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The shamrock is a three-leafed old white clover. It is known as a symbol of Ireland. The name shamrock is derived from Irish , which is the diminutive version of the Irish word for clover .

Shamrock (comics)
Shamrock is a fictional comic book superhero appearing in books published by Marvel Comics.-Publication history:Shamrock first appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes: Contest of Champions #1 . She also appeared in issues #2-3 of the series .The character subsequently appeared in The Incredible Hulk Vol

Shamrock (single)
Shamrock was the fifth single released by the Japanese rock band, Uverworld. It was released on August 2, 2006. The limited pressing of the single has a DVD containing the video digest of their live performance from their Timeless Tour @ Shibuya-AX. It reached number six on the Oricon charts and sold approximately 97,091 copies

Shamrock (yacht)
Shamrock was the unsuccessful Irish challenger for the 10th America's Cup in 1899 against the United States defender, Columbia.-Design:Shamrock was designed by third-generation Scottish boatbuilder, William Fife III, Jr., and built in 1898 by J

Shamus may refer to:* a slang term for a private investigator** Shamus , a 1980s computer game** Shamus , a 1973 film starring Burt Reynolds** Shamus Award, for best detective fiction

Shan (surname)
Shan is another rare Chinese surname of the same pronunciation but has a different character. The origin of this surname is not clear. One explanation is that it came from Shan County in Shandong province

Shana may refer to:*Shana *Shana Locations* Kurilsk, called Shana when it was under Japanese rule* Shana, several towns and a clan during the Japanese administration of the Kuril IslandsFictional uses

Shana (singer)
Shana was raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is an American singer.Shana released an album in 1989 entitled I Want You on Vision Records, which peaked at #165 on the Billboard Top 200. The album yielded two U.S

Shandy, or shandygaff, is normally a beer mixed with citrus-flavored soda, carbonated lemonade, ginger beer, ginger ale, or cider. The proportions of the two ingredients are adjusted to taste, normally half-and-half. There are also non-alcoholic shandy mixes known as “rock shandies”

Shane (name)
Shane is a masculine given name. It is an Anglicised version of the Irish name Seán, which itself is an Irish derivative of the name John. Shane comes from the way the name Seán is pronounced in the Ulster dialect of the Irish language, as opposed to Shaun or Shawn.Shane is also a popular surname with the prefix "Mc", "Mac", or "O'", to form Anglicized Irish surname

Shanghai is the largest city by population in China and the largest city proper in the world. It is one of the four province-level municipalities in the People's Republic of China, with a total population of over 23 million as of 2010

Shanghai (2008 film)
Shanghai is a mystery thriller film directed by Mikael Håfström, starring John Cusack and Gong Li. The film was first released to cinemas in China on June 17, 2010.-Plot:

Shanghai (film)
Shanghai is a 1935 film distributed by Paramount Pictures, directed by James Flood. The film stars Loretta Young and Charles Boyer.-Cast:*Loretta Young as Barbara Howard*Charles Boyer as Dimitri Koslov*Warner Oland as Ambassador Lun Sing

Shanghaied (1915 film)
Shanghaied is a 1915 American comedy silent film made by Essanay Studios starring Charlie Chaplin.-Synopsis:A shipowner intends to scuttle his ship on its last voyage to get the insurance money. Charlie, a tramp in love with the owner's daughter, is grabbed by the captain and promises to help him shanghai some seamen. The daughter stows away to follow Charlie

Shani (disambiguation)
Shani may be:*Śani, one of the Navagraha*Seni, one of the Navagraha*a Pakistani toponym:**Shani Peak is a mountain in the south of Naltar Pass in the Gilgit District of Northern Areas of Pakistan

Shank is the lower part of the leg; shin.It may also refer to:* Shank , a cut of meat * Shank , an action game* Shank , An LGBT based film* Shank , a thriller set in futuristic London

Shank (footwear)
In a boot or shoe, the shank is a part of the supportive structure between the insole and outsole. The presence of a shank is crucial to the functionality of mountaineering boots as they diminish the load incurred by the wearer’s feet and calves over the course of an ascent

Shank (meat)
A meat shank or shin is the portion of meat around the tibia of the animal, the leg bone beneath the knee.Lamb shanks are often braised whole; veal shanks are typically cross-cut.Some dishes made using shank include:

Shannon is a Gaelic unisex given name. Alternative spellings include Shannen, Shanon, Shannan, Seanan and Siannon. Some variants of the name are Shan, Shania, Shana, Shanna and Shane.- Origin and meaning :

- In Ireland :* River Shannon - Ireland** Shannon Cave - a subterranean section of the River Shannon** Shannon Pot - source of the River Shannon* Shannon, County Clare - Ireland, a town near Shannon Airport* Shannon Airport - Ireland

Shanty may refer to:* Ice shanty, a portable shed placed on a frozen lake* Sea shanty, shipboard working songs* Shanty Hogan , Major League Baseball catcher* Shanty town, unit of irregular, low-cost dwellings

Shumai, also called pork dumplings, is a traditional Chinese dumpling served in dim sum.-Popular Chinese varieties:In the Qing Dynasty, the fillings varied by season: spring- garlic chives, summer- mutton and pumpkin, autumn- crab meat, winter- mixed seafood.Many varieties have been created as the shaomai was gradually introduced to all provinces, where it was adapted to the

The shape of an object located in some space is a geometrical description of the part of that space occupied by the object, as determined by its external boundary – abstracting from location and orientation in space, size, and other properties such as colour, content, and material composition.Mathematician and statistician David George Kendall writes:In this paper ‘shape’ is

Shape (disambiguation)
Shape is the characteristic surface configuration of a thing; an outline or contour.Shape or The Shape may also refer to:* Shape , positional qualities of a group of stones in the game of Go

Shape (Go)
In the game of Go, shape describes the positional qualities of a group of stones. Descriptions of shapes in go revolve around how well a group creates or removes life and territory. Good shape can refer to the efficient use of stones in outlining territory, the strength of a group in a prospective fight, or making eye shapes so that a group may live

Shapeless is a remix album by Buck-Tick, released on August 24, 1994. All songs were remixed by foreign artists, and some song titles are translated into English

Shaper (surfboard)
A shaper is someone who builds and designs surfboards by hand. Originally made from wood, most modern surfboards are made from pre-formed polyurethane blanks or styrofoam and then fine shaped by the shaper using an array of tools ranging from surforms, rasps, sanding machines and power planers

ShapeShifter (animation)
ShapeShifter is freeware that allows users to create an animations online, without the need to download software. This animation software is free to use, and offers an opportunity to create cartoons without the need for expensive software and licenses

Shaping can refer to:* In electricity generation, maintaining reliable delivery, for example by use of pumped storage hydroelectricity* Shaping , the reinforcement of successive approximations to train a type of behavior

Shard may refer to:* Sherd, a piece of glass, pottery or stone, e.g. sea glass* Elytron, a forewing found on some insect species* Shard London Bridge, a supertall skyscraper under construction in London, UK

Share may refer to:to some dume life* To share a resource is to make joint use of it; see sharing.* Share , a man who writes Urdu poetry* Share , a stock or other security such as a mutual fund

A shareholder or stockholder is an individual or institution that legally owns one or more shares of stock in a public or private corporation. Shareholders own the stock, but not the corporation itself .

Sharif (cricketer)
Sharif is a List A cricketer from Bangladesh. He played one match for Chittagong Division in 2001/02, scoring 10 and taking 1 for 14 against the touring Zimbabweans.

Sharif (disambiguation)
Sharif is an Arabic word meaning "noble" or "honourable" and a traditional Arab tribal title.Sharif may also refer to:titles* Sharif of Mecca people* Nawaz Sharif , Pakistani politician

Sharing the joint use of a resource or space. In its narrow sense, it refers to joint or alternating use of an inherently finite good, such as a common pasture or a shared residence. It is also the process of dividing and distributing. Apart from obvious instances, which we can observe in human activity, we can also find many examples of this happening in nature

In cryptography, SHARK is a block cipher identified as one of the predecessors of Rijndael .SHARK has a 64-bit block size and a 128-bit key size. It is a six round SP-network which alternates a key mixing stage with linear and non-linear transformation layers

Sharks are a type of fish with a full cartilaginous skeleton and a highly streamlined body. The earliest known sharks date from more than 420 million years ago.

Shark (musician)
Shark, a Los Angeles-based musician, film composer, radio host, and is a founding member and guitarist for American alternative band Wild Colonials. He also records under the name Shark and Co..-Big Bam Boo:

Shark Bait
Shark Bait is a 2006 computer animated film. The plot revolves around Pi and his attempt to win the heart of Cordelia while dealing with a bullying shark. The film was a commercial failure

Sharks (band)
Sharks were a British rock band, formed in November 1972, by the ex-Free bass player, Andy Fraser, upon his second departure from Free. They were signed to Island Records, and were rated by critics, especially for Chris Spedding's guitar work

-Transformers: Generation One:The ravenous Sharkticons, the most famous and deadly of the Quintessons' slaves, are rotund robots capable of transforming into ferocious, amphibious creatures

Sharon (MBTA station)
Sharon is a commuter rail station on the MBTA's Providence/Stoughton Line located in Sharon, Massachusetts. It is the only station on the heavily used Providence/Stoughton line that is not handicapped-accessible. The station has two separate entrances for trains to Boston and to T. F. Green Airport.The station was originally built in 1936 by the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad

Sharp or SHARP may refer to:*Sharp *Sharp , a flour made from hard wheat*Sharp , Canadian magazine*Sharp Daily, a free newspaper published in Taiwan and Hong Kong*Sharp

Sharp or SHARP may refer to:*Sharp *Sharp , a flour made from hard wheat*Sharp , Canadian magazine*Sharp Daily, a free newspaper published in Taiwan and Hong Kong*Sharp

Sharp (album)
Sharp is the solo debut album by American R&B album by Angela Winbush, after she left the duo Rene & Angela. The album was released in 1987 and peaked at #7 on the Billboard R&B Albums chart in the United States; the album also peaked at #81 on the Billboard 200

Sharp (flour)
Sharp flour is made from hard wheat. It is a term used by millers in Fiji and is in common usage throughout the populace as evidenced by newspaper reports whenever the price of flour changes, with the new price of sharp listed. Sharp is used as an ingredient for roti in Fiji.-External links:**

Sharp (surname)
Sharp is a surname. It is cognate to the German . It is also akin to words which have the sense of scraping, e.g. Latin 'ditch', Russian 'to scrape'.-A:* Abraham Sharp , English schoolmaster, mathematician and astronomer

Sharpe (surname)
Sharpe is a surname of French origin, and may refer to:In government:* Alfred Sharpe , British colonial administrator* George Sharpe , Canadian politician, mayor of Winnipeg* George H

Sharpies, or Sharps, were members of suburban youth gangs in Australia, most significantly from the 1960s and 1970s. They were particularly prominent in Melbourne, but were also found in Sydney and Perth to lesser extents. Sharpies were known for being violent, although a strict moral code was also evident

Sharpness is an English port in Gloucestershire, one of the most inland in Britain, and eighth largest in the South West. It is on the River Severn at , at a point where the tidal range, though less than at Avonmouth downstream , is still large .The village of Sharpness is pronounced with the emphasis on the second syllable,

Sharpshooter (film)
Sharpshooter is a 2007 action/adventure television movie starring James Remar, Bruce Boxleitner, Mario Van Peebles and Catherine Mary Stewart. It was written by Steven H. Berman and directed by Armand Mastroianni.-Cast:* James Remar as Dillon

Shatter is an assassination and kung fu action film starring Stuart Whitman, Lung Ti, Lily Li, Peter Cushing and Anton Diffring. It was a join venture between Hammer Studios of England and Shaw Brothers Studio of Hong Kong

Shatter or shattering means:* The act of violently breaking into small piecesIt may also refer to:*Alan Shatter, Irish politician*Shattering , a concept in mathematics, especially Vapnik-Chervonenkis theory

Shattered was a reality television programme shown on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom. It aired in 2004.Ten contestants were challenged with going without sleep for seven days while their actions were constantly monitored. Over the seven days the ten housemates had to endure daily performance testing and a variety of challenges

Shattered (disambiguation)
-Books:* Shattered by Kathryn Casey* Shattered by Dean Koontz-Films:* Shattered , a Canadian film directed by Mike Barker, most commonly known as Butterfly on a Wheel

Shattered (novel)
Shattered is a 1973 novel by Dean Koontz; it was previously published for Random House under his pseudonym, K.R. Dwyer.The Berkeley edition was published in February 1985, the second printing was in June 1985, and the third printing was in November 1985.For the 1985 printing, the author's name is given as "Dean R

Shave may refer to:*to shave refers to the act of shaving*"Shave," a song by Enon from their 2003 album Hocus Pocus*Shave , a periodical magazine

Shaver means a person who shaves, or an object which shaves, a razor.It can also refer to:* a boy, as a slang term for shaveling* Shaver, California, former town in California* Shaver Creek, tributary of the Juniata River in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania

Shaving is the removal of hair, by using a razor or any other kind of bladed implement, to slice it down to the level of the skin. Shaving is most commonly practiced by men to remove their facial hair and by women to remove their leg and underarm hair

The festival of is a Jewish holiday that occurs on the sixth day of the Hebrew month of Sivan .

-United Kingdom:*Shaw, Berkshire, a village*Shaw, Wiltshire, a village*Shaw and Crompton, a town in Greater Manchester-United States:*Shaw, Mississippi, a city*Shaw, Washington, D.C., a neighborhood*Shaw, St

Shaw (name)
Shaw is most commonly a surname and rarely a given name. The name is of English and Scottish origin. In some cases the surname is an Americanization of a similar sounding Ashkenazic Jewish surname.

Shaw (woodland)
A shaw is a strip of woodland usually between 5 and 15 metres wide.Shaws commonly form boundaries between fields or line a road. They are usually composed of natural woodland and often have diverse woodland ground vegetation similar to other natural woodlands in the area

A shawl is a simple item of clothing, loosely worn over the shoulders, upper body and arms, and sometimes also over the head. It is usually a rectangular or square piece of cloth, that is often folded to make a triangle but can also be triangular in shape

The shawm was a medieval and Renaissance musical instrument of the woodwind family made in Europe from the 12th century until the 17th century. It was developed from the oriental zurna and is the predecessor of the modern oboe. The body of the shawm was usually turned from a single piece of wood, and terminated in a flared bell somewhat like that of a trumpet