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Babyhood is the second book by comedian Paul Reiser. It is a follow-up to his first book, Couplehood.-Synopsis:Reiser writes a funny account of his experiences with his wife, Paula Revets, as they grapple with their first born child, Ezra

Babylon (band)
Babylon was a progressive rock band from Florida that emerged from the band Helicopter. Babylon was formed in 1976 by Rick Leonard, Rodney Best, Doroccas, J. David Boyko, and Gary Chambers.-Style:

Babylon (Faster Pussycat song)
Babylon is a song by the glam metal band Faster Pussycat taken from their self-titled first album. The song features a sample of lead vocalist Taime Downe repeating the word "Pussycat" while the rest of the band scream "Shut up" in return

Babylon (film)
Babylon is a 1980 film that depicts the struggles of a Black British working class musician. It stars Brinsley Forde of the reggae band, Aswad. It was co-written by Martin Stellman and Franco Rosso who also directed it. It also starred Karl Howman and Trevor Laird

Babylon (LIRR station)
Babylon is a station on the Long Island Rail Road in the village of Babylon, New York at Railroad Avenue west of Deer Park Avenue. It is on the Montauk Branch, and is the eastern terminus of the Babylon Branch service

Babylon (program)
Babylon is a computer dictionary and translation program for Microsoft Windows, developed by Babylon Ltd., an Israeli public company .-History:

Babylon (Ten album)
Babylon is the fifth studio album released by the hard rock band Ten.-Track listing:All songs written by Gary Hughes.# "The Stranger" – 7:20# "Barricade" – 5:22# "Give in This Time" – 5:24# "Love Became the Law" – 4:41# "The Heat" – 5:41

Babylon (The Tea Party song)
"Babylon" is a song by Canadian rock band The Tea Party. It was released as a promotional single in Canada. The music video was shot in Toronto and was unique at the time for being one continuous shot with a single camera.

Babylonia was an ancient cultural region in central-southern Mesopotamia , with Babylon as its capital. Babylonia emerged as a major power when Hammurabi Babylonia was an ancient cultural region in central-southern Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq), with Babylon as its capital. Babylonia emerged as a major power when Hammurabi Babylonia was an ancient cultural region in central-southern Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq), with Babylon as its capital. Babylonia emerged as a major power when Hammurabi (fl. ca

Babymoon has several meanings. The original meaning is a period of time that parents spend bonding with a recently-born baby.More recently the term has come to be used to describe a vacation taken by a couple that is expecting a baby in order to allow the couple to enjoy a final trip together before the many sleepless nights that usually accompany a newborn baby

Babytalk (magazine)
Babytalk, America's oldest baby magazine, was launched in 1935 as a supplement to customers of a national cloth diaper delivery service based in New Jersey. The free monthly publication aims to help new mothers trust their maternal instincts with "straight talk" from experts and real moms

-Places:*Bač, Serbia, a town and municipality in South Bačka District of Serbia.*Bač Fortress, a fortress in Serbia.*Bač, Republic of Macedonia, a village and former municipality in the southern part of the Republic of Macedonia.

Baca may refer to:*Geovany Baca , Honduran boxer*Susana Baca , Afro-Peruvian singer*Bakkah, also transliterated Baca, is another name for Mecca, Saudi Arabia*Baca County*BACA, Bikers Against Child Abuse

A baccalaureate is an educational qualification. The term may refer to:*A bachelor's degree*Baccalauréat, France's national secondary-school diploma*Romanian Baccalaureate, Romania's national secondary-school diploma

Baccara (album)
Baccara is the debut studio album by Spanish duo Baccara, first released on RCA Victor in West Germany in 1977. It contains the European hit singles "Yes Sir I Can Boogie" and "Sorry I'm A Lady".

Baccarat is a card game, played at casinos and by gamblers. It is believed to have been introduced into France from Italy during the reign of King Charles VIII , and it is similar to Faro and Basset

The bacchanalia were wild and mystic festivals of the Greco-Roman god Bacchus , the wine god. The term has since come to describe any form of drunken revelry.-History:

Bacchus is the Roman name for Dionysus, the god of wine and intoxication.Bacchus can also refer to:* Temple of Bacchus, a Roman temple at a large classical antiquity complex in Baalbek, Lebanon

Bacchus (opera)
Bacchus is an opera in four acts by Jules Massenet to a French libretto by Catulle Mendès after Greek mythology. It was first performed at the Palais Garnier in Paris on May 5, 1909.

Bach (crater)
Bach is a double-ringed impact basin centered in the Bach quadrangle of Mercury, which is named after this crater.

Bach (New Zealand)
A bach is a small, often very modest holiday home or beach house. Alternatively called a crib, they are an iconic part of New Zealand history and culture, especially in the middle of the 20th century, where they symbolized the beach holiday lifestyle that was becoming more accessible to the middle class."Bach" was originally short for bachelor pad, but actually they often

Bach (surname)
Apart from being the German word for brook, Bach is the surname of a number of people:-The family of Johann Sebastian Bach:*Johann Sebastian Bach , composer and organist, the most well-known of the Bachs

A bachelor is a man above the age of majority who has never been married . Unlike his female counterpart, the spinster, a bachelor may have had children

Bachelor (disambiguation)
A bachelor is an unmarried man.Bachelor may also refer to:* Bachelor Apartment House, listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Washington, D.C.* Batchelors, a soup company* Mount Bachelor, a mountain in Oregon, U.S.

Bachelor of Arts
A Bachelor of Arts , from the Latin artium baccalaureus, is a bachelor's degree awarded for an undergraduate course or program in either the liberal arts, the sciences, or both

Bachelor party (disambiguation)
A bachelor party is a party held for a man who is about to be married.Bachelor party may also refer to:*The Bachelor Party, a 1957 film*Bachelor Party , a 1984 American comedy film

Bachelor Party (How I Met Your Mother episode)
"Bachelor Party" is the 19th episode in the second season of the television series How I Met Your Mother. It originally aired on April 9, 2007.- Plot :

Bacillosamine is a rare amino sugar first discovered in Bacillus subtilis.

Bacillus is a genus of Gram-positive, rod-shaped bacteria and a member of the division Firmicutes. Bacillus species can be obligate aerobes or facultative anaerobes, and test positive for the enzyme catalase. Ubiquitous in nature, Bacillus includes both free-living and pathogenic species

Bacillus (shape)
The word bacillus may be used to describe any rod-shaped bacterium, and such bacilli are found in many different taxonomic groups of bacteria. However, the name Bacillus, capitalized and italicized, refers to a specific genus of bacteria

Bacitracin is a mixture of related cyclic polypeptides produced by organisms of the licheniformis group of Bacillus subtilis var Tracy, isolation of which was first reported in 1945.

- People :* Adam Back, British cryptographer* Charles Back, South African winemaker* Chris Back , Australian politician* Ernst Emil Alexander Back , German physicist* Frédéric Back , Canadian animator

Back (album)
Back is the name of a studio album by country music singer Lynn Anderson, released in 1983.This album was Anderson's first in three years. She had since been in brief retirement to start a family with her second husband , Harold "Spook Stream", and raise her other children. Thus, Anderson left her old record company in 1980

Back (horse)
The back describes the area of horse anatomy where the saddle goes, and in popular usage extends to include the loin or lumbar region behind the thoracic vertebrae that also is crucial to a horse's weight-carrying ability. These two sections of the vertebral column beginning at the withers, the start of the thoracic vertebrae, and extend to the last lumbar vertebra

Back and Forth
-External links:* [ Back & Forth] at Allmusic

Back and Forth (disambiguation)
Back and Forth may refer to:* Back-and-forth method, a method of showing isomorphism between countably infinite structures satisfying specified conditions* Back and Forth , the self-published debut album of Skinny Puppy, released in 1984

Back and Forth (film)
is a 1969 experimental Canadian film directed by Michael Snow. The camera continually moves back and forth, and eventually up and down, at varying speeds. Shots of different lengths are cut together.-Cast:

Back Blocks (Misia single)
"Back Blocks" is Misia's 11th single. It was released on 20 November 2002. It peaked at #7 selling 30,846 copies in its first week. The third track, "Tobikata wo Wasureta Chiisana Tori" served as theme song for the PlayStation 2 game "Star Ocean: Till the End of Time".- Track list :- Charts :- External links :* — Misia discography

Back Door
- Band members :* Colin Hodgkinson - bass player, frontman* Ron Aspery - saxophonist

Back door
Back door may refer to:* A door in the rear of a house or other building* Backdoor , a hidden method for bypassing normal computer authentication systems

Back garden
A back garden is a residential garden located at the rear of a property, on the other side of the house from the public street-side entrance and front garden.-Number and size of back gardens:In Britain there are over 10 million back gardens.

Back in the Day (TV series)
Back in the Day was a short-lived television series produced by ESPN Classic with the tagline "Before the Deals, Before the Fame — Just the Game..."

Back issue
Back issue may refer to:*A past issue of a magazine or other periodical publication*Back Issue Magazine, a US magazine featuring articles and arts about comics

Back Seat (Of My Jeep)
"Back Seat " is a song by LL Cool J, released as a single on June 1, 1993 for Def Jam Recordings, taken from his fifth album 14 Shots to the Dome. It was produced and written by LL Cool J and QD III

Back Street
Back Street is a romance novel written by Fannie Hurst in 1931, with underlying themes of death and adultery. It has been filmed three times since its publication:* In 1932 by director John M

Back Street (1932 film)
Back Street is a 1932 film made by Universal Pictures, directed by John M. Stahl, and produced by Carl Laemmle Jr.. The screenplay was written by Gladys Lehman and based on the novel by Fannie Hurst. The film stars Irene Dunne and John Boles.-Plot:

Back Street (1941 film)
Back Street is a 1941 drama film made by Universal Pictures, directed by Robert Stevenson. The film stars Charles Boyer and Margaret Sullavan. It is a remake of the 1932 film of the same name, also from Universal. The film follows the 1931 Fannie Hurst novel and the 1932 film version very closely, in some cases reproducing the earlier film scene-for-scene

Back Street (1961 film)
Back Street is a 1961 film made by Universal Pictures, directed by David Miller, and produced by Ross Hunter. The screenplay was written by William Ludwig and Eleanore Griffin based on the novel by Fannie Hurst. The music score is by Frank Skinner

Back Street (disambiguation)
Back Street may refer to:* Back Street , a 1931 romance novel written by Fannie Hurst* Back Street , a 1932 film based on the novel* Back Street , a 1941 film based on the novel

Back to Back (Mar-Keys and Booker T album)
Back to Back is a live album by The Mar-Keys and Booker T & The MG's, released on Stax Records in 1967. The LP features both groups playing live on the Stax/Volt package tour of Europe. The album peaked at number 98 on the Billboard 200 album chart in the United States.-Track listings:"Philly Dog", "Grab This Thing", and "Last Night" are performed by The Mar-Keys Back to Back is a live album by The Mar-Keys and Booker T & The MG's, released on Stax Records in 1967. The LP features both groups playing live on the Stax/Volt package tour of Europe. The album peaked at number 98 on the Billboard 200 album chart in the United States.-Track listings:"Philly Dog", "Grab This Thing", and "Last Night" are performed by The Mar-Keys Back to Back is a live album by The Mar-Keys and Booker T & The MG's, released on Stax Records in 1967. The LP features both groups playing live on the Stax/Volt package tour of Europe. The album peaked at number 98 on the Billboard 200 album chart in the United States.-Track listings:"Philly Dog", "Grab This Thing", and "Last Night" are performed by The Mar-Keys (i.e., Booker T

Back to Basics (Alan Hull album)
Back to Basics is a 1994 live album recording by Alan Hull. It was recorded at the Mean Fiddler and Blackheath Concert Halls in London during January 1994. Playing alongside Alan is Kenny Craddock.-Track listing:# United States of Mind

Back to Front
Back to Front may refer to:*Back to Front , 1972*Back to Front , 1982*Back to Front , 1992*Back to Front , 2007

Back to Front (The Temptations album)
Back to Front is the sixty-first Temptations album and was released on October 23, 2007. It contains mostly covers of songs that were hits for Stax Records artists, as well as other non-Motown artists

Back to square one
"Back to square one" is a phrase that means to go back to the beginning.According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the phrase most likely originated from children's games such as hopscotch and snakes and ladders

Back to the Drawing Board
Back to the Drawing Board! is The Rubinoos' second album, released on Beserkley Records. Back to the Drawing Board! is a power pop album and fit well with the other power pop bands on Beserkley

In etymology, back-formation is the process of creating a new lexeme, usually by removing actual or supposed affixes. The resulting neologism is called a back-formation, a term coined by James Murray in 1889

Backbeat (biography)
Backbeat: Earl Palmer's Story is the biography of pioneer rock and roll drummer Earl Palmer. The book is by music journalist Tony Scherman with a foreword by Wynton Marsalis

Backbeat (soundtrack)
Backbeat is the original soundtrack of the 1994 film Backbeat starring Stephen Dorff, Sheryl Lee, Gary Bakewell and Ian Hart. The music was produced by Don Was.The album won the BAFTA Award for Best Film Music."The Backbeat Band" consists of:

In Westminster parliamentary systems, a backbencher is a Member of Parliament or a legislator who does not hold governmental office and is not a Front Bench spokesperson in the Opposition

Backbiter is a protopunk band from Los Angeles, California that has received national recognition. They played their first show October 23, 1991, at the Shamrock Bar in Hollywood, CA on a bill with Dicktit, the Jack Brewer Band and The Drills

Backbone may refer to:* Vertebral column, of a vertebrate organism* Backbone chain, in polymer chemistry, the framework of the molecule* Backbone Entertainment, a video game development company* Backbone network, the top level of a hierarchical network

Backbones is a 1993 compilation album released by Wishbone Ash. The album's third disc contains live and acoustic versions of previously released material.-Disc one:# "Mountainside"# "Top Of The World"# "Wait Out The Storm"# "No Joke"# "On Your Own"

Backbreaker (video game)
Backbreaker is an American football video game, developed by British technology developer NaturalMotion, and released on 1 June 2010 in North America and on 25 June 2010 in Europe. One of its highlights is the use of Euphoria, a game animation engine that determines animations dynamically rather than depending on canned animations

Backburn is a rural settlement near Gartly in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Backchat (ballet)
Backchat is a ballet made by Eliot Feld for his Ballet Tech company to "Idle Chatter Junior" by Paul Lansky. The premiere took place October 21, 2004, during the company's MANDANCE PROJECT season at the Joyce Theater, New York

Bit (horse)
A bit is a type of horse tack used in equestrian activities, usually made of metal or a synthetic material, and is placed in the mouth of a horse or other equid and assists a rider in communicating with the animal. It rests on the bars of the mouth in an interdental region where there are no teeth

Bitag is an investigative and public service program hosted by Ben Tulfo and produced by BST Tri-Media Productions that airs in the Philippines. Launched on September 14, 2002, it first aired on Associated Broadcasting Company before moving the following year to Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation before returning again to TV5

Bite angle
The bite angle is a geometric parameter used to classify chelating ligands in inorganic and organometallic chemistry. Together with ligand cone angle, this parameter is relevant to diphosphine ligands, which are used in industrial processes such as hydroformylation and hydrocyanation

Bithoor is a centre of Hindu pilgrimage in Kanpur District near Kanpur city, in Uttar Pradesh, India.-Location:Bithoor is situated on the Kannauj Road, 27 km from center of Kanpur. Situated on the banks of the Ganges. It is a tourist place.

Bitruncated cubic honeycomb
The bitruncated cubic honeycomb is a space-filling tessellation in Euclidean 3-space made up of truncated octahedra.It is one of 28 uniform honeycombs. It has 4 truncated octahedra around each vertex.

BITS Pilani Goa Campus
Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani - Goa Campus is a campus of BITS Pilani. The Institute is privately supported and fully residential.

Bitter can refer to:* Bitter , an album by Meshell Ndegeocello* Bitter , a kind of ale particularly popular in England* Bitter Cars, a German car company* Bitter * Bitter , one of the five basic tastes

Bitterne is an eastern suburb and Electoral Ward of Southampton, England.Bitterne derives its name not from the similarly named bird, the Bittern but from the bend in the River Itchen; the Old English words byht and ærn together mean "house near a bend", most likely a reference to Bitterne Manor House

Bitterroot is a small, low plant with a pink to white flower. It is the state flower of Montana, United States.

Bitterroot Mountains
The Northern and Central Bitterroot Range, collectively the Bitterroot Mountains, is the largest portion of the Bitterroot Range, part of the Rocky Mountains, located in the panhandle of Idaho and westernmost Montana in the Western United States

Bitterroot Salish (tribe)
The Bitterroot Salish are one of three tribes of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Nation in Montana. The Flathead Reservation is home to the Kootenai and Pend d'Oreilles tribes also.-Language:

Bituin is a Filipino soap opera that was aired by ABS-CBN from September 2002 to May 2003. It starred Carol Banawa and Desiree Del Valle, together with Nora Aunor and Cherie Gil

Bituminous coal
Bituminous coal or black coal is a relatively soft coal containing a tarlike substance called bitumen. It is of higher quality than lignite coal but of poorer quality than Anthracite

Bitwise operation
A bitwise operation operates on one or more bit patterns or binary numerals at the level of their individual bits. This is used directly at the digital hardware level as well as in microcode, machine code and certain kinds of high level languages

Biuret is a chemical compound with the chemical formula H2NCNHCNH2. It is the result of condensation of two molecules of urea and is a problematic impurity in urea-based fertilizers. This white solid is soluble in hot water.

Bivalvia is a taxonomic class of marine and freshwater molluscs. This class includes clams, oysters, mussels, scallops, and many other families of molluscs that have two hinged shells

Bizerte Governorate
Bizerte Governorate is the northernmost of the 24 governorates of Tunisia. It is situated in northern Tunisia. It covers an area of 3,685 km² and has a population of 524,000 . The capital is Bizerte

Bjarne Reuter
Bjarne Reuter is a Danish writer and screenwriter, best known for his books for children and teenagers.Many of his works are set in the fifties and sixties, the time period of his childhood and adolescence. Many also deal with the Copenhagen area, where he was born

BKchem is a free 2D molecule editor written in Python by Beda Kosata. As such, it is largely platform-independent.-Major features:Drawing:* Bond by bond drawing* Straight and curved arrows* Radicals, lone pairs and charges

Black and Blue (novel)
Black and Blue is a 1997 crime novel by the Scots author Ian Rankin. The eighth of the Inspector Rebus novels, it was the first to be adapted in the Rebus television series starring John Hannah, airing in 2000.

Black and Tan Coonhound
The Black and Tan Coonhound is a breed of dog used principally for trailing and treeing raccoon. It's a cross between the Bloodhound, and the Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound. The Black and Tan Coonhound runs its game entirely by scent

Black Arrow
Black Arrow, officially capitalised BLACK ARROW, was a British satellite carrier rocket. Developed during the 1960s, it was used for four launches between 1969 and 1971

Black body
A black body is an idealized physical body that absorbs all incident electromagnetic radiation. Because of this perfect absorptivity at all wavelengths, a black body is also the best possible emitter of thermal radiation, which it radiates incandescently in a characteristic, continuous spectrum that depends on the body's temperature

Black Box (transportation)
The term black box is a placeholder name used casually to refer to a collection of several different recording devices used in transportation: the flight recorders in aircraft, the event recorder in railway locomotives, the event data recorder in automobiles, message case in ships, and other recording devices in various

Black box testing
Black-box testing is a method of software testing that tests the functionality of an application as opposed to its internal structures or workings . Specific knowledge of the application's code/internal structure and programming knowledge in general is not required

Black Cabinet
The Black Cabinet was first known as the Federal Council of Negro Affairs, an informal group of African-American public policy advisors to United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt. It was supported by the first lady Eleanor Roosevelt

Black Caiman
The black caiman is a crocodilian. It is a carnivorous reptile that lives along slow-moving rivers and lakes, in the seasonally flooded savannas of the Amazon basin, and in other freshwater habitats in South America. Once common, it was hunted to near extinction primarily for its commercially valuable hide

Black carpenter ant
The black carpenter ant is a species of carpenter ant. It is the most common carpenter ant pest in the United States.-Appearance:

Black cod
The black cod or smallscaled cod, Notothenia microlepidota, is a marine cod icefish in the genus Notothenia with distribution ranging from southern New Zealand to sub-Antarctic seas, although they have also been fished off the Great Australian Bight, Chile, and round the Falkland Islands, on rocky reefs

Black comedy
A black comedy, or dark comedy, is a comic work that employs black humor or gallows humor. The definition of black humor is problematic; it has been argued that it corresponds to the earlier concept of gallows humor; and that, as humor has been defined since Freud as a comedic act that anesthetizes an emotion, all humor is "black humor," and that there is no such thing as

Black Crowned Crane
The Black Crowned Crane is a bird in the crane family Gruidae. It was once called also Kaffir Crane.It occurs in dry savannah in Africa south of the Sahara, although in nests in somewhat wetter habitats. There are two subspecies: B. p. pavonina in the west and the more numerous B. p

Black Death
The Black Death was one of the most devastating pandemics in human history, peaking in Europe between 1348 and 1350. Of several competing theories, the dominant explanation for the Black Death is the plague theory, which attributes the outbreak to the bacterium Yersinia pestis. Thought to have started in China, it travelled along the Silk Road and reached the Crimea by 1346

Black dwarf
A black dwarf is a hypothetical stellar remnant, created when a white dwarf becomes sufficiently cool to no longer emit significant heat or light

Black Entertainment Television
Black Entertainment Television is an American, Viacom-owned cable network based in Washington, D.C.. Currently viewed in more than 90 million homes worldwide, it is the most prominent television network targeting young Black-American audiences. The network was launched on January 25, 1980, by its founder, Robert L. Johnson

Black eye
A black eye , or or 'shiner', is bruising around the eye commonly due to an injury to the face rather than eye injury. The name is given due to the color of bruising. The so-called black eye is caused by bleeding beneath the skin and around the eye

Black Eye Galaxy
The Black Eye Galaxy was discovered by Edward Pigott in March 1779, and independently by Johann Elert Bode in April of the same year, as well as by Charles Messier in 1780

Black fly
A black fly is any member of the family Simuliidae of the Culicomorpha infraorder. They are related to the Ceratopogonidae, Chironomidae, and Thaumaleidae. There are over 1,800 known species of black flies . Most species belong to the immense genus Simulium

Black Francolin
The Black Francolin, Francolinus francolinus, is a gamebird in the pheasant family Phasianidae of the order Galliformes, gallinaceous birds. It was formerly known as the Black Partridge.-Identification:

Black ghost knifefish
The black ghost knifefish, Apteronotus albifrons, is a tropical fish belonging to the ghost knifefish family . They originate in South America in the Amazon Basin in Peru and from Venezuela through Paraguay in the Paraná River. They are becoming popular in aquaria

Black Guerrilla Family
The Black Guerrilla Family is a prison and street gang founded in 1966 by George Jackson and W.L

Black Hand
Unification or Death , unofficially known as the Black Hand , was a secret military society formed by members of the Serbian army in the Kingdom of Serbia, which was founded on September 6, 1901. It was intent on uniting all of the territories containing significant Serb populations annexed by Austria-Hungary

Black Hawk War
The Black Hawk War was a brief conflict fought in 1832 between the United States and Native Americans headed by Black Hawk, a Sauk leader. The war erupted soon after Black Hawk and a group of Sauks, Meskwakis, and Kickapoos known as the "British Band" crossed the Mississippi River into the U.S. state of Illinois in April 1832

Black Hebrew Israelites
Black Hebrew Israelites are groups of people mostly of Black African ancestry situated mainly in the United States who believe they are descendants of the ancient Israelites. Black Hebrews adhere in varying degrees to the religious beliefs and practices of mainstream Judaism

Black hole
A black hole is a region of spacetime from which nothing, not even light, can escape. The theory of general relativity predicts that a sufficiently compact mass will deform spacetime to form a black hole. Around a black hole there is a mathematically defined surface called an event horizon that marks the point of no return

Black hole electron
In physics, there is a speculative notion that if there were a black hole with the same mass and charge as an electron, it would share many of the properties of the electron including the magnetic moment and Compton wavelength. This idea is substantiated within a series of papers published by Albert Einstein between 1927 and 1949

Black Holes and Revelations
Black Holes and Revelations is the fourth studio album by English alternative rock band Muse, released on 3 July 2006. Recording was split between New York and France, and it was the first time Muse had taken a more active role in the album's production

Black house spider
The black house spider is a common species of cribellate Australian spider, found throughout much of Australia and New Zealand. A closely related species, the grey house spider , has a similar distribution.

Black Jews
The history of the Jews in the African diaspora is related to the Jewish people's long history in Africa, dating to the Biblical era.As the African diaspora grew, because of the movement of Africans and their descendants throughout the world, African Jews were part of that diaspora. In addition, Judaism has spread through the African diaspora, largely through conversion

Black Liberation Army
The Black Liberation Army was an underground, black nationalist-Marxist militant organization that operated in the United States from 1970 to 1981

Black Like Me
Black Like Me is a non-fiction book by journalist John Howard Griffin first published in 1961. Griffin was a white native of Mansfield, Texas and the book describes his six-week experience travelling on Greyhound buses throughout the racially segregated states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia passing as a black man

Black Madonna of Czestochowa
The Black Madonna of Częstochowa is a revered icon of the Virgin Mary housed at the Jasna Góra Monastery in Częstochowa, Poland.-The icon:The origins of the icon and the date of its composition are still hotly contested among scholars

Black magic
Black magic is the type of magic that draws on assumed malevolent powers or is used with the intention to kill, steal, injure, cause misfortune or destruction, or for personal gain without regard to harmful consequences. As a term, "black magic" is normally used by those that do not approve of its uses.A rather different view on Black Magic is used in the system of Chaos magic

Black mamba
The black mamba , also called the common black mamba or black-mouthed mamba, is the longest venomous snake in Africa, averaging around in length, and sometimes growing to lengths of

Black Moor
The black moor is a telescope-eyed variety of fancy goldfish that has a characteristic pair of protruding eyes. It is also referred to as popeye, telescope, kuro demekin in Japan and dragon-eye in China.-Description:

Black panther
A black panther is typically a melanistic color variant of any of several species of larger cat. Wild black panthers in Latin America are black jaguars , in Asia and Africa they are black leopards , and in North America they may be black jaguars or possibly black cougars A black panther is typically a melanistic color variant of any of several species of larger cat. Wild black panthers in Latin America are black jaguars (Panthera onca), in Asia and Africa they are black leopards (Panthera pardus), and in North America they may be black jaguars or possibly black cougars A black panther is typically a melanistic color variant of any of several species of larger cat. Wild black panthers in Latin America are black jaguars (Panthera onca), in Asia and Africa they are black leopards (Panthera pardus), and in North America they may be black jaguars or possibly black cougars (Puma concolor – although this has not been proven to have a black

Black Panther Party
The Black Panther Party wasan African-American revolutionary leftist organization. It was active in the United States from 1966 until 1982.

Black people
The term black people is used in systems of racial classification for humans of a dark skinned phenotype, relative to other racial groups.Different societies apply different criteria regarding who is classified as "black", and often social variables such as class, socio-economic status also plays a role so that relatively dark-skinned people can be classified as white if they fulfill

Black pepper
Black pepper is a flowering vine in the family Piperaceae, cultivated for its fruit, which is usually dried and used as a spice and seasoning. The fruit, known as a peppercorn when dried, is approximately in diameter, dark red when fully mature, and, like all drupes, contains a single seed

Black Pete
Pete, also called Peg-Leg Pete, and Black Pete among other names, is a cartoon character created in 1925 by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. He is a licensed character of The Walt Disney Company and often appears as a villain in Mickey Mouse universe stories

Black Poplar
Populus nigra, the black poplar, is a species of cottonwood poplar, the type species of section Aigeiros of the genus Populus, native to Europe, southwest and central Asia, and northwest Africa.

Black Robe (film)
Black Robe is a 1991 film directed by Bruce Beresford. The screenplay was written by Northern Irish-Canadian author Brian Moore, who adapted it from his novel of the same name.

Black salt
Kala Namak ; "இந்துப்பு" , also known as black salt or kala loon or black Indian salt, is a salty and pungent smelling condiment used in South Asia

Black sand
Black sand is sand that is black in color. One type of black sand is a heavy, glossy, partly magnetic mixture of usually fine sands, found as part of a placer deposit. Another type of black sand, found on beaches near a volcano, consists of tiny fragments of lava.While some beaches are predominantly made of black sand, even other colour beaches Black sand is sand that is black in color. One type of black sand is a heavy, glossy, partly magnetic mixture of usually fine sands, found as part of a placer deposit. Another type of black sand, found on beaches near a volcano, consists of tiny fragments of lava.While some beaches are predominantly made of black sand, even other colour beaches Black sand is sand that is black in color. One type of black sand is a heavy, glossy, partly magnetic mixture of usually fine sands, found as part of a placer deposit. Another type of black sand, found on beaches near a volcano, consists of tiny fragments of lava.While some beaches are predominantly made of black sand, even other colour beaches (e.g

Black Sea
The Black Sea is bounded by Europe, Anatolia and the Caucasus and is ultimately connected to the Atlantic Ocean via the Mediterranean and the Aegean seas and various straits. The Bosphorus strait connects it to the Sea of Marmara, and the strait of the Dardanelles connects that sea to the Aegean Sea region of the Mediterranean. These waters separate eastern Europe and western Asia

Black sea bass
The black sea bass is an exclusively marine fish. It is a type of Grouper found more commonly in northern than in southern ranges.It inhabits the coasts from Maine to NE Florida and the eastern Gulf of Mexico.

Black Seminoles
The Black Seminoles is a term used by modern historians for the descendants of free blacks and some runaway slaves , mostly Gullahs who escaped from coastal South Carolina and Georgia rice plantations into the Spanish Florida wilderness beginning as early as the late 17th century

Black Sheep Brewery
The Black Sheep Brewery is a brewery in Masham in the Borough of Harrogate in North Yorkshire, England.-History:The Black Sheep Brewery was established by Paul Theakston in 1991. Following a successful launch as a Business Expansion Scheme, it became a public limited company in 1992. Paul Theakston had been managing director of Theakstons brewery, also in Masham, since 1968

Black Shuck
Black Shuck, Old Shuck, Old Shock or simply Shuck is the name given to a ghostly black dog which is said to roam the coastline and countryside of East Anglia

Black Spades
The Black Spades were a violent African American street gang in New York City during the 1970s.-History:The gang originated in 1968 in the Bronxdale Houses in the Soundview section of the Bronx as the Savage Seven and began terrorizing the neighborhood. As the gang grew, they became the Black Spades

Black Spruce
Picea mariana is a species of spruce native to northern North America, from Newfoundland west to Alaska, and south to northern New York, Minnesota and central British Columbia