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Slovo is a British electronic band started by guitarist Dave Randall. The group's first album "nommo" was released in 2002 and their second and latest album, Todo Cambia, was released on September 17, 2007.

Speed is a property of moving bodiesSlow or Slowness may also refer to:* Slow , a 1980s Canadian band* Slow , Finnish producer and DJ* "Slow" , a 2003 song by Kylie Minogue* Slow

Slow (Producer & DJ)
Slow or DJ Slow is a Finnish DJ and music producer. His first encounters with hip hop acts such as Run-DMC, Public Enemy and Eric B & Rakim led him to pursue career in DJing, later making music and remixing others tracks

Slow Down
"Slow Down" is a 24-bar blues written and performed by Larry Williams. Released as a single in 1958, it was a rhythm and blues hit that influenced the growing Rock & Roll movement of the time. It was released as a 7" single

Slow Down
Slow Down or slowdown may refer to:* Slowdown, an industrial action* Slow Down , a sound recorded in the Pacific Ocean* West End Slowdown, an annual charity Australian rules football game in Adelaide, South Australia

Slow Down (album)
Slow Down is the third studio album by blues artist Keb' Mo' released in August 1998. In 1999, Slow Down won Keb' Mo' his second Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album

Slow Down (unidentified sound)
Slow Down is a sound recorded on May 19, 1997, in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The source of the sound remains unknown.-Analysis:

Slow motion (disambiguation)
Slow Motion may refer to:* Slow motion, a filmmaking effect* Slow Motion , a 1980 film by Jean-Luc Godard* Slow Motion * Slow Motion , or the title song

Slow Motion (Third Eye Blind song)
"Slow Motion" is a song by the American rock band Third Eye Blind and an instrumental edited version was featured on their second album Blue.-Song information:

Slowdown (venue)
Slowdown is an entertainment venue located at 729 North 14 Street in NoDo, a new development near the Near North Side neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska. A combination of a live music venue, shops, restaurants and apartments, the venue was developed by Saddle Creek Records as a direct competitor to the Sokol Auditorium in Little Bohemia

Slowly is an EP by UK musician Tom Fox.-Track listing:#Slowly#Spectre's Lament#Sensitivity#Don't Listen#Morning Serenade

Slowness (novel)
Slowness , published in 1995 in France, is a novel written in French by Milan Kundera. In the book, Kundera manages to weave together a number of plot lines, characters and themes in just over 150 pages

Slowpoke may refer to:*Slowpoke , a fictional species of creatures in Pokémon media*SLOWPOKE reactor, a nuclear research reactor*Slowpoke , a band from Dallas, Texas, who have worked with the Toadies*Slowpoke

Sludge refers to the residual, semi-solid material left from industrial wastewater, or sewage treatment processes. It can also refer to the settled suspension obtained from conventional drinking water treatment, and numerous other industrial processes

Sludge (film)
Sludge is a 2005 documentary film by Appalshop filmmaker Robert Salyer chronicling the Martin County Sludge Spill that was an accident that occurred after midnight on October 11, 2000 when a coal sludge impoundment in Martin County, Kentucky, broke through an underground mine below, propelling 306 million gallons of sludge down two tributaries of the Tug Fork River

Slug (coin)
A slug is a counterfeit coin that is used to make illegal purchases from a coin-operated device, such as a vending machine, pay phone, parking meter, transit farebox, copy machine, coin laundry, gaming machine, or arcade game

Slug (production)
In newspaper editing, a slug is a short name given to an article that is in production. The story is labeled with its slug as it makes its way from the reporter through the editorial process

Slugfest may refer to:* A baseball game in which many hits and runs are made.* A fight match characterized by much heavy punching.* A Camp Lazlo television series episode..* Ken Griffey Jr's Slugfest, a baseball game for the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color.

A sluice is a water channel that is controlled at its head by a gate . For example, a millrace is a sluice that channels water toward a water mill

Slur can mean:*Pejorative, any term of disparagement.*Slur , unclear or abnormal enunciation.*Slur , a symbol in Western musical notation indicating that the notes it embraces are to be played legato .

A slurry is, in general, a thick suspension of solids in a liquid.-Examples of slurries:Examples of slurries include:* Lahars* A mixture of water and cement to form concrete* A mixture of water, gelling agent, and oxidizers used as an explosive

Slush can mean any of the following:* Slush — a slurry mixture of liquid and solid forms of water.* Slush — a pejorative and slang combination of the likewise derogatory terms slut and lush

Slut or slattern is a pejorative term applied to an individual who is considered to have loose sexual morals or who is sexually promiscuous

Slut (disambiguation)
Slut is a pejorative term for a person who is deemed sexually promiscuous.Slut may also refer to:* Slut , a German indie rock band* Slut , a J. G

Slutsky is a surname derived from Slutsk and may refer to one of the following:* Abram Slutsky , Jewish Ukrainian Soviet head of the foreign intelligence service * Allan Slutsky, known as "Dr

-People:* Sly Stone , American musician and frontman for Sly & the Family Stone* Sylvester Stallone , American actor* Sly Bailey , British businesswoman, chief executive of Trinity Mirror, UK's largest newspaper publisher, and non-executive director of EMI* Sly Dunbar , Jamaican drummer* Sylvain Grenier , Canadian wrestler* Harold Sly

Sly (song)
"Sly" is a song by The Cat Empire, and was the first single taken from their 2005 album, Two Shoes. It peaked at #23 in the Australian singles chart. The song appears on EA Games' FIFA 08.

- Organizations :* SM Supermalls, a chain of shopping malls in the Philippines* S.M. Entertainment, a South Korean talent agency, classidal music, dance* SM Prime Holdings, a Philippine retail operator* Savoia-Marchetti, an Italian aircraft company

SM (plotting)
SM is an interactive plotting program written by Robert Lupton and Patricia Monger. SM has its own command language. It is possible to write macros. The plot is executed as a sequence of commands. The SM code is particularly popular in the astrophysics community. SM is based on the Mongo plotting package developed in the early 1980s by John L. Tonry

Smack may refer to:* Slap, a broad stroke made with the open hand* Spanking, a form of corporal punishment* Heroin, a narcotic drug* Smack , a small decked or half-decked vessel

Smack may refer to:* Slap, a broad stroke made with the open hand* Spanking, a form of corporal punishment* Heroin, a narcotic drug* Smack , a small decked or half-decked vessel

Smack (Finnish band)
Smack was a Finnish band, which was active 1982-1990. The band's original line-up consisted of singer Claude, guitarists Kartsa and Manchuria, bassist Cheri and drummer Kinde.-Discography:* Smack On You

Small may refer to:People:* Albion Woodbury Small , founded the first Department of Sociology in the United States at the University of Chicago* Ambrose Small , Canadian theatre magnate

SMALL, Small Machine Algol Like Language, is a programming language developed by Dr. Nevil Brownlee of Auckland University.-History:The aim of the language was to enable people to write ALGOL-like code that ran on a small machine

Small caps
In typography, small capitals are uppercase characters set at the same height and weight as surrounding lowercase letters or text figures

Small Change
Small Change is an album by Tom Waits, released in 1976 on Asylum Records. It was recorded in July 1976.-Production:Small Change was recorded, direct to 2-track stereo tape, July 15,19,20,21, and 29, 1976 at the Wally Heider Recording Studio, in Hollywood, USA under the production of Bones Howe.-Music:The album featured famed drummer Shelly Manne, and was, like Waits'

Small Hours
Small Hours is the current late night radio show hosted by Donal Dineen on Today FM. It commenced broadcasting in 2004, following the seven-year tenure of Here Comes the Night

Small talk
Small talk, Small Talk or Smalltalk may refer to:*Small talk , an informal type of conversation*Smalltalk, a computer programming language-Film and television:*Small Talk , a 1929 Our Gang short comedy film

Small Talk
Small Talk was an American game show hosted by comedian Wil Shriner and produced by Reg Grundy Productions that aired on The Family Channel from September 30, 1996 to January 3, 1997

Small Talk (UK game show)
Small Talk is a BBC One game show that aired from 24 July 1994 to 18 December 1996 and it was hosted by The Two Ronnies star and Sorry! actor Ronnie Corbett.-Rounds 1 and 2:

Small-billed Tinamou
The Small-billed Tinamou Crypturellus parvirostris is a type of Tinamou commonly found in dry savanna in Amazonian South America.-Description:

Smallpox was an infectious disease unique to humans, caused by either of two virus variants, Variola major and Variola minor. The disease is also known by the Latin names Variola or Variola vera, which is a derivative of the Latin varius, meaning "spotted", or varus, meaning "pimple"

Smart is another word for intelligence.Smart or SMART may also refer to:People:*Christopher Smart, English poet*Amy Smart, American actress and former fashion model*Elizabeth Smart:

SMart was a British CBBC television programme based on the subject of art, which began in 1994. The programme was recorded at BBC Television Centre in London, previously it had been recorded in Studio A at BBC Pebble Mill in Birmingham. The format is similar to the Tony Hart programmes Take Hart and Hartbeat

SMART (advertising agency)
SMART is an independent Australian and New Zealand advertising agency with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland and Auckland. Launched in 2000 as a boutique creative agency, the business has been described by as "one of the best known independent advertising agency success stories" in Australia.- A "non-traditional" creative agency :SMART was established by a group of

Smart (album)
-Track listing:All tracks written by Louise Wener, unless stated otherwise.#"Inbetweener" - 3:18#"Swallow" - 2:42#"Delicious" - 3:01#"Hunch" - 3:38#"Amuse" - 2:09#"Bedhead" - 3:00#"Lady Love Your Countryside" - 2:40#"Vegas" - 3:14

SMART (Northern Irish Business Grant)
The Small Firms Merit Award for Research and Technology programme in Northern Ireland gives funding and assistance to individuals and small businesses for research in the field of innovation.-Structure of Invest Northern Ireland:

SMART (Scottish Business Grant)
SMART: SCOTLAND is a high profile innovation support grant scheme in Scotland aimed at small and medium-sized firms. It supports commercially viable projects which represent a significant technological advance for the UK sector or industry concerned.

Smart card
A smart card, chip card, or integrated circuit card , is any pocket-sized card with embedded integrated circuits. A smart card or microprocessor cards contain volatile memory and microprocessor components. The card is made of plastic, generally polyvinyl chloride, but sometimes acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or polycarbonate

Smart casual
Smart casual is a loosely defined dress code, casual, yet "smart" enough to conform to the particular standards of certain Western social groups.

Smart Casual (album)
Smart Casual is the debut album from Kids in Glass Houses, recorded during late 2007 at Long Wave Studios with Romesh Dodangoda. The album contains songs the band have written since the release of their five-track EP "E-Pocalypse!", and also three tracks from the EP.The lead single from the album is "Easy Tiger" and was released on 10 March 2008

Smarty Pants
Reactions to Smarty Pants were mixed, with reviewers being pleased with the actual trivia content but questioning the presentation and value. The GameSpot review summarized this sentiment as "It's bare-bones as far as console-based trivia games go, and at $50 it's a good $30 too expensive, but it's still a fun game to break out with groups of friends." The IGN review agreed that the title

Smash may refer to:*Smash! , a British comic of the 1960s* Smash Variety show starring Olivier Guimond and Denis Drouin, co-starring "the Smashettes" Patsy Gallant, Christine Charbonneau, Renée Claude, France Castel, Christyne Chartrand, ,Ranee Lee and Diane Dufresne.*Smash , the name given on an American

Smash (company)
Started in October, 2005, SMASH is a clothing store and screenprinting/design shop that has played a critical role in the revitalization of downtown Des Moines, Iowa

Smash (Music promoters)
Smash, also known as Smash Japan is a Japanese rock music concert and festival promoter. Smash has its headquarters in Tokyo, with offices in Osaka and London

Smash hit
Smash hit may refer to:* An overwhelming success, especially in entertainment industry* An anime series, Hit o Nerae!

Smashed is a critically acclaimed memoir written in 2005 by American writer Koren Zailckas and published by Viking Press. The book has spent more than 10 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list.-About:

Smear (cards)
Smear is a North-American trick-taking card game of the All Fours group, and a variant of Pitch . Several slightly different versions are played in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and also in Ontario, Canada.It is highly likely that the name is related to the German word schmieren, which is used in point-trick games such

Smegma is a combination of exfoliated epithelial cells, transudated skin oils, and moisture. It occurs in both female and male mammalian genitalia.-Human smegma:Both females and males produce smegma

Smegma (band)
Smegma is an American experimental noise group formed in Pasadena, California in 1973 and currently based in Portland, Oregon. Originally part of the Los Angeles Free Music Society movement of the 1970s, Smegma is one of the few music collectives of that era still active today. Author Richard Meltzer became their vocalist in the late 1990s

Smell may refer to:* Olfaction, sense of smell, the ability of humans and other animals to perceive odors* Odor, the percept resultant from the sense of smell

Smelling salts
Smelling salts, also known as spirit of hartshorn or sal volatile, are chemical compounds used for arousing consciousness. The usual active compound is ammonium carbonate, a colorless-to-white, crystalline solid

Smet is a surname, and may refer to:* Eugenia Smet , founder of the Society of Helpers of the Holy Souls* Henrich Smet , Court physician and humanist* Kathleen Smet , Belgian triathlete

Smetana is a Slavic loanword in English for a dairy product that is produced by souring heavy cream. Smetana is from Central and Eastern Europe, sometimes perceived to be specifically of Russian origin. It is a soured cream product like crème fraîche , but nowadays mainly sold with 15% to 30% milkfat, more sour in taste than crème fraîche

The Smew is a small duck, which is somewhat intermediate between the typical mergansers and the goldeneyes . It is the only member of the genus Mergellus; sometimes included in Mergus, this genus is distinct and might actually be a bit closer to the goldeneyes