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Southwest or south west is the ordinal direction halfway between south and west, the opposite of northeast.Southwest or south west may also refer to:- Asia :* Southwest China* South West Delhi, a district of Delhi, India

A souvenir , memento, keepsake or token of remembrance is an object a person acquires for the memories the owner associates with it. The term souvenir brings to mind the mass-produced kitsch that is the main commodity of souvenir and gift shops in many tourist traps around the world

Souvenir (disambiguation)
A souvenir is an object a traveler brings home for the memories associated with it.Souvenir may also refer to:- Film, theatre, and television :* Souvenir , a British drama starring Christopher Plummer

Souvenir (indie rock band)
Souvenir are an indie pop/electro-pop band formed in 1999 in Pamplona, Spain, who have released six studio albums.-History:Souvenir perform their songs in French, sung by Patricia de la Fuente, and mainly written by multi-instrumentalist J'aime Cristóbal

Souvenir (Kristy Thirsk album)
Souvenir is the full length debut album by Canadian singer/songwriter Kristy Thirsk. It was produced by Eric Rosse and released in 2003. It was later re-released via Maple Music with a bonus track.-Track listing:

Souvenir (Marlee Scott album)
Souvenir is the first studio album by Canadian country music singer Marlee Scott. The album was released by 306 Records on October 18, 2005.-Track listing:# "My Only Souvenir" – 2:59# "I Fall in Love Too Fast" – 3:29# "Track 3" – 3:27

Souvenir (Sestre album)
Souvenir is the only album to date by the Slovenian transvestite trio Sestre. Although there is a Discography section at the back of the album sleeve notes, this is only a joke and the group only have released this album as well as the "Samo Ljubezen" single.One notable thing about this album is that although it only features ten songs, each one is different in terms of style and

Souvenir (song)
"Souvenir" is a song written by Paul Humphreys and Martin Cooper of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark and released as the first single from their 1981 album Architecture & Morality

Souvenirs (John Prine album)
Souvenirs is an album by John Prine released in 2000. Originally intended for German-only release, the album consists of new performances of some of Prine's most popular early songs.-Reception:

Souvlaki or souvlakia is a popular Greek fast food consisting of small pieces of meat and sometimes vegetables grilled on a skewer. It may be served on the skewer for eating out of hand, in a pita sandwich with garnishes and sauces, or on a dinner plate, often with fried potatoes

-Acronyms and similar uses:*Soft output Viterbi algorithm*SOVA Center, a human rights NGO in Russia*Slovenska Obveščevalno-Varnostna Agencija, the Slovenian Intelligence and Security Agency*2647 Sova, a main-belt asteroid

A sovereign is the supreme lawmaking authority within its jurisdiction.Sovereign may also refer to:*Monarch, the sovereign of a monarchy*Sovereign Bank, banking institution in the United States*Sovereign

Sovereign (C. J. Sansom novel)
Sovereign, published in 2006, is a crime novel by British author C. J. Sansom. It is Sansom's fourth novel, and the third in the Shardlake series

Sovereign (game)
Sovereign was a Massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game developed by Sony Online Entertainment and cancelled in 2003. Various developers have tinkered with the idea of an MMORTS, but SOE's Sovereign got further than most in making it a reality

Sovereignty is the quality of having supreme, independent authority over a geographic area, such as a territory. It can be found in a power to rule and make law that rests on a political fact for which no purely legal explanation can be provided

Sow may refer to:* Sowing seed* Female animals: badger, bear, pig family* Shape in which metal is cast* Type of siege engine* River Sow, England* "Sow", a poem by Sylvia Plath* Sow , the band/spoken word project comprising Anna Wildsmith-People:

Sow (band)
Sow is the musical project of Anna Wildsmith. Raymond Watts, for a time Wildsmith's boyfriend, was also heavily involved in the production of the major releases.-Style:Most tracks are primarily spoken word supported by experimental industrial soundscapes.

Sowa (surname)
Sowa is a surname of Polish origin.- Etymology :The surname Sowa finds its origins as a literal unadulterated word in the Polish language. Polish name expert Prof. Kazimierz Rymut mentions this name in his book Nazwiska Polaków . Professor Rymut says the name appears in records as early as 1404 and comes from the noun 'sowa', which means 'owl'

Sowjet was a German monthly communist publication, edited by Paul Levi, printed in Berlin. The first issue was published July 1, 1919. Following Levi's expulsion from the Communist Party of Germany, the journal, from July 1, 1921, changed its orientation and was henceforth published under the name of Unser Weg

Soy (album)
Soy is a 1973 album by Julio Iglesias. A U.S. version was released in 1980.-Track listing:# Vivencias# En Una Ciudad Cualquiera# Soy# Minueto# Mi Amor Es Mas Joven Que Yo# Dieciseis Anos# Nina# Una Leyenda# Asi Nacemos# Vete Ya

Soy (Alejandra Guzman album)
Soy is the title of the tenth studio album released by Mexican singer Alejandra Guzmán. This album was the first produced by Desmond Child and was the winner of the 2002 Latin Grammy Award for "Best Rock Solo Vocal Album", being the first win and, to date, the only Latin Grammy won by the singer.The album yielded four singles: "De Verdad", "Diablo", "Volveré a Amar" and

Soy (Alejandra Guzmán album)
Soy is the title of the tenth studio album released by Mexican singer Alejandra Guzmán. This album was the first produced by Desmond Child and was the winner of the 2002 Latin Grammy Award for "Best Rock Solo Vocal Album", being the first win and, to date, the only Latin Grammy won by the singer.The album yielded four singles: "De Verdad", "Diablo", "Volveré a Amar" and

Soy (Cynthia album)
Soy is the debut CD Cynthia. It was released on June 26, 2006. Cynthia said that the album 'is to sing in the car, or in a den at home and the single 'Soy' is a way to go to the public and say that I accept'

Soy (disambiguation)
Soy is a species of legume native to East Asia.Soy may also refer to:* Soy sauce, a fermented sauce made from soybeans* Soy milk, a beverage made from soybeans* Soy protein, protein derived from soybeansIn music:

Soziologie is a book by Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy , German social philosopher, addressing the spatial and temporal influences on “human life, language and associations. To Rosenstock-Huessy, speech is central to sociology; sociology must recognize that speech is the concrete form of social reality.”Although it is Rosenstock-Huessy’s most systematic work

SP (TV series)
is a Japanese television drama based on the real life security police unit of Japan which is responsible for protecting domestic and foreign VIPs. The series script was written by famed GO author Kazuki Kaneshiro and marks his first time writing for a television drama.Two film adaptations of the series were be released in 2010 and 2011

Sp. or sp. may refer to:*Spanish language*Special*September* species, especially when the genus is known, but the species is uncertain or unspecified. * Spurius, the Roman praenomen. see: Spurius

SPA can refer to:* SPA , a 1990s British band-As an abbreviation:* Saddle point approximation, a term used in quantum field theory* Sales and Purchase Agreement, a legal term for selling a company

The term spa is associated with water treatment which is also known as balneotherapy. Spa towns or spa resorts typically offer various health treatments. The belief in the curative powers of mineral waters goes back to prehistoric times. Such practices have been popular worldwide, but are especially widespread in Europe and Japan

The term spa is associated with water treatment which is also known as balneotherapy. Spa towns or spa resorts typically offer various health treatments. The belief in the curative powers of mineral waters goes back to prehistoric times. Such practices have been popular worldwide, but are especially widespread in Europe and Japan

SPA (album)
SPA is the debut album from SPA and was released in 1997. The album was recorded over a three year period and is dedicated to the memory of American comedian Bill Hicks.-CD: NSKY CD004:# "Made in Heaven" – 6:58# "It Looks Like Rain" – 2:22

SPA (band)
SPA are a British band comprising Simon Toulson-Clarke, Phill Brown and Alastair Gavin. Toulson-Clarke and Gavin had previously worked together on the Red Box album Motive.SPA was an acronym of the names of its members - Simon, Phill and Alastair.

Spa (disambiguation)
A spa is a therapeutic water treatment, named after Spa, a municipality in BelgiumRelated terms:* A mineral spa* A destination spa or day spa* A hot tubSpa can also refer to:* A convenience store in parts of Massachusetts

The term SPACE can refer to:* SPACE, a Canadian science-fiction channel* The Society for Promotion of Alternative Computing and Employment* DSPACE, a term in computational complexity theory

Space (disambiguation)
Space is a three-dimensional framework in which we can sense direction and quantify distances between objects or points.Space or spacing may also refer to:-Science:* Outer space, the area beyond the limit of the Earth's atmosphere

Space (miniseries)
Space is a television mini-series created by CBS in 1985. It is based on a novel of the same name by James A. Michener published in 1982. The program is also called "James A. Michener's Space". Like the novel, the mini-series is a fictionalised history of the United States space program

Space Cadet
Space Cadet is a 1948 science fiction novel by Robert A. Heinlein about Matt Dodson, who joins the Space Patrol to help preserve peace in the Solar System. The story translates the standard military academy story into outer space: a boy from Iowa goes to officer school, sees action and adventure, shoulders responsibilities far beyond his experience, and becomes a man

Space Cadet (disambiguation)
Space Cadet is a 1948 science fiction novel by Robert A. Heinlein.Space Cadet may also refer to:* Tom Corbett, Space Cadet a 1950s TV series inspired by Heinlein's novel.

Space Flight (Sam Lazar album)
Space Flight is an album recorded by organist Sam Lazar on June 1, 1960 for Argo Records. This was Lazar's debut recording, and Green's second recording.- Track listing :# "Dig A Little Deeper" # "We Don't Know" # "Caramu"

Space probe
A space probe is a scientific space exploration mission in which a spacecraft leaves Earth and explores space. It may approach the Moon, enter interplanetary, flyby or orbit other bodies, or approach interstellar space

Space Race (album)
Space Race is an album by New Zealand New Wave music group Mi-Sex, released in 1980. It reached number one on the New Zealand albums chart, and spawned several singles, including the top 5 hit "People".

Space station
A space station is a spacecraft capable of supporting a crew which is designed to remain in space for an extended period of time, and to which other spacecraft can dock. A space station is distinguished from other spacecraft used for human spaceflight by its lack of major propulsion or landing facilities

Space suit (disambiguation)
Space suit may refer to:* Space suit, a system of garments for use in outer space* A song from They Might Be Giants' 1992 album Apollo 18

Space travel
Space travel can refer to:*Spaceflight, the use of space technology to fly a spacecraft into and through outer space, which may include:*Spacefaring, capability of and activity in the art of spaceborn travel.*Human spaceflight

Space Travel (video game)
Space Travel was an early computer game that simulated travel in the solar system. It was the development of this game that spurred the development of the Unix operating system. It is sometimes claimed that the unrelated game Spacewar! had led to the development of Unix

A spacecraft or spaceship is a craft or machine designed for spaceflight. Spacecraft are used for a variety of purposes, including communications, earth observation, meteorology, navigation, planetary exploration and transportation of humans and cargo.

Spaced Out
Spaced Out is a 2002 animated series, co-produced by Alphanim and Cartoon Network Europe, in association with several other companies and television networks

Spaceflight is the act of travelling into or through outer space. Spaceflight can occur with spacecraft which may, or may not, have humans on board. Examples of human spaceflight include the Russian Soyuz program, the U.S. Space shuttle program, as well as the ongoing International Space Station

Spaceflight (magazine)
Spaceflight is the monthly magazine of the British Interplanetary Society . It was first published in 1956, a year before the launch of Sputnik 1, and has been reporting on space exploration topics ever since.

Spaceman may refer to:* An astronaut/cosmonaut* Solway Firth Spaceman, an unexplained figure in a 1964 photograph* Spaceman, nickname of former baseball player Bill Lee* The Spaceman, nickname of snooker player Dominic Dale- Music :

Spaceman (song)
"Spaceman" is a song by British singer-songwriter Jas Mann, of Babylon Zoo. Known for its heavily distorted guitars and metallic, robotic-sounding vocals, it went straight to Number 1 on the UK singles chart on 21 January 1996, selling 418,000 copies in the first week of release

Spaceport (Seacombe)
Spaceport is a tourist attraction in Seacombe, Wallasey, Merseyside, North West England. The attraction's main topic of interest is space and space travel suited to visitors aged 7 or older

Spaces may refer to:* Windows Live Spaces, the next generation of MSN Spaces.* Spaces , a virtual desktop manager implemented in Mac OS X Leopard* Gaps, a solitaire card game*Spaces, a 1974 album by Larry Coryell

Spaceship can refer to:* Another name for a spacecraft* An Unidentified flr5tyqertaerying object * "Spaceship", a song by Puddle of Mudd from their album Vol

SpaceTimeSpaceTime is trademarked by SpaceTime3D, Inc.: and is also patented by SpaceTime3D, Inc. : is a 3D graphical user interface that displays web pages in a 3d tabbed stack

Spacewalk (software)
Spacewalk is open source systems management software developed by Red Hat. It is the upstream version of the RHN Satellite Server, which was open sourced in 2008. Spacewalk includes the web interface and back-end, as well as RHN Proxy Server and associated client software of Satellite and makes them available to users and developers under a free and open source software license

A spade is a tool designed primarily for the purpose of digging or removing earth. Early spades were made of riven wood. After the art of metalworking was discovered, spades were made with sharper tips of metal. Before the advent of metal spades manual labor was less efficient at moving earth, with picks being required to break up the soil in addition to a spade for moving the dirt

A spadea or spadia is a separately printed, unbound broadsheet that is folded around a newspaper or other periodical, or around one of its sections, appearing as a partial page or flap over the front and back.

Spades is a partnership trick-taking card game devised in the United States in the 1930s, in which the object is for each pair or partnership to take at least the number of tricks they bid on before play began. Spades is a descendant of the Whist family of card games, which also includes Bridge, Hearts, and Oh, Hell

Spadework is a novel by Canadian writer Timothy Findley set in the theater world of Stratford, Ontario. It was first published in Canada by HarperCollins Publishers in 2001.-Plot introduction:

Spaghetti (film)
Spaghetti is a 1916 silent comedy film featuring Oliver Hardy.-Cast:* Oliver Hardy - Plump * Billy Ruge - Runt* Ray Godfrey - Cashier* Bert Tracy - Waiter* Harry Burns - Chef* Joe Cohen - Customer

Spagna (Rome Metro)
Spagna is an underground station on Line A of the Rome Metro, which was inaugurated in 1980. It is situated in the Campus Martius and is named after the nearby Piazza di Spagna.

Spagnola is an American surname, and may refer to:* John Spagnola , former professional American football tight end* Mickey Spagnola , American sportswriter

Spagnolo is an Italian surname, literally meaning "Spanish", and may refer to:* Duilio Spagnolo , Italian boxer* Giovani Spagnolo , Brazilian computer scientist