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Saturnus may refer to:* Saturn , a Roman god whose Latin name was Saturnus* Saturnus , a band from Denmark* Saturnus , a genus of butterflies in the grass skipper family

In Greek mythology, satyrs are a troop of male companions of Pan and Dionysus — "satyresses" were a late invention of poets — that roamed the woods and mountains. In myths they are often associated with pipe-playing.

Satyr (Dungeons & Dragons)
In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game, the satyr is a fey creature. Satyrs started as standard D&D creatures, and later became a player character class. Satyrs are the children of a satyr and dryad union, while half-satyrs are the result of a satyr and human woman union. Satyrs are extremely lustful, and will attempt to woo any human females they meet

Satz (disambiguation)
Satz is a German word and name, and may refer to:* Satz, a formal section in music analysis* "theorem" in German, conventionally used in the name of certain theorems. Note however that the word "Theorem" is also used in German, generally for more important results, and thus in a stricter translation would be "Proposition"; see Theorem#Terminology

Satz (SAT solver)
SatZ is a well known SAT instance solver. It was developed by Prof. Chu Min Li, a computer science researcher. The Z stands for the last version of SAT solvers.- References :

Sau (band)
Sau was a music group from Catalonia, which rose to fame in this area in the 1990s, being among the first groups to write pop music with Catalan lyrics, known as rock català. The band's two main members were Carles Sabater, singer, and Pep Sala, who played guitar and sometimes keyboard. Carles Sabater died in 1999 following a concert, which would mark the end of the band's existence

Sau (Rotuman king)
Sau, , refers to the role of spiritual leader in pre-Christian Rotuman society. The title was neither primogenitary nor held for a lifetime, but rather was cycled through the chiefs of each of Rotuma’s districts.

In cooking, a sauce is liquid, creaming or semi-solid food served on or used in preparing other foods. Sauces are not normally consumed by themselves; they add flavor, moisture, and visual appeal to another dish. Sauce is a French word taken from the Latin salsus, meaning salted

Sauce (disambiguation)
Sauce is a liquid condiment or accompaniment to food.Sauce may also refer to:* Ángel Sauce, a Venezuelan composer and violinist* SAUCE, acronym for Standard Architecture for Universal Comment Extensions, a software protocol* Chanspeak for "source"

A saucer is a small type of dishware, a plate that is specifically used with and for supporting a cup – a cylindrical cup intended for coffee or a half-sphere teacup for tea. Additionally, the saucer is a distant cousin to the plate. The saucer has a raised centre with a depression sized to fit a mating cup

Saucy (album)
Saucy is the seventh album released by MC Breed. It was released on February 18, 1997 for Ichiban Records and was produced by MC Breed, Jazze Pha, DJ Flash and Big Q.-Track listing:#"One Puff"- 4:18#"Da Bomb"- 5:18#"Salt in My Game"- 4:59

Sauerkraut , directly translated from German: "sour cabbage", is finely shredded cabbage that has been fermented by various lactic acid bacteria, including Leuconostoc, Lactobacillus, and Pediococcus. It has a long shelf-life and a distinctive sour flavor, both of which result from the lactic acid that forms when the bacteria ferment the sugars in the cabbage

Saul (Alfieri)
Saul is a theatrical tragedy in five acts, written by Vittorio Alfieri in 1782, in which the eponymous protagonist simultaneously embodies the tragic heroism of both tyrant and victim. This play marks the high point of Italian tragedy and pre-romantic poetry.

Saul (given name)
Saul is the given name. It is of Hebrew origin , meaning "ask/question".People with this given name include:* King Saul, First King of Israel* Saul Alinsky, American liberal political activist* Saul Armendariz, Mexican professional wrestler

A sault is waterfall or a rapids in pre-17th century French. A number of places in North America have this word as part of their names, as they were occupied by French colonists and settlers

A sauna is a small room or house designed as a place to experience dry or wet heat sessions, or an establishment with one or more of these and auxiliary facilities.

Saura (disambiguation)
-People:*Antonio Saura, the Spanish surrealist artist*Carlos Saura, the Spanish film director*Enrique Saura, the Spanish footballer*Joan Saura i Laporta, the Spanish politician-Places:* Saura Mountains in North Carolina

Saura (Hinduism)
Saura is a denomination of Hindu. Followers of Saura worship Surya as the Saguna Brahman. At present the Sauras are a very small movement, much smaller than other larger denominations such as Vaishnavism or Shaivism. There was a rapid decline of the Sauras in the 12th and 13th century CE.- Surya Worship :Saura followers worship Surya as the Saguna Brahman

Saurais is a commune in the Deux-Sèvres department in western France.-References:*

Sauria is a clade of reptiles that includes all living diapsids, as well as their common ancestor and all its extinct descendants. The ancestral saurian was probably a small lizard-like creature living in the Permian Period

Saurischia meaning 'lizard' and ischion meaning 'hip joint') is one of the two orders, or basic divisions, of dinosaurs. In 1888, Harry Seeley classified dinosaurs into two orders, based on their hip structure

Saus is a municipality in the comarca of Alt Empordà, Girona, Catalonia, Spain.

Sausage (album)
Sausage is an independent demo album by the band Baboon. It was released on cassette in 1992. This version of "Kamikaze" is also on the We're from Texas compilation.-Track listing:# "Hatred" – 2:52# "Kamikaze" – 2:27# "E" – 4:55

Sausage roll
A Sausage Roll is a type of savoury convenience food commonly served at parties and available from bakeries and milk bars as a take-away food item

Sauternes is a commune in the Gironde department in Aquitaine in southwestern France.It is also a wine region within the Graves portion of Bordeaux that produces sweet white dessert wines, named "Sauternes" after the commune, as well as some dry white wine.

Sauternes can refer to:*Sauternes, Gironde, a town in the Bordeaux region of France*Sauternes , an appellation for sweet Bordeaux wine produced around the town Sauternes*The SS Sauternes, a World War II steamship built in 1922

Sauvat is a commune in the Cantal department in south-central France.-Population:

Sauve is a commune in the Gard department in southern France.-Population:-Personalities:In the mid-1990s American underground comic artist Robert Crumb traded six of his sketchbooks for a townhouse in Sauve

Sauzet is the name of several communes in France:* Sauzet, in the Drôme department* Sauzet, in the Gard department* Sauzet, in the Lot department

- Places :Canada* Lower Savage Islands, Nunavut* Middle Savage Islands, NunavutSlovenia* Savage Lake, a karst lakeUnited States* Savage, Maryland* Savage, Minnesota

Savage (MARC station)
Savage is a passenger rail station on the MARC Camden Line between Washington, DC and Baltimore's Camden Station. It is officially located at 9009 Dorsey Run Road in Savage, Maryland, however Dorsey Run Road runs over the railroad tracks as well as Brock Bridge Road, which runs along the south side of the tracks and is a street-level with the station

Savage (surname)
-A–C:* Adam Savage, American television co-host of MythBusters* Alan Savage , several people** Alan Savage , chairman of Scottish Premier League team, Inverness Caledonian Thistle

Savage (video game)
Savage is an action video game developed by Probe Software and published by Firebird Software in 1988 for ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST and DOS. In 1989 Firebird published a version for the Amiga.-Gameplay:

Savages is a play written by British playwright Christopher Hampton. It premiered at the Royal Court Theatre in 1973, and was published the following year by Faber and Faber.

In animal science, savaging is overt aggression, usually including cannibalistic infanticide of newborn offspring, by a mother animal. It is particularly prevalent among pigs, where it affects up to 5% of gilts.

Savana is a town and commune in Madagascar. It belongs to the district of Vohipeno, which is a part of Vatovavy-Fitovinany Region. The population of the commune was estimated to be approximately 4,000 in 2001 commune census.

Savane (album)
Savane is the final solo album by Malian musician Ali Farka Touré. It is the third and final part of the Hôtel Mandé Sessions, featuring Touré and Toumani Diabaté, recorded by World Circuit head Nick Gold

Savannah or savanna is a type of grassland.It can also mean:-People:* Savannah King, a Canadian freestyle swimmer* Savannah Outen, a singer who gained popularity on You Tube

Savannah (given name)
Savannah is a feminine given name, taken from either the name of the city of Savannah, Georgia or savanna , meaning a large, grassy plain, a word derived from the Taíno word zabana. The name was the 30th most popular name for baby girls born in the United States in 2007. It was also among the top hundred names for girls in Canada and Australia in 2006

Savant may refer to:* An expert or wise person* Savant syndrome* Marilyn vos Savant* Savant publications* Doug SavantIn popular culture:* Characters in the Noble Warriors Trilogy

Savas is a commune in the Ardèche department in southern France.-Population:

Save may refer to:*Save , when a pitcher finishes a game for the winning team under certain prescribed circumstances*Save , when a goalie prevents a goalAn organization

SAVE may refer to:* Esquel Airport's ICAO code* SAVE Foundation * Struggle Against Violent Extremism* A European Union energy saving programme

Saved (Swans EP)
-Track listing:# "Saved"-6:57# "See No More "-4:17# "No Cruel Angel "-8:05-Musicians:*Michael Gira - vocals and guitars*Jarboe - vocals and keyboards*Norman Westberg - guitars*Bill Laswell - bass

Saver may refer to:* Saver , a Korean manhwa by Eun-Young Lee* Savers, Inc., a privately held for-profit thrift store chain* Saver return, a type of train ticket in the United Kingdom* Digimon Savers

Saver (manhwa)
Saver is a manhwa written by Lee Eun-young . It is a historical fantasy based around an emotionally scarred woman who is transported magically to the Scottish Middle Ages. Serialized in the magazine Issue, the publication has accumulated seventeen volumes since 2002 and is completed

Savi was the capital of the Kingdom of Whydah prior to its capture by the forces of Dahomey in 1727.Prior to the conquest of the city it had a circumference of about four miles

Savia or SAVIA can refer to:*Savia , a plant genus*Pannonia Savia, a Roman province created in the 3rd century AD*Savia, a 7th-10th century Slavic principality in Pannonian Croatia, between the Drava and Sava Rivers

Savia (album)
Savia is an album by J-pop singer Mami Kawada. It is her 2nd studio album overall produced by I've Sound and Geneon Entertainment. The album was released on March 26, 2008.

Saville (novel)
Saville is a Booker Prize-winning novel by English author David Storey.-Plot:The novel centers around Colin, a young boy growing up in the fictional Yorkshire mining village of Saxton during WWII and the postwar years.-References:**

Savin (photocopiers)
Savin was incorporated in 1959 by Max M. Low and was run by Low's son, Robert K. Low and E. Paul Charlap

Saving Grace (1998 film)
Saving Grace is a 1998 film produced in New Zealand based on a play by Duncan Sarkies. It was directed by Costa Botes and stars Kirsty Hamilton and Jim Moriarty. In it, unemployed teenager Grace Cuthberston meets the mysterious Gerald Hutchinson; the two eventually become lovers

Saving Grace (2008 film)
Saving Grace B. Jones is an independent feature written, produced, and directed by Connie Stevens. The film made its world premiere in the Philadelphia Film Festival/Cinefest on March 28, 2009 and will be screening in the 18th annual St. Louis International Film Festival on November 20, 2009. Filming took place in the town of Saving Grace B

Saving Grace (short story)
"Saving Grace" is a short story by Orson Scott Card. It appears in his short story collection Maps in a Mirror.-External links:*

Saving Grace (TV series)
Saving Grace is an American television crime drama series which premiered on TNT on July 23, 2007 and ran until June 21, 2010. The show stars Academy Award-winner Holly Hunter in her first television series, as well as Leon Rippy, Kenny Johnson, Laura San Giacomo, Bailey Chase, Bokeem Woodbine, Gregory Norman Cruz, and Yaani King

Savings bank
A savings bank is a financial institution whose primary purpose is accepting savings deposits. It may also perform some other functions.In Europe, savings banks originated in the 19th or sometimes even the 18th century. Their original objective was to provide easily accessible savings products to all strata of the population

Savings bank (Spain)
In Spain, a savings bank is a financial institution which specializes in accepting savings deposits and granting loans. Their original aim was to create the habit of thrift amongst the very poor but they have evolved to compete with and rival commercial banks.Their trade association is the Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks .-

Savins is a commune in the Seine-et-Marne department in the Île-de-France region in north-central France.-External links:* * *

Savior or Saviour may refer to:*a person who helps people achieve salvation, or saves them from something- Religion :* Mahdi* Mashiach* Messiah* Redeemer * Saoshyant* Soter- Music :* Saviours , a stoner metal band

Saviour (album)
Saviour is the debut album by the UK band, Antimatter, released in 2001.-Track listing:# Saviour# Holocaust# Over Your Shoulder# Psalms# God is Coming# Angelic# Flowers# The Last Laugh# Going Nowhere# Over Your Shoulder *

Saviours (band)
Saviours is an American stoner metal band. The band was formed in 2004 in Oakland, California. Since then, they have released four full-length albums and two EPs.-Members:*Austin Barber - vocals, lead & rhythm guitar

Savoir-Faire is a piece of interactive fiction written by Emily Short, about a magician in 18th-century France searching his aristocratic adoptive father's house

Savory or Savoury may refer to:* Savory , herbs of the genus Satureja, particularly :** Summer savory , an annual herb** Winter savory , a perennial herb* Savoriness, a type of taste.

Savory (single)
"Savory" was the first single released by Jawbox from their 1994 major label debut, For Your Own Special Sweetheart, released as Savory + 3. The song is a description of the female body, according to Allmusic, but in a very cryptic form