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Sams can refer to:* Sams Publishing* School Administrative and Management Systems* United States Army School of Advanced Military Studies* The South American Missionary Society*South African Military Health Service* Scottish Association for Marine Science

Samsara (album)
Samsara is the third album by Yakuza and their first for Prosthetic Records.-Track listing:#"Cancer Industry" - 3:02#"Plecostomus" - 3:38#"Monkeytail" - 5:24#"Transmission Ends... Signal Lost" - 1:27#"Dishonor" - 5:20#"20 Bucks" - 5:02

Samsara (Jainism)
In Jainism, ' is the worldly life characterized by continuous rebirths and reincarnations in various realms of existence. is described as mundane existence, full of suffering and misery and hence is considered undesirable and worth renunciation. The is without any beginning and the soul finds itself in bondage with its karma since the beginningless time

Samson (1914 film)
Samson is a 1914 short drama film. Harold Lloyd has an uncredited role.-Cast:* J. Warren Kerrigan - Samson* George Periolat - Manoah, Samson's father* Lule Warrenton - Wife of Manoah* Kathleen Kerrigan - Delilah* Edith Bostwick - Zorah, Samson's wife

Samson (1961 film)
Samson is a 1961 film made by Academy Award-winning Polish director Andrzej Wajda that uses art house aesthetics to tell a story about the Holocaust. Wajda's World War II film alludes to the Old Testament story of Samson, who had supernatural physical strength

Samson (comics)
Samson, in comics, may refer to:* Samson , a Golden Age character* Mighty Samson, a Gold Key Comics character* Doc Samson, a Marvel superhero* Black Samson , a character from Invincible

Samuel is a leader of ancient Israel in the Books of Samuel in the Hebrew Bible. He is also known as a prophet and is mentioned in the Qur'an.

Samuel is a male given name of Hebrew origin meaning either "name of God" or "God has heard" . Samuel was the last of the ruling judges in the Old Testament. He anointed Saul to be the first king of Israel, and later anointed David.As a Christian name, Samuel came into common use after the Protestant Reformation

Samur is a specialized and highly qualified emergency system of Madrid, Spain. The name stands for S.A.M.U.R.

Samurai (Cyberpunk 2020)
Samurai is a fictional band fronted by the character Johnny Silverhand in the Cyberpunk 2020 role-playing game.*Johnny Silverhand : A flashy and cynical Rockerboy singer and guitarist with a silver-chrome cyberlimb arm

San (High and Mighty Color album)
is the third album by High and Mighty Color, released on February 21, 2007. It comes in two editions, one featuring an additional DVD which contains most of the band's music videos.-Overview:

San Carlos (Caltrain station)
San Carlos Station is a Caltrain station in San Carlos, California, about midway between San Francisco and San Jose.The Romanesque Revival style building was originally built by the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1888 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.-Station amenities:*Caltrain ticket machines*8-Ride ticket validators*Bicycle lockers*Restaurant San Carlos Station is a Caltrain station in San Carlos, California, about midway between San Francisco and San Jose.The Romanesque Revival style building was originally built by the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1888 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.-Station amenities:*Caltrain ticket machines*8-Ride ticket validators*Bicycle lockers*Restaurant San Carlos Station is a Caltrain station in San Carlos, California, about midway between San Francisco and San Jose.The Romanesque Revival style building was originally built by the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1888 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.-Station amenities:*Caltrain ticket machines*8-Ride ticket validators*Bicycle lockers*Restaurant (Depot

San Carlos (Equatorial Guinea)
San Carlos, also known simply as Caldera, is the second highest peak in Bioko, Equatorial Guinea. As its alternative name suggests, it is a volcanic peak, rising to a height of 2261 metres.

San Francisco (American Music Club album)
San Francisco was the seventh album by American Music Club and their last before a nine year hiatus.-Track listing:#"Fearless" - 4:34#"It's Your Birthday" - 4:33#"Can You Help Me" - 3:11#"Love Doesn't Belong" - 4:22#"Wish the World Away" - 3:09

San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)
"San Francisco " is a song, written by John Phillips of The Mamas & the Papas, and sung by Scott McKenzie. It was written and released in 1967 to promote the Monterey Pop Festival.

San Francisco (disambiguation)
San Francisco is a city in the U.S. state of California.San Francisco may also refer to:-San Francisco, California:* San Francisco Bay* San Francisco Bay Area, the metropolitan area* San Francisco Peninsula, the peninsula where the city is located

San Francisco (Eurovision song)
"San Francisco" was the Norwegian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1997, performed in Norwegian - with some lyrics in English - by Tor Endresen.The song is a moderately up-tempo number, with a sound similar to rock music from the late 1960s

San Francisco (You've Got Me)
"San Francisco" is the title of a song recorded by American disco group the Village People. It was released in 1977 as the lead single from their debut album Village People. The song reached number 45 on the UK pop charts and peaked at number 2 on the U.S. Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart.-Chart positions:

San Marco (Milan)
San Marco is a church in Milan, northern Italy.-History:According to tradition, the church was dedicated to St. Mark, patron of Venice, after the help given by that city in the war against Frederick Barbarossa in the 12th century

San Marcos (León)
San Marcos is a former monastery and hospital in the city of León, Spain. It is now a parador, and includes a church and museum.

San Marino
San Marino, officially the Republic of San Marino , is a state situated on the Italian Peninsula on the eastern side of the Apennine Mountains. It is an enclave surrounded by Italy. Its size is just over with an estimated population of over 30,000. Its capital is the City of San Marino

San Salvador
The city of San Salvador the capital and largest city of El Salvador, which has been designated a Gamma World City. Its complete name is La Ciudad de Gran San Salvador

San Salvador (Guipúzcoan squadron)
The San Salvador was a Spanish galleon of the Spanish Armada as part of the Guipúzcoan squadron.It was damaged and captured as a result of the first encounter of the Armada with the Royal Navy in 1588

San Salvador (Paraguay)
San Salvador is a district of the Guairá Department, Paraguay.It is located in 18 kilometers southwest of Villarrica, the capital of the department, over the old train rails

-Geography:* Sana'a, the capital of Yemen* Sana, Haute-Garonne, France, a commune in the Haute-Garonne département* Sana, Bhutan, a town in Bhutan* Sana, Greece, a village in the northern part of the prefecture of Chalkidiki

Sana (Lollywood)
Sana Nawaz , often credited as Sana , is a Pakistani film actress and model. She has achieved particular success since the late 1990s. She was introduced to the Lollywood film industry by director Syed Noor in his film Sangam in 1997.-Acting career:Sana started her career as television actress

Sana (margarine brand)
Sana is a Turkish margarine brand that was first released by Unilever's Turkey Branch in 1953. It is the Turkish variant of Country Crock. It is the first margarine that was wrapped up a packet in Turkey. As it had no other opponent in market and produced from soybean oil that was imported from the U.S., it became the leading margarine brand for decades

SANAA (firm)
SANAA is an architectural firm. It was founded in 1995 by Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa. In 2010, Sejima and Nishizawa were awarded the Pritzker Prize, architecture's highest honor.-Biography:

Sanaba is a town in the Boucle du Mouhoun Region of Burkina Faso. It is the capital of Sanaba Department.

SANAS is an acronym for the South African National Accreditation Service.SANAS is recognised by the South African Government in Act 19 of 2007 as the single National Accreditation Body that gives formal recognition that Laboratories, Certification Bodies, Inspection Bodies, Proficiency Testing Scheme Providers and Good Laboratory Practice test facilities are competent to carry

A sanatorium is a medical facility for long-term illness, most typically associated with treatment of tuberculosis before antibiotics

Sanatorium (band)
Sanatorium is a Macedonian thrash metal band from Skopje, Republic of Macedonia-Members:Pero Stefanovski , Konstantin Kačev , Goran Stanković and Goran Atanasov on drums.-Biography:

Sanctified is the fourth album for Swedish heavy metal band Morgana Lefay.-Track listing:All music & lyrics written & arranged by: Morgana Lefay#Out In The Silence - 4:05#Time Is God - 5:09#To Isengard - 5:17#Why? - 5:03#Mad Messiah - 5:04

Sanctified may refer to:*Sanctification - "making holy"*Sanctified - a studio album by Morgana Lefay*"Sanctified" - Track 4 from Nine Inch Nail's debut album, Pretty Hate Machine

Sanctity (disambiguation)
Sanctity may refer to:* Sanctity , a heavy metal band from Asheville, North Carolina* Inviolability or the sanctity of life, the idea that life is sacred* Madame Sanctity, a Marvel Comics character

A sanctuary is any place of safety. They may be categorized into human and non-human .- Religious sanctuary :A religious sanctuary can be a sacred place , or a consecrated area of a church or temple around its tabernacle or altar.- Sanctuary as a sacred place :#Sanctuary as a sacred place:#:In Europe, Christian

Sanctuary (Charlie Musselwhite album)
Sanctuary is an album by American singer and harpist Charlie Musselwhite. It was released in 2004 on Peter Gabriel's Real World label, Musselwhite's debut release on this label.

Sanctuary (Irish charity album)
Sanctuary is an album supporting charity which was recorded in July 2007 at Glenstal Abbey, Co. Limerick, Ireland. The album features artists Moya Brennan, Mary Coughlan, Nóirín Ní Riain, Cara O'Sullivan, Jimmy O'Brien-Moran, the Monks of Glenstal and many others

Sanctuary (Saint Seiya)
Sanctuary is a fictional location from the manga series Saint Seiya, authored by Masami Kurumada, later adapted to anime. It is also the residence of an organization with the same name.- The organization :

Sanctuary (short film)
Sanctuary is an upcoming re-mixable science fiction film which became the first production to sign professional union actors to Creative Commons licensing terms. It is in VFX post production as of March 2007. Every production asset, including principal photography shot on 35mm film and digitised, has been cleared for unprecedented free-for-non-commercial use

Sanctuary (Simon Webbe album)
Sanctuary is the debut solo album from Blue band-member Simon Webbe. The album was released on November 14, 2005, peaking at #7 on the UK Albums Chart, selling more than 600,000 copies in the UK. It was certified Double Platinum by the BPI

Sanctuary (web series)
Sanctuary is a Canadian science fiction-fantasy television series, created by Damian Kindler. The show is an expansion of an eight-webisode series that was released at no cost through the Internet in early 2007. Seeing the success of the web series, Syfy decided to pick up the series for a more traditional television-based 13-episode season

A sanctum is a holy site.Other uses of the term include:* Sanctum , a Swedish musical group* Sanctum , a 2011 3D action-thriller film* Sanctum , an online collectible card game

Sanctum sanctorum
The Latin phrase sanctum sanctorum is a Latin translation of the biblical term: "Holy of Holies" which generally refers in Latin texts to the Holiest place of the Tabernacle of Ancient Israel and later the Temples in Jerusalem, but also has some derivative use in application to imitations of the Tabernacle in church architecture.The Latin word sanctum is the neuter form of the

Sanctum Sanctorum
The Sanctum Sanctorum is a fictional building in the Marvel Universe. It first appeared with Doctor Strange in his debut in Strange Tales #110 .-Location:

Sand (band)
Sand is a five-piece experimental rock/jazz/electronic group with members Tim Wright , Hilary Jeffery , John Richards , Neil Griffiths and Rowan Oliver

Sand (film)
Sand is 2000 thriller film, directed and written by Matt Palmieri. It starring Michael Vartan, Norman Reedus and Kari Wührer. Also some hollywood stars have roles in this film including Jon Lovitz, Harry Dean Stanton, Emilio Estevez, Denis Leary and Julie Delpy

Sand (Lee Hazlewood song)
"Sand" is a 1966 song written by Lee Hazlewood, performed with Nancy Sinatra on How Does That Grab You?.The song was later performed by Einstürzende Neubauten on their 1985 album Halber Mensch, by OP8 on the 1997 album Slush, and by Hugo Race and the True Spirit on the 2008 album 53rd State.

Sand art
Sand art may refer to:*Sand art and play, e.g. Sculpturing "building sand castles"*Sandpainting*Sand drawing*Sand mandalas, Buddhist sand paintings*Sand animation, a style of live performance art, and also to a type of animation

Sand flea
Sand flea may refer to:* Talitridae* Sandfly* Mole crab* Chigoe flea

Sand Storm
Sand Storm is a 1992 action game in which you are shooting an anti-air ballistic weapon. The premise of the game is similar to that of Sabotage. You must defend your home base from planes , Patriot Missiles, and Scuds. If a missile or bomb touches the ground, some of the buildings in the base are damaged. Each building can be damaged three times

Sand whiting
The sand whiting, Sillago ciliata, is a common species of coastal marine fish of the family Sillaginidae, the smelt-whitings

Sandals are an open type of outdoor footwearSandal may also refer to:* Sandal Castle, site of the Battle of Wakefield in the Wars of the Roses* Sandal, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England* Sandal, Afghanistan* Šandal, village in Slovakia

Sandals are an open type of outdoor footwear, consisting of a sole held to the wearer's foot by straps passing over the instep and, sometimes, around the ankle

Sandalwood is the name of a class of fragrant woods from trees in the genus Santalum. The woods are heavy, yellow, and fine-grained, and unlike many other aromatic woods they retain their fragrance for decades. As well as using the harvested and cut wood in-situ, essential oils are also extracted from the woods for use

Sandarac is a resin obtained from the small cypress-like tree Tetraclinis articulata. The tree is native to the northwest of Africa with a notable presence in the Southern Morocco part of the Atlas mountains. The resin exudes naturally on the stems of the tree. It is also gotten by making cuts on the bark. It solidifies when exposed to the air

A sandbag is a sack made of hessian/burlap, polypropylene or other materials that is filled with sand or soil and used for such purposes as flood control, military fortification, shielding glass windows in war zones and ballast.

Sandbank (disambiguation)
A sandbank is a landform consisting of a sand bar in water, which creates a shallow area which may pose a hazard to watercraft.Sandbank is also the name of various specific places:*Sandbank, Argyll and Bute, a village in Scotland

Sandbox may refer to:* Litter box, an indoor box for cats to relieve themselves* Sandpit or sandbox, a wide, shallow playground construction to hold sand often made of wood or plastic

Sandbox (video game editor)
Sandbox is the level editor used to create levels for the CryEngine line of game engines by Crytek. Tools are also provided within the software to facilitate scripting, animation, and object creation

Sandcastle (disambiguation)
Sandcastle is a castle made of sand. The term may also refer to other things:* The Sandcastle, the minor league baseball team in Atlantic City* The Sandcastle , the Iris Murdoch novel* Sandcastle Waterpark, the water park near Pittsburgh

Sander (first name)
The masculine given name Sander is of German origin, though mostly used in the Netherlands , Norway and Belgium. It's a variant of Alexander which means Protector of Men. The feminine variant is called Sandra. Outside Europe, Sander is a very rare male given name but a rather popular surname

The Sanderling is a small wader. It is a circumpolar Arctic breeder, and is a long-distance migrant, wintering south to South America, South Europe, Africa, and Australia

Sanders (surname)
-A:* Addison Hiatt Sanders American Civil War Brevet Brigadier General; Secretary of the Montana Territory, USA* Adrian Sanders , UK politician* Ajai Sanders , American actress and stand-up comedian

Sandersonia is a plant genus native to South Africa of the family Colchicaceae. It has only one species, Sandersonia aurantiaca. It is also called Christmas bells, Golden lily of the valley or Chinese lantern lily. S. aurantiaca is a perennial plant and a climber that can reach 30 inches in height