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MIM stands for Music Industry Manual. It was founded in 1996 by James Robertson and in its first year was called The Promoter's Handbook. The Promoters Handbook was a reference manual for the dance music industry including DJs agents, nightclubs and unusual venues, promoters, flyer designers

Mimas (data centre)
Mimas is a nationally designated academic data centre based at The University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. Its role is to support the advancement of knowledge, powering world-class research and teaching.

Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions is an Internet standard that extends the format of email to support:* Text in character sets other than ASCII* Non-text attachments* Message bodies with multiple parts

The word mime is used to refer to a mime artist who uses a theatrical medium or performance art involving the acting out of a story through body motions without use of speech.Mime may also refer to:* Mime, an alternative word for lip sync

Mimesis , from μιμεῖσθαι , "to imitate," from μῖμος , "imitator, actor") is a critical and philosophical term that carries a wide range of meanings, which include imitation, representation, mimicry, imitatio, receptivity, nonsensuous similarity, the act of resembling, the act of expression, and the presentation of the self.In ancient Greece, mimesis was

Mimi (song)
"Mimi" is a popular song written by Richard Rodgers, with words by Lorenz Hart. It was featured in the movie Love Me Tonight , in which it was first sung by Maurice Chevalier to Jeanette MacDonald, then later reprised by the entire company

In evolutionary biology, mimicry is the similarity of one species to another which protects one or both. This similarity can be in appearance, behaviour, sound, scent and even location, with the mimics found in similar places to their models.

This article is about the programming language. For the vaccine development tool, see MIMIC .MIMIC, known in capitalized form only, is a former simulation computer language developed 1964 by H. E. Petersen, F. J. Sansom and L. M. Warshawsky of Systems Engineering Group within the Air Force Materiel Command at the Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio, USA

In radio, multiple-input and multiple-output, or MIMO , is the use of multiple antennas at both the transmitter and receiver to improve communication performance. It is one of several forms of smart antenna technology

MIMO (disambiguation)
MIMO may refer to:* Multiple-input multiple-output communications, in electrical engineering usually refers to wireless communication systems using an array of antennas at both the transmitter and receiver

Mimosa is a genus of about 400 species of herbs and shrubs, in the subfamily Mimosoideae of the legume family Fabaceae. The generic name is derived from the Greek word μιμος , meaning "mimic."

MIMOSA is a Czech scientific microsatellite. The satellite is nearly spherical with 28 sides and carries a microaccelerometer to monitor the atmospheric density profile by sensing the atmospheric drag on the approximated sphere. It has a fairly eccentric orbit, with an initial perigee of 320 km and apogee of 845 km

Mimosa (album)
Mimosa is a 1999 compilation album released by the Fun Lovin' Criminals. The album is a collection of rarities, b-sides, remixes, and covers. It features some notable lounge music versions of old FLC songs, with the exception of "Bombin the L" which, as the title suggest is performed in a fast swing style

Mimsy may refer to:* Mimsy, a word introduced by Lewis Carroll in his poem Jabberwocky* Mimsy, a fictional character in the TV series The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Min may refer to:*Min , an Egyptian fertility god*Min , a modern working copy of an Ancient Egyptian ship of Hatshepsut's time*Min , a South Korean celebrity most popularly known as a member of miss A*Min *Min River

MIN (disambiguation)
MIN may refer to:* Mobile identification number* Mortgage Identification Number, a unique 18-digit number used to track a mortgage loan throughout its life in MERS* Multistage interconnection networks, a class of high-speed computer networks

Mina may refer to:* Mina , a given name * Mina , an ancient Near Eastern unit of weight and currency.* Mina, a folk word related with the extraction of mineral resources

MYC-induced nuclear antigen is a protein that in humans is encoded by the MINA gene.-Further reading:

Mina (1971 album)
Mina is an album by Italian singer Mina released in 1971.The album is one of the singer's most successful, yiedlding the hit singles "Amor Mio" and "Grande grande grande" and outselling every other album release in 1972.- Track listing :

Mina (album)
- Track listing :# The Nearness of You - 2:38# Angel Eyes - 2:24# Ninguem me ama - 2:47# La barca - 3:09# Stella by Starlight - 2:26# Insensatez - 2:37# E se domani - 3:08# Non illuderti - 2:55# Sabor a mi - 3:01

Mina (drum)
The Mina drum is the largest of the drums that have origins in the Barlovento, Miranda region of Venezuela. They are used during the celebrations of St. John the Baptist and the Midsummer. It is a specialized form of the Cumaco drum

MINA (Montenegrin News Agency)
MINA or Montena informativna agencija is a Montenegrin national news agency which was formed on March 11, 2002. It is based in the Montenegrin capital Podgorica. MINA's current executive director is Jaša Jovićević. It has services in Montenegrin, Albanian and English.

A minaret مناره , sometimes مئذنه) is a distinctive architectural feature of Islamic mosques, generally a tall spire with an onion-shaped or conical crown, usually either free standing or taller than any associated support structure. The basic form of a minaret includes a base, shaft, and gallery. Styles vary regionally and by period

Minarets may refer to:*Minarets, an architectural feature of Islamic mosques*Minarets, California, a former town in California*Minarets , mountain peaks in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California*Minarets , a song by Dave Matthews

Mince pie
A mince pie, also known as minced pie, is a small British sweet pie traditionally served during the Christmas season. Its ingredients are traceable to the 13th century, when returning European crusaders brought with them Middle Eastern recipes containing meats, fruits and spices.The early mince pie was known by several names, including mutton pie, shrid pie and Christmas pie

Mincemeat is a mixture of chopped dried fruit, distilled spirits and spices, and sometimes beef suet, beef, or venison. Originally, mincemeat always contained meat. Many modern recipes contain beef suet, though vegetable shortening is sometimes used in its place

The concept of mind is understood in many different ways by many different traditions, ranging from panpsychism and animism to traditional and organized religious views, as well as secular and materialist philosophies. Most agree that minds are constituted by conscious experience and intelligent thought

MIND is an alternative education high school in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Its reputation stems from its community-based programs and its composition of students who feel that they are "unusual" who can not fit into regular school environments, and are accepting of others regardless of thinking habits, personal beliefs or physical makeup.MIND

Mind control
Mind control refers to a process in which a group or individual "systematically uses unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator, often to the detriment of the person being manipulated"

Mind Game (novel)
Mind Game is the second title in the Ghostwalker Series of paranormal romance by Christine Feehan. It appeared in 15 bestseller lists including those of The New York Times, Publishers Weekly, and USA Today.-Plot introduction:

Mind over Matter
Mind Over Matter is Mark Williams' final studio album to date.

Mind Over Matter (Zion I album)
Mind Over Matter is the debut album from Oakland hip hop group Zion I. The effort was one of the most critically acclaimed underground Hip Hop albums of the year 2000, popular for their use of futuristic beats, live instrumentation and positive, socially conscious lyrics. Mind Over Matter was nominated for Independent Album of the Year by The Source in 2000

Mind-body may refer to:* Mind-body connection, a medical model* Mind-body dichotomy, a philosophy of mind* Mind-body exercise, a form of exercise that combines body movement with mental focus* Mind-body intervention, an alternative medicine

A minder is a person assigned to guide or escort a visitor, or to provide protection to somebody, or to otherwise assist or take care of something, i.e

Mindfulness (disambiguation)
Mindfulness is a concept in Buddhist meditiation.Mindfulness may also refer to:* Mindfulness , therapeutic applications based on the concept in Buddhist meditation* Mindfulness, a 1989 book by Ellen Langer* Mindfulness

Mindfulness (psychology)
Modern clinical psychology and psychiatry since the 1970s have developed a number of therapeutic applications based on the concept of mindfulness in Buddhist meditation.-Definitions:

Initiated as an EU-funded project in 2004, MINDS International was founded as an Association in fall 2007 by 11 news agencies from Europe and the USA

In decision theory and general systems theory, a mindset is a set of assumptions, methods or notations held by one or more people or groups of people which is so established that it creates a powerful incentive within these people or groups to continue to adopt or accept prior behaviors, choices, or tools

Mindset (book)
Mindset: The New Psychology of Success was written by Carol S. Dweck and focuses on how differing attitudes affect the way that people view both themselves and their interactions with others. In Mindset, Dweck argues that there are two fundamental mindsets that people use: the fixed mindset and the growth mindset

Mindset (vehicle)
Mindset AG is a Switzerland-based start-up firm founded in July 2007. It is developing the Mindset plug-in hybrid , that should have a range of on a charge or with backup gasoline engine.

Mindstream in Buddhist philosophy is the moment-to-moment "continuum" of awareness. There are a number of terms in the Buddhist literature that may well be rendered "mindstream"

Mindy is an English feminine given name, that is traditionally short for Melinda.Mindy may refer to:-Famous people:*Mindy Cohn , American actress known for her role on the television show The Facts of Life*Mindy Duncan Mindy is an English feminine given name, that is traditionally short for Melinda.Mindy may refer to:-Famous people:*Mindy Cohn (born 1966), American actress known for her role on the television show The Facts of Life*Mindy Duncan Mindy is an English feminine given name, that is traditionally short for Melinda.Mindy may refer to:-Famous people:*Mindy Cohn (born 1966), American actress known for her role on the television show The Facts of Life*Mindy Duncan (born c

Mine or mines can refer to:* Land mine, an anti-tank and anti-personnel weapon* Naval mine, an explosive device placed in water to destroy ships or submarines* Mining, extraction of mineral resources from the groundMine can also refer to:

Mine (novel)
Mine is a novel written by American author Robert R. McCammon. It won the 1990 Bram Stoker Award for Best Novel .-Plot summary:The novel tells the story of Laura Clayborne, a successful journalist, the wife of a stockbroker and mother-to-be

Mined can refer to:* The MinEd text editor* Mining

Minefield (disambiguation)
A minefield is an area covered with land mines.Minefield may also refer to:* "Minefield" , the 29th episode of the television series Star Trek: Enterprise* Minefield, the branding used for trunk builds of Mozilla Firefox

Mineola (Amtrak station)
The Mineola Amtrak station is a train station in Mineola, Texas, United States served by Amtrak, the national railroad passenger system. The station was originally built in 1906 by the Texas and Pacific Railway and also used by the Missouri Pacific Railroad

Mineola (LIRR station)
Mineola is a train station on the Main Line of the Long Island Rail Road in the village of Mineola, New York. All trains for the Port Jefferson, Ronkonkoma, and Oyster Bay branches run through this station, as well as a few for the Montauk Branch. As of May 2011, 145 trains stop at this station every weekday, more than any other station east of Jamaica

A miner is a person whose work or business is to extract ore or minerals from the earth. Mining is one of the most dangerous trades in the world. In some countries miners lack social guarantees and in case of injury may be left to cope without assistance.

Miner (disambiguation)
-An occupation:* A person who works in a mine* A soldier who removes landmines-Flora and fauna:*Australian birds of the genus Manorina in the honeyeater family* South American birds of the genus Geositta in the ovenbird family

Mineral oil
A mineral oil is any of various colorless, odorless, light mixtures of alkanes in the C15 to C40 range from a non-vegetable source, particularly a distillate of petroleum.

Mineral processing
In the field of extractive metallurgy, mineral processing, also known as mineral dressing or ore dressing, is the process of separating commercially valuable minerals from their ores.-History:

Mineralization (biology)
In biology, mineralization refers to the process where an organic substance is converted to an inorganic substance.This may also be a normal biological process which takes place during the life of an organism such as the formation of bone tissue or egg shells, largely with calcium.This term may also be used to indicate the digestion process in which bacteria utilize the organic part

Mineralization (geology)
In geology, mineralization is the hydrothermal deposition of economically important metals in the formation of ore bodies or "lodes".The first scientific studies of this process took place in Cornwall, United Kingdom by J.W.Henwood FRS and later by R.W

Mineralogy is the study of chemistry, crystal structure, and physical properties of minerals. Specific studies within mineralogy include the processes of mineral origin and formation, classification of minerals, their geographical distribution, as well as their utilization.-History:Early writing on mineralogy, especially on gemstones, comes from ancient Babylonia,

Minerva was the Roman goddess whom Romans from the 2nd century BC onwards equated with the Greek goddess Athena. She was the virgin goddess of poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, crafts, magic

The MInisterial NEtwoRk for Valorising Activities in digitisation, or MINERVA, is a European Union organization concerned with the digitisation of cultural and scientific content.

Minerva (ship)
The first Minerva is a cruise ship built in 1989, and originally intended as a Soviet research vessel, the Okean. The deal to purchase her fell through and she was purchased by Swan Hellenic in 1996, and renamed Minerva. She is 436 feet long, has a beam of 65.6 feet and measures 12,500 gross tons

Minerve is the French spelling of the name of the Roman goddess Minerva.The name may also refer to:*Minerve, Hérault, a village in France*French ship Minerve, fifteen ships of the French navy*HMS Minerve, three ships of the Royal Navy

Minerve (airline)
Minerve was a French airline, headquartered in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, that operated from 1975 until it merged with AOM to form AOM French Airlines in 1992.-Company history:

Mineshaft (horse)
Mineshaft was a multi-millionaire American thoroughbred racehorse and successful stallion. He was sired by 1992 U.S. Horse of the Year and U.S. Racing Hall of Fame inductee A.P. Indy, who in turn was a son of 1977 U.S. Triple Crown winner Seattle Slew. His dam, Prospectors Delite, is by the leading North American sire Mr. Prospector

Minestrone is the name for a variety of thick Italian soups made with vegetables, often with the addition of pasta or rice. Common ingredients include beans, onions, celery, carrots, stock, and tomatoes.

Minesweeper may refer to:* A person that performs demining* Minesweeper , a military vessel used to destroy naval mines* Minesweeper , a logic game included with Windows and some Linux operating systems

Minesweeper (Windows)
Windows Minesweeper is a variant of the computer game Minesweeper, created by Curt Johnson, originally for OS/2, and ported to Microsoft Windows by Robert Donner, both Microsoft employees at the time

Minette (actress)
Minette et Lise was a sister couple of two Haitian actresses, singers and dancers, two of the most popular in the French colony of Saint Domingue in Pre-revolutionary Haiti

Ming is a common personal name among Chinese people, Vietnamese people, and Korean people. In pinyin, it is written Míng, in romanized Vietnamese, it is written as Minh, and in Korean it is pronounced Myeong

Ming (clam)
right|thumb|upright|One [[valve |valve]] of the shell of Ming, a clam estimated to be 405-410 years oldMing is the nickname given to a specimen of an ocean quahog clam, Arctica islandica, family Veneridae, and is the oldest living animal ever discovered.Judging by the annual growth rings on the clam's shell, Ming was believed to be in the region of 405–410 years old when

Mingė or Minija is a small fishermen's village in Šilutė district, Lithuania on Minija river, and is part of Nemunas Delta Regional Park. This village is unique in Lithuania as the main "road" is the river. Houses are situated on both banks and there is no bridge to connect them

Supermodel of the World
Supermodel of the World is the debut studio album by American drag queen RuPaul, released on June 8, 1993 by Tommy Boy Records.-Album information:

Supernanny is a reality TV programme which originated in the United Kingdom about parents struggling with their children's behaviour. The UK version has aired on Channel 4 with E4 showing repeats since 2004. The program returned in 2010

The supernatural or is that which is not subject to the laws of nature, or more figuratively, that which is said to exist above and beyond nature

Supernatural (TV series)
Supernatural is an American supernatural and horror television series created by Eric Kripke, which debuted on September 13, 2005 on The WB, and is now part of The CW's lineup. Starring Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, the series follows the brothers as they hunt demons and other figures of the supernatural

A supernova is a stellar explosion that is more energetic than a nova. It is pronounced with the plural supernovae or supernovas. Supernovae are extremely luminous and cause a burst of radiation that often briefly outshines an entire galaxy, before fading from view over several weeks or months

Supernova nucleosynthesis
Supernova nucleosynthesis is the production of new chemical elements inside supernovae. It occurs primarily due to explosive nucleosynthesis during explosive oxygen burning and silicon burning

Superparamagnetism is a form of magnetism, which appears in small ferromagnetic or ferrimagnetic nanoparticles. In sufficiently small nanoparticles, magnetization can randomly flip direction under the influence of temperature. The typical time between two flips is called the Néel relaxation time

Superposition principle
In physics and systems theory, the superposition principle , also known as superposition property, states that, for all linear systems, the net response at a given place and time caused by two or more stimuli is the sum of the responses which would have been caused by each stimulus individually

Superpower (ability)
Superpower is a popular culture term for a fictional superhuman ability. When a character possesses multiple such abilities, the terms super powers or simply powers are used

Superstition is a belief in supernatural causality: that one event leads to the cause of another without any process in the physical world linking the two events.

Superstition Mountains
The Superstition Mountains , popularly referred to as "The Superstitions", are a range of mountains in Arizona located to the east of the Phoenix metropolitan area

A superstructure is an upward extension of an existing structure above a baseline. This term is applied to various kinds of physical structures such as buildings, bridges, or ships

SuperTed is a Welsh teddy bear who has magical super powers. He along with his friend Spotty try to do good. SuperTed was a series of stories created by Mike Young who eventually created a television series based on those stories.-Creation:

Supine position
The supine position is a position of the body: lying down with the face up, as opposed to the prone position, which is face down, sometimes with the hands behind the head or neck. When used in surgical procedures, it allows access to the peritoneal, thoracic and pericardial regions; as well as the head, neck and extremities

Supper at Emmaus (London) (Caravaggio)
The Supper at Emmaus is a painting by the Italian Baroque master Caravaggio, executed in 1601. Originally painted for the Roman nobleman Ciriaco Mattei, and later purchased by Cardinal Scipione Borghese, it is currently on loan to the Art Institute of Chicago, with a permanent home in the National Gallery in London.The painting depicts the moment when the resurrected but incognito

Supply and demand
Supply and demand is an economic model of price determination in a market. It concludes that in a competitive market, the unit price for a particular good will vary until it settles at a point where the quantity demanded by consumers will equal the quantity supplied by producers , resulting in an economic equilibrium of price and quantity.The four

Supply chain
A supply chain is a system of organizations, people, technology, activities, information and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer. Supply chain activities transform natural resources, raw materials and components into a finished product that is delivered to the end customer

Support vector machine
A support vector machine is a concept in statistics and computer science for a set of related supervised learning methods that analyze data and recognize patterns, used for classification and regression analysis

A suppository is a drug delivery system that is inserted into the rectum , vagina or urethra , where it dissolves.They are used to deliver both systemically-acting and locally-acting medications.

A suppressor, sound suppressor, sound moderator, or silencer, is a device attached to or part of the barrel of a firearm which reduces the amount of noise and flash generated by firing the weapon.

Suprasternal notch
The suprasternal notch , also known as the jugular notch, is part of human anatomy. It is a large, visible dip.-Anatomical location:

Supraventricular tachycardia
Supraventricular tachycardia is a general term that refers to any rapid heart rhythm originating above the ventricular tissue. Supraventricular tachycardias can be contrasted to the potentially more dangerous ventricular tachycardias - rapid rhythms that originate within the ventricular tissue.Although technically an SVT can be due to any supraventricular cause, the term is

Supreme Court of California
The Supreme Court of California is the highest state court in California. It is headquartered in San Francisco and regularly holds sessions in Los Angeles and Sacramento. Its decisions are binding on all other California state courts.-Composition:

Supreme Court of the Philippines
The Supreme Court of the Philippines is the Philippines' highest judicial court, as well as the court of last resort. The court consists of 14 Associate Justices and 1 Chief Justice

Supreme Court of Western Australia
The Supreme Court of Western Australia is the highest state court in the Australian State of Western Australia. It has unlimited jurisdiction within the state in civil matters , and hears the most serious criminal matters.The Supreme Court consists of a General Division The Supreme Court of Western Australia is the highest state court in the Australian State of Western Australia. It has unlimited jurisdiction within the state in civil matters (although it usually only hears matters involving sums of A$750,000 or more), and hears the most serious criminal matters.The Supreme Court consists of a General Division The Supreme Court of Western Australia is the highest state court in the Australian State of Western Australia. It has unlimited jurisdiction within the state in civil matters (although it usually only hears matters involving sums of A$750,000 or more), and hears the most serious criminal matters.The Supreme Court consists of a General Division (equivalent to the Trial Division in

Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe is the central command of NATO military forces. It is located at Casteau, north of the Belgian city of Mons

In mathematics, given a subset S of a totally or partially ordered set T, the supremum of S, if it exists, is the least element of T that is greater than or equal to every element of S. Consequently, the supremum is also referred to as the least upper bound . If the supremum exists, it is unique

A sura is a division of the Qur'an, often referred to as a chapter. The term chapter is sometimes avoided, as the suras are of unequal length; the shortest sura has only three ayat while the longest contains 286 ayat

Surat , also known as Suryapur, is the commercial capital city of the Indian state of Gujarat. Surat is India's Eighth most populous city and Ninth-most populous urban agglomeration. It is also administrative capital of Surat district and one of the fastest growing cities in India. The city proper is the third cleanest city in India

Surathkal is a locality under Mangalore City Corporation located in the Dakshina Kannada district, Karnataka state, India

Surdas, the 15th century sightless saint, poet and musician, is known for his devotional songs dedicated to Lord Krishna. Surdas is said to have written and composed a hundred thousand songs in his magnum opus the 'Sur Sagar' , out of which only about 8,000 are extant

Surf (detergent)
Surf is the name of a brand of laundry detergent made by Unilever and sold in the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa and many other countries. In the United States the Surf product line is owned by Sun Products

Surf Life Saving New Zealand
Surf Life Saving New Zealand is the national association representing 73 Surf Life Saving clubs in New Zealand. The organisation's motto is 'In it for life'

Surf skis
A surf ski is a long, narrow, lightweight kayak with an open cockpit, usually with a foot pedal controlled rudder.- Characteristics :

Surface (TV series)
Surface is a science fiction television series that premiered on NBC on 19 September 2005. The program aired fifteen episodes before going on hiatus on February 6, 2006 due to NBC's coverage of the 2006 Winter Olympics

Surface area
Surface area is the measure of how much exposed area a solid object has, expressed in square units. Mathematical description of the surface area is considerably more involved than the definition of arc length of a curve. For polyhedra the surface area is the sum of the areas of its faces

Surface gravity
The surface gravity, g, of an astronomical or other object is the gravitational acceleration experienced at its surface. The surface gravity may be thought of as the acceleration due to gravity experienced by a hypothetical test particle which is very close to the object's surface and which, in order not to disturb the system, has negligible mass.Surface gravity is measured in units

Surface integral
In mathematics, a surface integral is a definite integral taken over a surface ; it can be thought of as the double integral analog of the line integral

Surface mining
Surface mining , is a type of mining in which soil and rock overlying the mineral deposit are removed

Surface plasmon resonance
The excitation of surface plasmons by light is denoted as a surface plasmon resonance for planar surfaces or localized surface plasmon resonance for nanometer-sized metallic structures.

Surface tension
Surface tension is a property of the surface of a liquid that allows it to resist an external force. It is revealed, for example, in floating of some objects on the surface of water, even though they are denser than water, and in the ability of some insects to run on the water surface

Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display
A surface-conduction electron-emitter display is a display technology which is currently developing various flat panel displays by a number of companies as a electronic visual displays. SEDs use nanoscopic-scale electron emitters to energize colored phosphors and produce an image

Surfactants are compounds that lower the surface tension of a liquid, the interfacial tension between two liquids, or that between a liquid and a solid

A surfboard is an elongated platform used in the sport of surfing. Surfboards are relatively light, but are strong enough to support an individual standing on them while riding a breaking wave

Surfer (Guinness)
Surfer is a critically acclaimed integrated advertising campaign launched in 1999 by Diageo to promote Guinness-brand draught stout in the United Kingdom. The cornerstone of the campaign is a television commercial, originally 60 seconds long, which centred around a Polynesian surfer successfully taking on a gigantic wave

Surge protector
A surge protector is an appliance designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes. A surge protector attempts to limit the voltage supplied to an electric device by either blocking or by shorting to ground any unwanted voltages above a safe threshold

Surgery is an ancient medical specialty that uses operative manual and instrumental techniques on a patient to investigate and/or treat a pathological condition such as disease or injury, or to help improve bodily function or appearance.An act of performing surgery may be called a surgical procedure, operation, or

Surgical staple
Surgical staples are specialized staples used in surgery in place of sutures to close skin wounds, connect or remove parts of the bowels or lungs. A more recent development, from the 1990s, uses clips instead of staples for some applications; this does not require the staple to penetrate.Stapling is much faster than suturing by hand, and also more accurate and consistent

Surgical technologist
A surgical technologist, also called "scrub tech," "surgical technician," or "operating room technician", is an allied health professional working as a part of the team delivering surgical care in some countries. They possess knowledge and skills in sterile and aseptic techniques

Suria KLCC
Suria KLCC is Malaysia's premier shopping centre located at the base of the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur City Centre based in Kuala Lumpur. It is located on 6 floors, with anchor tenants Isetan, Parkson Grand, Cold Storage Supermarket, Tanjong Golden Village, Signature's Level 2 Food Court and Marks and Spencer

Surigaonon people
The ' are part of the wider Visayan ethnolinguistic group, who constitute the largest Filipino ethnolinguistic group. Although traditionally grouped with the Cebuanos, the Surigaonons are a distinct identity.-Area:

Surinam toad
Surinam toads, also called star-fingered toads, are members of the frog genus Pipa, within the family Pipidae. They are native to northern South America

Suriname , officially the Republic of Suriname , is a country in northern South America. It borders French Guiana to the east, Guyana to the west, Brazil to the south, and on the north by the Atlantic Ocean. Suriname was a former colony of the British and of the Dutch, and was previously known as Dutch Guiana

Surma-Meghna River System
The Surma-Meghna River System is a river complex in South Asia, one of the three that form the Ganges Delta, the largest on earth. It rises in the Manipur Hills of northeast India as the Barak River and flows west becoming the Surma River and then flows south as the Meghna River, a total of 946 km to the Bay of Bengal.-Barak:From its source in the

Surrealism is a cultural movement that began in the early 1920s, and is best known for the visual artworks and writings of the group members.

Surrealist techniques
Surrealism in art, poetry, and literature uses numerous techniques and games to provide inspiration. Many of these are said to free imagination by producing a creative process free of conscious control. The importance of the unconscious as a source of inspiration is central to the nature of surrealism.The Surrealist movement has been a fractious one since its inception

Surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman carries and delivers a child for another couple or person. This woman may be the child's genetic mother , or she may carry the pregnancy to delivery after having an embryo, to which she has no genetic relationship whatsoever, transferred to her uterus

Surround sound
Surround sound encompasses a range of techniques such as for enriching the sound reproduction quality of an audio source with audio channels reproduced via additional, discrete speakers. Surround sound is characterized by a listener location or sweet spot where the audio effects work best, and presents a fixed or forward perspective of the sound field to the listener at this location

Surry County, North Carolina
Surry County is a county located in the U.S. state of North Carolina. As of 2010, the population was 73,673. Its county seat is Dobson.- History :The county was formed in 1771 from Rowan County

Surtsey is a volcanic island off the southern coast of Iceland. At it is also the southernmost point of Iceland. It was formed in a volcanic eruption which began 130 metres below sea level, and reached the surface on 15 November 1963. The eruption lasted until 5 June 1967, when the island reached its maximum size of

See Also: Public Land Survey SystemSurveying or land surveying is the technique, profession, and science of accurately determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional position of points and the distances and angles between them

Surveyor program
The Surveyor Program was a NASA program that, from 1966 through 1968, sent seven robotic spacecraft to the surface of the Moon. Its primary goal was to demonstrate the feasibility of soft landings on the Moon

Survival of the fittest
"Survival of the fittest" is a phrase originating in evolutionary theory, as an alternative description of Natural selection. The phrase is today commonly used in contexts that are incompatible with the original meaning as intended by its first two proponents: British polymath philosopher Herbert Spencer and Charles Darwin.Herbert Spencer first used the phrase

Surviving veterans of World War I
The last living verified veteran of World War I is Florence Green, a British woman who served in the Allied armed forces. The last combat veteran was Claude Choules who served in the British Royal Navy , and died 5 May 2011, aged 110

Surya Bonaly
Surya Bonaly is a French professional figure skater. She is a three-time World Championship silver medalist, a five-time European Champion, the 1991 World Junior Champion and a nine-time French National Champion.-Career:

Suryavarman II
Suryavarman II was king of the Khmer Empire from 1113 AD to 1145-1150 AD and the builder of Angkor Wat, which he dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu

Susak is a small island on the northern Adriatic coast of Croatia. The name Sansego comes from the Greek word Sansegus meaning oregano which grows in abundance on the island. A small percentage of natives still reside on the island which has increasingly become a popular tourist destination—especially during the peak summer months

Susan B. Anthony
Susan Brownell Anthony was a prominent American civil rights leader who played a pivotal role in the 19th century women's rights movement to introduce women's suffrage into the United States. She was co-founder of the first Women's Temperance Movement with Elizabeth Cady Stanton as President

Susan Cooper
Susan Mary Cooper is an English author best known for The Dark Is Rising, an award-winning five-volume saga set in and around England and Wales. The books incorporate traditional British mythology, such as Arthurian and other Welsh elements with original material ; these books were adapted into a movie, The Seeker