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Proheptazine is an opioid analgesic from the phenazepine family. It was invented in the 1960s.Proheptazine produces similar effects to other opioids, including analgesia, sedation, dizziness and nausea.

Prohibition (disambiguation)
Prohibition refers to the act of prohibiting a certain substance or act.Prohibition may refer to:*Prohibition of alcohol - periods in several countries during which the manufacture, transportation, import, export, and sale of alcoholic beverages is restricted or illegal** Prohibition in the United States** Prohibition in Canada*Prohibition **War on Drugs - an initiative

A project in business and science is typically defined as a collaborative enterprise, frequently involving research or design, that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim. Projects can be further defined as temporary rather than permanent social systems that are constituted by teams within or across organizations to accomplish particular tasks under time constraints

Project (disambiguation)
Project may refer to:* Project, a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product or service* In architecture, a "project" refers to a planned but never-built building* Public housing, often referred to as housing projects in the United States

Project engineer
A project engineer performs work that crosses the boundaries between engineering and project management, leading the technical workers who contribute to the building of structures or products. In some cases, the project engineer is the same as a project manager but in most cases these two professionals have joint responsibility for leading a project

A projectile is any object projected into space by the exertion of a force. Although a thrown baseball is technically a projectile too, the term more commonly refers to a weapon.

Projection, projector, or projective may refer to:* The display of an image by devices such as:** Movie projector** Video projector** Overhead projector** Slide projector** Camera obscura** Projection screen

Projector may refer to:*Image projector, a device that projects an image on a surface** Video projector, a device that projects a video signal from computer, home theater system etc.** Movie projector, a device that projects moving pictures from a filmstrip

ProJET was a chain of petrol stations in Malaysia that was touted as the country's first "Superstation", offering refueling services that accepted both credit card and cash payments, along with additional facilities

Prokinetic agent
A gastroprokinetic agent, gastrokinetic, or prokinetic, is a type of drug which enhances gastrointestinal motility by increasing the frequency of contractions in the small intestine or making them stronger, but without disrupting their rhythm

Prole may refer to:* Proletariat, a lower social class, or the working class* Proles, the proletariat class in the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four* Prole, Iowa, a community in the midwestern United States* Próle, a village in Poland

Prolepsis (album)
Prolepsis is the second album by the North Carolina band Arrogance, released in 1975 .-Track listing:Side One#"Six Wings" – 3:20#"Bad Girl" – 2:42#"Barely Alive" – 2:23#"Sun Sweet" - 8:50

The proletariat is a term used to identify a lower social class, usually the working class; a member of such a class is proletarian

Proletariat (disambiguation)
-Marxism:*Dictatorship of the proletariat, a Marxist political term*Lumpenproletariat, a term from Karl Marx and Friedrich Engel's work, The German Ideology-Political parties:

Proletariat (party)
Proletariat is the name used to refer to three Polish political parties:*The First Proletariat , also called the Great Proletariat.

Proliferation may refer to:*Nuclear proliferation*Chemical weapon proliferation*Cell proliferation* The proliferative phase of wound healing

Proline is an α-amino acid, one of the twenty DNA-encoded amino acids. Its codons are CCU, CCC, CCA, and CCG. It is not an essential amino acid, which means that the human body can synthesize it. It is unique among the 20 protein-forming amino acids in that the α-amino group is secondary

ProLine (company)
ProLine is a range of own brand electronic products made by KESA Electricals plc for BCC in the Netherlands, Darty in France, Vandenborre in Belgium and Comet in the United Kingdom. ProLine covers a wide range of electricals across the store, covering white and brown goods.-External links:***

Proline (data page)
-References:# # #

Proline (disambiguation)
Proline is an amino acid.Proline or Pro-Line may also refer to:* ProLine , an electronics brand* Pro-Line, a manufacturer of radio-controlled cars* Sport Select, Canadian betting games also known as Pro-Line in some areas

A prologue is an opening to a story that establishes the setting and gives background details, often some earlier story that ties into the main one, and other miscellaneous information. The Greek prologos included the modern meaning of prologue, but was of wider significance

Prologue (Renaissance album)
Prologue was a 1972 album by progressive rock band Renaissance.-Information about the album:In 1972, Renaissance's then-new management disbanded the lineup at the time , retaining only Haslam and Tout to build a new band around. The new members added at this point were Camp, Sullivan, and guitarist Mick Parsons

In music theory, prolongation refers to the process in tonal music through which a pitch, interval, or consonant triad is able to govern spans of music when not physically sounding

Prolyl endopeptidase
Prolyl endopeptidase or prolyl oligopeptidase, sometimes post-proline cleaving enzyme) is a large cytosolic enzyme that belongs to a distinct class of serine peptidases. It was first described in the cytosol of rabbit brain as an oligopeptidase, which degrades the nonapeptide bradykinin at the Pro-Phe bond

In the United States and Canada, a prom, short for promenade, is a formal dance, or gathering of high school students. It is typically held near the end of the senior year. It figures greatly in popular culture and is a major event among high school students

PROM may refer to:*Phosphate rich organic manure*Premature rupture of membranes, an obstetric term*PROM-1 land mine*Programmable read-only memory, related to electronics

Prom (album)
Prom is the second solo album by Amy Ray of Indigo Girls, released in 2005 on her Daemon Records label.-Track listing:All songs written by Amy Ray#"Put It Out for Good" – 3:50#"Driver Education" – 2:21#"Rural Faggot" – 3:54#"Give In" – 1:59

Prom Queen (internet series)
Prom Queen is the first web television series produced by former Walt Disney CEO Michael Eisner's new production company Vuguru and the returning web television production company Big Fantastic, the creators of Sam Has 7 Friends

Promenade (musical)
Promenade is an experimental musical with book and lyrics by María Irene Fornés and music by Rev. Al Carmines. The show itself, although a musical comedy, originally produced off-broadway by Edgar Lansbury & Joseph Beruh, falls more into the category of Theatre of the Absurd

Promethean may refer to:*Prometheus, a character from Greek mythology, who was punished by the gods for stealing fire from the heavens to give to humans*Mary Shelley gave her novel Frankenstein the subtitle The Modern Prometheus

In Greek mythology, Prometheus is a Titan, the son of Iapetus and Themis, and brother to Atlas, Epimetheus and Menoetius. He was a champion of mankind, known for his wily intelligence, who stole fire from Zeus and gave it to mortals

Prometheus (art song)
"Prometheus" is an intensely dramatic art song composed by Franz Schubert in October 1819 to a poem of the same name by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. It was written for bass voice in the key of B major, but the key moves repeatedly through various major to minor tonalities, ending in C major

Prometheus (Goethe)
Prometheus is a poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, in which the character of the mythic Prometheus addresses God in misotheist accusation and defiance. The poem was written between 1772 and 1774 and first published in 1789 after an anonymous and unauthorised publication in 1785 by Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi

Prometheus (Kafka)
"Prometheus" is a short story by Franz Kafka written between 1917 and 1923. The story presents four versions of the myth of Prometheus, concerning his fate after he was chained to a cliff for betraying the secrets of the gods to men

Prometheus (Liszt)
Franz Liszt composed his Prometheus in 1850, numbering it No. 5 in his cycle of symphonic poems when he revised it in 1855. The work is based on the Greek myth, Prometheus and is numbered S.99 in the Searle catalogue.-Composition:

Prometheus (Pantheon)
Prometheus is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.-Fictional character biography:Prometheus is a member of the super hero family the Pantheon. The Pantheon is led by Agamemnon, the father of all its super-powered members. Prometheus was born with a deformed face that looks horribly burned

Promethium is a chemical element with the symbol Pm and atomic number 61. It is notable for being the only exclusively radioactive element besides technetium that is followed by chemical elements with stable isotopes.- Prediction :

Prominence (disambiguation)
Prominence may refer to:* Solar prominence, a phenomenon occurring on the Sun*Topographic prominence, a categorization of hills or mountains* Maxillary prominence, a facial bone*Prominence in linguistic expressions

A promise is a commitment by someone to do or not do something.In the law of contract, an exchange of promises is usually held to be legally enforceable, according to the Latin maxim pacta sunt servanda.- Types :

Promise (computing)
A promise is the final item in a Stream. A Stream itself is a way to shorten a very long sequence into a short one, and request only the items needed at the moment

Promise (Delirious? song)
"Promise" is the third single from Delirious?'s debut album, King Of Fools, on which it is the sixth track. It was released as a single on 14th July 1997 and reached number 20 on the UK Singles Charts

Promise (rapper)
Promise Shepherd is a Canadian Hip hop soul artist/songwriter from Toronto. Currently he is being managed by Duck Down Music .-Biography:

Promise (The Maybes? album)
"Promise" is the debut album from the Liverpool indie rock band The Maybes?. The album is released 15 September 2008. The album was recorded at Monnow Valley Studios in Monmouth, Wales in three sessions from late 2007 to early 2008 and it has been licensed to Xtra Mile Recordings.-Track listing:All tracks written by Nick Ellis :#"Turn Me Over"#"Boys"#"Modern

Promises (Boy Kill Boy song)
"Promises" is the second single to be released off the album by Stars and the Sea, by Boy Kill Boy. The song includes in its lyrics the album title, when the chorus leads with "I'll find my way back from the stars and the sea, this kind of journey just means nothing to me." It was first streamed on the band's Myspace site.Lead singer Chris Peck announced in November 2007 at a gig

Promises (Def Leppard song)
"Promises" is a 1999 song by British hard rock band Def Leppard from their Euphoria. It was released as a single later that year and reached #1 on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and #38 on the Top 40 Mainstream.

Promises (Hercules episode)
"Promises" is the 18th episode of the second season of the television series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.-Overview:When Ramina, the fiancée of King Beraeus is kidnapped, it is up to Hercules and Iolaus to rescue her

Promises (Take That song)
"Promises" is an pop–dance song by boy band Take That.-Song information:Written by Gary Barlow and Graham Stack, it was released on November 18, 1991 as the second single from the band's debut album Take That & Party

Promontory may refer to:*Promontory, a prominent mass of land which overlooks lower lying land or a body of water*Promontory, Utah, the location where the United States first Transcontinental Railroad was completed

A promontory is a prominent mass of land that overlooks lower lying land or a body of water .

Promoter (entertainment)
An entertainment promoter i.e. music, wrestling, boxing etc is a person or company in the business of marketing and promoting live events such as concerts/gigs, boxing matches, sports entertainment , festivals, raves, and nightclubs.- Business model :Promoters are typically hired as independent contractor by music venues, earning an agreed-to fee

Promoter (Role Variant)
The Promoter Artisan is one of the 16 role variants of the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, a self-assessed personality questionnaire designed to help people better understand themselves. David Keirsey originally described the Promoter role variant; however, a brief summary of the personality types described by Isabel Myers contributed to its development

Promotion may mean:*Promotion *Promotion **Film promotion**Promotional campaign**Promoter **Promotional recording**Radio promotion*Promotion *Promotion - when a pawn reaches the eighth rank

Prompt may refer to:* Command prompt, in computing, one or more characters in a command line interface to indicate that the computer is ready to accept typed input

The prompter in an opera house gives the singers the opening words of each phrase a few seconds early. Prompts are mouthed silently or hurled lyrically in a half-voice, audible only on stage

Promulgation is the act of formally proclaiming or declaring a new statutory or administrative law after its enactment. In some jurisdictions this additional step is necessary before the law can take effect.

In anatomy, pronation is a rotational movement of the forearm at the radioulnar joint, or of the foot at the subtalar and talocalcaneonavicular joints. For the forearm, when standing in the anatomical position, pronation will move the palm of the hand from an anterior-facing position to a posterior-facing position without an associated movement at the shoulder

Prong is an American heavy metal band formed in 1986. Prong had two independent releases, Primitive Origins and Force Fed. The albums attracted the attention of Epic Records, who signed the trio in 1989. The group disbanded in 1997 after the Rude Awakening tour, but re-formed in 2002

-Names:*Prong , a hardcore/metal band from New York City*"Prongs", a nickname of James Potter -Others:*Power plug prongs, the forking metal parts which project from the end of power plugs, also referred to primarily in British English as "pins"

Pronominal can be used either to describe something related to a pronoun or to mean a phrase that acts as a pronoun in the context of nominal. An example of the second case is, "I want that kind". The phrase "that kind" stands in for a noun phrase, or nominal, that can be deduced from context, and is thus categorized as a pronominal

In linguistics and grammar, a pronoun is a pro-form that substitutes for a noun , such as, in English, the words it and he

Pronto condoms are a brand of sheath being released in South Africa, designed by Willem van Rensburg. The outside protective packaging acts as the condom applicator as well, which reduces the time needed to use the condom

Pronunciation refers to the way a word or a language is spoken, or the manner in which someone utters a word. If one is said to have "correct pronunciation", then it refers to both within a particular dialect.

Proof may refer to:* Proof , sufficient evidence or argument for the truth of a proposition* Formal proof* Mathematical proof, a convincing demonstration that some mathematical statement is necessarily true

Proof (comics)
Proof is an American comic book series, published by Image Comics and created by writer Alex Grecian and artist Riley Rossmo. The story concerns John "Proof" Prufrock, a sasquatch, who works for a secret government organization. He hunts cryptids with his partner, Ginger Brown, and seeks clues to his past