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Nauru , officially the Republic of Nauru and formerly known as Pleasant Island, is an island country in Micronesia in the South Pacific. Its nearest neighbour is Banaba Island in Kiribati, to the east. Nauru is the world's smallest republic, covering just

Nauruan may refer to:* Something of, from, or related to the country of Nauru* Nauruan people, persons from Nauru, or of Nauruan descent. For more information see Demographics of Nauru and Culture of Nauru. For specific persons, see List of Nauruans.

Nausea , is a sensation of unease and discomfort in the upper stomach with an involuntary urge to vomit. It often, but not always, precedes vomiting

Nautica may refer to:*Nautica *Nautica Thorn, a porn star, a cruise ship owned and operated by Oceania Cruises*I'm Not/Comfy in Nautica, a song by Panda Bear

Nautical mile
The nautical mile is a unit of length that is about one minute of arc of latitude along any meridian, but is approximately one minute of arc of longitude only at the equator

Nautilus (computer game)
Nautilus is a 1982 computer game for the Atari 8-bit series created by Mike Potter and distributed by Synapse Software. The players control a submarine, the Nautilus, or a destroyer, the Colossus, attempting to either destroy or rebuild an underwater city

The navaja is a traditional Spanish folding-blade fighting and utility knife. One of the oldest folding knife patterns still in production, the first true navajas originated in the Andalusian region of southern Spain

Navajo or Navaho may refer to:* Navajo people* Navajo Nation, the governmental entity of the Navajo people* Navajo language, spoken by the Navajo people-Places in the United States:* Navajo, San Diego, California* Navajo, New Mexico

Navajo or Navaho may refer to:* Navajo people* Navajo Nation, the governmental entity of the Navajo people* Navajo language, spoken by the Navajo people-Places in the United States:* Navajo, San Diego, California* Navajo, New Mexico

Navarra (Braga)
Navarra is a Portuguese parish, located in the municipality of Braga. It has a population of 454 inhabitants and a total area of 2.24 km².

Navarra (DO)
Navarra is a Spanish Denominación de Origen for wines that extends over practically the entire southern half of the autonomous community of Navarre

Navarra (Spanish Congress Electoral District)
Navarra is one of the 52 electoral districts used for the Spanish Congress of Deputies - the lower chamber of the Spanish Parliament, the Cortes Generales

Navata is a municipality in the comarca of Alt Empordà, province of Girona, Catalonia, Spain.

In Romanesque and Gothic Christian abbey, cathedral basilica and church architecture, the nave is the central approach to the high altar, the main body of the church. "Nave" was probably suggested by the keel shape of its vaulting

Nave (disambiguation)
A nave is the middle or body of a church, or the hub of a wheel.Nave or naves may also refer to:-Places:France* Nave River, a river in Pas-de-Calais, France* Navès, a commune in the Tarn department

Naveed (album)
Naveed is the debut album by Canadian rock band Our Lady Peace. It was produced by Arnold Lanni, and was released on March 22, 1994 by Sony Music Canada. Naveed became a success in Canada, selling over 100,000 copies by the end of the year. There were five singles released for the album, including "The Birdman", "Starseed" and "Naveed"

Naveed (song)
Naveed is a single from Our Lady Peace's debut album of the same name, Naveed. It was released April 17, 1995 in the United States and in January 1996 in the United Kingdom as the fifth and final single from the album. The song performed well on the charts, and became a smash hit in Canada, although it was not officially released to radio there

The navel is a scar on the abdomen caused when the umbilical cord is removed from a newborn baby

Navidad is the Spanish Christmas album by Christian pop singer Jaci Velasquez and is essentially a Spanish version of her previous album Christmas.-Tracklist:# Oh Ven, Oh Ven, Emmanuel# La Cancion Del Angel# El Rey De Israel

A navigator is the person on board a ship or aircraft responsible for its navigation. The navigator's primary responsibility is to be aware of ship or aircraft position at all times. Responsibilities include planning the journey, advising the Captain or aircraft Commander of estimated timing to destinations while en route, and ensuring hazards are avoided

Navis is a municipality in the district Innsbruck-Land and is located 19 km southeast of Innsbruck in a valley with the same name which is a side valley of the Wipptal. The extensive territory of this municipality runs from the Sill up to the 2,359 m high Klammjoch saddle and the 2,886 m high Lizumer Reckner in the Tux Alps

Navvy is a shorter form of navigator or navigational engineer and is particularly applied to describe the manual labourers working on major civil engineering projects

NAW may refer to:* National Assembly for Wales, a legislative assembly in the UK* National Assembly of Women, a British organisation campaigning for women's rights

Nay or NAY may refer to:*Ney , a wind instrument*Nay, Manche, a place in the Manche département of France*Nay, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, a place in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques département of France

Naya may refer to :* Naya Rivera* Naya, Burma* Naya , a 1982 title by Congolese musician King Kester Emeneya* Nayas, multiple vantage points in Jainism from which the truth can be viewed

Nayang is a village in Chipwi Township in Myitkyina District in the Kachin State of north-eastern Burma.-External links:**

Nayo is a village in Bhamo Township in Bhamo District in the Kachin State of north-eastern Burma.-External links:**

Nazar (film)
Nazar is a film directed by Soni Razdan starring Meera and Ashmit Patel. It has been the first Indo-Pak joint movie venture in 50 years. The film introduces Pakistani actress Meera to Bollywood and it also featured a kissing scene which was center of attention for the Pakistani government

Nazareno is a Brazilian municipality located in the state of Minas Gerais. The city belongs to the mesoregion of Campo das Vertentes and to the microregion of Sao Joao del Rei.-See also:* List of municipalities in Minas Gerais

Nazareth is the largest city in the North District of Israel. Known as "the Arab capital of Israel," the population is made up predominantly of Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel

Nazca (anime)
is an anime series. It is about a group of people who are reincarnations of ancient Inca warriors who have returned to re-enact a civil war that resulted in the fall of the Inca Empire.

Nazca (disambiguation)
Nazca is a city in Peru.Nazca or Nasca may also refer to:-Places:* Nazca Desert, an alternate name for the Sechura Desert in western South America* Nazca District, a district in the Nazca province, Peru

Nazi (god)
Nazi is a god in Sumerian mythology, one of the eight deities born to relieve the illness of Enki. While he was born from a god Nazi was believed to be a man. He was the consort of the goddess Nindar.

NB, Nb, or nb may refer to:* an abbreviation for nota bene, a Latin expression meaning "note well"* the symbol for the chemical element Niobium* an abbreviation for 'Not Bad'* an abbreviation for 'Northbound'Places:

NC may refer to:-Computing and internet:* NC a complexity class named after Nick Pippenger* nc netcat* NCsoft, a producer of MMORPGs such as Lineage* a command name for Netcat, a computer network utility

The abbreviation NCG may refer to:* "National Championship Game", used in several different sports** BCS National Championship Game in college football* Nicolaus-Cusanus-Gymnasium Bergisch Gladbach, a school in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

- Places :* North Dakota, a state in the United States* New Delhi * Notre Dame , for a number of churches and colleges- Science and medicine :* Neodymium, an element with the symbol "Nd"

- Ethnic groups :*South Ndebele people, located in the South Africa*Northern Ndebele people, located in Zimbabwe, and Botswana- Languages :*Southern Ndebele language, the language of the South Ndebele

NDP (gene)
Norrin, also known as Norrie disease protein or X-linked exudative vitreoretinopathy 2 protein is a protein that in humans is encoded by the NDP gene

-Places:England* NE postcode area, a postcode for the City of Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and WearItaly* Ne, Liguria, a comune in the Province of GenoaNiger* Niger, ISO 3166-1 country code** .ne, the country code top level domain for Niger

Ne (text editor)
ne is a console text editor for POSIX computer operating systems such as Linux or Mac OS X. It uses the terminfo library, but it can also be compiled using a bundled copy of the GNU termcap implementation. There is also a Cygwin version

NEA (internet)
NEA, in the context of the Internet and computing, is an acronym which stands for the maxim:It was designed originally to explain the nature of the Internet itself; that it cannot be owned by any individual corporation because it is an agreement not a thing, that potentially everyone on earth can have access to it, and that anyone can potentially start a new service or even improve the

Neale may refer to:* Neale * Neale, County Mayo* Neale

Neap is a small village in the east coast of the Mainland of the Shetland Islands, Scotland.Neep is the Scottish word for Rutabaga.

Neapolitan may refer to:* Neapolitan, of or pertaining to the city of Naples, Italy and sometimes its wider Duchy or Province of Naples** Previously a nationality, during the time of the Kingdom of Naples or the Neapolitan Republics* Neapolitan cuisine

- Science, mathematics, technology, biology, and medicine :* Nicking Enzyme Amplification Reaction, a method for in vitro DNA amplification* Near-Earth object, an object in the Solar System whose orbit brings it close to the Earth** Near-Earth asteroid

Near (Death Note)
, universally referred to by the mononym , is a fictional character who is one of the main antagonists in the manga series Death Note, and is a supporting protagonist in the film L: Change the World

Near Death Experience (Spektr album)
Near Death Experience is the second album by the experimental black metal band Spektr.-Track listing:#The Violent Stink Of Twitching Terror - 08:15#Astral Descent - 04:10#Climax - 03:46#Phantom Reality - 09:35#Visualization - 02:51

Near Miss
-History:NearMiss was founded in 2001 by two former members of Bigwig, who recorded a 4-song demo that year. After expanding to a four-piece, the group signed to Fearless Records, releasing their debut full-length in the summer of 2002. The album was produced by Cameron Webb

Nearly (band)
Nearly is the solo musical project of former Nine Inch Nails drummer, Jerome Dillon. Dillon plays most of the music himself. The 2005 debut release is entitled Reminder

NEAT may stand for:*Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking, a program run by NASA and the JPL to discover near-Earth objects*Neuroevolution of augmenting topologies,a genetic algorithm for the generation of evolving artificial neural networks

Neat may refer to:* Neat , a single, unmixed liquor served in a rocks glass.* An old word for an individual animal of the species of cattle Bos taurus* Neat , a Canadian television series* Neat Records, a British record label

Neat (TV series)
Neat is a Canadian television series, which airs on HGTV in Canada and formerly on Discovery Home in the United States. Hosted by professional organizer Hellen Buttigieg, Neat is a home improvement series in which Buttigieg helps a person with cluttered living spaces devise solutions to help organize their lives and possessions more effectively.

Neath (National Assembly for Wales constituency)
Neath is a constituency of the National Assembly for Wales. It elects one Assembly Member by the first past the post method of election. Also, however, it is one of seven constituencies in the South Wales West electoral region, which elects four additional members, in addition to seven constituency members, to produce a degree of proportional representation for the region as a

neb may refer to:*neb, meaning nose or mouth**neb, meaning nosy in Pittsburgh English*neb, meaning snout or beakNEB may refer to:* Pseudonym of a well-known Spanish architect from Granada city.*Nose in Everyone's Business, a Busybody or Gossip

Neblina is a heavy metal band from Angola, founded in 2001.They released an album in 2006, Innocence Falls in Decay. In the same year, they played a number of shows in Germany, for the 2006 FIFA World Cup

Nebo may refer to:* Nebo , a Babylonian god* Nabau, a Biblical townNebo: In ancient times Nebo, or Nabu was the Chaldean deity of the Babylonians and Assyrians

Nebraska is a state on the Great Plains of the Midwestern United States. The state's capital is Lincoln and its largest city is Omaha, on the Missouri River.

NEBS can refer to:* Network Equipment-Building System* New England Business Services Inc. in Groton, Massachusetts, a subsidiary of Deluxe Corporation‎* NEBS Business Products Ltd. in Midland, Ontario, a subsidiary of Deluxe Corporation‎

Nebuchadnezzar was the name of several kings of Babylonia.* Nebuchadnezzar I, who ruled the Babylonian Empire in the 12th century BC* Nebuchadnezzar II , the Babylonian ruler mentioned in the biblical Book of Daniel

Nebula (video game)
Nebula is a ZX Spectrum computer game written by Julian Gollop and was published by Red Shift in 1984.-Overview:Nebula is a turn based strategy game of galactic conflict. Players play the role of the leader of a race and try to expand and conquer the rest of the galaxy

Nebulae (band)
Nebulae is an electronic and alternative rock music artist. Nebulae also remixes music and provides production and mastering services for a wide variety of bands, collaborating over the Internet. Nebulae started as a band in the early 90s. Previous members included Abid Hussain and Takeshi Kurt Eto

Nebulous is a post apocalyptic science fiction comedy radio show written by Graham Duff and produced by Ted Dowd from Baby Cow Productions; it is directed by Nicholas Briggs. The series premiered in the United Kingdom on BBC Radio 4

Nebulous (disambiguation)
Nebulous may refer too:*Nebulous , cloudy or cloud like.*Nebulous, a post apocalyptic science fiction comedy written by Graham Duff, the series premiered in the United Kingdom on BBC Radio 4.

In heraldry and architecture, a line which is drawn nebuly is made up of a series of bulbous protrusions, which are supposed to resemble clouds .

, a Japanese multinational IT company, has its headquarters in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. NEC, part of the Sumitomo Group, provides information technology and network solutions to business enterprises, communications services providers and government.

Thomas Paine
Thomas "Tom" Paine was an English author, pamphleteer, radical, inventor, intellectual, revolutionary, and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States

Thomas Parker, 1st Earl of Macclesfield
Thomas Parker, 1st Earl of Macclesfield PC, FRS was an English Whig politician.-Youth and early career:He was born in Staffordshire, the son of Thomas Parker, an attorney at Leek. He was educated at Adams' Grammar School and Trinity College, Cambridge

Thomas Pelham-Holles, 1st Duke of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Thomas Pelham-Holles, 1st Duke of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and 1st Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne, KG, PC was a British Whig statesman, whose official life extended throughout the Whig supremacy of the 18th century. He is commonly known as the Duke of Newcastle.A protégé of Sir Robert Walpole, he served under him for more than twenty years until 1742

Thomas Pike
Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Thomas Geoffrey Pike GCB CBE DFC & Bar DL RAF was a senior officer in the Royal Air Force.-RAF career:

Thomas Pitt, 2nd Baron Camelford
Thomas Pitt, 2nd Baron Camelford was a British peer, naval officer and wastrel, best known for bedevilling George Vancouver during and after the latter's great voyage of exploration.-Early life:

Thomas Posey
Thomas Posey was an officer in the American Revolution, a general during peacetime, the third Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky, Governor of the Indiana Territory, and a Louisiana Senator.-Family and background:

Thomas Pringle
Thomas Pringle was a Scottish writer, poet and abolitionist, known as the father of South African Poetry, the first successful English language poet and author to describe South Africa's scenery, native peoples, and living conditions.Born at Blaiklaw , four miles south of Kelso in Roxburghshire he attended Kelso Grammar

Thomas R. Carper
Thomas Richard "Tom" Carper is the senior United States Senator from Delaware and a member of the Democratic Party. He was previously the 71st Governor of Delaware and a United States Representative.

Thomas Rajna
Thomas Rajna is a Hungarian-born composer and pianist, domiciled in Cape Town in South Africa since 1970. He started to play the piano and compose at an early age and studied at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music where he won the Liszt Prize in 1947. That year he left Hungary to settle in London and enrolled at the Royal College of Music

Thomas Rolfe
Thomas Rolfe was the only child of Pocahontas by her English husband, John Rolfe. His maternal grandfather was Wahunsunacock, the chief of Powhatan tribe in Virginia.-Early Life:Thomas Rolfe was born in Virginia

Thomas Saltus Lubbock
Thomas Saltus Lubbock was a Texas Ranger and soldier in the Confederate army during the American Civil War.-Biography:

Thomas Scott (Orangeman)
Thomas Scott was an Irish-born Canadian executed by firing squad on March 4, 1870, for plotting against the Provisional Government of the Red River Settlement and its Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia

Thomas Sumter
Thomas Sumter nicknamed the "Carolina Gamecock" , was a hero of the American Revolution and went on to become a longtime member of the Congress of the United States.-Early life:Thomas Sumter was born near Charlottesville in Hanover County, Virginia in 1734

Thomas Tallis
Thomas Tallis was an English composer. Tallis flourished as a church musician in 16th century Tudor England. He occupies a primary place in anthologies of English church music, and is considered among the best of England's early composers. He is honoured for his original voice in English musicianship

Thomas Tew
Thomas Tew , also known as the Rhode Island Pirate, was a 17th century English privateer-turned-pirate. Although he embarked on only two major piratical voyages, and met a bloody death on the latter journey, Tew pioneered the route which became known as the Pirate Round. Many other famous pirates, including Henry Every and William Kidd, would follow in Tew’s path

Thomas the Rhymer
Thomas Learmonth , better known as Thomas the Rhymer or True Thomas, was a 13th century Scottish laird and reputed prophet from Earlston . He is also the protagonist of the ballad "Thomas the Rhymer"

Thomas Theodore Crittenden
Thomas Theodore Crittenden was a United States colonel during the American Civil War, and served as the 24th Governor of Missouri from 1881 to 1885.-Early life and education:

Thomas Thomson
Thomas Thomson FRS FRSE FLS FFPSG MWS was a Scottish chemist and mineralogist whose writings contributed to the early spread of Dalton's atomic theory.He was the inventor of the saccharometer.- Life and work :

Thomas Vinterberg
Thomas Vinterberg is a Danish film director who, along with Lars von Trier, co-founded the Dogme 95 movement in filmmaking, which established rules for simplifying movie production.

Thomas W. Lynch
Thomas W. Lynch is an American television series creator and executive producer who is the head of his own production company, Tom Lynch Company based in Los Angeles, CA.-Career:The New York Times referred to him as "the David E

Thomas Woolner
Thomas Woolner RA was an English sculptor and poet who was one of the founder-members of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. He was the only sculptor among the original members.

Thomas Wright (astronomer)
Thomas Wright was an English astronomer, mathematician, instrument maker, architect and garden designer. He was the first to describe the shape of the Milky Way and speculate that faint nebulae were distant galaxies.

Thomasville, North Carolina
Thomasville is a city in Davidson County in the U.S. state of North Carolina. The population was 21,354 at the 2010 census. The city is notable for its furniture industry as are its neighbors of High Point and Lexington. This Piedmont Triad community was established in 1852 and hosts the state's oldest festival, "Everybody's Day"

Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University is a comprehensive university located in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. It offers students a broad range of courses, career streams, and the ability to ladder credits from diploma programs into full degrees

Thompson submachine gun
The Thompson is an American submachine gun, invented by John T. Thompson in 1919, that became infamous during the Prohibition era. It was a common sight in the media of the time, being used by both law enforcement officers and criminals

Thomson Airways
Thomson Airways is the world's largest charter airline, offering scheduled and charter flights from the UK to destinations across Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. The company commenced operations on 1 November 2008, following the merger and subsequent re-branding of Thomsonfly and First Choice Airways. Thomson Airways is headquartered in Luton, United Kingdom

Thomson scattering
Thomson scattering is the elastic scattering of electromagnetic radiation by a free charged particle, as described by classical electromagnetism. It is just the low-energy limit of Compton scattering: the particle kinetic energy and photon frequency are the same before and after the scattering

Thomsonfly was a British airline, previously known as Britannia and a business within TUI UK prior to September 2007. Following TUI UK merging with First Choice Holidays in September 2007 it became part of TUI Travel PLC

In Norse mythology, Thor is a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, the protection of mankind, and also hallowing, healing, and fertility

Thoracic cavity
The thoracic cavity is the chamber of the human body that is protected by the thoracic wall .

Thoracic diaphragm
In the anatomy of mammals, the thoracic diaphragm, or simply the diaphragm , is a sheet of internal skeletal muscle that extends across the bottom of the rib cage. The diaphragm separates the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity and performs an important function in respiration

Thoracic duct
In human anatomy, the thoracic duct of the lymphatic system is the largest lymphatic vessel in the body. It is also known as the left lymphatic duct, alimentary duct, chyliferous duct, and Van Hoorne's canal.

Thoracic vertebrae
In human anatomy, twelve thoracic vertebrae compose the middle segment of the vertebral column, between the cervical vertebrae and the lumbar vertebrae. They are intermediate in size between those of the cervical and lumbar regions; they increase in size as one proceeds down the spine, the upper vertebrae being much smaller than those in the lower part of the region

The thorax is a division of an animal's body that lies between the head and the abdomen.-In tetrapods:

Thorfinn Karlsefni
Thorfinn Karlsefni was an Icelandic explorer who circa 1010 AD led an attempt to settle Vínland with three ships and 160 settlers. Among the settlers was Freydís Eiríksdóttir, according to Grœnlendinga saga and Eiríks saga rauða, sister or half-sister of Leif Eriksson

Thorium is a natural radioactive chemical element with the symbol Th and atomic number 90. It was discovered in 1828 and named after Thor, the Norse god of thunder.

Thorn EMI
Thorn EMI was a major British company involved in consumer electronics, music, defence and retail. Created in October 1979 when Thorn Electrical Industries merged with EMI, it was listed on the London Stock Exchange and was once a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index but it demerged again in 1996.-History:The Company was formed in October 1979 when Thorn Electrical Industries merged with

Thorncombe is a village and civil parish in west Dorset, England, situated on the borders of Somerset and Devon, five miles south east of Chard. The civil parish has a population of 714 , and 8.4% of dwellings are second homes.-Geography:

Thorne Smith
James Thorne Smith Jr. , was an American writer of humorous supernatural fantasy fiction.He is best known today for the three Topper novels, comic fantasy fiction that sold millions of copies in the early 1930s

Thornton Wilder
Thornton Niven Wilder was an American playwright and novelist. He received three Pulitzer Prizes, one for his novel The Bridge of San Luis Rey and two for his plays Our Town and The Skin of Our Teeth, and a National Book Award for his novel The Eighth Day.-Early years:Wilder was born in Madison, Wisconsin, the son of Amos Parker

Thorny Devil
Thorny Devil is an Australian lizard. It is also known as the Thorny Dragon, Mountain Devil, Thorny Lizard, or the Moloch and is the sole species of genus Moloch.

Thornycroft family
The Thornycroft family was a notable English family of sculptors, artists and engineers, connected by marriage to the historic Sassoon family. The earliest known mention of the family is stated in George Ormerod's History of Cheshire as during the reign of Henry III in the 13th century, taking its name from a Cheshire hamlet.- External links :* - has early history of the family

The Thoroughbred is a horse breed best known for its use in horse racing. Although the word thoroughbred is sometimes used to refer to any breed of purebred horse, it technically refers only to the Thoroughbred breed

Those Were the Days (song)
"Those Were the Days" is a song credited to Gene Raskin, who put English lyrics to the Russian song "Dorogoi dlinnoyu" , written by Boris Fomin with words by the poet Konstantin Podrevskii. It deals with reminiscence upon youth and romantic idealism

The word thou is a second person singular pronoun in English. It is now largely archaic, having been replaced in almost all contexts by you. It is used in parts of Northern England and by Scots. Thou is the nominative form; the oblique/objective form is thee , and the possessive is thy or thine

Thousand Islands (Indonesia)
Thousand Islands is the only regency of Jakarta, Indonesia. It consists of a string of 105 islands stretching 45 kilometers north into the Java Sea, with the closest island lying in Jakarta Bay only a few kilometers off mainland Jakarta.

Threaded pipe
A threaded pipe is a pipe with screw-threaded ends for assembly.- Tapered threads :The threaded pipes used in some plumbing installations for the delivery of gases or fluids under pressure have a threaded section that is slightly conical . This is called a "tapered thread"

Three Coins in the Fountain (1954 film)
Three Coins in the Fountain is the 1954 film that introduced the song of the same name, which became an enduring standard. It tells the story of three American girls looking for romance in Rome while employed at the American Embassy

Three Day Road
Three Day Road is the first novel from Canadian writer Joseph Boyden. Joseph’s maternal grandfather, as well as an uncle on his father’s side, served as soldiers during the First World War, and Boyden draws upon a wealth of family narratives

Three degrees of comparison
In English grammar, the degree of comparison of an adjective or adverb describes the relational value of one thing with something in another clause of a sentence

Three Dog Night
Three Dog Night is an American rock band best known for their music from 1968 to 1975. During that time the band charted 21 Billboard top 40 hits in America, three of which reached Number One

Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality
Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality is a 1905 work by Sigmund Freud which advanced his theory of sexuality, in particular its relation to childhood

Three Gorges Dam
The Three Gorges Dam is a hydroelectric dam that spans the Yangtze River by the town of Sandouping, located in the Yiling District of Yichang, in Hubei province, China

Three Little Pigs
Three Little Pigs is a fairy tale featuring anthropomorphic animals. Printed versions date back to the 1840s, but the story itself is thought to be much older

Three Men and a Baby
Three Men and a Baby is a 1987 comedy film starring Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, Nancy Travis , and Ted Danson, and directed by Leonard Nimoy, in his first non-Star Trek movie directorial role. It follows the mishaps and adventures of three bachelors as they attempt to adapt their lives to pseudo-fatherhood with the arrival of one of the men's love child

Three Men in a Boat
Three Men in a Boat ,The Penguin edition punctuates the title differently: Three Men in a Boat: To Say Nothing of the Dog! published in 1889, is a humorous account by Jerome K

Three Mile Island accident
The Three Mile Island accident was a core meltdown in Unit 2 of the Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania near Harrisburg, United States in 1979.

Three point flexural test
The three point bending flexural test provides values for the modulus of elasticityin bending E_f, flexural stress \sigma_f, flexural strain \epsilon_f and the flexural stress-strain response of the material. The main advantage of a three point flexural test is the ease of the specimen preparation and testing

Three Stooges
The Three Stooges were an American vaudeville and comedy act of the early to mid–20th century best known for their numerous short subject films. Their hallmark was physical farce and extreme slapstick. In films, the Stooges were commonly known by their first names: "Moe, Larry, and Curly" and "Moe, Larry, and Shemp," among other lineups

Three strikes law
Three strikes laws)"are statutes enacted by state governments in the United States which require the state courts to hand down a mandatory and extended period of incarceration to persons who have been convicted of a serious criminal offense on three or more separate occasions. These statutes became very popular in the 1990s

Three Witches
The Three Witches or Weird Sisters are characters in William Shakespeare's play Macbeth . Their origin lies in Holinshed's Chronicles , a history of England, Scotland and Ireland

Three-component theory of stratification
The three-component theory of stratification, more widely known as Weberian Stratification or Three Class System, was developed by German sociologist Max Weber with class, status and party as distinct ideal types. Weber developed a multidimensional approach to Social stratification that reflects the interplay among wealth, prestige and power

Three-phase electric power
Three-phase electric power is a common method of alternating-current electric power generation, transmission, and distribution. It is a type of polyphase system and is the most common method used by grids worldwide to transfer power. It is also used to power large motors and other heavy loads

Three-toed sloth
The three-toed sloths are tree-living mammals from South and Central America. They are the only members of the genus Bradypus and the family Bradypodidae. There are four living species of three-toed sloths

Threonine is an α-amino acid with the chemical formula HO2CCHCHCH3. Its codons are ACU, ACA, ACC, and ACG. This essential amino acid is classified as polar

Thresher shark
Thresher sharks are large lamniform sharks of the family Alopiidae. Found in all temperate and tropical oceans of the world, the family contains three species all within the genus Alopias.-Taxonomy:

Thriller (music video)
Michael Jackson's Thriller is a 14-minute music video for the song of the same name released on December 2, 1983 and directed by John Landis, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Jackson.

Thrips are tiny, slender insects with fringed wings . Other common names for thrips include thunderflies, thunderbugs, storm flies, thunderblights, and corn lice

Thrissur district
Thrissur is a revenue district of Kerala situated in the central part of that state. Spanning an area of about 3,032 km2, Thrissur district is home to over 10% of Kerala’s population. Thrissur district was formed on July 1, 1949, with the headquarters at Thrissur City. Thrissur is known as the cultural capital of Kerala, and the land of Poorams

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