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Rango (film)
Rango is a quasi-documentary film directed by Ernest B. Schoedsack and released by Paramount Pictures.- Plot :The frame story is narrated by a white father , who has recently returned from India, to his son

Rani , alternatively spelled Ranee, is the female equivalent of Raja. In many Indo-Aryan languages it can mean "queen" or "lady".People with the title Rani include:* Rani Lakshmibai , Queen of Jhansi

Rani (actress)
Rani was a Pakistani film and television actress. She gained success in late 1960s when she made a hit pair with famous actor and producer Waheed Murad. She remained one of the most successful actresses of subcontinent and was also popular for her dance performances in films

Rani (Slavic tribe)
The Rani or Rujani were a West Slavic tribe based on the island of Rugia and the southwestern mainland across the Strelasund in what is today northeastern Germany.

Rani (TV series)
RANI is a Pakistani political drama serial directed by Angeline Malik and written by Naseem Mukri, from the Dhadkan fame.It is about a journey of a woman from innocence to a political position mostly meant for men in a male-dominated Pakistan. It is about greed, power, politics, revenge and women empowerment

-Position within a command hierarchy requiring obedience:*Military rank* Police rank* Fire service rank* Nobility, ranks of nobility and peerage* Catholic Church hierarchy* Diplomatic rank* Taxonomic rank, a position within a taxonomy

Receptor Activator of Nuclear Factor κ B , also known as TRANCE Receptor, is a type I membrane protein that is expressed on the surface of osteoclasts and is involved in their activation upon ligand binding

Rank (graph theory)
In graph theory, a branch of mathematics, the rank of an undirected graph is defined as the number , where is the number of vertices and is the number of connected components of the graph

Rank (graph theory)
In graph theory, a branch of mathematics, the rank of an undirected graph is defined as the number , where is the number of vertices and is the number of connected components of the graph

Rank and File
Formed by brothers Chip and Tony Kinman after they split up their punk band the Dils, Rank and File were a roots rock post-punk band. The Kinmans' singing was distinctive; they weren't traditional harmony singers à la the Everly Brothers, but rather sang synchronized upper and lower octaves. The songwriting was wry, heartfelt, and cliché-free

-Places:*In Australia:**Division of Rankin, an electoral district in the Australian Federal House of Representatives, in Queensland*In Canada:**Rankin Inlet, Nunavut**Rankin Inlet Airport, Nunavut**Rankin River, Ontario

Rankin (name)
Rankin is a last name of Scottish and Irish origin. The name is derived from the medieval personal name Rankin which is a diminutive of Ronald or Rand, combined with the diminutive suffix kin

Rankine is a thermodynamic temperature scale named after the Scottish engineer and physicist William John Macquorn Rankine, who proposed it in 1859.

Rankine most commonly refers to:* William John Macquorn Rankine , an engineer and physicist* Rankine scale, an absolute-temperature scale related to the Fahrenheit scale, named for Rankine

A ranking is a relationship between a set of items such that, for any two items, the first is either 'ranked higher than', 'ranked lower than' or 'ranked equal to' the second.

Rann (disambiguation)
Rann is a fictional planet in the Polaris star system of the DC Comics Universe.Rann may also refer to:* Charles Rann Kennedy , English lawyer and classicist* Great Rann of Kutch, a seasonally marshy region located in the Thar Desert

Ransack is the name of several fictional characters in the universe of the Transformers series. Ransack was first created in 1985 as one of the Insecticons

Ransom is the practice of holding a prisoner or item to extort money or property to secure their release, or it can refer to the sum of money involved.In an early German law, a similar concept was called bad influence

Ransom (1975 film)
Ransom is a 1975 film starring Sean Connery and Ian McShane and directed by Finnish director Caspar Wrede. The plot concerned a group of terrorists who try and extract a large sum of money from two governments

Ransom (surname)
Ransom or Ransome is an English surname, also found in some trade names and military company names; it might derive either from the noun "ransom" or from contraction of "Ranulf's son".* Alured Ransom , American college football coach

Rant (disambiguation)
A rant is a form of monologue or text that is presented in a passionate, often humorous tone.Rant or The Rant may also refer to:* Rant , a novel by Chuck Palahniuk* Rant , an album by Ian Hunter

The Ranters were an alleged sect in the time of the English Commonwealth who were regarded as heretical by the established Church of that period

Mucocele is the most common lesion of the salivary glands. Mucoceles are the result of trauma. It results from either blockage or rupture of a salivary gland duct, with consequent leakage of saliva into the surrounding connective tissue stroma. Clinically, they present as a fluctuant swelling of the lower lip. It may change in the size during meals

Ranunculaceae are a family of about 1700 species of flowering plants in about 60 genera, distributed worldwide.

Ranunculales is an order of flowering plants. Of necessity it contains the family Ranunculaceae, the buttercup family, because the name of the order is based on the name of a genus in that family. Ranunculales belongs to a paraphyletic group known as the basal eudicots

Rao (comics)
Rao is a fictional star in the DC Comics Universe. It is the red supergiant that the planet Krypton orbited.

Raoul (founder of Vaucelles Abbey)
Raoul, founder of Vaucelles Abbey or Saint Raoul , or Dom Rodulphe is a saint of the Catholic Church who founded the famous monastery of Vaucelles in France, Abbaye de Vaucelles, considered a historic building which was the most significant Cistercian abbey of Europe, built in 1145. He was an English Benedictine monk who was a follower of St

Rap may refer to:*Rapping, performance in which rhyming lyrics are used, with or without musical accompaniment ; while an MC performs spoken verses in time to a beat/ melody**Hip hop subculture**Hip hop music

Rapado is an Argentine and Dutch 1992 film, written and directed by Martín Rejtman, his first feature film.-Plot:The film tells the story of a teenager whose motorcycle, money and sneakers are stolen. He wants to steal another motorcycle before the end of the night.-Exhibition:The film was first presented at the Locarno International Film Festival in Switzerland in August 1992

Rape (film)
Rape is a 1971 false document Norwegian film by renowned female director Anja Breien. The film deals with a young man who is mistakenly accused of one rape and one attempted rape and how he is being processed by the judicial system

A raper, or rapist, is someone who commits rape.Raper may also refer to:In sport:*Aaron Raper, Australian rugby league footballer and coach*Johnny Raper, Australian rugby league footballer and coach

Rapeseed , also known as rape, oilseed rape, rapa, rappi, rapaseed is a bright yellow flowering member of the family Brassicaceae

Raphael (crater)
Raphael is a crater on Mercury. Unlike other Mercurian craters of similar size, Raphael is not multi-ringed.

A rapid is a section of a river where the river bed has a relatively steep gradient causing an increase in water velocity and turbulence. A rapid is a hydrological feature between a run and a cascade. A rapid is characterised by the river becoming shallower and having some rocks exposed above the flow surface

RAPID is a high-level programming language used to control ABB industrial robots. RAPID was introduced along with S4 Control System in 1994 by ABB, superceeding the ARLA programming language.Features in the language include:* Routine parameters:

Rapid eye movement
Rapid eye movement sleep is a normal stage of sleep characterized by the random movement of the eyes. REM sleep is classified into two categories: tonic and phasic. It was identified and defined by Nathaniel Kleitman, Eugene Aserinsky, and Jon Birtwell in the early 1950s

Rapid eye movement
Rapid eye movement may refer to:*Rapid eye movement sleep or REM sleep*Saccade, a fast movement of an eye*Rapid Eye Movement , an album by Riverside

Rapid Eye Movement (album)
Rapid Eye Movement is an album by progressive rock/metal band Riverside. It is the third and final part of the Reality Dream Trilogy which has thus far included Out of Myself and Second Life Syndrome. The album is split into two parts: part one consists of tracks one through five while part two consists of tracks six through nine

Rapid Fire (Young Gunz album)
Rapid Fire is a mixtape by Philadelphia rap-duo Young Gunz. It was recorded in 2005, but was not released until January 29, 2008. Unlike the previous two albums by Young Chris and Neef Buck, the album was not a Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam release, but a release on their own record label, named Young Gunz Media

In relativity, rapidity is an alternative to speed as a framework for measuring motion. On parallel velocities rapidities are simply additive, unlike speeds at relativistic velocities. For low speeds, rapidity and speed are proportional, but for high speeds, rapidity takes a larger value. The rapidity of light is infinite

A rapier is a slender, sharply pointed sword, ideally used for thrusting attacks, used mainly in Early Modern Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries.-Description:

Rapier (comics)
Rapier is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.-Publication history:Rapier first appeared in Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #2 , and was created by Ralph Macchio and Jim Mooney.

Rapino (Teramo)
Rapino is a frazione of the commune of Teramo in the Abruzzo region of Italy.-Geography:It sits at the top of an imposing hill about 8 miles from Teramo

Rapparee (disambiguation)
Rapparee may refer to:*Rapparee, the name given to Irish guerrilla fighters in the 1690s Williamite war in Ireland*Rapparee Cove, a cove near the town of Ilfracombe, England

Rapport is a term used to describe, in common terms, the relationship of two or more people who are in sync or on the same wavelength because they feel similar and/or relate well to each other.

Rapport (disambiguation)
Rapport is an aspect of unconscious human interaction.Rapport may also refer to:* Rapport - a set of techniques for personal development* Rapport - a television news programme from Sweden

Rapporteur is used in international and European legal and political contexts to refer to a person appointed by a deliberative body to investigate an issue or a situation.

In international relations, a rapprochement, which comes from the French word rapprocher , is a re-establishment of cordial relations, as between two countries

RAPS or Raps may refer to:* Rapping, spoken or chanted rhyming lyrics* Ram Air Progression System, a parachuting training method* Remote-area power supply, an off-the-grid electricity system* "Raps", a nickname for the Toronto Raptors

Rapscallion may refer to:* Rapscallion, space freighter in The Space Gypsy Adventures* The Rapscallions, antagonist army in the book The Long Patrol* Rapp Scallion, a character in the game Monkey Island

Rehabilitation for Addicted Prisoners Trust is a British charity which helps people with drug and alcohol dependence move towards, achieve and maintain drug and crime-free lives.

Rapt may refer to :* Rapt , a movie directed by Benjamin Lemaire* Rapt, a 2009 film* Rapt: la séparation des races, a 1934 movie directed by Dimitri Kirsanoff* Rapt

-Biology:* A bird of prey* Informal name for species in the Velociraptor genus of dinosaurs, or members of the family Dromaeosauridae in general* Acronym for the adapter protein regulatory-associated protein of mTOR-The South African military:

RAPTOR is a reconnaissance pod used by the Royal Air Force on its fleet of Tornado GR.4A and GR.4 aircraft. RAPTOR is manufactured by the Goodrich Corporation.

Raptor (Marvel Comics)
Raptor is a fictional character, a mutant in the Marvel Comics Universe who first appeared in Avengers West Coast Annual #8.-Fictional character biography:

The rapture is a reference to the "being caught up" referred to in 1 Thessalonians 4:17, when the "dead in Christ" and "we who are alive and remain" will be caught up in the clouds to meet "the Lord".

Rapture (Battlestar Galactica)
"Rapture" is the twelfth episode of the third season from the science fiction television series Battlestar Galactica. Aired on January 21, 2007, this episode marks the return of regular broadcasting after the Christmas mid-season hiatus.-Plot:

Rapture (comics)
Rapture, real name Sharona Jackson, is a fictional superhero created by Erik Larsen for his Image Comics series Savage Dragon. Rapture was inspired by, and named after. The Knack's song My Sharona

Rapture (iiO song)
"Rapture" is the first single the New York-based dance music duo iiO. Released in 2001, reached number two on the UK Singles Chart, reached the top-ten in six other countries and charted in several other countries. The song also became a dance floor hit in the United States reaching number two on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart

Rapture (Impaled Nazarene album)
Rapture is the fifth full length album of the Finnish black metal band Impaled Nazarene. It was released in 1998 on Osmose Productions.-Track listing:*All Lyrics By Mika Luttinen, except where noted

Rapture (The Mavis's album)
Rapture is the third album by Australian pop band The Mavis's, released in 2001 on Mushroom Records.- Track listing :# "Burst Into Space" - 4:56# "Wrong Side of Town" - 4:09# "Coming Home" - 3:51# "Only in My Head" - 3:49# "You Come Through" - 3:46

Rapture (The Mavis's album)
Rapture is the third album by Australian pop band The Mavis's, released in 2001 on Mushroom Records.- Track listing :# "Burst Into Space" - 4:56# "Wrong Side of Town" - 4:09# "Coming Home" - 3:51# "Only in My Head" - 3:49# "You Come Through" - 3:46

Raquel is a Portuguese or Spanish variation of the name Rachel.Raquel could refer to:Individuals:*Raquel Carriedo-Tomas , Spanish golfer*Raquel Chalfi, Israeli poet*Raquel Guerra , Portuguese singer and actress

-In music:* Rare , a band from Northern Ireland* Rare , a Serbian alternative rock band from Belgrade* Rare , an album by the progressive rock band Asia* Rare , a compilation album by David Bowie

Rare (Asia album)
Rare is an instrumental album by the progressive rock band Asia.Tracks 1 to 16 were recorded in 1997 for the documentary "Salmon - Against The Tides" and 17 to 22 for an unreleased Sega video game