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Red-handed may refer to:* Red-handed Howler, New World monkey* Red-handed Tamarin, New World monkey* The expression Caught red-handed or In flagrante delicto

Red-light district
A red-light district is a part of an urban area where there is a concentration of prostitution and sex-oriented businesses, such as sex shops, strip clubs, adult theaters, etc

Redact may refer to:* Redacted, a 2007 film* Redaction, a form of editing in which multiple sources are combined and subjected to minor alteration to create a definitive and coherent work

Redacted (film)
Redacted is a 2007 American war film written and directed by Brian De Palma. It is a fictional dramatization, loosely based on the 2006 Mahmudiyah killings in Mahmoudiyah, Iraq

Redaction is a form of editing in which multiple source texts are combined and subjected to minor alteration to make them into a single work. Often this is a method of collecting a series of writings on a similar theme and creating a definitive and coherent work

Redbeard may refer to:* Oruç Reis or Redbeard , Mediterranean pirate and later Ottoman naval commander* Hayreddin Barbarossa or Red Beard , privateer and Ottoman admiral

Redbird (comics)
-Automobile:The Redbird is a camouflaged sport coupé with all the armaments of the Batmobile. In addition to that, there are polarizing windows and exterior sliding bulletproof conversion panels, enabling it to be driven by an uncostumed Tim Drake as a "normal" car.

Redbird (John Zorn album)
-Personnel:*Jim Pugliese – bass drums, percussion*Carol Emanuel – harp *Erik Friedlander – cello *Jill Jaffe – viola *John Zorn – conductor

Redbird (Redbird album)
Redbird is the title of a recording by Jeffrey Foucault, Kris Delmhorst and Peter Mulvey, released in 2003.-History:All three are artists on the Signature Sounds label and regularly toured together. Foucault and Delmhorst are married. The trio worked out many of the songs on the road allowing them to record the album in a scant three days

A Red Cap or Redcap, also known as a powrie or dunter, is a type of malevolent murderous dwarf, goblin, elf or fairy found in Border Folklore. They are said to inhabit ruined castles found along the border between England and Scotland

Redden was a small town located in northeastern Atoka County, Oklahoma, United States, on State Highway 43, about 13 miles northeast of Stringtown.

-People:*Barry Redden , American football player*Billy Redden , American actor in Deliverance*Chrissy Redden, Canadian Olympic cyclist*James A. Redden , U.S. District Court Judge*Monroe Minor Redden , U.S. Congressman

Reddish is an area of the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport, in Greater Manchester, England. It is north of Stockport and southeast of Manchester

Rede is an archaic word meaning, among other things, "counsel" and "advice." It is cognate with Dutch "Rede" and German Rat/raten.Today, the word Rede is most often used by Neopagans, especially by followers of Wicca and Ásatrú

Redefine (magazine)
Redefine Magazine is an independent, quarterly publication which began in May 2004, and it is dedicated to showcasing independent and small musicians and artists. The magazine also has a social aspect to it, and routinely highlights non-profit and humanitarian causes

Redefine (song)
-Track listing:Side 1# "Redefine" # "Redefine" Side 2# "Shuck & Jive" # "Shuck & Jive"

- Religion :* Redemption , an element of salvation to express deliverance from sin* Redemption, absolution for the past sins and/or protection from damnation* Pidyon haben, redemption of the firstborn son in Judaism

Redemption (1999 novel)
Redemption is the 1999 novel written by Jewish writer Howard Fast, who wrote the novel Spartacus in the 1950s. Redemption is both a romance and a legal drama depicting Ike Goldman, an old professor emeritus falling in love with a woman named Elizabeth, who is later accused of her ex-husband's murder. The novel is published by Harcourt Brace & Company.-External links:**

Redemption (Benzino album)
Redemption is the second solo album by Boston, Massachusetts rapper Benzino, released January 14, 2003 on Elektra Records.-Background:

Redemption (Bound)
Redemption is a Gothic rock band From Salt Lake City, Utah. Originally formed in 1996, there have been many changes in their composition. They have been reviewed by Mick Mercer as one of the best guitar Goth bands around

Redemption (Chris Volz album)
Redemption is the debut solo album by Chris Volz , released on September 11, 2007. The album's first single is the title track "Redemption"

Redemption (GRITS album)
Redemption is the eighth studio album released by American Southern rap duo Grits for the CCM market. It was co-produced by Grits.- Track listing :- Reception :

Redemption (Redemption album)
Redemption is the eponymous debut album by the Los Angeles-based progressive metal band of the same name. The album was formed around the friendships and compositions of guitarist/keyboardist Nicholas van Dyk, joined by well-known musicians of the genre from bands like Steel Prophet, Agent Steel, Symphony X, and Fates Warning.-Personnel:*Nick Van Dyk - composer, lyricist,

Redemption (Vomitory album)
Redemption is the second album by the Swedish band Vomitory. It was recorded at Berno Studios in Malmö, Sweden in July 1998. Produced by Henrik Larsson, it was mastered at Stonesound in the Netherlands. All of the artwork was done by Peter "Wölf" Wallgren, with the photographs taken by Micke Sörensen

Redemption (Walls of Jericho EP)
Redemption is an EP by metalcore band Walls of Jericho. It was produced by Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor and features more of an acoustic and hard rock feel to the band. It was released on April 29, 2008.-Track listing:

Redevelopment is any new construction on a site that has pre-existing uses.-Description:Variations on redevelopment include:* Urban infill on vacant parcels that have no existing activity but were previously developed, especially on Brownfield land, such as the redevelopment of an industrial site into a mixed-use development.* constructing with a denser land usage, such as the

The RedEye is a daily publication put out by the Chicago Tribune geared toward 18 to 34-year-olds. RedEye was created due in part to the loss of readership among young people of the Chicago Tribune and other major newspapers

Redeye (band)
Redeye was an American rock band from Los Angeles, California. The group released two albums on Pentagram Records in the early 1970s, and had two hit singles in 1971, "Games" and "Red Eye Blues" Redeye was an American rock band from Los Angeles, California. The group released two albums on Pentagram Records in the early 1970s, and had two hit singles in 1971, "Games" (U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart #27) and "Red Eye Blues" Redeye was an American rock band from Los Angeles, California. The group released two albums on Pentagram Records in the early 1970s, and had two hit singles in 1971, "Games" (U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart #27) and "Red Eye Blues" (U.S

Redeye (comics)
Redeye was a comic strip created by cartoonist Gordon Bess that was syndicated by King Features Syndicate to more than 100 newspapers. The strip debuted on September 11, 1967.-Characters and story:

Redeye (radio)
Redeye is a radio program produced by an independent media collective at CFRO-FM, 102.7FM, a cooperative community radio station in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.-History:

Redfish is a common name for several species of fish. It is most commonly applied to members of the deep-sea genus Sebastes, or the reef dwelling snappers, Lutjanus. It is also applied to the slimeheads or roughies , and the alfonsinos .

Redhead may refer to:* A person with red hair* Redhead , an album by Bleu* Redhead , a North American duck, Aythya americana

Redhead (album)
Redhead is the major label debut album by Bleu. Released by the Columbia Records imprint Aware Records in 2003, the two versions featured various songs, including the single "Get Up," the song "Somebody Else" from Spider-Man, and "I Won't Go Hollywood" from American Dreamz and Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!

REDIAL , the European Network of Information and Documentation on Latin America is an association formed by 43 libraries and documentation centres in 12 European countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, United Kingdom, Spain, Slovakia, Sweden and Switzerland

Redial may refer to:*Dialling again*Automatic redial in telecommunication*REDIAL , the European organization*Of or concerning a redia, a stage in the development of a trematode

Rediffusion (disambiguation)
Rediffusion may refer to* Rediffusion, a business which distributed radio and television signals through wired relay networks* a number of companies which derived their names from Rediffusion:

Redintegration refers to the restoration of the whole of something from a part of it. In cognitive psychology the word is used in reference to phenomena in the field of memory. The everyday phenomenon is that a small part of a memory can remind a person of the entire memory

Redirect may refer to:* Redirection , a capability of command-line interpreters* Redirect examination, in law* URL redirection, techniques on the World Wide Web for making a web page available under many URLs

-Economics:* Redistribution in relation to non-market economic exchange* Redistribution , redistribution of income, property and/or wealth* Redistributive change, theory of economic justice in U.S

Redistribution (cultural anthropology)
In cultural anthropology and sociology, redistribution is a system of economic exchange within a social group intended to alter the distribution of goods

Redivivus is Winters Bane third album, released on April 11th 2006 by DCA Recordings.-Track listing:#"Seal the Light" - 4:53#"Spark to Flame" - 5:29#"The World" - 4:19#"Dead Faith" - 4:24#"Catching the Sun" - 4:50#"Remember to Forget" - 4:17

Redline (film)
Redline is a 2007 American action film starring an ensemble cast. The film's plot is centered on a street racing circle funded by a group of multi-millionaires in order to test their high-powered supercars. It was written and produced by Daniel Sadek, who also used his own automobile collection in the film

Redneck is a historically derogatory slang term used in reference to poor, uneducated white farmers, especially from the southern United States

Redneck (comics)
Vincent Stewart, codenamed Redneck and later Skybolt is a fictional mutant character in the Marvel Comics Universe. His first appearance was in New X-Men #126 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely.-Fictional character biography:

Redneck (disambiguation)
A redneck is a white person of lower socio-economic status in the United States and Canada.Redneck or rednecks may also refer to:*Redneck , a comic character*"Redneck" , by Lamb of God*"Rednecks" , by Randy Newman

Redneck (song)
"Redneck" is the seventh single from the heavy metal band Lamb of God, from their fourth album Sacrament, as well as the first single from the album

Nadir Khayat , known by the stage name RedOne, is a Moroccan producer and songwriter. Renowned for co-producing hit singles such as "Just Dance", "Poker Face", "LoveGame", "Bad Romance", "Alejandro" and "Judas", he is attributed by some as the key to Lady Gaga's success

A redoubt is a fort or fort system usually consisting of an enclosed defensive emplacement outside a larger fort, usually relying on earthworks, though others are constructed of stone or brick. It is meant to protect soldiers outside the main defensive line and can be a permanent structure or a hastily-constructed temporary fortification

The Redpolls are a group of small passerine birds in the finch family Fringillidae which have characteristic red markings on their heads. They were formerly placed into the genus Acanthis together with the linnets and the twite, but their closest relatives are actually the crossbills, that are placed in the genus Loxia

In film, a redress is the redecoration of an existing movie set, so that it can double for another set. This saves the trouble and expenses of constructing a second, new set, though they face the difficulty of doing it so the average viewer does not notice the same set is reused

Redrum (Japanese Band)
Redrum is a Japanese indie rock band who formed in 1996 with the decisive goal of becoming a band similar to Portishead for Japan. The members of the band consist of Yumi , Tsuyoshi and Kazi

Reds is a 1981 American epic film that was co-written, produced, directed by and starred Warren Beatty. It centers on the life and career of John Reed, the revolutionary communist, journalist, and writer who chronicled the Russian Revolution in his book Ten Days that Shook the World

Redshank can refer to:*Two species of birds:** Common Redshank Tringa totanus** Spotted Redshank Tringa erythropus*Three species of plant:** Redshank Persicaria maculosa, formerly Polygonum persicaria** Redshank Ceratodon purpureus

RedShift (planetarium software)
Redshift is planetarium software created by Maris Multimedia. It runs on PC with Microsoft Windows and iPad.- Description :Redshift is a group of educational planetarium and astronomy software packages that allow the user to observe the sky from a range of dates, print off data based on the observations and control a telescope

Redshift (theory)
Redshift is a techno-economic theory suggesting hypersegmentation of Information Technology markets based on whether individual computing needs are over or under-served by Moore's Law, which predicts the doubling of computing transistors every two years

"Redskin" is a racial descriptor for Native Americans and one of the color metaphors for race used in North America and Europe since European colonization of America

Redskin (disambiguation)
Redskin can refer to:* Redskin , a controversial term referring to Native Americans* Redskin , a socialist or communist skinhead* Redskin , a 1929 film* Washington Redskins, United States football team

Redskins (confectionery)
Redskins are raspberry-flavoured chewy confections manufactured in Australia by Nestlé under their Willy Wonka brand.The candy is sold as a short 11.5-gram bar wrapped in paper

Redstarts are a group of small Old World birds. They were formerly classified in the thrush family , but are now known to be part of the Old World flycatcher family Muscicapidae

Redtop (Belmont, Massachusetts)
Redtop, also spelled Red Top, is an historic house located at 90 Somerset Street, Belmont, Massachusetts. It was once the home of William Dean Howells and family, and is now a National Historic Landmark.

Reducing agent
A reducing agent is the element or compound in a reduction-oxidation reaction that donates an electron to another species; however, since the reducer loses an electron we say it is "oxidized"

In universal algebra and in model theory, a reduct of an algebraic structure is obtained by omitting some of the operations and relations of that structure

-Examples:* 5-alpha reductase* Dihydrofolate reductase* HMG-CoA reductase* Methemoglobin reductase* Ribonucleotide reductase* Thioredoxin reductase* E. coli nitroreductase* Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase

Reductio is open source software written using the Java Programming Language from an idea that originated in a research paper called QuickCheck: A Lightweight Tool for Random Testing of Haskell Programs

Reduction, reduced, or reduce may refer to:- Chemistry :* Reduction, part of a reduction-oxidation reaction where oxygen is being removed from a compound.** Reduced gas, a gas with a low oxidation number

Reduction (recursion theory)
In computability theory, many reducibility relations are studied