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Red (Black Uhuru album)
Red is an 1981 album by the Jamaican reggae band Black Uhuru. The line-up of the band changed many times during its 16 years and this is the second release for the lineup of Michael Rose, Sandra "Puma" Jones and Derek "Duckie" Simpson

Red (comics)
Red is a three-issue comic book mini-series published in 2003 and 2004 by WildStorm imprint Homage Comics. It was created by writer Warren Ellis and artist Cully Hamner.-Plot:

Red (Guillemots album)
Red is the second album from British indie rock band Guillemots. It was released on 24 March 2008 in the United Kingdom and reached number 9 in the UK Album Charts

Red (King Crimson album)
Red is a 1974 album by progressive rock group King Crimson.It was their last studio recording of the 1970s and the last before the lead member Robert Fripp temporarily disbanded the group.

Red (King Crimson album)
Red is a 1974 album by progressive rock group King Crimson.It was their last studio recording of the 1970s and the last before the lead member Robert Fripp temporarily disbanded the group.

Red (mascot)
In 2003, Arkansas State University decided to make a new mascot, named 'Red', created by ASU’s Director of Athletic Marketing Andrea Scott.“The spirit character began as a project to design a character that looks friendly, is unique, and is not an animal,” Andrea said

Red (Nanase Aikawa album)
Red is Nanase Aikawa's first album. It includes her first four singles. The album reached #1 on Oricon charts and sold over two million copies.-Track listing:# # # LIKE A HARD RAIN# SHAKE ME BABY# Sayonara# BREAK OUT!# GLORY DAYS# Love me# # #

Red (Norway)
The Red Party is a Norwegian far-left political party and the leading party to the left of the Socialist Left and the Labour Party in Norway. Since 2007 the party has sought a seat in Parliament; the only counties in which they have a realistic chance of earning a seat are Oslo and Hordaland

Red (novel)
Red: The Heroic Rescue is a novel by Christian author Ted Dekker. It is the second book in the Circle Series, and is a part of the Books of History Chronicles.-Plot summary:

Red (Symbion Project album)
Red is the debut full-length album by Symbion Project, a.k.a. Kasson Crooker. Released in 1997, Red contains a collection of songs conceived as early as 1992. The mostly instrumental album includes a mixture of downtempo, techno, and ambient songs, and many tracks feature Middle Eastern overtones

Red (text editor)
RED was a screen editor written in STOIC for use with VT100s in the early 1980s. It was designed to be efficient in an interactive environment. RED's syntax was similar to TECO's. It had many features such as cut/paste and user-written macros.

Red admiral
Red admiral may refer to:Butterflies*Vanessa atalanta, a species of butterfly found in temperate Europe, Asia and North America*Vanessa gonerilla, a species of butterfly, also known as the New Zealand red admiral, found in New Zealand*Vanessa indica, a species of butterfly, also known as the Indian red admiral, found in

Red Alert
-Warning systems:Notable warning systems that use red alerts are:* The Homeland Security Advisory System * The BIKINI state * An emergency broadcast bullentin used by the Emergency Management of Ontario, in Ontario, Canada-Music:

Red Alert (arcade)
Red Alert is an arcade video game released in 1981.The object of the game is to defend various cities from an unnamed enemy's attacks. Each round of the game takes place in one location . The assaults consist of waves of planes, helicopters, night bombers, and MIRV bombs

Red Alert (song)
"Red Alert" is a song by British electronic dance music duo Basement Jaxx. It was the first single released from their debut album, Remedy. It later appears on Basement Jaxx: The Singles. It ties with "Romeo" as their second-highest UK Singles Chart placing at number 5. It also became their first number 1 hit on the U.S. Hot Dance Music/Club Play

Red Alert (Transformers)
Red Alert is the name of several characters in the various fictional Transformers universes.- Transformers Generation 1:Red Alert is the Autobot security director. He has enhanced senses and is usually depicted as a friend of the Autobot Inferno.- Marvel Comics :Red Alert did not appear in the U.S

Red Cabbage
The red cabbage is a sort of cabbage, also known as Red Kraut or Blue Kraut after preparation.

Red Cap (TV series)
Red Cap is a British television series produced by Stormy Pictures for the BBC and broadcast on BBC One. Two series of 6 episodes each were produced following a feature length pilot. It featured the investigations of an SIB unit of the British Army based in Germany

Red Card (Streetwalkers discography)
- Personnel :*Roger Chapman -Harmonica, Percussion and Vocals*Charlie Whitney - Guitar, Keyboards, Slide Guitar*Bob Tench, courtesy of A&M - Guitar, Vocals, Percussion, Keyboards,*Nicko McBrain -Percussion and Drums*Jon Plotel - Bass, Background Vocals

Red Carpet
Red Carpet is a software management tool for Linux that was developed as part of the Ximian desktop. Ximian and therefore Red Carpet is now owned by Novell.

Red carpet
A red carpet is traditionally used to mark the route taken by heads of state on ceremonial and formal occasions, and has in recent decades been extended to use by VIPs and celebrities at formal events.- History :

Red carpet (disambiguation)
A red carpet is a red strip of carpet placed on the ground for VIPs to walk on when entering or leaving a building or vehicle.Red carpet may also refer to:* Red Carpet , a Linux software management tool

Red Cedar
- Trees :* Toona ciliata, an Australian / Asian rainforest tree* Juniperus virginiana, a North American juniper* Thuja plicata, a North American tree in the cypress family- Places :Canada* Red Cedar Lake , a lake in the Temagami region

Red clover
Trifolium pratense is a species of clover, native to Europe, Western Asia and northwest Africa, but planted and naturalised in many other regions.

Red Drum
The Red Drum , also known as Channel Bass, Redfish, Spottail Bass or simply Reds, is a game fish that is found in the Atlantic Ocean from Massachusetts to Florida and in the Gulf of Mexico from Florida to Northern Mexico. It is the only species in the genus Sciaenops

Red Dwarf
Red Dwarf is a British comedy franchise which primarily comprises eight series of a television science fiction sitcom that aired on BBC Two between 1988 and 1999 and Dave from 2009–present. It gained cult following. It was created by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor, who also wrote the first six series

Red dwarf
According to the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, a red dwarf star is a small and relatively cool star, of the main sequence, either late K or M spectral type.

Red Earth
Red Earth may refer to:*Red Earth , an international chain of stores selling cosmetics and body care products*Red Earth , a Native American rock band from Albuquerque, New Mexico*Red Earth

Red Earth (band)
Red Earth is a 6-10 piece Native American Rock band from Albuquerque, New Mexico who has released three independent albums.-General information:

Red Earth (Crash Vegas album)
Red Earth was the debut album of the Canadian indie band Crash Vegas. It was released by Risque Disque, a label formed by Blue Rodeo. Greg Keelor, one of Blue Rodeo's musicians, collaborated with Michelle McAdorey and co-wrote some of the music for the album, and also provided guitar performances for the recorded version of the songs "Red Earth" and "The One That Keeps Me Running"

Red flag
In politics, a red flag is a symbol of Socialism, or Communism, or sometimes left-wing politics in general. It has been associated with left-wing politics since the French Revolution. Socialists adopted the symbol during the Revolutions of 1848 and it became a symbol of communism as a result of its use by the Paris Commune of 1871

Red Flag (Jericho episode)
"Red Flag" is the tenth episode of season one of the CBS drama Jericho.-Synopsis:On the eve of Thanksgiving, Jake, Stanley and an unidentified man are hunting for turkeys. Unsuccessful, Stanley and Jake head back to Stanley's truck when they spot two Russian-made jet fighters in the sky

Red giant
A red giant is a luminous giant star of low or intermediate mass in a late phase of stellar evolution. The outer atmosphere is inflated and tenuous, making the radius immense and the surface temperature low, somewhere from 5,000 K and lower

Red Gum
Red Gum may refer to any of a number of species of Eucalyptus or the closely related Corymbia, including*Corymbia calophylla, Red Gum or Marri, native to Western Australia*Eucalyptus camaldulensis, Red Gum, Murray Red Gum or River Red Gum

Red herring
A red herring is a deliberate attempt to divert attention.Red herring may refer to:* Red herring , the informal fallacy of presenting an argument that may in itself be valid, but does not address the issue in question.

Red Hot (Debbie Gibson song)
- Personnel :Deborah Gibson - Lead and Backing Vocals, KeyboardsJohn Morales - Programming and sequencingDavid 'Jaz' Grant - KeyboardsJeff Smith - SaxophoneJimmy Maelen - PercussionJanet Wright - Backing VocalConnie Harvey - Backing Vocal

Red Hot (RuPaul album)
Red Hot is RuPaul's third official album release. Red Hot consists of a mixture of house, pop, club/dance and R&B songs. It includes the three Top 10 Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart hits, "Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous", "Workout" and "People Are People"

Red Letter Day (album)
Red Letter Day's only release, and Eulogy Recordings's second release provides an important part in the chronology of connecting bands. It was the members' first step towards indie, moving away from the punk roots.

Red letter day (disambiguation)
Red letter day is a special day of the year, marked by red color in calendarRed letter day may also refer to:Companies and organizations:* Red Letter Days , a UK company owned by Theo Paphitis and Peter JonesIn music:

Red Letter Day (EP)
-Additional Releases:*The entire EP was later combined with the band's other EP Woodson and re-released on one CD entitled The EPs: Red Letter Day and Woodson.

Red Light
Red Light is a 1949 film noir, directed and produced by Roy Del Ruth. It is based on the story "This Guy Gideon" by Don "Red" Barry, and features strong religious overtones.-Plot:

Red light
Red light may refer to:Films:* Red Light, a 1949 crime film starring George Raft* Redlight, a 2009 documentary of the Redlight Children Campaign* Red Lights , a 2004 French film, also known as Feux rouges

Red Line (1996 film)
Red Line is a 1996 American action film directed by John Sjogren and written by him, Rolfe Kanefsky, and Scott Ziehl. It stars Chad McQueen, Dom DeLuise, Michael Madsen, Roxana Zal, Jan-Michael Vincent, and Corey Feldman

Red Line (album)
Red Line is the fifth full-length album by Trans Am, released in 2000.The track "Let's Take The Fresh Step Together" uses a timestretched sample of the default Windows 98 startup sound.

Red Line (Dubai Metro)
The Red Line is one of the two lines on the Dubai Metro network in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The first section was inaugurated on 9 September 2009. Construction was declared complete on 28 April 2010.. The line has 29 stations spanning , which have been opened in phases from 2009 to 2011

Red Line (TRTS)
The Red Line comprises three lines of the Taipei Rapid Transit System: the Tamsui Line , the Xinbeitou Branch Line, and the Xinyi Line. When completed, it will include a total of 30 stations serving the Tamsui, Beitou, Shilin, Datong, Zhongshan, Zhongzheng, Daan, and Xinyi districts, stretching about 30 km long

Red Meat
Max Cannon's Red Meat is an independent comic strip begun in 1989. It appears in over 75 alternative weeklies and college papers in the United States and in other countries. Since 1996, it has been available for reading on the web.- Style :

Red meat
Red meat in traditional culinary terminology is meat which is red when raw and not white when cooked. In the nutritional sciences, red meat includes all mammal meat. Red meat includes the meat of most adult mammals and some fowl .

Red Meat (band)
Red Meat is a country band that has released the albums "Meet Red Meat" , "Thirteen" , "Alameda County Line" and "We Never Close" . The last three albums were produced by Dave Alvin, and engineered by Mark Linett

Red pepper
Red pepper may refer to:* Capsicum, whose fruit is used as a vegetable or spice** Specifically, the cayenne pepper, especially in its dried and powdered form* The ripe form of black peppercorns* Red Pepper , in Uganda

Red Planet
Red Planet is a nickname for the planet Mars, due to its surface color. It may also refer to:* Red Planet by Robert A. Heinlein* Red Planet , an 1994 animated adaptation of the novel

Red Planet (miniseries)
Red Planet was a 1994 animated miniseries created by Gunther-Wahl Productions. It was adapted from the Robert A. Heinlein novel of the same name, with the teleplay written by Julia Lewald.-Plot summary:

Red Ribbon (bakeshop)
Red Ribbon Bakeshop is a popular fast-food chain and bakery in the Philippines and the United States, offering a wide range of cakes and pastries. The chain began in the Philippines in 1979 in Quezon City along Timog Avenue and started franchising in 1999. In 1984, they opened their first US branch in West Covina, California

Red rice
Red rice may refer to:*Red rice, also known as weedy rice, a low-yielding rice variety that persists as a weed in fields of better-quality rice* Thai Red Cargo rice, a non-glutinous long grain rice variety

Red Snow (The Twilight Zone)
"Red Snow" is the second segment of the twenty-first episode of the first season of the television series The Twilight Zone.-Synopsis:

Red State (film)
Red State is a documentary film by Michael Shea. The film follows the director into America's "Red states" to find out why so many Americans chose to re-elect President George W. Bush in the 2004 presidential elections.

Red tape
Red tape is excessive regulation or rigid conformity to formal rules that is considered redundant or bureaucratic and hinders or prevents action or decision-making

Red Tape
Red Tape is an album by American southern rock band Atlanta Rhythm Section, released in 1976. .-Track listing:#"Jukin'/San Antonio Rose" – 3:43#"Mixed Emotions" – 3:20

Red Water
Red Water is a 2003 made for television horror film starring Lou Diamond Phillips, Kristy Swanson, Gideon Emery and Coolio.- Production and release :

Red Wolf
The red wolf is a North American canid which once roamed throughout the Southeastern United States and is a glacial period survivor of the Late Pleistocene epoch

Red Wolf (comics)
Red Wolf is the name of a number of fictional characters in Marvel Comics' shared universe, the Marvel Universe.-Johnny Wakeley:Johnny Wakeley was the adopted name of a Cheyenne man who was raised from childhood by a white couple in the late 19th century. His adoptive parents were killed by Native Americans in retaliation for the U.S. Army cavalry's massacre of their own people

Red Wolf (disambiguation)
The Red Wolf is a mammal of the order Carnivora.Red wolf can also refer to:*Red Wolves a group of Qutaibi fighters during the Aden Emergency in what is now Yemen*Red Wolf , Marvel Comics character

Red Zone (Iraq)
Red Zone is a term designating unsafe areas in Iraq after the 2003 invasion by the United States, Britain, and other allies. It is contrasted with the high-security sector of Baghdad called the Green Zone. Since the Green Zone is a very small area, "Red Zone" is applied to the rest of Baghdad.U.S