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OK may refer to:* Okay, a word expressing approval or assent* A-ok, a circular hand sign- Abbreviations and acronyms :* Oklahoma United States postal abbreviation* Czech Airlines IATA airline designator

OK (Big Brovaz song)
"OK" is the second single from British R&B collective Big Brovaz. It was also the second single taken from their debut album Nu-Flow, released in late 2002

OK (Chang Chen-yue album)
OK is a Chang Chen-yue's ninth studio album that was released in 2007.-Track listing:*Note : The album does not provide English titles; the titles are approximate translations.

OK (Farin Urlaub song)
"OK" is a song by Farin Urlaub. It's the third single and sixth track from his debut album Endlich Urlaub!. It's a hate song. It was originally meant for Die Ärzte. It's also one of the heaviest songs on the album.-Video:

Ok (glacier)
Ok is a shield volcano in Iceland, to the west of Langjökull. It erupted during interglacials in the Pleistocene. The glacier on top is thought to have disappeared .

OK Computer
OK Computer is the third studio album by the English alternative rock band Radiohead, released on 16 June 1997 on Parlophone in the UK and 1 July 1997 by Capitol Records in the US. It marks a deliberate attempt by the band to move away from the introspective guitar-oriented sound of their previous album The Bends

Oka or OKA may refer to:* Oka , a Canadian cheese* Oka , an Ottoman unit of weight equal to 1.2829 kilograms* Oca or Oca, the root vegetable Oxalis tuberosa* MXY-7 Ohka , a Japanese kamikaze aircraft in World War II

Oka or OKA may refer to:* Oka , a Canadian cheese* Oka , an Ottoman unit of weight equal to 1.2829 kilograms* Oca or Oca, the root vegetable Oxalis tuberosa* MXY-7 Ohka , a Japanese kamikaze aircraft in World War II

Oka (surname)
Oka as a surname may refer to:* Arsene Oka , a Cote D'Ivoire football player* Asajiro Oka , a Japanese zoologist, anatomist and evolutionist* Ayumi Oka , a Japanese actress

Okapi (disambiguation)
Okapi may refer to:*De Havilland Okapi, a British two-seat day bomber of the 1910s built by de Havilland*Okapi, a giraffid artiodactyl mammal native to the Ituri Rainforest in central Africa

Okapi (knife)
The Okapi is a lockback or slipjoint knife originally produced in 1902 for export to Germany's colonies in Africa. The knife takes its name from the okapi, an animal which had recently been discovered in the Belgian Congo.

"Okay" is a colloquial English word denoting approval, acceptance, agreement, assent, or acknowledgment. "Okay" has frequently turned up as a loanword in many other languages

Okay (disambiguation)
Okay is a term of approval, assent, or acknowledgment.Okay may also refer to:* Okay , an American indie-pop band* Okay , a German pop group* "Okay" , a song by Nivea* Okay, Oklahoma, U.S.

Okay (German band)
Okay is a pop group from Frankfurt, Germany.Their song OKAY! reached #2 of the German music charts in 1988 and #1 of the Austrian charts.They received 2 gold records for this single.-Members:

Okay (song)
"Okay" is the title of a song recorded by American singer Nivea. It was released in October 2004 as the lead single from her second studio album Complicated. It features Lil Jon and YoungBloodZ. The song peaked at number 40 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart and number 14 on the U.S. Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs chart.-Charts:

is a Japanese word meaning a side dish to accompany rice. They are typically made from fish, meat, vegetable, or tofu and designed to add flavor to the rice. In modern Japanese cuisine, Okazu can accompany noodles in place of rice.

Okey is a tile-based game, very popular in Turkey. It is almost always played with 4 players, though in principle can be played with two or three. It is very similar to the game Rummikub as it is played with the same set of boards and tiles but with different rules

Oki (musician)
, known professionally as OKI, is an Ainu Japanese musician, from Kanagawa Prefecture. He studied industrial arts at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. His father, Bikki Sunazawa, was a renowned wood sculptor. Oki uses the tonkori, an Ainu stringed instrument, in his performances and mixes traditional Ainu music with reggae, dub and other styles of world music

Okka means various things:* For the Ottoman unit of weight, see Oka * For the water-pipe, see HookahIt might also refer to:* Okka Rau , German beach volleyball player

Okno (Russian magazine)
Okno Magazine . One of the Russia's leading literary magazines, it was founded in 1923 in Paris by Mikhail Zetlin, the Russian émigré writer. Three paper-based issues were published in 1923 and in 1924. In 2007 Okno was re-established as a web-only magazine of poetry in Russian

OKS (disambiguation)
OKS may refer to:*Open Knowledge Society, a non profit community*OKS Turkey, the high school entrance examination in Turkey until 2007*OKS 1945 Olsztyn, a Polish football club*OKS Recordings of North America, an experimental music label

Oksana , , is a female given name. It may refer to:* Oksana Akinshina, Russian actress* Oksana Baiul , Ukrainian Olympic & world champion figure skater* Oksana Chusovitina, Uzbek-German gymnast* Oksana Domnina, Russian ice dancer

In meteorology, an okta is a unit of measurement used to describe cloud cover. Sky conditions are estimated in terms of how many eighths of the sky are obscured by cloud, ranging from completely clear, 0 oktas, through to completely overcast, 8 oktas

Oktava is a Russian microphone manufacturer. It produces a variety of microphones for professional audio and general use. Oktava sells most of its products to the United States and Europe.- History :

Oktoberfest, or Wiesn, is a 16–18 day beer festival held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, running from late September to the first weekend in October. It is one of the most famous events in Germany and is the world's largest fair, with more than 5 million people attending every year. The Oktoberfest is an important part of Bavarian culture, having been held since 1810

Ola may refer to:-Places:Panama*Olá, a townRussia*Ola, Russia, an urban-type settlement in Magadan Oblast, Russia*Ola River, a river near Ola, Russia in Magadan Oblast, RussiaUnited States*Ola, Arkansas, a city

OLA may refer to:*Legislative Assembly of Ontario*Office of Legal Affairs - legal departments of many national governments and the UN.*Office of Legislative Affairs, a division within the United States Department of Justice*Official Languages Act

Olan (disambiguation)
Olan may refer to:*Olan , a mountain in the Massif des Écrins in the French Alps *Olan, a dish that is part of the Kerala cuisine of South India*Olan Trust, a UK-based non-profit organisation promoting environmental sustainability

Olasz is a village in Baranya county, Hungary. The name of the village is ultimately a Hungarianised term derived from the German word walha which Hungarians otherwise use as a root for their exonym of Italy .

- Age :*Old age or, by extension, a description or nickname for someone or something that has endured and become comfortable or widely familiar.- Places :*Old, Hungary*Old, Northamptonshire, England

OLD (band)
OLD was a grindcore / industrial metal band from Bergenfield, New Jersey, signed to Earache Records

Old Bailey (disambiguation)
Old Bailey may refer to the following:*Old Bailey, The Central Criminal Court in London, England.*Old Bailey, the street on which the above is located and from which it derives its nickname.*Old Bailey Street, a street in Central Hong Kong.

Old Bill (cartoon character)
Old Bill is a fictional character created in 1914-15 by cartoonist Bruce Bairnsfather. Old Bill was depicted as an elderly, pipe-smoking British "tommy" with a walrus moustache. The character achieved a great deal of popularity during World War I where it was considered a major morale booster for the British troops

Old Church Slavonic
Old Church Slavonic or Old Church Slavic was the first literary Slavic language, first developed by the 9th century Byzantine Greek missionaries Saints Cyril and Methodius who were credited with standardizing the language and using it for translating the Bible and other Ancient Greek ecclesiastical texts as part of the Christianisation of the Slavic peoples

Old Frisian
Old Frisian is a West Germanic language spoken between the 8th and 16th centuries in the area between the Rhine and Weser on the European North Sea coast. The Frisian settlers on the coast of South Jutland also spoke Old Frisian but no medieval texts of this area are known

Old Glory (1939 film)
Old Glory is a Merrie Melodies animated cartoon directed by Chuck Jones, produced by Leon Schlesinger Productions, and released to theatres by Warner Bros. Pictures and The Vitaphone Corporation

Old Gold
Old gold is a dark yellow, which varies from light olive or olive brown to deep or strong yellow. The widely-accepted color "Old gold" is on the darker rather than the lighter side of this range.

Old Hat
Old hat could refer to:* The 1972 song "Old Hat" from the album Uncle Dog by the group of the same name* The 1997 song "Old Hat" from the album Where Have All the Merrymakers Gone? by Harvey Danger* Old Hat Stakes, an annual horse race in Florida

Old Lace
Old Lace can mean:*Old Lace , a very pale yellowish orange like the color of an old lace tablecloth*Old Lace , a fictional dinosaur*Old Lace , a song from 1933 by Isham Jones and Charles Newman

Old Lace (comics)
Old Lace is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics award-winning series Runaways. She was created by Brian K. Vaughan & artist Adrian Alphona and debuted attacking the other characters in Runaways vol. 1 #2

Old lady
Old lady may refer to:*mother *girlfriend, wife *the Bank of England*Juventus F.C.*The Old Lady or Mormo maura is a moth of the family Noctuoidea*The Old Lady, a 1932 Italian film*EuropeSee also*Babushka*Old man*Old woman

Old man
-Roles:*Father*Husband*Captain of a merchant ship or a warship*Any male amateur radio operator-People:*"Old Man" of La Chapelle-au-Saints, a skeleton*Joseph "Old Man" Paruta member of the Gambino crime family

Old Money
Old money is "the inherited wealth of established upper-class families " or "a person, family, or lineage possessing inherited wealth." The term typically describes a class of the super-rich, who have been able to maintain their wealth across multiple generations.- United States :American locations such as Fairfield County, Connecticut, Westchester

Old money (disambiguation)
Old money can refer to:*The sociological term Old Money: families who have been wealthy for several generations, as a term distinguishing them from the nouveau riche and parvenus .

Old Nick
Old Nick can mean:* an English appellation of Christian teaching about the Devil* Old Nick , from Young's Brewery

Old Norse
Old Norse is a North Germanic language that was spoken by inhabitants of Scandinavia and inhabitants of their overseas settlements during the Viking Age, until about 1300.

Old school
In slang, old school can refer to anything that is from an earlier era. Old school refers to something that is fairly old and not very recent. Depending on the context and intent, the term can imply a high regard or respect, or be a pejorative

Old woman
Old woman may refer to:* an old woman* A person who is always complaining about his or her situation.* Old Woman , a divine hag in Irish and Scottish mythology

Old World
The Old World consists of those parts of the world known to classical antiquity and the European Middle Ages. It is used in the context of, and contrast with, the "New World" .

Old World monkey
The Old World monkeys or Cercopithecidae are a group of primates, falling in the superfamily Cercopithecoidea in the clade Catarrhini. The Old World monkeys are native to Africa and Asia today, inhabiting a range of environments from tropical rain forest to savanna, shrubland and mountainous terrain, and are also known from Europe in the fossil record

Old-fashioned may refer to:* Old Fashioned, a cocktail* Old fashioned glass, a type of drinking glass* Old-fashioned three, a basketball term* "Old-fashioned" a 1976 short story by Isaac Asimov* Old Fashioned, a racing horse

Old-fashioned (short story)
Old-fashioned is a science fiction short story by Isaac Asimov. The story was written at the request of Kim Armstrong, editor of Bell Telephone Magazine, with the stipulation that it be 3,000 words and center on a problem in communications. The author claimed that he had thought up a plotline before lunch with the editor was over

Old-timer may refer to:* A veteran* An elderly person* An antique or classic car in Dutch and German as a legal definition * Oldtimers , a group of dragonriders in the fantasy fiction series Dragonriders of Pern

Olden is a quasi-archaic English word meaning "old" or "ancient", as in "olden days".Olden may also refer to:-Places:*Olden, Norway, a village in Stryn, Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway*Olden, Texas, a community in Eastland county, Texas, USA

Olden (album)
Olden is a compilation album by 16 Horsepower, released July 8, 2003. It would be the last record released by 16 Horsepower before their break-up.

Older is the third studio album from George Michael, released in Europe on 13 May 1996 through Virgin Records and one day later in the United States through the then-new DreamWorks Records. Older was the very first album released by DreamWorks Records. It was his first album since 1990's Listen Without Prejudice, Vol

Older may refer to:*the comparative form of old*Older , the third studio album from George Michael **Older / I Can't Make You Love Me, a song from the aforementioned album

Older (Royseven song)
"Older" is a song by the Irish alternative rock sestet, Royseven, found on their debut album, The Art of Insincerity. The song was released as their debut Irish single in September 2006, entering the Irish Singles Chart on September 14 where it reached #6 for two weeks. -External links:* *

Oldies is a term commonly used to describe a radio format that concentrates on music from a period of about 15 to 55 years before the present day.

University of Kinshasa
The University of Kinshasa , was one of three universities, along with University of Kisangani and University of Lubumbashi, created following the division of the National University of Zaire

University of KwaZulu-Natal
The University of KwaZulu-Natal or UKZN is a university with five campuses all located in the province of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. It was formed on 1 January 2004 after the merger between the University of Natal and the University of Durban-Westville.-History:-University of Durban-Westville:-Organisation:The university is governed in accordance with the Higher

University of Leeds
The University of Leeds is a British Redbrick university located in the city of Leeds, West Yorkshire, England

University of Leicester
The University of Leicester is a research-led university based in Leicester, England. The main campus is a mile south of the city centre, adjacent to Victoria Park and Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College.

University of Liberia
The University of Liberia is a publicly funded institution of higher learning located in Monrovia, Liberia. Authorized by the national government in 1851, the school opened in 1863 as Liberia College and became a university in 1951. The school is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in West Africa and is accredited by the Liberian Commission on Higher Education

University of Limpopo
The University of Limpopo is a university in the Limpopo Province, South Africa. It was formed on 1 January 2005, by the merger of the University of the North and the Medical University of South Africa

University of Liverpool
The University of Liverpool is a teaching and research university in the city of Liverpool, England. It is a member of the Russell Group of large research-intensive universities and the N8 Group for research collaboration. Founded in 1881 , it is also one of the six original "red brick" civic universities

University of Madras
The University of Madras is a public research university in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It is one of the three oldest universities in India

University of Maiduguri
The University of Maiduguri is located in Maiduguri, a city in Borno State in northeast Nigeria. The university was created by the federal government in 1975, with the intention of its becoming one of the country's principal higher-education institutions

University of Malta
The University of Malta is the highest educational institution in Malta Europe and is one of the most respected universities in Europe. The University offers undergraduate Bachelor's Degrees, postgraduate Master's Degrees and postgraduate Doctorates .-History:The University of Malta was founded in 1769 by Grandmaster Manuel Pinto da Fonseca

University of Manchester
The University of Manchester is a public research university located in Manchester, United Kingdom. It is a "red brick" university and a member of the Russell Group of research-intensive British universities and the N8 Group

University of Manila
The University of Manila is a university located in the heart of Sampaloc in Manila, Philippines, more commonly known as the University Belt area. It was founded in 1913 by five young college students, the three de Los santos siblings and two of their friends.-External links:*

University of Melbourne
The University of Melbourne is a public university located in Melbourne, Victoria. Founded in 1853, it is the second oldest university in Australia and the oldest in Victoria

University of Miami
The University of Miami is a private, non-sectarian university founded in 1925 with its main campus in Coral Gables, Florida, a medical campus in Miami city proper at Civic Center, and an oceanographic research facility on Virginia Key., the university currently enrolls 15,629 students in 12

University of Michigan
The University of Michigan is a public research university located in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the United States. It is the state's oldest university and the flagship campus of the University of Michigan

University of Michigan Law School
The University of Michigan Law School is the law school of the University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor. Founded in 1859, the school has an enrollment of about 1,200 students, most of whom are seeking Juris Doctor or Master of Laws degrees, although the school also offers a Doctor of Juridical Science degree

University of Mindanao
The ' is the largest private, non-sectarian university in Mindanao located in Davao City on the Southern Philippine island. Established in 1946, the University of Mindanao has ten branches spread over thirteen campuses in Southern Mindanao. It is currently an Autonomous Status per CEB Resolution No. 076-2009 with Category A per CMO No. s

University of Minnesota
The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities is a public research university located in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, United States. It is the oldest and largest part of the University of Minnesota system and has the fourth-largest main campus student body in the United States, with 52,557 students in 2011–2012

University of Minnesota Crookston
The University of Minnesota, Crookston is a four-year university located in Crookston, Minnesota. With 1,600 undergraduate students , it is one of five campuses in the University of Minnesota system. Currently, students from 29 countries and 40 states are enrolled .Located on the northern edge of Crookston, Minnesota, off U.S

University of Minnesota system
The University of Minnesota is a large university with several campuses spread throughout the U.S. state of Minnesota. There are five primary campuses in the Twin Cities, Duluth, Crookston, Morris, and Rochester. A campus was open in Waseca for a time. The university also operates several research facilities around the state, including some large tracts of land

University of Mosul
The University of Mosul is a public university located in Mosul, Iraq. It is one of the largest educational and research centers in the Middle East.- Academic program :

University of Mumbai
The University of Mumbai , is a state university located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It was known as the University of Bombay until 1996 when the city of Bombay was renamed as Mumbai. The affiliated colleges of the university are spread throughout the city of Mumbai and four coastal districts in Maharashtra: Thane, Raigad, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg

University of Nairobi
The University of Nairobi is the largest university in Kenya. Although its history as an educational institution goes back to 1956, it did not become an independent university until 1970 when the University of East Africa was split into three independent universities: Makerere University in Uganda, the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, and the University of

University of New Mexico
The University of New Mexico at Albuquerque is a public research university located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in the United States. It is the state's flagship research institution

University of New Orleans
The University of New Orleans, often referred to locally as UNO, is a medium-sized public urban university located on the New Orleans Lakefront within New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. It is a member of the LSU System and the Urban 13 association. Currently UNO is without a proper chancellor after the forced resignation of former chancellor Timothy P. Ryan

University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Newcastle University is a major research-intensive university located in Newcastle upon Tyne in the north-east of England. It was established as a School of Medicine and Surgery in 1834 and became the University of Newcastle upon Tyne by an Act of Parliament in August 1963. Newcastle University is a member of the Russell Group, an association of research-intensive UK universities

University of Nice Sophia Antipolis
The University of Nice Sophia Antipolis is a university located in Nice, France and neighboring areas. It was founded in 1965 and is organized in 8 faculties, 2 autonomous institutes and an engineering school.

University of North London
The University of North London was a university in the United Kingdom from 1992 to 2002. On 1 August 2002, it merged with London Guildhall University to form London Metropolitan University. The former University of North London premises now form the new university's north campus, situated on Holloway Road and Highbury Grove in the London Borough of Islington

University of Northern Colorado
-Organization:The University of Northern Colorado offers 100 undergraduate programs and more than 100 graduate programs. The university has a satellite campus in Denver, Colorado

University of Notre Dame
The University of Notre Dame du Lac is a Catholic research university located in Notre Dame, an unincorporated community north of the city of South Bend, in St. Joseph County, Indiana, United States

University of Nottingham
The University of Nottingham is a public research university based in Nottingham, United Kingdom, with further campuses in Ningbo, China and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus
The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus is an overseas campus of the University of Nottingham. The university is situated in Semenyih, Selangor a town part of Greater Kuala Lumpur. The University was recently ranked as "excellent" or tier 5 in a scale of tier 1-6 and is classified as a private institution, by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education

University of Ouagadougou
Founded in 1974, the University of Ouagadougou is located in the area of Zogona in Ouagadougou. But in 1995 a second campus for professional education known as University Polytechnique of Bobo was opened in the city of Bobo Dioulasso and a third campus for teacher training in Koudougou in 1996

University of Oxford
The University of Oxford is a university located in Oxford, United Kingdom. It is the second-oldest surviving university in the world and the oldest in the English-speaking world. Although its exact date of foundation is unclear, there is evidence of teaching as far back as 1096

University of Paisley
The University of the West of Scotland is a university operating from four campuses in south-western Scotland, in the towns of Paisley, Hamilton, Ayr and Dumfries. The present institution dates from August 2007, following the merger of the University of Paisley with Bell College, Hamilton

University of Pennsylvania Law School
The University of Pennsylvania Law School, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is the law school of the University of Pennsylvania. A member of the Ivy League, it is among the oldest and most selective law schools in the nation. It is currently ranked 7th overall by U.S. News & World Report, and 1st in terms of career prospects by the Princeton Review

University of Peradeniya
The University of Peradeniya is a world renowned state university in Sri Lanka, funded by the University Grants Commission

University of Phoenix
The University of Phoenix is a for-profit institution of higher learning. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Apollo Group Inc. which is publicly traded , an S&P 500 corporation based in Phoenix, Arizona

University of Portland
The University of Portland is a private Roman Catholic university located in Portland, Oregon. It is affiliated with the Congregation of Holy Cross and is the sister school of the University of Notre Dame. Founded in 1901, UP has a student body of about 3,600 students

University of Prishtina
The University of Prishtina as well as the Universiteti i Prishtinës are at present two disjoint public universities located in Kosovo, sharing the same history up to a point of bifurcation, which took place in 1999.

University of Puerto Rico
The University of Puerto Rico is the state university system of Puerto Rico. The system consists of 11 campuses and has approximately 64,511 students and 5,300 faculty members

University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus
The University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras , also referred to as UPR-RP, is a public research university located on a campus in Río Piedras, San Juan, Puerto Rico

University of Salford
The University of Salford is a campus university based in Salford, Greater Manchester, England with approximately 20,000 registered students. The main campus is about west of Manchester city centre, on the A6, opposite the former home of the physicist, James Prescott Joule and the Working Class Movement Library

University of San Carlos
The University of San Carlos is a Roman Catholic university governed by the Society of the Divine Word since 1935 in Cebu City. It offers pre-elementary and basic education as well as undergraduate and graduate courses, and a broad spectrum of academic programs through its eight colleges.It consists of four campuses in different areas of Metro Cebu – the Main Campus along P

University of San Jose - Recoletos
The University of San Jose – Recoletos is a Catholic private university founded in 1947 in Cebu City, Philippines by the Order of Augustinian Recollects

University of Santiago de Compostela
The Royal University of Santiago de Compostela - USC is a public university located in the city of Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain. A second campus is located in Lugo, Galicia.

University of Sargodha
The University of Sargodha was established in 2002 by an ordinance of the Government of Pakistan Formerly, it was called the Government College, Sargodha

University of Sassari
The University of Sassari is a university located in Sassari, Italy. It was founded in 1562 and is organized in 11 Faculties.The University of Sassari gains the first place in the ranking for the best “medium- sized” italian university, in 2009, by the Censis Research Institute.-History and Profile:The University of Sassari was founded by Alessio Fontana, member of Imperial

University of Sindh
The University of Sindh informally known as Sindh University is the second oldest university in Pakistan accredited by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

University of St. Gallen
The University of St. Gallen is a public research university located in St. Gallen, Switzerland. It is specialized in the fields of business administration, economics, law, and international affairs. The University of St. Gallen is also known as HSG, which is an abbreviation of its former German name Hochschule St

University of St. La Salle
The University of St. La Salle , located in La Salle Avenue, Bacolod City, Philippines, is a Catholic private university run by the De La Salle Brothers. Established in 1952 as La Salle College-Bacolod, it is the second oldest campus originally founded by the congregation in the country

University of St. Thomas (Minnesota)
The University of St. Thomas is a private, Catholic, liberal arts, and archdiocesan university located in St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

University of Strathclyde Law Arts & Social Sciences
The Faculty of Law, Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Strathclyde, in Glasgow, Scotland consists of the following departments:* University of Strathclyde department of English Studies

University of Sunderland
The University of Sunderland is located in Sunderland, north east England. The university has more than 17,500 students, including 7,000-plus international students from some 70 countries.

University of Sussex
The University of Sussex is an English public research university situated next to the East Sussex village of Falmer, within the city of Brighton and Hove. The University received its Royal Charter in August 1961.

University of Tampa
The University of Tampa , is a private, co-educational university in Downtown Tampa, Florida, United States. It is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. In 2006, the University celebrated its 75th anniversary

University of Tartu
The University of Tartu is a classical university in the city of Tartu, Estonia. University of Tartu is the national university of Estonia; it is the biggest and highest-ranked university in Estonia

University of the Arts London
The University of the Arts London, formerly known as the London Institute, is a collegiate university comprising six internationally recognised art, design, fashion and media colleges in London, England

University of the East Caloocan
The University of the East Caloocan Campus is a private university in Caloocan City, Philippines. The university is one of the two extension campuses of the University of the East. An autonomous unit headed by a Chancellor with the College of Business Administration , Arts and Sciences, Engineering, and Fine Arts

University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center
The University of the East - Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center is a university in Quezon City, Philippines. Founded in 1956, the university is one of the two extension campuses of the University of the East. UERMMMC is a non-stock, non-profit foundation and a memorial to President Ramon Magsaysay since 1957

University of the Nations
The University of the Nations is a global Christian university with branch campuses in 600 locations in 142 countries, providing coursework in over 100 languages around the world. Its largest locations are in Kona, Hawaii , Jeju, South Korea, and Perth, Australia

University of the Philippines
The ' is the national university of the Philippines. Founded in 1908 through Act No

University of the Philippines College of Law
University of the Philippines College of Law or UP Law is the law school of the University of the Philippines. Since 1948, it has been located at the University of the Philippines Diliman in Quezon City, the flagship campus of UP's seven constituent universities. Until the 1970s, night classes of the College of Law were conducted at the U.P

University of the Philippines, Diliman
The University of the Philippines Diliman , is a coeducational and public research university located in Quezon City, Philippines. It is the flagship university, seat of administration, and the fourth oldest constituent university of the University of the Philippines System

University of the Philippines, Manila
The University of the Philippines Manila , founded in 1908, is a coeducational and public research university in the Philippines. It is located in Manila, the country's capital. It is the oldest of the seven constituent universities of the University of the Philippines System

University of the Punjab
University of the Punjab , colloquially known as Punjab University, is located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. The University of the Punjab is the oldest and biggest University of Pakistan. The University of the Punjab was formally established with the convening of the first meeting of its Senate on October 14, 1882 at Simla

University of the West of England
The University of the West of England is a university based in the English city of Bristol. Its main campus is at Frenchay, about five miles north of the city centre

University of Tokyo
, abbreviated as , is a major research university located in Tokyo, Japan. The University has 10 faculties with a total of around 30,000 students, 2,100 of whom are foreign. Its five campuses are in Hongō, Komaba, Kashiwa, Shirokane and Nakano. It is considered to be the most prestigious university in Japan

University of Toronto Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
The Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering is an academic division of the University of Toronto devoted to study and research in engineering. Founded in 1873 as the School of Practical Science, it is still known today by the longtime nickname of Skule

University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine
The Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto is the medical school of the University of Toronto. The faculty is based in the Discovery District of Downtown Toronto along with most of its teaching hospitals and research institutes. Founded in 1843, it is one of Canada's oldest institutions of medical studies, and is known for the discovery of insulin and stem cells

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