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Scooter (talking baseball)
Scooter is an animated character used by Fox Sports during Major League Baseball games. The character, a baseball with human facial characteristics, is voiced by Tom Kenny and was designed by Fox to explain different types of pitches with the education of children in mind.-Critical reaction:Scooter debuted in the 2004

The word scope may refer to many different devices or viewing instruments, constructed for many different purposes. It may refer to a telescopic sight, an optical device commonly used on firearms. Other uses of scope or Scopes may refer to:

Scope (mouthwash)
Scope is a brand of mouthwash made by Procter & Gamble. It was introduced in 1966. Originally available only in mint flavor, Scope is still currently available in original mint , but also in a peppermint & new Scope White

SCOPE (TV series)
SCOPE was a science television series produced in conjunction with Irish broadcaster RTÉ. Each show was a 25-minute, fast moving 'MTV’-style programme targeting young people

The Scopi is a 3,190 metres high mountain in the Lepontine Alps, overlooking Lukmanier Pass on the border between the cantons of Ticino and Graubünden.

Scopolamine, also known as levo-duboisine, and hyoscine, is a tropane alkaloid drug with muscarinic antagonist effects. It is among the secondary metabolites of plants from Solanaceae family of plants, such as henbane, jimson weed and Angel's Trumpets , and corkwood

Scops owl
Scops owls are Strigidae belong to the genus Otus. Approximately 45 living species are known, but new ones are frequently recognized and unknown ones are still being discovered every few years or so, especially in Indonesia

Scopus (disambiguation)
Scopus may refer to:* Scopus, a bibliographic database for science* Scopus , a journal of East Africa ornithology* Hammerkop , the sole species in the Scopidae bird family

Scorch may refer to:*Scorch, a Beanie Baby toy: a dragon with iridescent wings and lavender fur*Scorch, the boss of the Evening Lake world in the video game Spyro: Year of the Dragon

Scorched is a 2002 independent comedy film starring Alicia Silverstone, Rachael Leigh Cook, Woody Harrelson, and John Cleese. The film was directed by Gavin Grazer, brother of Academy Award-winning television and film producer Brian Grazer

Scorched may refer to:* Scorched * Scorched , a 2003 film starring John Cleese and Alicia Silverstone* Scorched , a play by Wajdi Mouawad* Scorched , a 2008 Australian made-for-TV movie

Scorched (album)
Scorched is the live recorded premiere of the composition by Mark-Anthony Turnage commissioned by the Society of Friends and Patrons of the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra in 2002. Turnage recomposed and orchestrated original compositions by jazz guitarist John Scofield for symphony orchestra and big band to which the title refers

Scorcher was the name of a football-themed British comic magazine published by IPC between January 1970 and June 1971. In July 1971, it joined with another football-themed comic, Score, to form Scorcher and SCORE, before finally merging into Tiger to become TIGER and Scorcher

Scorcher may refer to:*Scorcher , a 2002 science fiction disaster film*Scorcher: The Dirty Politics of Climate Change , a 2007 book by Clive Hamilton*Scorcher , a football-themed British comic magazine

Scorcher (book)
Scorcher: The Dirty Politics of Climate Change is a 2007 book by Clive Hamilton which contends that Australia rather than the US is the major stumbling block to a more effective Kyoto Protocol

Scorcher (comics)
Scorcher is a Marvel Comics supervillain.-Fiction character biography:Steven Hudak was a research chemist who was wrongfully accused of embezzlement by his employer

Scorcher (film)
Scorcher is a 2002 science fiction disaster film directed by James Seale and starring Mark Dacascos, John Rhys-Davies, Jeffrey Johnson, Tamara Davies, Mark Rolston and Rutger Hauer. It was first released in the USA in 2002

Scorcher (video game)
Scorcher is a futuristic racing video game by now-defunct developer Zyrinx for the PC and the Sega Saturn console.-Setting:Special motorcycles that reach up to 450 km/h race through dangerous tracks in a dystopian year 2021.-Trivia:

Score may refer to:*Score , a 2006 album by Dream Theater*Score , a number of points achieved in a sporting event or game*Score , a 1972 sexplotaition film*Score , a pornographic magazine

SCORE (television)
SCORE was a joint venture with Financial News Network which aired sports-themed programming in the 1980s. It began in 1985 and shut down six years later. It was renamed FNN Sports in 1990 when FNN decided to go with a 24-hour feed on weekdays. SCORE was forced to dissolve after CNBC bought out FNN in 1991.SCORE used a sports ticker or crawl to update scores at the bottom of the screen

Scoria is a volcanic rock containing many holes or vesicles. It is most generally dark in color , and basaltic or andesitic in composition. Scoria is relatively low in mass as a result of its numerous macroscopic ellipsoidal vesicles, but in contrast to pumice, all scoria has a specific gravity greater than 1, and sinks in water

Scoring (film)
Scoring is a 1979 comedy film directed by Michael A. DeGaetano and distributed by Troma Entertainment. The plot of the film consists of a battle of the sexes, with a team of men and a team of women facing each other off in a game of basketball.

Scorn is a feeling of contempt or disdain for something or somebody; to despise.Scorn may also refer to:Music* Scorn * Scorn of the Women, an album by Weddings Parties Anything* Scorn Defeat, an album by Sigh

-Technology:* Scorpio , Roman artillery invented in 50 BC* Scorpio ROV, a class of submersible remotely operated vehicle, including the Scorpio II and Super Scorpio operated by the US and UK navies* Mahindra Scorpio, an Indian SUV

Scorpio (dart-thrower)
The scorpio or scorpion was type of Roman artillery piece. Also known by the name of the triggerfish, it was described in detail by Vitruvius

Scorpio (film)
Scorpio is a 1973 spy film directed by Michael Winner.It is about a Central Intelligence Agency agent named Cross , a successful but retiring assassin, who is training "Scorpio" to replace him

Scorpio (song)
"Scorpio" also can refer to a song by Dennis Coffey and the Detroit Guitar Band"Scorpio" is a single released by South Korean rock band TRAX. It was recorded and released in two versions: Japanese and Korean.

Scorpion (comics)
Scorpion, in comics, may refer to:* Scorpion, a number of Marvel Comics comics characters including:** Mac Gargan, a supervillain and frequent enemy of Spider-Man and now the third and current Venom and The Dark Avengers as The Black Spider-Man,

Scorpion (horse)
Scorpion is a racehorse trained in Ireland by Aidan O'Brien, and owned by Sue Magnier and Michael Tabor.As a three-year-old in 2005 he won the Grand Prix de Paris and the St. Leger Stakes. In 2007 he won the Coronation Cup.He now stands as a stallion for Coolmore's National Hunt breeding arm.-References:* *

Scorpion (novel)
Scorpion is a spy thriller novel by Andrew Kaplan, published by Macmillan in hardcover in 1985 and as a Warner Books paperback in 1986. It hit best-seller lists in Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Germany and Greece.-Plot summary:

Scorpion aerobatic team
Grupa Akrobacyjna Skorpion is an aerobatic demonstration team of the Aviation of Polish Land Forces, flying 4 Mil Mi-24 Helicopters, and one of very few helicopter aerobatic teams in the world

Scorpions (paramilitary)
The Scorpions were a Serbian paramilitary group which actively sought out the extermination of other ethnicities in the wars in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo. The unit was formed in 1991 in what was then the breakaway Republic of Serbian Krajina

Scorpions (Santa Cruz)
Scorpions Vermelho de Santa Cruz is a football club that plays in the Santiago Island League North Zone of the Grupo Centro Sul in Cape Verde. The team is based in the town of Santa Cruz in the southeastern part of the island of Santiago. Prior to 2006, the team was playing in the second level competition. It entered into the level and became the Centro Sul group

Scorpius, sometimes known as Scorpio, is one of the constellations of the zodiac. Its name is Latin for scorpion, and its symbol is . It lies between Libra to the west and Sagittarius to the east

Scorpius (Doctor Who audio)
Scorpius is a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who.- Plot :The human race is at war with its own android creations. The deadlock must be broken at all costs

Scortum is a genus of fish in the Terapontidae family.It contains the following species:* leathery grunter * small-headed grunter * barcoo grunter

Scorzonera is a genus of the sunflower family , subfamily Lactucoideae, tribe Lactuceae, subtribe Scorzonerinae.It comprises about 100 species, the best-known of which is the edible black salsify

A Scot is a member of an ethnic group indigenous to Scotland, derived from the Latin name of Irish raiders, the Scoti.Scot may also refer to:People with the given name Scot:* Scot Brantley , American football linebacker

Scotch is an adjective meaning "of Scotland". The modern usage in Scotland is Scottish or Scots, where the word "Scotch" is only applied to specific products, usually food or drink, such as Scotch whisky, Scotch pie, Scotch broth or Scotch eggs, and "Scotch" if applied to people is widely considered pejorative, reflecting old Anglo-Scottish antagonisms

Scotch (band)
-Biography:The group was created by Manlio Cangelli , then were added Vince Lancini and Fabio Margutti , joined by Franz Rome for the second album Pictures Of Old Days.The band had numerous hits, starting with the worldwide known "Penguin invasion", "Disco Band", then "Delirio Mind" and "Take

Scotch bonnet
The name Scotch bonnet refers to several different things:* Scotch bonnet , an exceptionally hot chili pepper*The Marasmius oreades mushroom, best known as the fairy ring mushroom

The scoters are stocky seaducks in the genus Melanitta. The drakes are mostly black and have swollen bills. Females are brown.They breed in the far north of Europe, Asia and North America, and winter further south in temperate zones of those continents. They form large flocks on suitable coastal waters

Scotia (disambiguation)
Scotia may refer to:Places* Scotia, Latin name of Scotland* Scotia, California, USA* Scotia, Nebraska, USA* Scotia, New York, USA* Scotia, Pennsylvania, USA* Scotia, South Carolina, USA

Scotland (Goodies episode)
"Scotland" is an episode of the British comedy television series The Goodies— a BAFTA-nominated series for Best Light Entertainment Programme.This episode is also known as "The Loch Ness Monster".

Scotland Yard (1941 film)
Scotland Yard is a 1941 American crime drama film starring Nancy Kelly and Edmund Gwenn about a fugitive whose visage has been altered with plastic surgery. The movie was directed by Norman Foster.-Cast:*Nancy Kelly ................ Lady Sandra Lasher

Scotland Yard (disambiguation)
New Scotland Yard is the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police Service, responsible for policing Greater London.Scotland Yard may also refer to:* The original head office of the Metropolitan Police on Great Scotland Yard

Scots may refer to:*The Scottish people, the inhabitants of Scotland*Scots language *Scotch-Irish*Scottish English*Scots pine, a Scottish tree*Short for Pound Scots

Scotsman may mean:* a man from Scotland, in common parlance - see also Scottish people.* No true Scotsman, a common logical fallacy.*The Scotsman, a national newspaper based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

- Companies :* H. H. Scott, Inc., vintage tube hi-fi company* SCOTT Sports, a producer of bicycles and sportswear* The Scott Motorcycle Company* The Scott Paper Company, brand of paper towels and toilet paper owned by the Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Scott (name)
Scott originated from Scotti .Scott came from the name of a Gaelic speaking Celtic tribe called the Scoti although there is no clear evidence to the etymology of the word, even if it has Gaelic roots or whether it was first applied to them by outsiders

Scottish may refer to something of, from, or related to Scotland, a country in northern Europe, part of the United Kingdom since 1707.Scottish may also refer to:-Languages:*Scottish English, the varieties of English spoken in Scotland

Scotto (troubadour)
Scotto, Scotz, or Scot was a Genoese troubadour of the mid-thirteenth century. His identity is shrouded in obscurity and scholars have suggested that his full name was perhaps Ogerio Scotto, Alberto Scotto, or Scotto Scotti

Scour Inc. was a multimedia search engine on the internet, and provided Scour Exchange, an early peer-to-peer file exchange service. Scour was founded by five students from the Computer Science Department of the University of California, Los Angeles in 1997

A scourge is a whip or lash, especially a multi-thong type used to inflict severe corporal punishment or self-mortification on the back.-Description:

Scouse is an accent and dialect of English found primarily in the Metropolitan county of Merseyside, and closely associated with the city of Liverpool and the adjoining urban areas such as the boroughs of south Sefton, Knowsley and the Wirral

A scout is a soldier performing reconnaissance and other support duties.Scout may also refer to:-Aircraft:* Scout , pre-1920s terminology for a single-seat fighter

Scout (operating system)
Scout is a research operating system developed at the University of Arizona. It is communication-oriented and designed around the constraints of network-connected devices like set-top boxes.

Scouting, also known as the Scout Movement, is a worldwide youth movement with the stated aim of supporting young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, that they may play constructive roles in society.

A scow, in the original sense, is a flat-bottomed boat with a blunt bow, often used to haul bulk freight; cf. barge. The etymology of the word is from the Dutch schouwe, meaning such a boat.-Sailing scows:

Scowl may refer to:* Scowl, another word for frown* To wrinkle or contract the brow as an expression of anger or disapproval.* Scowl, one of the Monster Pretenders, a subgroup of the Transformers

A scram or SCRAM is an emergency shutdown of a nuclear reactor – though the term has been extended to cover shutdowns of other complex operations, such as server farms and even large model railroads

Scramble may refer to:* Scramble , a 1981 arcade game* Scramble , an enemy of the Marvel Comics Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight* Scramble , a 1970 British drama film

Scramble (comics)
Scramble , also known as Scramble the Mixed-Up Man, was a Marvel Comics supervillain and Canadian mutant. Specifically, he was an enemy of Alpha Flight, but for a brief time he was alternately their ally