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Metis (reggae artist)
Metis is a Japanese female reggae singer songwriter. She debuted in her early as an R&B artist, but after her first single and album, she signed to another record label to pursue a reggae career.-External links:***

Metonymy is a figure of speech used in rhetoric in which a thing or concept is not called by its own name, but by the name of something intimately associated with that thing or concept

The metre , symbol m, is the base unit of length in the International System of Units . Originally intended to be one ten-millionth of the distance from the Earth's equator to the North Pole , its definition has been periodically refined to reflect growing knowledge of metrology

Metric may refer to:* the metric system of measurement** International System of Units, or Système International , the modern form of the metric system** Metric ton, a measurement of mass equal to 1,000 kg

Metric (vector bundle)
In differential geometry, the notion of a metric tensor can be extended to an arbitrary vector bundle. Specifically, if M is a topological manifold and E → M a vector bundle on M, then a metric on E is a bundle map g : E ×M E → M × R from the fiber product of E with itself

Metrica is a global media analysis, media evaluation and PR planning consultancy. Headquartered in London, the business was founded in 1993. The company works in the fields of reputation management, public relations measurement and content analysis

Metro is an abbreviation of metropolitan, and is the name of many products and services relating to urban areas, especially public transport systems.-Rapid transit systems:

Metro (Belgian newspaper)
Metro is a free newspaper in Belgium, distributed on working days and aiming in particular at 18-44 year old urban, active, mobile students and commuters. Separate Dutch and French-language versions, each with its own content, are according to the area's language available in railway stations, subway stations, universities, etc

Metro (department store)
Metro is a department store in Singapore, Indonesia and other countries, operating 7 stores, 5 in Jakarta, one in Bandung and one in MakassarThe first METRO store opened in 1991 at Mall Pondok Indah.The second store at Plaza Senayan opened in 1995.

METRO (supermarket, Cyprus)
METRO is one of the leading supermarket chains in Cyprus. It currently operates with 3 stores in Nicosia and 1 store in Larnaca.In October 1982, METRO Foods Trading Ltd was established with its first hypermarket in Larnaca.

Metro (supermarket, Greece)
Metro is a supermarket chain in Greece. It was established in 1976 as a partnership of eight independent grocery stores. In the same year, Metro opened its first self-branded supermarket in Athens. Today the company has 69 stores all over Greece

MetroCard (disambiguation)
The following fare cards are known as the MetroCard or Metrocard:*MetroCard , United States, used on subways, buses, and other systems*MetroCard , Japan, used on Tokyo Metro subway systems 1988–2007, replaced by Passmo IC-Card

Metropolia may mean:* Metropolia is the pre-1970 general term for the Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church in America, now known as the Orthodox Church in America .* Metropolia is a Polish Business Magazine published in the UK since 2007.

A metropolis is a very large city or urban area which is a significant economic, political and cultural center for a country or region, and an important hub for regional or international connections and communications

Metropolis (American magazine)
Metropolis is a monthly magazine about architecture and design, with a focus on sustainability. It is based in New York and has been published since 1981, with the current print circulation around 57,000.

Metropolis (Anatolia)
The classical city of Metropolis is situated in western Turkey near Torbali - approximately 40 km SE of Izmir. The city was first investigated through archaeological field work from 1972 by Professor Recep Meriç from the Dokuz Eylül University, Izmir. Metropolis has been excavated since 1989.Classical, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods are represented

Metropolis (anime)
Metropolis is a 2001 [anime] film and loosely based on the 1949 Metropolis manga created by the late Osamu Tezuka, itself inspired by the 1927 German silent film of the same name, though the two do not share plot elements. The anime, however, does draw aspects of its storyline directly from the 1927 film

Metropolis (Auckland building)
Metropolis is a 40-storey residential / hotel skyscraper in the Auckland CBD of Auckland, New Zealand, developed in 1999 by Krukziener Properties. Commended for its style and quality, the NZ$180 million cost of its construction also led to major financial fallout. Metropolis is considered one of Auckland's most exclusive apartment buildings.- References :

Metropolis (Client album)
Metropolis is a compilation album by the English electronic group Client. It was first released digitally on 2 May 2005, and was later made available on CD on 20 April 2006 exclusively at the Client Store

Metropolis (mall)
Metropolis is a . open-air lifestyle center located in Plainfield, Indiana, just southwest of Indianapolis. A progressive shopping and entertainment destination, Metropolis has given Westside shoppers a regional shopping destination

Metropolis (Seigmen album)
Metropolis is an album by Norwegian rock band Seigmen. In addition to this version, sung in Norwegian, there is also an English version called Metropolis - The Grandmaster Recordings.-Track listing:# "Metropolis" – 6:13# "Regn" - 4:16

Metropolis (song)
"Metropolis" is a single released in 1992 by The Future Sound of London under the alias 'Metropolis'.Its sound had a big impact on early nineties electronica releases and has a distinctly house feel to it with a funky break-beat and baseline and a choppy, repeating electro riff. It was made available to buy on their online shop in 2007, along with other rarities

Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory
Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory is the fifth studio album by American progressive metal band Dream Theater, released in 1999. It is a concept album that deals with the story of a man named Nicholas and the discovery of his past life, which involves love, murder, and infidelity as Victoria Page

Metropolitan may refer to:* A metropolis* A metropolitan area* A metropole, "mother country", or central part of a colonizing state* Metropolitan bishop or archbishop, leader of an ecclesiastical "mother see"

Metropolitan (train)
The Metropolitan was a premium train service operated by Deutsche Bahn AG between Cologne and Hamburg in Germany.

Metropolitans may refer to:Sports*New York Metropolitans , a New York baseball team*New York Mets , a Major League Baseball team*Seattle Metropolitans , a Seattle ice hockey teamOther uses

Metrosexual (disambiguation)
Metrosexual is a 2000s term for a trend among heterosexual men.Metrosexual may also refer to:*Metrosexual , Thai-made in 2006See also:* Metrosexuality, a television series

The Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard is a metadata standard for encoding descriptive, administrative, and structural metadata regarding objects within a digital library, expressed using the XML schema language of the World Wide Web Consortium

Mett is a preparation of minced pork that is popular in Germany.-Description:The name is derived from Low German mett for "chopped pork meat without bacon", or Old Saxon meti for "food". It also known as Hackepeter

Mette is a female given name of Scandinavian origin. It's descended from the name Margaret, and may refer to:*Mette Marit, Crown Princess of Norway*Mette Andersen, Danish cyclist*Mette Bergmann, Norwegian discus thrower*Mette Frederiksen, Danish politician

Metten is a municipality in the district of Deggendorf in Bavaria in Germany. The town grew up round Metten Abbey, founded in 766. Metten is also the birthplace of former Bayern Munich goalkeeper Sepp Maier.

Metu (woreda)
Metu is one of the 180 woredas in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. Part of the Illubabor Zone, Metu is bordered on the south by Ale, on the southwest by Bure, on the west by the Mirab Welega Zone, on the north by Darimu, on the northeast by Supena Sodo, on the east by Yayu and on the southeast by Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region

Metz (drink)
Metz is a discontinued Schnapps-based alcopop by Bacardi.Other brands include Black Metz and Still Metz .-Advertising:

Meuse is a department in northeast France, named after the River Meuse.-History:Meuse is one of the original 83 departments created during the French Revolution on March 4, 1790

- Animal lodgings :*Mews, a stable for horses*Royal Mews, in London*Mews , bird pens- Other uses :*Mew, to grub or munch*Mew , from Denmark*Mew , a character in Pokémon media*Common Gull, a medium-sized gull

MeWa is a LaTeX editor for Windows. It was previously called LaTeXEditor. MeWa works well with the MiKTeX distribution and comes with a spell checker.-External links:*

Mews is a primarily British term formerly describing a row of stables, usually with carriage houses below and living quarters above, built around a paved yard or court, or along a street, behind large city houses, such as those of London, during the 17th and 18th centuries. The word may also refer to the lane, alley or back street onto which such stables open

The Mexica or Mexicas — called Aztecs in occidental historiography, although this term is not limited to the Mexica — were an indigenous people of the Valley of Mexico, known today as the rulers of the Aztec empire

Mexican (disambiguation)
Mexican may refer to:* Related to, from, or connected to the nation of Mexico, a country in North America* Mexican people, ethnic people inhabiting Mexico

Mexican standoff
A Mexican standoff is a slang term defined as a stalemate or impasse; a confrontation that neither side can foreseeably win. The term is most often used in lieu of "stalemate" when the confrontational situation is exceptionally dangerous for all parties involved.In popular culture, the Mexican standoff is usually portrayed as two or more opponents with guns drawn and ready, creating a

Mexico (barque)
Mexico was a barque that was wrecked off Southport on 9 December 1886. She was repaired only to be lost in Scottish waters in 1890.-Shipwreck:

Mexico (Bob Moore song)
"Mexico" is the title of a 1961 instrumental recording by American bassist, orchestra leader and Rockabilly Hall of Fame member Bob Moore. Moore was a noted session musician in the 1950s and 1960s who worked with Elvis Presley, Pat Boone, Roy Orbison and Brenda Lee, among others

Mexico (Jefferson Airplane song)
"Mexico" is a single released in May 1970 by the San Francisco rock band Jefferson Airplane, produced by the band at Pacific High Recording Studios with Phill Sawyer as the recording engineer

Mexico (Song)
"Mexico" is a song by American alternative rock band Butthole Surfers, from their 2001 album Weird Revolution.- Song structure :The song starts with a muffled voice talking, which then says more audibly "We love him.". Then, it goes to Gibby chanting the lyrics, "God, Zeus, Allah, Buddha... Bob Dylan on a motor scooter."

Mexico City (disambiguation)
Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and coterminous with the Federal District.Mexico City may also refer to:*Greater Mexico City, the metropolitan area that contains Mexico City proper and several adjacent municipalities

Mexico City (former administrative division)
Mexico City was the name of an administrative subdivision of the Mexican Federal District that existed from 1941 to 1970.Mexico City was formed by merging the Central Department and the delegación of General Anaya

Meydan may refer to:*Meydan Racecourse*Meydan *Meydan, Afghanistan

Mezarkabul is a Turkish metal band formed by Hakan Utangaç and Cenk Ünnü. Mezarkabul is known for integrating Anatolian elements into their music. Mezarkabul means 'accepting the grave', or literally 'grave accept' in Turkish.

Mezquita (disambiguation)
Mezquita, meaning mosque in Spanish, may refer to:Structures* The Mezquita, a mosque and architectural landmark in the city of Córdoba, Spain* Mezquita de las Tornerias, a mosque in Toledo, Spain.Populated places

A mezuzah is usually a metal or wooden rectangular object that is fastened to a doorpost of a Jewish house. Inside it is a piece of parchment inscribed with specified Hebrew verses from the Torah

A mezzaluna is a knife consisting of a single or double curved blade with a handle on each end. It is often used for chopping herbs or very large single blade versions are sometimes used for pizza or pesto.-Name:

Mezzanine may refer to:* Mezzanine , an intermediate floor between main floors of a building* Mezzanine, in technology, can refer to a thin sheet of plastic insulating different parts of circuitry from each other in cramped environments, such as laptop interiors* Mezzanine board, or daughterboard, an extension of a motherboard* Advanced Mezzanine Card, a specification of

Mezzanotte (1915 film)
Mezzanotte is a 1915 Italian film directed by Augusto Genina.

mezzo is the Italian word for "half", "middle" or "medium". It is pronounced in English, but in Italian.In music, mezzo is the beginning of various Italian musical terms

A mezzo-soprano is a type of classical female singing voice whose range lies between the soprano and the contralto singing voices, usually extending from the A below middle C to the A two octaves above

MF or mf may refer to:* Master of ForestryLiterature* M/F, a novel by Anthony BurgessMedia* MF Milano Finanza, an Italian business newspaper* MF Dow Jones News , an Italian financial news agency

MF Doom
Daniel Dumile is a hip hop artist who has taken on several stage names in his career, most notably MF DOOM, where the "MF" stands for metal face, and for tracks he has produced, metal fingers

MFA may refer to:An academic degree or professional field:* Masters of Finance and Accounting* Master of Financial Analysis* Master of Fine Arts* Material Flow Accounting* Material Flow AnalysisA concept or phrase:* Made For Ads

MG, M.G., M-G and variants may refer to:Business* MG Cars , a British automobile manufacturer, now part of SAIC* Champion Air , an American charter airline with IATA code MGEducation

MGMT is an American alternative rock band founded by Benjamin Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden. After the release of their first album, the members of their live band, Matthew Asti, James Richardson and Will Berman, joined the core band in the studio

- Business :*Management information, a part of the internal controls of a business*Mortgage insurance, or mortgage guaranty, an insurance policy which compensates lenders or investors for losses due to the default of a mortgage loan* a stock ticker for M&I Bank

- Business :*Management information, a part of the internal controls of a business*Mortgage insurance, or mortgage guaranty, an insurance policy which compensates lenders or investors for losses due to the default of a mortgage loan* a stock ticker for M&I Bank

Mi (Faye Wong album)
Mystery is a 1994 album recorded by Chinese Cantopop singer Faye Wong when she was based in Hong Kong.Although she had included a few Mandarin Chinese songs in her 1993 albums No Regrets and 100,000 Whys, Mystery was her first album recorded entirely in Mandarin rather than the Hong Kong majority dialect of Cantonese

Mia (Chevelle song)
"Mia" is the second single from Chicago alternative metal band Chevelle's debut album Point #1.-Video:The video for the song was completely stop-motion animated, very much like the band Tool's music videos.-External links:

MIA (gene)
Melanoma-derived growth regulatory protein is a protein that in humans is encoded by the MIA gene.It is a marker for malignant melanoma.-Further reading:

Mia (name)
Mia is a popular name for girls in England, the United States, Germany, the Philippines, and in other countries. Mia was in the top 10 names for baby girls in Germany in 2006. It is a pet name for Maria, Amelia, Emilia and Amalia.

Stourbridge Town Branch Line
The Stourbridge Town Branch Line is a railway branch line, in Stourbridge, West Midlands, England. It is claimed to be the shortest branch line in Europe, and many miniature railways are certainly longer.

Stow, Massachusetts
Stow is a town in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States. The population was 6,590 at the 2010 census.- History :Stow was first settled c. 1660 by Matthew Boon and John Kettell

STP (motor oil company)
STP is an American brand and trade name for the automotive additives, lubricants and performance division of Armored AutoGroup.Founded in 1953 in Saint Joseph, Missouri, the company’s name, STP, was derived from “Scientifically Treated Petroleum”

Strabismus surgery
Strabismus surgery is surgery on the extraocular muscles to correct the misalignment of the eyes. With approximately 1.2 million procedures each year, extraocular muscle surgery is the third most common eye surgery in the United States.-Types:

Stradivari Society
The Stradivari Society is a philanthropic organization based in Chicago, Illinois, best known for its arranging deals between owners of antique string instruments such as those made by luthiers Antonio Stradivari and Giuseppe Guarneri, for use by talented musicians and performers

The name Stradivarius is associated with violins built by members of the Stradivari family, particularly Antonio Stradivari. According to their reputation, the quality of their sound has defied attempts to explain or reproduce, though this belief is controversial

The inline-four engine or straight-four engine is an internal combustion engine with all four cylinders mounted in a straight line, or plane along the crankcase. The single bank of cylinders may be oriented in either a vertical or an inclined plane with all the pistons driving a common crankshaft. Where it is inclined, it is sometimes called a slant-four

The straight-six engine or inline-six engine is a six-cylinder internal combustion engine with all six cylinders mounted in a straight line along the crankcase

Strait of Gibraltar
The Strait of Gibraltar is a narrow strait that connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea and separates Spain in Europe from Morocco in Africa. The name comes from Gibraltar, which in turn originates from the Arabic Jebel Tariq , albeit the Arab name for the Strait is Bab el-Zakat or "Gate of Charity"

Strait of Juan de Fuca
The Strait of Juan de Fuca is a large body of water about long that is the Salish Sea outlet to the Pacific Ocean

Strait of Malacca
The Strait of Malacca is a narrow, stretch of water between the Malay Peninsula and the Indonesian island of Sumatra. It is named after the Malacca Sultanate that ruled over the archipelago between 1414 to 1511.-Extent:

A straitjacket is a garment shaped like a jacket with overlong sleeves and is typically used to restrain a person who may otherwise cause harm to themselves or others. Once the arms are inserted into the straitjacket's sleeves, they are then crossed across the chest

Straken is the third book in the High Druid of Shannara trilogy of Terry Brooks' Shannara series. First published in 2005, it takes place immediately after the events of Tanequil

Strange Circus
-Plot:School principal Ozawa Gozo rapes his daughter, Mitsuko, after she sees her parents having sex. Her mother Sayuri witnesses the rape. Gozo now rapes both of them as he pleases, while his family is undermined by incest, suicide, and murder... such is the erotic novel wheel-bound novelist Taeko sets on to write

Stranger Than Fiction (film)
Stranger than Fiction is a 2006 American comedy-drama-fantasy film directed by Marc Forster, written by Zach Helm, and starring Will Ferrell, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Dustin Hoffman, Queen Latifah, and Emma Thompson

Strangle (options)
In finance, a strangle is an investment strategy involving the purchase or sale of particular option derivatives that allows the holder to profit based on how much the price of the underlying security moves, with relatively minimal exposure to the direction of price movement

Strasbourg is the capital and principal city of the Alsace region in eastern France and is the official seat of the European Parliament. Located close to the border with Germany, it is the capital of the Bas-Rhin département. The city and the region of Alsace are historically German-speaking, explaining the city's Germanic name

Strasbourg Cathedral
Strasbourg Cathedral or the Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Strasbourg, France. Although considerable parts of it are still in Romanesque architecture, it is widely consideredSusan Bernstein: , The Johns Hopkins University Press to be among the finest examples of high, or late, Gothic architecture

Strasburg Rail Road
The Strasburg Rail Road is a heritage railroad located near Strasburg, Pennsylvania. It operates excursion trains hauled by steam locomotives in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country.Across the street lies the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

Strategic Air Command
The Strategic Air Command was both a Major Command of the United States Air Force and a "specified command" of the United States Department of Defense. SAC was the operational establishment in charge of America's land-based strategic bomber aircraft and land-based intercontinental ballistic missile strategic nuclear arsenal from 1946 to 1992

Strategic Arms Limitation Talks
The Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty refers to two rounds of bilateral talks and corresponding international treaties involving the United States and the Soviet Union—the Cold War superpowers—on the issue of armament control. There were two rounds of talks and agreements: SALT I and SALT II.Negotiations commenced in Helsinki, Finland, in 1969

Strategic bombing
Strategic bombing is a military strategy used in a total war with the goal of defeating an enemy nation-state by destroying its economic ability and public will to wage war rather than destroying its land or naval forces

Strategic bombing during World War II
Strategic bombing during World War II is a term which refers to all aerial bombardment of a strategic nature between 1939 and 1945 involving any nations engaged in World War II

Strategic Defense Initiative
The Strategic Defense Initiative was proposed by U.S. President Ronald Reagan on March 23, 1983 to use ground and space-based systems to protect the United States from attack by strategic nuclear ballistic missiles. The initiative focused on strategic defense rather than the prior strategic offense doctrine of mutual assured destruction

Strategic information system
The concept of Strategic Information Systems or "SIS" was first introduced into the field of information systems in 1982-83 by Dr. Charles Wiseman, President of a newly formed consultancy called "Competitive Applications," The concept of Strategic Information Systems or "SIS" was first introduced into the field of information systems in 1982-83 by Dr. Charles Wiseman, President of a newly formed consultancy called "Competitive Applications," The concept of Strategic Information Systems or "SIS" was first introduced into the field of information systems in 1982-83 by Dr. Charles Wiseman, President of a newly formed consultancy called "Competitive Applications," (cf

Stratford is a place name found in many English-speaking countries. It derives from the Old English words stræt and ford

Stratford International station
Stratford International station is a main line railway and Docklands Light Railway station located in Stratford in the London Borough of Newham in northeast London, United Kingdom

Stratford, California
Stratford is a census-designated place in Kings County, California, United States. Stratford is located southwest of Hanford, at an elevation of 203 feet . It is part of the Hanford–Corcoran Metropolitan Statistical Area

Stratford-upon-Avon is a market town and civil parish in south Warwickshire, England. It lies on the River Avon, south east of Birmingham and south west of Warwick. It is the largest and most populous town of the District of Stratford-on-Avon, which uses the term "on" to indicate that it covers a much larger area than the town itself

Strathspey, Scotland
Strathspey is the area around the strath of the River Spey, Scotland, in both the Moray council area and the Badenoch and Strathspey committee area of Highland.

The stratosphere is the second major layer of Earth's atmosphere, just above the troposphere, and below the mesosphere. It is stratified in temperature, with warmer layers higher up and cooler layers farther down. This is in contrast to the troposphere near the Earth's surface, which is cooler higher up and warmer farther down

Straw is an agricultural by-product, the dry stalks of cereal plants, after the grain and chaff have been removed. Straw makes up about half of the yield of cereal crops such as barley, oats, rice, rye and wheat. It has many uses, including fuel, livestock bedding and fodder, thatching and basket-making

Straw hat
A straw hat is a brimmed hat that is woven out of straw or reeds. The hat is designed to protect the head from the sun and against heatstroke, but straw hats were also used in fashion and as a decorative element of a uniform.- Manufacture :

Straw man
A straw man is a component of an argument and is an informal fallacy based on misrepresentation of an opponent's position, twisting his words or by means of [false] assumptions

Strawberry Fields Festival
The Strawberry Fields Festival was a rock music festival held at Mosport Park Raceway in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada, about 100 kilometers east of Toronto, between August 7 and the early morning hours of August 10, 1970. Although accounts vary, the audience has been estimated at between 75,000 and 100,000 people

Strawberry Fields Forever
"Strawberry Fields Forever" is a song by The Beatles, written by John Lennon and attributed to the Lennon–McCartney songwriting partnership. It was inspired by Lennon's memories of playing in the garden of a Salvation Army house named "Strawberry Field" near his childhood home."Strawberry Fields Forever" was intended for the album Sgt

Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberry Shortcake is a licensed character owned by American Greetings, originally used in greeting cards and expanded to include dolls, posters, and other products

Strawberry Tree
Arbutus unedo, commonly called Strawberry Tree, Apple of Cain, or Cane Apple, is an evergreen shrub or small tree in the family Ericaceae, native to the Mediterranean region and western Europe north to western France and Ireland

Stream Energy
Stream Energy is an American retail electricity and natural gas firm active in the Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Georgia deregulated energy markets and headquartered within the building in Dallas

Streaming media
Streaming media is multimedia that is constantly received by and presented to an end-user while being delivered by a streaming provider.The term "presented" is used in this article in a general sense that includes audio or video playback. The name refers to the delivery method of the medium rather than to the medium itself

Streatham (UK Parliament constituency)
Streatham is a borough constituency represented in the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It elects one Member of Parliament by the first past the post system of election.-Boundaries:

Streator, Illinois
Streator is a city in LaSalle and partially in Livingston counties in the U.S. state of Illinois. The city is situated on the Vermilion River approximately southwest of Chicago, Illinois in the prairie and farm land of north-central Illinois. It is the center of the geographic region known as Streatorland

Strecker amino acid synthesis
The Strecker amino acid synthesis, devised by Adolph Strecker, is a series of chemical reactions that synthesize an amino acid from an aldehyde . The aldehyde is condensed with ammonium chloride in the presence of potassium cyanide to form an α-aminonitrile, which is subsequently hydrolyzed to give the desired amino-acid

A street is a paved public thoroughfare in a built environment. It is a public parcel of land adjoining buildings in an urban context, on which people may freely assemble, interact, and move about. A street can be as simple as a level patch of dirt, but is more often paved with a hard, durable surface such as concrete, cobblestone or brick

Street and Racing Technology
Street & Racing Technology is a high-performance automobile group within Chrysler LLC. SRT began as "Team Viper" to develop the Dodge Viper. It later merged with "Team Prowler", the developers of the Plymouth Prowler, to become Specialty Vehicle Engineering . This was renamed Performance Vehicle Operations

Street children
A street child is a child who lives on the streets of a city, deprived of family care and protection. Most children on the streets are between the ages of about 5 and 17 years old.Street children live in junk boxes, parks or on the street itself

Street light
A street light, lamppost, street lamp, light standard, or lamp standard is a raised source of light on the edge of a road or walkway, which is turned on or lit at a certain time every night. Modern lamps may also have light-sensitive photocells to turn them on at dusk, off at dawn, or activate automatically in dark weather

Street name
A street name or odonym is an identifying name given to a street. The street name usually forms part of the address

Street prostitution
Street prostitution is a form of prostitution in which a sex worker solicits customers from a public place, most commonly a street, while waiting at street corners or walking alongside a street, but also other public places such as parks, beaches, etc. The street prostitute is often dressed in a provocative manner

Street racing
Street racing is a form of unsanctioned and illegal motor racing which takes place on public roads. Street racing can either be spontaneous or well-planned and coordinated. Well coordinated races are planned in advance and often have people communicating via 2-way radio/citizens' band radio and using police scanners and GPS units to mark locations of local police hot spots

Streetball or street basketball is a variation of the sport of basketball, typically played on outdoor courts and featuring significantly less by way of formal structure and enforcement of the game's rules

Streetcars in New Orleans
Streetcars in New Orleans have been an integral part of the city's public transportation network since the first half of the 19th century. The longest of New Orleans' streetcar lines, the St. Charles Avenue Streetcar, is the oldest continuously operating street railway system in the world, according to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Streets (ice cream)
Streets Ice-cream is an Australian ice-cream brand owned by the multi-national company, Unilever.Streets was founded in Corrimal, New South Wales in the 1930s by Edwin 'Ted' Street and Gordon Rider and is now Australia's largest ice-cream manufacturer. Products were manufactured at a factory in the Sydney suburb of Turrella until 1996, when production moved to a new facility in Minto

Strelitzia is a genus of five species of perennial plants, native to South Africa. The genus is named after the duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, birthplace of Queen Charlotte of the United Kingdom. A common name of the genus is bird of paradise flower, because of a supposed resemblance of its flowers to the bird of paradise

Strength of materials
In materials science, the strength of a material is its ability to withstand an applied stress without failure. The applied stress may be tensile, compressive, or shear. Strength of materials is a subject which deals with loads, deformations and the forces acting on a material. A load applied to a mechanical member will induce internal forces within the member called stresses

Streptocarpus is a genus of herbaceous flowering plants in the family Gesneriaceae, closely related to the genus Saintpaulia. One common name is Cape Primrose, referring to the nativity of several species to South Africa and their superficial resemblance to the genus Primula

Streptococcus is a genus of spherical Gram-positive bacteria belonging to the phylum Firmicutes and the lactic acid bacteria group. Cellular division occurs along a single axis in these bacteria, and thus they grow in chains or pairs, hence the name — from Greek στρεπτος streptos, meaning easily bent or twisted, like a chain

Streptococcus mutans
Streptococcus mutans is a facultatively aerobic, Gram-positive coccus-shaped bacterium commonly found in the human oral cavity and is a significant contributor to tooth decay.The microbe was first described by J Kilian Clarke in 1924.-Introduction:

Streptococcus pyogenes
Streptococcus pyogenes is a spherical, Gram-positive bacterium that is the cause of group A streptococcal infections. S. pyogenes displays streptococcal group A antigen on its cell wall. S

Streptococcus viridans
Viridans Streptococcus is a pseudotaxonomic non-Linnaenan term for a large group of commensal streptococcal bacteria that are either α-hemolytic, producing a green coloration on blood agar plates , or nonhemolytic

Stresa Front
The Stresa Front was an agreement made in Stresa, a town on the banks of Lake Maggiore in Italy, between French foreign minister Pierre Laval, British prime minister Ramsay MacDonald, and Italian prime minister Benito Mussolini on April 14, 1935

Stress management
Stress management is the alteration of stress and especially chronic stress often for the purpose of improving everyday functioning.Stress produces numerous symptoms which vary according to persons, situations, and severity. These can include physical health decline as well as depression. According to the St

Stress-strain curve
During tensile testing of a material sample, the stress–strain curve is a graphical representation of the relationship between stress, derived from measuring the load applied on the sample, and strain, derived from measuring the deformation of the sample, i.e. elongation, compression, or distortion

Strident may refer to* Strident vowels* Strident consonants, a feature related to sibilant consonants, but also including labiodental and uvular fricatives.* Strident Publishing Company

In Romanian mythology, strigoi are the troubled souls of the dead rising from the grave. Some strigoi can be living people with certain magical properties. Some of the properties of the strigoi include: the ability to transform into an animal, invisibility, and the propensity to drain the vitality of victims via blood loss

Strike action
Strike action, also called labour strike, on strike, greve , or simply strike, is a work stoppage caused by the mass refusal of employees to work. A strike usually takes place in response to employee grievances. Strikes became important during the industrial revolution, when mass labour became important in factories and mines

Strike Commander
Strike Commander is a flight sim computer game for MS-DOS released in 1993 by the now defunct Origin Systems and designed by Chris Roberts. Its 3D graphics-engine used both gouraud shading and texture-mapping on both aircraft-models and terrain, an impressive feat at the time

Strike Up the Band (song)
"Strike Up the Band" is a 1927 song composed by George Gershwin, with lyrics by Ira Gershwin. It was written for the 1927 musical Strike Up the Band, where it formed part of a satire on war and militaristic music

String Quartets Nos. 1 - 6, Opus 18 (Beethoven)
Ludwig van Beethoven's opus 18, published in 1801 by T. Mollo et Comp in Vienna, consisted of his first six string quartets. They were composed between 1798 and 1800 to fulfill a commission for Prince Lobkowitz, who was the employer of Beethoven's friend, the violinist Karl Amenda

String theory
String theory is an active research framework in particle physics that attempts to reconcile quantum mechanics and general relativity. It is a contender for a theory of everything , a manner of describing the known fundamental forces and matter in a mathematically complete system