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Swarming (military)
Military swarming is a behavior where autonomous, or semi-autonomous, units of action attack an enemy from several different directions and then regroup. Pulsing, where the units shift the point of attack, is a part of military swarming. Swarming is not limited to the human military realm

Swart is a surname, and may refer to:* Alida Swart, member of Vanilla * Balie Swart , South African rugby union footballer* Charles Robberts Swart , last Governor-General of the Union of South Africa

Swash, in geography, is a turbulent layer of water that washes up on the beach after an incoming wave has broken. The swash action can move beach material up and down on the beach, which results in the cross-shore sediment exchange. The time-scale of swash motion varies from seconds to minutes depending on the type of beach

Swash (disambiguation)
Swash may refer to:* Swash, the water that washes up on shore after an incoming wave has broken* Swash , a typographical flourish on a glyphPeople with the surname Swash:* Joe Swash , British actor

Swashbuckler (computer game)
Swashbuckler is a 1982 computer game for the Apple II family of computers, created by Paul Stephenson and published by Datamost.-Gameplay:

A SWAT team is an elite tactical unit in various national law enforcement departments. They are trained to perform high-risk operations that fall outside of the abilities of regular officers

SWAT is the special-weapons-and-tactics unit of a law-enforcement agency. Swat or SWAT may also refer to:In media:* SWAT , a video games series spin-off of Police Quest

Swatch is a brand name for a line of wrist watches from the Swatch Group, a Swiss conglomerate with vertical control of the production of Swiss watches and related products

Swatch (disambiguation)
Swatch is Swatch Group's namesake brand of watches.Swatch may also refer to:*The Swatch Group, a Swiss company and watch manufacturer*Swatch Internet Time, an alternate means of telling time that uses decimals instead of hours and minutes

Swatting is an attempt to trick an emergency service into dispatching an emergency response team. The name is derived from SWAT , one type of such team.- History and current status :

-Music:sway to* Sway , a motion in ballroom dance* "Sway" , , a song recorded by Dean Martin, Michael Bublé and many others* "Sway" , a song by Bic Runga, popularized by the film American Pie

The Swazi are an Nguni-speaking people in southeastern Africa, chiefly in Swaziland and South Africa and some in Mozambique. Besides their language, Siswati, they speak Afrikaans in South Africa, English in South Africa and Swaziland, and Portuguese in Mozambique and South Africa as second languages. More Swazi live in South Africa than in Swaziland

Swear or Swearing may refer to:*Oath*Profanity*The Swear, a band*"Swear" , a 1980s pop song by Tim Scott and later covered by Sheena Easton*"Swear", a j-pop song by Alan from the album "My Life"

Swear or Swearing may refer to:*Oath*Profanity*The Swear, a band*"Swear" , a 1980s pop song by Tim Scott and later covered by Sheena Easton*"Swear", a j-pop song by Alan from the album "My Life"

Swear (song)
"Swear" was a 1980s pop song by Tim Scott and released by Sire Records in 1983. The music video to promote the song was a campy/tongue-in-cheek music video of a hippy-based pagan/black mass set in a church

SWEAT is an OLN/TSN show hosted by Julie Zwillich that aired in 2003-2004.Each of the 13 half-hour episodes of SWEAT features a different outdoor sport: kayaking, mountain biking, ice hockey, beach volleyball, soccer, windsurfing, rowing, Ultimate, triathlon, wakeboarding, snowboarding, telemark skiing and kiteboarding

SWEAT might be:*SWEAT , southwestern United States and East Antarctica, which theorizes that the southwestern United States was at one time connected to East Antarctica.

Sweat (A La La La La Long)
"Sweat " is a 1992 song recorded by the band Inner Circle.The song achieved a great success particularly in Europe, where it was a top ten hit in many countries, including Austria, Ireland, Norway and Sweden. It topped the charts of Switzerland and Germany respectively for six and twelve weeks

Sweat (Hadise album)
Sweat is the debut album by Belgian-Turkish R&B singer Hadise which was released in November 2005. The album was released in both Belgium and Turkey

Sweat (Hadise song)
"Sweat" is the first single by Belgian-Turkish singer Hadise from her debut album Sweat.This single is the first by Hadise since entering Idool 2003. The song features up and comping rapper Raw Jaws.-Chart performance:

Sweater (EP)
Sweater is the debut EP by Eskimo Joe, released in April 1998. The title track "Sweater" received plenty of airplay on Australian youth radio station Triple J, reaching #33 on Triple J's Hottest 100 of 1998.

Sweating (cooking)
Sweating in cooking is the gentle heating of coarsely cut vegetables in a little oil or butter, with frequent stirring and turning to ensure that any emitted liquid will evaporate. Sweating usually results in tender, sometimes translucent, pieces. Sweating is often a preliminary to further cooking in liquid; onions, in particular, are often sweated before including in a stew

Sweating Bullets
Sweating Bullets may refer to:*"Sweating Bullets" , by Megadeth from their 1992 album Countdown to Extinction*"Sweatin Bullets", a song by Brand Nubian from their 1994 album Everything is Everything

Sweating Bullets (song)
"Sweating Bullets" is a song by the American heavy metal band Megadeth. It was released in 1993 as the third single from their fifth album, Countdown to Extinction. The song charted at #29 on the US Mainstream Rock chart and at #26 in the UK.

Sweatpants are a casual variety of soft trousers intended for comfort or athletic purposes.In Britain, Australia and New Zealand they are known as "jogging bottoms" or "track pants".- Design :

Sweatshop (disambiguation)
A sweatshop is a working environment with very difficult conditions.Sweatshop may also refer to:* Game sweatshop, a business concerned with exploiting the need for in-game resources in massively multiplayer online role-playing games

Swede may refer to:* A resident or citizen of Sweden* A member of the Swedish ethnic group* Swedes , an ancient North Germanic tribe inhabiting parts of modern day Sweden

Sweden (European Parliament constituency)
In European elections, Sweden is a constituency of the European Parliament, currently represented by nineteen MEPs. It covers the member state of Sweden.-Current MEPs:As of October 2007-1995:

Swedish may refer to:*Swedish cuisine*Anything from or related to Sweden, a country in Northern Europe *Swedish language, a North Germanic language spoken primarily in Sweden and Finland

-Cleaning :* Chimney sweep* Street sweeper* Swept quartz, a cleaning of quartz crystal from alkali metal ions-Sports: * Sweep * Sweep , winning a five game series 3 games to none, or winning a seven game series 4 games to none; typically fans bring brooms to ballparks or ball courts in the final game of a impending series "sweep" as a way to

Sweep (horse)
Sweep was an American thoroughbred stallion racehorse. Bred by James R. Keene, he was sired by Kentucky Derby winner Ben Brush out of the Domino mare Pink Domino.Sweep was a champion two year old with a long stride

Sweep (martial arts)
A sweep is the name used for two categories of martial arts techniques. From standing, sweeps are throws or takedowns that primarily use the legs to attack an opponent's legs

Sweepers are small, tropical marine perciform fish of the family Pempheridae. Found in the western Atlantic Ocean and Indo-Pacific region, the family contains approximately 26 species in two genera. One species is the target of subsistence fisheries in Japan, where the fish is much enjoyed for its taste

Sweeper (football position)
The sweeper is a defensive position in football, so called because their job is to 'sweep up' the ball before it can go into the goal. It is most commonly used by football teams in Europe

Sweet (album)
Sweet is the fourth studio album released by American country music artist Ken Mellons. Released in 2004, it contains the song "Paint Me a Birmingham", which was also recorded by Tracy Lawrence and released as a single. Mellons's rendition was also released shortly before Lawrence's

Sweet (disambiguation)
Sweet is the basic taste sensation of sweetness, associated with sugars.Sweet may also refer to:* A sweet, an item of confectionery* Sweet, the final part of a meal otherwise known as dessert or pudding-Media:

Sweet (film)
Sweet is a 2000 short film directed by James Pilkington starring Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt that is set in Camden, London. The plot is reused in the Mighty Boosh episode, The Nightmare of Milky Joe.-Overview:

Sweet Dreams (novel series)
Sweet Dreams is a series of over 230 numbered stand-alone teen romance novels that were published from 1981 through to 1996 written mostly by U.S. writers

Sweet Dreams (novel)
Sweet Dreams is a 1973 novel by Michael Frayn.The plot addresses the question of what happens when a middle-class intellectual man dies. Why, he goes to a middle-class intellectual Heaven of course

Sweet F A
Sweet F A may refer to:*A murder victim Fanny Adams*British naval slang, of Sweet Fuck All.*Sweet F.A., an album by the British band, Love and Rockets.*Sweet Female Attitude, an English R'n'B duo.

Sweet Flag
Acorus calamus, commonly known as Sweet Flag or Calamus and erroneously as "rush" or "sedges", is a plant from the Acoraceae family, in the genus Acorus. It is a tall perennial wetland monocot with scented leaves and more strongly scented rhizomes

Sweet Nothings (disambiguation)
Sweet Nothings may refer to:*"Sweet Nothin's", a 1959 song by Brenda Lee*"Sweet Nothings", a song by Loudon Wainwright III from his 1975 album Unrequited*"Sweet Nothings", a song by Diana Ross from her 1981 album Why Do Fools Fall in Love

Sweet Pea (disambiguation)
Sweet pea is a flowering plantSweet Pea may refer to:*Sweet Pea, nickname for baseball player Joe Morgan*Sweet Pea, nickname for boxer Pernell Whitaker*Swee'Pea, a cartoon character*"Sweet Pea", a song by singer and songwriter Tommy Roe

Sweet Sixteen (Royal Trux album)
Sweet Sixteen is the sixth album by Royal Trux. It is their only album not released as an LP.-Track listing:#"Don't Try Too Hard" – 4:09#"Morphic Resident" – 4:50#"The Pickup" – 5:24#"Cold Joint" – 4:58#"Golden Rules" – 4:13

Sweet Sixteen (Sarah Geronimo album)
Sweet Sixteen is the second studio album by Filipino singer Sarah Geronimo, released on November 16, 2004 under VIVA Records. To date, the album has reached triple platinum status by the PARI, selling more than 90,000 copies in the Philippines.-Singles:

Sweet Sixteen (The Huntingtons album)
Sweet Sixteen is an album by the Huntingtons released in 1996 on Flying Tart Records.-Album information:Produced by the HuntingtonsEngineered by Nick RotundoRecorded & Mixed in 3 days at Clay Creek Recording, Newark, Delaware.Not Mastered-Band Lineup:

Sweet Sixteen (TV series)
Sweet Sixteen is a British sitcom that aired on BBC1 in 1983. It stars Penelope Keith and was written by Douglas Watkinson and directed and produced by Gareth Gwenlan.-Cast:*Penelope Keith — Helen Walker*Christopher Villiers — Peter Morgan

Sweet tooth
Sweet Tooth may refer to:* Sweet Tooth , a character in the Twisted Metal video game series* Sweet Tooth , a strip in the British comic Whizzer and Chips, and later Buster

Sweet William (film)
Sweet William is a 1980 British drama film directed by Claude Whatham and starring Sam Waterston, Jenny Agutter, Geraldine James, Anna Massey, Arthur Lowe, Tim Pigott-Smith and Melvyn Bragg.

Sweet William (story collection)
Sweet William is the eighteenth short story collection in the Just William series by Richmal Crompton. The book contains 10 short stories and was first published in 1936

Sweetbreads or ris are culinary names for the thymus or the pancreas especially of the calf and lamb

Sweeten is a surname, and may refer to:* Madylin Sweeten , American actress* Sullivan and Sawyer Sweeten , American actors

Sweetener is a sugar substitute.Sweetener may also refer to:* Sugar alcohol* Honey* Syrup

In sound design sweetening refers to "juicing up" the video portion of a film, play, computer game software or any other multimedia project

Sweetheart can be:*The term of endearment applied to a person's significant other**Childhood sweetheart*Forgetful of bringing drinks to fellow coworkers*Sweetheart , recorded by Rainy Davis and re-recorded by Mariah Carey and Jermaine Dupri

Sweetheart (crocodile)
Sweetheart was the name given to a 5.1 metre saltwater crocodile responsible for a series of attacks on boats in Australia between 1974 and 1979. Sweetheart attacked outboard motors, dinghies, and fishing boats

Sweethearts (film)
Sweethearts is a 1938 musical romance directed by W.S. Van Dyke, starring Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy. The screenplay, by Dorothy Parker and Alan Campbell, uses the “play within a play” device: a contemporary Broadway production of the 1913 Victor Herbert operetta is the setting for another pair of sweethearts, the stars of the show.-Plot:Broadway stars Gwen Marlow

Sweethearts (play)
Sweethearts is a comic play billed as a "dramatic contrast" in two acts by W. S. Gilbert. The play tells a sentimental and ironic story of the differing recollections of a man and a woman about their last meeting together before being separated and reunited after 30 years.It was first produced on 7 November 1874 at the Prince of Wales's Theatre in London, running for 132

Sweetie or Sweety may refer to:* Sweetie , a 1929 Paramount college musical film, starring Helen Kane, Jack Oakie, and Nancy Carroll* Sweetie , a 1989 Australian film

Sweetness is one of the five basic tastes and is almost universally regarded as a pleasurable experience. Foods rich in simple carbohydrates such as sugar are those most commonly associated with sweetness, although there are other natural and artificial compounds that are sweet at much lower concentrations, allowing their use as non-caloric sugar substitutes