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Savoury (small dish)
A savoury is the final course of a traditional British formal meal, following the sweet pudding or dessert course. The savoury is designed to "clear the palate" before the Port is served. It generally consists of salty and plain elements.

Savoy is a region of France. It comprises roughly the territory of the Western Alps situated between Lake Geneva in the north and Monaco and the Mediterranean coast in the south.

Savoy cabbage
Savoy cabbage is a variety of the cabbage, a cultivar of the plant species Brassica oleracea. Savoy cabbage is a winter vegetable. A variety of the savoy cabbage is the January King Cabbage.

Savoyard is a Romance language group with several distinct varieties that form a linguistic subgroup from the Arpitan language family. It is spoken in some territories of the historical Duchy of Savoy, nowadays a geographic area spanning France , Switzerland , and Italy

Savvy can refer to:*Proton Savvy, a supermini car*Intelligence or common sense*Savvy Records, a record label*Savvy , a book*Savvy , a fashion magazine*Savvy Schmidt, a talk show host

A saw is a tool that uses a hard blade or wire with an abrasive edge to cut through softer materials. The cutting edge of a saw is either a serrated blade or an abrasive

A saw is a cutting tool.Saw or SAW may also refer to:-In Film:*Saw , a series of horror films**"Saw" , a 2003 short film by James Wan, upon which the series of films was originally based**Saw

Saw (saying)
A saw is an old saying or commonly repeated phrase or idea; a conventional wisdom. While "old saw" is a common cliché, some consider it a tautology.

Saw (soundtrack)
Saw: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the soundtrack for the film, Saw. It was released October 5, 2004 by Warner Bros. Records.-Track listing:

Sawan is a fifth month in the traditional Vikrama as well as the Nanakshahi calendar, which governs the activities within Sikhism. This month coincides with July and August in the Gregorian and Julian calendars and is 31 days long, like the Gregorian and Julian calendars.-July:* July 16 - The start of the month Sawan* July 23 - Birth of Guru Har Krishan

A sawbuck is a device for holding rough wood so that it may be sawn into pieces of length usable in a stove or fireplace. Easily made in the field from rough material, it consists of two "X" forms, one at each end, which are stabilized by a central piece

Sawdust (album)
Sawdust is an album of B-sides, rarities, covers and remixes by the Las Vegas rock band The Killers. The album was released in various markets between November 9 and November 13, 2007, when it was released in the United States

Sawdust (disambiguation)
Sawdust may refer to:*Sawdust, the material composed of fine particles of wood*Sawdust , 2007 compilation album by Las Vegas rock band The Killers

Sawfly is the common name for insects belonging to suborder Symphyta of the order Hymenoptera. Sawflies are distinguishable from most other Hymenoptera by the broad connection between the abdomen and the thorax, and by their caterpillar-like larvae

A sawhorse is a beam with four legs used to support a board or plank for sawing. A pair of sawhorses can support a plank, forming a scaffold. In certain circles, it is also known as a mule.The sawhorse may be designed to fold for storage

Sawm is an Arabic word for fasting regulated by Islamic jurisprudence. In the terminology of Islamic law, Sawm means to abstain from eating, drinking , having sex and anything against Islamic law

A sawmill is a facility where logs are cut into boards.-Sawmill process:A sawmill's basic operation is much like those of hundreds of years ago; a log enters on one end and dimensional lumber exits on the other end.

Sawmill (disambiguation)
A sawmill is a machine, building or company used for cutting lumber.Sawmill or Saw Mill may also refer to:*Sawmill , for statistical analysis and reporting of log files*Sawmill, Arizona, in Apache County

Sawmill (software)
Sawmill is a software package for the statistical analysis and reporting of log files, with dynamic contextual filtering, 'live' data zooming, user interface customization, and custom calculated reports. Sawmill also incorporates real-time reporting and real-time alerting

Sawyer is an occupational term referring to someone who saws wood. One such job was the now-archaic occupation of someone who cut lumber to length for the consumer market, a task now done by end users or at lumber and home improvement stores

Sawyers may refer to:* Sawyers, California* Kirk Sawyers , Canadian baseball umpire* Riley Ann Sawyers , American murder victim* Rodney Sawyers , American racecar driver

-Places:* Sax, Alicante, a municipality in Spain* Saxmundham, UK - a colloquial short form used in East Suffolk* Sax, a village in the Sennwald municipality in Switzerland-People:* Sax, later "Sax-Hohensax", name a house of barons originally at Hohensax castle

-Places:* Sax, Alicante, a municipality in Spain* Saxmundham, UK - a colloquial short form used in East Suffolk* Sax, a village in the Sennwald municipality in Switzerland-People:* Sax, later "Sax-Hohensax", name a house of barons originally at Hohensax castle

Saxon (automobile)
The Saxon was an automobile produced by the Saxon Motor Car Company, from 1913 to 1923. The company was based in Detroit and then Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Saxon (film)
Saxon is an independent British film written and directed by Greg Loftin, produced by Elise Valmorbida and starring Sean Harris in his first feature lead role. The world premiere on 22 August 2007 was part of the British Gala selection of the Edinburgh International Film Festival

The Free State of Saxony is a landlocked state of Germany, contingent with Brandenburg, Saxony Anhalt, Thuringia, Bavaria, the Czech Republic and Poland. It is the tenth-largest German state in area, with of Germany's sixteen states.

Saxony (disambiguation)
Saxony may refer to several Holy Roman Empire era, German Empire or later modern German states in different locations along the Elbe river:Free State of Saxony, Freistaat Sachsen

Saxony (wine region)
Saxony is a region for quality wine in Germany located in the German federal state of Saxony. The region is sometimes referred to colloquially as the Elbtal . The wine region covers , which makes it Germany's third smallest region, just ahead of Mittelrhein and Hessische Bergstraße in size

Say is to communicate orally. Say or SAY can also refer to:*Say, Niger*say , a Macintosh command line program to convert text to sound*Say , for Aboriginal youth in Canada

Say (All I Need)
"Say " is a song by American pop rock band OneRepublic. It is the third single released from their debut album Dreaming Out Loud and follows the global success of their previous top ten singles, "Apologize" and "Stop and Stare"

Say (Ryan Cabrera song)
"Say" is a selfwritten song by American pop singer Ryan Cabrera, produced by Daniel James, Leah Haywood for Cabrera's third studio album The Moon Under Water . The track was released as the first single from the album in the first quarter of 2008

Say (song)
"Say" is a song by John Mayer written for the Rob Reiner film The Bucket List in 2007. It was released as a single on November 20 and is the first commercial single in Mayer's career that was not originally released on one of his albums but added to the special edition re-release of his album Continuum

Say cheese
Say "cheese" is an instruction used by photographers who want their subject to smile. By saying "cheese", most people form their mouths into what appears to be a smile-like shape

Say Goodbye
Say Goodbye may refer to:*Say Goodbye , a 1971 documentary film*Say Goodbye , a 1989 album by Shirley Kwan*"Say Goodbye" , the fourth single by Chris Brown, released August 8, 2006

Say Goodbye (Dave Matthews Band song)
"Say Goodbye" is a song by the Dave Matthews Band, featured on the 1996 album Crash.-Song history:Say Goodbye evolved from the song Any Noise/Anti Noise, which debuted on July 6, 1993. The name Any Noise/Anti Noise is derived from an ambiguous lyric in early version of the song

Saya (poem)
Sāyā is the type of poem or song that a Takam-Chi chants while playing a Takam. The words Sāyā, Takam and Takam-Chi are Azari words.-References:* The Anthropological Museum of the Tribes of Azarbaijan, Sarāb, , .

Sayd is a fictional character in the DC Comics universe. She is now an exiled member of the Guardians of the Universe. Where most of the Guardians are void of emotion and rigid in their compliance to standard policy, Sayd's sensibilities are more in line with those of Ganthet, a Guardian known for his non-traditional mindset

Sayers the Bakers is the largest independent retail baker in the north-west of England, established in 1912 in Liverpool. The retailer offers customers a wide range of savouries, sandwiches and specialist bakery products across over 150 stores, from Fleetwood in Lancashire down to Wrexham in Wales

A saying is something that is said, notable in one respect or another, to be "a pithy expression of wisdom or truth."There are a number of specific types of saying:

Sayonara is a 1957 color American film starring Marlon Brando. It tells the story of an American Air Force flier who was an "ace" fighter pilot during the Korean War.

Sayonara (album)
Sayonara is the twenty-sixth studio album released by German Schlager group Die Flippers. It was certified Gold.-Track listing:# "Sayonara"# "Wenn am Horizont..."

Sayonara (disambiguation)
Sayonara is a formal Japanese word for "goodbye"Sayonara also may refer to:Film* Sayonara, a 1957 film based on the 1954 James A. Michener novel SayonaraLiterature* Sayonara , a 1954 novel by James A

Sayonara (single)
"Sayonara" is the 16th single from the Japanese band Orange Range. "Sayonara" was used as theme song for the TBD drama Teppan Shōjo Akane!!. The single also had two other songs used in various Japanese ads. People believe this single says farewell to the old band with Kazuhito "Katchan", and hello to the band's future

Sayonara (song)
"Sayonara" is the title of a 1981 song by Mary MacGregor. It was one of two songs she contributed to the Japanese Anime film, Aideu Galaxy Express 999.Side One"Sayonara" – 5:34 Side Two

Says was a municipality in the district of Landquart in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. On 1 January 2008 the municipality was incorporated into neighboring Trimmis.-Geography:

SB or Sb may refer to:* Spina bifida* S.B., Scientiæ Baccalaureus or Bachelor of Science, an academic degree* Senate Bill, especially when quoting a bill's code SB or Sb may refer to:* Spina bifida* S.B., Scientiæ Baccalaureus or Bachelor of Science, an academic degree* Senate Bill, especially when quoting a bill's code SB or Sb may refer to:* Spina bifida* S.B., Scientiæ Baccalaureus or Bachelor of Science, an academic degree* Senate Bill, especially when quoting a bill's code (e.g

SBA may stand for:* Survivable Branch Appliance* Santa Barbara Airport* Santa Barbara Airlines* SBA Towers, radio masts and towers* School-based assessment, a programme of Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education which composes parts of the marks

SC, S.C., Sc, or Sc. may refer to:* SC a complexity class in Computer Science, named after Stephen Cook* SC convoys, a designation by Allied navies for a type of trans-Atlantic convoy during World War II* Lexus SC, automobile

SC (complexity)
In computational complexity theory, SC is the complexity class of problems solvable by a deterministic Turing machine in polynomial time and polylogarithmic space

Scab can refer to the following:* Scab, a hard coating on the skin formed during the wound healing reconstruction phase* Derogatory term for a strikebreaker, a person who works despite strike action or against the will of other employees

Scabies , known colloquially as the seven-year itch, is a contagious skin infection that occurs among humans and other animals. It is caused by a tiny and usually not directly visible parasite, the mite Sarcoptes scabiei, which burrows under the host's skin, causing intense allergic itching

Scacciata can be any of several types of Sicilian dishes.One haute cuisine version is a provolone cheese-filled pastry in a bread dough pie crust

In electronics scalability is the ability of a system, network, or process, to handle growing amount of work in a graceful manner or its ability to be enlarged to accommodate that growth

Scalar may refer to:*Scalar , a quantity used to multiply vectors in the context of vector spaces*Scalar , a quantity which is independent of specific classes of coordinate systems

A scald is a type of burn injury caused by hot liquids or gases. It can also refer to:*Scalding milk, heating milk to just below its boiling point*Scald , a Irish extreme metal band*Scald , an epic doom metal band from Russia

Scald (band)
Scald are an extreme metal band based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. They are known for their progressive, idiosyncratic sound which takes in elements of metal, post-hardcore, doom, punk, grind and industrial electronica

Scald (barley)
Scald is common disease of barley in temperate regions. It is caused by the fungus Rhynchosporium secalis and can cause significant yield losses in cooler, wet seasons.- Symptoms :

Scald (Russia)
Scald were a folk metal band from Yaroslavl, Russia. After the death of their singer Agyl on September 6, 1997, the remaining members decided to end Scald and later formed a progressive/folk metal band Tumulus.- Line up :

-Length:* Architect's scale, a ruler-like device which facilitates the production of technical drawings* Engineer's scale, a ruler-like device similar to the Architect's scale, they are helpful when drawing rooms

Scalene may refer to:* A scalene triangle, one in which all sides are different* A scalene ellipsoid, one in which the lengths of all three semi-principal axes are different* Scalene muscles of the neck

Scaler, also known as Scaler: The Shapeshifting Chameleon, is a video game released in 2004 by Take-Two Interactive and Global Star Software for the GameCube, Xbox, and PlayStation 2 video game consoles.-Synopsis:

Scales (surname)
The surname Scales has at least two origins:* a variant spelling of the surname Scholes* someone from the manor of Scales, NorfolkPeople with the surname Scales include:*Lord Scales, English Barony

Scallions , are the edible plants of various Allium species, all of which are "onion-like", having hollow green leaves and lacking a fully developed root bulb.-Etymology:The words