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Sunlight (Herbie Hancock album)
Sunlight is a 1978 jazz-funk fusion album by keyboardist Herbie Hancock. Originally a UK import album, it features Hancock's vocals through a vocoder as well as performances by drummer Tony Williams and bassist Jaco Pastorius.

Sunlight (song)
Sunlight is a song done by DJ Sammy with vocals done by Loona. It was the first single off the album Heaven.-Music video:There were two videos made for the single

Sunna may refer to:* Sunna , a British rock band from the early 2000s* Sunna , a Saxon chief* Kim Sunna, a Swedish professional ice hockey player* Sól , Germanic goddess/personification of the Sun in Old High German

The word literally means a clear, well trodden, busy and plain surfaced road. In the discussion of the sources of religion, Sunnah denotes the practice of Prophet Muhammad that he taught and practically instituted as a teacher of the sharī‘ah and the best exemplar

Sunny may refer to:*An abundance of sunlight*It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, a television show*Nissan Sunny, a vehicle*Seiyu Group, a Japanese supermarket, an Indonesian cargo ship in service 1959–69

Sunny (1930 film)
Sunny is a 1930 musical comedy film released by Warner Brothers. The movie was based on the Broadway stage hit, Sunny, produced by Charles Dillingham, which played from September 22, 1925 to December 11, 1926. Marilyn Miller, who had played the leading part in the Broadway production, was hired by Warner Brothers to reprise the role that made her the highest-paid star on Broadway

Sunny (1941 film)
Sunny is a 1941 film American film directed by Herbert Wilcox. It was adapted by Sig Herzig from the Jerome Kern-Oscar Hammerstein II musical play Sunny

Sunny (Morrissey song)
"Sunny" is a song by Morrissey, released as a single in December 1995. It was released by EMI to try and cash in on Morrissey's Southpaw Grammar album that had been released that year by RCA and consisted of three songs that Morrissey had recorded while under contract to EMI."Sunny" had initially been planned to appear on the Boxers EP released in January 1995, and "Black-Eyed Susan"

Sunny (musical)
Sunny is a musical with music by Jerome Kern and a libretto by Oscar Hammerstein II and Otto Harbach. The plot involves Sunny, the star of a circus act, who falls for a rich playboy, but comes in conflict with his snooty family

Sunny Side Up
Sunny Side Up is a Fox Movietone movie musical with original songs, story, and dialogue by B. G. DeSylva, Lew Brown and Ray Henderson. The romantic comedy/musical, which starred Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell, premiered on 3 October 1929 at the Gaiety Theatre in New York City

Sunrise is the instant at which the upper edge of the Sun appears above the horizon in the east. Sunrise should not be confused with dawn, which is the point at which the sky begins to lighten, some time before the sun itself appears, ending twilight

Sunrise (album)
Sunrise is a two-disc compilation of Elvis Presley's studio recordings at Sun Studio from 1953 to 1955, released in 1999, RCA 67675-2. This set features all of the surviving master recordings made by Presley and his accompanists, Scotty Moore and Bill Black, occasionally augmented by other musicians, prior to his arrival on RCA Records in 1956.-Contents:Tapes for at least three

Sunrise (New Zealand TV program)
Sunrise was a New Zealand breakfast television news and current affairs show which was broadcast live on TV3. It aired from 7.00am to 9.00am weekdays, and the show featured all the latest current affairs, News, Sport, Business and Weather

Sunrise (Norah Jones song)
"Sunrise" is the first single of Norah Jones' multi-platinum album Feels like Home. It reached #4 in Canada and #30 in the United Kingdom. The single was certified gold by the RIAA for sales of 500,000 copies. The song won Best Female Pop Vocal Performance at the 2005 Grammy Awards. In the same year, it was featured in Because of Winn-Dixie.-Chart positions:

Sunrise (Sacramento RT)
Sunrise is a side platformed Sacramento RT light rail station in Rancho Cordova, California, United States. The station was opened on June 11, 2004, and is operated by the Sacramento Regional Transit District. As part of the Gold Line, it has service to Downtown Sacramento, California State University, Sacramento, Gold River and Folsom

An automotive sunroof is a fixed or operable opening in an automobile roof which allows light and/or fresh air to enter the passenger compartment. Sunroofs may be manually operated or motor driven, and are available in many shapes, sizes and styles

The word Suns could refer to:*Phoenix Suns, a professional NBA basketball team*Jacksonville Suns, a minor-league baseball team*The Sun, the star of the solar system*Stars, massive balls of plasma*Sun , unit of solar energy concentration

Sunblock is a lotion, spray, gel or other topical product that absorbs or reflects some of the sun's ultraviolet radiation on the skin exposed to sunlight and thus helps protect against sunburn

Sunset (Bird of Prey)
"Sunset " is a song by British big beat artist Fatboy Slim, released from his 2000 album Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars. The single peaked at No. 9 in the UK and No

Sunset (play)
The play Sunset was written by Isaac Babel in 1926 and based on his short story collection The Odessa Tales.-Plot:The play is sent in Moldavanka, Odessa's Jewish Quarter in 1913

Sunset (Warriors)
Sunset is a children's fantasy novel, the sixth and final book in Erin Hunter's Warriors: The New Prophecy series. The book begins with the Clan rebuilding the camp along with the help of Stormfur and Brook. As the book progresses Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight fall in love again, but Brambleclaw continues to visit Tigerstar

"Sunsets" is a song released as the third single from Australian rock band Powderfinger's fifth studio album, Vulture Street. The single was released on 4 January 2004 in Australia and New Zealand.

Sunsets (DVD)
Sunsets is a DVD single released by Australian rock group Powderfinger. It was the band's first DVD release. For their career, the song "Sunsets" was the band's seventeenth single

Sunshine is sunlight, the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the Sun, especially in the visible wavelengths.Sunshine may also refer to:-Film and television:*Sunshine , a historical film directed by István Szabó

Sunshine (Aerosmith song)
"Sunshine" is a song by American hard rock band Aerosmith. It was written by Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, and Marti Frederiksen. It was released in mid-2001 as a promotional single from the band's album Just Push Play.

Sunshine (Gabrielle song)
"Sunshine" is the first single from singer Gabrielle's third album Rise. Gabrielle wrote the song after giving birth to her son, contributing to the song's upbeat mood.The song was her sixth UK top ten hit.-Charts:-Track listings:

Sunshine (Gareth Gates song)
"Sunshine" is the second single released from Pop Idol runner-up Gareth Gates' second studio album, Go Your Own Way. The single was released on September 13, 2003, and it peaked at #3 on the UK Singles Chart

Sunshine (Jonathan Edwards song)
"Sunshine" is a country folk war protest song from 1971 by Jonathan Edwards, released as the first single from his debut album Jonathan Edwards

Sunshine (Ricki-Lee song)
"Sunshine" a song performed by Australian singer-songwriter, Ricki-Lee Coulter. It was released both physically and digitally on 26 September 2005 and serves as the second single taken off her self-titled debut album, Ricki-Lee. "Sunshine" reached a peak of number eight on the ARIA Singles Chart.-Music video:The music video for "Sunshine" was directed by Bart Borghesi

Sunshower (Thelma Houston album)
Sunshower is the debut album of Thelma Houston released in 1969 on Dunhill Records. It was produced by Jimmy Webb and became a critically acclaimed album, it charted at #50 on the Billboard R&B charts.

Sunstroke (comics)
Sunstroke is a Marvel Comics supervillain.-Fictional character biography:When Dominus lands in the American Southwest to take over the Earth, it creates its agents Butte, Cactus, and Gila. He makes one more to be his human agent...Sunstroke.The Avengers stumbled upon Dominus' minions and encountered Dominus also

SUO may refer to:* Senior Under Officer, a military cadet rank in Commonwealth nations* Standard upper ontology, in computing* The IATA identifier for Sunriver Airport in Sunriver, Oregon* "Solution User Options", in Visual Studio parlance

Suomi is a Finnish word that most commonly refers to either:*Finland or *Finnish language or or suomen kieliSuomi may also refer to:*Suomi M-31 SMG, a Finnish submachine gun*Verner E

Sup may refer to:* Supper, a name of the meal that is consumed before bed* Supremum, in mathematics , the least upper bound of a partially ordered set* Sup squark, the supersymmetric partner of the up quark, in particle physics

Super may refer to:* Super, a supernumerary actor on the stage, which is the equivalent of an "extra" in motion pictures and television.* Super, a building superintendent; a manager, maintenance or repair person, custodian or janitor, especially in the United States.* Super, a grade of gasoline* Super , a keyword used in Object Oriented programming

SUPER (software)
SUPER is a closed-source freeware front-end for open-source software video players and encoders provided by the FFmpeg, MEncoder, MPlayer, x264, ffmpeg2theora, musepack, Monkey's Audio, True Audio, WavPack, libavcodec, and the Theora/Vorbis RealProducer plugIn projects

Superabundance is the second full-length album by Young Knives, released in the United Kingdom on March 10, 2008. The album reached number twenty-eight in the UK Album Charts.

Things known as Superb include:*Škoda Superb car*HMS Superb, nine Royal Navy ships*The Superb, a railroad car used by US President Warren G

Superbia, the Latin word for pride, can mean the following:* Superbia, the mobile city-state in the DC Comics universe.* Superbia, a rock retelling of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, written by Jonathan Larson.

Supercell (crystal)
In solid-state physics and crystallography, when describing crystal structure, a supercell is a repeating unit cell of the crystal that contains several primitive cells

In theoretical physics, a supercharge is a generator of supersymmetry transformations.Supercharge, denoted by the symbol Q, is an operator which transforms bosons into fermions, and vice versa

Supercharger (comics)
Supercharger is a fictional American comic book character. The character is a Marvel Comics supervillain who first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #17 .-Fictional character biography:

The supercilium is a plumage feature found on the heads of some bird species. It is a stripe which runs from the base of the bird's beak above its eye, finishing somewhere towards the rear of the bird's head. Also known as an "eyebrow", it is distinct from the eyestripe, which is a line which runs across the lores, and continues behind the eye

SuperCity is a subscription website by Pop Rock band McFly. The idea simply came with a revamp of their official website. It has exclusive content such as Videos, Games, Offers, Meet&Great, Downloads basically money can't buy opportunities. During the 2011 Above the Noise tour McFly let 'Pioneers' in 30 minutes early for a Q&A, as they did with preview tour Before the Noise

Supercomputer (disambiguation)
Supercomputer may refer to:* Supercomputer, a computer that led the world in terms of processing capacity, particularly speed of calculation, at the time of its introduction.

Supererogation is the performance of more than is asked for, the action of doing more than duty requires. Supererogatory, in ethics, indicates an act that is good but not morally required to be done

Superexchange is the strong antiferromagnetic coupling between two next-to-nearest neighbor cations through a non-magnetic anion. In this way, it differs from direct exchange in which there is coupling between nearest neighbor cations not involving an intermediary anion

The superfecta is a type of wager in parimutuel betting in which the bettor, in order to win, must pick the first four finishers of a race in the correct sequence

Superfecundation is the fertilization of two or more ova from the same cycle by sperm from separate acts of sexual intercourse. The term superfecundation is derived from fecund, meaning the ability to produce offspring.

Superficial may refer to:*Superficial , an album by Heidi Montag*"Superficial" *The Superficial, a website devoted to celebrity gossip

Supergiants are among the most massive stars. They occupy the top region of the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram. In the Yerkes spectral classification, supergiants are class Ia or Ib . They typically have bolometric absolute magnitudes between -5 and -12

Supergrass was an English alternative rock band from Oxford. The band consisted of brothers Gaz and Rob Coombes , Mick Quinn and Danny Goffey .

Superhero (Brian McKnight album)
Superhero is an album by Brian McKnight released on September 3, 2001. McKnight recorded this album to showcase his many musical influences. Featured guests include Justin Timberlake, Nate Dogg and Fred Hammond.

Superhero (disambiguation)
A superhero is a fictional archetype.Superhero may also refer to:* Superheroes, a 2011 HBO documentary about real-life superheroes* Superhero Movie, a 2008 comedy film

A superinsulator is a material that at low temperatures under certain conditions has an infinite resistance and no current will pass through it. The superinsulating state has many parallels to the superconducting state, and can be destroyed by increased temperature, magnetic fields and voltage.The superinsulating state was first observed in a titanium

Superintendent may refer to:*Superintendent , Superintendent of Police, SP, Senior Superintendent of Police or SSP - a police rank*Superintendent or Superintendent of Prison, Superintendent of Jail, Senior Superintendent of Jail - a rank in prisons - head of a district, central or special prison in India and Pakistan, etc.*Superintendent , a church

Superintendent (construction)
On larger projects, it is common for most finance-related tasks and long-term scheduling to be handled by a project manager, with the superintendent's job limited to running the day-to-day operations on the construction site and controlling the short-term schedule

Superintendent (ecclesiastical)
Superintendent is the head of an administrative division of a Protestant church, largely historical but still in use in Germany.- Superintendents in Sweden :

Superior may refer to:*Superior : something which is higher in a hierarchical structure of any kind-Place names:*Superior Superior may refer to:*Superior (hierarchy): something which is higher in a hierarchical structure of any kind-Place names:*Superior Superior may refer to:*Superior (hierarchy): something which is higher in a hierarchical structure of any kind-Place names:*Superior (proposed U.S

Superior (band)
Superior was a German progressive metal band, founded in 1992, and disbanded in 2007. Their style was described as something very similar to Dream Theater, but there were also many big differences between them.-Lineup:*Michael Tangermann – vocals

Superior (manga)
is a manga created by Ichtys and published by Gangan Comics. Superior is a high fantasy Manga that includes dragons, demons, and most importantly, heroes

Superior (RTA Rapid Transit station)
Superior is a station on the RTA Red Line in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. It is located on Superior Avenue at the intersection of Emily Street, approximately 1½ blocks west of Euclid Avenue

Superior colliculus
The optic tectum or simply tectum is a paired structure that forms a major component of the vertebrate midbrain. In mammals this structure is more commonly called the superior colliculus , but, even in mammals, the adjective tectal is commonly used. The tectum is a layered structure, with a number of layers that vary by species

Superior vena cava
The superior vena cava is truly superior, a large diameter, yet short, vein that carries deoxygenated blood from the upper half of the body to the heart's right atrium

Superiority (short story)
"Superiority" is a science fiction short story by Arthur C. Clarke, first published in 1951. It depicts an arms race, and shows how the side which is more technologically advanced can be defeated, despite its apparent superiority, because of its own organizational flaws and its willingness to discard old technology without having fully perfected the new