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Newcomer (disambiguation)
A newcomer is someone who has recently arrived or recently joined a group.Newcomer may also refer to:* Newcomer , chief of the western Lenape and founder of Newcomerstown, Ohio

A newel, also called a central pole, is an upright post that supports the handrail of a stair banister. In stairs having straight flights it is the principal post at the foot of the staircase, but it can also be used for the intermediate posts on landings and at the top of a staircase

Newel (disambiguation)
Newel may refer to:* Newel, the upright post about which the steps of a circular staircase wind* Newel, GermanyPeople with the given name Newel:* Newel K. Whitney , American convert to Mormanism

Newlyweds (TV series)
Newlyweds was an Australian sitcom that screened on the Seven Network in 1993 and 1994. The series of 52 episodes was created by Ian McFadyen and produced by David Taft. It was written by Ian McFadyen, Mary-Anne Fahey and Graeme Farmer.

Newport is a city and unitary authority area in Wales. Standing on the banks of the River Usk, it is located about east of Cardiff and is the largest urban area within the historic county boundaries of Monmouthshire and the preserved county of Gwent

NeWS was a windowing system developed by Sun Microsystems in the mid 1980s. Originally known as "SunDew", its primary authors were James Gosling and David S. H. Rosenthal

, is a four-member Japanese boy band consisting of Keiichiro Koyama, Takahisa Masuda, Shigeaki Kato and Yuya Tegoshi. The group's name is an acronym based on the cardinal directions and the members locations

News is the communication of selected information on current events which is presented by print, broadcast, Internet, or word of mouth to a third party or mass audience.- Etymology :

News is the communication of selected information on current events which is presented by print, broadcast, Internet, or word of mouth to a third party or mass audience.- Etymology :

News (disambiguation)
News is new information relating to current events.News may also refer to:-Newspapers:* NEWS, Zürich, Switzerland* The News * The News * The News * The News

News (newspaper)
NEWS was a free, ad-financed daily German language tabloid format newspaper in Switzerland, launched on 5 December 2007 and discontinued on 4 December 2009

NEWS (publishing)
Verlagsgruppe News Gesellschaft m.b.H. is an Austrian publishing company that publishes fifteen magazines, including profil and News, two weekly news magazines, and News online.

News channel (disambiguation)
A news channel is a specialty television channel which focus on presenting news content.News channel may also refer to:* CTV News Channel * Fox News Channel, an American news network* the Wii Menu channel

Newsbreak (magazine)
Newsbreak is an online news and current affairs magazine published in the Philippines. It began publication as a weekly paper magazine on January 24, 2001 and converted to its current format in 2006.

Newser is an online news site based in the United States. It is the brain-child of journalist Michael Wolff, an Internet pioneer, Vanity Fair columnist, and author of the Rupert Murdoch biography, The Man Who Owns the News

A newsletter is a regularly distributed publication generally about one main topic that is of interest to its subscribers. Newspapers and leaflets are types of newsletters. Additionally, newsletters delivered electronically via email have gained rapid acceptance for the same reasons email in general has gained popularity over printed correspondence

A newspaper is a scheduled publication containing news of current events, informative articles, diverse features and advertising. It usually is printed on relatively inexpensive, low-grade paper such as newsprint. By 2007, there were 6580 daily newspapers in the world selling 395 million copies a day

Newsprint is a low-cost, non-archival paper most commonly used to print newspapers, and other publications and advertising material. It usually has an off-white cast and distinctive feel. It is designed for use in printing presses that employ a long web of paper rather than individual sheets of paper

A newsroom is the place where journalists—reporters, editors, and producers, along with other staffers—work to gather news to be published in a newspaper or magazine or broadcast on television, cable or radio

A newt is an aquatic amphibian of the family Salamandridae, although not all aquatic salamanders are considered newts. Newts are classified in the subfamily Pleurodelinae of the family Salamandridae, and are found in North America, Europe and Asia

Newton (Amtrak station)
The Newton Amtrak station is a train station in Newton, Kansas, United States served by Amtrak, the national railroad passenger system. The station was originally built as an Atchinson, Topeka and Santa Fe railroad station in 1929, and was modeled after William Shakespeare's house in Stratford-on-Avon

Newton (band)
Newton is a Spanish band, famous for their song Streamline. It was composed of the members J.J. Verdu, José Vicente Molla and temporarily Juan Carlos Pla.Their style was Makina, a electronic music style very famous in Spain during the 90's.

Newton (Billy Myers)
Newton is the stage name for the UK firefighter turned pop singer, Billy Myers .-Career:Newton scored a number of club and chart hits in the 1990s. His first hit "Sky High" was a cover of the 1975 hit by Jigsaw, that was produced by Mike Stock and Matt Aitken. His other club hits were remakes and original songs written by Newton

Newton (surname)
The surname Newton is derived from a place name. It has a Surname DNA project at * A. Richard Newton , dean of the University of California, Berkeley College of Engineering.* Alan Newton , British track cyclist

Newton hearing
A Newton hearing or inquiry is a comparatively modern legal procedure used where the two sides offer such conflicting evidence that a judge sitting alone tries to ascertain which party is telling the truth

Newtonian refers to the work of Isaac Newton, in particular:* Newtonian mechanics, also known as classical mechanics* Newtonian telescope, a type of reflecting telescope* Newtonian cosmology* Newtonian dynamics

Next, Inc. was an American computer company headquartered in Redwood City, California, that developed and manufactured a series of computer workstations intended for the higher education and business markets

- Film and stage :* Next , an American film starring Nicolas Cage* Players , a Bollywood film produced under the name Next* Next , by Terrence McNally

Next (cigarette)
Next is a brand of cigarettes made by Altria. The brand was created by Philip Morris International after tax increases of tobacco in Malaysia pushed Marlboro out of the market. Next is known to be a watered-down version of Marlboro with slight defects in the wrapping paper used although its structural functionality is very durable

Next (play)
Next is a one-act play by Terrence McNally.At the comedy's center are Marion Cheever, a middle-aged, overweight, debt-ridden, divorced father of two who mistakenly has been called by the draft, and Sergeant Thech, a no-nonsense female examining officer

Next (SAHB album)
Next is the second album by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. The album was released in 1973. It was released separately on CD , though it is widely available on a 2 in 1 album, the other album being their debut album Framed.-Track listing:

Next (Soulive album)
Next is an album by Soulive that was released on March 12, 2002. It was produced by Jeff Krasno. Next brought a new chapter into the history of Soulive, and it marked the first time that the band toured as a quartet . Next built upon the success of the previous year's release, Doin' Something, with heavy driving beats and harmonized melodies

Next Door
Next Door is the name of a short 1975 film written and directed by Andrew Silver. The 24-minute black-and-white film starred Matthew Bradley and Paul Guilfoyle. Kurt Vonnegut is also credited with writing the story.

Next Generation
Next Generation or Next-Generation may refer to:- Publications and literature :* Next Generation Magazine, video game magazine that was made by the now defunct Imagine Media publishing company

Next of Kin
Next of Kin could refer to;*Next of kin, a term used to describe blood relatives*Next of Kin , a 1995 to 1997 British sitcom with Penelope Keith*The Next of Kin, a 1942 British film often called Next of Kin

Next of Kin (1984 film)
Next of Kin is a 1984 film directed by Atom Egoyan.-Cast:* Patrick Tierney as Peter Foster/Bedros Deryan* Berge Fazlian as George Deryan* Sirvart Fazlian as Sonya Deryan* Arsinée Khanjian as Azah Deryan* Margaret Loveys as Mrs. Foster

Next of Kin (1989 film)
Next of Kin is a 1989 American action film directed by John Irvin and starring Patrick Swayze and Liam Neeson. The screenplay was based on a story of the same title, both written by Michael Jenning.-Plot:

Next of Kin (band)
Next of Kin are an English boy band from Braintree, Essex, comprising brothers Nathan , Mark and Kieran Bass .-History:

Next of Kin (TV series)
Next of Kin is a British sitcom that aired on BBC1 from 1995 to 1997. It starred Penelope Keith in her last regular sitcom role. It was written byGavin Petrie and Jan Etherington.

Next-Generation Secure Computing Base
The Next-Generation Secure Computing Base , formerly known as Palladium, is a software architecture designed by Microsoft which is expected to implement parts of the controversial "Trusted Computing" concept on future versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. NGSCB is part of Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing initiative

-Fiction:* Nexus, the final novel in The Rosy Crucifixion trilogy by Henry Miller* The Nexus, the central plot element in the film Star Trek Generations* Nexus: The Jupiter Incident, a 2004 science fiction themed real-time tactics computer game

Nexus (Another Level album)
- Track listing :# Nexus - 1:40# Bomb Diggy - 3:35# Summertime - 3:27# We'll Meet Again - 3:40# I Like the Way - 4:21# Nothing Left To See - 4:07# Ain't A Damn Thing Wrong - 4:02# My Girl - 3:55

Nexus (software)
Nexus is an oil and gas reservoir simulator originally developed as 'Falcon' by Amoco, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Cray Research. It is currently owned, developed, marketed and maintained by Landmark Graphics, a product service line of Halliburton. Nexus is used by oil and gas companies all over the world

Nexus (student magazine)
Nexus is the weekly students' magazine of the Waikato Students Union at the University of Waikato, New Zealand. Nexus was established more than forty years ago and now has an advertised circulation of 5000 weekly

Ney (Turkish)
The Turkish ney reed flute, together with the Turkish tanbur lute and Turkish kemençe fiddle are considered the most typical instruments of Classical Turkish music. The ney also plays a primary role in the music of the Mevlevi Sufi rites .

Ng is a Cantonese and Hakka transliteration of the Chinese surnames 吳/吴 and 伍 , and Hokkien and Teochew transliteration of the Chinese surname 黃 . It is pronounced , and 伍 means "five." It is sometimes romanized as Ang, Eng, Ing and Ong in the United States and Ung in Australia

NG may be a name:* Ng, a Chinese surname NG may be a name:* Ng, a Chinese surname NG may be a name:* Ng, a Chinese surname (吳,伍,黄)* Ng Tung River in Hong KongIt may be an acronym:* Nanogram (ng)* nasogastric tube, a tube used to perform a medical procedure known as nasogastric intubation* National Geographic Society

NGA may refer to:* NorthgateArinso , a division of Northgate_Information_Solutions, a global provider of HR systems & services* New Generation Artists scheme, a talent scheme run by BBC Radio 3* Next generation access, fibre optic broadband

Ngamu is a village in Bhamo Township in Bhamo District in the Kachin State of north-eastern Burma..-External links:**

NGB can refer to:* The National Geographic Bee* The National Guard Bureau, that describes the reserve forces component of the United States Army and the United States Air Force.* The neuroglobin protein.

Ngoni (instrument)
The ngoni or "n'goni" is a string instrument originating in West Africa. Its body is made of wood or calabash with dried animal skin stretched over it like a drum. In the hands of a skilled ngoni instrumentalist, the ngoni can produce fast rapid melodies

The Nguni languages are a group of Bantu languages spoken in southern Africa by the Nguni people. Nguni languages include Xhosa, Zulu, Swati, Hlubi, Phuthi and Ndebele . The appellation "Nguni" derives from the Nguni cattle type

Nguni may refer to:*Nguni languages*Nguni cattle*Nguni people

Ngura is a village in Ancuabe District in Cabo Delgado Province in northeastern Mozambique.It is located north of the district capital of Ancuabe.-External links:*

NH may refer to* National Hose Thread, a threaded connection standard used on hose couplings* New Hampshire, a state within the United States of America* Nh , an orthographic concept* NH Hoteles, a Spanish-based hotel chain

NHS (gene)
Nance-Horan syndrome protein is a protein that in humans is encoded by the NHS gene.-Further reading:

- Geography :* Ni River, a river of New Caledonia* Ni River , a tributary of the Mattaponi River* Mount Ni, a hill in Shandong, China- Letters :* Ni , romanisation of the Japanese kana に and ニ

NI is a two-letter abbreviation and may refer to:-Business:* National Instruments, a U.S. producer of automated test equipment and virtual instrumentation software

"Niacin" redirects here. For the neo-fusion band, see Niacin .Niacin is an organic compound with the formula and, depending on the definition used, one of the forty to eighty essential human nutrients.Niacin is one of five vitamins associated with a pandemic deficiency disease: niacin deficiency

Niagara (palace steamer)
The Niagara was a long sidewheel palace steamer launched in 1846. Like the others of its kind, it carried passengers and cargo around the North American Great Lakes. It was owned by the Collingwood Line.

Niagara Falls (1932 film)
Niagara Falls is a 1932 comedy film directed by Fatty Arbuckle. It was the final film that Arbuckle directed.

Tony Adams (actor)
Tony Adams is a Welsh actor, best known for his performances in two British television soap operas.Adams was born in Anglesey, Wales, and he trained as an actor at the Italia Conti Stage School

Tony Benn
Anthony Neil Wedgwood "Tony" Benn, PC is a British Labour Party politician and a former MP and Cabinet Minister.His successful campaign to renounce his hereditary peerage was instrumental in the creation of the Peerage Act 1963

Tony Blair
Anthony Charles Lynton Blair is a former British Labour Party politician who served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 2 May 1997 to 27 June 2007. He was the Member of Parliament for Sedgefield from 1983 to 2007 and Leader of the Labour Party from 1994 to 2007

Tony Clement
Tony Peter Clement, PC, MP is a Canadian federal politician, President of the Treasury Board, Minister for the Federal Economic Initiative for Northern Ontario and member of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Tony Cloninger
Tony Lee Cloninger , is a former Major League Baseball starting pitcher who played for the Milwaukee and Atlanta Braves , the Cincinnati Reds , and the St. Louis Cardinals

Tony Conigliaro
Anthony Richard Conigliaro , nicknamed "Tony C" and "Conig", was a Major League Baseball outfielder and right-handed batter who played for the Boston Red Sox and California Angels . He was born in Revere, Massachusetts, and was a 1962 graduate of St. Mary's High School

Tony Currie (rugby league footballer)
Tony Currie is an Australian former rugby league footballer of the 1980s. He is of Aboriginal descent and played for the Australian side, State of Origin for Queensland

Tony Danza
Tony Danza is an American actor best known for starring on the TV series Taxi and Who's the Boss?, for which he was nominated for an Emmy Award and four Golden Globe Awards

Tony Guida
Tony Guida is a New York-based local television and radio personality. He is currently a news anchor for WCBS Newsradio 880 and a business correspondent for CBS News.

Tony Hawk
Anthony Frank "Tony" Hawk , nicknamed "The Birdman" is an American retired professional skateboarder and actor. Hawk gained significant fame for completing the first 900 as well as his licensed video game titles distributed by Activision

Tony Judt
Tony Robert Judt FBA was a British historian, essayist, and university professor who specialized in European history. Judt moved to New York and served as the Erich Maria Remarque Professor in European Studies at New York University, and Director of NYU's Erich Maria Remarque Institute

Tony Kart
Tony Kart is an Italian company founded in 1958, producing racing quality kart chassis.They have had a number of wins and recently a book on the history of the company was published. JM Racing of Carson, California introduced the brand in the USA with drivers Alex Barron, Ryan Hunter-Reay, Danica Patrick, Keith Williamson, Scott Speed and Phil Giebler

Tony LeVier
Anthony W. "Tony" LeVier was an air racer and test pilot for the Lockheed Corporation from the 1940s to the 1970s.- Early life :

Tony Martin (entertainer)
Tony Martin is an American actor and singer.-Career:Tony Martin was born on Christmas Day, 1913 as Alvin Morris in San Francisco, California to Jewish immigrant parents. He received a saxophone as a gift from his grandmother at the age of ten. In his grammar school glee club, he became an instrumentalist and singer

Tony McCoy
Anthony Peter McCoy OBE , commonly known as A. P. McCoy or Tony McCoy, is a Northern Irish horse racing jockey.

Tony Montana
Antonio Raimundo "Tony" Montana is a fictional character from the 1983 film Scarface. He is portrayed by Al Pacino in the movie, and is voiced by André Sogliuzzo in the 2006 video game Scarface: The World Is Yours. Tony Montana has become a cultural icon and is one of the most famous movie characters of all time, embodying the rise from the bottom to the top

Tony Pua
Tony Pua Kiam Wee is a Malaysian politician, currently the Member of Parliament for Petaling Jaya Utara. Pua was the former Malaysian CEO of Cyber Village Sdn Bhd, a SESDAQ -listed company

Tony Soprano
Anthony John "Tony" Soprano, Sr. is an Italian-American fictional character and the protagonist on the HBO television drama series The Sopranos, on which he is portrayed by James Gandolfini. The character was conceived by The Sopranos creator and show runner David Chase, who was also largely responsible for the character's story arc throughout the show's six seasons

Tony the Tiger
Tony the Tiger is the advertising cartoon mascot for Kellogg's Frosted Flakes breakfast cereal, appearing on its packaging and advertising. More recently, Tony has also become the mascot for Tony's Cinnamon Krunchers and Tiger Power

Tony Wakeford
Anthony Charles "Tony" Wakeford is an English folk and neoclassical musician who primarily records under the name Sol Invictus.Wakeford lives in London and is married to Sol Invictus violinist Renée Rosen.

Too Close for Comfort (TV series)
Too Close for Comfort is an American television sitcom which ran on the ABC network and later in first-run syndication from November 11, 1980 to September 27, 1986. It was modeled after the British series Keep It in the Family, which debuted nine months before Too Close for Comfort debuted in the U.S

Toonces the Driving Cat
Toonces, the Driving Cat is a fictional sketch character from the NBC television series Saturday Night Live. Toonces was created by SNL writer Jack Handey, with cast member Phil Hartman providing the Disney-esque narration.

Teeth are small, calcified, whitish structures found in the jaws of many vertebrates that are used to break down food. Some animals, particularly carnivores, also use teeth for hunting or for defensive purposes. The roots of teeth are embedded in the Mandible bone or the Maxillary bone and are covered by gums

Tooth development
Tooth development or odontogenesis is the complex process by which teeth form from embryonic cells, grow, and erupt into the mouth. Although many diverse species have teeth, non-human tooth development is largely the same as in humans

Tooth enamel
Tooth enamel, along with dentin, cementum, and dental pulp is one of the four major tissues that make up the tooth in vertebrates. It is the hardest and most highly mineralized substance in the human body. Tooth enamel is also found in the dermal denticles of sharks

A toothache, also known as odontalgia or, less frequently, as odontalgy, is an aching pain in or around a tooth.-Causes:* Dental etiology, In most cases toothaches are caused by problems in the tooth or jaw, such as** Dental caries

The toothbrush is an oral hygiene instrument used to clean the teeth and gums that consists of a head of tightly clustered bristles mounted on a handle, which facilitates the cleansing of hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. Toothpaste, which often contains fluoride, is commonly used in conjunction with a toothbrush to increase the effectiveness of toothbrushing

Toots Shor
Bernard "Toots" Shor was, during the 1940s and 1950s, the proprietor of a legendary restaurant, Toots Shor's Restaurant, in Manhattan

Tootsie Roll
Tootsie Roll is a brand of chewy candy. It is a form of candy that has been manufactured in the United States since 1896. The manufacturer, Tootsie Roll Industries, is based in Chicago, Illinois.It was the first penny candy to be individually wrapped.

Top Fuel
Top Fuel racing is a class of drag racing in which the cars are run on a mix of approximately 90% nitromethane and 10% methanol rather than gasoline or simply methanol. The cars are purpose-built for drag racing, with an exaggerated layout that in some ways resembles open-wheel circuit racing vehicles

Top Gun (film)
Top Gun is a 1986 American action drama film directed by Tony Scott, and produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer, in association with the Paramount Pictures company

Top hat
A top hat, beaver hat, high hat silk hat, cylinder hat, chimney pot hat or stove pipe hat is a tall, flat-crowned, broad-brimmed hat, predominantly worn from the latter part of the 18th to the middle of the 20th century

Top of the Pops
Top of the Pops, also known as TOTP, is a British music chart television programme, made by the BBC and originally broadcast weekly from 1 January 1964 to 30 July 2006. After 25 December 2006 it became a radio program, now hosted by Tony Blackburn

Top Up TV
Top Up TV is a pay television service in the UK launched in March 2004, operating on the digital terrestrial platform. The aim of the service is to "Top Up" Freeview customers by providing additional channels and services.

Topaz is a silicate mineral of aluminium and fluorine with the chemical formula Al2SiO42. Topaz crystallizes in the orthorhombic system and its crystals are mostly prismatic terminated by pyramidal and other faces.-Color and varieties:

Topeka High School
Topeka High School is a fully accredited high school, serving students in grades 9-12, located in Topeka, Kansas. It is one of four high schools within Topeka Public Schools. The school colors are black and gold

Topfreedom is a cultural and political movement seeking to advance gender equality by the recognition of the right of women and girls to be topless in public on the same basis that men and boys are permitted to be barechested. In addition, topfreedom advocates seek recognition of the right of nursing mothers to openly breastfeed in public, and of women to sun bathe topless

Topiary is the horticultural practice of training live perennial plants, by clipping the foliage and twigs of trees, shrubs and subshrubs to develop and maintain clearly defined shapes, perhaps geometric or fanciful; and the term also refers to plants which have been shaped in this way. It can be an art and is a form of living sculpture

Toplița is a city in Harghita County, Romania.The settlement has had multiple name changes: Taplócza, Toplicza, Gyergyó-Toplicza, from February 3, 1861 Oláh-Toplicza, or "Romanian Toplița", then from January 1, 1907 Maroshévíz, until 1918, when it received the Romanian name Toplița Română

Toploader Transmission
A Toploader transmission is a manually shifted three and four speed gearbox introduced in 1964 by Ford Motor Company to replace the BorgWarner T-10. It was used in most Fords and Mercurys from 1964 until 1973 as well as some foreign models

Topography is the study of Earth's surface shape and features or those ofplanets, moons, and asteroids

Topology is a major area of mathematics concerned with properties that are preserved under continuous deformations of objects, such as deformations that involve stretching, but no tearing or gluing

Toponymy is the scientific study of place names , their origins, meanings, use and typology. The word "toponymy" is derived from the Greek words tópos and ónoma . Toponymy is itself a branch of onomastics, the study of names of all kinds

Topper (film)
Topper is a 1937 American comedy film which tells the story of a stuffy, stuck-in-his-ways man who is haunted by the ghosts of a fun-loving married couple. It was adapted by Eric Hatch, Jack Jevne and Eddie Moran from the novel by Thorne Smith. The film was directed by Norman Z. McLeod, produced by Hal Roach, and distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Topps Comics
Topps Comics is a division of the American trading card publisher and gum/candy distributor the Topps Company, Inc. that published comic books from 1993–1998, beginning its existence during a short comics-industry boom that attracted many investors and new companies

Total Operations Processing System, or TOPS, is a computer system for managing the locomotives and rolling stock owned by a rail system

Toque Macaque
The toque macaque is a reddish-brown coloured Old World monkey endemic to both Sri Lanka, where it is locally known as the 'Rilewa' or 'Rilawa'

Tor Obrestad
Tor Obrestad is a Norwegian novelist, poet and documentary writer. He made his literary debut in 1966 with two books, the poetry collection Kollisjon and a collection of short stories, Vind, and received Tarjei Vesaas' debutantpris for these two books

Torah- A scroll containing the first five books of the BibleThe Torah , is name given by Jews to the first five books of the bible—Genesis , Exodus , Leviticus , Numbers and Deuteronomy Torah- A scroll containing the first five books of the BibleThe Torah , is name given by Jews to the first five books of the bible—Genesis (in Hebrew, Bereshit, בראשית, "In the beginning"), Exodus (Shmot , שמות, "These are the names"), Leviticus (Vayikra ויקרא, "And he called"), Numbers (Bamidbar, במדב, "In the wilderness") and Deuteronomy Torah- A scroll containing the first five books of the BibleThe Torah , is name given by Jews to the first five books of the bible—Genesis (in Hebrew, Bereshit, בראשית, "In the beginning"), Exodus (Shmot , שמות, "These are the names"), Leviticus (Vayikra ויקרא, "And he called"), Numbers (Bamidbar, במדב, "In the wilderness") and Deuteronomy (Dvarim, דברים,

Torah study
Torah study is the study by Jewish people of the Torah, Hebrew Bible, Talmud, responsa, rabbinic literature and similar works, all of which are Judaism's religious texts

A torc, also spelled torq or torque, is a large, usually rigid, neck ring typically made from strands of metal twisted together. The great majority are open-ended at the front, although many seem designed for near-permanent wear and would have been difficult to remove. Smaller torcs worn around the wrist are called bracelets instead

Torfajökull is a rhyolitic stratovolcano and complex of subglacial volcanoes, located north of Mýrdalsjökull and south of Þórisvatn Lake, Iceland

A tornado is a violent, dangerous, rotating column of air that is in contact with both the surface of the earth and a cumulonimbus cloud or, in rare cases, the base of a cumulus cloud. They are often referred to as a twister or a cyclone, although the word cyclone is used in meteorology in a wider sense, to name any closed low pressure circulation

Tornado outbreak
While there is no single agreed upon definition, generally at least 6-10 tornadoes produced by the same synoptic scale weather system is considered a tornado outbreak. The tornadoes usually occur within the same day, or continue into the early morning hours of the succeeding day, and within the same region

Toroid (geometry)
In mathematics, a toroid is a doughnut-shaped object, such as an O-ring. Its annular shape is generated by revolving a plane geometrical figure about an axis external to that figure which is parallel to the plane of the figure and does not intersect the figure

Toronto is the provincial capital of Ontario and the largest city in Canada. It is located in Southern Ontario on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. A relatively modern city, Toronto's history dates back to the late-18th century, when its land was first purchased by the British monarchy from the Mississaugas of the New Credit

Toronto Bus Terminal
The Toronto Coach Terminal is the main bus station for inter-city services in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is located at 610 Bay Street, , in the downtown core of the city. The terminal is owned by Toronto Coach Terminal Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of the Toronto Transit Commission

Toronto Croatia
C.N.S.C. Toronto Croatia is a Canadian soccer team, founded in 1956. The team is a member of the Canadian Soccer League, the highest level soccer league in Canada, and play in the International Division.

Toronto Police Service
The Toronto Police Service , formerly the Metropolitan Toronto Police, is the police service for the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is the largest municipal police service in Canada and second largest police force in Canada after the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Toronto Public Library
Toronto Public Library is a public library system based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is the largest public library system in Canada and in 2008, had averaged a higher

Toronto Raptors
The Toronto Raptors are a professional basketball team based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They are part of the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference in the National Basketball Association . The team was established in 1995, along with the Vancouver Grizzlies, as part of the NBA's re-expansion into Canada

Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
Toronto Rehabilitation Institute or Toronto Rehab is the largest rehabilitation hospital in Canada. Toronto Rehab has six sites located in Toronto, Ontario.

Toronto Star
The Toronto Star is Canada's highest-circulation newspaper, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Its print edition is distributed almost entirely within the province of Ontario

Toronto Stock Exchange
Toronto Stock Exchange is the largest stock exchange in Canada, the third largest in North America and the seventh largest in the world by market capitalisation. Based in Canada's largest city, Toronto, it is owned by and operated as a subsidiary of the TMX Group for the trading of senior equities

Toronto subway and RT
The Toronto subway and RT is a rapid transit system in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, consisting of both underground and elevated railway lines, operated by the Toronto Transit Commission . It was Canada's first completed subway system, with the first line being built under Yonge Street, which opened in 1954 with 12 stations

Toronto Telegram
The Toronto Evening Telegram was a conservative, broadsheet afternoon newspaper published in Toronto from 1876 to 1971. It had a reputation for supporting the Conservative Party at both the federal and provincial level. The paper competed with the liberal Toronto Star

Toronto Western Hospital
-External links:****

Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railway
The Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railway was a railway based in Hamilton that ran in Southern Ontario from 1894 to 1987. It never reached the other two cities in its name, although it did have branch lines extending to Dunnville and Port Maitland.-History:

The modern torpedo is a self-propelled missile weapon with an explosive warhead, launched above or below the water surface, propelled underwater towards a target, and designed to detonate either on contact with it or in proximity to it.The term torpedo was originally employed for

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