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Silver Bullet
A silver bullet is a method to kill mythical creatures such as werewolves or a metaphor for any solution of extreme effectiveness.Silver Bullet may also refer to:* Silver Bullet , a 1985 American film based on a Stephen King novella

Silver Bullet (Knott's Berry Farm)
Silver Bullet is a Bolliger and Mabillard inverted roller coaster located at Knott's Berry Farm, an amusement park in Buena Park, California. Currently, it is the longest inverted coaster on the west coast with of track. The ride lasts 2 minutes and 9 seconds. It features 6 inversions including a vertical loop, cobra roll, zero-g roll, and two wingovers just before the final helix

Silver Bullet (Sunbeam land speed record car)
- Unsuccessful record attempts :Competition for the land speed record in between Segrave's Golden Arrow and Malcolm Campbell's new Blue Bird was fierce, so the car was built quickly, working around the clock in shifts

Silver Fox
Silver Fox is a fictional character, a human in the Marvel Comics universe.- Fictional character biography :Silver Fox is a lover of Wolverine who first appeared in Wolverine vol.2 #10, where she is killed by Sabretooth

Silver Jubilee
A Silver Jubilee is a celebration held to mark a 25th anniversary. The anniversary celebrations can be of a wedding anniversary, ruling anniversary or anything that has completed a 25 year mark

Silver Jubilee (Riders in the Sky album)
Silver Jubilee is a compilation recording released by the Western band Riders in the Sky in 2003.Riders in the Sky brought their 25th anniversary year to a grand finale with Silver Jubilee, a 2-CD set of new recordings of their best-loved songs — along with a bonus live mini-concert.Longtime favorites "Compadres In The Old Sierra Madres," "Here Comes The Santa Fe," "The Biscuit

Silver lining
A silver lining is a metaphor for optimism in the common English-language idiom "Every cloud has a silver lining."- Origin :The origin of the phrase is traced to John Milton's "Comus" with the lines,

Silver Lining (Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode)
"Silver Lining" is a fourth season episode of the television series Law & Order: Criminal Intent.-Plot summary:In this episode, a female antique appraiser is found dead in a park, and Detectives Goren and Eames link the murder to silverware thefts.

Silver screen
A silver screen, also known as a silver lenticular screen, is a type of projection screen that was popular in the early years of the motion picture industry and passed into popular usage as a metonym for the cinema industry

Silver Screen
Silver Screen Cinemas was a multiplex cinema operator in Poland. In February 2008 it was announced that Silver Screen will merge with its rival Multikino. Since then all Silver Screen cinemas have been converted to Multikino brand, except a single one based in Łódź

Silver Screen (novel)
Silver Screen is an English language science fiction novel by Justina Robson, first published by Macmillan in 1999. It features Anjuli O'Connell, employed as a psychologist to monitor an Artificial Intelligence named 901. She has a photographic memory and perfect recall. The story concerns events following the death of Roy Croft, Anjuli's colleague and friend

Silver Surfer (disambiguation)
Silver Surfer may refer to:* Silver Surfer, a comic book character* Silver Surfer , a number of eponymous series from Marvel Comics* Silver Surfer , a television series based on the character.

Silverfish (disambiguation)
Silverfish often refers to:*Silverfish, a wingless insect in the order Thysanura*Silver Fish Award, a Girl Scout awardSilverfish may also refer to:In other insects:

Silversun Pickups
Silversun Pickups is an alternative rock band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 2002. The band comprises Brian Aubert, Nikki Monninger, Christopher Guanlao, and Joe Lester.

Silverware may refer to:* Household silver or silverware, including dishware, cutlery, flatware, and candlesticks, made of sterling, Britannia or Sheffield plate silver, or a silver-plated base metal, or stainless steel

Silverwing (series)
The Silverwing Book Series is a series of books by Kenneth Oppel featuring the adventures of Shade, a young bat.-Synopsis:When Shade Silverwing breaks an age-old law, looking at the sun, the owls burn down his beloved Tree Haven. They go to Hibernaculum where they rest for the winter. Along the way, he meets Marina Brightwing who helps him throughout the series

Silverwing (series)
The Silverwing Book Series is a series of books by Kenneth Oppel featuring the adventures of Shade, a young bat.-Synopsis:When Shade Silverwing breaks an age-old law, looking at the sun, the owls burn down his beloved Tree Haven. They go to Hibernaculum where they rest for the winter. Along the way, he meets Marina Brightwing who helps him throughout the series

Silvery are a London-based 4-piece indie rock band, signed to Blow Up Records . Their sound was best described by Journalist David Quantick in The Word as “Splenetic, frenetic, kinetic” and in NME as “Girlie harmonies, sniggering, fairground piano..

Silvery-cheeked Antshrike
The Silvery-cheeked Antshrike is a species of bird in the Thamnophilidae family, the antbirds. It is endemic to Brazil. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical dry forests and subtropical or tropical dry shrubland.

Silvia is an Italian female given name of Latin origin, with English-language cognate Sylvia.Silvia is the Roman goddess of the forest and the moon, the sister of Romei, who is greatly trusted as her husband.

Silviculture is the practice of controlling the establishment, growth, composition, health, and quality of forests to meet diverse needs and values. The name comes from the Latin silvi- + culture

Silvio is an Italian and Portuguese male name and may refer to:- People :* Silvio Benedetto, Italian-Argentine painter, muralist, and theatre director

Silvius (mythology)
In Roman mythology, Silvius was either the son of Aeneas and Lavinia or the son of Ascanius. He succeeded Ascanius as King of Alba Longa.According to the former tradition, upon the death of Aeneas, Lavinia is said to have hidden in a forest from the fear that Ascanius would harm the child

Sim (album)
Sim is the third album by Brazilian singer-songwriter Vanessa da Mata, released on May 28, 2007 by Sony BMG. It was partially recorded at Kingston, Jamaica with musicians Sly & Robbie. It spawned the hit single "Boa Sorte/Good Luck", a duet with Ben Harper, which peaked at number-one in both Brazil and Portugal, and was the third song most played in Brazilian radio stations in 2007

Sim (Korean name)
Sim or Shim is a Korean surname. There are six Shim clans in Korea based on six different regions. such as Cheongsong, Pungsan, Samcheok, Buyu, Uiryeong, and Jeonju. The biggest Sim clan is Cheongsong; they comprise about 85% of the all those with the surname Shim. Fourteen percent of all Korean Shims are members of the Pungsan and Samcheok clans

Sima (architecture)
In classical architecture, a sima is the upturned edge of a roof which acts as a gutter. Sima comes from the Greek simos, meaning bent upwards.- Form :

Sima (given name)
Sima is a feminine name in use in India meaning "boundary, limit." It is also spelled Seema.

Sima (surname)
Sima is a Chinese family name. Unlike most single-character Chinese family names, it is one of the rare two-character family names. It is an occupation name, literally meaning "control" "horses" . The surname originated from one of the offices of the Three Excellencies of the Zhou Dynasty

A simar, as defined in the 1913 Webster's Dictionary, is "a woman's long dress or robe; also light covering; a scarf." The word is derived from French simarre, and is also written as cimar, cymar, samare, and simare.

The Simaroubaceae is a small, mostly tropical, family in the order Sapindales. In recent decades it has been subject to much taxonomic debate, with several small families being split off

Simazine is a herbicide of the triazine class. The compound is used to control broad-leaved weeds and annual grasses.-Physical properties:* Water solubility: 5 mg/L at 20 °C

Simba (APC)
The Simba is a wheeled armoured personnel carrier. It was designed by GKN Sangkey and is currently in service with the Philippine Army

Simeon, or Shimon is a given name, from the Hebrew , ). In Greek, it is written Συμεών, hence the Latinized spelling Symeon.-Meaning:

The simians are the "higher primates" familiar to most people: the Old World monkeys and apes, including humans, , and the New World monkeys or platyrrhines. Simians tend to be larger than the "lower primates" or prosimians.- Classification and evolution :The simians are split into three groups

Simian (disambiguation)
Simian refers to the infraorder Simiiformes, the higher primates: the monkeys and the apes, including humans.Simian may also refer to:*Simian , an English electro-rock band

-Specific definitions:Different fields provide differing definitions of similarity:-In computer science:* string metric, aka string similarity* semantic similarity in computational linguistics-In other fields:

A simile is a figure of speech that directly compares two different things, usually by employing the words "like", "as". Even though both similes and metaphors are forms of comparison, similes indirectly compare the two ideas and allow them to remain distinct in spite of their similarities, whereas metaphors compare two things directly

SIMILE is a joint research project run by the World Wide Web Consortium , Massachusetts Institute of Technology Libraries and CSAIL and funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Simile (disambiguation)
A simile is a figure of speech making an explicit comparison.Simile or Similes may also refer to:* SIMILE, project to develop Semantic Web tools* Simile , also known as Etap and MetaPHOR, Windows virus released in March 2002

Similitude may refer to:*"Similitude" , an episode of the television series Star Trek: Enterprise* Similitude , a concept in Euclidean geometry* Similitude , a concept used in the testing of engineering models

Simon is a common name, from Hebrew meaning "He who has heard/hears [the word of God]".Simon may also refer to:-Names:* Simon , including a list of people with the given name Simon

Simon (1980 film)
Simon is a 1980 American comedy film. It was directed by Marshall Brickman and stars Alan Arkin.- Plot summary :The Institute for Advanced Concepts, a group of scientists with an unlimited budget and a propensity for elaborate pranks, brainwash a psychology professor named Simon Mendelssohn who was abandoned at birth and manage to convince him, and the rest of the world, that he is

Simon (Gurren Lagann)
is the central protagonist of the anime and manga series, Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann. He begins the story as a short, unassuming and lonely young boy, but grows up to be a tall, commanding and well-loved young man. To many more, he is a legendary hero who overcomes impossible odds and great personal adversity for the good of mankind

Simone (singer)
Simone Egeriis is a Danish pop singer. She is famous in Denmark after winning the Danish TV talent show Scenen er din in the category Junior Singing. She has since released three studio albums - her debut was called Vindens Farver or Colours of the Wind, the song from Disney's Pocahontas, with which she won Scenen er Din

Simony is the act of paying for sacraments and consequently for holy offices or for positions in the hierarchy of a church, named after Simon Magus , who appears in the Acts of the Apostles 8:9-24

Simoom is a strong, dry, dust-laden local wind that blows in the Sahara, Palestine, Israel, Jordan, Syria, and the deserts of Arabian Peninsula. Alternative spellings include samiel, sameyel, samoon, samun, simoun, and simoon

Simpatico (D-A-D album)
Simpatico is an album by Danish rock band D-A-D. The album was released in 1997, to mixed reviews.-Track listing:#"Empty Heads" – 4:20#"Simpatico" – 3:12#"Home Alone 4" – 3:45#"Cloudy Hours" – 3:59

Simpatico (disambiguation)
Simpatico may refer to:*Simpatico *Simpático an album by Gábor Szabó and Gary McFarland

Simpatico (Suzy Bogguss and Chet Atkins album)
- History :Atkins and Bogguss were nominated for the 1996 Grammy award for Best Country & Western Vocal Collaboration but did not win.-Track listing:

SIMPLE, the Session Initiation Protocol for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions, is an instant messaging and presence protocol suite based on Session Initiation Protocol managed by the IETF

Simple may refer to:- Technology :*SIMPLE, an instant messaging protocol*SiMPLE, a programming development system*SIMPLE algorithm, a widely used numerical procedure

SiMPLE is a programming development system that was created to provide easy programming capabilities for everybody, especially non-professionals.- History :

Simple (Andy Yorke album)
Simple is the debut solo album by Oxford singer-songwriter Andy Yorke, released in 2008.-Track listing:# "Simple" - 3:51# "Found the Road" - 3:13# "Twist of the Knife" - 3:34# "Rise and Fall" - 3:36# "Diamant" - 3:50# "One in a Million" - 4:16

Simple machine
A simple machine is a mechanical device that changes the direction or magnitude of a force.In general, they can be defined as the simplest mechanisms that use mechanical advantage to multiply force. A simple machine uses a single applied force to do work against a single load force

Simplemente may refer to:*Simplemente , a 2001 album by Chayanne*Simplemente , a 1984 album by El Tri*Simplemente Amigos , album by Myriam Montemayor Cruz

Simplemente (Chayanne album)
Simplemente is the tenth album by Puerto Rican singer Chayanne. It was released by Sony on October 3, 2000 .On February 6, 2001, this album was released with two bonus tracks.

Simpleton may refer to:* Simpleton , a generic character in folklore* Simpleton , 1990s Jamaican reggae artist* Simpleton , a pre-Columbian culture of Chile

Simpleton (reggae artist)
Simpleton was a Jamaican reggae DJ whose claim to fame was the 1992 hit single,"Coca Cola Bottle Shape."-Biography:

In geometry, a simplex is a generalization of the notion of a triangle or tetrahedron to arbitrary dimension. Specifically, an n-simplex is an n-dimensional polytope which is the convex hull of its n + 1 vertices. For example, a 2-simplex is a triangle, a 3-simplex is a tetrahedron, and a 4-simplex is a pentachoron

Simplexity is an emerging theory that proposes a possible complementary relationship between complexity and simplicity. The term draws from General Systems Theory, Dialectics and Design

Simplicity is the state or quality of being simple. It usually relates to the burden which a thing puts on someone trying to explain or understand it. Something which is easy to understand or explain is simple, in contrast to something complicated

Simplicity (disambiguation)
Simplicity is the property, condition, or quality of being simple or un-combined.Simplicity may also refer to:* Simplicity , a 1981 album by Tim Curry* Simplicity , a photographic technique

-Places:Antarctica*Simpson Peak Australia*Simpson DesertCanada*Simpson, Saskatchewan*Simpson Pass, a mountain pass on the British Columbia-Alberta boundary

Simpson (name)
Simpson is an English patronymic surname from the medieval masculine given name 'Simme'. The earliest public record of the name was in 1353 in Staffordshire, West Midlands region of England.- A :*Aaron Simpson, Publisher*Adam Simpson, AFL footballer

The simsimiyya is a traditional plucked lyre used in Egypt, Jordan and Yemen.It is mostly used by Bedouins as a social instrument. In Egypt it is traditionally used to accompany a dance called bambutiyya, as well as among the musicians called suhbagiyya, in the cities of Port Said and Ismailiyya.-References:*Shiloah, Amnon. "The Simsimiyya: A Stringed Instrument of