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Monte Carlo (biscuit)
Monte Carlo biscuits are a sweet biscuit that have been manufactured since 1926 by Arnott's Biscuits Holdings.These biscuits are made with two oval shaped honey and coconut biscuits joined by a layer of vanilla flavoured cream covered with raspberry jam

Monte Carlo (Macau)
Monte Carlo is a Macau football club, which plays in the town of Macau. They play in the Macau's first division, the Campeonato da 1ª Divisão do Futebol.-Achievements:*Macau Championship: 4-Performance in AFC competitions:

Monte Carlo (Santa Catarina)
Monte Carlo is a city in Santa Catarina, in the Southern Region of Brazil.

Monte Carlo (video game)
Monte Carlo is a gambling simulation video game created for the Apple IIGS, created by PBI Software. It was programmed by Richard L. Seaborne and released in 1987.-Description:

Monte Carlo (yacht)
Monte Carlo is a motor yacht in the superyacht category. She was named after the Monte Carlo quarter of Monaco.-History:Monte Carlo was built by Amels in their Hakvoort shipyard in The Netherlands and launched in 1988. She was designed by Diana Yacht Design BV

Montego Bay (song)
"Montego Bay" is a song by Bobby Bloom about the city in Jamaica. The song was a Top 10 hit for Bloom in September 1970 on both sides of the Atlantic. It reached #3 on the UK Singles Chart, #5 on the Canadian RPM 100 Singles Chart, #7 on the Australian Go-Set Singles Chart and #8 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The song was co-written and produced by Jeff Barry

-Places:* Menteith or Monteith, a district of south Perthshire, Scotland* Monteith, County Down, a village in Northern Ireland* McMurrich/Monteith, Ontario, Canada municipality-Things:* Sept of Scottish clans Graham and Stuart of Bute

Montenegro Montenegrin: Crna Gora Црна Гора , meaning "Black Mountain") is a country located in Southeastern Europe. It has a coast on the Adriatic Sea to the south-west and is bordered by Croatia to the west, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the northwest, Serbia to the northeast and Albania to the southeast

Montenegro (film)
Montenegro also known as Montenegro - Or Pigs and Pearls is a Swedish black comedy film by Yugoslav director Dušan Makavejev.-Plot:Marianne Faithfull sings "The Ballad of Lucy Jordan" over the opening credit sequence.

Monterey (song)
"Monterey" is a 1967 song by Eric Burdon & The Animals, with music and lyrics by the group's members, Eric Burdon, John Weider, Vic Briggs, Danny McCulloch, and Barry Jenkins

Montes (disambiguation)
Montes is a Walloon city and municipality located in the Belgian province of Hainaut. It may also refer to Montes, Uruguay.Montes is also a Spanish surname and it may refer to:People with the surname Montes:

Montevideo (disambiguation)
Montevideo is the capital city of Uruguay. It may also refer to:*Montevideo Department, Uruguay*Montevideo District, Peru*Montevideo, Virginia, a city in the United States*Montevideo, Minnesota, a city in the United States

Montevideo (horse)
Montevideo was a Holsteiner horse ridden by Uwe Sauer for West Germany in international level dressage competitions between 1983 and 1992.*Colour: black*Markings: Two socks on the hindlegs*Breed: Holsteiner

Montevideo (Rotterdam)
Montevideo is a multipurpose Tower located by the river Nieuwe Maas in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.-Description:The building has 43 floors and its structural height is . However, together with the huge M on the roof, the building's total height is .

Montezuma's revenge (disambiguation)
Montezuma's Revenge can refer to:* Montezuma's Revenge , a jocular term for travelers' diarrhea* Montezuma's Revenge , a 1984 platform game by Parker Brothers* Montezuma's Revenge a mountain bike race in Colorado, USA

Montgomery (Amtrak station)
Montgomery is an Amtrak station in Montgomery, West Virginia, served by the Cardinal passenger train.Of the ten West Virginia stations served by Amtrak, Montgomery was the eighth busiest in FY2010, boarding or detraining an average of approximately 3 passengers daily.-External links:*

Montgomery (snagboat)
The Montgomery is a steam-powered sternwheel-propelled snagboat built in 1925 by the Charleston Dry Dock and Machine Company of Charleston, South Carolina, and operated by the United States Army Corps of Engineers

Montgomeryshire (Assembly constituency)
Montgomeryshire is a constituency of the National Assembly for Wales. It elects one Assembly Member by the first past the post method of election

Montgomeryshire (disambiguation)
Montgomeryshire may refer to:* Montgomeryshire, historic county and former administrative county of Wales* Montgomeryshire , one of three districts of Powys from 1974 - 1996

A month is a unit of time, used with calendars, which was first used and invented in Mesopotamia, as a natural period related to the motion of the Moon; month and Moon are cognates. The traditional concept arose with the cycle of moon phases; such months are synodic months and last approximately 29.53 days

Monto (Take Her Up To Monto)
Monto is an Irish folk song, written by George Desmond Hodnett, music critic of the Irish Times, and popularised by the Dubliners.-Lyrics:Well, if you've got a wing-o, Take her up to Ring-o

Montpelier (Amtrak station)
Montpelier, also known as Montpelier-Barre as well as Montpelier Junction is a train station in Montpelier, Vermont served by Amtrak, the national railroad passenger system. The station was originally built by the Central Vermont Railway.

Monts may refer to the following places in France:* Monts, Indre-et-Loire, a commune in the Indre-et-Loire department* Monts, Oise, a commune in the Oise department

Montserrat is a British overseas territory located in the Leeward Islands, part of the chain of islands called the Lesser Antilles in the West Indies. This island measures approximately long and wide, giving of coastline

Montserrat (disambiguation)
Montserrat is a mountain in Catalonia near Barcelona, home of:*Santa Maria de Montserrat monastery*Virgin of Montserrat, a "black Madonna" statue and object of pilgrimage, also patron saint of CataloniaMontserrat can also refer to:-Places:

Montserrat (MBTA station)
Montserrat is a passenger rail station on MBTA's Newburyport/Rockport Line. The station is a pair of platforms with shelters located between Spring Street and Essex Street, in Beverly, Massachusetts

Montserratian may refer to:* Something of, from, or related to Montserrat, is a British overseas territory located in the Leeward Islands, part of the chain of islands called the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea.

A monument is a type of structure either explicitly created to commemorate a person or important event or which has become important to a social group as a part of their remembrance of historic times or cultural heritage, or simply as an example of historic architecture

Monument (album)
- Track listing :# "Malmklang" - 4:14# "Universal " - 3:33# "Mørkets øy" - 4:25# "The Modern End" - 4:25# "Slaver av solen" - 4:25# "Metropolis" - 5:27# "Dråben" - 3:57# "Ohm" - 5:33# "In Limbo" - 5:40# "Döderlein" - 4:33# "Hjernen er alene" - 6:35

Monument (disambiguation)
A monument is a statue, building, or other edifice created to commemorate a person or important eventMonument may also refer to:* An Ancient monument, a structure or ruin of historical or archaeological interest

Monument (Ultravox album)
Monument, released in 1983, is a live album by the British band Ultravox. It is the soundtrack to the live video of the same name, recorded at the London Hammersmith Odeon during the band's 1982 "Monument" tour

-Music:* Monumental, an album by producer/rapper Pete Rock and rap duoSmif-N-Wessun** "Monumental", title track, and third single off of the album.-Other uses:* Monumental * Monumental Axis, a central avenue in Brasília's city design

Monumental (Barcelona Metro)
Monumental is the name of a station in the Barcelona Metro network. It takes its name from the bullring of the same name located in Eixample Dret, the northern part of the central Barcelona district of Eixample. It's served by L2 , and opened in 1995, along with the other stations of the first section of the line to be built

The term moo can refer to:*The sound made by a cow or bull*Moo , by Jane Smiley*Moo , a character in the Monster Rancher anime*Melody of Oblivion, an animeIn Computing:

A MOO is a text-based online virtual reality system to which multiple users are connected at the same time.The term MOO is used in two distinct, but related, senses

Moo (novel)
Moo is a 1995 novel by Jane Smiley. It is set in the American Midwest on the fictional campus of Moo University during the 1989-1990 academic year

Moochers (film)
Moochers, hosted by Brett Butler, was a reality based television project about people who try to get relatives and friends who have overstayed their welcome to move out and live on their own. The project was filmed in California and Texas.

Mood may refer to:*Mood , a relatively long lasting emotional state*Grammatical mood, one of a set of morphologically distinctive forms that are used to signal modality*Mood , a city in Iran*Mood District, a district in Iran

Moods (album)
Moods is a studio album performed by Neil Diamond. It was released in 1972. All songs on the album were written by Diamond. This album contained the second of his number one songs, "Song Sung Blue", and was something of a follow-up in style to the highly experimental Tap Root Manuscript.Billboard praised Moods highly, saying it contained "brilliant, diversified

Moods (Barbara Mandrell album)
Moods is a studio album by American country music singer, Barbara Mandrell, released in September 1978.Moods became Mandrell's most successful album during her career up to this point

Moody may refer to:Places:* Moody, Alabama, USA* Moody, Missouri, USA* Moody, Texas, USA* Moody County, South Dakota, USA* Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada* Moody's Corner, Nova Scotia, Canada* Moody, South Australia, Australia

Moody (surname)
Moody is an English surname. It ranks in the top 200 most common surnames in English speaking nations. It is most commonly acknowledged as being of English origin. The earliest known example dates from the 12th century in a Devonshire early English charter-where the name Alwine 'Modig' is mentioned

Mook (author)
is a Japanese manga artist.-External links:*

Moominmamma is a character in the Moomin series of books by Finnish author Tove Jansson.Moominmamma is married to Moominpappa and is the mother of Moomintroll. She very rarely gets cross and takes even the most distressing circumstances in her stride

Moominpappa - is a character in the Moomin series of books by Finnish author Tove Jansson.Orphaned in his youth, Moominpappa is a somewhat restless soul who left the orphanage to venture out into the world but has now settled down, determined to be a responsible father to his family: his wife Moominmamma and their son Moomintroll

Moomintroll is the main character in the Moomin books by Tove Jansson. He lives in the Moominhouse together with his father Moominpappa and his mother Moominmamma and has a keen spirit of adventure. Moomintroll is a 'moomin' - a little white troll with a hippopotamus-like big round nose.His best friend is Snufkin, though he has other friends, including Sniff and Little My

Moon is an album released by Gackt on June 19, 2002. Instead of a booklet, the album comes with a printed note by the artist, asking readers to "sense" the record's story, rather than analyzing the lyrics. The booklet was eventually included in the packaging of Moons 2003 follow-up Crescent

Moon (Fukada Kyoko)
-Track listing:# "Kirameki No Shunkan " - 4:38# "Anata Ga Shitteiru Watashi Ga Hontou No Watashi Towa Kagiranai " - 4:23# "Gozen 4 Ji No Mukou Kawa" - 4:44# "Into The Light" - 4:43# "Sakura No Sono" - 4:43# "Prayer" - 3:57

Moon (single)
Moon is the 40th single released in Japan by Kumi Koda. The single followed a similar pattern to previous releases "Freaky" and "4 Hot Wave."- Background information and promotion :

Moon (video game)
Moon is a first-person shooter video game developed by Renegade Kid exclusively for the Nintendo DS. The game was originally set to be shipped in North America on November 18, 2008, but the developer later pushed back the release until January 13, 2009.

Moon Landing (music drama)
Moon Landing is a musical drama with music, lyrics and book by Stephen Edwards. It explores the story of the Apollo astronauts on their journey to the Moon and asks the question, "How do you return to Earth when you've walked on another world?"

Moonbeams was a children's cancer charity based in Edinburgh, Scotland, which became the subject of a much-publicised local controversy in 2003. Following court action, it emerged that the charity had income of nearly £3 million over a period of four years, but had spent little over £70,000 on its charitable objectives

The Moonflowers were a Bristol-based rock band formed in 1987. The band was active as a performing and recording unit until 1997. To date they have released eight EPs and seven LPs on their own PopGod Records label, home to numerous other Bristol-based artists including Praise Space Electric , Me, Ecstatic Orange, Mammal among

Moonie, a family name in the United Kingdom, is used as a nickname for members of the Unification Church and is sometimes considered offensive in that use although not in others.Moonie may also refer to:*Moonie, Queensland, town in Australia

Moonlet is an informal term for a particularly small natural satellite. In astronomical literature, it has been used in at least two situations:

Moonlight (band)
-Discography:* Moonlight * Kalpa Taru * Meren Re * Wiem * Inermis

Moonlight (disambiguation)
Moonlight is the light that comes to Earth from the Moon.Moonlight may also refer to:*Moonlight , a play by Harold Pinter*Moonlight , an open-source implementation of the Microsoft Silverlight web application framework

Moonlight (play)
Moonlight is a play written by Harold Pinter, which premiered at the Almeida Theatre, in London, in September 1993.-Setting:THREE MAIN PLAYING AREAS:rehashes his youth, loves, lusts, and betrayals with his wife, [Bel], while simultaneously his two sons [Fred and Jake] — clinical, conspiratorial, the bloodless, intellectual offspring of a hearty anti-intellectual — sit in the shadows,

Moonlight (runtime)
Moonlight is a free and open source implementation of Microsoft's Silverlight for Linux and other Unix based operating systems, developed by the Mono Project

Moonlight (TV series)
Moonlight was an American paranormal romance television drama created by Ron Koslow and Trevor Munson, who was also executive producer for all episodes with Joel Silver, Gerard Bocaccio, Gabrielle Stanton and Harry Werksman. The series follows private investigator Mick St

Moonlighting (Roger Daltrey album)
Moonlighting: The Anthology is a compilation album released by Roger Daltrey on 7 February 2005. The collection is notable for including tracks from various projects throughout his career, such as stage and film appearances, as well as a good sampling of songs from his discography

Moonlighting (song)
Moonlighting is a popular single about a young couple eloping to be married at Gretna Green, recorded by Leo Sayer.Written by Sayer and Frank Farrell and co-produced by Adam Faith, "Moonlighting" made Number 2 on the UK Singles Chart in September 1975.

The term Moonraker may refer to:* Moonraker , the 1955 James Bond novel by Ian Fleming* Moonraker , the 1979 James Bond film starring Roger Moore, loosely based upon the novel

Moonraker (soundtrack)
Moonraker is the soundtrack for the 11th James Bond film of the same name.Moonraker was the third of the three Bond films for which the theme song was performed by Shirley Bassey. Kate Bush and Frank Sinatra were both considered for the vocals, before Johnny Mathis was approached and offered the opportunity

Tellurium dioxide
Tellurium dioxide is a solid oxide of tellurium. It is encountered in two different forms, the yellow orthorhombic mineral tellurite, β-TeO2, and the synthetic, colourless tetragonal , α-TeO2

Telly Savalas
Aristotelis "Telly" Savalas was an American film and television actor and singer, whose career spanned four decades. Best known for playing the title role in the 1970s crime drama Kojak, Savalas was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Birdman of Alcatraz

Telmatosaurus is a genus of basal hadrosaurid dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous. It was a relatively small hadrosaur, approximately five meters long, found in what is now Romania.

Telmex is a telecommunications company headquartered in Mexico City that provides telecommunication products and services in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil and other countries in Latin America. In addition to traditional fixed-line telephone service, Telmex also offers Internet access, data, hosted services and IPTV

The Telomian is a breed of dingo or dog native to Malaysia. Though rare, it remains the only known Malaysian dog breed to live outside its homeland.-History:

Telstra Tower
Black Mountain Tower is a telecommunication tower that is situated above the summit of Black Mountain in Australia's capital city of Canberra

TelstraClear is New Zealand's second-largest telecommunications company and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Telstra Corporation , with around 400,000 customers.

Telugu language
Telugu is a Central Dravidian language primarily spoken in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India, where it is an official language. It is also spoken in the neighbouring states of Chattisgarh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Orissa and Tamil Nadu

Telus is a national telecommunications company in Canada that provides a wide range of telecommunications products and services including internet access, voice, entertainment, video, and satellite television. The company is based in Burnaby, British Columbia, part of Greater Vancouver

Tematangi or Tematangui is an atoll in the southeastern area of the Tuamotu Archipelago, French Polynesia. Tematangi's nearest neighbor is Mururoa, which is located 161 km to the ESE.

Temazepam is an intermediate-acting 3-hydroxy benzodiazepine. It is mostly prescribed for the short-term treatment of sleeplessness in patients who have difficulty maintaining sleep

Temozolomide Temozolomide Temozolomide (brand names Temodar and Temodal is an oral alkylating agent which can be used for the treatment of Grade IV astrocytoma — an aggressive brain tumor, also known as glioblastoma multiforme as well as melanoma, a form of skin cancer

Tempeh , or tempe , is a traditional soy product originally from Indonesia. It is made by a natural culturing and controlled fermentation process that binds soybeans into a cake form, similar to a very firm vegetarian burger patty

In geography, temperate or tepid latitudes of the globe lie between the tropics and the polar circles. The changes in these regions between summer and winter are generally relatively moderate, rather than extreme hot or cold

Temperate rain forest
Temperate rainforests are coniferous or broadleaf forests that occur in the temperate zone and receive high rainfall.-Definition:For temperate rain forests of North America, Alaback's definition is widely recognized:-Global distribution:

Temperature is a physical property of matter that quantitatively expresses the common notions of hot and cold. Objects of low temperature are cold, while various degrees of higher temperatures are referred to as warm or hot

Temperature gradient
A temperature gradient is a physical quantity that describes in which direction and at what rate the temperature changes the most rapidly around a particular location. The temperature gradient is a dimensional quantity expressed in units of degrees per unit length

Temple (Paris)
The Temple was a medieval fortress in Paris, located in what is now the IIIe arrondissement. It was built by the Knights Templar from the 12th century, as their European headquarters. In the 13th century it replaced earlier works of the Vieille Temple in Le Marais

Temple garment
A Temple garment is a type of underwear worn by members of some denominations of the Latter Day Saint movement, after they have taken part in the Endowment ceremony. Garments are worn both day and night and are required for any previously endowed adult to enter a church temple

Temple Grandin
Temple Grandin is an American doctor of animal science and professor at Colorado State University, bestselling author, and consultant to the livestock industry on animal behavior

Temple in Jerusalem
The Temple in Jerusalem or Holy Temple , refers to one of a series of structures which were historically located on the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem, the current site of the Dome of the Rock. Historically, these successive temples stood at this location and functioned as the centre of ancient Israelite and later Jewish worship

Temple Lock
Temple Lock is a lock and weir situated on the Buckinghamshire bank of the River Thames near Temple Mill Island opposite Temple Meadows and not far from Hurley, Berkshire

Temple Lot
The Temple Lot, located in Independence, Jackson County, Missouri, is the first site to be dedicated for the construction of a temple in the Latter Day Saint movement

Temple Mount
The Temple Mount, known in Hebrew as , and in Arabic as the Haram Ash-Sharif , is one of the most important religious sites in the Old City of Jerusalem. It has been used as a religious site for thousands of years

Temple of Antoninus and Faustina
The Temple of Antoninus and Faustina is an ancient Roman temple in Rome, adapted to the church of San Lorenzo in Miranda. It stands in the Forum Romanum, on the Via Sacra, opposite the Regia.-The temple:

Temple of Artemis
The Temple of Artemis , also known less precisely as the Temple of Diana, was a Greek temple dedicated to a goddess Greeks identified as Artemis and was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It was situated at Ephesus , and was completely rebuilt three times before its eventual destruction in 401

Temple of Castor and Pollux
The Temple of Castor and Pollux is an ancient edifice in the Roman Forum, Rome, central Italy. It was originally built in gratitude for victory at the Battle of Lake Regillus . Castor and Pollux were the Dioscuri, the "twins" of Gemini, the twin sons of Zeus and Leda

Temple of Hephaestus
The Temple of Hephaestus, also known as the Hephaisteion or earlier as the Theseion, is the best-preserved ancient Greek temple; it remains standing largely as built. It is a Doric peripteral temple, and is located at the north-west side of the Agora of Athens, on top of the Agoraios Kolonos hill. From the 7th century until 1834, it served as the Greek Orthodox church of St

Temple of Olympian Zeus
The Temple of Olympian Zeus , also known as the Olympieion or Columns of the Olympian Zeus, is a colossal ruined temple in the centre of the Greek capital Athens that was dedicated to Zeus, king of the Olympian gods

Temple of Vesta
The Temple of Vesta is an ancient edifice in Rome, Italy, located in the Roman Forum near the Regia and the House of the Vestal Virgins. The temple's most recognizable feature is its circular footprint. Since the worship of Vesta began in private homes, the architecture seems to be a reminder of its history

Temple University
Temple University is a comprehensive public research university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Originally founded in 1884 by Dr. Russell Conwell, Temple University is among the nation's largest providers of professional education and prepares the largest body of professional practitioners in

Templemore is a town in North Tipperary, Ireland. It is a civil parish in the historical barony of Eliogarty. It is part of the Roman Catholic parish of Templemore, Clonmore and Killea.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families is one of the United States of America's federal assistance programs. It began on July 2, 1997, and succeeded the Aid to Families with Dependent Children program, providing cash assistance to indigent American families with dependent children through the United States Department of Health and Human Services

Temporomandibular joint
The temporomandibular joint is the joint of the jaw and is frequently referred to as TMJ. There are two TMJs, one on either side, working in unison. The name is derived from the two bones which form the joint: the upper temporal bone which is part of the cranium , and the lower jaw bone called the mandible

Temuera Morrison
Temuera Derek Morrison is a New Zealand-born actor. He has become one of the country's most famous stars for his roles as the abusive Jake "the Muss" Heke in 1994's Once Were Warriors and as bounty hunter Jango Fett and the Clone Troopers in the Star Wars series

Ten Bears
Chief Ten Bears - born Paruasemana , became the paraivo or chief of the Ketahto local group of Native Americans, and later the Principal Chief of the northern Yamparika or "Root Eater" division of the Numunuu Comanche, ca. 1850-60

Ten Mile River Boy Scout Camp
The Greater New York Councils is a local council of the Boy Scouts of America that serves New York City area. GNYC has a unique organization in that it is sub-divided into boroughs led by a borough executive that are then divided into districts.

Tenacity is the customary measure of strength of a fiber or yarn. In the U.S. it is usually defined as the ultimate strength of the fiber divided by the denier.

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki
is a twenty episode collection of OVAs produced by AIC, initially released in Japan in 1992. The first two OVA series were later licensed and distributed in North America by Pioneer LDC, with FUNimation Entertainment taking over the rights for the third series.The distribution of the first OVA series was originally started in September 1992 and released six episodes that

The Tenctonese, also known as Newcomers, are a humanoid species in the Alien Nation, television series and earlier film, as well as the later Alien Nation telefilm series. They are from the planet Tencton, though references to numerous slave colonies throughout the series and telemovies indicate that they are widespread beyond their own planet

Tender is the Night
Tender Is the Night is a novel by American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald. It was his fourth and final completed novel, and was first published in Scribner's Magazine between January-April, 1934 in four issues

Tengah Airbase
Tengah Air Base is a military airbase of the Republic of Singapore Air Force located at Tengah, in the western part of Singapore. The airbase is the most important airfield of the RSAF as it houses the bulk of RSAF's fixed-wing frontline squadrons, home to all of RSAF's E-2C Hawkeyes , most of the F-16C/D Fighting Falcons and a large number

Tengriism is a Central Asian religion that incorporates elements of shamanism, animism, totemism and ancestor worship. Despite still being active in some minorities, it was, in old times, the major belief of Turkic peoples , Bulgars, Hungarians and Mongols

The Tengwar are an artificial script created by J. R. R. Tolkien. In his fictional universe of Middle-earth, the tengwar were invented by the Elf Fëanor, and used first to write the Elven tongues: Quenya, Telerin, and also Valarin. Later a great number of languages of Middle-earth were written using the tengwar, including Sindarin

TennCare is the U.S. state of Tennessee’s health care insurance program. It is designed to expand health insurance to the uninsured through the state’s Medicaid program by utilizing managed care to reduce the costs of health care

Tennessee is a U.S. state located in the Southeastern United States. It has a population of 6,346,105, making it the nation's 17th-largest state by population, and covers , making it the 36th-largest by total land area

Tennessee Aquarium
The Tennessee Aquarium is a non-profit public aquarium located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Its River Journey building is the largest freshwater aquarium in the world.

Tennessee River
The Tennessee River is the largest tributary of the Ohio River. It is approximately 652 miles long and is located in the southeastern United States in the Tennessee Valley. The river was once popularly known as the Cherokee River, among other names

Tennessee State University
Tennessee State University is a land-grant university located in Nashville, Tennessee. TSU is the only state-funded historically black university in Tennessee.-History:

Tennessee Valley Authority
The Tennessee Valley Authority is a federally owned corporation in the United States created by congressional charter in May 1933 to provide navigation, flood control, electricity generation, fertilizer manufacturing, and economic development in the Tennessee Valley, a region particularly affected by the Great Depression

Tennessee Williams
Thomas Lanier "Tennessee" Williams III was an American writer who worked principally as a playwright in the American theater. He also wrote short stories, novels, poetry, essays, screenplays and a volume of memoirs

Tennis is a sport usually played between two players or between two teams of two players each . Each player uses a racket that is strung to strike a hollow rubber ball covered with felt over a net into the opponent's court. Tennis is an Olympic sport and is played at all levels of society at all ages

Tennis ball
A tennis ball is a ball designed for the sport of tennis,approximately 6.7 cm in diameter. Tennis balls are generally bright green, but in recreational play can be virtually any color. Tennis balls are covered in a fibrous fluffy felt which modifies their aerodynamic properties

Tennis court
A tennis court is where the game of tennis is played. It is a firm rectangular surface with a low net stretched across the center. The same surface can be used to play both doubles and singles.-Dimensions:

Tennis Court Oath
The Tennis Court Oath was a pivotal event during the first days of the French Revolution. The Oath was a pledge signed by 576 of the 577 members from the Third Estate who were locked out of a meeting of the Estates-General on 20 June 1789

Tennoji Station
is a train station on the JR West Osaka Loop Line, Hanwa Line, Yamatoji Line, Osaka Municipal Subway Midōsuji Line, and Tanimachi Line, located in Tennōji-ku and Abeno-ku, Osaka, Japan, and is a train station on the tram Hankai Uemachi Line in Abeno-ku, Osaka, Japan

Tenor drum
A tenor drum is a cylindrical drum that is higher pitched than a bass drum.In a symphony orchestra's percussion section, a tenor drum is a low-pitched drum, similar in size to a field snare, but without snares and played with soft mallets or hard sticks. Under various names, the drum has been used by composers since the mid-19th century

Tenrikyo is a monotheistic religion originating in revelations to a 19th-century Japanese woman named Nakayama Miki, known as Oyasama by followers

Tensile strength
Ultimate tensile strength , often shortened to tensile strength or ultimate strength, is the maximum stress that a material can withstand while being stretched or pulled before necking, which is when the specimen's cross-section starts to significantly contract

Tension myositis syndrome
Tension myositis syndrome , also known as tension myoneural syndrome, is a name given by John E. Sarno to a condition he describes as characterized by psychosomatic musculoskeletal and nerve symptoms, most notably back pain

Tenskwatawa, was a Native American religious and political leader of the Shawnee tribe, known as The Prophet or the Shawnee Prophet. He was the brother of Tecumseh, leader of the Shawnee

A tensometer is a device used to evaluate the Young's modulus of a material and other tensile properties of materials, such as tensile strength. It is usually a universal testing machine loaded with a sample between 2 grips that are either adjusted manually or automatically to apply force to the specimen

Tensor-vector-scalar gravity
Tensor–vector–scalar gravity , developed by Jacob Bekenstein, is a relativistic generalization of Mordehai Milgrom's MOdified Newtonian Dynamics paradigm.The main features of TeVeS can be summarized as follows:

Tent City
A tent city is a temporary housing facility made using tents. Informal tent cities may be set up without authorization by homeless people or protesters. As well, state governments or military organizations set up tent cities to house refugees, evacuees, or soldiers

Teo Antonio
Teo Antonio is a very important Filipino poet. He was born in Sampaloc, Manila. He was educated at the University of Santo Tomas where he studied Fine Arts. Antonio is the son of Emilio Mar Antonio, hari ng balagtasan during the 1950s.Antonio garnered numerous Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Poetry in 1973

Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)
is a song from the 1976 Queen album A Day at the Races and is written by guitarist Brian May. It is the closing track on the album.The song is notable for having two choruses sung entirely in Japanese, and it was released as a single exclusively in Japan, reaching #49 on the charts

Teodoro Agoncillo
Teodoro Andal Agoncillo was a 20th-century Filipino historian. He and his contemporary Renato Constantino were among the first Filipino historians renowned for promoting a distinctly nationalist point of view of Filipino history

Teos or Teo was a maritime city of Ionia, on a peninsula between Chytrium and Myonnesus, colonized by Orchomenian Minyans, Ionians, and Boeotians. The city is situated on a low hilly narrow strip of land connecting two larger areas of land . Teos ranked among twelve cities comprising the Ionian League

A tephigram is one of four thermodynamic diagrams commonly used in weather analysis and forecasting. The name evolved from the original name "T-\phi-gram" to describe the axes of temperature and entropy used to create the plot

200px|thumb|right|Tephra horizons in south-central [[Iceland]]. The thick and light coloured layer at center of the photo is [[rhyolitic]] tephra from [[Hekla]].