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Sephiroth may refer to:*Sephirot or Sephiroth, the 10 attributes/emanations in Kabbalah through which God created the world and/or manifests*Sephiroth , a character from Final Fantasy VII

-Marine life:* Sepia , a genus of cuttlefish* Cephalopod ink, a dark pigment released into water by Sepia cuttlefish-Media and entertainment:* Sepia , an African Americans focused Photojournalism magazine

Sepia (genus)
Sepia is a genus of cuttlefish in the family Sepiidae encompassing some of the best known and most common species. The cuttlebone is relatively ellipsoid in shape

Sepia (genus)
Sepia is a genus of cuttlefish in the family Sepiidae encompassing some of the best known and most common species. The cuttlebone is relatively ellipsoid in shape

Seppi can be either an Italian family name, or an affectionate abbreviation for the name Joseph or Josef, commonly used in Swiss German.People with the family name Seppi:*Andreas Seppi - Italian tennis player

Seppo is a given name, and may refer to:* Seppo Evwaraye , Finnish National Football League offensive guard* Seppo Kääriäinen , Finnish politician* Seppo Kolehmainen , Finnish film actor

Sepsis is a potentially deadly medical condition that is characterized by a whole-body inflammatory state and the presence of a known or suspected infection. The body may develop this inflammatory response by the immune system to microbes in the blood, urine, lungs, skin, or other tissues

A sept is an English word for a division of a family, especially a division of a clan. The word might have its origin from Latin saeptum "enclosure, fold", or it can be an alteration of sect.The term is found in both Ireland and Scotland

September is the 9th month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian Calendars and one of four months with a length of 30 days.September in the Southern Hemisphere is the seasonal equivalent of March in the Northern Hemisphere.

September (2008 album)
September is the debut compilation album by Swedish singer September. The album is a compilation of tracks from her second and third European studio albums, titled In Orbit and Dancing Shoes, respectively

September (song)
"September" is a song by Earth, Wind & Fire which was written by Maurice White, Al McKay and Allee Willis. It was recorded during the I Am sessions and released as a single in 1978. Featured on the band's album The Best of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 1, September reached number one on the U.S

Septembre are a British alternative rock band formed by the previous singer of Vex Red, Terry Abbott. He formed the band after Vex Red were dropped from their record label in late 2002. After playing a few gigs around the UK and releasing an EP, Septembre had to be put on hiatus due to their bass player Jim Lee being involved in a car crash while on holiday

Septentrion is an obsolete English word to describe northern regions or the north.Septentrion may also refer to:* Septentrion , a 2006 release by Québécois rapper, Anodajay* Editions du Septentrion, a publisher based in Sillery, Quebec.

Septentrion (album)
Septentrion is an album by Anodajay released on June 27, 2006 on his independently owned record label 7ième Ciel Records. The album is Anodajay's second studio album. "Le beat à Ti-Bi" won the Best French Video award at the Sounds of Blackness Awards in 2007

A septet is a formation containing exactly seven members. It is commonly associated with musical groups, but can be applied to any situation where seven similar or related objects are considered a single unit, such as a seven-line stanza of poetry.

Septic may refer to:* Septic tank, a component of a small scale sewage disposal system* Septic equation, a polynomial equation of degree seven* Septic shock

Septuagesima is the name for the ninth Sunday before Easter, the third before Ash Wednesday. The term is sometimes applied also to the period that begins on this day and ends on Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday, when Lent begins. This period is also known as the pre-Lenten season or Shrovetide

In anatomy, a septum is a wall, dividing a cavity or structure into smaller ones.-In human anatomy:

The rock-cut tombs in ancient Israel are a group of hundreds of rock-cut tombs constructed in Israel in ancient times. They were cut into the rock, sometimes with elaborate facades and multiple burial chambers. Some are free-standing, but most are caves. Each tomb typically belonged to a single, wealthy family. Bodies were laid out on stone benches

Sepulchre (comics)
Sepulchre is a fictional superhero published by Marvel Comics. She first appeared in Quasar #45 , and was created by Mark Gruenwald and Grant Miehm.-Origin:

Sepulchre (disambiguation)
A sepulchre is a type of tomb or burial chamber.Sepulchre may refer to:* The Holy Sepulchre of Jesus;* Sepulchre , a fictional superhero published by Marvel Comics;* Sepulchre , a 2007 British novel;

Sepulchre (Kate Mosse novel)
Sepulchre is a novel by the English author Kate Mosse. The story is based in two time periods, 1891 and present day , and follows two female protagonists.-Plot summary:

A sequel is a narrative, documental, or other work of literature, film, theatre, or music that continues the story of or expands upon issues presented in some previous work

Sequel (software)
Steinberg's Sequel is essentially a heavily stripped down and simplified version of Cubase. It has been called a Garageband clone as it features very similar functionality and interface as Apple's Garageband, which itself, is a heavily stripped down version of Logic, a competitor with Cubase.

A sequela, ) is a pathological condition resulting from a disease, injury, or other trauma.Chronic kidney disease, for example, is sometimes a sequela of diabetes, and neck pain is a common sequela of whiplash or other trauma to the cervical vertebrae. Post-traumatic stress disorder may be a psychological sequela of rape

In mathematics, a sequence is an ordered list of objects . Like a set, it contains members , and the number of terms is called the length of the sequence. Unlike a set, order matters, and exactly the same elements can appear multiple times at different positions in the sequence

Sequence (biology)
A sequence in biology is the one-dimensional ordering of monomers, covalently linked within in a biopolymer; it is also referred to as the primary structure of the biological macromolecule.-See also:* Protein sequence* DNA sequence

Sequence (journal)
Sequence was a short-lived but influential British film journal founded in 1947 by Lindsay Anderson, Gavin Lambert and Karel Reisz.Anderson had returned to Oxford after his time with the army Intelligence Corps in Delhi, Lambert was a schoolfriend of Anderson from Cheltenham College who had dropped out of English at Magdalen College on discovering that he would have to study Middle

Sequencer may refer to:Arts and Entertainment* Sequencer , 1976* Sequencer , 1996Technology* DNA sequencer, a machine used to automatically produce a sequence readout from a biological DNA sample

Sequential Art (webcomic)
Sequential Art is a webcomic written and illustrated by Phillip M. Jackson. The series is a daily webcomic that tells a slice of life story. It has a cast of human and Anthropomorphic characters, and makes frequent references to video and computer game pop culture. It focuses on providing narrative through humour, either with imagery or dialogue

Sequestration (law)
Sequestration is the act of removing, separating, or seizing anything from the possession of its owner under process of law for the benefit of creditors or the state.-Etymology:

Sequins are disk-shaped beads used for decorative purposes. They are available in a wide variety of colors and geometrical shapes. Sequins are commonly used on clothing, jewelry, bags, shoes and lots of other accessories. Large sequins, fastened only at the top, have been used on billboards and other signage, particularly prior to the development of lighted and neon signs

Ser (volume)
A ser is an obsolete unit of dry volume in India. In 1871 it was defined as being exactly 1 litre . After metrication in the mid-20th century, the unit became obsolete.-References:

SERA can be an abbreviation for any of the following:* Strengthening Emergency Response Abilities Project or simply Strengthening Emergency Response Abilities Project * Southern Education and Research Alliance

A seraglio or serail is the sequestered living quarters used by wives and concubines in a Turkish household. The word comes from an Italian variant of Turkish saray, from Persian sarai , meaning palace, or the enclosed courts for the wives and concubines of the harem of a house or palace

A seraph is a type of celestial being in Judaism and Christianity

Seraph (band)
Seraph was a Christian rock band from the early 90's based in Memphis, Tennessee. The band was first formed around 1989, and played several shows around the Midsouth area. They were the opening act for several big name Christian rock bands of the era, like Guardian and Mortal. In 1994, they were signed to Big Toe Records

Seraphim (Irish group)
Seraphim is an Irish Classical, Jazz and Traditional vocal group.In concert, Seraphim have performed Britten Ceremony of Carols, Haydn Missa St Aloysii, Pergolesi Stabat Mater. Their repertoire includes songs and arrangements by contemporary composers Michael Holohan, Bob Chilcott, Alan Cutts and most extensively the works of C.S.L. Parker

Serba is a municipality in the district Saale-Holzland, in Thuringia, Germany.

Şerban is a common name in Romania. Persons named Şerban include:* Andrei Şerban, Romanian-born American theatre director* Carmen Şerban, Romanian country-folk-dance singer* Constantin Şerban, prince of Wallachia

Serbia (1718-1739)
Kingdom of Serbia was a province of the Habsburg Monarchy from 1718 to 1739. It was formed from the territories in the south of the rivers Sava and Danube that Habsburg Monarchy conquered from Ottoman Empire in 1718, but it was abolished and returned to Ottoman Empire in 1739.The Habsburg Serbian crownland was a period of Golden Age for local Serbs, in which the territorial political

Serbia (disambiguation)
Serbia is a landlocked country located at the crossroads of Central- and Southeastern Europe.Serbia may also refer to:*Serbian Empire *Moravian Serbia *Serbian Despotate *Kingdom of Serbia

Serbia and Montenegro
Serbia and Montenegro was a country in southeastern Europe, formed from two former republics of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia : Serbia and Montenegro. Following the breakup of Yugoslavia, it was established in 1992 as a federation called the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

Serbian may refer to:* Serbian cuisine* Serbians, citizens of Serbia* Serbs, members of the Serb ethnic group* Serbian diaspora, emigrants of Serbia and their descendants, and Serbs living abroad* Serbian language, the official language of Serbia

Serbians may refer to people who are identified with the country of Serbia, or people of the Serb ethnic group.However it could also be used as the translation of Serbian word "Србијанци" , especially when distinction is made between the two

Serbino is a village in Plyussky District of Pskov Oblast, Russia.

Serbo-Croatian or Serbo-Croat, less commonly Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian , is a South Slavic language with multiple standards and the primary language of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro

Serdar is the Turkic spelling of the Persian name Sardar which means Field Marshal.-Given name:* Serdar Avcı, Turkish boxer* Serdar Aziz, Turkish footballer* Serdar Bayrak, Turkish footballer* Serdar Güneş, Turkish footballer

Serdar (Ottoman rank)
Serdar was a military rank in the Ottoman Empire and Montenegro. It means a head of place/land . Serdars especially served at the borders of Ottoman Empire. They were responsible for security of lands. For example, Yakup Ağa who was the father of Barbaros from Yenice.-Etymology:Serdar is a two-part name

SERE is a military acronym for Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape, a program that provides military personnel, Department of Defense civilians and private military contractors with training in evading capture, survival skills and the military code of conduct

Sere may refer to:*Sere , an ecological stage or event, one such event in a series*Sere, Mali*Sere people, an ethnic group in Southern Sudan*SERE, a military training program**United Kingdom - survive, evade, resist, extract

SERE is an acronym used in relation to two related military training programs:* Spain's Servicio de Evacuación de Refugiados Españoles established by the Spanish Prime Minister Juan Negrín after the collapse of the Spanish Republic* The United Kingdom's Survive, Evade, Resist, Extract training* The United States's Survival, Evasion,

The Serein is a river of eastern France. It is the main waterway of the Chablis wine district in Burgundy.-Origin of the name:Serein is the French word for "serene". This may reflect the placid nature of its course, or the strong monastic tradition in the area.-Geography:The Serein rises in the Auxois] hills at Arconcey and flows north-north-west into the Yonne at Bassou

Seremban (district)
District of Seremban is one of 7 districts in Negeri Sembilan. This is where the capital of Negeri Sembilan, Seremban town is located.-Administration:There are two local councils within Seremban district:

Seren (given name)
Seren is a popular Welsh female name meaning "star". It was the third most popular name for baby girls born in Wales in 2009.

In music, a serenade is a musical composition, and/or performance, in someone's honor. Serenades are typically calm, light music.The word Serenade is derived from the Italian word sereno, which means calm.

Serenade (album)
Neil Diamond's second album for Columbia Records, Serenade was released in 1974. Three singles were lifted from the album: "Longfellow Serenade" , "I've Been This Way Before" and "The Last Picasso"

Serenade (ballet)
Serenade is a ballet by George Balanchine, subsequently co-founder and balletmaster of New York City Ballet, to Tschaikovsky's 1880 Serenade for Strings in C, Op. 48

Serendipity means a "happy accident" or "pleasant surprise"; specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful without looking for it. The word has been voted as one of the ten English words hardest to translate in June 2004 by a British translation company. However, due to its sociological use, the word has been exported into many other languages

Serendipity (album)
Serendipity is the third solo album by jazz pianist Mike Garson, and was released in 1986.-Track listing:#Serendipity #Lady #Autumn Leaves #I Should Care #Spirit of Play #Trio Blues

Serendipity (weblog software)
Serendipity is a PHP based blog and web-based content management system. It is available under a BSD license. It supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite database backends, the Smarty template engine, and a plugin architecture for user contributed modifications.

Serene may refer to:*Serene , a telephone jointly developed by Samsung and Bang & Olufsen*Serene, Colorado, a company town in Colorado*Jaunjelgava or Serene, a city in Latvia*Serene, a heroine in Riviera: The Promised Land-See also:

Serengeti (rapper)
Serengeti, real name David Cohn, is a hip-hop artist from Chicago. His music is a sharp departure from most mainstream hip-hop, which he considers "depressing" and always consists of "the same redundant ideas." Serengeti's music includes numerous references to Chicago culture often done in character as one his several personae

-Music:* Serenity , a 2000s-2010s Austrian metal band* Serenity , 2004* Serenity , 1993* Serenity , 2007* Serenity , 2000* "Serenity" , a song by Godsmack

Serenity (band)
Serenity is a melodic power metal band from Austria with progressive, power and symphonic influences.- Biography :Serenity was founded in Tyrol, Austria in January 2001 receiving "fine reviews" for their first demo "Starseed V.R.". In 2003/2004, three of the original members left the band. The replacement members were contacted throughout February to March 2004