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Periwinkle may refer to:In fauna:* Periwinkle, a common name for a number of gastropod molluscs in the family Littorinidae** Common periwinkle ** Blue periwinkle

Perjury, also known as forswearing, is the willful act of swearing a false oath or affirmation to tell the truth, whether spoken or in writing, concerning matters material to a judicial proceeding. That is, the witness falsely promises to tell the truth about matters which affect the outcome of the case

Perky may refer to:*Henry Perky , American lawyer, businessman*Kirtland I. Perky , American politician*Mary Cheves West Perky , American psychologist*Pinky and Perky, British children's television series

Perm is a city and the administrative center of Perm Krai, Russia, located on the banks of the Kama River, in the European part of Russia near the Ural Mountains. From 1940 to 1957 it was named Molotov .

Programmierbare Elektronische Rechenmaschine München or PERM is a stored program controlled electronic computer Munich, built under the auspices of Hans Piloty and Robert Sauer 1952-1956

Perm (disambiguation)
Perm or PERM may refer to:*Great Perm, a historic region in Russia**Perm, a city in Russia**Perm Krai, a federal subject of Russia**Perm Oblast, a former federal subject of Russia*Permian, a geologic periodabbreviations and acronyms

Perm (unit)
A perm is a unit of permeance or "water vapor transmission" given a certain differential in partial pressures on either side of a material or membrane.-Definitions:US permMetric permEquivalent SI unit

In geology, permafrost, cryotic soil or permafrost soil is soil at or below the freezing point of water for two or more years. Ice is not always present, as may be in the case of nonporous bedrock, but it frequently occurs and it may be in amounts exceeding the potential hydraulic saturation of the ground material

Permafrost (story)
"Permafrost" is a science fiction novelette by American writer Roger Zelazny. It won the Hugo Award for Best Novelette in 1987, and was nominated for the Nebula Award.-Plot summary:

Permanence is the state of being permanent:*Digital permanence*Object permanence*Print permanencePopular culture:*Permanence by Karl Schroeder

The permanent of a square matrix in linear algebra, is a function of the matrix similar to the determinant. The permanent, as well as the determinant, is a polynomial in the entries of the matrix

Permanent (Count Me Out album)
Permanent is the second full-length studio album from hardcore punk band, Count Me Out. It was released in April, 2002 on Indecision Records. After a tour of Europe in early 2003, the band split, making this their final album

Permanent (disambiguation)
Permanent is a concept in linear algebra.Permanent may also refer to:*Permanent wave, a hairstyling process*Permanent *Permanent *"Permanent" , a 2009 song by David Cook-See also:

Permanently is the third studio album by American country music singer Mark Wills. Released in 2000 on Mercury Nashville Records, the album produced three singles on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks charts: "Back at One", "Almost Doesn't Count", and "I Want to Know Permanently is the third studio album by American country music singer Mark Wills. Released in 2000 on Mercury Nashville Records, the album produced three singles on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks (now Hot Country Songs) charts: "Back at One", "Almost Doesn't Count", and "I Want to Know Permanently is the third studio album by American country music singer Mark Wills. Released in 2000 on Mercury Nashville Records, the album produced three singles on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks (now Hot Country Songs) charts: "Back at One", "Almost Doesn't Count", and "I Want to Know (Everything There Is to Know About You", which peaked at #2, #19, and #33,

A permanganate is the general name for a chemical compound containing the manganate ion, . Because manganese is in the +7 oxidation state, the permanganate ion is a strong oxidizing agent. The ion has tetrahedral geometry

Permeability, permeable and semipermeable may refer to:*Permeability , the degree of magnetization of a material in response to a magnetic field

Permeability (nautical)
Permeability of a space in a ship is the percentage of empty volume in that space.Permeability is used in ship survivability and damaged stability calculations in ship design. In this case, the permeability of a space is a percentage from 0 to 100. Alternately, the permeability may be a coefficient from 0 to 1

Permeability (spatial and transport planning)
Permeability or connectivity describes the extent to which urban forms permit movement of people or vehicles in different directions. The terms are often used interchangeably, although differentiated definitions also exist

The PermianThe term "Permian" was introduced into geology in 1841 by Sir Sir R. I. Murchison, president of the Geological Society of London, who identified typical strata in extensive Russian explorations undertaken with Edouard de Verneuil; Murchison asserted in 1841 that he named his "Permian system" after the ancient kingdom of Permia, and not after the then small town of Perm, as

PERMIS is a sophisticated policy-based authorisation system that implements an enhanced version of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology standard Role-Based Access Control model

Permisi is a village in Bolshebereznikovsky District of the Republic of Mordovia, Russia.

Permission, in philosophy, is the attribute of a person whose performance of a specific action, otherwise ethically wrong or dubious, would thereby involve no ethical fault. The term "permission" is more commonly used to refer to consent

Permission may be:* Permission , ethical conceptLaw:* Planning permission, British property status* Intellectual property:** Historical Permission Notice and Disclaimer** Permission cultureCreative works:* La Permission, novel

When a cell or host is defined as permissive in virology, it refers to the fact that the virus is able to circumvent host defenses and is able to replicate. Usually this occurs when the virus has modulated one or several of the host cellular intrinsic defenses, and the host immune system

Permit may refer to:*Permit *Various legal licenses:*License*Work permit*Learner's permit*Permit to travel*Construction permit*Home Return Permit*One-way Permit*Permit is the common name for the Trachinotus falcatus, a type of Pompano.

Permit (fish)
The permit, Trachinotus falcatus, is a game fish of the western Atlantic ocean belonging to the Carangidae family. Adults feed on crabs, shrimp, and smaller fish

Pernambuco is a state of Brazil, located in the Northeast region of the country. To the north are the states of Paraíba and Ceará, to the west is Piauí, to the south are Alagoas and Bahia, and to the east is the Atlantic Ocean. There are about of beaches, some of the most beautiful in the country, as Porto de Galinhas, Carneiros and Calhetas

Pero (disambiguation)
Pero was a daughter of Neleus and Chloris in Greek mythology. Pero, in Roman mythology, daughter of Cimon - see Roman Charity.Pero may also refer to:-People:* A. J

Peroneal refers to the lateral compartment of the leg. This Greek-derived medical term often refers to its well-known Latin analog, fibular.Peroneal can refer to:* Peroneal artery* Peroneal vein* Peroneal nerve* Peroneus brevis muscle

A peroxide is a compound containing an oxygen–oxygen single bond or the peroxide anion .The O−O group is called the peroxide group or peroxo group. In contrast to oxide ions, the oxygen atoms in the peroxide ion have an oxidation state of −1.The simplest stable peroxide is hydrogen peroxide

Peroxide (disambiguation)
Peroxide may refer to:*Peroxide, a chemical compound** Hydrogen peroxide, the simplest peroxide*"Peroxide ", a 2007 song from FlyKKiller's debut album, Experiments in Violent Light*Peroxide blond, a variety of artificially blond hair

Peroxide (punk zine)
Peroxide was a punk fanzine published and edited during the late 1970s by Andrew Thomas, Quentin Cook and Ian McKay . Inspired by punk zines such as Chainsaw, Peroxide lasted only two issues, with McKay being ousted by Cook after the first issue

Peroxiredoxins are a ubiquitous family of antioxidant enzymes that also control cytokine-induced peroxide levels and thereby mediate signal transduction in mammalian cells.- Classification :

p53 apoptosis effector related to PMP-22 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the PERP gene.PERP is a direct transcriptional target of p53.-Further reading:

In geometry, two lines or planes are considered perpendicular to each other if they form congruent adjacent angles . The term may be used as a noun or adjective

Perper (band)
Perper is a Montenegrin band from Cetinje. The band was founded in December 1991 and today it's one of Montenegros most popular rock bands.-Members:*Nikola - vocals, acoustic guitar

Perpetua (disambiguation)
Perpetua can refer to:* Perpetua and Felicity, two 3rd century Christian martyrs* Perpetua , a typeface* Reclusión perpetua, a particular kind of sentence of imprisonment in the Philippines, Argentina, and several other countries

Perpetual may refer to:*Perpetual bond, a bond which pays coupons forever*Perpetual curacy, a type of Christian priesthood*Perpetual virginity, a Christian doctrine concerning the Virgin Mary*Perpetual Entertainment, a software development company

Perpetual Motion (film)
Perpetual Motion is an independent Chinese film directed by Ning Ying. The film follows four wealthy, high-powered women living in Beijing during the Chinese New Year. The film had its North American premiere on September 10, 2005 at the 2005 Toronto International Film Festival

Perpetual Motion (short story)
"Perpetual Motion" is a science fiction short story written by L. Sprague de Camp, a story in his Viagens Interplanetarias series. It was first published under the title "Wide-Open Planet" in the magazine Future in the issue for September-October, 1950

A perpetuity is an annuity that has no end, or a stream of cash payments that continues forever. There are few actual perpetuities in existence

Perplexity is a measurement in information theory. It is defined as b raised to the power of entropy in base b, or more often as b raised to the power of cross-entropy in base b

The perrhenate ion is ReO4− and a perrhenate is a compound containing this ion. Salts of perrhenic acid are known as perrhenates. The perrhenate anion is tetrahedral, as shown by IR and Raman spectroscopy

Perro is a Spanish word for dog.Perro may also refer to:* Perro , a super villain in the Marvel Comics Universe* Perro Aguayo , famous Mexican wrestler* Perro Aguayo, Jr

Perry is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented pears. Perry has been common for centuries in Britain, particularly in the Three Counties of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire, and in parts of south Wales; and France, especially Normandy and Anjou.In more recent years, commercial perry has also been referred to as "pear cider", though some organisations Perry is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented pears. Perry has been common for centuries in Britain, particularly in the Three Counties of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire, and in parts of south Wales; and France, especially Normandy and Anjou.In more recent years, commercial perry has also been referred to as "pear cider", though some organisations Perry is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented pears. Perry has been common for centuries in Britain, particularly in the Three Counties of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire, and in parts of south Wales; and France, especially Normandy and Anjou.In more recent years, commercial perry has also been referred to as "pear cider", though some organisations (such as

Perry (car)
The Perry was a British car made by the Perry Motor Company based in Tyseley, Birmingham who made cars between 1913 and 1916.The company can trace its roots back to 1824 with James and Stephen Perry making pens in a workshop in London, later moving to Birmingham and building bicycles

Pers may refer to the following places in France:* Pers, Cantal, a commune in the Cantal department* Pers, Deux-Sèvres, a commune in the Deux-Sèvres departmentPers may also refer to the following:* Personal Emergency Response System, or PERS

Persa (water)
Persa is a Peruvian brand of bottled water owned by Rocío Torres García CEO of Productos Persa in Iquitos, Peru. Persa is sold in PET bottles of 600 ml.-See also:* Agua Vida* Cielo* San Carlos* San Luis* San Mateo

Persecution is the systematic mistreatment of an individual or group by another group. The most common forms are religious persecution, ethnic persecution, and political persecution, though there is naturally some overlap between these terms. The inflicting of suffering, harassment, isolation, imprisonment, fear, or pain are all factors that may establish persecution

Perseus (Pantheon)
Perseus is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.Perseus is a member of the super hero family the Pantheon. Perseus retired from the Pantheon and took the identity of an inn keeper at Loch Ness, Scotland

Perseus (song)
"Perseus" is Hitomi Shimatani's 12th single under Avex Trax. It was released on July 16, 2003. The single peaked at #8 on the Oricon charts and sold 72,000 copies.- Track listing :# Perseus # La Fiesta

Perseverance may refer to:* Perseverance , a card game* Perseverance , American fighter Brock Lesnar* Perseverance

Perseverance (Percee P album)
Perseverance is the official debut album by Percee P a New York-born underground rapper signed to Stones Throw Records. All tracks are produced by Madlib.- Track listing :#"Intro"#"The Hand That Leads You"#"The Man To Praise"

Persevere is the fourth album by The Proclaimers, released in 2001. It was thirteen years after the group had a surprise hit with "I'm Gonna Be ", and the album did not receive the success of their previous work

Persi may refer to:*Buravet, Armenia*Persi Diaconis*Raymond S. Persi*Persi Iveland

Persian means of, from, or related to Persia , or the Persian-speaking world. See:* Persian people, the majority ethnic group of Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan* Persian language, an Iranian language of the Indo-European family

Persimmon (horse)
Persimmon was an outstanding British-bred and British-trained Thoroughbred race horse and sire who won the Epsom Derby in 1896. This was the first horse race ever filmed, by Robert W. Paul and Birt Acres.

Persist is a Java-based ORM/DAO tool. It provides only the minimal amount of functionalities necessary to map objects or maps from database queries and to statement parameters.Persist works around a java.sql.Connection object

Persistence may refer to:* Image persistence, in LCD monitors* Multidrug tolerance, a dormant, persistent state of a bacterial population* Persistence , the characteristic of data that outlives the execution of the program that created it

Persistent may refer to:* Persistent Systems, a technology company* USS Persistent, three United States Navy ships

A person is a human being, or an entity that has certain capacities or attributes strongly associated with being human , for example in a particular moral or legal context

A persona, in the word's everyday usage, is a social role or a character played by an actor. The word is derived from Latin, where it originally referred to a theatrical mask. The Latin word probably derived from the Etruscan word "phersu", with the same meaning, and that from the Greek πρόσωπον

Persona (album)
Persona is an album in 2005 by Kangta. This is Kangta's third album. The album's style of music differed from his last two albums. The music video for his title song "Persona" was shot in San Francisco, California.-Track listing: # 가면

Y Mabinogi
Y Mabinogi is a 2003 Welsh film. It is mostly animated, although the very beginning and end sequences are live action

Yabby is a name given in Australia to two different kinds of crustacean.* A freshwater yabby is a crayfish of the genus Cherax . They are often caught for food. A widespread species is the common yabby, Cherax destructor.* A marine yabby is a ghost shrimp , which lives in deep burrows in the intertidal zone

Yacharam is a village and mandal in Ranga Reddy district in Andhra Pradesh, India. It is 45 km from Hyderabad. Since it is a mandal headquarters, a lot of shops and other establishments are located here.

The Yacón is a perennial plant traditionally grown in the Northern and Central Andes from Ecuador to Argentina for its crisp, sweet-tasting tuberous roots. The texture and flavour are very similar to jicama mainly differing in that yacon has some slightly sweet resinous and floral undertones to its flavor

Yādav refers to an umbrella group of traditionally non-elite pastoral communities, or castes, in India and Nepal which since the nineteenth and twentieth centuries has claimed descent from the mythological King Yadu as a part of a movement of social and political resurgence.The term 'Yadav' now covers many traditional pastoral castes such as Ahirs of the Hindi belt, the Gavli of

Yafit is a moshav shitufi and Israeli settlement in the West Bank. Located in the Jordan Valley near Alexandrium, it falls under the jurisdiction of Bik'at HaYarden Regional Council

Yahoo! Answers
Yahoo! Answers is a community-driven question-and-answer site or a knowledge market launched by Yahoo! on June 28, 2005 that allows users to both submit questions to be answered and answer questions asked by other users

Yahoo! Mail
Yahoo! Mail is a web mail service provided by Yahoo!. It was inaugurated in 1997, and, according to comScore, Yahoo! Mail was the second largest web-based email service with 273.1 million users as of November 2010.

Yahweh is the name of God in the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jews and Christians.The word Yahweh is a modern scholarly convention for the Hebrew , transcribed into Roman letters as YHWH and known as the Tetragrammaton, for which the original pronunciation is unknown

Yahweh ben Yahweh
Yahweh ben Yahweh was the adopted name of Hulon Mitchell, Jr. , founder and leader of the Nation of Yahweh, a black supremacist new religious movement founded in 1979.

The yak, Bos grunniens or Bos mutus, is a long-haired bovine found throughout the Himalayan region of south Central Asia, the Tibetan Plateau and as far north as Mongolia and Russia. In addition to a large domestic population, there is a small, vulnerable wild yak population

The Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation, or simply Yakama Nation , is a Native American group with nearly 10,000 enrolled members, living in Washington. Their reservation, along the Yakima River, covers an area of approximately 1.2 million acres

Yakima SunDome
The Yakima SunDome is a 6,195 seat multi-purpose arena in Yakima, Washington. It was built in 1990, on the Central Washington State Fairgrounds and often serves as an exhibit hall during the fair. Bea Noel of Yakima developed the first vision of building a multi purpose facility on the Yakima Fair Grounds. Gilbert H. Moen Co

Yakovlev Yak-18T
|-See also:Yakovlev - designer and manufacturer of the Yak-18T.-References:NotesBibliography* Gordon, Yefim, Dmitriy Komissarov and Sergey Komissarov. OKB Yakovlev: A History of the Design Bureau and Its Aircraft. North Branch, Minnesota: Specialty Press, 2005. ISBN 978-1857802030.* Taylor, Michael J.H. Brassey's World Aircraft & Systems Directory 1999/2000

Yakovlev Yak-40
The Yakovlev Yak-40 is a small, three-engined airliner that is often called the first regional jet transport aircraft

Yakovlev Yak-7
The Soviet Yakovlev Yak-7 was developed from the earlier Yak-1 fighter, initially as a trainer but converted into a "heavy" fighter. As both a fighter and later reverting to its original training role, the Yak-7 proved to be a capable aircraft and was well liked by air crews. The Yak-7 was simpler, tougher and generally better than the Yak-1

Yakshagana is a musical theater popular in the coastal and Malenadu regions of Karnataka, India. Yakshagana is the recent scholastic name for what are known as kēḷike, āṭa, bayalāṭa, bayalāṭa, daśāvatāra . It is believed to have evolved from pre-classical music and theatre during Bhakti movement

Yakshinis are mythical beings of Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain mythology.-Description:A yakshini is the female counterpart of the male yaksha, and they both attend on Kubera , the Hindu god of wealth who rules in the mythical Himalayan kingdom of Alaka. They both look after treasure hidden in the earth and resemble that of fairies

Yakub Beg
Muhammad Yaqub Bek was a [Turkic peoples] adventurer who became head of the kingdom of Kashgaria.-Spelling variants:In English-language literature, the name of Yaqub Beg has also been spelt as Yakub Beg , Yakoob Beg , or Ya`qūb Beg

With a subarctic climate , Yakutsk is the coldest city, though not the coldest inhabited place, on Earth. Average monthly temperatures range from in July to in January. The coldest temperatures ever recorded on the planet outside Antarctica occurred in the basin of the Yana River to the northeast of Yakutsk

Yale Bowl
The Yale Bowl is a football stadium in New Haven, Connecticut on the border of West Haven, about 1½ miles west of Yale's main campus. Completed in 1914, the stadium seats 61,446, reduced by renovations from the original capacity of 70,869

Yale College Wrexham
Yale College of Wrexham is a further education college in Wrexham, northeast Wales.-History:The history of Yale College can be summarised in three phases: Yale Grammar and Technical School, Yale Sixth Form, Yale College

Yale Law School
Yale Law School, or YLS, is the law school of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, United States. Established in 1824, it offers the J.D., LL.M., J.S.D. and M.S.L. degrees in law. It also hosts visiting scholars, visiting researchers and a number of legal research centers

Yale University
Yale University is a private, Ivy League university located in New Haven, Connecticut, United States. Founded in 1701 in the Colony of Connecticut, the university is the third-oldest institution of higher education in the United States

Yalobusha River
The Yalobusha River is a river, long, in north-central Mississippi in the United States. It is a principal tributary of the Yazoo River, via which it is part of the watershed of the Mississippi River.

Yalta Conference
The Yalta Conference, sometimes called the Crimea Conference and codenamed the Argonaut Conference, held February 4–11, 1945, was the wartime meeting of the heads of government of the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union, represented by President Franklin D

Yam (vegetable)
Yam is the common name for some species in the genus Dioscorea . These are perennial herbaceous vines cultivated for the consumption of their starchy tubers in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania

Yamaga Soko
was a Japanese philosopher and strategist during the Tokugawa shogunate. He was a Confucian, and applied Confucius's idea of the "superior man" to the samurai class of Japan

Yamaha DragStar 650
The Yamaha DragStar 650 is a motorcycle produced by Yamaha Motor Company.- Background :

Yamaha DT50M
The Yamaha DT50M was the entry level 50cc in the Yamaha DT series. Production started 1978 and ended 1981.It was a dual purpose street/trail bike aimed at the 16 years age group of moped riders taking their first steps into motorcycling.

Yamaha FJR1300
The Yamaha FJR1300 is the Yamaha Motor Company's largest sport touring motorcycle, currently in production as the FJR1300A and FJR1300AS .-History:

Yamaha Mio
The Yamaha Mio is a small moped/scooter with a CVT transmission made by Yamaha Motor. It was introduced for the Southeast Asia market in 2003 as the successor of the Nouvo. In Malaysia, this model known as Yamaha Ego. As 2007, there are some 76,000 Ego customers in Malaysian marketplace

Yamaha Motif
The Yamaha Motif is a series of music workstations, first released by Yamaha Corporation in August 2001. Other workstations in the same class are the Korg Triton, Roland Fantom-G and Alesis Fusion.-Motif Classic:

Yamaha Motor Company
, is a Japanese motorized vehicle-producing company. Yamaha Motor is part of Yamaha Corporation and its headquarter is located in Iwata, Shizuoka. Along with expanding Yamaha Corporation into the world's biggest piano maker, then Yamaha CEO Genichi Kawakami took Yamaha into the field of motorized vehicles on July 1, 1955

Yamaha QY10
The Yamaha QY10 is a hand-held music workstation produced by the Yamaha Corporation in the early 1990s. Possessing a MIDI sequencer, a tone generator and a tiny single-octave keyboard, the portable and battery-powered QY10 enables a musician to compose music while traveling.-History:Released by Yamaha in 1990, the QY10 was the first device offering the facilities of a music

Yamaha Virago
The Virago was Yamaha's first V-twin cruiser motorcycle, and one of the earliest mass-produced motorcycles with a mono-shock rear suspension. Originally sold with a engine in 1981, Yamaha soon added and versions.

Yamaha Virago 250
The Virago 250 is an entry-level cruiser motorcycle built by Yamaha Motor Company. It has a claimed top speed of 85 mph.-V Star 250 :

Yamaha Virago 750
The Yamaha Virago 750 was the first V-twin engine produced by a Japanese company. Manufactured from 1981 to 1996, it was part of Yamaha's Virago line of cruisers. The maximum speed of the Virago 750 was approximately 180 km/h. It was Yamaha's first foray into the V-twin cruiser market.

Yamaha XJ600
The Yamaha XJ600 is a motorcycle manufactured by Yamaha. It is a relatively light motorcycle with top half fairing and around . The XJ600 was built from 1984 until 1991, when it was replaced with the Yamaha Diversion/Seca II. In North America, the bike was sold as the FJ600. The 1984 Yamaha XJ600/FJ600 is notable for being the first Japanese inline-4 with a displacement of 600cc

Yamaha XV920R
The Yamaha XV920R is a Japanese motorcycle. It was introduced in 1981, along with the XV750 Virago. In addition to larger engine displacement it featured "standard" styling and technical features, in contrast to the cruiser style of the Virago

Yamaha YZF-R1
The Yamaha YZF-R1 is an open class sport bike, or superbike, motorcycle manufactured by Yamaha Motor Company since 1998.-1998–1999:Yamaha launched the YZF-R1 after redesigning the Genesis engine to offset the crankshaft, gearbox input, and output shafts. This "compacting" of the engine made the total engine length much shorter

Yamaha Zuma 125
The Yamaha Zuma 125 is a scooter introduced by Yamaha Motor Company in September 2008. It is a 125 cc version of its smaller 49cc cousin, the Zuma. Outside the United States it is known as the Yamaha BW's Fi 125.-Model information:

The Yamuna is the largest tributary river of the Ganges in northern India

Yamunotri is the source of the Yamuna River and the seat of the Goddess Yamuna in Hinduism. It is situated at an altitude of in the Garhwal Himalayas and located approximately North of Uttarkashi, the headquarters of the Uttarkashi district in the Garhwal Division of Uttarakhand, India

Yana may refer to:Places* Yana, an administrative capital in Bauchi State, Nigeria* Yana, Burma, a village in Hkamti Township in Hkamti District in the Sagaing Region of northwestern Burma

Yanbu' al Bahr
Yanbu' al Bahr , also known simply as Yanbu, Yambo or Yenbo, is a major Red Sea port in the Al Madinah province of western Saudi Arabia. It is approximately 350 kilometers north of Jeddah . The population is 188,430

The yanggeum is a traditional Korean string instrument. It is a hammered dulcimer. Unlike other traditional Korean instruments , the yanggeum has metal strings. It is played by striking the strings with a bamboo stick.

Yangon Technological University
Yangon Technological University ' , located in Gyogone, Yangon, is the premier engineering university of Myanmar. Established as Department of Engineering under Rangoon University in 1924, and popular known by its former name RIT , YTU is the country's oldest and largest engineering university, and one of the most selective universities in Burma

The trapezoidal yangqin is a Chinese hammered dulcimer, originally from Middle East and Persia . It used to be written with the characters 洋琴 , but over time the first character changed to 揚 , which means "acclaimed". It is also spelled yang quin or yang ch'in

Yangtze River
The Yangtze, Yangzi or Cháng Jiāng is the longest river in Asia, and the third-longest in the world. It flows for from the glaciers on the Tibetan Plateau in Qinghai eastward across southwest, central and eastern China before emptying into the East China Sea at Shanghai. It is also one of the biggest rivers by discharge volume in the world

Yankee Doodle
"Yankee Doodle" is a well-known Anglo-American song, the origin of which dates back to the Seven Years' War. It is often sung patriotically in the United States today and is the state anthem of Connecticut

Yantai is a prefecture-level city in northeastern Shandong province, People's Republic of China. Located on the southern coast of the Bohai Sea and the eastern coast of the Laizhou Bay, Yantai borders the cities of Qingdao and Weihai to the southwest and east respectively.The largest fishing seaport in Shandong and a robust economic center today, Yantai used to be known to the West as

Yantra is the Sanskrit word for "instrument" or "machine". Much like the word "instrument" itself, it can stand for symbols, processes, automata, machinery or anything that has structure and organization, depending on context.

Yao (ethnic group in Africa)
The Yao people, Wayao, are a major ethnic and linguistic group based at the southern end of Lake Malawi, which played an important part in the history of East Africa during the 19th century. The Yao are a predominantly Muslim people group of about 2 million spread over three countries, Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania

Yaquina Bay Bridge
The Yaquina Bay Bridge is an arch bridge that spans Yaquina Bay south of Newport, Oregon. It is one of the most recognizable of the U.S. Route 101 bridges designed by Conde McCullough.

Yaqut al-Hamawi
Yāqūt ibn-'Abdullah al-Rūmī al-Hamawī) was an Islamic biographer and geographer renowned for his encyclopedic writings on the Muslim world. "al-Rumi" refers to his Greek descent; "al-Hamawi" means that he is from Hama, Syria, and ibn-Abdullah is a reference to his father's name, Abdullah

Yarm is a small town and civil parish in the borough of Stockton-on-Tees in North East England. It is on the south bank of the River Tees and for ceremonial purposes is in North Yorkshire

Yarmouth Beach railway station
Yarmouth Beach railway station is a former railway station in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. It was opened in 1877 by the Great Yarmouth & Stalham Light Railway

Yarn is a long continuous length of interlocked fibres, suitable for use in the production of textiles, sewing, crocheting, knitting, weaving, embroidery and ropemaking. Thread is a type of yarn intended for sewing by hand or machine. Modern manufactured sewing threads may be finished with wax or other lubricants to withstand the stresses involved in sewing

Yasawa Islands
The Yasawa Group is an archipelago of about 20 volcanic islands in the Western Division of Fiji, with an approximate total area of 135 square kilometers.- Geography :The Yasawa volcanic group consists of six main islands and numerous smaller islets

Yashica was a Japanese manufacturer of cameras.-History:The company began in December, 1949 in Nagano, Japan, when the Yashima Seiki Company was founded with an initial investment of $566. Its eight employees originally manufactured components for electric clocks

Princess Yasodharā was the wife of Prince Siddhārtha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism.She later entered the order of Buddhist nuns and is considered an Arahant.-Life:

Yasunari Kawabata
was a Japanese short story writer and novelist whose spare, lyrical, subtly-shaded prose works won him the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1968, the first Japanese author to receive the award

Yatala Labour Prison
Yatala Labour Prison is a low- to high-security men's prison in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. It was built in 1854 to enable prisoners to work at the creek, quarrying rock for roads and construction

Yatate are small personal smoking-pipe-shaped writing sets from medieval Japan which provided a carrying box for the ink cotton, and a shaft for a brush .-Usage:Yatate literally means "Arrow Stand"

Yau Tong (MTR)
Yau Tong is a station on the Hong Kong MTR Kwun Tong Line and the Tseung Kwan O Line. The livery of the station is yellow

A yawl is a two-masted sailing craft similar to a sloop or cutter but with an additional mast located well aft of the main mast, often right on the transom, specifically aft of the rudder post. A yawl (from Dutch Jol) is a two-masted sailing craft similar to a sloop or cutter but with an additional mast (mizzenmast or mizzen mast) located well aft of the main mast, often right on the transom, specifically aft of the rudder post. A yawl (from Dutch Jol) is a two-masted sailing craft similar to a sloop or cutter but with an additional mast (mizzenmast or mizzen mast) located well aft of the main mast, often right on the transom, specifically aft of the rudder post. (A vessel with the mizzenmast located forward of the rudderpost is called a ketch

Yazid I
Yazīd ibn Mu‘āwiya ibn Abī Sufyān , commonly known as Yazid I, was the second Caliph of the Umayyad Caliphate . He ruled for three years from 680 CE until his death in 683 CE. Many Muslims condemn Yazid's rule as contentious and unjust

Ybor City, Tampa, Florida
Ybor City is a historic neighborhood in Tampa, Florida located just northeast of downtown. It was founded in the 1880s by cigar manufacturers and was populated by thousands of immigrants, mainly from Spain, Cuba, and Italy