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Serenity (comics)
Several comic book stories have been released under the Serenity title, set in the fictional universe created for Joss Whedon's Firefly television series and Serenity film

Serenity (song)
"Serenity" is a single by the heavy metal band Godsmack from the album Faceless.. It reached number seven on the Mainstream Rock chart and number ten on the Modern Rock chart.-Song origin:

A spin exchange relaxation-free magnetometer is a type of magnetometer developed at Princeton University in the early 2000s. SERF magnetometers measure magnetic fields by using lasers to detect the interaction between alkali metal atoms in a vapor and the magnetic field.The name for the technique comes from the fact that spin exchange relaxation, a mechanism which usually

Serge is a type of twill fabric that has diagonal lines or ridges on both sides, made with a two-up, two-down weave. The worsted variety is used in making military uniforms, suits, great coats and trench coats. Its counterpart, silk serge, is used for linings. French serge is a softer, finer variety

Sergeant is a rank used in some form by most militaries, police forces, and other uniformed organizations around the world. Its origins are the Latin serviens, "one who serves", through the French term Sergent.

Sergeant (band)
Sergeant are a 4-piece indie rock band from Glenrothes in Fife, Scotland. In 2007 they signed a contract with Mercury Records. The band played both 2007 T in the Park and Glastonbury festivals and have attracted a fanbase and media attention extending well outside their Scottish base. Xfm Scotland's Jim Gellatly has marked the band as one of his favourites for 2007

Serial (film)
Serials, more specifically known as Movie serials, Film serials or Chapter plays, were short subjects originally shown in theaters in conjunction with a feature film. They were related to pulp magazine serialized fiction

Serial (literature)
In literature, a serial is a publishing format by which a single large work, most often a work of narrative fiction, is presented in contiguous installments—also known as numbers, parts, or fascicles—either issued as separate publications or appearing in sequential issues of a single periodical publication

Serial (radio and television)
Serials are series of television programs and radio programs that rely on a continuing plot that unfolds in a sequential episode by episode fashion. Serials typically follow main story arcs that span entire television seasons or even the full run of the series, which distinguishes them from traditional episodic television that relies on more stand-alone episodes

Serial bond
Serial bonds are financial bonds that mature in installments over a period of time. In effect, a $100,000, 5-year serial bond would mature in a $20,000 annuity over a 5-year interval. Bond issues consisting of a series of blocks of securities maturing in sequence, the coupon rate can be different.

In music, serialism is a method or technique of composition that uses a series of values to manipulate different musical elements. Serialism began primarily with Arnold Schoenberg's twelve-tone technique, though his contemporaries were also working to establish serialism as one example of post-tonal thinking

Seriatim is a legal term typically used to indicate that a court is addressing multiple issues in a certain order, such as the order that the issues were originally presented to the court.

Sericulture, or silk farming, is the rearing of silkworms for the production of raw silk.Although there are several commercial species of silkworms, Bombyx mori is the most widely used and intensively studied. According to Confucian texts, the discovery of silk production by B

series may refer to anything of a serial form:-Mathematics and science:* Series , a taxonomic rank between genus and species* Series , the sum of a sequence of terms* Series circuits, a kind of electrical network

Series (baseball)
A series in baseball terminology refers to two or more consecutive games played between the same two teams.Historically and currently, professional baseball season revolves around a schedule of series, each typically lasting three or four games

Series (stratigraphy)
Series are subdivisions of rock layers made based on the age of the rock and corresponding to the dating system unit called an epoch, both being formally defined international conventions of the geological timescale. A series is therefore a sequence of rock depositions defining a chronostratigraphic unit

Serif (disambiguation)
A serif is a decorative detail on letters and other typographical symbols.Serif may also refer to:* Şərif, a municipality in Balakan Rayon, Azerbaijan* Serif Europe, a software company specialising in desktop publishing

Serine is an amino acid with the formula HO2CCHCH2OH. It is one of the proteinogenic amino acids. By virtue of the hydroxyl group, serine is classified as a polar amino acid.-Occurrence and biosynthesis:

Serine (data page)
-References:# # #

Serio may refer to:* Serio , in Lombardy, Italy* Steve Serio , American wheelchair basketball player* 11022 Serio, a main belt asteroid* Sério, a municipality in the state Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil

"Serious" is the 22nd single by Duran Duran. It was released 1 October 1990 as the second single from the Liberty album.-About the song:By the time the single was released, interest in the Liberty album had already waned. Poor promotion, including a decision not to tour in support of the album, led the single to stall at #48 in the UK charts

Serious may refer to:* Seriousness* Serious , 1994* Serious , 1987* "Serious" a song by Alice Cooper from their From the Inside album* "Serious" a single by Donna Allen

Serious (album)
Serious is an album by American blues guitarist Luther Allison, released in 1987 on the Blind Pig label.-Track listing:All songs by Luther Allison unless otherwise noted.# "Backtrack" – 2:51# "Life is a Bitch" – 3:39

Sermo is an online community for physicians founded in 2006 by Daniel Palestrant. Open to only M.D.s and D.O.s in the United States, Sermo is a place for physicians to post observations and questions about clinical issues and hear other doctors' opinions.

A sermon is an oration by a prophet or member of the clergy. Sermons address a Biblical, theological, religious, or moral topic, usually expounding on a type of belief, law or behavior within both past and present contexts

The serows are six species of medium-sized goat-like or antelope-like mammals of the genus Capricornis.All six species of serow were until recently also classified under Naemorhedus, which now only contains the gorals

Serpens is a constellation of the northern hemisphere. It was one of the 48 constellations listed by the 2nd century astronomer Ptolemy and it remains one of the 88 modern constellations defined by the International Astronomical Union.

Serpent may refer to:* Serpent, a synonym for snake* Serpent , the name given to a snake in a religious or mythological context* Serpent , said to have tempted Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden* Serpent in astronomy

Serpent (novel)
Serpent is the first book in the NUMA Files series of books co-written by best-selling author Clive Cussler and Paul Kemprecos, and was published in 1999

Serpent (video game)
is a Game Boy action video game that is a remake of the classic Snake-style game. This game was released in 1990 to a North American and Japanese market. In the future, there is a very popular sport called Serpent. Two fighters in serpent robotic machines try to box each other in to win the fight

Serpentine (album)
Serpentine is the fourth album by the German gothic metal band Flowing Tears, the second under the moniker Flowing Tears. This album would also be the last album to include Stefanie Duchêne on lead vocals, because she had to leave the band in 2004 due to her pregnancy.-Track listing:# "Intro" – 1:14# "Starfish Ride " – 4:20#

Serra is Latin for a "saw" , Italian for greenhouse, and Galician, Portuguese and Catalan for mountain range, may mean a number of different things:-Brazil:

Serra (dance)
Serra, was a Pontic Greek dance named after the region of Pontos. It is a war-like dance for men, intended to produce a fervent state prior to battle.

Serra (Rocca Santa Maria)
Serra is a "frazione" of the Commune of Rocca Santa Maria in the Province of Teramo in Abruzzo, Italy. The village sits at an elevation of 3596 feet above sea level in the area of Monti della Laga within the Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park.The village likely takes its name from the word sèrrə which in the local dialect means crest

Serrano (surname)
Serrano is a Spanish, Portuguese, Filipino and Italian surname.Notable bearers of the name include:*Andres Serrano, American photographer*Antonio Serrano, Mexican film writer-director*Antonio Serrano , Spanish long-distance runner

Serro is a Brazilian municipality located in the state of Minas Gerais. The city belongs to the Metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte and to the microregion of Conceição do Mato Dentro.

Sers may refer to:* Sers, Armenia* Sers, Charente, France* Sers, Hautes-Pyrénées, France* Sers, TunisiaSERS may refer to:* Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy * Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme, a housing strategy in Singapore.

Sert may refer to:* Josep Lluís Sert - a Catalan architect* Josep Maria Sert - a Catalan painter* Space Solar Power Exploratory Research and Technology program - a NASA study into the feasibility of space-based solar power

Serum may refer to:*Blood serum, a component of blood which is collected after coagulation.**Antiserum, blood serum with specific antibodies for passive immunity*Serous fluid, any clear bodily fluid*any drug derived from an animal's blood or serous fluid

Servais is a commune in the Aisne department in Picardy in northern France.-Population:

The serval , Leptailurus serval or Caracal serval, known in Afrikaans as Tierboskat, "tiger-forest-cat", is a medium-sized African wild cat. DNA studies have shown that the serval is closely related to the African golden cat and the caracal

Servant (disambiguation)
A servant is a person working within an employer's household.Servant or servants may refer to:* Servant, Puy-de-Dôme, France* Servant , a Canadian Christian rock group* Servant , a standard in cross-platform software

Serve may refer to:* Serve * Serve , American Express service similar to PayPalSERVE may refer to:* SERVE Afghanistan, a UK-registered Christian charity that works in Afghanistan

Server may refer to:In computing:*Server , a server application, operating system, computer, or applianceIn jobs and roles:* Altar server, an acolyte who assists the clergy during services

In economics, a service is an intangible commodity. More specifically, services are an intangible equivalent of economic goods.Service provision is often an economic activity where the buyer does not generally, except by exclusive contract, obtain exclusive ownership of the thing purchased

Service (motor vehicle)
A motor vehicle service is a series of maintenance procedures carried out at a set time interval or after the vehicle has travelled a certain distance

Service (record label)
Service is an independent record label formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in December 2001. The label's first release was Studio's "The End of Fame".In May 2008 Service launched a new music subscription model called Service Coop.-Bands and artists :

Service station
Service station may refer to:* Filling station, a gasoline or petrol station* Automobile repair shop, a place where automobiles are repaired* Rest area, a public facility on motorways or controlled-access highways for resting or refuelling

Service Tree
Sorbus domestica is a species of Sorbus native to western, central and southern Europe, northwest Africa , and southwest Asia .It is a deciduous tree growing to 15–20 m tall with a

Serviceability (computer)
In software engineering and hardware engineering, serviceability is one of the -ilities or aspects

Serviceability (structure)
In civil engineering, serviceability refers to the conditions under which a building is still considered useful. Should these limit states be exceeded, a structure that may still be structurally sound would nevertheless be considered unfit. It refers to condition others than the building strength that renders the buildings unusable

Amelanchier , also known as shadbush, shadwood or shadblow, serviceberry or sarvisberry, wild pear, juneberry, saskatoon, sugarplum or wild-plum, and chuckley pear is a genus of about 20 species of deciduous-leaved shrubs and small trees in the Rose family .Amelanchier is native to temperate regions

Servis Was a white goods brand well known in the United Kingdom. The company was founded in 1929 in Darlaston, an area of the West Midlands renowned for manufacturing. The company started out as a manufacturer, but fell into difficulties in the 1980's

In certain universities , a servitor was an undergraduate student who received free accommodation , and was exempted from paying fees for lectures

Servitor (disambiguation)
Servitor may be used in the following contexts:*Servitor, an Oxford University undergraduate student who received free accommodation*Servitors, menial laborers of the Tech-Priests in the Warhammer 40,000 universe

Servitude may refer to:* Service* Conscription* Employment* Slavery* Indentured servitude* Involuntary servitude* Penal servitude* Servitude * Equitable servitude, a term of real estate law* Servitude in civil law

Servo may refer to:* Servomechanism, or servo, a device used to provide control of a desired operation through the use of feedback** Servo , a small, cheap, mass-produced actuator used for radio control and small robotics** Servo bandwidth

Sesam was a Scandinavian internet search engine developed by the media corporation Schibsted. It was available both in a Norwegian and Swedish version and was launched on 1 November 2005. By 2007 had 480,000 unique users and was among the 12 largest web sites in Norway

Sesame is a flowering plant in the genus Sesamum. Numerous wild relatives occur in Africa and a smaller number in India. It is widely naturalized in tropical regions around the world and is cultivated for its edible seeds, which grow in pods.

Sesame (disambiguation)
Sesame is a flowering plant.Sesame may also refer to:* Sesame , a Resource Description Framework tool* Sesame , a magazine for students and alumni of the Open UniversitySESAME may refer to:

Sesame (framework)
Sesame is an open-source framework for querying and analyzing RDF data. It was created, and is still being maintained, by the Dutch software company . It was originally developed as part of the "On-To-Knowledge", a semantic web project that ran from 1999 to 2002. It contains a triplestore.Sesame supports two query languages: SeRQL and SPARQL

Sesame oil
Sesame oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from sesame seeds. Besides being used as a cooking oil in South India, it is often used as a flavor enhancer in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and to a lesser extent Southeast Asian cuisine.The oil from the nutrient rich seed is popular in alternative medicine - from traditional massages and

Sesamin is a lignan isolated from the bark of Fagara plants and from sesame oil. It has been used as a dietary fat-reduction supplement, although no controlled studies on this application have been performed.-External links:***