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Reveal (Roxette song)
"Reveal", written by Per Gessle with Marie Fredriksson, was the second single released from Swedish pop duo Roxette's 2006 album Roxette Hits.

- Places :* Revel, Haute-Garonne, a commune of the Haute-Garonne department in south-western France* Revel, Isère, a commune in the Isère department in south-eastern France* Revel-Tourdan, in the Isère département

Revel (Pat McGee Band album)
Revel is the first official release by the Richmond, Virginia, based Pat McGee Band.-Track listing:#"Passion" 4:21#"Straight Curve" 5:27#"Rebecca" 4:46#"Flooding Both of Us" 6:51#"Can't Miss What You Never Had" 4:27#"All Around Us" 6:23

In religion and theology, revelation is the revealing or disclosing, through active or passive communication with a supernatural or a divine entity

Revelation (2001 film)
Revelation is a 2001 film, directed by Stuart Urban and starring James D'Arcy, Natasha Wightman, Udo Kier and Terence Stamp. Revelation tells the story of the final search for an ancient relic known as the Loculus, dating back to 50 CE, and the effect of this relic on the Martel family and the whole world.-Plot:In two flashbacks a relic is created in 50 CE and then hidden by

Revelation (album)
Revelation is the third and final studio album released by the late 1990's teen pop boy band 98 Degrees. It was released on September 26, 2000, same time when "Aaron's Party" by Aaron Carter was released. It features the hit single "Give Me Just One Night ". The album did well on the charts debuting at #2 on the Billboard 200

Revelation (band)
-Biography:Revelation started in 1986 by singer/guitarist John Brenner and drummer Steve Branagan. After numerous demos they were featured on Rise Above Records compilation Dark Passages. They put out one album with Rise Above before signing with Hellhound Records. They put out two albums with Hellhound before breaking up

Revelation (C. J. Sansom novel)
Revelation is a crime novel by British author C. J. Sansom. It is Sansom's fifth novel, and the fourth in the Matthew Shardlake series. Set in 1543 during the reign of King Henry VIII, it follows hunchbacked lawyer Shardlake and his assistant, Jack Barak as they hunt the killer of a fellow lawyer.-Plot:The plot centres around the challenges of post reformation England and draws on

Revelation (cocktail)
The Revelation appears in William "Cocktail" Boothby's 1908 work The World's Drinks And How To Mix Them as "A swell after-dinner drink."Into a small mixing-glass place a little cracked ice, two-thirds of a pony of Bénédictine, one-third of a pony of Kümmel and seven drops of Crème de menthe. Twist and throw in a piece of lemon peel

Revelation (Joe Nichols album)
Revelation is the third studio album released by country music artist Joe Nichols. It was released in 2004 on Universal South Records and it produced two singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts: "If Nobody Believed in You" at number 10 and "What's a Guy Gotta Do" at number 4. Also included is "Farewell Party", a cover of a Gene Watson hit single

Revelation (Journey album)
-DVD:#"Sky Light" #"Any Way You Want It" #*Originally from Departure, 1980#"Wheel in the Sky" #*Originally from Infinity, 1978#"Lights"

Revelation (Latter Day Saints)
Latter Day Saints teach that the Latter Day Saint movement began with a Revelation from God . They also teach that revelation is the foundation of the church established by Jesus Christ and that it remains an essential element of His true church today

Revelation (short story)
"Revelation" is a short story by Flannery O'Connor. It was published in 1965 in her short story collection Everything That Rises Must Converge. O'Connor finished the collection during her final battle with lupus. She died in 1964, just before her final book was published

Revelation (Star Wars novel)
Revelation is the eighth novel in the Legacy of the Force series. It is a paperback by Karen Traviss and was released on February 26, 2008.-Story:

Revelation (Third Day album)
Revelation is the ninth studio album and thirteenth overall release from Third Day, which was released on July 29, 2008. It debuted at #6 on the Billboard 200 and #1 on Christian Album charts. The first radio single released in promotion of the album, "Call My Name", was released on April 22, 2008

Revelations (Battlestar Galactica)
"Revelations" is the tenth episode in the fourth season of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica. It first aired on television in the United States on June 13, 2008. The episode serves as the mid-season finale of the fourth season, with the concluding episodes of the series airing after a hiatus

Revelations (Red Jezebel album)
Revelations is the 2004 debut album from Western Australian rock music group Red Jezebel.-Track listing:#"You're Making Me Nervous" – 4:42#"Devil's Advocate" – 3:37#"New Revelations" – 4:35#"Dale" – 1:40#"Heart In The Sun" – 4:14

Revelations (Santana song)
"Revelations" is an instrumental song by Carlos Santana that was originally released on the album Festival. The song starts with solo piano, then more instruments are added, such as electric guitar, strings, and different types of drums. As the song progresses, the tempo and volume increase, and more guitars are layered upon each other

Revelations (Vader album)
Revelations is an album by Polish death metal band Vader. It features guest appearances from two Polish metal musicians: Nergal of Behemoth provides vocals on the track Whisper, and Ureck of Lux Occulta plays keyboards on Torch of War and Revelation of Black Moses.-Track listing:-Credits:* Piotr "Peter" Wiwczarek - guitar, bass guitar, vocals, production* Maurycy

Reveller was a British Thoroughbred race horse that won the 1818 St Leger Stakes classic.*Jockey - Bob Johnson*Trainer - John Lonsdale*Owner - Henry Peirse of Bedale*odds - 7/2

The term Revenant may refer to:*Revenant , a creature brought back to life to fulfill a special goal*Revenant , a folkloric corpse that returns from the grave*The Revenant , a 2009 horror comedy

Revenge (1918 film)
Revenge is a 1918 Western film directed by Tod Browning.-Cast:* Edith Storey - Alva Leigh* Wheeler Oakman - Dick Randall* Ralph Lewis - 'Sudden' Duncan* Alberta Ballard - Riger Lil* Charles West - Donald Jaffray

Revenge (T.S.O.L. album)
Revenge is the fourth album of gothic rock/punk rock band TSOL. This was the bands second release on Enigma Records. Along with Change Today? and Hit & Run, Revenge also saw release on Enigma Records' subsidiary label, Restless Records.

In business, revenue is income that a company receives from its normal business activities, usually from the sale of goods and services to customers. In many countries, such as the United Kingdom, revenue is referred to as turnover.

Revenue recognition
The revenue recognition principle is a cornerstone of accrual accounting together with matching principle. They both determine the accounting period, in which revenues and expenses are recognized

Reverb (comics)
Reverb is a fictional comic book supervillain in Marvel Comics' MC2 shared universe, who uses a battlesuit with ultrasonic weaponry. He first appeared in Amazing Spider-Girl #2. -Fictional character biography:

Reverb (disambiguation)
Reverb may refer to:* Reverb , a 2007 movie* Reverb , environmental organization that educates and engages musicians and their fans* Reverb , a TV series on music that airs on the US cable network HBO

Reverb (film)
Reverb is a 2007 horror movie, written and directed by Eitan Arrusi, and produced by Frank Mannion. The film stars Leo Gregory and Eva Birthistle and was released in 2007.

Reverb (non-profit)
Reverb is a non-profit environmental organization that educates and engages musicians and their fans to promote environmental sustainability. It was founded by environmentalist Lauren Sullivan and her musician husband, Guster guitarist/vocalist Adam Gardner.

Reverb (TV series)
Reverb, the critically acclaimed weekly HBO music television series spotlighting emerging talent, ran for four seasons . Reverb captured the energy and spontaneity of live music by taking viewers on stage, backstage, and into the audience at some of the premier venues in the United States

Reverberation (record label)
Reverberation is an Australian independent record label distributor. It helps distribute records from independent overseas records labels such as Alternative Tentacles and Eyeball Records, and also for small record labels such as Love Police Records and their own label Reverberation.Reverberation was started in 2003 by Russell Hopkinson and Ian Underwood Reverberation is an Australian independent record label distributor. It helps distribute records from independent overseas records labels such as Alternative Tentacles and Eyeball Records, and also for small record labels such as Love Police Records and their own label Reverberation.Reverberation was started in 2003 by Russell Hopkinson (You Am I) and Ian Underwood Reverberation is an Australian independent record label distributor. It helps distribute records from independent overseas records labels such as Alternative Tentacles and Eyeball Records, and also for small record labels such as Love Police Records and their own label Reverberation.Reverberation was started in 2003 by Russell Hopkinson (You Am I) and Ian Underwood (The

-People:*Anne Revere, U.S. film actress of the 1940s*Ben Revere, American Baseball Player in the Minnesota Twins organization*Joseph W. Revere, Union general in the American Civil War*Lawrence Revere, U.S. author and professional gambler*Paul Revere, U.S

Reverence may refer to:* Reverence a subjective response to something excellent in a personal way* Reverence , the acknowledgement of the legitimacy of the power of one's superior or superiors

Reverence (sculpture)
Reverence is a sculpture created by Jim Sardonis in 1989. The sculpture depicts two tails of whales "diving" into a sea of grass and is meant to symbolize the fragility of the planet

Reverie may refer to:* A daydream* A dreamy state of mind.* reverie, an instrumental composition of a vague and dreamy character** "Rêverie", a solo piano piece by Claude Debussy

Reverie (EP)
Reverie is the official debut recording by The Triffids, released as a 7" EP in November, 1982.-The Triffids:* David McComb - lead vocals, guitar* Robert McComb - guitar, vocals* Will Akers - bass, vocals* Margaret Gillard - piano, organ, vocals

A revers or rever is a garment or part of a garment that is reversed to display the lining or facing outside. The word is a corruption of reverse. This is most commonly the lapels or cuffs, and the term is mostly used when they are made in a contrasting material

Reversal can refer to:* In drama, "reversal" refers to Aristotle's concept of Peripeteia* Reversal film, a type of photographic film also known as slide or transparency film* The Reversal, a novel by Michael Connelly* Reversal of polarity

Reversal (film)
Reversal is a 2001 movie about a high school wrestler. The movie, starring Danny Mousetis, chronicles the struggle of Leo Leone as he strives for the Pennsylvania state title and his dad's affection. Coached by his father, Edward Leone , he is constantly pushed towards this goal

Reverse may refer to:*The reverse side of currency or a flag; see Obverse and reverse*A change in the direction of:**the movement of a motor or other prime mover; see Transmission **an engineering design: see Reverse engineering

Reversing (Vehicle maneuver)
Reversing is the process of driving a vehicle in the reverse direction in order to maneuver. Rear view mirrors are standard equipment for this endeavor. Extremely large or luxury vehicles may have in addition technical aids such as backup cameras

Reversion may refer to:*Reversion *Reversion *Reversion *Reversion *Series reversion, in mathematics*Reversion, in evolutionary biology

Reversion (law)
A reversion is a type of "remainder" interest created when incomplete ownership in property is alienated subject to a condition subsequent. Upon the fulfillment of the condition subsequent, the incomplete possessory rights cease to exist and exclusive ownership returns to the holder of the reversion interest by operation of law .A reversion interest is logically

Revetments, or revêtements , have a variety of meanings in architecture, engineering and art history. In stream restoration, river engineering or coastal management, they are sloping structures placed on banks or cliffs in such a way as to absorb the energy of incoming water

Reviens is the second studio album recorded by the Canadian singer Garou, and his third album overall. Released in May 2003, this album was a great success in many countries, including France, Belgium, Switzerland and Poland where it reached the top five.

A review is an evaluation of a publication, a product or a service, such as a movie , video game, musical composition , book ; a piece of hardware like a car, home appliance, or computer; or an event or performance, such as a live music concert, a play, musical theater show or dance show

Review (album)
Review is the first released greatest hits album from the Japanese rock band, Glay. It was released on October 10, 1997, and this album contains Glay's most popular singles and tracks from their 1994 album Hai to Diamond to their 1996 one Beloved

Reviewer (horse)
Reviewer was an American Thoroughbred racehorse best known as the sire of the U.S. Racing Hall of Fame filly, Ruffian.Foaled in Kentucky, the dark bay colt was owned and bred by Ogden Phipps. A son of Bold Ruler, the very important Champion sire, his damsire Hasty Road won the 1954 Preakness Stakes.Trained by Hall of Fame inductee Edward A

Revise may refer to:* Revised Edition * Revised Statutes of the United States* Revised Penal Code of the Philippines* Revised New General Catalogue, an astronomy catalog* Revised Julian calendar* Revised Romanization of Korean

Revision is the process of revising.More specifically, it may refer to:* Update, a modification of software or a database* Revision control, the management of changes to sets of computer files* Belief revision

ReVision: A Journal of Consciousness and Transformation is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary quarterly journal issued by Heldref Publications. Topics covered include religion and spirituality, consciousness studies, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, ecology, science, and the arts

Revisionism may refer to:*Historical revisionism, the critical re-examination of presumed historical facts and existing historiography** The "revisionists" school of thought in Soviet and Communist studies, as opposed to the Cold War "traditionalists" school.

Revisionism (fictional)
In fiction, revisionism is the retelling of a story or type of story with substantial alterations in character or environment, to "revise" the view shown in the original work. Unlike most usages of the term revisionism, this is not generally considered pejorative

Revisionism (Marxism)
Within the Marxist movement, the word revisionism is used to refer to various ideas, principles and theories that are based on a significant revision of fundamental Marxist premises. The term is most often used by those Marxists who believe that such revisions are unwarranted and represent a "watering down" or abandonment of Marxism

Revival may refer to:*Resuscitation of a person*Language revival of an extinct language*Revival of a defunct team*Revival of a former television series*Revival of a former hit play in a new production

Revival may refer to:*Resuscitation of a person*Language revival of an extinct language*Revival of a defunct team*Revival of a former television series*Revival of a former hit play in a new production

Revival (John Fogerty album)
Revival is a 2007 studio album by American roots rock singer-songwriter/guitarist John Fogerty, and is his first new album in three years. The album is also the third album since rejoining Fantasy Records

Revival (Jully Black album)
Revival is the second album by Canadian R&B artist Jully Black. The album was released on October 16, 2007. The album has been proven to be her most successful record as it was certified gold by the Canadian Recording Industry Association with sales of over 50,000 copies.-Track listing:#"DJ Play My Song" – 5:22#"Seven

Revival (quartet)
Revival is a barbershop quartet that won the 1998 SPEBSQSA international competition.Primarily from the San Diego area, Revival is only the second quartet in Barbershop Harmony Society history to make the largest leap from one year to the next to win the gold medal.The quartet was founded in the summer of 1995 and soon progressed in barbershop quartet competitions

Revival (sports team)
In sports, a revival of a sports team is the naming of a new franchise or club in a sports league after a defunct franchise or club in a possibly defunct league.Sports teams names or nicknames are copyrighted in North America and elsewhere

Revive may refer to:*Revive *Revive *Revive Energy Mints, a brand of caffeinated energy candy*Revive , the Australian gospel band*Revival, bringing back to life

Revive (band)
Revive was a Christian rock band based out of Atlanta, Georgia, which consisted of Davette Hanbury, AJ Cheek, Richie Thompson and Michael Wright. Formed in 2004, they had success throughout Australia, releasing two albums, as well as supporting Third Day on a national tour in January 2007

To annul by withdrawing.In trick-taking card games, a revoke is a violation of important rules regarding the play of tricks serious enough to render the round invalid

Revolt (album)
Revolt is the second album from U.K rock band 3 Colours Red.It was recorded at Rockfield studios with producer Dave Eringa and saw the band going for a more polished and commercial sound, it reached number 17 in the U.K album charts when it was released on Creation Records in 1999 but the band split at their peak after releasing only 2 singles from it, both

Revolution (B-Boy Anthem)
"Revolution " is a single by Oakland Hip Hop group Zion I, released in 2000 through Ground Control Records. "Revolution" was the opening track and the lead single for the group's debut album Mind Over Matter, and also spawned the group's first music video