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Avalanche (film)
-Cast:* Victor Varconi - George Vandeau* Mary Kid - Marie Vandeau* Walter Marischka - The Child* Lilly Marischka - Kitty* Mathilde Danegger - Jeanne Vandeau

Avalanche (Kings Dominion)
Avalanche is a bobsled roller coaster at Kings Dominion in Doswell, Virginia, USA. Avalanche opened in 1988 and is the only Mack bobsled coaster running in the United States today. It is located in the African-themed Congo section of the amusement park. There are seven cars per train and the various cars are themed after Olympic bobsleds that represent five countries

Avalanche (song)
"Avalanche" is a song by Leonard Cohen. It appears on his third album, Songs of Love and Hate, released in 1971.The lyrics are based on a poem he had previously written

Avalara, Inc. is a privately held company that offers Sales Tax Management Services for small to medium enterprises. Avalara's products integrate into major accounting, ERP and e-commerce software for automatic calculation, certificate management, filing and remittance of sales tax.-History:Avalara of Bainbridge Island, WA, was founded in 1999, based on the concept that accurate sales

Avalon (Anthony Green album)
Avalon is the debut solo album by former Saosin, and current Circa Survive, vocalist Anthony Green. It was released August 5, 2008 on Photo Finish Records, with a US tour to coincide with its release. Keith Goodwin, Tim Arnold, and Dan Schwartz have guest appearances on this record. The album leaked in its entirety on August 1, 2008

Avalon (comics)
Avalon, in comics, may to:*Avalon , a webcomic written by Josh Phillips*Marvel Comics locations:**Avalon , an otherdimensional realm which has also been called "Otherworld"

Avalon (RTA Rapid Transit station)
Avalon is a station stop on the RTA Blue Line in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. It is located at the intersection of Avalon Road and Van Aken Boulevard in Shaker Heights.

Avalon (soundtrack)
Avalon is the original soundtrack of the 1990 film Avalon starring Armin Mueller-Stahl, Elizabeth Perkins, Kevin Pollak and Elijah Wood. The original score was composed by Randy Newman.The score was nominated for 3 awards:

Avant (disambiguation)
Avant is the French word for 'fore' and 'ahead of'.Avant can refer to:-Computing:* Avant Browser** Avant Force, the company that makes the Avant web browser* Avant Window Navigator, computer software

Avant-garde means "advance guard" or "vanguard". The adjective form is used in English to refer to people or works that are experimental or innovative, particularly with respect to art, culture, and politics.

Avant-garde (disambiguation)
Avant-garde refers to experimental work in art, music, culture, or politics.Avant-garde may also refer to:* Avant Garde , a graphic design magazine* ITC Avant Garde, a typefaceIn music:

Avant-garde (dvd collection)
Avant-Garde is a DVD-series with experimental films released by Kino International.-Experimental Cinema of the 1920s and 1930s:Avant-Garde: Experimental Cinema of the 1920s and 1930s is a 2-disc, 6-hour DVD collection, released in August 2005 by Kino International which includes the following titles:*Le Retour à la Raison

Avanti (bicycle manufacturer)
Avanti bikes is an Australasian company which originated from New Zealand and now distributes bicycles to many countries within Oceania.Avanti put its first bike into the New Zealand market in 1985 and since then has built its range to over 80 models catering for all areas of cycling

Avanti (programme)
Avanti was established by the UK Department of Trade and Industry in 2002 to formulate an approach to collaborative working in order to enable construction project partners to work together effectively. The project was promoted by the Department of Trade and Industry with the support of most of the largest UK firms in the construction industry

Avarice (disambiguation)
*Avarice is one of the seven deadly sinsFor similar sounding words see*Avaris, a place in ancient Egypt*James Averis, an English cricketer*John Averis, a firefighter who died on 2 November 2007 fighting a fire at Atherstone on Stour in England

Avatar (2004 film)
Avatar , also known as Matrix Hunter , Avatar Exile , Cyber Wars is a Singaporean science fiction film directed by Kuo Jian Hong

Avatar (2009 video game)
James Cameron's Avatar: The Game is a 2009 third-person action video game prequel to James Cameron's film of the same name. The game was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and released on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii and Nintendo DS on December 1, 2009, with a PSP version released later on December 8, 2009

Avatar (Angels and Agony album)
Avatar is an album by the Dutch futurepop band Angels and Agony. It was released in 2004.-Track listing:# “Opening” – 1:42# “Stronghold” – 5:28# “Salvation” – 4:36# “Circles” – 6:08# “Insight” – 2:39# “Blind World” – 5:10# “Rites Of Passage” – 5:32

Ave Maria
Ave Maria may refer to:*Ave Maria , the "Hail Mary", a traditional Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox prayer calling for the intercession of Mary, the mother of Jesus-Music:

Ave Maria (Giulio Caccini)
"Ave Maria" is a popular and much recorded aria composed by Baroque composer Giulio Caccini. It is a musical hoax generally misattributed to Vladimir Vavilov. Vavilov himself published and recorded it on the Melodiya label with the ascription to "Anonymous" in 1970

Ave Maria (Gounod)
The Bach/Gounod Ave Maria is a popular and much-recorded setting of the Latin text Ave Maria.Written by French Romantic composer Charles Gounod in 1859, his Ave Maria consists of a melody superimposed over the Prelude No. 1 in C major, BWV 846, from Book I of The Well-Tempered Clavier, written by J.S. Bach some 137 years earlier

Avenged Sevenfold (album)
Avenged Sevenfold is the fourth studio album by American metal band Avenged Sevenfold, released on October 30, 2007 through Warner Bros. Records

Avenger may refer to:-Military:* Avro Avenger, biplane fighter design* The SP 17pdr, A30 , a variant of the Cruiser Mk VIII Challenger British self-propelled gun* Avenger-class escort carrier, a British aircraft carrier

Avenger (British band)
Avenger are a heavy metal band from Newcastle, England. Associated with the New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene, they released two albums in the 1980s before splitting up. The band reunited in 2005.-History:

Avenir may refer to:* Avenir , designed by Adrian Frutiger* Avenir Business Solutions, a IT resourcing and Software Development company based in London,UK* Avenir Telecom, a telecommunications company based in Marseille, France

Avenir may refer to:* Avenir , designed by Adrian Frutiger* Avenir Business Solutions, a IT resourcing and Software Development company based in London,UK* Avenir Telecom, a telecommunications company based in Marseille, France

Avenir (typeface)
Avenir is a geometric sans-serif typeface designed by Adrian Frutiger in 1988, and released by Linotype GmbH, now a subsidiary of Monotype Corporation.

An aventail or camail is a flexible curtain of mail on a helmet that extends to cover the neck and shoulders. The mail could be attached to the helm by threading a leather cord through brass rings at the edge of the helm. Aventails were most commonly seen on bascinets in the 14th century and served as a replacement for a mail coif

Avenue may refer to:* Avenue , a specialist term in archaeology referring to lines of stones* Avenue , X-Factor UK contestants* Avenue , a straight route with a line of trees or large shrubs running along each side

Avenue (Charlotte)
Avenue is a tall skyscraper in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was completed in 2007 and has 36 floors. Its construction began on May 17, 2005. It has of retail space at street level. The average unit size of its 386 apartments is . The site was originally proposed 201 North Tryon Residential Tower.-References:***

Avenue (song)
"Avenue" is a song by British pop group Saint Etienne, from the album So Tough . The album version is a 7-minute version with lengthy instrumental sequences; it was edited down to around 4 minutes for radio play, though the commercial single contained the full-length version, with the radio edit only released on promotional material

In mathematics, an average, or central tendency of a data set is a measure of the "middle" value of the data set. Average is one form of central tendency. Not all central tendencies should be considered definitions of average.

Average (sports)
In sports, an average of a certain skill denotes the expected value of the skill level of the participant in the given sport. It is basically a central tendency that takes into account the various performances of the player and generates an expected performance under typical conditions.

In attractiveness studies, averageness is one of the characteristics of physical beauty in which the average phenotype, i.e. outward appearance, of the individual theoretically characterizes averaged genotypes, thus indicating health and fertility. The majority of averageness studies and theories have to do with photographic overlay studies, in which images are morphed together

Avers is a municipality in the district of Hinterrhein in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. It includes Juf, the highest-altitude year-round settlement in Europe.-History:

Aversion is a horror film about a private investigator who discovers too late that the woman he is hired to follow is often possessed by a demon. Alex Stokes is a self-destructive, down-on-his-luck investigator who takes cases wherever he can. When a mysterious man offers him a healthy sum to follow his beautiful wife Claire , Alex can't resist

Aversion (astrology)
When two or more planets or points form a semi-sextile or a quincunx aspect, they are considered to be "in aversion" to each other

AVERT is an international AIDS charity based in Horsham, South East England, United Kingdom.-Early work:

Avery (given name)
Avery is a given name taken from Avery, an English surname that was itself derived from an Old French version of the name Alfred. The meaning of the name is derived from the Old English words aelf, meaning elf, and raed, meaning counsel.

Avery (surname)
Avery is an English surname of ambiguous origin. Some scholars believe that the name is of Anglo-Norman origin and derived from "Every" or "Evreux". The name may have arrived in England after the Norman Conquest. It is the name of a county in Normandy. It can also be found in the northern Spanish region of Navarra, where the House of Évreux was a ruling royal house from 1328 to 1441

Avian may refer to:* Bird* Avian , an American metal band* AVIAN International, major international company headquartered in Hungary.* Aviano or Avian, an Italian city

Avian (band)
Avian is a melodic power metal band founded in 2002 by guitarist Yan Leviathan. The band features singer Lance King. In 2005 they released their debut album From the Depths of Time, a concept album dealing with the end of days and a warning to mankind. Musically, Avian is influenced by bands such as Iron Maiden, HammerFall, Savatage, and Megadeth

An aviary is a large enclosure for confining birds. Unlike cages, aviaries allow birds a larger living space where they can fly; hence, aviaries are also sometimes known as flight cages

Aviary (application suite)
Aviary is a proprietary web-based multi-media application suite that is free to use and currently under development by Worth1000. They are using the Adobe Flex platform for most of their tools

An aviator is a person who flies an aircraft. The first recorded use of the term was in 1887, as a variation of 'aviation', from the Latin avis , coined in 1863 by G. de la Landelle in Aviation Ou Navigation Aérienne

Aviator (album)
Aviator is an aggrotech album by Funker Vogt, released on May 22, 2007.-Track listing:Disc One# "Welcome to Destruction" – 1:53# "Paralyzed" – 6:58# "Child Soldier" – 6:30# "City of Darkness" – 5:28# "My Fortune" – 5:29

AVID stands for:* Advancement Via Individual Determination, a college-readiness system designed to increase the number of students who enroll in four-year colleges in the U.S.

In proteins, avidity is a term used to describe the combined strength of multiple bond interactions. Avidity is distinct from affinity, which is a term used to describe the strength of a single bond

Avignon is a French commune in southeastern France in the départment of the Vaucluse bordered by the left bank of the Rhône river. Of the 94,787 inhabitants of the city on 1 January 2010, 12 000 live in the ancient town centre surrounded by its medieval ramparts.Often referred to as the "City of Popes" because of the presence of popes and antipopes from 1309 to 1423 during

Avionics are electronic systems used on aircraft, artificial satellites and spacecraft.Avionic systems include communications, navigation, the display and management of multiple systems and the hundreds of systems that are fitted to aircraft to meet individual roles

Avispa is a record label from Spain specializing in heavy metal; it is the largest Spanish company specializing in this type of music

Avitaminosis is any disease caused by chronic or long-term vitamin deficiency or caused by a defect in metabolic conversion, such as tryptophan to niacin

Aviva (actress)
Aviva is an American actress known best for her roles in the hit Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen comedy, Superbad; as young Shannon Gibbs, the first wife of Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, in flashbacks on the US TV drama NCIS; and as Mandy, the underage drunk girlfriend of Ken Marino on "Party Down".- Filmography :-External

AVO can refer to:* Apprehended Violence Order * Agent–verb–object* Alaska Volcano Observatory* Avometer, aka AVO , multimeter* Amplitude versus offset used in geophysics* Astrophysical Virtual Observatory

An avocation is an activity that one engages in as a hobby outside one's main occupation. There are many examples of people whose professions were the ways that they made their livings, but for whom their activities outside of their workplaces were their true passions in life

Avogadro's number
In chemistry and physics, the Avogadro constant is defined as the ratio of the number of constituent particles N in a sample to the amount of substance n through the relationship NA = N/n. Thus, it is the proportionality factor that relates the molar mass of an entity, i.e

Avoidance is a 2002 novel by Michael Lowenthal. It was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award in 2003.Avoidance explores the topics of child sexual abuse, hebephilia and pederasty

Avoidance may refer to:* Avoidance , a 2002 novel by Michael Lowenthal* Avoidance coping, a kind of generally maladaptive coping* Avoidant personality disorder, a personality disorder recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders* Conflict avoidance, a controversial method of dealing with conflict* Australian Aboriginal avoidance practices,

Avoine is the name of the following communes in France:* Avoine, Indre-et-Loire, in the Indre-et-Loire department* Avoine, Orne, in the Orne department

The avoirdupois system is a system of weights based on a pound of 16 ounces. It is the everyday system of weight used in the United States and is still widely used to varying degrees by many people in Canada, the United Kingdom, and some other former British colonies despite the official adoption of the metric system

-Rivers:*River Avon or Avon River , various rivers*Avon Water, a river in Scotland*Afon, the Welsh word for river, often anglicised to 'avon'-Canada:*Avon, New Brunswick, in the province of New Brunswick

Avon (New Zealand electorate)
Avon is a former New Zealand Parliamentary electorate.-Population centres:The electorate is in the eastern suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand, based on the suburb of Avonside.-History:

Bhagavad Gita
The ' , also more simply known as Gita, is a 700-verse Hindu scripture that is part of the ancient Sanskrit epic, the Mahabharata, but is frequently treated as a freestanding text, and in particular, as an Upanishad in its own right, one of the several books that constitute general Vedic tradition

Bhagavathi or Bhagavati is the general way people refer to the Hindu goddesses in Kerala, Goa and Maharashtra states of India. It can be used to refer any of the Hindu goddesses like Durga, Kannaki, Parvati, Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Kali

Bhagwan Swaminarayan
Swaminarayan , also known as Sahajanand Swami, is the central figure in a modern sect of Hinduism known as the Swaminarayan Faith, a form of Vaishnavism

Bhagwat Chandrasekhar
Bhagwat Subramanya Chandrasekhar is a former Indian cricketer who specialised in leg spin. Considered amongst the top echelon of leg-spinners, Chandrasekhar along with E.A.S. Prasanna, Bishen Singh Bedi and Srinivasaraghavan Venkataraghavan constituted the Indian spin quartet that dominated spin bowling in the 1960s and 1970s

Bhairava , sometimes known as Bhairo or Bhairon or Bhairadya or Bheruji , Kaala Bhairavar or Vairavar , is the fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva associated with annihilation

Bharat Petroleum
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited is a state-controlled oil and gas company headquartered in Mumbai, India. In 2011, Fortune Global 500 ranked the company of 272.- History :

Bharat Ratna
Bharat Ratna is the Republic of India's highest civilian award, awarded for the highest degrees of national service. This service includes artistic, literary, and scientific achievements, as well as "recognition of public service of the highest order." Unlike knights, holders of the Bharat Ratna carry no special title nor any other honorifics, but they do have a place in the Indian order

Bharata Natyam or Chadhir Attam, is a classical dance form from the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, practiced predominantly in modern times by women. The dance is usually accompanied by classical Carnatic music

Bharathidasan was a twentieth century Tamil poet and rationalist whose literary works handled mostly socio-political issues. His writings served as a catalyst for the growth of the Dravidian movement in Tamil Nadu

Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh
The Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh is the largest central trade union organization in India. It was founded by Dattopantji Thengdi on July 23, 1955, which also happens to the birthday of Bal Gangadhar Tilak.

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is an Indian educational trust. It was founded on November 7, 1938 by Dr. K. M. Munshi, with the blessings of Mahatma Gandhi

Bharuch district
Bharuch in India, is a district in the southern part of the Gujarat peninsula on the west coast of state of Gujarat with a size and population comparable to that of Greater Boston

Bhāsa is one of the earliest and most celebrated Indian playwrights in Sanskrit. However, very little is known about him.Kālidāsa in the introduction to his first play Malavikagnimitram writes -

Bhāskara , also known as Bhāskara II and Bhāskarāchārya , was an Indian mathematician and astronomer. He was born near Vijjadavida . Bhāskara is alleged to have been the head of an astronomical observatory at Ujjain, the leading mathematical center of ancient India

Bhasma in Ayurveda has been defined as a substance obtained by calcination.Use of both bhasma as well as in pishti form along with appropriate herbs for treatment of critical ailments is a medicinal preparation in Ayurveda and to some extent Unani Bhasma in Ayurveda has been defined as a substance obtained by calcination.Use of both bhasma (Residue after incineration – calcined preparation) as well as in pishti (powdered gem or metal) form along with appropriate herbs for treatment of critical ailments is a medicinal preparation in Ayurveda and to some extent Unani Bhasma in Ayurveda has been defined as a substance obtained by calcination.Use of both bhasma (Residue after incineration – calcined preparation) as well as in pishti (powdered gem or metal) form along with appropriate herbs for treatment of critical ailments is a medicinal preparation in Ayurveda and to some extent Unani (both Indian branches of medical science using natural

Bhavni Bhavai
Bhavni Bhavai is a 1980 Gujarati film directed by Ketan Mehta. Ketan Mehta's debut film is a successful adaptation of folk idioms into cinema. The film is dedicated to Bertolt Brecht, Goscinny and to the inventor of the Bhavai, Asait Thakore, who was a Brahmin outcast and lived among the lower caste communities

Bhera is a city on the Jhelum river in Sargodha District, Punjab province of Pakistan. It lies at latitude 32.48 N, longitude 72.92.-Location:

In the Mahābhārata, Bhima is one of the central characters of Mahabharata and the second of the Pandava brothers

Bhimsen Joshi
Pandit Bhimsen Gururaj Joshi ; February 4, 1922 - January 24, 2011) was an Indian vocalist in the Hindustani classical tradition. A member of the Kirana Gharana , he is renowned for the khayal form of singing, as well as for his popular renditions of devotional music

Bhoja was a philosopher king and polymath of medieval India, who ruled the kingdom of Malwa in central India from about 1000 to 1050 CE. Also known as Raja Bhoja Of Dhar, he belonged to the Paramara dynasty

Bhusawal or Bhusaval is a city and a municipal council in Jalgaon district in the state of Maharashtra, India.-Geography:Bhusawal is located at . It has an average elevation of 209 metres .

Bhutanitis lidderdalii
The Bhutan Glory, Bhutanitis lidderdalii, is a species of swallowtail butterfly , which is found in Bhutan, parts of northeastern India and of Southeast Asia. A spectacular insect much sought after by collectors, the species epithet is after Dr R. Lidderdale, from whose collection the butterfly was first described by William Stephen Atkinson in 1873

Bi-metallic strip
A bimetallic strip is used to convert a temperature change into mechanical displacement. The strip consists of two strips of different metals which expand at different rates as they are heated, usually steel and copper, or in some cases brass instead of copper. The strips are joined together throughout their length by riveting, brazing or welding

Biag ni Lam-ang
Biag ni Lam-ang is an epic poem of the Ilokano people from the Ilocos region of the Philippines. Recited and written in its original Iloko, the poem is believed to be a composite work of various poets who passed it on through the generations, and was first transcribed around 1640 by a blind Ilokano bard named Pedro Bucaneg.-Initial Plot:Lam-ang was an extraordinary being,

Bianca (Othello)
Bianca is a fictional character in William Shakespeare's Othello . She is Cassio's jealous lover. Despite her brief appearance on stage, Bianca plays a significant role in the progress of Iago's scheme to incite Othello's jealousy of Cassio. Bianca is traditionally regarded as a courtesan, although this occupation is not specifically designated in the drama

Biba was an iconic and popular London fashion store of the 1960s and 1970s. It was started and primarily run by the Polish-born Barbara Hulanicki with help of her husband Stephen Fitz-Simon.-Early years:

The Bible refers to any one of the collections of the primary religious texts of Judaism and Christianity. There is no common version of the Bible, as the individual books , their contents and their order vary among denominations

Bible society
A Bible society is a non-profit organization devoted to translating, publishing, distributing the Bible at affordable costs and advocating its credibility and trustworthiness in contemporary cultural life

Bible Student movement
The Bible Student movement is the name adopted by a Millennialist Restorationist Christian movement that emerged from the teachings and ministry of Charles Taze Russell, also known as Pastor Russell

Biblia pauperum
The Biblia pauperum was a tradition of picture Bibles beginning in the later Middle Ages. They sought to portray the historical books of the Bible visually. Unlike a simple "illustrated Bible", where the pictures are subordinated to the text, these Bibles placed the illustration in the centre, with only a brief text or sometimes no text at all

Biblical cosmology
The various authors of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament provide glimpses of their views regarding cosmology.According to the Genesis creation narrative, the cosmos created by Elohim has three levels, with the habitable world in the centre, an underworld below and the heavens above

Biblical criticism
Biblical criticism is the scholarly "study and investigation of Biblical writings that seeks to make discerning judgments about these writings." It asks when and where a particular text originated; how, why, by whom, for whom, and in what circumstances it was produced; what influences were at work in its production; what sources were used in its composition and the message it was

Biblical Hebrew language
Biblical Hebrew , also called Classical Hebrew , is the archaic form of the Hebrew language, a Canaanite Semitic language spoken in the area known as Canaan between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. Biblical Hebrew is attested from about the 10th century BCE, and persisted through the Second Temple period

Biblical hermeneutics
Biblical hermeneutics is the study of the principles of interpretation concerning the books of the Bible. It is part of the broader field of hermeneutics which involves the study of principles for the text and includes all forms of communication: verbal and nonverbal.While Jewish and Christian Biblical hermeneutics have some overlap and dialogue, they have distinctly separate

Bic Cristal
The Bic Cristal is an inexpensive disposable ballpoint pen mass-produced and sold by Société Bic of Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine, France.-Background:

In the government, bicameralism is the practice of having two legislative or parliamentary chambers. Thus, a bicameral parliament or bicameral legislature is a legislature which consists of two chambers or houses.

In inorganic chemistry, bicarbonate is an intermediate form in the deprotonation of carbonic acid

Bicester North railway station
Bicester North is a station on the Chiltern Main Line, one of two stations serving Bicester. Services operated by Chiltern Railways run south to and north to , and .Bicester North is the larger of Bicester's two stations

Bicol Region
The Bicol Region or Bicolandia is one of the 17 regions of the Philippines. Its regional center is Legazpi City

The bicorne or bicorn is an archaic form of hat widely adopted in the 1790s as an item of uniform by European and American military and naval officers

The bicorne or bicorn is an archaic form of hat widely adopted in the 1790s as an item of uniform by European and American military and naval officers

Bicubic interpolation
In mathematics, bicubic interpolation is an extension of cubic interpolation for interpolating data points on a two dimensional regular grid. The interpolated surface is smoother than corresponding surfaces obtained by bilinear interpolation or nearest-neighbor interpolation

Bicycle and motorcycle geometry
Bicycle and motorcycle geometry is the collection of key measurements that define a particular bike configuration. Primary among these are wheelbase, steering axis angle, fork offset, and trail

Bicycle chain
A bicycle chain is a roller chain that transfers power from the pedals to the drive-wheel of a bicycle, thus propelling it. Most bicycle chains are made from plain carbon or alloy steel, but some are nickel-plated to prevent rust, or simply for aesthetics. Nickel also confers a measure of self-lubrication to a chain's moving parts

Bicycle gearing
A bicycle gear or gear ratio refers to the rate at which the rider's legs turn compared to the rate at which the wheels turn. Bicycle gearing refers to how the gear ratio is set or changed. On some bicycles, there is only one gear so the ratio is fixed. Most modern bicycles have multiple gears, so multiple gear ratios are possible

Bicycle pedal
A bicycle pedal is the part of a bicycle that the rider pushes with their foot to propel the bicycle. It provides the connection between the cyclist's foot or shoe and the crank allowing the leg to turn the bottom bracket spindle and propel the bicycle's wheels

Bicycle pump
A bicycle pump is a type of positive-displacement pump specifically designed for inflating bicycle tires. It has a connection or adapter for use with one or both of the two most common types of valves used on bicycles, Schrader or Presta

Bicycle racing
Bicycle racing is a competition sport in which various types of bicycles are used. There are several categories of bicycle racing including road bicycle racing, cyclo-cross, mountain bike racing, track cycling, BMX, bike trials, and cycle speedway. Bicycle racing is recognised as an Olympic sport

Bicycle wheel
A bicycle wheel is a wheel, most commonly a wire wheel, designed for bicycle. A pair is often called a wheelset, especially in the context of ready built "off the shelf" performance-oriented wheels.

Bidwell Mansion State Historic Park
Bidwell Mansion, located at 525 Esplanade in Chico, California, was the home of General John Bidwell and Annie Bidwell from the late 1868 until 1900, when Gen. Bidwell died. Annie continued to live there until her death in 1918

Bien Hoa Air Base
Bien Hoa Air Base is a Vietnam People's Air Force military airfield located in South-Central southern Vietnam about 20 miles from Saigon near the city of Bien Hoa within Dong Nai Province.

Bienville Square
Bienville Square is a historic city park in the center of downtown Mobile, Alabama. Bienville Square was named for Mobile’s founder, Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville

Bietigheim-Bissingen is the second-largest town in the district of Ludwigsburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany with 42,515 inhabitants in 2007. It is situated on the river Enz, close to its confluence with the Neckar, about 19 km north of Stuttgart, and 20 km south of Heilbronn.- Buildings and sights :* 287 m long Bietigheim Enz Valley Bridge

Bifocals are eyeglasses with two distinct optical powers. Bifocals are most commonly prescribed to people with presbyopia who also require a correction for myopia, hyperopia, and/or astigmatism.-History:

Big is a 1988 romantic comedy film directed by Penny Marshall and stars Tom Hanks as Josh Baskin, a young boy who makes a wish "to be big" to a magical fortune-telling machine and is then aged to adulthood overnight

Big Bang
The Big Bang theory is the prevailing cosmological model that explains the early development of the Universe. According to the Big Bang theory, the Universe was once in an extremely hot and dense state which expanded rapidly. This rapid expansion caused the young Universe to cool and resulted in its present continuously expanding state

Big Bayou Canot train disaster
The 1993 Big Bayou Canot train wreck was the derailing of an Amtrak train on the CSXT Big Bayou Canot bridge in northeast Mobile, Alabama, USA, killing 47 and injuring 103, on September 22, 1993. It is the deadliest train wreck in Amtrak's history

Big Bertha (Howitzer)
Big Bertha Bertha") is the name of a type of super-heavy howitzer developed by the famous armaments manufacturer Krupp in Germany on the eve of World War I

Big Brother (1984)
Big Brother is a fictional character in George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. He is the enigmatic dictator of Oceania, a totalitarian state taken to its utmost logical consequence – where the ruling Party wields total power for its own sake over the inhabitants.In the society that Orwell describes, everyone is under complete surveillance by the authorities, mainly by

Big Chuck and Little John
Charles "Big Chuck" Schodowski and John "Lil' John" Rinaldi — together commonly known as Big Chuck and Lil' John — are a duo of entertainers who served as late-night horror hosts of The Big Chuck and Lil' John Show on television station WJW in Cleveland, Ohio from 1979–2007

Big Dipper
The Plough, also known as the Big Dipper or the Saptarishi , is an asterism of seven stars that has been recognized as a distinct grouping in many cultures from time immemorial

Big Eden
Big Eden is a gay-themed romantic drama film written and directed by Thomas Bezucha. It won awards from several gay and lesbian film festivals, and was nominated for best limited release film at the GLAAD Media Awards in 2002.-Plot:

Big Fish
Big Fish is a 2003 American fantasy adventure film based on the 1998 novel of the same name by Daniel Wallace. The film was directed by Tim Burton and stars Albert Finney, Ewan McGregor, Billy Crudup, Jessica Lange and Marion Cotillard. Finney plays Edward Bloom, a former traveling salesman from the Southern United States with a gift for storytelling, now confined to his deathbed

Big Four, West Virginia
Big Four is an unincorporated community located in McDowell County, West Virginia, USA. Originally known as Cirrus, Big Four is reported to have been renamed for the four men who operated the coal mines in the area. This is the location of McDowell County's Wal-Mart.

Big Gold Belt
The Big Gold Belt is a historic professional wrestling championship belt that has represented multiple world championships throughout its history. It was originally designed in 1985 by silversmith Charles Crumrine and commissioned by Jim Crockett Promotions for NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair

Big Hawk
John Edward Hawkins , better known as H.A.W.K. or Big Hawk was an American rapper from Houston, Texas and a founding member of the late DJ Screw's rap group the Screwed Up Click.-Biography:

Big Horn Mountains
The Big Horn Mountains are a mountain range in northern Wyoming and southern Montana in the United States, forming a northwest-trending spur from the Rocky Mountains extending approximately 200 miles northward on the Great Plains

Big Joe Williams
Joseph Lee Williams , billed throughout his career as Big Joe Williams, was an American Delta blues guitarist, singer and songwriter, notable for the distinctive sound of his nine-string guitar

Big Little Books
The Big Little Books, first published during 1932 by the Whitman Publishing Company of Racine, Wisconsin, were small, compact books designed with a captioned illustration opposite each page of text