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Rare earth
Rare earth may refer to:* Rare earth elements, a group of elements on the periodic table* Rare earth mineral, a mineral substantively composed of these elements* Rare-earth magnet, a type of magnet that employs rare earth elements to increase effectiveness

Rarefaction (ecology)
In Ecology, rarefaction is a technique to compare species richness computed from samples of different sizes. Rarefaction allows the calculation of the species richness for a given number of sampled individuals and allows the construction of so called rarefaction curves. This curve is a plot of the number of species as a function of the number of individuals sampled

Rarities (Black 'n Blue album)
-Track listing:# "Violent Kid"# "Sign In Blood"# "Wicked Bitch"# "Cold Heart"# "Hold On To 18"# "Lickety Split"# "Serious Drag"# "So Long"# "Hell Yeah"# "Autoblast" # "I'm The King" -Personnel:* Jaime St. James: Lead Vocals

Rarity can refer to:* something that is rare or scarcePeople, including:*John Rarity, English physicistFictional characters, including:*Rarity , a character from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Ras is the name given to a family of related proteins found inside cells, including human cells. All Ras protein family members belong to a class of protein called small GTPase, and are involved in transmitting signals within cells

-People and titles:*Hans Ras , Dutch philologist*Registered Accessibility Specialist*Rundfunk Anstalt Südtirol, a public broadcaster whose purpose is to relay programming from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland to the German-speaking population in the province of Bolzano, Italy* Ras, an Ethiopian aristocratic and court title, as in Ras Tafari* Ras, an honorific taken from the

Rasa (contemporary devotional music)
Rasa is a musical duo composed of Hans Christian and Kim Waters

Rasa (theology)
Rasa is a Sanskrit theological concept specific to Krishna-centered bhakti traditions, such as Gaudiya Vaishnavism. The theological use of the word can be found early, about two thousand years before the Nimbarka or Caitanya schools of bhakti, in a phrase that Chaitanya traditions frequently quote: "Truly, the Lord is rasa" of Brahma sutras

Rascal or rascals may refer to:In music:* Dizzee Rascal , English rapper, songwriter, and record producer* The Rascals, American blue-eyed soul group* The Rascals , indie rock band from the Hoylake, England

Rascal (video game)
Rascal is a platform game developed by Traveller's Tales and published by Psygnosis and was released for the PlayStation in Europe on March, 1998, in North America on March 31, 1998 and in Japan on March 18, 1999.-Premise:In the game, the player assumes the role of a blonde haired boy named Callum Clockwise armed

A rash is a change of the skin which affects its color, appearance or texture. A rash may be localized in one part of the body, or affect all the skin. Rashes may cause the skin to change color, itch, become warm, bumpy, chapped, dry, cracked or blistered, swell and may be painful. The causes, and therefore treatments for rashes, vary widely

Red and Anarchist Skinheads is a left-wing anti-racist, anti-fascist skinhead group.RASH includes redskins and anarchist skinheads. It was officially launched on January 1, 1993 by members of the Mayday Crew, a left-wing skinhead and punk group based in the New York City area

Rash (novel)
Rash is a 2006 novel written by Pete Hautman. It is set in the year 2074, in a futuristic United States, now called the United Safer States of America, that has become obsessed with safety and security. Nearly every potentially unsafe action has been criminalized, to the point that 24% of the population is incarcerated

Rasher was a comic strip in the UK comic The Beano, featuring Dennis the Menace's pet pig Rasher. The strip also featured Rasher's family, like his brother Hamlet, his sister Virginia Ham, Uncle Crackling and Little Piglet, who were all introduced in the first strip

Rasher (artist)
Rasher is an Irish figurative artist, best known for his detailed and colourful work on the human figure, and still lifes.-Early life:

A rasp is a tool used for shaping wood or other material. It consists of a point or the tip, then a long steel bar or the belly, then the heel or bottom, then the tang. The tang is joined to a handle, usually made of plastic or wood. The bar has sharp teeth

Raspberry Ripple
Raspberry Ripple is a popular flavour of ice cream in Great Britain and elsewhere. It consists of raspberry syrup injected into vanilla ice cream.

Raspberry vinegar
Raspberry vinegar is a drink made from raspberry juice, vinegar and sugar.It is made by filling jars with raspberries, adding vinegar and leaving to stand for 8-10 days then pouring off all the liquid. This process is sometimes repeated several times with fresh fruit each time

The following people are named Raspe:* Henry Raspe , Landgrave of Thuringia* Rudolf Erich Raspe , writer* Jan-Carl Raspe , urban guerilla

Rast (maqam)
Rast is the name of a maqam in Arabic and related systems of music.Rast is a Persian word meaning "right" or "direct"

Rasta may refer to:* The Rastafari movement or, particularly, a follower of that movement* Rasta, a Persian/Farsi name and word meaning "truth"

Rasta (Congo)
The Rastas are a heavily armed group in eastern Congo that engage in rape and other violent crimes. The following is from the New York Times:

Raster may refer to:* Raster graphics, graphical techniques using arrays of pixel values* Raster graphics editor, a computer program* Raster scan, the pattern of image readout, transmission, storage, and reconstruction in television and computer images

In Islam, an Apostle or Messenger is a prophet sent by God.According to the Qur'an, God sent many prophets to mankind. The five universally acknowledged messengers in Islam are Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus and Muhammad, as each is believed to have been sent with a scripture

- External links :*

Rats are various medium-sized, long-tailed rodents of the superfamily Muroidea. "True rats" are members of the genus Rattus, the most important of which to humans are the black rat, Rattus rattus, and the brown rat, Rattus norvegicus

RAT can refer to:* Ram air turbine* Ram Air Temperature* Register Alias Table* Remote Administration Tool* RenderMan Artists Tools* Release after transmission * Rock Abrasion Tool of the MER-A and MER-B Mars rovers

Rat (story)
' is a science fiction short story by James Patrick Kelly. It was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Short Story 1987, and the Nebula Award for Best Short Story in 1986. Also nominated for Lucas Poll Award category for best short story and also nominated for SF Chronicle Award for the same category

Rat Race (arcade game)
Rat Race was to be a downloadable episodic game on the PlayStation Store. It was later cancelled by Sony.-Gameplay:Rat Race is a comedy/adventure game, that whould been available as individual episodes on PlayStation Store. Rat Race was ment to be set in an office - an extremely dysfunctional one

Rat trap (disambiguation)
Rat trap may refer to:*Rat trap or , a trap designed primarily to catch rats*Rattrap , a fictional character from the Transformers toyline*The Rat Trap, a 1918 English drama

Ratatouille is a traditional French Provençal stewed vegetable dish, originating in Nice. The full name of the dish is ratatouille niçoise.- Origin :

Ratatouille (disambiguation)
Ratatouille is a French vegetable dish.Ratatouille may also refer to:*Ratatouille , a 2007 animated film by Pixar about a rat aspiring to be a chef*Ratatouille , original soundtrack album of the film

Ratatouille (film)
Ratatouille is a 2007 American computer-animated comedy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. It is the eighth film produced by Pixar, and was directed by Brad Bird, who took over from Jan Pinkava in 2005

Ratatouille (video game)
Ratatouille is a video game based on the Pixar film, Ratatouille . It was developed at Heavy Iron Studios and released by THQ, Nintendo and SCEA on June 26, 2007, two days before the first theatrical release in Russia

Ratchet may refer to:* Ratchet , a mechanical device that allows movement in only one direction* Ratchet, a tool also known as a socket wrench* Ratchet , a music instrumentIn film and television:

In mathematics, a rate is a ratio between two measurements, often with different units. If the unit or quantity in respect of which something is changing is not specified, usually the rate is per unit time. However, a rate of change can be specified per unit time, or per unit of length or mass or another quantity

Rate or rates may refer to:* Rate , a specific kind of ratio, in which two measurements are related to each other* Rate of travel, or velocity

Rates is a Portuguese parish and town located in the municipality of Póvoa de Varzim. In the census of 2001, it had a population of 2,539 inhabitants and a total area of 13.88 square kilometres.-History:

Rather is a family name. It is also an adverb in the English language.Rather may refer to:* Dan Rather, news presenter* Elizabeth Rather, expert in the computer programming language Forth

Rathole may refer to:* removing chips inappropriately from the table in poker* an audio file archiving tool in Soundfont* a jingle on the show MacBreak Weekly* a channel on EFNet IRC

Ratification is a principal's approval of an act of its agent where the agent lacked authority to legally bind the principal. The term applies to private contract law, international treaties, and constitutionals in federations such as the United States and Canada.- Private law :In contract law, the need for ratification can arise in two ways: Where the agent attempts to bind the

A rating is the evaluation or assessment of something, in terms of quality , quantity , or some combination of both.Rating may also refer to:

Ratio (journal)
Ratio is a peer-reviewed academic journal of analytic philosophy, edited by John Cottingham and published by Wiley-Blackwell. Although emphasising work predominantly from analytic philosophy, it does not exclusively publish in one tradition and includes a variety of philosophical topics

Rational may refer to:* Rationality, a concept of reason* Rational number, a number that can be expressed as a ratio of two integers* Rational function, a mathematical function which can be written as the ratio of two polynomial functions

Rational number
In mathematics, a rational number is any number that can be expressed as the quotient or fraction a/b of two integers, with the denominator b not equal to zero. Since b may be equal to 1, every integer is a rational number

A rationale is a liturgical vestment worn by clergy, in particular by Bishops, in the Roman Catholic Church which uses full vestments. It is humeral ornament, a counterpart to the Pallium, and is worn over the chasuble

Rationalism (architecture)
The intellectual principles of rationalism are based on architectural theory. Vitruvius had already established in his work De Architectura that architecture is a science that can be comprehended rationally. This formulation was taken up and further developed in the architectural treatises of the Renaissance

In philosophy, rationality is the exercise of reason. It is the manner in which people derive conclusions when considering things deliberately. It also refers to the conformity of one's beliefs with one's reasons for belief, or with one's actions with one's reasons for action

Rationalization may refer to:*Rationalization , the means of transition from a traditional society into a rationalized one*Rationalization , the process of constructing a logical justification for a decision that was originally arrived at through a different mental process*Rationalization , an attempt to change a pre-existing ad-hoc workflow into

Rationing (1944 film)
Rationing is a 1944 film starring Wallace Beery and Marjorie Main. The screen comedy was directed by Willis Goldbeck.-Cast:*Wallace Beery as Ben Barton*Marjorie Main as Iris Tuttle*Donald Meek as Wilfred Ball*Dorothy Morris as Dorothy Tuttle

A ratite is any of a diverse group of large, flightless birds of Gondwanan origin, most of them now extinct. Unlike other flightless birds, the ratites have no keel on their sternum—hence the name from the Latin ratis

Ratline or rat line is a climbing aid in rigging of sailing vessels similar to a rope ladder, commonly known by the plural ratlines. It may also refer to:* Ratlines , escape routes for Nazi fugitives

Ratniks for the Advancement of the Bulgarian National Spirit or "Ратник" was a Bulgarian Nationalist organization founded in 1936. Its ideas were close to the German National Socialism, including far-right Nationalism, Antisemitism, but also loyalty to the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. Ratnik was a quasi-military youth organisation. The members were called Ratniks

Raton (Amtrak station)
The Raton Amtrak station is located at 201 South First Street in Raton, New Mexico. It occupies the former Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway depot, which was built in 1903

Ratooning is a method which leaves the lower parts of the plant along with the root uncut at the time of harvesting to give the ratoon or the stubble crop. The main benefit of ratooning is that the crop matures earlier in the season

Ratte can refer to:* Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte, a prototype heavy German war tank designed during WWII* Ratte potato, a variety of potato from France* Ratte, Saône-et-Loire, France

Ratten is a municipality in the district of Weiz in Styria, Austria.

A ratti is a traditional Indian unit of mass measurement, and has now been standardized as 0.12125 gram. It was measured by ratti seed. This seed is actually "Abrus precatorius" seed.*1 tola = 12 masha or 11.67 gram

Rattle may mean*Rattle *RATTLE magazine, an American poetry journal*Bird-scaring rattle, a Slovene device used to drive birds off vineyards and a folk instrument*Ratchet , a percussion instrument*Death rattle

RATTLE is an award-winning poetry magazine based in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 1994, the magazine is published by the Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation. Established writers such as Philip Levine, Jane Hirshfield, Billy Collins, Sharon Olds, Gregory Orr, and others have appeared in RATTLE, although the magazine also prides itself on its publication of new and emerging poets

Rattler may refer to:* Any member of the genus Crotalus, a.k.a. rattlesnakes, a group of venomous snakes found throughout the Americas.* Agkistrodon piscivorus, a.k.a. the cottonmouth, a venomous snake also found in North America.

Rattlers is a 1976 horror film starring Sam Chew, Elisabeth Chauvet, Tony Ballen, Dan Priest, Ron Gold, Darwin Joston, and Gary Van Ormand. The film was produced, directed and co-written by John McCauley

Rattlesnake (song)
"Rattlesnake" is a song by alternative rock group Live, which was released as the fourth and final single from their 1997 album, Secret Samadhi.-Chart positions:

Rattlesnakes (album)
Rattlesnakes was the debut album by Lloyd Cole and the Commotions and was released in 1984. The album reached #13 in the UK record charts and included the hit singles "Perfect Skin" , "Forest Fire" and "Rattlesnakes" .-Influences:The bulk of the album was written by frontman Lloyd Cole, who formed the band while a student

Rattlettrap may refer to:*"Death Sex Rattletrap" , a song by Chainsaw Kittens, an alternative rock band*Richard Hudson Rattletrap, a character in The Disappointment, one of the first American operas, it was to have been performed on 20 April 1762 in Philadelphia*Rattletrap - a fictional character.