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Supreme Being
The term Supreme Being is often defined simply as "God", and it is used with this meaning by theologians of many religious faiths, including, but not limited to, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Deism. However, the term can also refer to more complex or philosophical interpretations of the divine.-Christianity:In Christian Theology, the term Supreme Being is used to refer to God

Supremes (disambiguation)
The Supremes were a Motown all-female singing group.The Supremes or Supremes may also refer to:*The Supremes , a 1975 album by The Supremes*The Supremes , a 2000 box set compilation by The Supremes

Supremo may refer to:* El Supremo * Teamo Supremo, an animated television series* Supremo , a 2011 album by Chino y Nacho

Sur was a literary journal published in Buenos Aires. Its main backer was Victoria Ocampo, and it was supported intellectually by the Spanish philosopher José Ortega y Gasset. Many of the earliest editions of Sur carry the colophon of Ortega's Revista de Occidente

-Places:*Sur, Iran, a village in Lorestan Province*Sur, Oman, the easternmost major town in Oman*Sur, Lebanon, a.k.a Tyre*Sur, Switzerland, is a village in the canton of Grisons*Súr, a village in Hungary-Other:* Notes in Indian music, see swara

Suraj is a 1966 swashbuckler Ruritanian romance Hindi film produced by S. Krishnamurthy and directed by T. Prakash Rao. The film stars Vyjayanthimala and Rajendra Kumar in the lead with Ajit, Mumtaz, Johnny Walker, Johnny Walker, Bharathi Vishnuvardhan, Lalita Pawar and Neetu Singh forms an ensemble cast while Gajanan Jagirdar, David Abraham Cheulkar, Agha, Mukri, Mallika and

Surat (Lok Sabha constituency)
Surat Lok Sabha constituency is one of the 26 Lok Sabha constituencies in Gujarat state in western India.-Assembly segments:Presently, Surat Lok Sabha constituency comprises seven Vidhan Sabha segments

A surcharge may mean:*an extra fee added onto another fee or charge** Fuel surcharge, sky freight charges which represents additions due to jet fuel prices.** Bunker adjustment factor, sea freight charges which represents additions due to oil prices.

A surcoat was an outer garment commonly worn in the Middle Ages by both men and women. It can either refer to a coat worn over other garments or the outer garment of a person

Surd may be:* A voiceless consonant* An Nth root, any mathematical expression such as a square root, cube root or higher root* Surd, Hungary, a village in Zala county, Hungary

"Sure" was the fifteenth single by the Japanese j-pop group Every Little Thing, released on February 16, 2000. It was used as the drama Virtual Girl's theme song.-Chart positions:-External links:* information at Avex Network.* information at Oricon.

Sure may refer to:* Seemingly unrelated regressions* Sure, as probability, see certainty* Sure , a brand of antiperspirant deodorant* Sure , a telephone company operating in the British Crown dependencies

Sure (brand)
In the UK and other European countries, Sure is the name of a brand of antiperspirant deodorant for men and women produced by Unilever, marketed with the tagline "It Won't Let You Down".

Sure (Debbie Gibson song)
"Sure" is a song written, produced and performed by American singer-songwriter-actress Deborah Gibson

Sure (Take That song)
"Sure" is a song by successful British boyband Take That. It was the first release from their third album, Nobody Else. Released on October 3, 1994, it was a departure from their previous singles, having a more American, R&B sound compared to their previous, more pop/dance orientated songs

Sure thing
Sure thing or Sure Thing may refer to:* Certainty* A Sure Thing, a 1962 album by jazz trupeter Blue Mitchell* The Sure Thing, a romantic comedy directed by Rob Reiner* Sure Thing , a short play by David Ives

"Surely" is the name of a 1995 single by British pop group Five Star, reaching #25 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the U.S. in October of that year . The single was a U.S. only release, available in the UK as an import.

A surety or guarantee, in finance, is a promise by one party to assume responsibility for the debt obligation of a borrower if that borrower defaults

Surf is the wave activity in the area between the shoreline and outer limit of breakers. It may refer to a breaking wave in shallow water, upon the shore, or in the area in which waves breakSurf also may refer to:Commercial products

SURF is a robust image detector & descriptor, first presented by Herbert Bay et al. in 2006, that can be used in computer vision tasks like object recognition or 3D reconstruction. It is partly inspired by the SIFT descriptor

Surf (album)
Surf is the second solo album by Scottish singer–songwriter Roddy Frame, first released in the UK on 5 August 2002 via Redemption Records, and in the US on 8 October 2002 via Cooking Vinyl. Surf is notable in that every song on the album was recorded in Roddy Frame's "own front room".-Critical reception:Surf received mixed to positive reviews upon release

Surf (Amtrak station)
The Surf Amtrak Station is an Amtrak rail station west of the city of Lompoc, California. It is served by Amtrak's Pacific Surfliner from San Luis Obispo to San Diego

In mathematics, specifically in topology, a surface is a two-dimensional topological manifold. The most familiar examples are those that arise as the boundaries of solid objects in ordinary three-dimensional Euclidean space R3 — for example, the surface of a ball

Surface plasmon
Surface plasmons , are coherent electron oscillations that exist at the interface between any two materials where the real part of the dielectric function changes sign across the interface

Surface Tension (short story)
"Surface Tension" is a science fiction short story by James Blish originally published in 1952. As collected in Blish's The Seedling Stars, it was revised to incorporate material from his earlier story "Sunken Universe", published in Super Science Stories in 1942.-Plot summary:Humans crash on a distant planet which is earthlike but completely water-covered; their ship is too

Surface water
Surface water is water collecting on the ground or in a stream, river, lake, wetland, or ocean; it is related to water collecting as groundwater or atmospheric water.

Surface-to-air missile
A surface-to-air missile or ground-to-air missile is a missile designed to be launched from the ground to destroy aircraft or other missiles

Surfatrons are the colloquial name for experimental particle accelerators, using plasma acceleration to generate very high electronvolt measurements over dramatically shorter distances than traditional accelerators.

Surfeit is a human gene cluster that consists of a group of very tightly linked genes on chromosome 9 that do not share sequence similarity. Genes in this cluster are numbered 1 through 6: SURF1, SURF2, SURF3, SURF4, SURF5, and SURF6.

Surfer (magazine)
Surfer magazine is a monthly surfing culture magazine published in San Clemente, California.The magazine was founded by John Severson in 1959 as a program to accompany his yearly surf films

Surfing' is a surface water sport in which the surfer rides a surfboard on the crest and face of a wave which is carrying the surfer towards the shore

Surfing (disambiguation)
Related activities include:*Bodyboarding*Bodysurfing*Kitesurfing*WindsurfingSurfing can also refer to:*Channel surfing, quickly scanning through television channels*Crowd surfing*Web surfing, navigating the World Wide Web

Surfing (song)
"Surfing" is a Spanish promo single by Mike Oldfield from his album Light & Shade released in 2005 .Oldfield's attraction to vocal modification surfaced again, this time in the form of Vocaloid, a virtual vocal software package. One of the Vocaloid tracks, "Surfing" was meant to be the albums first full single, according to

Surge was a citrus soft drink first introduced in Norway, under the name Urge , by the Coca-Cola Company to compete with Pepsi's Mountain Dew.-History:

In medicine, a surgeon is a specialist in surgery. Surgery is a broad category of invasive medical treatment that involves the cutting of a body, whether human or animal, for a specific reason such as the removal of diseased tissue or to repair a tear or breakage

Surgeon (disambiguation)
A surgeon is a person who performs surgery.Surgeon may also refer to:* Surgeon General , various high-ranking medical officials* Surgeon , the moniker of British electronic music producer and DJ, Anthony Child

Surgeon (musician)
Surgeon is the pseudonym of Anthony Child, an English electronic musician and DJ. Child releases music on his own labels Counterbalance and Dynamic Tension. Established imprints, such as Tresor, Soma, and Harthouse, have also released Surgeon's original material and remixes

Surgery (album)
Surgery is the third album by the Los Angeles based neo-psychedelic rock band, the Warlocks. It was released by major label, Mute Records in 2005, and was produced by the high profile, Tom Rothrock. It has been remarked on by critics for having a more refined sound to 2002's Phoenix Album, a sound described by band leader, Bobby Hecksher as "space age doo-wop"

Suricata may stand for:* Latin genus name for the Meerkat* Suricata , computer intrusion detection system

Surly may refer to:* Surly , an alternative rock band from Limerick City, Ireland* One of the Seven Duffs in The Simpsons cartoon-See also:* Surly Bikes, Bloomington, MN, USA* Surly Brewing Company, Brooklyn Center, MN, USA

Surma (woreda)
Surma is one of the 77 woredas in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' Region of Ethiopia. It is named for the Surma people, whose homeland lies in the southern part of the woreda. Part of the Bench Maji Zone, Surma is bordered on the south and west by Sudan, on the north by the Akobo River which separates it from Sheko, and on the east by Dizi

A surname is a name added to a given name and is part of a personal name. In many cases, a surname is a family name. Many dictionaries define "surname" as a synonym of "family name"

Surpass was a short-lived Wrigley antacid gum.Shipments of Surpass to retail outlets were discontinued in March 2003 due to lack of popularity.-External links:*

A surplice is a liturgical vestment of the Western Christian Church

Surplus means when there is more supply than demand, as in extra resources.Surplus may refer to: dumd* "The Surplus", an episode of The Office* Surplus: Terrorized into Being Consumers, a documentary film

Surprise may refer to:* Surprise , a brief emotional state experienced as the result of an unexpected significant event-Places:* Surprise, Arizona* Surprise, Indiana* Surprise, Nebraska* Surprise Station, California or Surprise, California

Surprise (1777)
Surprise, the first American naval ship of the name, was a sloop purchased by the Continental Navy in 1777 and commanded by Captain Benjamin Dunn.

Surprise (Crystal Waters album)
-Chart positions:Album - Billboard -Singles:

Surprise (Hercules episode)
"Surprise" is the 12th episode of the third season of the television series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.-Overview:Hera frees Callisto from Tartarus and sends her on a mission to kill Hercules.-Plot synopsis:

Surprise (S.E.S. album)
Surprise is a compilation in 2001 by S.E.S.. This is also considered their 4.5 album . It sold approximately 350,000 copies. The album is composed of Korean covers of the group's Japanese songs. The only single was "꿈을 모아서 ", originally "Yume wo Kasanete". A bonus track, Fate World, was also included

Surreal may refer to:*Anything related to or characteristic of Surrealism, a movement in philosophy and art*"Surreal" , a 2000 song by Ayumi Hamasaki*Surreal , an album by Man Raze*Surreal humour, a common aspect of humor

Surreal (Man Raze album)
Surreal is the debut album from UK alternative rock band Man Raze. The album was written over a two year period from 2004-2006 and recorded during April 2006 in Dublin in only two weeks. It features the singles "Skin Crawl" and "Turn It Up". The album was released in the USA on June 3, 2008

Surrender or surrendering may refer to: * Surrender , capitulation* Surrender , the relinquishment of one's own will to a higher power* Surrender , starring Sally Field and Michael Caine

Surrender (1931 film)
Surrender is a 1931 film directed by William K. Howard, written by S.N. Behrman, and starring Warner Baxter, Leila Hyams, Ralph Bellamy, C. Aubrey Smith and Alexander Kirkland

Surrender (Billy Talent song)
"Surrender" is the fourth single from Canadian music group Billy Talent off their double platinum selling album, Billy Talent II. The single was released on April 2, 2007.The music video for it was shot in early February by Phil Harder.- UK 5" Single :

Surrender (Cheap Trick song)
"Surrender" is a single by Cheap Trick released in June 1978 from the album Heaven Tonight. It was the first Cheap Trick single to enter the Billboard Hot 100 chart, peaking at number 62

Surrender (Diana Ross song)
"Surrender" is a song composed by Ashford & Simpson and released as the first single off singer Diana Ross' album off the same name in 1971 on the Motown label.

Surrender (Elvis Presley song)
"Surrender" is a #1 song recorded by Elvis Presley and published by Elvis Presley Music in 1961. It is an adaptation by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman of the music of a 1902 Neapolitan ballad by Giambattista and Ernesto de Curtis entitled "Torna a Surriento" . It hit number one in the US and UK in 1961 and eventually became one of the best selling singles of all times

Surrender (law)
In common law surrender is the term describing a situation where a tenant gives up possession of property held under a tenancy as a result of which the tenancy ends.

Surrender (novel)
Surrender is a novel written by the award-winning Australian novelist, Sonya Hartnett. It was first published in 2005 in Australia by Walker Books

Surrender (Paul Haig)
Surrender is the final single from Edinburgh musician, Paul Haig, to appear on the Belgian independent record label, Les Disques Du Crepuscule. It was released on 5" CD in March 1993.The single was culled from the then recent Coincidence Vs Fate album

Surrender (Swing Out Sister song)
"Surrender" is a 1987 single released by British pop act Swing Out Sister from their debut album, It's Better to Travel. It was issued as the follow-up to the successful single, "Breakout". The song peaked at #7 on the UK Singles Chart in January 1987 and logged four weeks in the top ten.Over a year after its initial release, remixes of "Surrender" reached the U.S