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Scrambled Eggs (band)
Scrambled Eggs is an indie band based in Lebanon. The band formed in Beirut in 1998 after the Lebanese Civil War had ended. They have toured around Lebanon and Europe. The band has its own record label entitled Those Kids Must Choke

Scrambled eggs (disambiguation)
Scrambled eggs may refer to:*Scrambled eggs, culinary egg dish*Scrambled Eggs , episode of Garfield and Friends from 1989*Corydalis aurea, plant commonly referred to as scrambled eggs

Scrambled Eggs (Military)
Scrambled eggs or scrambled egg is a slang term for the typically leaf-shaped embellishments found on the visors of peaked caps worn by military officers and for the senior officers who wear them

Scrambler (disambiguation)
A scrambler is a telecommunications device that transposes or inverts signals or otherwise encodes a messageScrambler can also refer to:* Scrambler, the nickname of the SC/Rambler, a muscle car made by American Motors in 1969

Scrambles is an album by Bomb the Music Industry! which was released digitally on February 15, 2009 via Quote Unquote Records, free of charge. The album was also released physically on Asian Man Records

Scrambling (linguistics)
Within transformational grammar, scrambling is a common term for pragmatic word order. In the Chomskian tradition, word orders of all languages are taken to be derived from a common source with a fundamental word order, so languages which do not follow a set pattern can be said to be "scrambled" from a "normal" word order

Scrap is a term used to describe recyclable and other materials left over from every manner of product consumption, such as parts of vehicles, building supplies, and surplus materials. Unlike waste, scrap has significant monetary value

Scrap (comics)
Bridget Flynn is a fictional comic book superhero, a member of the superhero team Dynamo 5, which appears in the monthly series of the same name from Image Comics. Created by writer Jay Faerber and artist Mahmud A

ScrapBook is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox web browser which adds enhanced scrapbooking, page saving, bookmarking, and notetaking functionality. The extension was initially developed at , which is a member of the Chair of Human Resource Development in the Department of Human System Science at Graduate School of Decision Science and Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Scrapbook (ep)
This self-released limited edition EP was only available at Switchblade Symphony gigs.In the cover is the message "This collection of recordings, a limited edition unavailable in stores, was compiled for our dedicated fans whose supports has helped make this tour possible

-Hand tools:* Card scraper, cabinet scraper or scraper, a tool for scraping wood* Hand scraper, a single-edged tool used to scrape metal from a surface* Scraper , a stone tool-Machines:* Fresno scraper, powered by an external tractor which pulls it

Scraper (car)
A scraper is an informal term to describe a modified American-made luxury/family car, usually a General Motors model from the 1980's to current vehicles, typically enhanced with after-market rims. Scrapers are popular in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California, usually associated with the hyphy music and lifestyle movement

Scraper (kitchen)
There are several types of kitchen implements which are termed scrapers. They can be made of metal, plastics such as polyethylene, nylon, or polypropylene, wood, rubber or silicone rubber

Scrapie is a fatal, degenerative disease that affects the nervous systems of sheep and goats. It is one of several transmissible spongiform encephalopathies , which are related to bovine spongiform encephalopathy and chronic wasting disease of deer. Like other spongiform encephalopathies, scrapie is caused by a prion

Scrappy is a cartoon character created by Dick Huemer for Charles Mintz's Krazy Kat Studio. A little round-headed boy, Scrappy often found himself involved in off-beat neighborhood adventures. Usually paired with his little brother Oopy , Scrappy also had an on-again, off-again girlfriend named Margy and a Scotty dog named Yippy

Scratch may refer to:* A mark or indentation on a surface: Abrasion It may also refer to:- Recordings :* Scratch , by Kaela Kimura* Scratch , the soundtrack to the 2001 documentary Scratch

Scratch (album)
Scratch is the third album by Japanese pop singer Kaela Kimura, released on February 7, 2007. It reached number one on the Japanese Oricon albums chart.-Track listing:

Scratch (magazine)
Scratch was a magazine about the art of creating hip-hop. It featured articles regarding producers, musicians and DJs that make beats for rap records, and details the secret methods, stories, partnerships, philosophies and equipment behind the music

Scratch (musician)
Kyle Jones , better known as Scratch, is an American hip hop artist. He is a MC who specializes in beatboxing or vocal percussion

Scratch (soundtrack)
Scratch is the soundtrack to the 2001 documentary Scratch directed by Doug Pray. Scratch examines cultural and historical perspectives on the birth and evolution of hip-hop disc jockeys , scratching and turntablism and includes interviews with some of hip-hop's most famous and respected DJs.-Track list:#"Prologue - Grand Wizard Theodore Speaks" Scratch is the soundtrack to the 2001 documentary Scratch directed by Doug Pray. Scratch examines cultural and historical perspectives on the birth and evolution of hip-hop disc jockeys (DJs), scratching and turntablism and includes interviews with some of hip-hop's most famous and respected DJs.-Track list:#"Prologue - Grand Wizard Theodore Speaks" Scratch is the soundtrack to the 2001 documentary Scratch directed by Doug Pray. Scratch examines cultural and historical perspectives on the birth and evolution of hip-hop disc jockeys (DJs), scratching and turntablism and includes interviews with some of hip-hop's most famous and respected DJs.-Track list:#"Prologue - Grand Wizard Theodore Speaks" (Grand Wizard

Scratcher (instrument)
In the musical traditions of Trinidad and Tobago, a twin island republic in the Lesser Antilles, a scratcher is a percussion instrument. It is a descendant of the guiro, and is played in a similar fashion

Scratching is a DJ or turntablist technique used to produce distinctive sounds by moving a vinyl record back and forth on a turntable while optionally manipulating the crossfader on a DJ mixer. While scratching is most commonly associated with hip hop music, since the late 1980s, it has been used in some styles of pop and nu metal

Scrawl is a musical trio based in Columbus, Ohio. The founding members are Marcy Mays , Sue Harshe , and Carolyn O'Leary . Their first show, in the summer of 1985, was a 20-minute opening spot for the Meat Puppets

Scream may refer to:*Vociferation, a loud vocalization*The Scream, a famous painting by Edvard Munch-Amusement rides:* Scream! , a roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Scream (film series)
Scream is a series of American horror slasher films created by Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven. The films star Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette. The series has grossed over $600 million in worldwide box-office receipts and consists, to date, of four motion pictures

Scream (Melody Club album)
-Track listing:#Feed On Me#Last Girl On My Mind#Crash#Scream#Destiny Calling#Fever Fever#Sweet Thing#Walk of Love#Don't Fake the Real Thing#You Are Not Alone#Evil Thing

Scream (Norther song)
"Scream" is the fourth single by the Finnish Melodic death metal band, Norther, released on January 11, 2006 by Spinefarm Records. The song, "Wasted Years" shows Kride using clean vocals for the entire song. The single debuted at number 3 in Finland

Scream (Soltau)
thumb|uprightThe Gyro-Drop Tower Scream is an amusement ride in the Heide Park, Soltau, Germany. With a height of to the pinnacle it is the tallest "gyro drop" free-fall ride in the world.

Scream (Timbaland song)
"Scream" is the fifth single in the U.S. from Timbaland's second album, Shock Value . The song features R&B singers Keri Hilson and Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls. It was released to the iTunes Music Store on February 24, 2008.-Music video:

Scream (Tokio Hotel album)
*Best Buy has an exclusive DVD with a behind the scenes look at their U.S. concert shows and three live videos .-Singles Chronology:Europe * Monsoon

SCREAM (TV channel)
Dusk is a Canadian English language Category B specialty channel owned by Corus Entertainment and Shaw Media that was launched in September 2001

Scream Bloody Murder
-Plot:Matthew , a deranged young man, mangles his father with a tractor. During his fun, he loses his own hand. Afterward, he is placed in a hospital for the criminally insane. During his time there, he learns from a letter that his mother has found a new husband, which angers Matthew. He also gets his hand replaced with a hook, while in the hospital

The screamers are a small family of birds, the Anhimidae. For a long time they were thought to be related to the Galliformes because of similar bills, but they are truly related to ducks , most closely to the Magpie Goose

Screamer (video game)
Screamer is an arcade style racing game for the PC, released in 1995. The game shares some graphical and gameplay style with Namco's popular Ridge Racer. The game featured texture mapped polygon-modelled tracks and cars

A scream, shout, shriek, hoot, holler, vociferation, yell, outcry, or bellow is a loud vocalization in which air is passed through the vocal folds with greater force than is used in regular or close-distance vocalization

Screaming (music)
Screaming is a vocal technique that is most popular in subgenres of heavy metal, punk and hard rock, including metalcore, deathcore, post-hardcore, groove metal, black metal, and grindcore

Scree, also called talus, is a term given to an accumulation of broken rock fragments at the base of crags, mountain cliffs, or valley shoulders. Landforms associated with these materials are sometimes called scree slopes or talus piles

Screech (comics)
For other uses of the word Screech, see Screech .Maxwell "Max" Taylor aka Screech is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe.-Fictional character biography:

- Separation or partitioning :* Window screen, a wire mesh that covers a window opening* Fire screen, a device to put in front of a fireplace* Windbreak of trees or shrubs* Windshield , protects the driver of a vehicle

Screen (magazine)
Screen is a film magazine, published every week in India. It is owned by The Indian Express publishing group. The content focuses on the Bollywood, India's Hindi movie industry located in Mumbai. Screen organizes and sponsors the Star Screen Awards for movies in Hindi.

Screen Door
Screen Door ' is a Canadian independent production company founded in 1999 by Mary Young Leckie and Heather Haldane. The company produces film and television.

One meaning of screening is the investigation of a great number of something looking for those with a particular problem or feature.

Screens is the third studio album from Portland, Oregon-based "troublegum" group The Mint Chicks and thus far the only Mint Chicks release not to feature bassist Michael Logie. It was released on March 16, 2009 in New Zealand, The Mint Chicks' homeland on Flying Nun Records

A screw, or bolt, is a type of fastener characterized by a helical ridge, known as an external thread or just thread, wrapped around a cylinder. Some screw threads are designed to mate with a complementary thread, known as an internal thread, often in the form of a nut or an object that has the internal thread formed into it

Screw (card game)
Screw or Moonshine is a card game where the players try to be the first to lose all their cards. Like Palase, it is derived from the Danish .- Rules :

A screwball , is a baseball pitch that is thrown so as to break in the opposite direction of a slider or curveball. Depending on the pitcher's arm angle, the ball may also have a sinking action.

Screwball (group)
Screwball is a New York City hip hop group, with members Hostyle, KL, Blaq Poet, & Solo. Their debut Y2K The Album was released in 2000 on Tommy Boy Records. The album yielded two singles; "H-O-S-T-Y-L-E" and the surprising and virtually unbroadcastable "F.A.Y.B.A.N."

Screwball Comedy
Screwball Comedy is an album by the Japanese band Soul Flower Union. The album found the band going into a simpler, harder-rocking direction, after several heavily world-music influenced albums.-Track listing:

A screwdriver is a tool for driving screws and often rotating other machine elements with the mating drive system. The screwdriver is made up of a head or tip, which engages with a screw, a mechanism to apply torque by rotating the tip, and some way to position and support the screwdriver

Screwed Up
Screwed Up is the third and final album by Queensbridge hip hop group Screwball, released July 19, 2004 on Hydra Entertainment Records. Godfather Don produced 7 of the tracks.Member Blaq Poet has since gone solo. Member KL has since died

A scribble is a drawing composed of random and abstract lines, generally without ever lifting the drawing device off of the paper. Scribbling is most often associated with young children and toddlers, because their lack of hand–eye coordination and lower mental development often make it very difficult for any young child to keep their coloring attempts within the line art of the

Scribbler may refer to:*a notebook*Writer*Scribbler *Scribbler a competitor who failed to complete the 1997 Grand Nationalsteeplechase

Scribe (comics)
Scribe is a fictional character, a mutant in Marvel Comics' shared universe, the Marvel Universe. She first appeared in Excalibur #96.-Fictional character biography:

Scribe (disambiguation)
A scribe is a person who writes documents by hand.Scribe may also refer to :* Scribe , an emergency room employee* Scribing a woodwork joining technique* Wood scribe, a tool made for marking wood

Scribe (ER)
An ER scribe is an employee who works in the emergency department of a hospital. Their duties include overseeing the documentation of each patient's visit to the ED, and acting as the physician's personal assistant

Scribe (markup language)
Scribe is a markup language and word processing system which pioneered the use of descriptive markup. Scribe was revolutionary when it was proposed, because it involved for the first time a clean separation of structure and format.-Beginnings:

Scribes is a minimalist and extensible text editor for GNOME that combines simplicity with power. Scribes focuses on ways workflow and productivity can be intelligently automated and radically improved

Scribing (cartography)
Scribing was used to produce lines for cartographic map compilations before the use of computer based geographic information systems. Lines produced by manual scribing are sharp, clear and even.

The term scrim has two separate meanings in terms of fabric. In each case, it refers to woven material, one a finely woven lightweight fabric widely used in theatre, the other a heavy, coarse woven material used for reinforcement in both building and canvasmaking.-Light gauzy material:A scrim or gauze is a very light textile made from cotton, or sometimes flax

A scrimmage, or exhibition game, is an informal sports contest or practice match engaged in for practice purposes which does not go on the regular season record. Scrimmage may also refer to:* Line of scrimmage, in American football and related games

Script may refer to:Computing* Script , a small program written for a command interpreter or another scripting language* script , a tool that records a tty session* SCRIPT/VS, a text formatting language developed at IBM

SCRIPT/VS is a text formatting language developed at IBM in the late 1970s. SCRIPT/VS uses inline commands such as .ce to center a piece of text, or .sp 3 to add three lines of vertical space.

Script (typefaces)
Script typefaces are based upon the varied and often fluid stroke created by handwriting. They are organized into highly regular formal types similar to cursive writing and looser, more casual scripts.- Formal scripts :

Scripture (disambiguation)
Scripture is that portion of literature deemed authoritative for establishing instructions within any of a number of specific religious traditions, especially the Abrahamic religionsScripture or scripture may also refer to:* Religious texts

A scrivener was traditionally a person who could read and write. This usually indicated secretarial and administrative duties such as dictation and keeping business, judicial, and history records for kings, nobles, temples, and cities