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Succubus (disambiguation)
A succubus is a type of female demon said to initiate sexual intercourse during dreams.Succubus may also refer to:*Succubus, a 2007 film featuring American actress Raven Riley*Succubus , a monster in Dungeons & Dragons

Such may refer to:* Bob Such , Australian politician* Alec John Such , American musician* Peter Such , English cricketer

Such Is Life
Such Is Life can refer to the following:* Such Is Life , a 1915 silent American film starring Lon Chaney, Sr.* Such Is Life , a British film* Such Is Life , a 1939 film from Argentina

Such is Life
Such Is Life: Being Certain Extracts From The Diary of Tom Collins is a novel written by the Australian author Joseph Furphy in 1897, and published on 1 August 1903

Such Is Life (1915 film)
Such Is Life is a 1915 silent drama film directed by Joe De Grasse and featuring Lon Chaney, Sr. The film is now considered to be lost.-Cast:* Pauline Bush - Polly* Lon Chaney, Sr. - Tod Wilkes* William C. Dowlan - Will Deming

Such Is Life (1939 film)
Such Is Life is a 1939 Argentine romantic drama film musical directed by Francisco Múgica based on a play by Nicolás de las Llanderas and Arnaldo Malfatti; starring Enrique Muiño.-Plot summary:

SUCI (disambiguation)
*SUCI refers to the Socialist Unity Centre of India, a communist party in India*Suci refers to a Dacian tribe

Suck may refer to:* Suction, the creation of a partial vacuum or region of low pressure* River Suck, a river in IrelandIn media:* Suck , a 2009 vampire musical-comedy*, a satire and editorial web site

-General use:* Lollipop or sucker, a type of confection* Sucker , a slang term for someone considered gullible enough to fall for a very obvious prank or con and go about unaware of it

Sucker Punch (album)
Sucker Punch is the second album, and last thus far, by the band Haji's Kitchen. This is the last confirmed album recorded or to be recorded by the band.- Track listing :# "As Ever Beyond" - 4:30# "Son I Am" 3:51# "Sucker Punch" - 4:20# "Just Like Me" - 4:05

Suckling (disambiguation)
Suckling is the feeding of an infant or young child with breast milk directly from a woman's breasts. It may also refer to:* Mount Suckling, the highest peak of the Goropu Mountains* The Suckling, 1989 horror film

Sucra was a defunct Norwegian holding company that was created in 2001 to own the alcoholic beverage producer and importer Arcus after it had been privatized. Sucra's main owners were Tine, Gilde, Norske Potetindustrier and Ekjord. Sucra bought 66% of Arcus in 2001 and the rest of the company in 2003. In 2005 Sucra and Arcus were sold to the Swedish investment company Ratos.

Sucre, also known historically as Charcas, La Plata and Chuquisaca is the constitutional capital of Bolivia and the capital of the department of Chuquisaca. Located in the south-central part of the country, Sucre lies at an elevation of 2750m

Sucrose is the organic compound commonly known as table sugar and sometimes called saccharose. A white, odorless, crystalline powder with a sweet taste, it is best known for its role in human nutrition. The molecule is a disaccharide composed of glucose and fructose with the molecular formula C12H22O11

Sud-Ouest (newspaper)
Sud-Ouest is the third regional daily in France in terms of circulation. It was created in Bordeaux, on August 29, 1944 by Jacques Lemoine, as a successor to La Petite Gironde. In 1949, the Sunday edition, Sud-Ouest Dimanche was launched. Sud-Ouest covers the Gironde, the Charente, the Charente-Maritime, the Dordogne, the Pyrénées Atlantiques, and the Lot et Garonne départements

Sudai is a village in the Madhubani District in north Bihar, India. It is a very prominent village in Mithila. Great names like Late Shri Jagannath Mishra, who was a member of parliament of 5th Lok shabha from cong lived in Sudai. He was a headmaster by profession before becoming member of parliament in India

Sūdan was the main court poet of Maharaja Suraj Mal, the Bharatpur ruler in Rajasthan. He was Mathur by caste, resident of Mathura and the most favourite poet of the Bharatpur Maharaja. He had accompanied the Maharaja Suraj Mal during all important wars and has written historical account in the book named 'Sujān Charitra'.

James Green aka Sudden is a fictional character created by the author Oliver Strange and after his death carried on by Frederick H. Christian. The books are centred around a gunfighter in the American Wild West era, who is in search of two men who cheated his foster father. Jim the young man promises his dying father that he will find the two and take revenge

Sudden death
In a sport or game, sudden death is a form of competition where play ends as soon as one competitor is ahead of the others, with that competitor becoming the winner. Sudden death is typically used as a tiebreaker when a contest is tied at the end of the normal playing time or the completion of the normal playing task

Sudden Death
Sudden death may refer to:* Sudden cardiac death* Sudden death Sudden Death may refer to:* 1958 NFL Championship Game, nicknamed "Sudden Death" for its dramatic ending* Sudden Death , starring Robert Conrad

Sudden infant death syndrome
Sudden infant death syndrome is marked by the sudden death of an infant that is unexpected by medical history, and remains unexplained after a thorough forensic autopsy and a detailed death scene investigation. An infant is at the highest risk for SIDS during sleep, which is why it is sometimes referred to by the terms cot death or crib death

Suddenly (Arrogance album)
Suddenly is the fourth album by the North Carolina band Arrogance, released in 1980 .-Track listing:Side One#"Burning Desire" - 3:42#"I'm Not Your Taxi" - 2:53#"Bad Girl" - 2:48

Suddenly (Ashley Tisdale song)
"Suddenly" is a single from Ashley Tisdale's debut album Headstrong, the song was released in Germany on May 2, 2008, as her third single there. The song was not released in the United States, and was her debut album's final single.-Song information:

Suddenly (Billy Ocean album)
Suddenly is the fifth studio album by Billy Ocean, released in 1984. It featured his first major U.S. pop hit single "Caribbean Queen ", which reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 record chart.-Track listing:

Suddenly (Sean Maguire song)
"Suddenly" is a song by Sean Maguire, released as the third single from his first album, Sean Maguire. It reached number 18 and spent five weeks in the UK Singles Chart.-Track listing:CD1#"Suddenly"#"You Help Me See The Light"

Sudi , is a panchayat town in the Gadag District of Karnataka, India. It is about 30 km from Badami, 12 km from Gajendragad and 3 km from Itagi Bhimambika temple. In the past it was a important town of the Kalyani Chalukyas during 1000 AD

Suds or SUDS may refer to :Suds:* Soap foam* Beer * "Suds", an episode in season 1 of the animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants that aired along with Sleepy Time on January 17, 2000Can be spelt Suds or Sudz

SUDS (Sydney University Dramatic Society)
SUDS is the Sydney University Dramatic Society. It is the oldest continual theatre company in Australia. They are supported by the University of Sydney Union

Sue or SUE may refer to:* Door County Cherryland Airport in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, USA* The action of filing a lawsuit.* Subsurface Utility Engineering* .sue, alternative name for ARC -Places:

Sue (dinosaur)
"Sue" is the nickname given to FMNH PR 2081, which is the largest, most extensive and best preserved Tyrannosaurus rex specimen ever found. It was discovered in the summer of 1990 by Sue Hendrickson, a paleontologist, and was named after her

Suede is a type of leather with a napped finish, commonly used for jackets, shoes, shirts, purses, furniture and other items. The term comes from the French "gants de Suède", which literally means "gloves of Sweden".

Suet is raw beef or mutton fat, especially the hard fat found around the loins and kidneys.Suet has a melting point of between 45° and 50°C and congelation between 37° and 40°C.

Suez (film)
Suez is a 1938 film account of the building of the Suez Canal by Ferdinand de Lesseps, played by Tyrone Power. It was so highly fictionalized that de Lesseps' descendants sued for libel.

To suffer is to undergo suffering.Suffer may also refer to:* Suffer , from Bad Religion* "Suffer", a song by The Smashing Pumpkins from their album Gish.* "Suffer", a song by Suicide Silence from their album No Time to Bleed.

Sufficiency may refer to:* Logical sufficiency; see necessary and sufficient conditions* sufficiency , sufficiency in statistical inference* The sufficiency of Scripture, a Christian doctrineSee also* Self-sufficiency* Eco-sufficiency

In linguistics, a suffix is an affix which is placed after the stem of a word. Common examples are case endings, which indicate the grammatical case of nouns or adjectives, and verb endings, which form the conjugation of verbs

Suffocation is the process of Asphyxia.Suffocation may also refer to:* Suffocation , an American death metal band* "Suffocation", a song on Morbid Angel's debut album, Altars of Madness

Suffolk (European Parliament constituency)
Suffolk was a constituency of the European Parliament located in the United Kingdom, electing one Member of the European Parliament by the first-past-the-post electoral system

Suffolk (UK Parliament constituency)
Suffolk was a county constituency of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, which returned two Members of Parliament to the House of Commons from 1290 until 1832, when it was split into two divisions.-Boundaries and franchise:

Suffrage, political franchise, or simply the franchise, distinct from mere voting rights, is the civil right to vote gained through the democratic process

Sufism or ' is defined by its adherents as the inner, mystical dimension of Islam. A practitioner of this tradition is generally known as a '

Sug is a Japanese rock band that formed in 2006. They are also part of the visual kei movement of Japan. The band has released two EPs, two full-length studio albums, and several singles. Until 2009, the band was signed to "Indie PSC", a subdivision of PS Company

Suga is the second and final album by female hip hop duo Terri & Monica, and is their third overall including their album with The Gyrlz. It was recorded in 1996 for Epic Records and featured production from Kevin Deane, Dave Hall, Lord Jamar and Colin Wolfe. The one single released was "Sexuality ", which made it to 72 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks

Sugar (2008 film)
Sugar is a 2008 sports drama film directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. It follows the story of Miguel Santos, a. k. a. Sugar , a Dominican pitcher from San Pedro de Macorís, struggling to make it to the big leagues and pull himself and his family out of poverty

Sugar (album)
Sugar is Tonic's second studio album, released in 1999. Released on November 9, 1999 and self-produced by the band itself, the album's title shared the same name as the fifth track on the recording

Sugar (Ladytron song)
"Sugar" is a first single from the album Witching Hour by electronic music band band Ladytron. This song featured on the video game Need for Speed: Carbon

Sugar (musical)
Sugar is a musical with a book by Peter Stone, music by Jule Styne, and lyrics by Bob Merrill. It is based on the film Some Like It Hot, which was adapted by Billy Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond from a story by Robert Thoeren and Michael Logan

Sugar house
A sugar house, also known as sap house, sugar shack, sugar shanty or sugar cabin is a semi-commercial establishment, prominent mainly in Eastern Canada

Sugarhouse (film)
-Plot:Sugarhouse tells the story of Tom , a middle class British man who attempts to make a mysterious purchase from a crack addict, portrayed by rapper and actor Ashley Walters. The intended purchase is complicated by the involvement of a local drug dealer named Hoodwink, portrayed by Andy Serkis

Sugarloaf (disambiguation)
A sugarloaf is a historical shipment form of refined sugar.Sugarloaf or Sugar Loaf may also refer to:-Communities:* Sugarloaf, California, USA* Sugarloaf Mountain Park, California, USA* Sugarloaf Saw Mill, California, USA

Sugarloaf (mountain)
The name Sugarloaf applies to thousands of raised topographic landforms worldwide: mountains, hills, peaks, summits, buttes, ridges, rock formations, bornhardt, inselberg, etc. Landforms resembling the characteristic conical shape of a sugarloaf were often so named

"Sugartime" is a popular song, written by Charlie Phillips and Odis Echols and published in 1958. The biggest hit version was recorded by The McGuire Sisters, who topped the charts with their single in February of that year. In 1961, the song briefly returned to the US Cashbox country charts in a version by Johnny Cash, culled from his Sun Records catalogue

Suggestion is the psychological process by which one person guides the thoughts, feelings, or behaviour of another. Nineteenth century writers on psychology such as William James used the words "suggest" and "suggestion" in senses close to those they have in common speech—one idea was said to suggest another when it brought that other idea to mind

Sui (Balochistan)
Sui is a sub-district of Dera Bugti District in Balochistan, Pakistan. The Sui gas field is located near Sui town.-Administration:The town of Sui serves as the administrative centre of Sui tehsil, a subdivision of the district, the town of Sui itself functions as a Union Council.

Sui (surname)
Sui is the transcription of two Chinese surnames, Suí and Suī .Persons named Sui include:*Anna Sui, an American fashion designer*Sui Feifei, a female Chinese basketball player who played with the American WNBA.

Sui generis
Sui generis is a Latin expression, literally meaning of its own kind/genus or unique in its characteristics. The expression is often used in analytic philosophy to indicate an idea, an entity, or a reality which cannot be included in a wider concept.

Sui Generis
Sui Generis is one of the most important rock bands in Argentine history, enjoying enormous success and popularity during the first half of the 1970s and a following that lasts to the present throughout South America

Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one's own death. Suicide is often committed out of despair or attributed to some underlying mental disorder, such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, alcoholism, or drug abuse

Suicide pact
A suicide pact is an agreed plan between two or more individuals to commit suicide. The plan may be to die together, or separately and closely timed. Suicide pacts are important concepts in the study of suicide, and have occurred throughout history, as well as in fiction.Suicide pacts are generally distinct from mass suicide