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Pitchers (ceramic material)
Pitchers are pottery that has been broken in the course of manufacture. Biscuit pitchers are crushed, ground and re-used, either as a low-percentage addition to the virgin raw materials on the same factory or elsewhere. The crushed material is also used in other industries as an inert filler. Because of the adhering glaze, glazed pitchers find less use

A pitchfork is an agricultural tool with a long handle and long, thin, widely separated pointed tines used to lift and pitch loose material, such as hay, leaves, grapes, dung or other agricultural materials. Pitchforks typically have two or three tines

Pitchfork (disambiguation)
A pitchfork is a long-handled tool with sharp, widely spaced prongs for lifting and pitching loose material such as hay or dung.Pitchfork can also refer to:*Pitchfork bifurcation*Pitchfork Media, an internet publication covering music

Pitchshifter are a British five-piece electronic-metal band from Nottingham, United Kingdom formed in 1989. The band was started by bassist and vocalist Mark Clayden, lead guitarist and programmer Johnny A

Pitchstone is a dull black glassy volcanic rock formed when viscous lava or magma cools swiftly. It is similar to but coarser than obsidian. It is a volcanic glass with a conchoidal fracture , a resinous lustre, and a variable composition. Its colour may be mottled, streaked, or uniform brown, red, green, gray, or black

Pitfall refers to a series of video games:* Pitfall!, the 1982 original* Pitfall II: Lost Caverns, a 1984 sequel* Super Pitfall, a 1987 sequel and a quasi-remake of Pitfall II* Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure, a 1994 sequel

Pith helmet
The pith helmet is a lightweight cloth-covered helmet made of cork or pith

The pitis was a tin coin issued by several South-East Asian states. It may refer to:*Brunei pitis*Kelantan keping*Trengganu keping

Pitman may refer to:* Pitman, New Jersey* Pitman, Pennsylvania* Pitman, Saskatchewan* Pitman Shorthand, a system of shorthand* Pitman arm, a vehicle steering component* A connecting rod in an engine* Pitman , a videogame for the Game Boy

Pito is a type of beer made from fermented millet or sorghum in northern Ghana, parts of Nigeria, and other parts of West Africa. It is made by small producers, and is typically served in a calabash outside the producer's home where benches are sometimes provided. The word is also dialectical Mexican meaning "little whistle."Pito can be served warm or cold

Pittance is a gift to the members of a religious house for masses, consisting usually of an extra allowance of food or wine on occasions such as the anniversary of the donor's death festivals and other similar occasions. The word was early transferred to a charitable donation and to any small gift of food or money.

A pituicyte is a glial cell of the posterior pituitary.They generally stain dark purple with an H&E stain, and are among the easiest structures to identify in the region .

Pituitary gland
In vertebrate anatomy the pituitary gland, or hypophysis, is an endocrine gland about the size of a pea and weighing 0.5 g , in humans. It is a protrusion off the bottom of the hypothalamus at the base of the brain, and rests in a small, bony cavity covered by a dural fold

Pity originally means feeling for others, particularly feelings of sadness or sorrow, and was once used in a comparable sense to the more modern words "sympathy" and "empathy"

Pivot may refer to:* Pivot, the point of rotation in a lever system* More generally, the center point of any rotational system* Pivot joint, a kind of joint between bones in the body* Pivot turn, a dance move- Computing :

Pivot (card game)
Pivot is a casual card game released by Wizards of the Coast in 1998. The game was designed by André François. Pivot, along with Alpha Blitz, Go Wild!, and Twitch, were part of a move by Wizards of the Coast to diversify beyond their core Magic: The Gathering property

PIX can refer to:*Cisco PIX*PIX *Plan It X Records*SET PIX, Sony Pictures Entertainment's Hollywood movie channel in India*Pico Airport*WPIX, a television station in New York City known on air as "PIX"

Pix or PIX may refer to:*Cisco PIX, an IP firewall and network address translation appliance*PIX , a performance analysis tool from Microsoft*short for KPIX, television channel 5, San Francisco

In digital imaging, a pixel, or pel, is a single point in a raster image, or the smallest addressable screen element in a display device; it is the smallest unit of picture that can be represented or controlled.

Pixies are mythical creatures of folklore, considered to be particularly concentrated in the areas around Devon and Cornwall, suggesting some Celtic origin for the belief and name.They are usually depicted with pointed ears, and often wearing a green outfit and pointed

Pixie (comics)
Pixie, in comics, may refer to:*Pixie , a Marvel Comics character associated with the X-Men and their family of titles*Pixie , a member of the Marvel Comics group of mutants known as the Morlocks

Pizza is an oven-baked, flat, disc-shaped bread typically topped with a tomato sauce, cheese and various toppings.Originating in Italy, from the Neapolitan cuisine, the dish has become popular in many parts of the world. An establishment that makes and sells pizzas is called a "pizzeria"

Pizza (film)
Pizza is a 2005 film written and directed by Mark Christopher, filmed in and around Milford, Pennsylvania in 2003. It was screened at the Seattle International Film Festival on May 27, 2005 and had a limited release on January 20, 2006

Pizza Man
Pizza Man is a 1991 comedy film starring Bill Maher and Annabelle Gurwitch; written and directed by J.F. Lawton. The film received a PG-13 rating by the MPAA.-Credited cast:*Bill Maher as Elmo Bunn*Annabelle Gurwitch as The Dame

Pizzaman may refer to:* Pizza delivery* Pizza Man, a 1991 comedy film* Pizza Man * Pizzaman , a forthcoming film written by Mel Brooks and Rudy De Luca* Pizzaman, an electronic dance music act led by Norman Cook

-Reception:While she was attacked for leaving the jazz genre, Rushen was able to get a good fan base with R&B/Pop audience. Rushen's profile in the R&B world continued to increase with Pizzazz, her second album for Elektra Records and fifth overall.

Pizzazz (magazine)
Pizzazz was a magazine published by Marvel Comics from 1977 to 1979, for a total run of 16 issues. Aimed at the youth culture, Pizzazz mostly contained articles about popular movies, rock stars, et cetera, as well as comic strips and puzzles

Pizzica is a popular Italian folk dance, originally from the Salento peninsula and later spreading throughout all the Puglia region, the Corsica region and eastern Basilicata. It is part of the larger family of tarantella dances.-Dancing the pizzica:The traditional pizzica is danced while embracing a partner

Pizzicato is a playing technique that involves plucking the strings of a string instrument. The exact technique varies somewhat depending on the type of stringed instrument.

Pizzo (extortion)
In Southern Italy, the pizzo is protection money paid by a business to the Mafia, usually coerced and constituting extortion. The term is derived from the Sicilian pizzu . To wet someone's beak is to pay protection money

PKG or Pkg may refer to* Package*cGMP-dependent protein kinase*Pangkor Airport, which is assigned the IATA code USM*.pkg, a file format used by Apple to install applications and Sony's PlayStation 3 to install games onto the PS3's hard disk

PKU (disambiguation)
PKU can refer to:* Phenylketonuria - A autosomal recessive genetic disorder characterized by a deficiency in the enzyme phenylalanine hydroxylase.

Plaça Catalunya station
Plaça Catalunya station , also known as Barcelona-Plaça Catalunya or simply as Catalunya, is a rail interchange complex in Barcelona located on Plaça de Catalunya, the city's central square and a large transport hub

A placard is a notice installed in a public place, like a small card, sign, or plaque. It can be attached to or hung from a vehicle or building to indicate information about the vehicle operator or contents of a vehicle or building.- Buildings :

-Geography:* Place , an area with definite or indefinite boundaries or a portion of space in which has a name in a area* Place , defined as any concentration of population

Place (United States Census Bureau)
The United States Census Bureau defines the term place as a concentration of population. The types of places defined by the Census Bureau are incorporated place, such as a city, town or village, and census designated place , which resembles a city, town or village but lacks its own government

A placebo is a simulated or otherwise medically ineffectual treatment for a disease or other medical condition intended to deceive the recipient

Placebo (at funeral)
An obsolete usage of the word placebo was to mean someone who came to a funeral, claiming a connection with the deceased to try to get a share of any food and/or drink being handed out

Placebo effect
Placebo effect may refer to:* Placebo effect, the tendency of any medication or treatment, even an inert or ineffective one, to exhibit results simply because the recipient believes that it will work

Placeholder may refer to:In language:* Placeholder name, words that can refer to objects or people, whose names are unknown or irrelevant* Filler text, shares some characteristics of a real written text, but is random or otherwise generated

Placement may refer to:* Placement , an essential step in electronic design automation* Placement exam, determines which class a student should take* Favored placement, the practice of preferentially listing search engine results for given sites

The placenta is an organ that connects the developing fetus to the uterine wall to allow nutrient uptake, waste elimination, and gas exchange via the mother's blood supply. "True" placentas are a defining characteristic of eutherian or "placental" mammals, but are also found in some snakes and lizards with varying levels of development up to mammalian levels

In biology, placentation refers to the formation, type and structure, or arrangement of placentas. The function of placentation is to transfer nutrients from maternal tissue to a growing embryo

Placer may refer to one of the following:*Placer deposit*Placer sheep*Placer mining*Placer, rugby league football role.Geographical names:* Placer, Masbate, Philippines* Placer, Surigao del Norte, Philippines

Places (album)
Places is the lone album by the Washington, D.C. indie rock band Georgie James, released on September 25, 2007. It includes the singles "Need Your Needs" and "Cake Parade." Guest musicians include Andrew Black , T.J. Lipple , Tony Cavallario and Matthew Gengler

Placid is a masculine given name, and may refer to:* John Placid Adelham , English Protestant minister* Saint Placid , Italian Christian monk* Father Placid J Podipara , Indian Catholic priest

Placida is a genus of very small or minute sea slugs, marine opisthobranch gastropod mollusks in the family Limapontiidae.Although similar in appearance to nudibranchs, species in this genus are actually Sacoglossans.- Species :

-As a surname:*Michele Placido, an internationally known Italian actor and director*General Placido Vega y Daza, a famous 19th century Mexican lander*Mike De Placido, an English footballer*Violante Placido, actress, singer, and daughter of Michele Placido

A placket is an opening in the upper part of trousers or skirts, or at the neck or sleeve of a garment. Plackets are almost always used to allow clothing to be put on or removed easily, but are sometimes used purely as a design element

Plage may refer to:*Plage , a bright region in the chromosphere of the Sun*Plage , a clear, unornamented area on the basal area of an ornamented fungal spore

Plagiarism is defined in dictionaries as the "wrongful appropriation," "close imitation," or "purloining and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions," and the representation of them as one's own original work, but the notion remains problematic with nebulous boundaries

-Medicine:* Plague , a specific disease caused by Yersinia pestis. There are three major manifestations:** Bubonic plague** Septicemic plague** Pneumonic plague* An epidemic of infectious disease* A pandemic caused by such a disease

Plague (1978 film)
Plague is a 1978 Canadian science fiction film about a genetic engineering accident, a fertilizing bacterium that escapes from a laboratory in Canada. The film is also known internationally as Induced Syndrome , M-3: The Gemini Strain or Mutation .-Plot:A deadly bacteria called M3 is released and causes sickness and death around the world

Plagues (album)
Plagues is the second studio album by American metalcore band The Devil Wears Prada. It was released on August 21, 2007 through Rise Records and was re-released on October 28, 2008, in which includes bonus content.-Background:

Plaice is the common name of four species of flatfishes.Plaice or PLAICE may also refer to:* USS Plaice , a Balao-class submarine* PLAICE, an open source hardware FLASH programmer, memory emulator, and logic analyzer

The PLAICE, or FLASH-PLAICE, is a powerful open source hardware device, combining a flash memory programmer, in-circuit emulation, and a high-speed multi-channel logic analyzer. It is built around a 32-bit RISC Microblaze processor, realized on a Xilinx Spartan-3E starter kit development board

Plaid may refer to:Material* A plaid or full plaid is a pleated cloth worn with the modern kilt, made from the same tartan and worn cast over the shoulder and fastened at the front* The belted plaid or "great kilt", earlier form of the kilt

Plaigne is a commune in the Aude department in southern France.-Population:

Plain Sailing (song)
- Overview :The original version appeared on Thorn's first solo album A Distant Shore in 1982. It was re-recorded and released as Thorn's first single on 7" vinyl later that year

Plain-winged Antshrike
The Plain-winged Antshrike is a species of bird in the Thamnophilidae family.It is found in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.

Plains is the plural of plain, a geographical feature. It is a big flat area of a land. Plains or The Plains may also refer to:-Locations:Canada*Three Mile Plains, Nova Scotia*Five Mile Plains, Nova ScotiaUnited States*Great Plains

Plains (album)
Plains is the eleventh album of pianist George Winston and eighth solo piano album, released in 1999. It was his first studio album consisting of original compositions since 1994's Forest. According to Winston, "this album is inspired by the plains and its people. The four seasons there have always been my deepest source of inspiration."-Track listing:

A plaintiff , also known as a claimant or complainant, is the term used in some jurisdictions for the party who initiates a lawsuit before a court

A plait may refer to:* Plait, also called a braid, intertwined strands of, for example, textile or hair* Plait, now called a pleat, a fold of fabric, used in clothing and upholstery* Plait , a fold in the columella of a gastropod mollusc

Plait (gastropod)
A plait is an anatomical feature which is present the shells of some snails, or gastropods. This sculpture occurs often in the shells of marine gastropod mollusks in the clade Neogastropoda, but it is also found in some pulmonate land snails.

A plan is typically any diagram or list of steps with timing and resources, used to achieve an objective. See also strategy. It is commonly understood as a temporal set of intended actions, through which one expects to achieve a goal