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Starling (dinghy)
The Starling is a sailing dinghy designed by Des Townson.- Origins of the Starling :The Starling class yacht was conceived, and the design commissioned, by John Peet in the late 1960s. At the time, there were no single-handed boats available in New Zealand, for bridging the gap between the P-class and the adult Finn, OK, Cherokee and Zephyr classes

Starling (disambiguation)
-People:*Clarice Starling, a fictional character and the protagonist of The Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal*Ernest Starling, English physiologist known for developing the Starling equation and the Starling resistor

Starling (pigeon)
The Starling is a breed of fancy pigeon developed over many years of selective breeding. Starlings, along with other varieties of domesticated pigeons, are all descendants from the Rock Pigeon .

Starling (software)
Kestrel is a light-weight persistent message queue server written in Scala that speaks the memcached protocol

Starquake (book)
Starquake is a science fiction novel written by Robert L. Forward and published in 1989 . The novel is about the life of the Cheela civilization, creatures who live on a neutron star named Dragon's Egg, struggling to recover from a disastrous starquake.-Plot introduction:This story begins at the exact time that Dragon's Egg ended, picking

Starr may refer to:* Starr , the surname of various people* Starr or starra, an old term for the contract or obligation of a Jew

Starr (surname)
Starr is a family name and may refer to:*Allanah Starr, transsexual American pornographic actress*Bart Starr , former American football quarterback*Beau Starr , American actor*Belle Starr , American outlaw

Stars (film)
Stars is a 1959 film directed by Konrad Wolf. It tells the story of a Nazi officer who falls in love with a Greek Jewish girl while escorting Jewish prisoners through Bulgaria to a concentration camp. The film won the Special Jury Prize at the 1959 Cannes Film Festival.-Cast:* Sasha Krusharska - Ruth* Jürgen Frohriep - Walter* Erik S

Stars (Mika Nakashima song)
"Stars" is Mika Nakashima's debut single. The single was released on November 7, 2001, reached #3 on Oricon Weekly Top 200, and sold 469,180 copies, making it her highest-selling single to date

Stars (restaurant)
Stars was a landmark restaurant in San Francisco, California from 1984 through 1999. Along with Spago, Michael's and Chez Panisse it is considered one of the birthplaces of California Cuisine, New American cuisine, and the institution of the celebrity chef.

Stars (shader effect)
Stars is a computer graphics effect used by computer games. The effect takes the bright parts of a rendered image of the scene, and then smears them outward in a number of directions. The result is that bright areas have streaks emanating from them. Stars can be used to enhance blooming

Stars (Simply Red song)
Stars is a single by the band Simply Red. "Stars" was originally released in the 1991 album of the same name. The single reached #8 in the United Kingdom and was successful in some other countries in Europe, but did not reach the Top 40 in the United States, unlike Simply Red's previous single "Something Got Me Started"

Stars (The Cranberries song)
"Stars" is a song by The Cranberries from the compilation album Stars: The Best of 1992-2002, and was released in October 2002. It is the band's last single released before their six-year hiatus

Stars and Stripes (ballet)
Stars and Stripes is a ballet choreographed by George Balanchine in 1958, using original music by John Philip Sousa and performed in 5 acts . It lasts an average of 28 minutes

Stars in Their Eyes (New Zealand)
Stars in Their Eyes is a TVNZ talent show, based on the original British version. It is hosted by Simon Barnett.-2008 season:The finalists were:-Episode 1 :-Episode 2 :-Episode 3 :

A starship or interstellar spacecraft is a theoretical spacecraft designed for traveling between the stars, as opposed to a vehicle designed for orbital spaceflight or interplanetary travel.

Starship (disambiguation)
A starship is a theoretical vehicle for interstellar travel.Starship may also refer to:* Starship , a rock band that formed in 1984 from members of Jefferson Starship* Starship , a science fiction fanzine formerly known as Algol

StarStruck (Philippine TV series)
StarStruck is a Philippine over-all talent competition airing on GMA Network. It debuted on October 27, 2003, and has since become one of the most popular shows on Philippine television.

Start can refer to multiple topics:* Takeoff, the phase of flight where an aircraft transitions from moving along the ground to flying through the air* Start date, in filmmaking* Start, Louisiana, a town in the United States

Start (Orsha bandy club)
Start are a Bandy club from Orsha, Belarus who are among the best in the country with several of their players having represented the Belarusian national bandy team.

Start (song)
- Track listing :# 고고고 # 있잖아! # Pockerface # 고고고 -External links:

Start Over
"Start Over" is a song by American recording artist Beyoncé Knowles taken from her fourth studio album 4 . It was written by Shea Taylor, Knowles and Ester Dean and produced by the first two. The song's development was motivated by the fact that Knowles traveled around the world and experienced different cultures which inspired love and purity inside her

- Science and technology :* Starter motors, used to start internal-combustion engines* Motor starters, used to start large electric motors* Fluorescent lamp starters, used to initiate operation of fluorescent lights- Food and meals :

Stary may refer to:* Stary Oskol* Stary Dwór* Stary Górnik* Stary Wiązów* Stary Wołów* Stary Henryków* Stary Węgliniec* Stary Jaworów* Stary Śleszów* Stary Zawidów* Gmina Stary Sącz* Stary Sącz* Gmina Stary Dzików* Stary Gostyń* Stary Waliszów

Stash is an EP released by Cypress Hill in 2002 and includes various, and mainly previously released remixes of their songs. The EP was heavily criticized for being censored for profanity .-Track listing:-Notes:

Stash (album)
Stash is the debut album by sludge/stoner metal band Bongzilla. It was released on April 20 1999 through Relapse Records. It was re-released in 2007 by Relapse with the Methods for Attaining Extreme Altitudes EP tacked onto the end.-Track listing:

Stash (Phish compilation)
Stash is a compilation album from the rock band Phish containing songs from their 1988-1995 official releases. It was only released in Europe and has been out of print for over a decade

The term stasis may refer to* A state of stability, in which all forces are equal and opposing, therefore they cancel out each other.

Stasis (political history)
Stasis is a term in Greek political history. It refers to the constant feuds between aristocrats in archaic Greece, struggling about who is the best both in terms of prestige and property

Stasis (The UA Years 1971 – 1975)
Stasis is a 1990 compilation album by Hawkwind covering their United Artists period, from 1971 to 1975. It is mainly a collection of the previously hard to find single versions of songs, while the CD had the bonus of the first side of the Space Ritual album.-Track listing:#"Urban Guerilla"#"The Psychedelic Warlords" #"Brainbox

State (magazine) is an Irish website and formerly a monthly music magazine, which launched in March 2008 and folded in January 2009 having published a total of nine issues

State (printmaking)
A state, in printmaking, is a different form of a print, caused by a deliberate and permanent change to a matrix such as a copper plate or woodblock .

State (theology)
The term state is used in various senses by Catholic theologians and spiritual writers.It may be taken to signify a profession or calling in life, as where St. Paul says, in I Corinthians 7:20: "Let every man abide in the same calling in which he was called"

State of Emergency (Bill Cosby album)
Bill Cosby Presents the Cosnarati: State of Emergency is an album by Bill Cosby that was released October 20, 2009, on iTunes and in-stores November 24, 2009.“State of Emergency” was produced by Cosby's longtime musical colleague, William

State of matter
States of matter are the distinct forms that different phases of matter take on. Solid, liquid and gas are the most common states of matter on Earth. However, much of the baryonic matter of the universe is in the form of hot plasma, both as rarefied interstellar medium and as dense stars.Historically, the distinction is made based on qualitative differences in bulk properties

State of Mind
State of mind is a term meaning "mood" or "outlook" . It can also mean:-Music:*State of Mind , New Zealand drum and bass duo*A State of Mind , American punk band*State of Mind , 2003

State of Mind (Commissioned album)
State of Mind, released 1991 on Verity Records, is a gospel music album by American contemporary gospel music group Commissioned. It was the last album with the original line-up of the group: Keith Staten and Michael Brooks left the group.

State of Mind (Elegy album)
State of Mind, released in 1997, is an album by Netherlands power metal band Elegy.-Track listing:#"Equinox " - 1:39#"Visual Vortex" - 4:45

State of Mind (TV series)
State of Mind is a one-hour drama series created by novelist Amy Bloom. The series starred Lili Taylor as psychiatrist Anne Bellowes, who unexpectedly finds her husband cheating on her with their marriage counselor. The series deals with Bellowes and her relationship with her patients as well as other doctors in the practice

State of the art
The state of the art is the highest level of development, as of a device, technique, or scientific field, achieved at a particular time. It also refers to the level of development reached at any particular time as a result of the latest methodologies employed.- Origin :The earliest use of the term "state of the art"

State of the Art
State of the Art is an Amiga demo by Spaceballs, and winner of The Party 1992 demo competition. It features vector silhouettes of dancers, occasionally morphing into geometric shapes, synchronised to a rave music soundtrack. The sequel to State of the Art was 9 Fingers.The production of the demo was described in an interview in Amiga disc magazine R.A.W #5

State of the Art (album)
State of the Art was released on May 11, 2006, after a one year hiatus, making it Shinhwa's eighth studio album. Though it was released in May 2006, it would not appear on the chart until July, having sold 161,452 copies

State of the Art (Presto album)
State of the Art is the third full length album released by Los Angeles-based hip hop producer Chris "Presto" Douglas. The album was released worldwide on June 17, 2008 on Concrete Grooves and Distributed by Fat Beats and by Mic Life Records in Japan

State of the Union (play)
State of the Union is a play by American playwrights Russel Crouse and Howard Lindsay about a fictional Republican presidential candidate. The play premiered on November 14, 1945 at the Hudson Theatre on Broadway, ran for 765 performances, and closed on September 13, 1947

State religion
A state religion is a religious body or creed officially endorsed by the state

State space (physics)
In physics, a state space is a complex Hilbert space within which the possible instantaneous states of the system may be described by a unit vector. These state vectors, using Dirac's bra-ket notation, can often be treated as vectors and operated on using the rules of linear algebra

- Society :* Anarchy* Stateless communism, which Karl Marx predicted would follow capitalism and socialism* Stateless nation, a group of people without a nation-state* Stateless society, a society that is not governed by a state

Stateless (band)
Stateless are an English electronic alternative rock band, founded in 2002 and based in Leeds. The group comprises Chris James , kidkanevil , Justin Percival and David Levin .Stateless earned a recording contract with Sony Music and released their first single "Down Here" in 2004

Stateless (Stateless album)
- Release history :

Statement may refer to:* A kind of expression in language *Statement , declarative sentence that is either true or false*Statement , the smallest standalone element of an imperative programming language

Statement (logic)
In logic a statement is either a meaningful declarative sentence that is either true or false, or what is asserted or made by the use of a declarative sentence

Statement (song)
-Pressing History:

Staten Island
Staten Island is a borough of New York City, New York, United States, located in the southwest part of the city. Staten Island is separated from New Jersey by the Arthur Kill and the Kill Van Kull, and from the rest of New York by New York Bay

The stater was an ancient coin used in various regions of Greece.-History:The stater is mostly of Macedonian origin. Celtic tribes brought it in to Europe after using it as mercenaries in north Greece. It circulated from the 8th century BC to 50 AD

A statesman is usually a politician or other notable public figure who has had a long and respected career in politics or government at the national and international level. As a term of respect, it is usually left to supporters or commentators to use the term

Statesman (automobile)
Statesman was an automotive marque created in 1971 by General Motors Holden , the Australian subsidiary of General Motors. Statesman vehicles were sold through Holden dealerships, and were initially based on the mainstream Holden HQ station wagon platform, thereby providing more interior room and generally more luxurious features than their Holden sedan siblings

Static has several meanings:* Static electricity, a net charge of an object** The triboelectric effect, e.g. from shoes rubbing carpet* White noise, a random signal with a flat power spectral density** Noise , a type of radio interference

Static (film)
Static is an American comedy-drama film directed by Mark Romanek. Static stars Keith Gordon, Amanda Plummer, and Bob Gunton, and was released in 1986 by NFI Productions.

Static (Planetfunk album)
Static is the third album by the Italian electronic dance musical group Planet Funk. It was released in 2006 under EMI Music.-Track listing:

Static line
A static line is a fixed cord attached to a large, stable object. It is used for safety in construction andto open parachutes automatically for paratroopers and novice parachutists.-Use in parachuting:

Static Line
Static Line was an email-based ASCII Ezine that focused on the PC demoscene. It was a monthly publication with strong roots in the music aspect of the demoscene

Static Major
Stephen Ellis Garrett also known as Static Major, was a Grammy Award-Winning American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer from Louisville, Kentucky. He was a member of the R&B trio Playa. Static Major gained posthumous fame for appearing on Lil Wayne's 2008 album Tha Carter III on the song Lollipop

-Traffic and infrastructure:* Filling station, a gas station* Power station* Space station* Transit station ** Bus station** Metro station, a transit rail station** Train station or railway station** Train order station

Station (album)
Station is the second full-length album by the instrumental rock band Russian Circles, and was released on May 6, 2008. This is the band's second release and first with their new label, Suicide Squeeze.-Track listing:-Personnel:

Station (networking)
In IEEE 802.11 terminology, a station is a device that has the capability to use the 802.11 protocol. For example, a station may be a laptop, a desktop PC, PDA, access point or Wi-Fi phone. A STA may be fixed, mobile or portable

Station (roller coaster)
A roller coaster's station is where the passengers board and alight from the trains. The station houses the coaster's control panel, and has devices for moving the trains in and out of the station and holding them in position, as well as devices for locking and unlocking the restraints and devices for controlling guest access to the platform