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Nettle (disambiguation)
A nettle is a flowering plant of the genus Urtica in the family Urticaceae.Nettle may also refer to:* Kerry Nettle , Australian politician* Sea nettle, a group of jellyfish* Spurge nettle, a perennial herb

Nettles (surname)
People with the surname Nettle include:* Kerry Nettle , Australian politicianPeople with the surname Nettles include:* Bonnie Nettles , co-founder of the Heaven's Gate cult* Graig Nettles , baseball player

Netty may refer to:* Netty Kim , Canadian figure skater* Netty Witziers-Timmer , Dutch athlete* North East England dialect for toilet or public convenience* JBoss Netty a Java project for asynchronous I/OSee also

-Mathematics:* Graph * Complex network* Structure* Flow network-Electric, electronic, biological, and biosocial: * Electrical network* Computer network* Biological network* Artificial neural network* Social network

NETWORK (lobbying group)
NETWORK is a national Catholic social justice lobbying group based in Washington, DC NETWORK was founded on December 17, 1971 by forty-seven Catholic nuns as a group dedicated to ensuring "justice for all." The organization now represents the views of its more than 100,000 members across the country. It is run by its national director, currently Sr

Network (TV series)
Network is a Canadian variety television series which aired on CTV for one season during the 1962-63 television season. The show was co-hosted by Bill Brady and Denyse Ange. Live and taped segments were aired from either the studio or elsewhere in Canada.

Network address translation
In computer networking, network address translation is the process of modifying IP address information in IP packet headers while in transit across a traffic routing device.

Neural network
The term neural network was traditionally used to refer to a network or circuit of biological neurons. The modern usage of the term often refers to artificial neural networks, which are composed of artificial neurons or nodes

Neural Networks
Neural Networks is the official journal of the three oldest societies dedicated to research in neural networks: International Neural Network Society, European Neural Network Society and Japanese Neural Network Society, published by Elsevier

Neuralgia is pain in one or more nerves that occurs without stimulation of pain receptor cells. Neuralgia pain is produced by a change in neurological structure or function rather than by the excitation of pain receptors that causes nociceptive pain. Neuralgia falls into two categories: central neuralgia and peripheral neuralgia

Neurasthenia is a psycho-pathological term first used by George Miller Beard in 1869 to denote a condition with symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, headache, neuralgia and depressed mood

A neurexin is a presynaptic protein that helps to glue together neurons at the synapse. Neurexins are type I membrane proteins that can be classified into two types, α-NRXNs and β-NRXNs. The α-NRXNs are larger and have different amino-terminal extracellular sequences

Neurogenetics studies the role of genetics in the development and function of the nervous system. It considers neural characteristics as phenotypes , and is mainly based on the observation that the nervous systems of individuals, even of those belonging to the same species, may not be identical

A neuron is an electrically excitable cell that processes and transmits information by electrical and chemical signaling. Chemical signaling occurs via synapses, specialized connections with other cells. Neurons connect to each other to form networks. Neurons are the core components of the nervous system, which includes the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral ganglia

Neuron (disambiguation)
Neuron is one of the primary cell types in the nervous system.Neuron may also refer to:* Artificial neuron is the basic unit in an artificial neural network* Neuron is an electronic musical instrument

Neuron (software)
NEURON is a simulation environment for modeling individual neurons and networks of neurons.It was primarily developed by Michael Hines, John W. Moore, and Ted Carnevale at Yale and Duke.

Neuropsychopharmacology (journal)
Neuropsychopharmacology is a scientific journal published by the Nature Publishing Group. Since 1994, Neuropsychopharmacology has been the official publication of the .

Neurorehabilitation is a complex medical process which aims to aid recovery from a nervous system injury, and to minimize and/or compensate for any functional alterations resulting from it.

Neurosis is a class of functional mental disorders involving distress but neither delusions nor hallucinations, whereby behavior is not outside socially acceptable norms. It is also known as psychoneurosis or neurotic disorder, and thus those suffering from it are said to be neurotic

Neurosis (band)
Neurosis is a post-metal band, based in Oakland, California. They formed in 1985 as a hardcore punk band, and their sound progressed towards a doom metal style that also included influences from dark ambient and industrial music as well as incorporating elements of folk music

A neurotoxin is a toxin that acts specifically on nerve cells , usually by interacting with membrane proteins such as ion channels. Some sources are more general, and define the effect of neurotoxins as occurring at nerve tissue

Neuter is a Latin adjective meaning "neither", and can refer to:* Neutering, the sterilization of an animal* The neuter grammatical gender-See also:*Trap-Neuter-Return , an alternative to euthanasia for managing feral cat and dog populations

Neutral and neutrality may mean the following:-Natural science:* Neutral element or identity element , a special type of element of a set with respect to a binary operation on that set, such if applied to, or operated with any element of the set, causes no change to this last element* Neutral solution , a solution which is neither acidic nor basic*

Neutralization may refer to:* Neutralization , a chemical reaction where an acid and a base react to form a salt* Neutralisation , pathogen neutralization caused by antibodies* Neutralisation

Neutron (comics)
Neutron may refer to several comic book characters.* Neutron , a DC Comics character.* Neutron , an Italian comics character from Linus* Neutron , a Marvel Comics character.

Neutron (disambiguation)
Neutron is a subatomic particle.Neutron may also refer to:* Neutron bomb* Neutron , an XMPP bot written in Python using xmpppy library* Neutron-degenerate matter* Neutron , an abstract strategy game* Neutron matter* Neutron star

Neutron (game)
Neutron is a two-player abstract strategy game invented by Robert A. Kraus. The game was first published in the Playroom section of Games & Puzzles 71 in July/August 1978. It is a game where each player moves two different pieces in a single turn without the use of dice

Neutron (Linus)
Neutron is an Italian comic book series and the name of the eponymous main character created in 1965 by Guido Crepax. The series eventually became Valentina.-Publication history:

Neutron (Marvel Comics)
Neutron is a fictional character, an extraterrestrial superhero that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics.-Publication history:

Neutron and Star
- Overview :Neutron and Star, also known as Seventh Heaven consists of producer/writer Alan Stott and vocalist/writer Lucy Clarke who are British musicians.

Neutron bomb
A neutron bomb or enhanced radiation weapon or weapon of reinforced radiation is a type of thermonuclear weapon designed specifically to release a large portion of its energy as energetic neutron radiation rather than explosive energy

Neva (disambiguation)
Neva is a river in northwestern Russia.Neva may also refer to one of the following:*Russian warship Neva, the sloop-of-war which took part in the first Russian circumnavigation

Nevada (film)
Nevada is a 1944 western movie based on a Zane Grey novel and starring a 27-year-old Robert Mitchum, with Anne Jeffreys, Guinn "Big Boy" Williams, and Richard Martin in supporting roles. The film was written by Norman Houston from Grey's popular novel and directed by Edward Killy

Nevada (Zane Grey novel)
Nevada is a 1928 western novel by Zane Grey. It is a sequel to 1927's Forlorn River.-Plot introduction:Ben Ide, restless with the rancher life, moves his family to Arizona, ostensibly for his mother's health, but also to search for his missing partner Nevada. He buys a beautiful ranch, in a territory known for cattle rustling

Neve Electronics was a manufacturer of music recording and broadcast mixing consoles and hardware. It was originally founded as Neve Electronics in 1961 by Rupert Neve, the man credited with creating the modern mixing console.-Company formation:

Neve (band)
Neve was a pop rock band based out of Los Angeles, California. The band released one album on Columbia Records, and scored one hit single in 1999, "It's Over Now."- History :Neve formed in 1997, and within a year were signed to Columbia Records

Neve (titular see)
Neve is a Roman Catholic titular see.Neve was a diocese in Arabia, suffragan of Bostra. Two of its bishops are known:*Petronius, who attended the Council of Ephesus in 431*Jobius, who was present at the Council of Chalcedon in 451.

Nevel (instrument)
The nevel was a stringed instrument in use by the ancient Hebrew people. The Greeks referred to it as the nabla . Much conjecture has been put forth on its exact nature, but it was probably not a standardized instrument. Most hold it to be a form of lyre, harp, or psaltery

-Popular culture:*"Never" , from her 2009 album The Power of Music*"Never" , a 1985 single*"Never" , a 2004 single*"Never" , a 1986 song

Never (Jaheim song)
Never is a single by Jaheim from his fourth studio album The Making of a Man. It was produced by Daniel Farris.-Charts:

Never Again
-Albums:* Never Again * Never Again * Never Again , or the title song* Never Again , or the title song-Songs:* "Never Again" * "Never Again"

Never Again (1916 film)
-Cast:* Oliver Hardy - Plump * Billy Ruge - Runt* Bert Tracy - Pop Dale* Helen Gilmore - Mrs. Dale* Florence McLaughlin - Their daughter * Ray Godfrey - Their daughter

Never Again (Discharge EP)
Never Again is the fourth EP by the hardcore punk band Discharge. It was released in 1981, and should not be confused with the 1984 compilation of the same name.

Never Again (Kelly Clarkson song)
"Never Again" is a song written by American pop rock singer Kelly Clarkson and Jimmy Messer, and is the first single from her third studio album, My December .

Never Again (Kittie EP)
Never Again is a digital EP by Kittie released through Rock Ridge Music in 2006. It contains 3 demos recorded at Mole Studios in London, Ontario. All the songs were re-recorded for Kittie's fourth full length album Funeral for Yesterday

Never Again (The X-Files)
"Never Again" is the thirteenth episode of the fourth season of the television series The X-Files.-Plot:In Philadelphia, Ed Jerse loses a divorce settlement to his ex-wife, who has sole custody of his child. After getting drunk at a local bar, Ed wanders into a tattoo parlor and impulsively receives a tattoo depicting Bettie Page

Never Ever
Never Ever may refer to:*"Never Ever" , a single by All Saints*"Never Ever" , a song by Ayumi Hamasaki*Never Ever , the debut EP by Weep*Never Ever , a 1996 film by director Charles Finch

Never Ever (film)
Never Ever is an independent film directed by Charles Finch, and starring himself, Sandrine Bonnaire, and Jane March.-Plot:Finch and March play Thomas and Amanda Murray, a British couple who move to Paris, where Thomas gets a job working at a bank owned by Amanda's father, Arthur . Amanda does not like Paris, and returns home to London

Neverland (album)
Neverland is a studio album by The Mission. It was released in 1995 and reached #58 in the UK Albums Chart.-Track listing:# "Raising Cain"# "Sway"# "Lose Myself in You"# "Swoon"# "Afterglow "# "Stars Don't Shine Without You"

Neverland (EP)
-Track listing:#"Neverland " #"Anything " #"All Dies" #"Neverland " #"Neverland " #"Anything " #"Remember "

Neverland (Night Ranger album)
Neverland is the seventh studio album by Night Ranger, released on July 22, 1997. This album featured a reunion of all five original bandmembers, and was their first time they recorded together in a decade

Neverland (Shadow Host album)
-Tracklist: 1. Visions 2. The Last Hope 3. Beyond The Line 4. Call Of The Unknown 5. Forgotten Words 6. Dragonfire's Burning 7. In The Mirrorland 8. Echo Of Sunrise 9. Inviolable Balance

Nevermind (disambiguation)
Nevermind is a 1991 album by the American alternative rock band Nirvana.Nevermind may also refer to:*Nevermind, a 2006 album by punk/noise rock band Clockcleaner*"Never mind", a frequent exclamation of Emily Litella

Nevermind (game)
Nevermind is a computer game published by Psyclapse released in 1989.-Summary:The game was often given to UK Amiga owners who had sent their machine for repair. The repair centres in the UK sent this title as sort of compensation for their machine going faulty.The game is played in a 3D isometric environment

Nevermore is an American heavy metal band from Seattle, Washington. Formed in 1991, they are known to incorporate elements from styles such as thrash, power, progressive, and neo-classical metal into their songs, and also makes use of acoustic guitars and a wide range of vocal styles.-Early years :Nevermore started in the beginning of the 1990s, when the band Sanctuary was

Nevermore (disambiguation)
Nevermore may refer to:*Nevermore, an American progressive metal band*"Nevermore", a song by rock band Queen*"Nevermore", a song by The Soundtrack of Our Lives from the album Behind The Music, released as a single in 2001

Nevermore (film)
-Plot synopsis:The movie stars Judd Nelson as a wealthy but unstable hermit who is convinced he will soon become insane much as his father did; his father actually did go insane and murdered Nelson's character's mother.

Nevermore (novel)
Nevermore is a historical mystery novel by William Hjortsberg.-Plot summary:Harry Houdini joins forces with Arthur Conan Doyle to solve a series of murders, which eerily re-enact the stories of Edgar Allan Poe.

Nevertheless may refer to:* Nevertheless , an album by Christine Fellows* Nevertheless , an American Christian indie pop rock band* "Nevertheless ", a song written by Harry Ruby

Nevertheless (album)
Nevertheless is the fourth studio album by Christine Fellows, released on November 6, 2007 on Six Shooter Records. The album was principally inspired by the life and work of poet Marianne Moore; secondary inspirations include artist Joseph Cornell.

Tito Gobbi
Tito Gobbi was an Italian operatic baritone with an international reputation.-Biography:Tito Gobbi was born in Bassano del Grappa and studied law at the University of Padua before he trained as a singer. Giulio Crimi, a well-known Italian tenor of a previous generation, was Gobbi's teacher in Rome

Tito Jackson
Toriano Adaryll "Tito" Jackson is an American singer and lead guitarist and original member of The Jackson 5. He is the older brother of American pop stars Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson.-Early life and rise to stardom:

Titration, also known as titrimetry, is a common laboratory method of quantitative chemical analysis that is used to determine the unknown concentration of an identified analyte. Because volume measurements play a key role in titration, it is also known as volumetric analysis. A reagent, called the titrant or titrator is prepared as a standard solution

TITSA is the Transportes interurbanos de Tenerife, S.A. which operates the only public bus service in Tenerife, on the Canary Islands. It carries over 60 million travellers a year, has a fleet of, approx., 600 vehicles, takes children to school, old persons to hospital, and offers the tourist a better way to see the island apart from hiring a car, so it helps environmentally by

Tituba was a 17th-century slave belonging to Samuel Parris of Salem, Massachusetts. Tituba was one of the first three people accused of practicing witchcraft during the Salem witch trials which took place in 1692. Tituba was the first person accused by Betty Parris and Abigail Williams of witchcraft. She was also the first person to confess to witchcraft in Salem Village

Tiverton railway station
Tiverton railway station served the town of Tiverton, Devon, England. It opened in 1848 as the terminus station of a broad gauge branch line from the Bristol and Exeter Railway main line: the main line junction station four miles away had originally been called Tiverton Road but was renamed as when the branch opened.In 1884 and 1885, with the Bristol and Exeter Railway having been

Tivoli Audio PAL
The PAL or Portable Audio Laboratory is a radio produced by Tivoli Audio. It was designed by Henry Kloss . Supporting both the FM and AM bands, it was designed as an outdoor, portable version of the earlier Model One.-Features:

Tiye was the daughter of Yuya and Tjuyu . She became the Great Royal Wife of the Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep III.

TJ Lubinsky
Terry James "TJ" Lubinsky is primarily a Pittsburgh radio host. However, he is also executive producer/director of many PBS pledge-drive programs. His cherubic bear-cub appearance endears him to millions of viewers of all the oldies-format music programs airing periodically on the network.Lubinsky was born in Bradley Beach, New Jersey

Tlatilco was a large pre-Columbian village in the Valley of Mexico situated near the modern-day town of the same name in the Mexican Federal District. It was one of the first chiefdom centers to arise in the Valley, flourishing on the western shore of Lake Texcoco during the Middle Pre-Classic period, between the years of 1200 BCE and 200 BCE

Tlaxcala (Nahua state)
Tlaxcala was a pre-Columbian city state of central Mexico.Tlaxcala was a confederation of four altepetl — Ocotelolco, Quiahuiztlan, Tepeticpac and Tizatlan — which each took turns providing a ruler for Tlaxcala as a whole.-History:Tlaxcala was never conquered by the Aztec empire, but was engaged in a state of

TLC (TV channel)
TLC is an American cable TV specialty channel which initially focused on educational content. Since 1991 TLC has been owned by Discovery Communications, the same company that operates the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and The Science Channel, as well as other learning-themed networks

Tlgadintsi or Tlkatintsi was an Armenian writer and teacher, one of the prominent representatives of rural literature.

The Tlingit are an indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest Coast of America. Their name for themselves is Lingít, meaning "People of the Tides"

Tlingit language
The Tlingit language ) is spoken by the Tlingit people of Southeast Alaska and Western Canada. It is a branch of the Na-Dené language family. Tlingit is very endangered, with fewer than 140 native speakers still living, all of whom are bilingual or near-bilingual in English

Impact Wrestling is a professional wrestling television program for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling that currently airs in the United States and Canada on Spike

To a God Unknown
To a God Unknown is a novel by John Steinbeck, first published in 1933. The book was Steinbeck's second novel , the title taken from the book of Acts in the Bible

To Kill a Mockingbird
To Kill a Mockingbird is a novel by Harper Lee published in 1960. It was instantly successful, winning the Pulitzer Prize, and has become a classic of modern American literature

To Kill a Mockingbird (film)
To Kill a Mockingbird is a 1962 American drama film adaptation of Harper Lee's novel of the same name directed by Robert Mulligan. It stars Mary Badham in the role of Scout and Gregory Peck in the role of Atticus Finch.

To Serve Man (The Twilight Zone)
"To Serve Man" is an episode of the television series The Twilight Zone.The story is based on the short story "To Serve Man," written by Damon Knight

To the Lighthouse
To the Lighthouse is a novel by Virginia Woolf. A novel set on the Ramsays and their visits to the Isle of Skye in Scotland between 1910 and 1920, it skilfully manipulates temporal and psychological elements.

The TO-220 is a style of electronic component package, commonly used for transistors, silicon-controlled rectifiers, and integrated circuits. The "TO" designation stands for "transistor outline". TO-220 packages have three leads. Similar packages with two, four, five or seven leads are also manufactured

Toast (honor)
A toast is a ritual in which a drink is taken as an expression of honor or goodwill. The term may be applied to the person or thing so honored, the drink taken, or the verbal expression accompanying the drink. Thus, a person could be "the toast of the evening," for whom someone "proposes a toast" to congratulate and for whom a third person "toasts" in agreement

Toba catastrophe theory
The Toba supereruption was a supervolcanic eruption that occurred some time between 69,000 and 77,000 years ago at Lake Toba . It is recognized as one of the Earth's largest known eruptions

Toba Sojo
, also known as , was a Japanese astronomer, an artist-monk, and the son of Minamoto-no-Takakuni.Although he is frequently credited as the artist of the famous picture scroll Chōjū-giga, there is no conclusive proof of this claim.- References :

Tobacco is an agricultural product processed from the leaves of plants in the genus Nicotiana. It can be consumed, used as a pesticide and, in the form of nicotine tartrate, used in some medicines

Tobacco Dock
Tobacco Dock is a grade I listed warehouse in Wapping, London Docklands. It was constructed in approximately 1811 and served as a store for imported tobacco. It is a brick building with many brick vaults and some fine ironwork

Tobago is the smaller of the two main islands that make up the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. It is located in the southern Caribbean, northeast of the island of Trinidad and southeast of Grenada. The island lies outside the hurricane belt

Tobago House of Assembly
The Tobago House of Assembly is the local government body responsible for the island of Tobago within the twin-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. The THA was established in 1980 to rectify some of the disparities in the relationship between the two islands, though a prior body using the same name existed from 1768–1874

Tobin Bridge
The Maurice J. Tobin Memorial Bridge is a cantilever truss bridge that spans more than two miles from Charlestown to Chelsea over the Mystic River in Massachusetts. The bridge is the largest in New England

Tobruk or Tubruq is a city, seaport, and peninsula on Libya's eastern Mediterranean coast, near the border with Egypt. It is the capital of the Butnan District and has a population of 120,000 .

Toby Keith
Toby Keith Covel , best known as Toby Keith, is an American country music singer-songwriter, record producer and actor. Keith released his first four studio albums — 1993's Toby Keith, 1994's Boomtown, 1996's Blue Moon and 1997's Dream Walkin, plus a Greatest Hits package for various divisions of Mercury Records before exiting in 1998

Toby Wright
Toby Wright is a record producer and mixing engineer who has worked with artists such as Alice in Chains, Metallica, Sevendust and Korn. He is currently in Nashville, Tennessee working on Kara Clark's latest Ep.-Producer:

Tocopherols are a class of chemical compounds of which many have vitamin E activity. It is a series of organic compounds consisting of various methylated phenols

Toda people
The Toda people are a small pastoral community who live on the isolated Nilgiri plateau of Southern India. Before the late 18th century, the Toda coexisted locally with other communities, including the Badaga, Kota, and Kuruba, in a loose caste-like community organization in which the Toda were the top ranking

Today Tonight
Today Tonight is a controversial Australian News and Current Affairs program, produced by the Seven Network and shown weeknightly at in direct competition with rival Nine Network program A Current Affair.

Today's Top VIII Award
The Today's Top VIII Award is given each year by the National Collegiate Athletic Association to honor eight outstanding senior student-athletes of the preceding calendar year. From 1973 through 1985, this award was known as the Today's Top V Award or the Top Five Award and was given to honor five outstanding senior student-athletes of the preceding calendar year

Todd Armstrong
John "Todd" Armstrong , also known as Todd Anderson, was an American actor in ten films and several television series, probably best known for playing the titular role of Jason in the 1963 film Jason and the Argonauts

Todd Blackledge
Todd Alan Blackledge was an American football quarterback in both the NCAA and National Football League. In college, he led the Penn State Nittany Lions to a national championship; and, as a pro, he played for the Kansas City Chiefs and the Pittsburgh Steelers

A toddler is a young child, usually defined as being between the ages of one and three. Registered nurse, midwife and author, Robin Barker, states 'Any time from eight months onwards your baby will begin to realise he is a separate person from you

Todmorden is a market town and civil parish, located 17 miles from Manchester, within the Metropolitan Borough of Calderdale, in West Yorkshire, England. It forms part of the Upper Calder Valley and has a total population of 14,941.

Toes are the digits of the foot of a tetrapod. Animal species such as cats that walk on their toes are described as being digitigrade. Humans, and other animals that walk on the soles of their feet, are described as being plantigrade; unguligrade animals are those that walk on hooves at the tips of their toes.The toes are, from medial to lateral:*Hallux Toes are the digits of the foot of a tetrapod. Animal species such as cats that walk on their toes are described as being digitigrade. Humans, and other animals that walk on the soles of their feet, are described as being plantigrade; unguligrade animals are those that walk on hooves at the tips of their toes.The toes are, from medial to lateral:*Hallux Toes are the digits of the foot of a tetrapod. Animal species such as cats that walk on their toes are described as being digitigrade. Humans, and other animals that walk on the soles of their feet, are described as being plantigrade; unguligrade animals are those that walk on hooves at the tips of their toes.The toes are, from medial to lateral:*Hallux ("big toe" or "great

Toe tag
A toe tag is a piece of cardboard normally attached with string to the big toe of a dead person in a morgue. It is used for identification purposes, allowing the mortician, coroner, law enforcement and others involved in the death process to correctly identify the corpse.It usually bears the decedent's name, a case number if law enforcement is involved, and some descriptors like hair

The Test of English as a Foreign Language, or TOEFL , evaluates the ability of an individual to use and understand English in an academic setting.

Tofas Sahin
The Tofaş Şahin, Doğan, and Kartal are Turkish versions of the old Fiat 131 automobile made in Turk Otomobil Fabrikasi A.S. facilities in Bursa, Turkey. While şahin means "hawk" in Turkish, kartal means "eagle" and doğan means "falcon"

Togo, officially the Togolese Republic , is a country in West Africa bordered by Ghana to the west, Benin to the east and Burkina Faso to the north. It extends south to the Gulf of Guinea, on which the capital Lomé is located. Togo covers an area of approximately with a population of approximately 6.7 million

Toilet paper
Toilet paper is a soft paper product used to maintain personal hygiene after human defecation or urination. However, it can also be used for other purposes such as blowing one's nose when one has a cold or absorbing common spills around the house, although paper towels are more used for the latter

Tokay gecko
The Tokay Gecko is a nocturnal arboreal gecko, ranging from northeast India and Bangladesh, throughout Southeast Asia, Philippines to Indonesia and western New Guinea. Its native habitat is rainforest trees and cliffs, and it also frequently adapts to rural human habitations, roaming walls and ceilings at night in search of insect prey

, ; officially , is one of the 47 prefectures of Japan. Tokyo is the capital of Japan, the center of the Greater Tokyo Area, and the largest metropolitan area of Japan. It is the seat of the Japanese government and the Imperial Palace, and the home of the Japanese Imperial Family

Tokyo Stock Exchange
The , called or TSE for short, is located in Tokyo, Japan and is the third largest stock exchange in the world by aggregate market capitalization of its listed companies

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
TUFS is a specialized institution only in foreign language, international affairs and foreign studies, thus it is not as well-known as other big universities such as University of Tokyo and Kyoto University

Tolbachik is a volcanic complex on the Kamchatka Peninsula in the far east of Russia. It consists of two volcanoes, Plosky Tolbachik and Ostry Tolbachik , which as the names suggest are respectively a flat-topped shield volcano and a peaked stratovolcano

Toledo Bend Reservoir
Toledo Bend Reservoir is a reservoir on the Sabine River between Texas and Louisiana. The lake has an area of 185,000 acres , the largest man-made body of water in Texas, the largest in the South, and the fifth largest in the United States. The dam is capable of generating 92 megawatts of electrical power

Toledo Mud Hens
The Toledo Mud Hens are a minor league baseball team located in Toledo, Ohio. The Mud Hens play in the International League, and are affiliated with the major league baseball team the Detroit Tigers, based approximately 50 miles to the north of Toledo. The current team is one of several professional clubs that have existed in Toledo since 1883

Tolga, Queensland
Tolga is a town on the Atherton Tableland in Far North Queensland, Australia, and is the centre of the regions peanut industry. At the 2006 census, Tolga had a population of 843.The name Tolga means red mud in the local Aboriginal language

Toliara Province
Toliara is a former province of Madagascar with an area of 161,405 km². It had a population of 2,229,550 . Its capital was Toliara

Tollie Records
Tollie Records was a record label formed in February 1964, as a subsidiary label of Vee-Jay Records. It closed in May 1965.The label distributed two of The Beatles' singles in the United States before Capitol Records eventually took over

Tollund Man
The Tollund Man is the naturally mummified corpse of a man who lived during the 4th century BC, during the time period characterised in Scandinavia as the Pre-Roman Iron Age. He was found in 1950 buried in a peat bog on the Jutland Peninsula in Denmark, which preserved his body. Such a find is known as a bog body

Toluene, formerly known as toluol, is a clear, water-insoluble liquid with the typical smell of paint thinners. It is a mono-substituted benzene derivative, i.e., one in which a single hydrogen atom from the benzene molecule has been replaced by a univalent group, in this case CH3.It is an aromatic hydrocarbon that is widely used as an industrial feedstock and as a solvent

Tom Adams (actor)
Tom Adams is an English actor with roles in horror and mystery films, and several TV shows.He starred as Charles Vine in Licensed to Kill and the sequels Where the Bullets Fly and Somebody's Stolen Our Russian Spy .His television credits include General

Tom Amandes
Tom Amandes is an American actor. His best known role to date is that of the role of Dr. Harold "Hal" Abbott on the The WB Drama series Everwood, and as Eliot Ness in the 1990's version of The Untouchables TV series.- Career :

Tom Baker
Thomas Stewart "Tom" Baker is a British actor. He is best known for playing the fourth incarnation of the Doctor in the science fiction television series Doctor Who, a role he played from 1974 to 1981.-Early life:

Tom Berenger
Tom Berenger is an American actor known mainly for his roles in action films.-Early life:Berenger was born as Thomas Michael Moore in Chicago to an Irish Catholic family. Berenger's father was a printer for the Chicago Sun-Times. Berenger has a sister, Susan

Tom Brown (naturalist)
Tom Brown, Jr. is an American naturalist, wilderness tracker and the author of numerous books, including a series of field guides. Brown attributes his tracking skills and his spiritual philosophy to the teachings of a Lipan Apache elder named Stalking Wolf, who instructed Brown during his childhood

Tom Bruce
Thomas Edwin Bruce Bruce is a former US swimmer. He attended UCLA and swam in the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany; There he won an individual silver in 100m breaststroke, and was part of the team that won gold on the 4x100m medley relay.-References:*

Tom Brunansky
Thomas Andrew Brunansky , nicknamed "Bruno", is a former right fielder in Major League Baseball who played from 1981 to 1994 for the California Angels, Minnesota Twins, St. Louis Cardinals, Boston Red Sox, and Milwaukee Brewers.

Tom Corbett
Thomas W. Corbett is the 46th and current Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, United States. He is a former Attorney General of Pennsylvania and was elected to that office in 2004 and reelected in 2008

Tom Davis (basketball)
Dr. Thomas "Dr. Tom" Davis is an American former college men's basketball coach. He served as the head coach at Lafayette College, Boston College, Stanford University, the University of Iowa, and Drake University from 1971 to 2007.

Tom Gehrels
Tom Gehrels , was an American astronomer, Professor Planetary Sciences, and Astronomer at the University of Arizona, Tucson.

Tom Gola
Thomas Joseph Gola is a retired American basketball player.-Early Life:Gola was praised as a great all-around player as a high school student at La Salle College High School, where he led the Explorers to a Philadelphia Catholic League Championship

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