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Rattus (band)
Rattus is a Finnish hardcore punk band that was formed in 1978 in Vilppula. Rattus is one of the best known Finnish hardcore bands. In 1988, they split up, but returned in 2001.-Albums:* WC Räjähtää, 1982

Rau (disambiguation)
Rau may refer to:* Rau, a town in India* Heinrich Rau, East German statesman* Johannes Rau, President of Germany 1999 - 2004* Karl Heinrich Rau , German political economist.* Okka Rau , German beach volleyball player

Raub (disambiguation)
Raub may refer to:*Raub, a town and a district in Pahang, Malaysia*Raub, Indiana, a town in Benton County, Indiana, USA*Raub, North Dakota, an extinct town in McLean County, North Dakota, USAEntries with similar titles include:

Raunchy is a metal band from Denmark, formed in 1994. They have released five studio albums, and are currently signed to Lifeforce Records.-Biography:

Raunchy may refer to:*Raunchy , a 1957 song*Raunchy , a metal bandRaunchy: obscene, lewd, or vulgar, sexualy explicit.Example: Jim has a raunchy sense of humor. He's always cracking "thats what she said" jokes.

Raunchy (song)
"Raunchy" is the name of an American rock and roll instrumental hit from 1957. It was recorded by Bill Justis and his band in Memphis, Tennessee, and co-written by Justis and Sid Manker.

Rauno is a given name, and may refer to:* Rauno Aaltonen , Finnish former professional rally driver* Rauno Lehtinen , Finnish conductor and composer* Rauno Miettinen , former Finnish Nordic combined skier

Raus may refer to:*Erhard Raus - German Colonel General*John Raus - US Footballer*Linda Raus - Estonian folk dancer*Raus, a king of the Hasdingi Vandals

Ravage may refer to:*Ravage 2099, a fictional superhero, set in the far future, from Marvel Comics*Ravage , a fictional villain at the Marvel Comics and one of the Hulk's enemies

Ravat is a town in the Batken Province of Kyrgyzstan.Nearby towns and villages include Shadymyr and Katran .- External links :* *

RAVE can refer to:*Radial Velocity Experiment, spectroscopic astronomical survey*RAVE , a manga series*Reducing Americans' Vulnerability to Ecstasy Act

Raven is the common name given to several larger-bodied members of the genus Corvus—but in Europe and North America the Common Raven is normally implied

Raven (surname)
Raven is a surname, and may refer to:* Andrew Raven, a Scottish conservationist* Arlene Raven, an art historian, author and feminist* Bertram Raven , an American academic* Charles Raven

Raven (U.S. band)
Raven was an influential rock/blues band formed in 1967 in Buffalo, New York, and active until 1970. It was composed of Tony Galla , Jim Calire , Gary Mallaber , John Weitz , and the late Tom Calandra

Ravenna is the capital city of the Province of Ravenna in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy and the second largest comune in Italy by land area, although, at , it is little more than half the size of the largest comune, Rome

Ravenna (album)
Ravenna is the first studio album by Canadian rock band The Reason and was released on September 13, 2004.- Track listing :#"Reclaiming The Throne"#"The Joke and the Gentleman"#"A Timeless Classic"#"Papercuts and Exit Wounds"#"150"

Ravenous is a 1999 horror film directed by Antonia Bird and starring Guy Pearce, Robert Carlyle and Jeffrey Jones. The film revolves around cannibalism in 1840s California and some elements bear similarities to the story of the Donner Party and that of Alferd Packer

Ravenous (album)
Ravenous is an album released by the Dutch death metal band, God Dethroned. It was released in 2001 on Metal Blade Records.-Track listing:#"Swallow the Spikes" – 3:32#"The Poison Apple" – 3:46#"Villa Vampiria" – 3:26#"Consumed by Darkness" – 2:18

Raver or ravers may refer to:* Raver, Maharashtra, a city in India* Raver, a party-goer: in the 1960s and 1970s, a "party animal"; since the 1980s, more specifically an aficionado of raves

Raver (disambiguation)
Raver or ravers may refer to:* Raver, Maharashtra, a city in India* Raver, a party-goer: in the 1960s and 1970s, a "party animal"; since the 1980s, more specifically an aficionado of raves

Ravi is a common Hindu male given name. It means Sun. Ravi may refer to:* Ravi , a Hindu solar deity* Ravi River , a Himalayan river flowing through India and Pakistan-People:

A ravine is a landform narrower than a canyon and is often the product of streamcutting erosion. Ravines are typically classified as larger in scale than gullies, although smaller than valleys. A ravine is generally a fluvial slope landform of relatively steep sides, on the order of twenty to seventy percent in gradient

Raving may mean*A verb used to describe the action of dancing to techno, house, drum and bass or other electronic music; most often used to describe a large group of people engaging in this action

Raving (film)
Raving is a 2007 American short film written and directed by Julia Stiles. It was produced by Plum Pictures. The film stars Bill Irwin and Zooey Deschanel.-Plot:

Ravioli are a traditional type of Italian filled pasta. They are composed of a filling sealed between two layers of thin egg pasta dough and are served either in broth or with a pasta sauce. The word ravioli is reminiscent of the Italian verb riavvolgere , though the two words are not etymologically connected

Raw is a term referring to food that has not been cooked.RAW or raw may refer to:-Technology:* Raw audio format, a file type used to represent sound as pulse-code modulation data

Raw (Crack the Sky album)
Raw, the seventh "proper" album from Crack the Sky, really is more of a John Palumbo solo album under the Crack the Sky banner. Other than Jamie LaRitz playing lead guitar, all of the musical parts were played by Palumbo. However, Raw is more "Rock" than Palumbo's solo efforts

Raw (Ra album)
Raw is a 2006 live album by rock band Ra.Songs are taken from their former albums, "From One", and "Duality". "Don't Turn Away" is a newly recorded track and is also included in their 2008 album "Black Sun".

Raw (Sex Pistols album)
- Track listing :#Anarchy in the U.K.#I Wanna Be Me#Seventeen#New York#Don't Give Me No Lip Child#Substitute#Liar#No Feelings#No Fun#Pretty Vacant#Problems#Satellite#Submission#EMI#God Save The Queen

Raw (television series)
Raw, an Irish drama television series for RTÉ. The show focuses on the staff at a Dublin restaurant. The first season featured six episodes shown on RTÉ Two in September 2008 and the second season of six episodes was shown on RTÉ One from 10 January 2010

Raw material
A raw material or feedstock is the basic material from which a product is manufactured or made, frequently used with an extended meaning. For example, the term is used to denote material that came from nature and is in an unprocessed or minimally processed state. Latex, iron ore, logs, and crude oil, would be examples

Raw Sienna (album)
Raw Sienna is the fifth album by the band Savoy Brown.It was released by Parrot in 1969 in USA, and by Decca in the UK 1970 in both mono and stereo -Track listing:# "A Hard Way to Go"# "That Same Feelin'"# "Master Hare"

Rawhide is a hide or animal skin that has not been exposed to tanning. It is similar to parchment, much lighter in color than leather made by traditional vegetable tanning.

Rawhide (1938 film)
Rawhide is a 1938 western film starring Lou Gehrig and made by Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation. The movie was directed by Ray Taylor and produced by Sol Lesser from a screenplay by Jack Natteford and Daniel Jarrett. The cinematography was by Allen Q. Thompson

Rawhide (1951 film)
Rawhide is a 1951 western film made by Twentieth Century-Fox. It was directed by Henry Hathaway and produced by Samuel G. Engel from a screenplay by Dudley Nichols. The music score was by Sol Kaplan and the song "A Rollin' Stone" by Lionel Newman. The cinematography was by Milton R

Ray may refer to:People:* Raymond* Ray * Ray In geography:* Ray, Arizona* Ray, Indiana and Michigan* Ray, North Dakota* Ray, Minnesota* Ray County, Missouri, a county in the United States

Ray (given name)
Politics=* Ray Gosling , British gay rights activist* Ray LaHood, American politicianMusic=* Ray Charles, musician* Ray Davies, musician* Ray J , singer* Ray LaMontagne, American singer-songwriter

Ray (Ray Terrill)
The Ray is a fictional character, a superhero in the . He is the second character to use the codename The Ray. Ray Terrill first appeared in The Ray #1 , and was created by Jack C

Ray (soundtrack)
Ray is the soundtrack of the 2004 film Ray starring Jamie Foxx , Kerry Washington, Terrence Howard, Clifton Powell and Regina King

Rayas Group of Hotels may refer to:Places:*Raya, Nepal, village in NW Nepal*Raya, Simalungun, town in Indonesia*Raya, Uttar Pradesh, IndiaHistory:*Raya , administrative unit of the Ottoman Empire

Rayado may refer to:* Rayado, New Mexico, a settlement in Colfax County, New Mexico, USA* Rayado Program, a leadership program at Philmont Scout Ranch, New Mexico, USA* Rayado Mesa, a mesa in Colfax County, New Mexico, USA

Rayan (singer)
Rayan is a Lebanese singer of Armenian descent, who rose to fame with his hit single, "Ahla Gharam" from his debut album Hala Ghariba, produced by Rotana, one of the most prestigious record companies in the Middle East. Thanks to the single, Rayan's popularity soon shot up, his voice and the kind of emotion he puts in every song gets the audience's attention

Raygun (disambiguation)
A raygun is a type of fictional directed-energy weapon.It may also refer to:* A Directed-energy weapon* A nickname for former U.S. president Ronald Reagan-In music:*Raygun , a British band

Raza (film)
Raza is a 1942 Spanish semi-autobiographical war film directed by José Luis Sáenz de Heredia. It is based on a novel by Francisco Franco under the pseudonym of "Jaime de Andrade."The film won the Prize of the National Syndicate of Spectacle.

Raze may refer to:* Demolition* Raze, Haute-Saône, a town in France* Raze * Raze * Raze , a fictional character in the Underworld films* Raze , a made for TV film aired on syfy

Raze (Christian pop group)
Raze was a Tulsa, Oklahoma-based Christian pop group formed by vocalists Donnie Lewis, Ja'Marc Davis, J.D. Webb, and Mizzie Logan. They are perhaps best known for their song "Always and Forever", found on their premier album Power.

Raze (house music group)
Raze was an American electronic dance music group, assembled by the multi-instrumentalist and producer, Vaughan Mason. Mason had previously released the hit single, "Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll", for Brunswick Records in 1979. Raze also contained the vocalist, Keith Thompson

A razor is a bladed tool primarily used in the removal of unwanted body hair through the act of shaving. Kinds of razors include straight razors, disposable razors and electric razors.

Razor blade
Razor blade may refer to* A razor* The Razor Blade, a 1920s racing car* Razor blade steel, a type of steel originally designed specifically for razor blades

Razor Blade
The Aston Martin Razor Blade team car was built in 1923 to break the one hour light car record of held by AC Cars. Although it failed to break the record, it did have success in race and record attempts in the 1920s.

The Razorbill is colonial seabird that will only come to land in order to breed. It is the largest living member of the Auk family. This agile bird will choose only one partner for life and females will lay one egg per year. Razorbills will nest along coastal cliffs in enclosed or slightly exposed crevices. Both parents will spend equal amount of time incubating

Razz may refer to:* Razz , a form of stud poker* Razz , winner of MGP Nordic 2002* "Razz" , a Kings of Leon song* Blowing a raspberry* Golden Raspberry Awards, typically referred to as "Razzies"

Razz (poker)
Razz is a form of stud poker that is normally played for ace-to-five low . The object of Razz is to make the lowest possible five-card hand from the seven cards you are dealt. In Razz, straights and flushes do not count against the player for low, and the ace usually plays low

Razzle Dazzle (disambiguation)
Razzle Dazzle is a Canadian children's program produced between 1961 and 1966.Razzle Dazzle may also refer to:*Razzle Dazzle , a BBC television programme for children*Razzle Dazzle , a 2010 album by Buck-Tick

Razzmatazz (song)
"Razzmatazz" is a song by British rock group Pulp. It was their final single for Gift Records and received much critical acclaim. It was released independently of an album, although it appeared as a bonus track at the end of the US version of His 'n' Hers.

Rb or RB may stand for:In science and computing:* Rebar , also known as reinforcing steel, reinforcement steel, a common steel bar, and is used in reinforced concrete structures

RBI (Returning Baseball to the Inner-City)
TheRBI program is the Memphis Redbirds' implementation of RBI , a program sponsored by Major League Baseball in an attempt to renew interest in baseball in inner-city neighborhoods. The Memphis RBI program helps inner-city children, gives them safe summer activity uniforms, equipment, daily lunches and Redbirds games

rbw or RBW may refer to:*Revolution British Wrestling*RBW UK - Rather Brilliant Weekend*Red Blooded Woman, a 2004 single by australian pop/dance singer Kylie Minogue* a widely used acronym for US District Court Judge Reggie B. Walton

RCA (trademark)
RCA is an American trademark brand owned by Technicolor SA which is used on products made by that company as well as Audiovox, ON Corporation and Sony Music Entertainment

Re, bre, moré is an interjection common to Cypriot Greek, the languages of the Balkans, Turkish, and Venetian, with its "locus... more in the Greek world than elsewhere". It is used in colloquial speech to gain someone's attention, add emphasis, insult, or express surprise or astonishment, like the Spanish che

Re (Les Rita Mitsouko album)
Re is a remix album by Les Rita Mitsouko.All the recordings were taken from the groups first three albums . "Don't Forget the Nite" was one of duo's early singles. It was completely rerecorded for the album with producer Tony Visconti

In popular music, a re-edit is an altered version of a recorded song created by repeating, reordering, or removing sections of the original recording - for example, making a chorus repeat several times in a row, or extending the length of a break section. Like remixes, re-edits are especially common in dance music.-References:* Broughton, Frank, and Bill Brewster

Re-Entry (Marley Marl album)
Re-entry is a 2001 studio album by Marley Marl, released on on Barely Breaking Even Records.-Track listing:#Intro #Do U Remember#Three's Company #Spazz #Just Funky

- Companies and organizations :* Reach Global Services Ltd, a company operating a large cable network in Asia Pacific* Reach for the Top, a Canadian high-school trivia competition* Reach Canada, a NGO in Canada, that help people with disabilities

Reach (album)
Reach is the eighth album from rock band Survivor, released under Frontiers Records and the band's latest album in 18 years. Some of the material originates from a period from 1993 to 1996 when the band recorded demos for an unreleased album that can be heard on the Fire Makes Steel bootleg

Reach (Nightwish song)
"Reach" is a 2006 song written by Tuomas Holopainen of symphonic power metal band Nightwish for their sixth studio album "Dark Passion Play". As Nightwish received their new female singer in February 2007, the lead vocals of the song was changed from Marco Hietala to Anette Olzon and the lyrics of the chorus and parts of the music was changed, forming a new song, called "Amaranth", that

Reach (song)
"Reach" is a song by Gloria Estefan, released as a single in 1996, and taken from her seventh studio album Destiny.Estefan, together with nine other Latino artists, also recorded a Spanish version of the song entitled Puedes Llegar.