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Ricer may refer to:* Potato ricer, an implement used for food preparation* Rice burner, a pejorative describing Asian motorcycles and automobiles

Rich may refer to wealth. Rich may also refer to:- Organizations :* B.C. Rich, guitar manufacturer* Rich Products, international food products corporation* Rich's, U.S. department store retail chain in the southern U.S.

Rich (surname)
Rich is a surname. Many people with this surname originally had the surname "Reich" yet dropped the 'e' to change it to "Rich."-Notable Riches:*Adam Rich , U.S. actor*Adrienne Rich , U.S

Richards may refer to:*Richards In places:* Richards, Missouri, USA* Richards, Texas, USAIn other uses:* Richards , on the Moon* Richards , on Venus

Richards (crater)
Richards as a crater may refer to:*Richards , a crater on the Moon*Richards , a crater on Venus

Richards (surname)
Richards is a common Celtic Welsh, or Cornish surname based on the English version of the parent's name ending in -S.. In 1881 people with this surname were mainly located in Wales, Cornwall and adjacent South-West counties of England. By 1998 many Welsh and Cornish people had migrated to cities in England particularly those adjacent to these areas

Richardson (surname)
Richardson is an Anglo Saxon patronymic surname.The prefix Richard, is a given name derived from the Old English ric and heard . The suffix -son denotes "son/descendant of". The name Richard and Richardson is found in records as early as 1381 in Yorkshire, England. It is the 60th-most common surname in the United Kingdom

Riche is a commune in the Moselle department in Lorraine in north-eastern France.

Richelieu (film)
Richelieu is a 1914 silent drama film directed by Allan Dwan and featuring Lon Chaney, Sr. The film is now considered to be lost. It is based on a play written by Edward George Bulwer-Lytton.-Cast:* Murdock MacQuarrie - Cardinal Richelieu* William C

Richelieu (provincial electoral district)
Richelieu is a provincial electoral riding in the province of Quebec, Canada. Located in the Montérégie region, the district was created in 1792. Between 1936 and 1944, it was part of the defunct riding of Richelieu-Vercheres

Richer is a surname, and may refer to:* Bob Richer* Claude Lavoie Richer* Julian Richer* Robert Richer* Stephane Richer* Stephane Richer * Jean RicherIt may also refer to:*Richerus, monk of St. Remi at Reims

Riches may refer to:* Wealth* The Riches * C. T. Hurry Riches, Locomotive Superintendent of the Rhymney Railway from 1906* Norman Riches , Welsh cricketer

Riches (Deacon Blue album)
Riches is a limited edition compilation album that was temporarily included with the Raintown album by the Scottish rock band Deacon Blue, starting in February 1988

Ricardo Pérez de Zabalza Goytre , aka Richi, is a Spanish footballer who plays for Real Murcia mainly as an attacking midfielder.

Richmond often refers to:*Richmond, Virginia, the capital of Virginia*Richmond, North Yorkshire, the original Richmond in Yorkshire.*Richmond, London, previously Richmond, Surrey*Richmond, British Columbia, a city in Metro Vancouver

Richmond (Quebec provincial electoral district)
Richmond is a provincial electoral riding in Quebec, Canada. Located in the Estrie region, the district was created in 1890. Between 1867 and 1890, it was part of the riding of Richmond et Wolfe

Richmond (surname)
Richmond as an English surname may refer to:*Aaron Richmond , American impresario*Barry Richmond , American systems scientist*Bill Richmond , American–born boxer

Richmond (Surrey) (UK Parliament constituency)
Not to be confused with the Richmond constituency in Yorkshire.Richmond was a parliamentary constituency centred on the town of Richmond, which is in the north-western part of the historic county of Surrey and in South London

Richmond (Yorks) (UK Parliament constituency)
Richmond is a constituency located in North Yorkshire, which elects one Member of Parliament at least once every five years using the First-past-the-post system of voting.

Ricinoleic acid
Ricinoleic acid is an unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid that naturally occurs in mature Castor plant seeds or in sclerotium of ergot . About 90% of the fatty acid content in castor oil is the triglyceride formed from ricinoleic acid

Rick may refer to:*Rick *Rickenbacker, a guitar manufacturer*A shortened version of the given name Richard*Tropical Storm Rick *Rick's Cabaret International, Inc., whose stock ticker symbol is RICK

Rickenbacker International Corporation, also known as Rickenbacker, is an electric and bass guitar manufacturer based in Santa Ana, California

The Rickettsiaceae are a family of bacteria, including most notably the genus Rickettsia.Most human pathogens are in genus Rickettsia. They spend part of their life cycle in the bodies of arthropods such as ticks or lice, and are then transmitted to humans or other mammals by the bite of the arthropod.It is a Gram-negative bacteria, very sensitive to environmental exposure,

A rickettsiosis is a disease caused by intracellular bacteria.It has been predicted that global warming may lead to greater incidence.-Examples and causative organisms:Rickettsioses can be divided into a spotted fever group and typhus group .

Ricks is a surname, and refer to:* Christopher Ricks , British literary critic and scholar* Jerry Ricks , American blues guitarist* Lawrence Ricks , former American football professional running back

A pulled rickshaw is a mode of human-powered transport by which a runner draws a two-wheeled cart which seats one or two persons. Rickshaws are commonly made with bamboo. In recent times the use of rickshaws has been discouraged or outlawed in many countries due to concern for the welfare of rickshaw workers

-Music:*Rico , a 2000 album by Matt Bianco*"Rico" , a 1998 song the Matthew Good Band from the album Underdogs*Rico International, a manufacturer of reeds, mouthpieces, and woodwind accessories

Rico (song)
"Rico" is the fourth single released by Matthew Good Band from their second studio album. Underdogs. The song peaked at #23 on Canada's RPM Singles Chart.

A ricochet is a rebound, bounce or skip off a surface, particularly in the case of a projectile. The possibility of ricochet is one of the reasons for the common firearms safety rule "Never shoot at a flat, hard surface."-Variables:

Ricochet (Carowinds)
The Ricochet is a Wild Mouse roller coaster located at Carowinds. It is located in The Carolina Boardwalk, and was built in 2002 when the boardwalk had just transformed from the Blue Ridge Junction

Ricochet (Faith No More song)
"Ricochet" is a song by Faith No More, released as the second single from their fifth studio album King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime. It has been stated that it was written the day of Kurt Cobain's death and is sometimes titled "Nirvana" on the band's setlists.-Release:Although the band state that the song was written in April 1994, it was not played live in concert until a

Ricochet (Ricochet album)
Ricochet is the self-titled debut album of the American country music band Ricochet. Released in 1996 on Columbia Records Nashville, it produced four hit singles on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks charts: "What Do I Know", "Daddy's Money" , "Love Is Stronger Than Pride", and "Ease My Troubled Mind"

Ricochet (roller coaster)
Ricochet is a wild mouse roller coaster at Kings Dominion in Doswell, Virginia. It's a built by MACK Rides. It opened in 2002 along with Triple Spin in the Grove section of the park.

Ricochet (TV Production Company)
Ricochet, part of the Shed Media Group, is an independent television production company that produces factual and entertainment programmes for broadcast by networks in both the UK and US.Ricochet joined the Shed Media Group in 2005.-Current Productions:

Ricochet (wrestler)
Trevor Mann is an American professional wrestler better known by the ring name Ricochet. He currently performs mainly for the American promotion Dragon Gate USA and its parent promotion, Japanese Dragon Gate. In both promotions he is a member of the Blood Warriors stable

RID may refer to:* Router ID* International Rule for Transport of Dangerous Substances by Railway* Isaiah ben Mali di Trani * Refractive index detector, a type of chromatography detector* Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf* Relative ID

Ridan (horse)
Ridan is an American Thoroughbred racehorse who in 1961 was one of the best 2-year-old colts racing in the United States but lost the 1962 U.S. Champion 3-Year-old honors by a fraction of a nose.

-Places:*DeRidder, Louisiana, city in US state of Louisiana*Ridder, Kazakhstan, settlement in Kazakhstan -Things:*Ridder , Dutch and Belgian title equivalent to knight*Knight Ridder, newspaper chain

Ridder (title)
Ridder is a noble title in the Netherlands and Belgium. The collective term for its holders in a certain locality is the Ridderschap . In the Netherlands and Belgium no female equivalent exists

A riddle is a statement or question or phrase having a double or veiled meaning, put forth as a puzzle to be solved. Riddles are of two types: enigmas, which are problems generally expressed in metaphorical or allegorical language that require ingenuity and careful thinking for their solution, and conundrums, which are questions relying for their effects on punning in either the

Riddle (Thomas Leeb album)
riddle is Thomas Leeb's first available release and features nine instrumentals and one vocal song.-Track listing:# "riddle"# "springtime groove"# "the winds are changing"# "charlie hunter's"# "sled dog racing"# "almbleamal landler"

Ride may refer to:* Amusement ride* Ride, a 2002 novel by David Walton* Ride quality, how well a vehicle copes with uneven surfaces* Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere, a sobriety testing program used by Canadian police

Ride (Billy Crawford album)
Ride is the second studio album from Philippine pop and R&B singer Billy Crawford.Following the failure of the lead single "When You're In Love With Someone" in the United States, the album's release was cancelled. However, the album garnered a #1 international hit with "Trackin", making its following release in international markets successful

Ride (film)
Ride is a 1998 comedy film, written and directed by Millicent Shelton. The film stars Fredro Starr, Malik Yoba, and Melissa De Sousa. The film is sometimes confused with The Ride, another film released in 1998.-Plot:

Ride (Godspeed album)
Ride is an album by the band Godspeed, released in 1994 on the Atlantic Records label.-Track listing:#Ride - #Not Enough - #Hate - #Abstract Life - #Stubborn Ass - #Downtown - #Born & Raised -

Ride (Shelly Fairchild album)
Ride is the debut album of American country music artist Shelly Fairchild, released in March 2005 on Columbia Records. It includes the singles "You Don't Lie Here Anymore", "Tiny Town" and "Kiss Me". Although "You Don't Lie Here Anymore" reached #35 on the U.S

Ride (The Vines song)
"Ride" was the second official single from The Vines' second album, Winning Days. Although it wasn't a big chart success, "Ride" is one of the band's best known songs because it was featured in a number of advertisements, including commercials for Apple's iPod, Nissan, American Chopper, NASCAR Hot Pass, WKCF and Split Second: Velocity

"Rideau" which means curtain in the French language is a popular name for geographical features and organizations in the Ottawa, Canada area. The early French used "Rideau" when naming the Rideau Falls because of their similarity to a curtain.

Rider may refer to:People:* Fremont Rider , American writer and librarian* H. Rider Haggard , British novelist* Rider Strong , American actor, director, producer and screenwriter

Rider (imprint)
Rider is a publishing imprint of Ebury Publishing, a Random House division. The list was started by William Rider & Son in Britain in 1908 when he took over the occult publisher Phillip Wellby

Rides (TV Show)
Rides is an automotive reality TV show produced for the TLC Network. The show's host is automobile enthusiast and amateur racer Jason Priestly

A ridge is a geological feature consisting of a chain of mountains or hills that form a continuous elevated crest for some distance. Ridges are usually termed hills or mountains as well, depending on size. There are several main types of ridges:

Ridge (comics)
Ridge is a fictional character, a mutant in the Marvel Comics Universe. His first appearance was in Genetix #1.-Fictional character biography:

Ridgeback (bicycles)
Ridgeback is a brand of cycles under the Madison Brand which in turn is part of the H. Young group of companies. Madison, based in Stanmore, London, also owns the Genesis and Saracen brands of cycles.

Ridicule is a 1996 French film set in the 18th century at the decadent court of Versailles, where social status can rise and fall based on one's ability to mete out witty insults and avoid ridicule oneself

A riding is an administrative jurisdiction or electoral district, particularly in several current or former Commonwealth countries.-Word history:

Riding is a homonym of two distinct English words:From the word ride:* Equestrianism, riding a horse* Riding animal, an animal bred or trained for riding* Ridin', a song by ChamillionaireFrom Old English *þriðing:

Riding the Walls
Riding the Walls was released by VoKee in 2006. Like Pre-Motional Songs it was handed out at live shows and by street teams. These songs can be downloaded from VoKee's website.-Track listing:

RIE may refer to:*Reactive-ion etching, as an acronym*Rie, a Japanese given name*The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, the oldest voluntary hospital in Edinburgh, United Kingdom*Resources for Infant Education, as an acronym

Rie (model)
is a Japanese fashion model. Her management agency is Stardust Promotion, which also manages her younger sister, singer Alice. Her full name is . She is of maternal Spanish descent.

Riegel (glacial)
A riegel is a German term that describes traverse ridges of bedrock that have been exposed by glacial erosion. They are also known as rock bars, thresholds, and verrous. They are found in glaciated valleys, and are often associated with waterfalls and zones of rapids when streams are present

Riel may refer toA place:* Riel , a town in the Netherlands* Riel , a village in the Netherlands* Riel , a provincial electoral district in Canada named after Louis Riel

Riel (film)
Riel is a 1979 Canadian biographical television movie about Métis leader Louis Riel.-Plot:* Louis Riel leads the Red River and North-West Rebellions against the Canadian government's expansionist ideas leading up to his capture, trial and execution in 1885.-Cast:* Raymond Cloutier ... as Louis Riel* Christopher Plummer ... as Prime Minister John A. Macdonald

Riemannian most often refers to Bernhard Riemann:*Riemannian geometry*Riemannian manifold**Pseudo-Riemannian manifold**Sub-Riemannian manifold**Riemannian submanifold**Riemannian metric*Riemannian circle*Riemannian submersion