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Price gouging
Price gouging is a pejorative term referring to a situation in which a seller prices goods or commodities much higher than is considered reasonable or fair. In precise, legal usage, it is the name of a crime that applies in some of the United States during civil emergencies

Priceless may refer to:* Something so rare, unique or desirable that it transcends normal concepts of price, often used as hyperbole for something with exceptionally high value* Priceless , a horse that competed at Olympic level in eventing

Priceless (album)
Priceless is the fifth studio album by Frankie J released on October 17, 2006. It includes the single "That Girl", featuring Chamillionaire, in addition to tracks like "Top of the Line" with Slim from 112, the title track "Priceless", as well as many others

Priceless (Elkie Brooks album)
Priceless is a compilation album by Elkie Brooks.Compiled in 1991, it was released on CD and cassette in the same year by Pickwick Records.-Track listing:#"Fool If You Think It's Over"#"Warm and Tender Love"#"Only Love Can Break Your Heart"

Priceless (film)
Priceless is a 2006 French film directed by Pierre Salvadori, who says it was adapted from the 1961 Blake Edwards' film, Breakfast at Tiffany's, though the synopsis lays out more like the 1958 novella of the same name written by Truman Capote.- Plot :

Priceless (manhwa)
Priceless is a South Korean manhwa series by Lee Young-you, published by Daiwon C.I.. It is licensed by Tokyopop and is currently distributed by Madman Entertainment, who released the third volume in May 2007.- Plot :

Pricing is the process of determining what a company will receive in exchange for its products. Pricing factors are manufacturing cost, market place, competition, market condition, and quality of product. Pricing is also a key variable in microeconomic price allocation theory. Pricing is a fundamental aspect of financial modeling and is one of the four Ps of the marketing mix

Prick may refer to:* Prick , style of marking tool* Goad, a synonym in an agricultural sense* Prick * Fingerprick, wound for blood sample* Prick, slang term for penis or inconsiderate person- Titled expressive works :

Prick (magazine)
Prick magazine is a free monthly tabloid-sized newspaper publication based out of Atlanta, Georgia.The bulk of Pricks content focuses on the tattoo and piercing industry and the lifestyles that surround it.

Prickle may refer to:*Prickle , a sharp, needle-like structure*Prickle cell of the skin*Prickle , a planar cell polarity protein*the collective noun for a pack of porcupines*Prickle , a character on The Gumby Show

Prickly Pear (British Virgin Islands)
Prickly Pear is an island of the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. It is uninhabited but has a beach bar and recreational water sports facility on it

Pride is an inwardly directed emotion that carries two common meanings. With a negative connotation, pride refers to an inflated sense of one's personal status or accomplishments, often used synonymously with hubris

Pride Fighting Championships was the biggest mixed martial arts organization in the world. Its inaugural event was held at the Tokyo Dome on October 11, 1997. Pride has held more than sixty mixed martial arts events

Pride (2007 film)
Pride is a 2007 biopic drama feature film released by Lionsgate Entertainment on March 23, 2007. Loosely based upon the true story of Philadelphia swim coach James "Jim" Ellis, Pride stars Terrence Howard, Bernie Mac, and Kimberly Elise, and was directed by Sunu Gonera.Pride is a film that depicts African-Americans succeeding in a sport — swimming — that is still largely

Pride (Arena album)
Pride is Arena's second full-length album, released in 1996. It is the first album to feature bassist John Jowitt and vocalist Paul Wrightson, but it's also guitarist Keith More's final album with the band.- Track listing :All songs by Nolan & Pointer

Pride (Living Colour album)
Pride is Living Colour's 1995 greatest hits album. It contains four rare tracks recorded for the follow-up of their third album Stain. However, this collection is now out of print

Pride (Living Colour song)
"Pride" is a song by Living Colour originally released on their second album Time's Up. It was released as a promo single to support the album

Pride (Phosphorescent album)
Pride is the third album by Phosphorescent and their first on the Dead Oceans label. It was released on October 23, 2007.-Track listing:#"A Picture of Our Torn Up Praise" - 3:17#"Be Dark Night" - 4:00#"Wolves" - 6:15

Pride (Robert Palmer album)
Pride is Robert Palmer's eighth solo album, released in 1983. The album peaked at #37 in the UK chart. The album also peaked at #12 in France, #15 in Netherland and #36 in Sweden.-Track listing:All songs by Robert Palmer; except where noted.

A priest is a person authorized to perform the sacred rites of a religion, especially as a mediatory agent between humans and deities. They also have the authority or power to administer religious rites; in particular, rites of sacrifice to, and propitiation of, a deity or deities

Priest (comics)
Priest, in comics, may refer to:* Christopher Priest , the nom de plume of an American comics writer, often credited as "Priest"* Priest , a Weird West Korean comic series* Jessica Priest, a character from Spawn

Priesthood (LDS Church)
In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints , the priesthood is the power and authority to act in the name of God for the salvation of humankind

Priestly may refer to:* Alexander Priestly Camphor , American Methodist bishop* JB Priestley, author of An Inspector Calls* Joseph Priestley, discoverer of oxygen* Miranda Priestly, a character in the novel The Devil Wears Prada

Prieto (surname)
The Prieto family originated from Germany. As early as the 16th Century the Prieto family has been involved in political reform, business and economic investments.-Brief history:

Priez is a commune in the Aisne department in Picardy in northern France.

A prig is a person who shows an inordinately zealous approach to matters of form and propriety – especially where the prig has the ability to show superior knowledge to those who do not know the protocol

-People:*Juan Prim, 1st Marquis of los Castillejos , Spanish Catalan general and statesman*Paine Page Prim , American attorney and judge*Ray Prim , American baseball player

Prima may refer to:*Prima , a human rights news agency in Moscow*Prima , a locomotive type by Alstom*Prima , an Autobot leader in Transformers*Prima TV, a Romanian television channel

Prima (news agency)
Prima is a news agency in Moscow, Russia which distributes human rights-related news in both English and Russian. It had been in form of newspaper in Moscow since 1987 but was founded as an agency in February 2000.

Prima donna
Originally used in opera or Commedia dell'arte companies, "prima donna" is Italian for "first lady." The term was used to designate the leading female singer in the opera company, the person to whom the prime roles would be given. The prima donna was normally, but not necessarily, a soprano

Prima Donna (American band)
-Personnel:* Kevin Preston – Vocals, Guitar* Aaron Minton – Keyboards, Tenor & Baritone Saxophones, Backing Vocals* David S. Field – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals* Erik Arcane – Guitar, Backing Vocals* Daniel Nyby – Bass, Backing Vocals-Kiss Kiss:

Prima Donna (band)
Prima Donna were the United Kingdom representatives in the Eurovision Song Contest 1980. The group comprised sisters Kate Robbins and Jane Robbins, Sally Ann Triplett, Danny Finn, Alan Coates and Lance Aston

Prima Donna (disambiguation)
Prima donna is a term used in opera, and is Italian for "first lady".Prima donna may also refer to:*Prima Donna , a 2009 opera written by Rufus Wainwright

Prima Donna (opera)
Prima Donna is an opera composed by Canadian-American singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright to a French language libretto which he co-authored with Bernadette Colomine. It is about "a day in the life of an aging opera singer", anxiously preparing for her comeback in 1970s Paris, who falls in love with a journalist

Prima facie
Prima facie is a Latin expression meaning on its first encounter, first blush, or at first sight. The literal translation would be "at first face", from the feminine form of primus and facies , both in the ablative case. It is used in modern legal English to signify that on first examination, a matter appears to be self-evident from the facts

Primacy Effect may refer to:The tendency to form impressions of people based on the first information we receive about them. The primacy effect has most effect during repeated message when there is little or no delay between the messages.

Primadonna (song)
"Primadonna" was the Russian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1997, performed in Russian by Alla Pugacheva.

Primal can refer to:* An old term for a hypersurface in mathematics.* Primal , a season 1 episode of Eureka* Primal , an action video game for the PlayStation 2

The word Primary when used alone may refer to any of the following:* Primary , the larger of two co-orbiting bodies* Primary is used for the name of the primary mirror in a telescope.* Primary , from Australia

Primary (band)
Primary is a rock band based in Sydney, Australia from 1995 until the early 2000s. The band's nucleus consisted of Jamie Fonti , Sean Fonti and Connie Mitchell

A primate is a mammal of the order Primates , which contains prosimians and simians. Primates arose from ancestors that lived in the trees of tropical forests; many primate characteristics represent adaptations to life in this challenging three-dimensional environment

Primate (disambiguation)
A primate is any member of the biologic order Primates.Primate may also refer to:* Primate , a title bestowed on bishops by some Christian churches* Primates , a scientific journal

Primavera or La Primavera means the season spring in many Romance languages, and it may also refer to:-Places:* Primavera, Chile* La Primavera, Vichada, a municipality in Colombia* La Primavera District, Bolognesi, Peru-Music:

A prime is a natural number that has exactly two distinct natural number divisors: 1 and itself.Prime or PRIME may also refer to:In mathematics:*Prime , the ′ mark, typically used as a suffix

Prime (Transformers)
Prime is a title in Transformers fiction, the designation given to the leader of the Autobots and bearer of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. The Japanese equivalent of Prime is Convoy, sometimes explained in Western Transformers folklore as an honorific nickname given to Autobots who possess the Autobot Matrix of Leadership

Prime Directive (Star Trek novel)
-Plot summary:On a local moon of Talin IV a Federation first contact observation post is monitoring the events on the planet below with growing confusion and concern. Talin IV, a world inhabited by a reptilian society with a culture equivalent to late-20th century Earth, and possible first contact prospect for the Federation in the near future, is now a world divided

Prime factor
In number theory, the prime factors of a positive integer are the prime numbers that divide that integer exactly, without leaving a remainder. The process of finding these numbers is called integer factorization, or prime factorization. A prime factor can be visualized by understanding Euclid's geometric position

Prime minister
A prime minister is the most senior minister of cabinet in the executive branch of government in a parliamentary system. In many systems, the prime minister selects and may dismiss other members of the cabinet, and allocates posts to members within the government. In most systems, the prime minister is the presiding member and chairman of the cabinet

Prime Minister (TV Series)
Ekipa is a Polish political drama TV series created and directed by Agnieszka Holland, aired from 13 September 2007 until 6 December 2007 on Polsat

Prime mover
Prime mover may refer to:* A machine that transforms energy from thermal, electrical or pressure form to mechanical form, typically an engine or turbine- Philosophy and theology :

Prime Mover (comics)
Prime Mover is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.The Prime Mover is a robot employed by Doctor Doom; Doom may or may not have created the robot

Prime mover (locomotive)
In engineering, a prime mover is an engine that converts fuel to useful work. In locomotives, the prime mover is thus the source of power for its propulsion. The term is generally used when discussing any locomotive powered by an internal combustion engine

Prime Time (album)
Prime Time is the eighth album of the rock band FireHouse. It was released in 2003 by Pony Canyon in Japan, and in 2004 in the United States.-Track listing:All songs written by Leverty and Snare except where noted.

Prime Time (Deion Sanders album)
Prime Time is the debut album by National Football League and Major League Baseball star, Deion Sanders. It was released on December 20, 1994 through Capitol Records sub-label, Bust It Records. Despite universally negative reviews, the album managed to make it to #70 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and #14 on the Top Heatseekers

Prime Time (Don McLean album)
Prime Time is an album by American singer-songwriter Don McLean, released in December 1977.-Track listing:All tracks composed by Don McLean, except where indicated.#"Prime Time"#"The Statue"#"Jump"#"Red Wing"#"The Wrong Thing to Do"

Primer may refer to:*Primer , a 1995 music album by the musical group Rockapella*Primer *Primer , a 2004 feature film written and directed by Shane Carruth

Primer (album)
Primer is the sixth studio album by the a cappella group Rockapella and marks their North American debut. Its track list was intended to represent the band's live show at the time and was recorded 99% live-in-studio over the course of two days at Sonalyst Studios in Connecticut, with the exception of the bonus track, "Shambala," which was recorded prior to the Sonalyst

Primeval or primæval may refer to:* Primeval, a British science fiction television series.* Primeval , a 2007 film* Primeval , a score of music from the BBC TV series Doctor Who

Primeval is a British science fiction television programme produced for ITV by Impossible Pictures. Created by Adrian Hodges and Tim Haines, who previously created the Walking with... documentary series

Primeval is a British science fiction television programme produced for ITV by Impossible Pictures. Created by Adrian Hodges and Tim Haines, who previously created the Walking with... documentary series

Primeval is a British science fiction television programme produced for ITV by Impossible Pictures. Created by Adrian Hodges and Tim Haines, who previously created the Walking with... documentary series

Priming (immunology)
The first contact of a T or B cell with its specific antigen is called priming and causes differentiation into effector T or B cells .

Priming (steam engine)
Priming is a condition in the boiler of a steam engine in which water is carried over into the steam delivery. It may be caused by impurities in the water, which foams up as it boils, or simply too high a water level

Primitive may refer to:* Anarcho-primitivism, an anarchist critique of the origins and progress of civilization* Primitive culture, one that lacks major signs of economic development or modernity