, a straight line is said to be a tangent of a curve at a point on the curve if the line passes through the point on the curve and has slope where f is the derivative of f

__notoc__The tangerine is an orange-colored citrus fruit which is closely related to the Mandarin orange . Taxonomically, it should probably be formally named as a subspecies or variety of Citrus reticulata; further work seems to be required to ascertain its correct scientific name

Tangerine (album)
Tangerine is the third album by American hard rock band Vixen. It was recorded without former members Jan Kuehnemund and Share Pedersen. The line-up for this album was Janet Gardner, Roxy Petrucci, Gina Stile, and additional bass player Mike Pisculli

Tangi may refer to:*Tangi, Afghanistan*Tangi, Orissa in India*Tangi, Pakistan*Land Rover Tangi*Tangihanga, a Māori funeral rite

Tangle may refer to:*Tangle , an Australian television series*, a Christian social networking site*Tangle theory, a branch of knot theory invented by John Horton Conway*Sea tangle, another name for kelp

Tangle (TV series)
Tangle is an Australian drama series for the Showcase subscription television channel. It focuses on the lives of two generations of two families and their tangled lives. Tangle is filmed in Melbourne and first screened on 1 October 2009

Tango in its most general sense refers to:*Tango , a social dance form including Argentine, Uruguayan, and international ballroom tango*Tango music, a genre of music that originated in Argentina and Uruguay

Tango in its most general sense refers to:*Tango , a social dance form including Argentine, Uruguayan, and international ballroom tango*Tango music, a genre of music that originated in Argentina and Uruguay

The TAco Next Generation Objects control system is a free open source object-oriented control system for controlling accelerators, experiments and any kind of hardware or software being actively developed by a consortium of synchrotron radiation institutes.TANGO is a distributed control system. It runs on a single machine as well as hundreds of machine

Tango (album)
Tango is the third studio album from Serbian rock band Negative. The album was released in 2004 after Negative won the festival Beovizija and ended up 4th in the final selection of Serbia and Montenegro’s Eurovision Song Contest representative with the song "Zbunjena". Just like the title suggests, the album introduced a "softer", more romantic Negative than on previous two albums

Tango (Balanchine)
Tango is a ballet made by New York City Ballet co-founder and founding choreographer George Balanchine to Stravinsky's Tango for Piano Forte arranged 1953 by the composer

Tango (ballroom)
Ballroom Tango is a ballroom dance that branched away from its original Argentine roots by allowing European, American, Hollywood, and competitive influences into the style and execution of the dance.

Tango (Martins)
Tango is a ballet made by New York City Ballet balletmaster Peter Martins to Stravinsky's Tango for Piano Forte arranged 1953 by the composer. The premiere took place September 14, 1983 at Tivoli Concert Hall, Copenhagen; the NYCB premiere was in February, 1984.- Original cast : *Heather Watts*Bart Cook-Reviews:*

Tango (Patty Larkin album)
Tango is the fourth album by singer-songwriter Patty Larkin, and her first on High Street Records. Produced by Larkin and Will Ackerman in 1991 and distributed by High Street, it contained the following songs:-Track listing:# "Tango"# "Used To Be"

Tango (tax software)
Tango is a tax software product from H&R Block. Tango launched in February 2007. The price for tax preparation and federal and state e-filing is $70. Tango is a flash-based application and allows users to store their private data either on H&R Block's servers or on their own computers. It includes 24/7 support and audit protection.

Tango (telecom)
Tango Services SA, a luxembourgian subsidiary of the belgian telco Belgacom Group, provides fixed and mobile voice services and DSL services in Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. As the second mobile operator in Luxembourg, the company markets its mobile offers under the "Tango" brand.Launched in 1998, Tango was the first company to offer UMTS in 2002

The tangram is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes, called tans, which are put together to form shapes. The objective of the puzzle is to form a specific shape using all seven pieces, which may not overlap

Tangs is a company that specialises in the retail market, selling goods to customers. It is based in Singapore, and owns Singapore's oldest store which has become an icon of the Singapore retail market

A tank is a tracked, armoured fighting vehicle designed for front-line combat which combines operational mobility, tactical offensive, and defensive capabilities

Tank (album)
Tank is the sixth studio album by British alternative electronica band Asian Dub Foundation.-Track listing:# Flyover # Tank # Hope # Round Up # Oil # Powerlines # Who Runs the Place

TANK (gene)
TRAF family member-associated NF-kappa-B activator is a protein that in humans is encoded by the TANK gene.-Interactions:TANK has been shown to interact with TANK-binding kinase 1, IKBKE, TRAF2, IKBKG and TRAF3.-Further reading:

Tank (mass)
A tank is an obsolete unit of mass in India approximately equal to 4.4 g . After metrication in the mid-20th century, the unit became obsolete.

Tank top
Tank top may refer to:* a type of sleeveless shirt worn by men and women * a sleeveless sweater, also known as a sweater vest * the plating forming the inner bottom of a ship hull

A tankard is a form of drinkware consisting of a large, roughly cylindrical, drinking cup with a single handle. Tankards are usually made of silver, pewter, or glass, but can be made of other materials, for example wood, ceramic or leather. A tankard may have a hinged lid, and tankards featuring glass bottoms are also fairly common

Tankard (disambiguation)
A tankard is a form of drinkware consisting of a large, roughly cylindrical, drinking cup with a single handle.Tankard may also refer to:* George Tankard Garrison , American lawyer* Tankard , a German thrash metal band

- Transportation :* Tanker , a ship designed to carry bulk liquids** Chemical tanker, a type of tanker designed to transport chemicals in bulk** Oil tanker, also known as a petroleum tanker

Tanker (Bailter Space album)
Tanker is the debut album by New Zealand band, Bailter Space, released in 1988. It features more minimalist playing and a less claustrophobic/dense overall sound than the band's later releases

Tanne is a German language word meaning "fir tree".Tanne or Tann may refer to:*Tann, Hesse, a city in Hesse*Tann, Bavaria, a town in the district of Rottal-Inn in Bavaria*Tann ZH, a village of the municipality of Dürnten in the canton of Zürich

Tanner may refer to:* 13668 Tanner, a main-belt asteroid discovered on 28 April 1997* Tanner '88, a television series about a fictional US presidential nominee* Tanner , an American band active in the 1990s

Tanner (band)
Tanner was a 1990s rock band from San Diego, California that arose from the ashes of the band Fishwife.In San Diego, the guitar rules. And not too long ago, before the word got out about the city's abundant six-stringed talent, there was one band that flew wildly ahead of its time, cranking out a chaotic, sometimes zany frenzy

Tanner (name)
Tanner is a surname of either English or German origin. The Anglo-saxon Tanner was an occupational surname while the German form, also spelled Danner, is likely topographic from German 'tan', meaning forest.Tanner as a name may refer to:

Tannery may refer to:* Tannery , a facility where the tanning process is applied to hide to produce leather* Paul Tannery , a French mathematician and historian of mathematics

Tannic acid
Tannic acid is a specific commercial form of tannin, a type of polyphenol. Its weak acidity is due to the numerous phenol groups in the structure

A tannin is an astringent, bitter plant polyphenolic compound that binds to and precipitates proteins and various other organic compounds including amino acids and alkaloids.The term tannin refers to the use of

Tannoy Ltd is a Scottish-based manufacturer of loudspeakers and public-address systems. The company was founded in London, England as Tulsemere Manufacturing Company in 1926, but has been based in Coatbridge, Scotland, since the 1970s

Tansy is a perennial, herbaceous flowering plant of the aster family, native to temperate Europe and Asia. It has been introduced to other parts of the world and in some areas has become invasive

Tantalite, [2O6], is a mineral group that is close to columbite. The two are often grouped together as a semi-singular mineral called coltan or "columbite-tantalite" in many mineral guides. However, tantalite has a much greater specific gravity than columbite

Tantalus was the ruler of an ancient western Anatolian city called either after his name, as "Tantalís", "the city of Tantalus", or as "Sipylus", in reference to Mount Sipylus, at the foot of which his city was located and whose ruins were reported to be still visible in the beginning of the Common Era, although few traces remain today

Tantric can refer to:*Tantra, especially Hindu Tantra and tantric yoga*Neotantra, a term used to describe the modern, western use of the word Tantra*Tantric Buddhism, see Vajrayana*Tantric , a hard rock band from Louisville, Kentucky

A tantrum is an emotional outburst, usually associated with children or those in emotional distress, that is typically characterized by stubbornness, crying, screaming, yelling, shrieking, defiance, angry ranting, a resistance to attempts at pacification and, in some cases, violence

Tantus is a company that produces silicone sex toys, including vibrators, dildos, butt-plugs and strap-on harness kits. They are based in Sparks, Nevada, and are the largest producer of silicone sex toys in the United States

Tanu may refer to:*Tanu, a Samoan prince who was allied with American and British forces during the Second Samoan Civil War*Tanu , an important historical village of the Haida people on the Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia, Canada

Tanya (horse)
Tanya was an American thoroughbred filly racehorse bred and raised in Kentucky. She was bred by William Collins Whitney and foaled at his Brookdale Farm in Lincroft, New Jersey. Sired by the outstanding English stallion Meddler, she was out of the mare Handspun.Unfortunately, before Tanya could set foot on a track, William Whitney died

Dao or Tao is a Chinese word meaning 'way', 'path', 'route', or sometimes more loosely, 'doctrine' or 'principle'

Tao is a metaphysical concept found in Taoism, Confucianism, and more generally in ancient Chinese philosophyTao may also refer to:*Tao Te Ching, a classical Chinese text**Taoism, a philosophical school and folk religion based on the Tao Te Ching

Tao (album)
Tao is an album by pop singer Rick Springfield. It was released in 1985 on RCA Records. It was released on CD in 1990.-Track listing:#"Dance This World Away"#"Celebrate Youth"#"State of the Heart"#"Written in Rock"#"The Power of Love"

Tao (historical region)
Tao is a historical region in the territory of modern Turkey roughly corresponding to the Taochi of Greeks and Tayk of Armenians. It was a province within various Georgian Bagratid states from the 8th to the 16th century, when the region was conquered by the Ottoman Empire.-External references:* in Encyclopaedia Britannica Online

Tao (video game)
is a Nintendo Family Computer post-industrial adventure video game about living the life of a nomad seeking enlightenement.-Gameplay:On the way to enlightenement, the player roams from Japanese town to town looking for find himself in the chaos of life in Japan

Taoism refers to a philosophical or religious tradition in which the basic concept is to establish harmony with the Tao , which is the mechanism of everything that exists

-Mechanical and electrical:* Tap , a device for controlling the release of a liquid or gas* Tap , part of an electrical device* A cutting tool, part of a tap and die set-Entertainment:* Tap dance

Tap (film)
Tap is a 1989 film drama written and directed by Nick Castle. It stars Gregory Hines and Sammy Davis, Jr.-Plot:Max Washington, just released from prison after serving time for burglary, is a talented tap dancer

TAP (novelette)
"TAP" is a 1995 novelette by Greg Egan. It is set in a near-future society in which brain implants allow immersive virtual reality. The implants also allow a new kind of language called TAP, Total Affective Protocol

-Places:*Tapa, Estonia, a town*Tapa Airfield, an interceptor aircraft base in Estonia*Tapa, Afghanistan, a place in Afghanistan*Taipei Adventist Preparatory Academy, a Christian high school in Taiwan-Other:*Tapa cloth, a traditional cloth from Polynesia

Tapas are a wide variety of appetizers, or snacks, in Spanish cuisine. They may be cold or warm .

TAP-associated glycoprotein also known as tapasin or TAPBP is a protein that in humans is encoded by the TAPBP gene.- Function :

Tape refers to a strip of long, thin and narrow material, usually rolled up. Most commonly, it refers to:- Recording media :* Cassette tape* Digital Audio Tape * Digital Compact Cassette * Digital Tape Format* Magnetic tape sound recording

Tape refers to a strip of long, thin and narrow material, usually rolled up. Most commonly, it refers to:- Recording media :* Cassette tape* Digital Audio Tape * Digital Compact Cassette * Digital Tape Format* Magnetic tape sound recording

Tape (play)
Tape is a 1999 play by Stephen Belber. It follows classical unities of action, time and space, featuring three characters in a single plot regarding their differing perspectives of past events, in one unbroken period of real-time, in a single motel room set. It was first produced at the Actors Theatre of Louisville as part of the 2000 Humana Festival of New American Plays

Tape measure
A tape measure or measuring tape is a flexible form of ruler. It consists of a ribbon of cloth, plastic, fiber glass, or metal strip with linear-measurement markings. It is a common measuring tool. Its flexibility allows for a measure of great length to be easily carried in pocket or toolkit and permits one to measure around curves or corners

Tape recorder
An audio tape recorder, tape deck, reel-to-reel tape deck, cassette deck or tape machine is an audio storage device that records and plays back sounds, including articulated voices, usually using magnetic tape, either wound on a reel or in a cassette, for storage