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Autochthon , or the anglicized adjective autochthonous or abstract noun autochthony may refer to:* The indigenous peoples of a place

Autoclave (album)
Autoclave is the debut and only album from the American indie rock band Autoclave. It was released by Dischord Records in 1991. The album was remastered at and reissued in 2002 by Dischord and Mira Records .-Track listing:#"Go Far" - 3:04#"I'll Take You Down" - 3:48#"It's Not Real Life" - 1:56#"Dr

Autoclitics (psychology)
Autoclitics are verbal responses that modify the effect on the listener of the primary operants that comprise B.F. Skinner's classification of Verbal Behavior.-Autoclitics:

Autodidact (album)
Autodidact is a rock EP released by John Taylor in 1997.-Track listing:# "Anon " – 5:25# "Silent Skin" – 3:47# "Ode To Richard Prince" – 0:44# "The Anti-Wife" – 3:18# "Lonely Child" – 4:46

An autograph is a document transcribed entirely in the handwriting of its author, as opposed to a typeset document or one written by an amanuensis or a copyist; the meaning overlaps with that of the word holograph.Autograph also refers to a person's artistic signature

Autograph (John Denver album)
Autograph is the 14th album by American singer-songwriter John Denver released in February 1980.-Side one:# "Dancing With The Mountains"# "The Mountain Song" # "How Mountain Girls Can Love"

Autograph (software)
Autograph was a suite of document generation software products from EMC Document Sciences . Autograph has since been superseded by Xpression.Autograph consists of several software products:

Autograph book
An autograph book is a book in which one collects the autographs of others. Traditionally, these books would include small pieces of verse, personal messages, poems, and drawings from one's friends. Yearbooks, friendship books, and guest books are modern derivations

Autogrill is an Italian-based, multinational catering and retail company, the world's largest in the travel dining sector, which is controlled with a 59% stake by the Edizione Holding investment vehicle of the Benetton family. Autogrill runs operations in 40 different countries, primarily in Europe and North America, with over 250 licensed and proprietary brands

An autogyro , also known as gyroplane, gyrocopter, or rotaplane, is a type of rotorcraft which uses an unpowered rotor in autorotation to develop lift, and an engine-powered propeller, similar to that of a fixed-wing aircraft, to provide thrust

Autoimmune (album)
Autoimmune is an album by Meat Beat Manifesto. Originally announced as a twenty track 2xCD release, Dangers decided to shorten the album down to a single disc with different track listings between the US and European releases

Autoimmunity is the failure of an organism to recognize its own constituent parts as self, which allows an immune response against its own cells and tissues. Any disease that results from such an aberrant immune response is termed an autoimmune disease

Autoinducers are chemical signaling molecules that are produced and used by bacteria participating in quorum sensing. Quorum sensing is a phenomenon that allows both Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria to sense one another and to regulate a wide variety of physiological activities. Such activities include symbiosis, virulence, motility, antibiotic production, and biofilm formation

The automotive industry designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and sells motor vehicles, and is one of the world's most important economic sectors by revenue.

Automat (album)
Automat is an album of instrumental electronic music composed by the Italian musicians Romano Musumarra and Claudio Gizzi. It was produced in 1977 and released in 1978 by EMI Italy, through its Harvest label.

Automat (painting)
Automat is a painting by Edward Hopper which portrays a lone woman staring into a cup of coffee in an Automat at night. The reflection of identical rows of light fixtures stretches out through the night-blackened window.

Automata is the plural form of automaton, a self-operating machine. It may also refer to:* "Automata", a short story by E. T. A. Hoffmann* "Automata", a hardboiled science fiction crime series by Penny Arcade

- Technology :* Automatic transmission, or a car with an automatic transmission* Automatic firearm* Automatic watch* Automatic , a defunct American automobile company- Albums :* Automatic * Automatic

Automatic (automobile company)
Automatic is a defunct American automobile company. The company was based in Buffalo, New York and was active in 1921 only making a range of small electric cars and delivery vehicles.-See also:* List of defunct United States automobile manufacturers

Automatic (Gary Numan album)
Automatic is a 1989 album released by Sharpe + Numan . The album was an attempt to recapture their success of their collaboration single "Change Your Mind", which reached number 17 in the UK charts in 1985

Automatic (Pointer Sisters song)
Ultra Naté covered "Automatic" and released it as the third single from her album Grime, Silk, & Thunder. Her version topped the US dance chart, hitting number one in the issue dated April 28, 2007.-Music video:

Automatic (The Turbo A.C.'s album)
Automatic is the fourth full-length studio album from New York punk rock band, The Turbo A.C.'s. It was released in May, 2003 on Gearhead Records.-Track listing:*All tracks written by The Turbo A.C.'s#"Mafioso" – 2:46 #"Nightmare" – 2:54

Automatics are an English punk rock and New Wave band that was formed by Dave Philp in 1976 after a brief stint as the singer with The Boys.-History:

Automation (disambiguation)
Automation is the operation of machinery without human supervision. Automation may also refer to:- Computing :*Build automation, the use of managed make tools*Business process automation, streamlining business operations with software

Automatism may refer to:*Automatic behavior, spontaneous verbal or motor behavior; an act performed unconsciously. Defendants have been found not guilty due to an automatism defense .

Automatism (toxicology)
Automatism, in toxicology, refers to a tendency to take a drug over and over again, forgetting each time that one has already taken the dose. This can lead to a cumulative overdose. A particular example is barbiturates which were once commonly used as hypnotic drugs

An automaton is a self-operating machine. The word is sometimes used to describe a robot, more specifically an autonomous robot. An alternative spelling, now obsolete, is automation.-Etymology:

Automatons is a 2006 black-and-white horror film about a war against robots. The movie was made under the working title Death to the Automatons. Christine Spencer, Angus Scrimm, and Brenda Cooney star. John Levene, Don Wood and Executive Producer Larry Fessenden have supporting roles

Automobilia is a portmanteau of the words automobile and memorabilia. It is term which can be used to describe any historical artifact or collectible linked with motor cars and related areas, such as motor racing and motorsport personalities

Autonomic can refer to several things, including:*Autonomic nervous system*Autonomic Computing*Autonomic Networking

Autonomism (political doctrine)
Autonomism is a doctrine which supports acquiring or preserving political autonomy of a nation or a region. It is not necessarily opposed to federalism, quite to the contrary

Autonomy is a concept found in moral, political and bioethical philosophy. Within these contexts, it is the capacity of a rational individual to make an informed, un-coerced decision

Autonomy (disambiguation)
Autonomy is the capacity of a rational individual to make an informed, un-coerced decision; or, in politics, self-government.Autonomy may also refer to:*Autonomy , the status of a hierarchical church

An autopilot is a mechanical, electrical, or hydraulic system used to guide a vehicle without assistance from a human being. An autopilot can refer specifically to aircraft, self-steering gear for boats, or auto guidance of space craft and missiles

Autopsy (House)
"Autopsy" is the second episode of the second season of House, which premiered on the Fox network on September 20, 2005. House and team struggle to diagnose a young girl whose cancer is not causing her more immediate symptoms.-Plot:

A thing which is autotelic is described as "having a purpose in and not apart from itself". It is a broad term that can be applied to missionaries, scientists, systems, and so forth.-Origins:

Autruche is a commune in the Ardennes department in northern France.-Population:-References:*

Autumn (album)
Autumn is the second solo piano album by pianist George Winston, released in 1980. It was re-issued in 2001 with a bonus track "Too Much Between Us" on the Dancing Cat label.- Track listing :All music by George Winston.-In other media:

Autumn (disambiguation)
Autumn is one of the four temperate seasons.Autumn may also refer to:* Autumn , a feminine given name* "Autumn" , a concerto from Vivaldi's The Four Seasons* Autumn , a Dutch symphonic metal group

Autumn (given name)
Autumn is a feminine given name derived from the Latin word autumnus, meaning "fall" or "autumn".The name has been in use in the United States since at least the 1970s and has been ranked among the top 100 names for girls there for the past 10 years. It was the 81st most popular name for girls born in the United States in 2009

Autumn (song)
"Autumn" is a three part song by English band Strawbs featured on their 1974 album Hero and Heroine. The final part "The Winter Long" was released as a single in 1974 under the title "Hold on to Me ."-Heroine's Theme:

Autumnal is the seventh full-length album by the Spanish power metal band Dark Moor. The recording of this album was announced as early as May 4, 2008, with constant updates posted on their website since then.

Auvergne can refer to:* Auvergne , the historical independent county and later French province* Auvergne , the modern-day administrative region, larger than the historical province of Auvergne, as it includes other provinces which historically were not part of Auvergne* Rulers of Auvergne, a list of the various rulers of Auvergne* Bleu d'Auvergne, a cheese originating

Auxiliary verb
In linguistics, an auxiliary verb is a verb that gives further semantic or syntactic information about a main or full verb. In English, the extra meaning provided by an auxiliary verb alters the basic meaning of the main verb to make it have one or more of the following functions: passive voice, progressive aspect, perfect aspect, modality, or emphasis

Auxins are a class of plant hormones with some morphogen-like characteristics. Auxins have a cardinal role in coordination of many growth and behavioral processes in the plant's life cycle and are essential for plant body development. Auxins and their role in plant growth were first described by the Dutch scientist Frits Went. Kenneth V

-Companies and organizations:* Avaya, a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange with symbol "AV"* the IATA code for the airline Avianca* Aston Villa F.C., an English football club-Entertainment:*Adult video*A.V

Av is the eleventh month of the civil year and the fifth month of the ecclesiastical year on the Hebrew calendar. The name is Babylonian in origin and appeared in the Talmud around the 3rd century. This is the only month which is not named in the Bible. It is a summer month of 30 days

Ava (given name)
Ava is a feminine given name in the English language. The name is possibly derived from a Germanic name, composed of the element av, which is of an uncertain meaning. It is also possible that modern given name may be a completely modern creation

Avail is a punk band from Richmond, Virginia. Originally from Northern Virginia, the band formed in 1987, its members including Joe Banks, Doug Crosby, Brian Stewart, and Mikey Warstler. The only original remaining member, guitar player Joe Banks, teamed up with rival band LDK's Tim Barry

Who's to Say What Stays the Same is Avail's first release. It was originally released on vinyl only in 1989. A remix of this album was released in May 1991. The recording of this album took place during December 1989 at Inner Ear Studio.-Track listing:

In telecommunications and reliability theory, the term availability has the following meanings:* The degree to which a system, subsystem, or equipment is in a specified operable and committable state at the start of a mission, when the mission is called for at an unknown, i.e., a random, time

Available (single)
Available is the first single by alternative dance-punk band, Moving Units. It was released in two vinyl formats in 2004. The song is in 5/4 time.-Track listing:7" Vinyl#"Available"#"Available "12" Vinyl

Aval , in Spain, is a joint commitment to payment of an obligation in favor of the creditor or beneficiary. It is granted by a third party, in case the principal debtor does not fulfil the obligation of payment of a credit title.

Avalancha is the fourth and final studio album released by Spanish rock band Héroes del Silencio in 1995. It's the only album in which guitarist Alan Bogulavsky plays as a full time member of the band. It is to date their last studio recorded album. It is considered a turning point in the Rock en Español movement of the 90's and a classic in its own right

Avalanche (band)
Avalanche was a Norwegian disco and dance group founded in 1987. The group was composed of Kjetil Røsnes and Kirsti Johansen . From the late 1980s and during the 1990s the couple lived and worked in Germany and France

Avalanche (Blackpool)
Avalanche is a steel bobsled roller coaster at Pleasure Beach Blackpool in Blackpool, England. It was built by Mack of Germany in 1988.The ride uses three trains, each consisting of 7 cars

Avalanche (Captain Scarlet episode)
"Avalanche" is the fifth episode of the Supermarionation television series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons. It was first broadcast in the UK on on ATV Midlands. It was written by Shane Rimmer and directed by Brian Burgess

Avalanche (drinking game)
Avalanche is a drinking game of chance which can be played with any number of players. Play passes counterclockwise around a circle. The current player adds some of his/her drink of an amount of his/her choosing to the "game glass." Adding only a little drink, especially to a fairly empty glass, is a small bet as this will be easy to drink if necessary

Avalanche (Echo & the Bunnymen EP)
Avalanche is an EP that was released in October 2000 by Echo & the Bunnymen. The EP was released on CD by Gimme Music and was only available to buy on the internet.-Overview:

Beryl Cook
Beryl Cook, OBE was an English artist best known for comical paintings of people she encountered in her home city. She had no formal training and did not take up painting until middle age.- Early life :

Beryllium is the chemical element with the symbol Be and atomic number 4. It is a divalent element which occurs naturally only in combination with other elements in minerals. Notable gemstones which contain beryllium include beryl and chrysoberyl

Beryllium fluoride
Beryllium fluoride is the inorganic compound with the formula BeF2. This white solid is the principal precursor for the manufacture of beryllium metal.-Structure and bonding:

Beryllium oxide
Beryllium oxide , also known as beryllia, is an inorganic compound with the formula BeO. This colourless solid is a notable electrical insulator with a higher thermal conductivity than any other non-metal except diamond, and actually exceeds that of some metals. As an amorphous solid, beryllium oxide is white. Its high melting point leads to its use as a refractory

Beschorneria is a genus of succulent plants belonging to the family Asparagaceae, subfamily Agavoideae, native to Mexico.Species include:*Beschorneria albiflora Matuda*Beschorneria bracteata Jacobi*Beschorneria calcicola A.García-Mendoza

Besisahar is the capital of Lamjung District in Gandaki Zone, Nepal. CHESS Nepal is based in Besisahar. It is a start point of famous Annapurna Circuit tourist route.

Bespoke is a term employed in a variety of applications to mean an item custom-made to the buyer's specification

Bess beetle
Passalidae is a family of beetles known variously as "bessbugs", "bess beetles", "betsy beetles" or "horned passalus beetles". Nearly all of the 500-odd species are tropical; species found in North America are notable for their size, ranging from 20–43 mm, for having a single "horn" on the head, and for a form of social behavior unusual among beetles.Bodies elongate-cylindrical

Bessbrook is a village in County Armagh, Northern Ireland. It lies about three miles northwest of Newry and close to the main Dublin–Belfast road and rail line

Bessemer process
The Bessemer process was the first inexpensive industrial process for the mass-production of steel from molten pig iron. The process is named after its inventor, Henry Bessemer, who took out a patent on the process in 1855. The process was independently discovered in 1851 by William Kelly

Bessie Smith
Bessie Smith was an American blues singer.Sometimes referred to as The Empress of the Blues, Smith was the most popular female blues singer of the 1920s and 1930s

Best Lock Corporation
Best Lock Corporation is the former name of a publicly traded door hardware and lock manufacturer. Originally founded in 1925 as Best Universal Lock Company by Frank Ellison Best, the privately held company relocated from Seattle, Washington to Indianapolis, Indiana in 1938, where operations expanded and evolved

Best of Windows Entertainment Pack
The Best of Windows Entertainment Pack was a collection of thirteen 16-bit simple games sold separately from Windows. It was published in the Microsoft Home series of software. They were selected as the best games from the previously released Microsoft Entertainment Pack series

Best, worst and average case
In computer science, best, worst and average cases of a given algorithm express what the resource usage is at least, at most and on average, respectively

Among Ancient Romans, bestiarii were those who went into combat with beasts, or were exposed to them. It is conventional to distinguish two categories of bestiarii: the first were those condemned to death via the beasts and the second were those who faced them voluntarily, for pay or glory

Bet Shemesh
Beit Shemesh is a city in Israel's Jerusalem District, with a population of 80,000. The history of Beit Shemesh goes back to pre-biblical times

Beta Centauri
Beta Centauri , also known as Hadar or Agena, is the second brightest star in the constellation Centaurus and the tenth brightest star in the night sky. Beta Centauri is a B1 III blue-white giant star that the astrometric Hipparcos satellite calculates as about 161 parsecs or 525 light-years from the solar system

Beta decay
In nuclear physics, beta decay is a type of radioactive decay in which a beta particle is emitted from an atom. There are two types of beta decay: beta minus and beta plus. In the case of beta decay that produces an electron emission, it is referred to as beta minus , while in the case of a positron emission as beta plus

Beta particle
Beta particles are high-energy, high-speed electrons or positrons emitted by certain types of radioactive nuclei such as potassium-40. The beta particles emitted are a form of ionizing radiation also known as beta rays. The production of beta particles is termed beta decay

Beta Sigma Phi
is a non-academic sorority with 200,000 members in chapters around the world. Founded in Abilene, Kansas in 1931 by Walter W. Ross, the organization has spread to every state of the United States, to every Canadian province, and to 30 other countries. The sorority was founded for the social, cultural, and civic enrichment of its members

β-Carotene is a strongly-coloured red-orange pigment abundant in plants and fruits. It is an organic compound and chemically is classified as a hydrocarbon and specifically as a terpenoid , reflecting its derivation from isoprene units

beta-Hydroxybutyric acid is a ketone body. It is a chiral compound having two enantiomers, D-3-hydroxybutyric acid and L-3-hydroxybutyric acid. Like the other ketone bodies , levels of beta-hydroxybutyrate are raised in ketosis

A β-lactam ring, is a four-membered lactam. It is named as such, because the nitrogen atom is attached to the β-carbon relative to the carbonyl

β-Sitosterol is one of several phytosterols with chemical structures similar to that of cholesterol. Sitosterols are white, waxy powders with a characteristic odor

Betacam is family of half-inch professional videocassette products developed by Sony in 1982. In colloquial use, "Betacam" singly is often used to refer to a Betacam camcorder, a Betacam tape, a Betacam video recorder or the format itself.

The Betel is the leaf of a vine belonging to the Piperaceae family, which includes pepper and Kava. It is valued both as a mild stimulant and for its medicinal properties

Betel nut
The Areca nut is the seed of the Areca palm , which grows in much of the tropical Pacific, Asia, and parts of east Africa. It is commonly referred to as "betel nut" as it is often chewed wrapped in betel leaves.-Description:

Betelgeuse, also known by its Bayer designation Alpha Orionis , is the eighth brightest star in the night sky and second brightest star in the constellation of Orion, outshining its neighbour Rigel only rarely

Beth Daniel
Beth Daniel is an American professional golfer. She became a member of the LPGA Tour in 1979 and won 33 LPGA Tour events, including one major championship, during her career. She is a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Beth Tweddle
Elizabeth "Beth" Kimberly Tweddle MBE is an English gymnast. Tweddle is a three time world champion having won the 2010 World Championships and 2006 World Championshipson the uneven bars and the 2009 World Championships on the floor

Bethany Hamilton
Bethany Meilani Hamilton is an American professional surfer. She is known for surviving a shark attack in which she lost her left arm, and for overcoming the injury to ultimately return to professional surfing. She wrote about her experience in the 2004 autobiography Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on the Board

Bethel College (Indiana)
Bethel College is a Christian liberal arts institution located in Mishawaka , Indiana, United States. It was established in 1947 by a Mennonite group which was one of the founding members of the Missionary Church

Bethel, Alaska
Bethel is a city located near the west coast of the U.S. state of Alaska, west of Anchorage. Accessible only by air and river, Bethel is the main port on the Kuskokwim River and is an administrative and transportation hub for the 56 villages in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.Bethel is the largest community in western Alaska and in the

Bethesda Fountain
Bethesda Terrace overlooks The Lake in New York City's Central Park. It is on two levels, united by two grand staircases and a lesser one that passes under Terrace Drive to provide passage southward to the Elkan Naumburg bandshell and The Mall, of which this is the architectural culmination, the theatrical set-piece at the center of the park

Bethune-Cookman College
Bethune-Cookman University or B-CU is a private historically black university in Daytona Beach, Florida.- History :Mary McLeod Bethune founded the Daytona Educational and Industrial Training School in 1904

The Beti-Pahuin are a group of related peoples who inhabit the rain forest regions of Cameroon, Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and São Tomé and Príncipe. Though they separate themselves into several individual ethnic groups, they all share a common history and culture. They were numbered at an estimated 3,320,000 individuals in the late 20th century

Betrayal of the Cossacks
The Repatriation of Cossacks after WW2, also known as the Betrayal of the Cossacks, the Tragedy of Drau or the Massacre of Cossacks at Lienz refers to the forced repatriation to the USSR of the Cossacks and ethnic Russians who were allies of Nazi Germany during the Second World War.The repatriations were agreed to in the Yalta Conference; most of the repatriated

Betsy Mix Cowles
Betsy Mix Cowles was an early leader in the United States abolitionist movement. She was an active and influential Ohio-based reformer, and was a noted Feminist and an educator. She counted among her friends and acquaintances people such as Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison, Henry C

Bette Nesmith Graham
Bette Claire Graham was an American typist, commercial artist, the inventor of Liquid Paper, and mother of musician and producer Michael Nesmith.-Biography:

Betty Boop
Betty Boop is an animated cartoon character created by Max Fleischer, with help from animators including Grim Natwick. She originally appeared in the Talkartoon and Betty Boop film series, which were produced by Fleischer Studios and released by Paramount Pictures. She has also been featured in comic strips and mass merchandising

Betty Boothroyd
Betty Boothroyd, Baroness Boothroyd, OM, PC is a British politician, who served as Member of Parliament for West Bromwich and West Bromwich West from 1973 to 2000, initially for the Labour Party and, from 1992 to 2000, as Speaker of the House of Commons

Betty Broderick
Elisabeth Anne "Betty" Broderick is a former American socialite convicted of the November 5, 1989 murder of her former husband Dan Broderick and his second wife, Linda Kolkena

Betty Crocker
Betty Crocker AKA: batter witch is a cultural icon, as well as brand name and trademark of American Fortune 500 corporation General Mills. The name was first developed by the Washburn Crosby Company in 1921 as a way to give a personalized response to consumer product questions. The name Betty was selected because it was viewed as a cheery, all-American name

Betty Driver
Elizabeth Mary "Betty" Driver, MBE was an English singer, actress and author, best known for her role as Betty Williams on the British soap opera, Coronation Street, appearing in more than 2,800 episodes

Betty la fea
Yo soy Betty, la fea is a popular soap opera filmed in Colombia, written by Fernando Gaitán and produced between 1999 through 2001 by the Colombian network RCN . More than a dozen versions of the telenovela have been made in other countries

Betty Parris
Elizabeth "Betty" Parris was one of the accusers during the Salem witch trials. In the winter of 1691–1692, Betty, the nine-year-old daughter of the Salem, Massachusetts' Reverend Samuel Parris and his wife Elizabeth, was the first to claim illness due to being "bewitched"

Betty Robinson
Elizabeth Robinson , later Elizabeth R. Schwartz was an American athlete and winner of the first Olympic 100 m for women.

Betty Shabazz
Betty Shabazz , born Betty Dean Sanders and also known as Betty X, was an American educator and civil rights advocate. She was the wife of Malcolm X.

Betws-y-Coed railway station
Betws-y-Coed railway station is a passenger station on the Conwy Valley Line from Llandudno Junction to Blaenau Ffestiniog.The passenger train service is operated by Arriva Trains Wales and is marketed as the Conwy Valley Railway .

Beulah Annan
Beulah May Annan was a suspected American murderess.She is one of the subjects of Maurine Dallas Watkins's play Chicago in 1924

Bevel gear
Bevel gears are gears where the axes of the two shafts intersect and the tooth-bearing faces of the gears themselves are conically shaped.Bevel gears are most often mounted on shafts that are 90 degrees apart, but can be designed to work at other angles as well

Beverage can
A beverage can is a tin can designed to hold a specific portion of a beverage. Beverage cans are made of tin-plated steel or aluminium.- History :

Beveridge, Victoria
Beveridge is a town in Victoria, Australia, located along the Hume Highway, 42 kilometres north of Melbourne in the Shire of Mitchell. A western rural portion of the locality is within the City of Whittlesea in Greater Melbourne

Beverley is a market town, civil parish and the county town of the East Riding of Yorkshire, England, located between the River Hull and the Westwood. The town is noted for Beverley Minster and architecturally-significant religious buildings along New Walk and other areas, as well as the Beverley Racecourse and the market place; the town itself is around 1,300 years old

Beverly Cleary
Beverly Cleary is an American author. Educated at colleges in California and Washington, she worked as a librarian before writing children's books. Cleary has written more than 30 books for young adults and children. Some of her best-known characters are Henry Huggins, Ribsy, Beatrice Quimby, her sister Ramona, and Ralph S. Mouse

Beverly, Chicago
Beverly is one of the 77 official community areas of Chicago, Illinois. It is located on the South Side on the southwestern edge of the city. Beverly Hills was built by English engineers as an exclusive streetcar suburb and the homes and large lots reflect this historic distinction

Beverly, Massachusetts
Beverly is a city in Essex County, Massachusetts, United States. The population was 39,343 on , which differs by no more than several hundred from the 39,862 obtained in the 2000 census. A resort, residential and manufacturing community on the North Shore, Beverly includes Beverly Farms and Prides Crossing

Bevis Marks
Bevis Marks, classified as the A1211, is a street in Aldgate Ward in the City of London. Traffic runs northwest in a one-way direction into Camomile Street, and parallel to Houndsditch which runs southeast one-way.-History:

Bewdley is a town and civil parish in the Wyre Forest District of Worcestershire, England, along the Severn Valley a few miles to the west of Kidderminster

Bewitched is an American situation comedy originally broadcast for eight seasons on ABC from 1964 to 1972, starring Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York and Dick Sargent , Agnes Moorehead, and David White. The show is about a witch who marries a mortal and tries to lead the life of a typical suburban housewife

Bexhill-on-Sea is a town and seaside resort in the county of East Sussex, in the south of England, within the District of Rother. It has a population of approximately 40,000

Bexley, New South Wales
Bexley is a suburb in southern Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Bexley is located 14 kilometres south of the Sydney central business district, in the local government area of the City of Rockdale and is part of the St George area.-History:

Beyoğlu is a district located on the European side of İstanbul, Turkey, separated from the old city by the Golden Horn

Beyond Good and Evil
Beyond Good and Evil is a book by the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, first published in 1886.It takes up and expands on the ideas of his previous work, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, but approached from a more critical, polemical direction.

Beyond Visual Range missile
A beyond-visual-range missile usually refers to an air-to-air missile that is capable of engaging at ranges beyond . This range has been achieved using dual pulse rocket motors or booster rocket motor and ramjet sustainer motor.

A bezoar is a mass found trapped in the gastrointestinal system , though it can occur in other locations. A pseudobezoar is an indigestible object introduced intentionally into the digestive system.

The BGM-71 TOW is an anti-tank missile. "BGM" is a weapon classification that stands for "Multiple Environment , Surface-Attack , Missile ". "TOW" is an acronym that stands for "Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire command data link, guided missile"

Bhadrabas is a village development committee in Kathmandu District in the Bagmati Zone of central Nepal, located approximately 15 kilometres north-east of Kathmandu. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 1801 and had 299 houses in it. The oldest high school in the eastern Kathmandu Valley, Adarsh Uchha Madhayamik Vidhalaya is located in Bhadrabas