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Meno (disambiguation)
Meno is a Socratic dialogue written by Plato.Meno may also refer to:* Meno's slave, a character in Plato's Meno* Meno, Oklahoma, United States* Meno Burg , Jewish Prussian military officer

Menoetius may refer to:* Menoetius , all the mythological characters with the name 'Menoetius'* Menoetius , moon of Jupiter Trojan asteroid 617 Patroclus

Menopause is a term used to describe the permanent cessation of the primary functions of the human ovaries: the ripening and release of ova and the release of hormones that cause both the creation of the uterine lining and the subsequent shedding of the uterine lining

Menorah has two principal meanings:* Menorah - a seven-branched lampstand used in the ancient Tabernacle in the desert and Temple in Jerusalem, a symbol of Judaism since ancient times and the emblem of the modern state of Israel.

In Roman mythology, Mens, also known as Bona Mens or Mens Bona , was the personification of thought, consciousness and the mind, and also of "right-thinking". Her festival was celebrated on June 8

Mensa meaning table in Latin, may refer to:*Mensa International, an organization for people with high IQs*Mensa , a southern star constellation*Mensa , a term used by geologists to refer to an extraterrestrial mesa

Mensa (geology)
In planetary geology, the word mensa is used to refer to a large mesa-like area of raised land.

Mensch means "a person of integrity and honor". The opposite of a "mensch" is an "unmensch" . According to Leo Rosten, the Yiddish maven and author of The Joys of Yiddish, "mensch" is "someone to admire and emulate, someone of noble character

Mensch (album)
Mensch, released in 2002, is the 20th music release by prominent German rock/pop artist Herbert Grönemeyer. Mensch is Grönemeyer's 11th full-length album of original compositions. The title track Mensch became Grönemeyer's first number-one single in Germany

Mense is an Afrikaans edition of People magazine published by Caxton Magazines in South Africa.

Menstruation is the shedding of the uterine lining . It occurs on a regular basis in sexually reproductive-age females of certain mammal species. This article focuses on human menstruation.-Overview:

MENT may refer* A brand name for a hormone* Trestolone a synthetic androgen developed for male contraception* Myeloid and erythroid nuclear termination stage specific protein a member of the serpin family of protease inhibitors

Mental, a word referring to aspects of, or things related to, the mind; or in anatomy, the skull, e.g. the mental foramen, can also mean:* a slang, pejorative term used to describe people who act like lunatics, which is itself an outdated term for people with mental disorders* Mental , a 2009 television series produced by Fox Telecolombia

Mental (TV series)
Mental is a television series produced by Fox's subsidiary Fox Telecolombia, which aired in the summer and fall of 2009 on FOX international channels for Latin America, Europe and Asia, starring Chris Vance and Annabella Sciorra

Mental breakdown
Mental breakdown is a non-medical term used to describe an acute, time-limited phase of a specific disorder that presents primarily with features of depression or anxiety.-Definition:

Mental Hospital
Mental hospital may refer to:*Psychiatric hospital*hospital in Nepal named Mental Hospital

Mental representation
A representation, in philosophy of mind, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and cognitive science, is a hypothetical internal cognitive symbol that represents external reality, or else a mental process that makes use of such a symbol; "a formal system for making explicit certain entities or types of information, together with a specification of how the system does this."In

Menthol is an organic compound made synthetically or obtained from peppermint or other mint oils. It is a waxy, crystalline substance, clear or white in color, which is solid at room temperature and melts slightly above. The main form of menthol occurring in nature is -menthol, which is assigned the configuration

Menthol cigarette
A menthol cigarette is a cigarette flavored with the compound menthol, a substance which triggers the cold-sensitive nerves in the skin without actually providing a drop in temperature.

"Mentiroso" is the first single released internationally by Enrique Iglesias from his fourth full-Spanish album Quizás.-Song information:The track was written by Cheín García-Alonso and Enrique Iglesias. It was released to U.S

In Greek mythology, Mentor was the son of Alcimus or Anchialus. In his old age Mentor was a friend of Odysseus who placed Mentor and Odysseus' foster-brother Eumaeus in charge of his son Telemachus, and of Odysseus' palace, when Odysseus left for the Trojan War.When Athena visited Telemachus she took the disguise of Mentor to hide herself

MENTOR / The National Mentoring Partnership is an advocate and resource for mentoring in the United States. It is a 501 nonprofit organization, with headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia.

Mentor (comics)
Mentor is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.-Publication history:Mentor first appeared in [Uncanny] X-Men #107-109 as a member of the Shi'ar Imperium's Imperial Guard and was created by Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum.The character subsequently appears in The Uncanny X-Men #157 , ROM Annual #4 , X-Men: Spotlight

Mentor (film)
Mentor is a 2006 drama film directed by David Langlitz and written by William Whitehurst, exploring the relationship between a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and his protegé.The film stars Rutger Hauer, Matthew Davis, Dagmara Dominczyk, and Susan Misner.

Mentor (satellite)
MENTOR, sometimes called Advanced Orion by observers, is reportedly a code-name for a class of United States spy satellites that collect signals intelligence from space

The mentum refers to a projecting structure near the mouth of any of several animals:#In insects, the mentum is the distal part of the labium. The mentum bears the palps, glossae, paraglossae, and/or ligula.

Menu (film)
Menu is a 1933 short comedy film directed by Nick Grinde, produced by Pete Smith, and filmed in Technicolor. The film was nominated for an Academy Award in 1933 for Best Short Subject

Meo (IPTV)
Meo is the commercial name of a TV subscription service provided by PT Comunicações. The service can be delivered either through IPTV or Satellite link and is available throughout Portugal.

Meow is an imitative word for a sound made in cat communication. It may also refer to:- Music :* Miou Miou, a Czech pop band* Miaow , an English band* Miaow , a 1994 album by The Beautiful South

Mephistopheles is a demon featured in German folklore

Mephitis (genus)
The genus Mephitis is one of several genera of skunks, which has two species and a North American distribution.*Striped Skunk *Hooded Skunk

Meppen (Coevorden)
Meppen is a village in the Netherlands and it is part of the Coevorden municipality in Drenthe. It has an altitude of 15 meters . The population is about 360 with 130 households in 60 km².-External links:*

Meprodine is an opioid analgesic that is an analogue of pethidine . It is closely related to the drug prodine, the only difference being that meprodine has an ethyl group rather than a methyl at the 3-position of the piperidine ring.

Meptazinol is an opioid analgesic for use with moderate to severe pain, most commonly used to treat pain in obstetrics . A partial µ-opioid receptor agonist, its mixed agonist/antagonist activity affords it a lower risk of dependence and abuse than full µ agonists like morphine

-Business:* Management Expense Ratio* Market Exchange Rate* Merrill Lynch's former NYSE stock symbol* Management with Executive Responsibility -Entertainment:* La mer , an orchestral composition by the French impressionist composer Claude Debussy

Merak can refer to several things:*Green Peafowl, called "merak" in Indonesia and Malay*Merak, Banten, a port city on the western coast of Java in Indonesia*Merak, the traditional name for the star Beta Ursae Majoris

Mercantile (schooner)
The two-masted schooner Mercantile is a U.S. National Historic Landmark.The boat became a landmark in 1991.-History:Mercantile was built in 1916 and served as a coastal trading vessel until 1943, at which point she entered the tourist trade in Maine.She was restored in 1989.

Mercedes (butterfly)
Mercedes is a genus of butterfly in the family Lycaenidae.

Mercedes (car)
Mercedes was a brand of the Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft . DMG which began to develop in 1900, after the death of its co-founder, Gottlieb Daimler

Mercedes (rapper)
Raquel Miller , better known by her stage name Mercedes, is a former American R&B singer from Louisiana. She released one album entitled "Rear End" in 1999 on Master P's No Limit Records. The album, like most of No Limit's releases, featured other No Limit performing artists such as Mystikal, Mac, Mia X, Silkk the Shocker and Master P

Mercedes-Benz is a German manufacturer of automobiles, buses, coaches, and trucks. Mercedes-Benz is a division of its parent company, Daimler AG

Mercenaries (BattleTech)
Mercenaries are an important part of the BattleTech fictional universe; the Inner Sphere and Periphery have many private military companies.As the various mercenary factions are independent and competing businesses, it is quite rare for them to work as a faction together

A mercenary, is a person who takes part in an armed conflict based on the promise of material compensation rather than having a direct interest in, or a legal obligation to, the conflict itself. A non-conscript professional member of a regular army is not considered to be a mercenary although he gets monetary reward from his service

Mercenary (Hercules episode)
"Mercenary" is the first episode of the third season of the television series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.-Overview:Hercules is shipwrecked on a deserted island and must fight a mercenary, a band of pirates and battle giant sand monsters.

Mercer (consulting firm)
Mercer is a human resource and related financial services consulting firm, headquartered in New York City. The firm operates internationally in more than 40 countries, with more than 19,000 employees, and is the world's largest human resource consulting firm.

Merchandising (play)
Merchandising is a 1999 play by American playwright David Henry Hwang. The play was written as a special commission from the Actors Theatre of Louisville's Humana Festival

A merchant is a businessperson who trades in commodities that were produced by others, in order to earn a profit.Merchants can be one of two types:# A wholesale merchant operates in the chain between producer and retail merchant

Merchant (surname)
Merchant is a family name shared by the following people:*Anthony Merchant , Canadian lawyer and politician*Ali Merchant, actor*Carolyn Merchant , U:S: ecofeminist philosopher and historian of science

Merchant Navy
Merchant Navy refers to the merchant fleet of a country, which varies in capacity. Seafarers on merchant vessels, who hold various military-like ranks and responsibilities and are sometimes members of various maritime trade unions, are required by the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers to carry

Merci is a Czech company selling and manufacturing laboratory equipment, devices, and many other things used in laboratories, like hoods, glassware, chemicals.It is also a huge laboratory furniture producer.

Merci (album)
Merci is a studio album by French progressive rock group Magma. It was released in 1984. . It is usually regarded by fans as one of Magma's less successful releases. It was originally released on Jaro, and later reissued on Seventh.

Mercier (cycling team)
Mercier cycling team is a former French professional cycling team that promoted and raced on Mercier racing bikes. Together with the Peugeot cycling team, the Mercier team had a long presence in the cycling sport and in the Tour de France from 1935 until 1983.

Mercier (provincial electoral district)
Mercier is a provincial electoral district in Quebec, Canada that elects members to the National Assembly of Quebec. The district is located in Montreal. It is bounded to the north and east by the Canadian Pacific Railway, to the south by Rue Rachel and to the west by Avenue de l'Esplanade. The riding was created in 1965 from a part of Montréal-Mercier which was formed in 1923

Merciless is a Swedish death/thrash metal band. The band was formed during the summer of 1986 in Strängnäs, Sweden by Erik Wallin Fredrik Karlén and Stefan Carlsson . They were inspired of the early fast-playing bands such as Kreator, Sodom, Destruction and Bathory

Merciless (disambiguation)
Merciless is a Swedish metal band.Merciless may also refer to:* Merciless , 2003* Merciless , 2005* Merciless , Jamaican dancehall deejay

Merciless (EP)
Merciless is an EP released by industrial band Godflesh in 1994 on Earache/Columbia.The EP was re-released along with the Selfless album on one disc on Earache as the compilation "Selfless/Merciless", in 1996.

Merciless (Merciless album)
Merciless is the fourth album of the Swedish death metal band Merciless. It was released in 2003 after they re-united.-Track listing:# "Cleansed By Fire" – 3:13# "Violent Obsession" – 4:41# "Cold Eyes Of Grey" – 3:08# "Human Waste" – 3:13

Mercure may refer to:* MERCURE, an atmospheric dispersion modeling CFD code developed by Électricité de France* Mercure Hotels, a chain of hotels run by Accor* French ship Mercure * Dassault Mercure, a French airliner built in the 1970s

Mercurial is a cross-platform, distributed revision control tool for software developers. It is mainly implemented using the Python programming language, but includes a binary diff implementation written in C. It is supported on Windows and Unix-like systems, such as FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Linux

Mercuric (album)
Mercuric is the debut album by the metal band Element Eighty. The album was self-released by the band on June 21, 2001. Although this album shares a few tracks with their major label release, the tracks are distinctly different in style.-Track listing:

Mercurio may refer to:* El Mercurio, a conservative Chilean newspaper* Mercurio the 4-D Man, a fictional character that appears in the Marvel UniversePeople with the surname Mercurio:* Angelo Mercurio , Italian-American mobster

Mercurius may refer to:* Mercury or Mercurius* Mercurius , a crater on the Moon* Saint Mercurius* OZ-13MSX2 Mercurius, a mobile suit from New Mobile Report Gundam Wing* Pope John II, whose given name was Mercurius

Mercury commonly refers to:* Mercury , the metal and chemical element* Mercury , the planet nearest to the Sun in the Solar System* Mercury , a Roman godMercury may also refer to:- Geography :

Mercury (cyclecar)
The Mercury was a cyclecar built in Detroit, Michigan by the Mercury Cyclecar Company in 1914. The Mercury had a self-supporting body that eliminated the need for a chassis frame. The vehicle was equipped with a two-cylinder air-cooled 9 horsepower engine. It used a friction transmission and belt final drive. Body styles came in a monocar, a tandem two-seater and a light van.

Mercury (Madder Mortem album)
Mercury is the debut album by the Norwegian dark metal band Madder Mortem. The members involved on this release left shortly after, leaving only BP and Agnete M. Kirkevaag. The music is described as "dreamy" with folk elements

Mercury (novel)
Mercury is a 2005 science fiction novel by American writer Ben Bova. The story chronicles the chain of events which leads Mance Bracknell, a shy but gifted engineer student, from the pinnacle of success to the depths of misery and vengeance.-Plot summary:

Starvation is a severe deficiency in caloric energy, nutrient and vitamin intake. It is the most extreme form of malnutrition. In humans, prolonged starvation can cause permanent organ damage and eventually, death

Starving artist
A starving artist is an artist who sacrifices material well-being in order to focus on their artwork. They typically live on minimum expenses, either for a lack of business or because all their disposable income goes toward art projects.

The Ministry for State Security The Ministry for State Security The Ministry for State Security (German: Ministerium für Staatssicherheit (MfS), commonly known as the Stasi (abbreviation , literally State Security), was the official state security service of East Germany. The MfS was headquartered in East Berlin, with an extensive complex in Berlin-Lichtenberg and several smaller facilities throughout the city

Stata is a general-purpose statistical software package created in 1985 by StataCorp. It is used by many businesses and academic institutions around the world

A state is an organized political community, living under a government. States may be sovereign and may enjoy a monopoly on the legal initiation of force and are not dependent on, or subject to any other power or state. Many states are federated states which participate in a federal union

State Agricultural Farm (Poland)
A State Agricultural Farm was a form of collective farming in the People's Republic of Poland, similar to Soviet sovkhoz and to the East German Volkseigenes Gut.

State Bank of India
The State Bank of India is the largest Indian banking and financial services company with its headquarters in Mumbai, India. It is state-owned. The bank traces its ancestry to British India, through the Imperial Bank of India, to the founding in 1806 of the Bank of Calcutta, making it the oldest commercial bank in the Indian Subcontinent

State Bank of Pakistan
The State Bank of Pakistan is the central bank of Pakistan. While its constitution, as originally laid down in the State Bank of Pakistan Order 1948, remained basically unchanged until January 1, 1974, when the bank was nationalized, the scope of its functions was considerably enlarged

State constitution (United States)
In the United States, each state has its own constitution.Usually, they are longer than the 7,500-word federal Constitution and are more detailed regarding the day-to-day relationships between government and the people. The shortest is the Constitution of Vermont, adopted in 1793 and currently 8,295 words long

State diagram
A state diagram is a type of diagram used in computer science and related fields to describe the behavior of systems. State diagrams require that the system described is composed of a finite number of states; sometimes, this is indeed the case, while at other times this is a reasonable abstraction

State Farm Insurance
State Farm Insurance is a group of insurance and financial services companies in the United States. The company also has operations in Canada.

State funeral
A state funeral is a public funeral ceremony, observing the strict rules of protocol, held to honor heads of state or other important people of national significance. State funerals usually include much pomp and ceremony as well as religious overtones and distinctive elements of military tradition

State Highway 3 (Oklahoma)
State Highway 3, also abbreviated as SH-3 or OK-3, is a highway maintained by the U.S. state of Oklahoma. Traveling diagonally through Oklahoma, from the Panhandle to the far southeastern corner of the state, SH-3 is the longest state highway in the Oklahoma road system, at a total length of 616.5 mi via SH-3E .-In the northwest:Highway 3

State Highway 31 (Texas)
State Highway 31, or SH 31, runs from U.S. Highway 84 northeast of Waco via Corsicana, Athens, Tyler, Kilgore to U.S. Highway 80 in Longview.-History:

State Highway 33 (Oklahoma)
Oklahoma's State Highway 33 is a major highway that traverses most of the state, and at one time traversed the entire state. Its general orientation is west to east. All mileages listed herein are from the western terminus of the highway at the Texas state line.-Roger Mills County:SH-33 begins at the Hemphill, Tex./Roger Mills, Okla

State Highway 53 (Oklahoma)
State Highway 53 is a 87 mile highway in southern Oklahoma. It connects Walters in Cotton Co. to Gene Autry in Carter Co.. It has one lettered spur route, SH-53A.-Route description:

State Highway 66 (Oklahoma)
State Highway 66 is a 196-mile state highway in the U.S. state of Oklahoma, beginning at U.S. Highway 81 in El Reno and ending at U.S. Highway 60 near White Oak. The highway was designated in 1985 as a replacement for the decommissioned US-66

State Highway 99 (Texas)
State Highway 99, also known as the Grand Parkway, is a Texas highway, which opened its first section in 1994. When State Highway 99 is complete, it will be the longest beltway in the world, and the third loop within the Houston–Sugar Land–Baytown metropolitan area, with Interstate 610 being the inner loop, and Beltway 8 being the middle loop

State of Swat
Swat was a province of the Mughal Empire ruled by local rulers known as the Akhwands, then until 1947 a princely state of the British Indian Empire, which was dissolved in 1947, when the Akhwand acceded to Pakistan

State Pharmaceuticals Corporation of Sri Lanka
The State Pharmaceuticals Corporation is a state-owned enterprise with its headquarters in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It is the largest supplier of drugs in the country, and is tasked with providing quality-assured health care items that are safe and effective, at an affordable price, while educating the public on the rational use of drugs

State Protection Group
The State Protection Group is part of the Specialist Operations division of the New South Wales Police Force, having been established in 1991 to deal with extraordinary policing responses. The SPG directly supports police in high-risk incidents such as sieges with specialised tactical, negotiation, intelligence and command-support services

State Road 60 (Florida)
State Road 60 is an east–west route transversing Florida from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean. The western terminus of SR 60 is at the Sunsets at Pier 60 in Clearwater

State Road 9A (Florida)
Florida State Road 9A can refer to the following state roads in Florida:*Florida State Road 9A - A beltway around Jacksonville that is partially signed as Interstate 295.

State Roads in Florida
Roads maintained by the Florida Department of Transportation or a toll authority are referred to officially as State Roads, abbreviated SR. State Roads are always numbered; in general, the numbers follow a grid. Odd numbered roads run north-south, and even numbered roads run east-west

State Route 20 (Washington)
State Route 20, also known alternately as the North-Cross Highway, SR 20 or the North Cascades Highway, is a State Highway in the State of Washington. It travels from an intersection with U.S. Route 101 at Discovery Bay near Port Townsend to Newport at a junction with U.S. Route 2 about 400 feet from the Idaho state line. Although U.S

State Route 21 (Alabama)
State Route 21 is a state highway that extends from Piedmont in Calhoun County to the Florida state line near Atmore in Escambia County. The route runs almost the entire length of the state from the northeast to the southwest.-Route description:

State Route 840 (Tennessee)
State Route 840 is a state highway, a limited-access expressway being built around Nashville, Tennessee, and directed by the Tennessee Department of Transportation. First proposed by former Governor Lamar Alexander as part of a system of "Bicentennial Parkways", construction began on this expressway in 1991 - on the first segment extending south from Interstate 40 at Lebanon

State Security Service
State Security Service is the primary domestic intelligence agency of Nigeria. It is primarily responsible for the gathering of intelligence within the country and for the protection of senior government officials, particularly the President and state governors. It is one of three successor organisations to the National Security Organization , dissolved in 1986

State transition table
In automata theory and sequential logic, a state transition table is a table showing what state a finite semiautomaton or finite state machine will move to, based on the current state and other inputs

State University of New York at Fredonia
The State University of New York at Fredonia is a four-year liberal arts college located in Fredonia, New York, United States; it is a constituent college of the State University of New York

State University of New York at Oswego
State University of New York at Oswego, also known as SUNY Oswego and Oswego State, is a public university in the City of Oswego and Town of Oswego, New York, on the shore of Lake Ontario

State-sponsored terrorism
State-sponsored terrorism is a term used to describe terrorism sponsored by nation-states. As with terrorism, the precise definition, and the identification of particular examples, are subjects of heated political dispute

Stateless nation
A stateless nation is a group, usually a minority ethnic group, considered as a nation entitled to its own state for that nation. Since there are few objective criteria for whether a particular group is a nation, or which particular group "has" any given multinational state, usage of the term is political and controversial

States and territories of Australia
The Commonwealth of Australia is a union of six states and various territories. The Australian mainland is made up of five states and three territories, with the sixth state of Tasmania being made up of islands. In addition there are six island territories, known as external territories, and a claim to a territory in Antarctica

States and territories of India
India is a federal union of states comprising twenty-eight states and seven union territories. The states and territories are further subdivided into districts and so on.-List of states and territories:

Stateville Correctional Center
Stateville Correctional Center is a maximum security state prison for men in Crest Hill, Illinois, USA.-History:Opened in 1925, Stateville was built to accommodate 1,506 inmates. Parts of the prison were designed according to the panopticon concept proposed by the British philosopher and prison reformer, Jeremy Bentham

Stateway gardens
Stateway Gardens was a Chicago Housing Authority public housing project in the Bronzeville neighborhood of the South Side of Chicago, alongside the Dan Ryan Expressway, adjacent to the former Robert Taylor Homes. Stateway Gardens was home to people living in mid- and high-rise apartment buildings

Static electricity
Static electricity refers to the build-up of electric charge on the surface of objects. The static charges remain on an object until they either bleed off to ground or are quickly neutralized by a discharge. Static electricity can be contrasted with current electricity, which can be delivered through wires as a power source

Static random access memory
Static random-access memory is a type of semiconductor memory where the word static indicates that, unlike dynamic RAM , it does not need to be periodically refreshed, as SRAM uses bistable latching circuitry to store each bit

Static Shock
Static Shock is an American animated television series produced by Warner Bros. Animation. It premiered in September 2000 on the Kids' WB! block and ran for four seasons, with a total of 52 half-hour episodes.

Static VAr compensator
A static var compensator is an electrical device for providing fast-acting reactive power on high-voltage electricity transmission networks. SVCs are part of the Flexible AC transmission system device family, regulating voltage and stabilising the system

Statically indeterminate
In statics, a structure is statically indeterminate when the static equilibrium equations are insufficient for determining the internal forces and reactions on that structure.

Station identification
Station identification is the practice of radio or television stations or networks identifying themselves on air, typically by means of a call sign or brand name

Stationary engine
A stationary engine is an engine whose framework does not move. It is normally used not to propel a vehicle but to drive a piece of immobile equipment such as a pump or power tool. They may be powered by steam; or oil-burning or internal combustion engines.

Statistical Abstract of the United States
The Statistical Abstract of the United States is a publication of the United States Census Bureau, an agency of the United States Department of Commerce

Statistical mechanics
Statistical mechanics or statistical thermodynamicsThe terms statistical mechanics and statistical thermodynamics are used interchangeably

Statistical population
A statistical population is a set of entities concerning which statistical inferences are to be drawn, often based on a random sample taken from the population. For example, if we were interested in generalizations about crows, then we would describe the set of crows that is of interest

Statistical process control
Statistical process control is the application of statistical methods to the monitoring and control of a process to ensure that it operates at its full potential to produce conforming product. Under SPC, a process behaves predictably to produce as much conforming product as possible with the least possible waste

Statistics is the study of the collection, organization, analysis, and interpretation of data. It deals with all aspects of this, including the planning of data collection in terms of the design of surveys and experiments.

Statkraft is a Norwegian state owned electricity company. With a total energy production of 44.9 TWh in 2007, the Statkraft Group is the third largest energy producer in the Nordic region, as well as the largest energy producer based on renewable energy sources in Europe,consisting of 40% of the production in Norway

Statler Brothers
The Statler Brothers were an American country music vocal group founded in 1955 in Staunton, Virginia.Originally performing gospel music at local churches, the group billed themselves as The Four Star Quartet, and later The Kingsmen

A statue is a sculpture in the round representing a person or persons, an animal, an idea or an event, normally full-length, as opposed to a bust, and at least close to life-size, or larger

Statue of Freedom
The Statue of Freedom — also known as Armed Freedom or simply Freedom — is a bronze statue designed by Thomas Crawford that, since 1863, has crowned the dome of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.. Originally named Freedom Triumphant in War and Peace, official U.S

Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty is a colossal neoclassical sculpture on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, designed by Frédéric Bartholdi and dedicated on October 28, 1886

Statue of Zeus at Olympia
The Statue of Zeus at Olympia was made by the Greek sculptor Phidias, circa 432 BC on the site where it was erected in the Temple of Zeus, Olympia, Greece. It was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.-Description:

Status of same-sex marriage
The status of same-sex marriage changes frequently as legislation and legal action takes place around the world. Summarized in this article are the current trends and consensus of political authorities and religions throughout the world.-Civil recognition:

Statutory declaration
A statutory declaration is a legal document defined under the law of certain Commonwealth nations. It is similar to a statement made under oath, however, it is not sworn.

Statutory rape
The phrase statutory rape is a term used in some legal jurisdictions to describe sexual activities where one participant is below the age required to legally consent to the behavior

Staudinger reaction
The Staudinger reaction or Staudinger reduction is a chemical reaction in which the combination of an azide with a phosphine or phosphite produces an iminophosphorane intermediate. Combined with the hydrolysis of the aza-ylide to produce a phosphine oxide and an amine, this reaction is a mild method of reducing an azide to an amine

Stay at home dad
A stay-at-home dad is a term used to describe a father who is the main caregiver of the children and is the homemaker of the household

Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man
The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is a fictional mascot from the Ghostbusters franchise of media, which sometimes appears as a giant, lumbering paranormal monster. It becomes the physical manifestation of the Sumerian demonic deity Gozer

The International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers , 1978 sets qualification standards for masters, officers and watch personnel on seagoing merchant ships. STCW was adopted in 1978 by conference at the International Maritime Organization in London, and entered into force in 1984

A steak is a cut of meat . Most are cut perpendicular to the muscle fibers, improving the perceived tenderness of the meat. In North America, steaks are typically served grilled, pan-fried, or broiled. The more tender cuts from the loin and rib are cooked quickly, using dry heat, and served whole

Steak n Shake
Steak 'n Shake is a 500-unit diner-style restaurant chain located primarily in the Midwestern and Southern United States. headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Over 400 Steak 'n Shakes are company-owned and the remaining ones are franchised

Steak sauce
Steak sauce —brown sauce —is a generic term for a dark brown sauce commonly served as a condiment for meat.The two terms are similar but not identical

Steal Your Face
Steal Your Face is a live double album by the Grateful Dead, released in June 1976. The album was recorded live in concert between October 16 and October 20, 1974 at San Francisco's Winterland Ballroom as part of the band's then-"farewell run".

Stealing Beauty
Stealing Beauty is a 1996 drama film directed by Academy Award-winning Italian filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci and written by Bertolucci and Susan Minot. It stars Liv Tyler, D.W. Moffett, Jeremy Irons, and Rachel Weisz

Stealth aircraft
Stealth aircraft are aircraft that use stealth technology to avoid detection by employing a combination of features to interfere with radar as well as reduce visibility in the infrared, visual, audio, and radio frequency spectrum. Development of stealth technology likely began in Germany during World War II

Steam is the technical term for water vapor, the gaseous phase of water, which is formed when water boils. In common language it is often used to refer to the visible mist of water droplets formed as this water vapor condenses in the presence of cooler air